Tool Academy Recap – Episode 1 – Tool, Tool Much


Before we get to rehabilitating the bad boyfriends of Tool Academy, there’s a lot to soak in…

The question is: how much toolage can you take?

We open to the sound of cavemen. Cavemen who believe they’ve been grouped together to find who’s the caveiest among them in VH1-sponsored search…

Of course, that’s not at all why they’re here, but it’s awesome that they think so. Whomever thought of this ruse is the real Mr. Awesome, even if it was a woman.

The guys exit their bus in a whirl of testosterone-driven merriment.

Different dudes talk about their appeal. A tragically misnomered ego-fiend, Celebrity, talks about how well he can booty pop. Girls like this. They can like it all they want, but you know who could really get some use out of a booty-popping dude? Another dude.

This one says that he can pick up dollars with his butt cheeks while he’s stripping…

And again, that seems like a talent that would benefit other men most. If he was into that. Not saying he is. Just saying talent like that would make other dudes very happy.


Our host…

…keeps the guys riled up with deception. He’s already a hero. He tells them to get ready for a little presentation. This is basically like during some cycles of America’s Next Top Model when they just throw the girls on the runway first episode to get a sense of the raw talent. Except, in this case, the boobs are much bigger.

“That’s how you stay awesome,” says this one. Who knew that just a few pumps of salad spritzer was all it took?

As the boys primp and prepare to talk the runway, the people responsible for bringing them here, their girlfriends, look on.

They seem resigned to a life of disgust.

We then get a rundown of each guy, complete with a Spice Girls-esque Tool nickname, and find out which dissatisfied young woman is his.

I know you’re going to be shocked, but Celebrity isn’t his real name: it’s Clarence. Why he thinks “Celebrity” is an appropriate nickname is a question I hope gets answered this season. You either are or you aren’t a celeb. He isn’t (to paraphrase Lacey on the Charm School reunion: real celebrities don’t run around going, “I’m a celebrity!”). For all of his accuracy, he may as well have named himself “Pregnant” or “Sensitive” or “Doc.”

Josh’s priorities are, according to his girlfriend Ashley: bowling, clubbing and then her.

That’s OK, though. Retribution is immediately upon him for being dubbed “Tiny Tool.” I can’t think of a better punishment.

MEGA’s general peacocking elicits a, “MEGA, please!” from his girl.

She deserves a Ms. Awesome title for that line alone!

We will come to find that “MEGA,” by the way, stands for, “Makes Every Girl Aroused.” I have to say that it’s nice that these guys are so up front with their delusions, they ask that people refer to them by name. It just makes them that easier to dismiss.

The runway show is just an extension of the douchiness we’ve seen so far. There’s a lot of this:

That’s Cameron’s reaction when Celebrity kisses a girl in the audience. Not to downplay her hurt feelings, but that’s kind of the least offensive thing he’s done so far.

Josh totes his bowling ball like it’s a designer handbag, while Tommy dribbles a basketball and ends up bouncing it off a girl’s head.

All together now: What a toooool!

The girls in the audience head inside the mansion for what the guys undoubtedly think is going to be a big vagina-harvesting fest.

However, when they make it inside, instead of shaking boobs, they’re confronted by wagging fingers…

That’s courtesy of their girlfriends. It is here that they find out that this show isn’t called Mr. Awesome at all. Instead, it’s…

Jordan tells them that they’ve been brought here for being lying, selfish cheaters and that this show is actually a 30-day rehabilitation program to teach them honesty, fidelity and maturity. To keep them from walking, the guy who does the best in this series of lessons will win $100,000. Those who are eliminated in the meantime will face their girlfriends, who will then decide if they want to stay in the relationship or dump their dudes. Or is that duds? Same thing on this show, really.

Shawn illustrates the general consensus regarding this changed concept:

But whatever, it’s not like any of these guys are the type to hang up when reality TV comes calling.

The next day, the guys are woken up and told to report to the “therapy room.” Many of them grumble, claiming that they don’t need therapy. Wait a few years boys, and you’ll be up to your frosted tips in necessity. Better to get in early, you know?

Here, we are all introduced to their therapist, a warm and charming Brit named…

Trina explains that this week’s lesson will focus on communication. You assume that she means communication beyond drunken chanting and general, rawr-rawr-rawring. To open the floodgates of communication, everyone will watch everyone else’s pre-show interviews. In his, MEGA says he takes home 14 chicks a week, and has girls (presumably two) for every day of the week. That’s on top of his “bottom bitch” (i.e. Margo), who knows what’s up. Well, now she does. Robert doesn’t believe his girlfriend is 100 percent committed, but he doesn’t want to marry her anyway as he doesn’t want to give half of his money away to a waitress. Shawn equates the number of women he can bag with his amount of success. Celebrity is a straight-up cheater, while Tommy is immature. Joey reports that he’s “trained” Ashley to handle the chores of the house. As they are arguing, you can see Tiny Tool yawning in the foreground.

I get the feeling that for about 75 percent of the screen shots in these recaps, “What a tooool,” is going to be a perfectly appropriate caption.

Tiny tool claims that he runs Ashley and that he’s put his foot down. Though his revelation isn’t nearly as horrible as many of his counterparts’, Ashley’s reaction is the harshest.

She’s probably been waiting forever to do that.

Dimitri doesn’t want to settle down, since guys don’t want love, they want p****. Matt is attractive to all races, and yet his girlfriend Jenna has not yet had sex with him. Curious! The last girl he banged, however, was one “Katrina” and that happened three days ago. Suddenly, Jenna seems like a genius for holding out. Not like she didn’t come off that way before, though, considering that if she hadn’t, she’d be banging a “Matsuflex.”

After this therapy session is adjourned, the girls tearily bond, while the guys beerily bond playing some weird drinking variation of football.

Drinking while playing football just seems like a way to set your hydration askew. Anyway, at one point MEGA and Rob collide.

Although since this is a reality show, the phrase “karma’s a bitch” seems entirely applicable.

The next day brings a new challenge.

In a test of communication, the couples will build beds: the men will have the instructions to dictate to the girls, while the girls will be in control of the tools. Both the hardware and the men! But only kind of in the latter case.

Arguments ensue, but most notable is that between Krista and Tommy.

Tommy eventually gets so frustrated that he throws the chair he’s supposed to dictate the directions from.

He explains, “She was tryin’ ta de-masculate me,” and so chair-throwing helped him reassert his masculinity. Yes, there’s nothing more manly than domination over inanimate furniture.

The beds, by the way, seem to be from Ikea.

This does explain the frustration, if only slightly. Putting together Ikea crap is hard enough if you’re privy to the directions. You practically have to have a degree in the weird ways of the Swedish to actually do it right, you know?

Despite Celebrity’s best efforts to imitate a tool…

…Matsuflex and Jenna end up taking it, at least partially because of Matsuflex’s bust-out of his “man panties.”

For their prize, they get an intimate date on the bed they built.

Matsuflex gives a toast about righting his past wrongs and moving forward. Good thing there are cameras around so that we can check whether he keeps his word or not!


It is important to note that some of the guys are not at all concerned with dispelling the accusation of their tool-ness.

The guys are called in this order: Matsuflex, MEGA, Shawn, Joshua, Celebrity and Joey.

That leaves these three:

Trina goes through them one by one. Tommy proved Krista right by throwing a tantrum and acting like the child she’d pegged him as; Robert gives up at the first sign of adversity and thus quit the challenge; Dimitri doesn’t share his feelings and he was rude and condescending during the challenge.

And thus, he will leave, despite Tommy’s desperate need for improvement. Jordan awesomely tells Dimitri upon dismissal, “I’m sorry, you’re just a tool.” Dimitri, of course, disagrees.

Outside Jill asks Dimitri if she’s wasting her time for him. He says, “I wouldn’t worry about it.” Well of course he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t worry about anything relationship-oriented! He has better things to worry about, like bronzer. Jill ends up getting in the car with him, which means she’s not leaving him.

The other girls disapprove.

In the car, she prods him until he says with resignation, “I love you. There you go.” Such a gentleman! Clearly, his time at Tool Academy was not wasted.

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  1. Jenna says:

    I absolutely love this show and am SO glad someone thought of this! I love how whats his face that almost got eliminated said bla bla blah cause i want to do this and do this and prove that i AM mr.awesome. i burst out in laughter….hello buddy there is NO mr awesome!

  2. Dwayne says:

    This seems like a good show to me.

  3. Gena says:

    Great show!

  4. T.W. says:

    I think I’m going to enjoy this show, but it is unfortunate that women have to go through such extremes just to get their men to treat them with some type of respect. I have a son and I teach him not to mistreat women or say anything disrespectful to women that he wouldn’t want a man to do or say to me or his sister (if he has one). Women, when you first learn to love yourselves, the love of a good man will come in time, without you trying to force them into it. Whoever wins in the end, I hope it’s all worth it and it works out, because it would be terrible to find out that the guy was being fake just to win the money.

    I hope all of these guys have daughters who grow up and date guys just like them. (LOL)

  5. Andrew says:

    This is why it sucks trying to find a girl is because of guys like that who do not appreciate their girls and nice guys like me finish last (pardon the pun) I want a pretty girl like what those toolbags have. That dude that Krista is with gets her child support money in which her Ex Husband pays for his kids. Her ex should kick his #$“(+)`@@(!!(` for spending his money that should be going to her kids.

  6. Johnna says:

    Im just worried about all the ones that get kicked out before they can get counseling. I hope the show offers after care therapy because the women are gonna need it!! Great show. Amazing how many men are tools and the women that love them! (I thought I was the biggest fool for staying with a tool! LOL)

  7. killerbee says:

    funny show


    Apparently we can see who the most sincere guy is out of all the tools!! TOMMY!!! he obviously didnt cheat on Krista at all and he kept his clothes on the whole time!!!! They are my favorite couple not to mention his sister is my BFF, but that’s besides the point!! Krista and Tommy are the hottest couple and I want to see more of them!!!

  9. Julie K. says:

    I watched the first episode thinking it would be just dumb-ass funny tools doing what they do best. It was ..kind of. I did not expect how much pain these ladies are going thru. I really want to tell ALL of the women..Leave these douche bags!!! you can do so much better. Guys like this don’t change!
    I am 39 and I have been married 19 years. I love him and he has always respected me. Never made me feel bad, not once!!! Respect yourselves. A good man is out there.
    PS- don’t keep repeating this cycle.
    Best of luck, Julie

  10. Steve H says:

    I’m glad they made a show like this. And I hope it will continue as it has important lessons. Unfortunately I think the women are being tools allowing themselves to be treated like this, and most of these guys seem pretty hopeless. As they think they are god’s gift to women, and that their job is to service as many women as they can. That’s a recipe for STD’s which is stupid!
    The guys are dumb for acting like this, and the women are as well for taking it, and being attracted to these type’s of men. Now if they could make a show like this for women. That would be interested as well!

  11. tony says:

    After wathcing this trainwreck, I am going to sit down, pray to God and give thanks to him for making me gay!

  12. rex says:

    plz chicks quit wining just leave these tools

  13. tool says:

    tools come in male and female people try to show respect for yoursef and others

  14. Ramsy says:

    Jill if your reading this you seem like such an awesome girl and your way too good for that loser!!!

  15. DJ says:

    I cant believe that one guy was happy to let everyone know he could “booty pop”. He may be on the fence a lil. hahahaha

  16. CaptPlanet says:

    MATSUFLEX IS MY BOY keep winning man…you and your girl are definitely the hottest!!!!! keep representing for the OC baby!

  17. thaman says:

    Mega is a smartass tool. But hes the coolest one on there by far!

  18. kellym says:

    Some of these girls are tools too. Like seriously what is up with the Krista chick??? You have two kids and your on a show with your loser boyfriend??? Thats the way I want to raise my children, sureeeeee. Poor kids are going to grow up and know their mom is on a smut show like this. Terrible.

  19. ipeter says:

    Wow….i lov this show!
    TOMMY(he’s awesome) is the best one there….he needs to win
    SHAWN is okay….so far
    MATSUFLEX is a #((^`%))*~(*!#_!)( n DIMITRIUS’S girlfriend is really stupid she needs to go to an eductational academy

  20. wormbox44 says:

    heads up AMERICA, it is NOT against the law for all of these people to reproduce

  21. lovehawk says:

    OMG!!!! I love the &$*$~(^“_@)&!` tle! They are tools! Wow! it was so funny! tools are normally funny though!

  22. Channie says:

    Ahhhh… VH1, you’ve done it again. Brillance, thy name is “Tool Academy.”

  23. Marisa says:

    I love this show. My fience is the same way as those freaken guys. We just had twins.
    Thats crazy but this is a good show it helps me feel a little better about my relationship even though they are similar but he is not as bad as they are. crazy

  24. JackieEl says:

    Has anyone noticed that Robert and Korine look like they’re twins? THAT’s creepy.

  25. Seda says:

    LMAO Great show! How can I get my guy enrolled please?!

  26. NekoNeko says:

    And it never crosses any of these girls’ minds to leave the douchebaggy boyfriend & find someone who isn’t a tool. Nope, they’ll continue to think “they can change & I’ll change them” until the point where they’re used up & their tool drops them to find someone hotter.

    They should just shoot these guys into the sun & be done with it.

  27. Pam says:

    I’m glad that they put a show on like this! My husband I watched the first episode and couldn’t stop laughing. You know us women are going to make comments on the idiots on there but when my husband started making comments.. yeah, its nice to see that men can also so the idiots that are out there.. I have a good man and I would never allow myself to be stuck with an *!_*&#`(+_$*&~@ that are on the show.. It is totally insane what people will put up with when they think they are in love. Girls, grow up and move on!! These guys will never change. .Walk away from there BS. Thanks for the laughs!!

  28. CaliGirl says:

    Dimitri needs to get his teeth fix and how dumb can his girlfriend be?! You can’t even get him to say he loves you after 3yrs and you went on national tv to try and get him to say it?! LOL what a dumb +$#+%_`*_$*(_(`~&

  29. barb says:

    Dimitri’s girlfriend is a dumb@#$. She should get a clue he’s never gonna change unless he wants to. It was very funny though.

  30. KIER says:


  31. steven says:

    rob should have weent home noy damitrie

  32. JWA says:

    I have not seen the show yet, but cannot wait for tonight because it looks awesome. Does anyone know if the guy from Hot Chicks with Douche Bags website has anything to do with this show? Every guy on this show looks like he has already appeared on the HCWDB site!!!

  33. Michael says:

    Dip @&%$@%$)`+^@`_^* s. I’ve never seen guys react like this. They seemed so _`^!$@(%&)!`*++^ y and arrogant until the girlfriends walked in. Their facial expressions were priceless.

  34. Tootool4school says:

    I gotta say when the girl made D say I love you, he didn’t sound all that convincing. Kind of like he did it just to appease her.

  35. mikki says:

    Question, does anybody see a problem with Krista stating that she is using her childrens child support to support her boyfriend??? First of all there is no way to explain why you are taking money away from your children to take care of a grown man, that is not what it is used for. It sounds like she is unfit. And if I was the fathers’ children I will be getting my money back, or sueing her for custody. Just a HOT MESS!!

  36. ANTPEGLEE says:

    Funny stuff. first, I have to say as a mother, any woman who puts a man before her kids is nothing but a hooker who forgot to take birth control. lol! Second, that fat chick who hit the skinny white, with all that meat on her is that the best she could do? Really, she should have been able to slap him into next weeks episode. lol! Walk away girls just Walk Away. These guys will be on Jerry Springer talkin about “that ain’t my kid even though the paternity test was 99.997%” Just for you ANT!

  37. ANTPEGLEE says:

    Oh one more note. Celebrity is with out a doubt an “UNDERCOVER BROTHER” thats why he only gives his girl sex once a week and holds on her. Can I get amen?

  38. duh says:

    do you really think this is REALITY?? u people are dumb to think these people are not acting.

  39. wow says:

    wow she is stupid as hell for staying with her TOOL boyfriend….hes not gonna change DUH!!! And umm duh… doesnt matter if its reality or acting it clearly gets your attenetion and ours…..why else would you be reading this article and commenting DUH!!!!!!!!

  40. mikki says:

    So how does everyone feel about Krista stating that she is using her childrens child support for her boyfriend. I mean that money is for her kids. If I were the father I would be taking her to court for full custody. That is neglect. You should really watch what you say on T.V. Krista, it could come back to haunt you. And take care of your kids. First you give away their money, then you leave them to be on a show.

  41. Diana says:

    I love this show! Ultimate payback, I’ve dated many tools and seeing those tools in complete shock made me smile. They have to know how their lifestyle will only last so long and when their old and no more girls want them they’ll have that one girl,the wife type to be their. That is if they didn’t already loose her. Im definatley watching this instead of Gossip Girl..haha

  42. Licia says:

    I think every girl has been in a relationship similar to this where we let our men get away with things and take advantage of us.
    I think this is a great way to make ^^+~&`$_^*$^!%_ hole guys aware of what they are doing.

    LOVE LOVE this show!

  43. xLadyxDix says:

    Joah has ALWAYS been an flamboient Tool. I’ve known him 6th grade. Ashley freaking rocks, Finally a girl smacked the lil boy. He acts so %_#&)($“!#`#@$~ y an that isn’t right. Ashley sweet heart you can do soooooooo much better then him.

  44. I'm sorry but ur just a tool says:

    All I have to say about episode one was WOW! These guys are D-Bags! But the girls that stay with them are clearly idiots! They must really have low self esteem to think that they cant get anyone better than these guys! And as far as D and Jill! Note to Jill: If he hasn’t committed to you in 3 years babe, he isn’t going to do it now! Its really sad that both of you were willing to go onto national television to express how he treats you and how he really is.. then best part… he was the first to get eliminated from Tool Academy! What an accomplishment I hope he puts that on his resume HAHAAH. But honestly, if you have to force him to say he loves you, and you have to keep on reassuring that you aren’t wasting your time with him etc.. I take it you are!

  45. Dan says:

    Robert, (I think) the one who continually calls his “girlfriend” DUDE….I’m a guy and I don’t hear many guys calling their girlfriend “DUDE” – and as many times as he does….I am convinced the guy really doesn’t like women. He seems to be very disrespectful to his “girlfriend”. I’m sure he’s like this on and off TV. Seriously. Think about it…..(and, I can’t say he could be gay, because that would insult gay men..).

  46. mikkisfat says:

    I think Krista is AWESOME!!! She clearly loves her kids enough to try to help a guy they LOVE change… And as far as the dad goes.. WHO _(~(!_~!_)&!#^^) ING CARES?!?!? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS what we think of Krista!!

  47. ipeter says:

    someone agrees with me
    thank you to the person underneath me

  48. KElly says:

    i love all the gurls.. my fav guy .. so far .. wud prolly be ashleys bf, the 1 that “trained” her gee eff well. @ least he knows he sorry.

  49. Brooke from Indiana! says:

    I do love this show.. it takes my intratest to see a tool be called out… i know I have had my share of tools and so has a the rest of the women anywhere around the world!! And this is a big part why I don’t date .. b/c of the tools.. they are deceitful.. make you feel good so you will stay around and stab you in the back and break your heart.. and then its hard to trust.. then you think are there any guys who want to treat a lady like they are the only one that matters and mean it..??
    But I really hope there is a turnaround in the guys while I watch and when they do go home… and ashley boyfriend is my fav so I hope he can prove he wants to change for her and he does seem sorry. I am good at calling people out! and I really hope he goes far.

  50. JCB2009 says:

    Once again the nice guys are no where to be found. There are good guys out there who have good bodies, but I guess it wouldn’t be fun to watch mature people work things out on TV. Show should be called, “Douche Bags Who Do Not Deserve Good Women”!

  51. JezzaBell says:

    I hope that Shawn’s girlfriend leaves him so that I can have him! I can’t stop watching the same episode over and over and over again because I am so ***king infatuated with him and his tight little ace! :)

  52. jay says:

    obsurd!!! its childish for a grown woman to accuse a hardworking young man of such a ludacris action. not to mention it “supposedly” happened 10 years ago!!!! grow up if you didnt have anything else to do with your time. get a life. i would say defamation of character for sure and snap some sense into you.

  53. The insurance man says:

    This is a funny show. The only thing I cant help wondering is if any of us were on a show that called us something like “stupid people do stupid things” would everyone ~+#(_$!`%@`#+&* ume we were stupid. I am sure they can edit anyone to look like an idiot. How about getting a show with a bunch of IVY League guys and call it “Stupid is as Stupid does” Then at the end we find out the winner is actually an MIT graduate and the Stupid one is the viewer who bought into it. That would be a great twist and a show that would force people to look at how judgemental that can be. I think they call it the power of suggestion.

  54. JezzaBell says:

    Saw episode 2 this morning and saw my man Shawn get cold busted…but I still wouldn’t mind taking him off of his “real” girlfriends hands! Sexiest man alive! :)

  55. Kegan says:

    A person, typically male, who says or does things that cause you to give them a ‘what-are-you-even-doing-here’ look. The ‘what-are-you-even-doing-here’ look is classified by a glare in the tool’s direction and is usually accompanied by muttering of how big of a tool they are. The tool is usually someone who is unwelcome but no one has the balls to tell them to get lost. The tool is alwasys making comments that are out-of-place, out-of-line or just plain stupid. The tool is always trying too hard to fit in, and because of this, never will. However, the tool is useful because you can use them for things; money, rides, ect.

  56. shell kuss says:

    Hey, Margo…
    Why are you asking Shawn’s girlfriend why she belongs there?! Because ALL of the boyfriends are TOOLS! ALL of the girlfriends are $*++(#%~%+#!~&`*# s for dating them! The guys aren’t the only ones to be laughed at during this reality show! You are the girlfriend of an idiot, so is the girl who showed up in this week’s episode. What don’t you understand? You all will be lucky not to contract some kind of life-altering disease… let alone being known as “tool girlfriends”. Too late. You’re ALL idiots.

  57. bman says:

    The newest episode is crazy dude. Shawn is an idiot for doing that, there is no way I could cheat on my girlfriend and do that stuff. There is no good guys on this show and we will see if one comes out to be nice at the end

  58. PheePhee says:

    Was Jenna on another show earlier??? (like Temptation Island, Paradise Hotel, etc. She just looks SOOOOOO familiar).

  59. Candace says:

    i know josh.i use to be friends with him…when i knew him yea he loved to go clubbing he was a guido but boy he nuttin like he says he is on the tool academy…i just dont understand how in 2 years u can change like that much…i mean he’s not that bad in this thing but i dunno

  60. Johanna Miller says:

    You people are stupid. I heard that one of the couples on the show are actors. Supposedly, the fake couple is there to expose their “terrible” relationship so it will help the other couples realize reality and learn to fix their own. I _^&^__($^*~^^`% ume the actors (fake couple) on the show is Shawn and Ina. Obviously, they haven’t shed a tear on the show or they have tried to just to make it look real. In the second episode when Ina walked in and Jaimee walked out, Jaimee showed no emotion. Also, Shawn and Ina are being kept on the show, all because of the ratings the show is receiving. Who knows if this show is real. It looks so fake.

  61. Brittany says:

    This show reminds me of every guy I have ever dated. 1st let me say that with Shawn and Jamie, what I am getting is they weren’t dating but a few months, so what possessed her to bring him to this show? Dump him. Period. Eina has more of a reason. And as for Shawn, he’s in it to win it. Josh is an idiot. He needs to grow up and keep what he has, b/c it’s all he’ll ever have. Joey needed to go and his “trained monkey” needs to move on. In a serious way. Matsuflex, I can’t even go there b/c he is such a douche. That girl deserves better. But I’m loving Rob, I hope he really does what he needs to do. I’m ashamed to say it, but I am addicted. See ya’ll next Sunday.

  62. Stacie says says:

    Shawn is such a meat head, that you need to look in the mirror. What is up with the chicken head look, I’d rather have the ^~)!`@$)$#)@+_!( s then be seen with you. and your girl friend, yeah what street did she come from. you should be on Jerry Springer as farm pets show.

  63. Rachell says:

    WTF Jezzabell, are you Shawn pretending to post as a chick? Why on earth would you want that creep? He’s a scumbag that can’t treat women right, he’s a moron, and his haircut makes me want to ****ing punch him in the GD face.If you are a real chick, please get sterilized so you and Shawn don’t have idiot children with equally stupid hair.

  64. stupid is, stupid dose says:

    Hey guys, I watch this last night. This is so f in funny. to the girls on the show were do you all live and do you have sisters. because your the stupiddddd females i have ever seen. Hey i’m MARRIED do you want to get toghther. call me. Oh wait can you dial a phone!! To the guys on the show. come on! did you ever thing that they weren’t going to show this on TV. your just as messed up as the women , i guess welfare pays well. & to the skinny guy , the bowler . My ##+(_!$@!(&!+`@$ is bigger than you. HEY KEEP IT UP, BECAUSE YOUR ALL MESSED UP. i hope you all can read. STUPIDDDDD!!!!!!

  65. stupid says says:

    Hey girls did you ever think that this was going to be on TV . i watched it last night & this show should be on Springer. This is the show for unwanted actors. also i guess welfare pays seeing the losers that are on the show. To the guys. Remember the show will end some day & you gave the new meaning to being a idiot. what were you thinking about, i guess the next show you all will be crying on it because that what comes next during the season. LLLLLLOOOOOOOSSSSSSEEEEERRRRSSSSSSS………………………………if you can’t read it says losers

  66. JESS says:


  67. Stacie says says:

    Hey, i heard that Kim from the house wives of Atlanta needs another job. after the show big pappa let her go , so she needs another dk to suck. oh, i forgot you guys have nothing between the legs. & your hoe’s already have a job. maybe next show. Yeah, dum & dummer. id rather watch Flavor Flav.

  68. Jayden says:

    Although Shawn does keep many women at one time….and I’ve been one of them, I think his horrible flaws are hilarious and Aida should know better by now! (Yo Aida…you can’t fix him!) The rest just haven’t been around long enough to know better it seems! Shawn shows signs of a tool for sure, but he has a good heart. So my vote is to keep him on the show til the end! You go Shawn!:)

  69. alexy hbk! says:

    man i liked joey he has on a hbk hat he sopose to be the heart break kid why he went home? that sucks joey should of sweet chin kicked trina!
    this sucks man thats sucks!

  70. Jolene says:

    This the worst show ever..from the chicken greasy hair do on that loser Shawn too the other loser men..I would never have another man in my life if I had to be a with a man from this show..thank god for TOYS… and dude give your mom or sister back their panties…

  71. Laura says:

    i cant believe these some of these girls…. if they fail the academy they failed to fix the the love!

  72. thatgirl says:

    This show was such a waste and joke. I know Margo and Mega . . . It’s all a scam. VH1 has gone down the drain

  73. m pace says:

    celeberty is a fool his girl loved him, and she is gorgeous with a great figure.The truth is any guy who gets a woman to love him really love him he’s very lucky we are all tools, fact is woman make us men without them we are nothing. To cameron keep your head up you rid yourself of 150lbs of dead weight.please dont ever go back to him he wont change and you deserve better.I would love to meet you.

  74. Judd says:

    Cameron Adams is finee,!

    holla at me girrl!

  75. sexymeisha2 says:

    the part i liked best is when the girl had slapped her boyfriend cause she saw him cheating on her cause shes not a size 2 or something.

  76. lisa patrick says:

    I think celebrity is a punk and not very attractive, I believe his girlfriend is way too beautiful for him and should have left him a long time ago. Hes ugly on the outside and the inside. His girlfriend is too pretty to be putting up with such an ugly person as CLARENCE. he shouldnt be called celebrity cause he definately isnt one. He probably gave himself that name hahaha.

  77. victoria says:

    I just think that no one need to be on this show i just think that them girl should just do them go out and
    have fun stop beening with them no good @`!~$#$$+`)$_+~ boys that is what I think about this

  78. Gisele says:

    i saw this show once and it was enough. i saw a bunch of people that don’t have a clue about life and what’s important. i saw men and women that were dysfunctional and broken. There isn’t much substance here. They have no clue about respect for self or others, kindness, integrity or honesty. I guess that’s why they created this show. It sells…

    These are people that have a big ego or lack of. What’s important to them? i see women with very low self esteems to be with these men. you can see by their body language and how they react to their boyfriends harsh words and truths that are uncovered. I see weakness.

    Do you think you’re going to change him? Change him into what you really want? Or, do you think it’s better to fix yourself and find someone that is equal and functional person? When you fix yourself then you can meet someone that is equal and healthy. The women in this show need to be fixed too if they date these type of men. Anyone with a good sense of self, would not be with these type of men or women.

    If this show gives you fame, you better think what people are seeing and if you want this type of exposure. Do you want good exposure or bad? Or, does it matter?

  79. Lanie says:

    Hi my name is lanie i would like to give my most admiration to all the female’s in the house for actually being able to stand up and put your foot down, and said enough is enough. Although i see that the guy’s even if they did something wrong at least there trying to right the wrong the bestowed amongst you all. Well best of luck to you all.

  80. laura says:

    rob & karine are so hot! i luv them!

  81. morgan says:

    i would love to get my boyfriend on a show like this we been dating for 2 years now and we always brake up and go back out i feel like he wants to be with his friends more than me and my son please help me

  82. mary says:

    shawn shouldn’t even be there and if any of the guys really knew what it was all about there would be no fighting among themselves. Tommy seems like the only half way decent man of all of you. The whole problem is that you guys all love yourselves more than you love your girls, if you don’t see that, than you just want to be on television — how pathetic

  83. cerena says:

    Yes, i think she should have left him.
    He is such a TOOL!

  84. sara says:

    well i think josh and ashley p. are a good couple,,but ashley p. and josh has a lot of issues to get throughespecially josh,,dude one girl is all ya need,,ashley loves him or she wouldnt of took him there


  85. DIANE ACKLEY says:



  86. candice says:

    matsuflex is sexy!!!

  87. Jena says:

    Good Luck Rob & Karine …..I wish they would have won. Tommy step up your game. I hope Sean doesn’t win he is 2 goofy.

  88. Kern says:

    Josh & Ashley I hope ya’ll win. Ashley is so sweet and deserves it more than anyone else……

  89. dane cheek says:

    i have watched almost all of this show and i think either josh or matsuflex should win but really josh should win the whole thing

  90. haylee says:

    i think your show is cool and funny wen the girls slap the boys it is FUNNY i think the boys are so stuped they are just being mean to thare girl frainds so gosh they need to f off and the girls need to dup them

  91. Jo says:

    You guys need to update the link on the side! Instead of directing to the tagged Tool Academy posts, it sends me here. :(

  92. Trenice says:

    I think Josh and ashley should win. They look like they can make their relationship work. I haven’t watched all of the epospdes that have come on but i am watching the ones that come one now and it’s starting to get very interesting

  93. summer says:

    Krista and Tommy have been off the show for weeks and are still together. Fake she didn’t really leave him. You could see right thru her tears, crying over the $$$$ not him (you fool). If he won he may have dumped her no need to steel from the kids and use the Father’s child support check . Careful Tommy what goes around comes around she may collect child support from you someday and supporting herself and another instead of the kids. Oh that’s right you don’t work . She probably doesn’t either. Both are freeloaders stealing money intended for the kid . Must have left the kids for quite some time to be on the show, what you both will do to avoid a real job and earning your own freight and support your children. Probably conning and taking advantage of family / friends/ acquaintances in other ways too. Money is the motivator for both of them. She says Tommy is a Father figure for her kids. Sounds like they have a Father he is probably a pretty good DAD too. On one episode Tommy admitted he is jealous of the father and his relationship with the kids and guess he works too paying child support enough for two adults and children.

  94. KatieNY says:

    I think that Josh and Ashley should win. He seems the most sincere out of all the guys. Sean will always be a tool and when Matsuflex drops the stupid name and act he seems to really be into Jenna as well.

  95. norma says:

    hahah da Josh and Ashley viedo is soo funni

  96. jennifer says:

    i am so glad that tommy and krista are gone!!!! she didn’t care bout nething but the money!! i think also that shawn is jus a tool and will not change. matsuflex and jenna is my favorite couple they had alot of problems but seem to have worked thru them. so good luck to them!!!!!!! but in my opinion josh and ashley will win!!!!

  97. Samantha says:

    I think that Shawn and Ida should win Tool Academy Shawn is making improvment in his relationship.

  98. Stefanie says:

    Shawn is a TOOL and Ida is a fool. Who stays with a guy who came on a show with another girl – and then passes judgment on others. WOW I like Jenna and Matsuflex but honestly I think Tiny Tool and Ashley will will – they probably have the best chance of sticking together. Watching Tiny Tool catch a baby pig- HILARIUS!! Tommy and Krista were just lame!

  99. justin says:

    i respect yall 4 jenna,ashley,josh,ryan.everyone changes sometimes and all worked hard.i think tryan is awsome.

  100. The Mrs. says:

    I think that Krista shoud get b***h slapped for being a dumb hoe and stealing from her kids to support some deadbeat dbag! and tommy should be ashamed…mooching of the money that some REAL MAN works hard to make so he can support his kids. They both are tools!

  101. penelope says:

    Shawn is so sizzling hot!!!!!! He has the best physique and looks fantastic in his clothes. Shawn is the most handsome man there. I was hopeing he would win, I still think he is the BEST.

  102. A DREW says:

    i think she should have dumped him

  103. 533746 says:

    What a lovely day for a 533746! SCK was here