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“I fell in love on reality TV — crazy!” Corn Fed tells us. And so she did. Despite concerns of her ability to hang with his lifestyle, Corn Fed overcame Bay Bay Bay in the competition for Real’s heart. Below, Corn Fed addresses those concerns, as well as a few new ones that have cropped up since the show wrapped. Does she have a future with Real? At this point, even she isn’t sure…

Since the show wrapped, have you been in contact with Real?

Yeah. Right when the show wrapped, I was on such a high. I fell for him. I had such strong feelings. I thought, “This is the one for me.” I fell in love on reality TV – crazy! We kept in touch, calling and texting. “I love you,” and talking about future plans and this and that. About a month went by and it’s almost like it kind of faded. We got busy.

What’s going to happen?

Well, with the distance as well as being busy, things aren’t as great as they were. We still keep in touch, though. It’s been so hard.

Do you see things reigniting?

Yeah, they could. Anything can happen. I haven’t seen him. That’s what’s so hard about this whole reality thing. It’s so hard to stay in a close relationship. I still care about him so much and I know how I felt at the time was real. I know I could feel that again. Seeing him at the reunion* will maybe make that spark come back. But it’s unrealistic to have a long distance relationship, given the circumstances. We’re not allowed to see each other and we’re not really even allowed to talk before the reunion. I moved to California, now, though. I’m two doors down from Cali, my BFF. From the outside, she and I are such opposites, but when it comes to guys, we both believe in the same things.

[*Note that this interview took place last week, before the reunion shoot.]

Like what?

We both believe that when you’re with somebody, that’s your man. You give everything you’ve got to a guy. We’re both out to find that one person.

On the show, you said you were falling in love with Real. Were you or were you caught up in the moment?

That’s a really difficult question. There are so many qualities in Real that I’ve wanted in my future husband. He’s a wonderful man. I could be with him, but it’s hard to decipher that, because I’ve never been in that situation. You’re on TV and the only thing you’re doing 24/7 is going after a guy. It’s hard for me. I know that I did have really strong, true feelings for him. I don’t know if it was love, but it felt like love at that moment.

So only time will tell your fate?

Exactly. Things could change now that I’m in California. We can actually go to the movies together or do something together. I’m not exactly sure where he lives, but I know that we’re not very far apart. We can do normal things now as a couple.

From the sound of it, though, the move to L.A. didn’t have much to do with Real.

Nope, it’s completely selfish. I needed a change. I needed to get out of Fargo. Coming off the show, I couldn’t imagine my life back in Fargo as a hairstylist. As much as I loved doing that, it was only a small part of me and I needed to find something that fulfilled my heart. I’m only 25-years-old, but if I want to do this, I gotta do it now. Doing reality TV kinda opened the doors for me. It got my face out there and I would love to do something in the entertainment business. I would love to be the next female Ryan Seacrest. A host. That would be amazing for me. If I fail, I can always go back to doing hair.

What about acting?

Maybe! I went to school for musical theater, so I always wanted to be on Broadway. That was my dream. I also sing, so I wanted to do that. I kinda gave it up. I thought it was unrealistic. Coming from a small town, everybody graduates high school, goes to college, gets a degree, gets married, has babies. So it felt so realistic. But now, I feel like I’m a little bit late in the game, but I’m only 25 still.

Since you’re a hairdresser, did you ever get your hands on Real’s hair?

I’ve braided his hair before. His hair’s beautiful. I’m really jealous of it.

What was your mindset heading into the show?

It was just another way to find love. I’ve had really bad relationships in the past. I wasn’t in a relationship. I love reality TV. I watch all of these shows, as far back as The Surreal Life. I think it’s so entertaining and I thought, what the hell? I knew it was going to be Real and Chance we were competing for. I’ve been so entertained by them. I thought they were both adorable. I just wanted to get to know them. When I got to the house, I had an instant connection with Real. It just went from there.

Did your experience with reality TV viewing clue you in on a strategy? Did you know what not to do?

I could say yes, but honestly, once you enter that house, everything else flies out the window. Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to be cast. I figured I just wasn’t enough drama.

Early on, the issue of your lack of experience with black men came up. What do you think of that now?

It’s so ridiculous. I was extremely pissed off and extremely hurt. I wouldn’t come on this show knowing that it’s two black men if I wasn’t interested in black men! I didn’t go on looking for fame. I was there to get to know them. People think Midwesterners are ignorant or because Fargo doesn’t have a lot of black people, it makes me a racist. We’re very open-minded people. I just haven’t had the opportunity to date a black man. There just aren’t many there. We’re not in the 1950s. Why is race an issue?

Are you and Bay Bay Bay cool?

I love that girl. We had some beef during the finale because it was just the two of us. Up till then, I said, “If it’s not me, I want it to be you,” and she said the same. I knew she was a good woman and I knew she was competition and so when we got to that point, I really had to step up my game hardcore. I’m not a vocal person, I’m very laid-back. I tried to stay out of the drama, because that’s not me. When it came down to me and Bay Bay Bay, I had to do something. She’s very vocal, very opinionated and a very smart woman. That was competition for me.

What about Milf?

I don’t have a problem with her now. We’ve emailed each other since the show. I think being the other white woman on Real’s side and probably her biggest competition, and since she was my biggest competition, we just butted heads. I was an easy target because I’m an emotional person, I’m a sweet person and I don’t get pissed off. I don’t have anything against her. I think she is genuinely nice. But she’s not somebody I’d be friends with outside of the house.

Do you think her status as major competition was the main reason everyone hated her?

I saw a different side of Milf around us girls than Real saw. That was my reason. I didn’t care, they could do whatever they wanted. What it comes down to is who he has the real connection with. If Milf was gonna be that girl, so be it. But I did want Milf’s other side to show to Real. She was so Jekyll and Hyde. Although, I learned from watching the show how much Milf was up in Real’s room. All the time! To be honest with you, it really grosses me out. If I had known that, I don’t know if I would have tried so hard to make a strong connection. For me to know that they’re up there getting it on constantly, that’s really gross. I could see kissing here and there, but oh my god. It turned my stomach to see her up there and to know that all of us other girls wanted to go up to his room but we were not able to.

Does it make you think less of Real? He could have thrown her out.

It doesn’t make me think less of him. He’s a man and men are horny. It just makes me feel like I was kind of gypped. I don’t get down like that. I get to know him. That’s uncomfortable for me. Getting intimate to me is something shared between you and that person, not when there’s four other women in the house.

What about the night of your last date? Intimacy seems to be implied. Was it there?

Um. Dot, dot, dot. (Laughs)

What was your take on Chance not choosing either Risky or Cali?

It really sucked. I was close to both of them and to see them get so hurt by his decision really sucked for me. Those are my girls! But I do understand where Chance was coming from. Why continue on in a relationship that you’re not feeling? He was there to find love and if he’s not in love, why pick somebody? I completely agree with his decision.

The one concern Real did have about you was whether you could hang with his “lifestyle.” What do you think about that?

I see where he’s coming from, but I think I’m a strong woman. I might be emotional. People see me cry and they might take that for weakness, but being emotional doesn’t mean I’m weak. It just means I have a huge heart. I wouldn’t be out in California now if I weren’t a strong woman and didn’t think I could deal with the lifestyle.

It’ll be interesting to see where it all goes.

I know. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I almost wish I could see him for the first time under different circumstances, not in front of an audience.

Keep up with Corn Fed via her profile and her MySpace.

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