Confessions of a Teen Idol – Episode 2 Recap – Don’t Make Me Over


This week our former Teen Idols learn that the truth definitely hurts, but it can also help you get back on the road to fame.

For Bill, the first week in the house has been a disorienting experience. There’s been a lot happening, and fast. The call sheet comes in; they’re to attend a mandatory focus group at a professional facility that day.

Bill orchestrated and ran focus groups as his day job for 15 years. Jamie, on the other hand, has no clue what a focus group is. Eric thinks they’ll sit on a stage, where an audience will ask questions, then “determine if we’re crazy.” If only.

Jeremy cops on as soon as he walks into the facility. They will be watching people talk about them through two-way glass.

Women of their demographic will be sitting in judgement.

They will be asked to react to older pictures of the guys. Then they will see their current photos. They won’t know the Teen Idols are behind the glass.

As the women enter the room, the guys’ first reaction is, “this is awesome.” It’s all women, so maybe they will be kind.

First, they show an ’80s video of Billy Hufsey, slaying it onstage dancing his butt off.

When asked what they think he might be doing now, the consensus is “Broadway.” Then they’re asked to comment on his current appearance. “He’s got a Chia pet sitting on top of his head,” says one. “He looks kind of like an over-puffed air mattress,” says another. Ouch.

When shown the video for Jamie Walters‘ hit song “How Do You Talk to an Angel,” most members of the focus group don’t remember him at all. They’re asked what they do remember about him. “The horrible song,” says one. Yikes. But the focus group did think he could be on Prison Breakand they smiled as they saw videos of him playing with his kids.

Eric Nies gets a mixed reaction from the ladies. Apparently, his hotness from The Real World is remembered. But he also comes off as cheesy. When they see his appearance now, the group is visibly disappointed. “Dirty,” and “a 45 year-old man on a skateboard is just not appealing” are a couple of the reactions. Eric is understandably hurt and annoyed by their comments, but adds that he’s heard it before and it’s making him rethink.

The entire focus group remembered Adrian Zmed. A total cutie when he was younger, the women think he has not aged well. “I’m human,” says Adrian of their comments, “it hurts.” One woman is catching on.

Everyone also knows Chris Atkins. Not only does he elicit oohs and ahhs from the group, they also think he currently resembles Robert Redford. Chris takes the praise to heart, remarking that their words are very encouraging.

The group hates Jeremy‘s music video from when he was a kid star. If that weren’t bad enough, his current appearance is described as “scary,” “rapist,” and “drug addict.” Jeremy is hurt but takes the criticism extremely well.

David gets the girls going big time. In the Baywatch footage, he is super-hot. But David is pissed that he’s appreciated only as eye-candy, and he’s reminded of how judgmental Hollywood is. As the session wraps up, the ladies unanimously agree Chris has the best chance of making it again as a leading man.

Back at the house, Bill storms around, angry.

He’s upset at the remarks about his hair style and his weight. Bill, think of it this way — at least those are things you can change! It hurts, but it’s not such a big deal.

The next morning, the Idols are still smarting from the commentary. They get a call sheet summoning them to a mandatory meeting, but they are wary.

As they file into the meeting, they’re greeted by Cooper Lawrence. She wants to hear about the focus group right away. Adrian says he had a rough night, and was hurt by the comments that he looked old. In an impassioned speech, he stresses that it’s not how you look, it’s what’s inside you that comes out that’s important. David is exasperated that “their first instinct is to say a lot of negative stuff.” Also, I’m starting to wonder why no one in the focus group mentioned how tan these guys are. Whatever they’re doing now, they must have tons of time to spend on the beach catching rays.

The new fame is about how people perceive you, says Cooper. “You have to find that balance between ‘your truth’ and what people expect of you,” she says. Jamie replies that he’s content with his life, that he left Hollywood and got a job that’s not about image. Cooper tells him he can still have all those things, and have a hit song. Jamie looks reflective and takes it all in.

Chris, whom the focus group said still looks like a leading man, has been quiet this whole time. On the verge of tears (as was I), he said it made him want to take the next step. Cooper tells the group that in today’s entertainment world, the audience has all the power. So next, they will meet with the A-list experts who will help them address the criticism from the focus group.

Most of they guys do not react well to the news that they will be meeting with a stylist and getting a makeover.

Jen Rade, A-list stylist and fashion critic for US magazine steps in.

The Idols are skeptical.

She sends them off to pick out an outfit that best represents who they are. Jeremy stands up first for critique. He’s nightclub promoter, and she disapproves of his t-shirt and vest ensemble. She calls his slicked-back hair “Fabio-esque” and says he needs to totally rethink his image. Jeremy wants to close the door on being the club guy and fully expected what she had to say.

Jen calls it right and says David looks good but plain, and that he needs to work on his sexiness. Chris apparently sports a dated look for its bagginess. Has she never met a straight man before? For most heterosexual men, wearing boring, baggy clothes is a lifestyle. Why do we oppress men’s departments with ugly dark blues, grays, beiges, and browns? Also, I say “thank you” to my television when she tells Chris to wear sunblock.

Jamie also misses the fashion target. Jen goes forward encouraging him to dress to be in the public eye.

“What’s up with the facial thing?” she asks Eric. She’s appalled at his loose linen trousers and shapeless t-shirt. “You could never, ever go into a meeting dressed like this,” she says. Eric disagrees. “You’re delusional,” she replies.

Jen, you are a brave and powerful woman! Eric says he’s not concerned about image, because he’s more into just being who he is. Did I mention his nickname is Papupae, which means “lots of poop”?

Jen takes a look at Bill’s dated style. He’s defensive when she criticizes his light jeans and multi-fabric blazer. But she’s had enough. She asks them why, if they’re all so happy with the way they look, did they decide to come on the show? Jeremy calls it completely when he says Jen isn’t just talking about clothes, she’s talking about a resistance to change and growth, that makes them react badly to her comments.

The guys are taken shopping at Lisa Klein for Men. They run around franticaly trying to find new looks so Jen won’t come at them again. Jamie says he’s open minded, but won’t even try anything on. Eric looks on, munching nuts and seeds, not having any of it. “I am a fashion disaster,” he proclaims.

Then, Chris finds him a sweater that gives him a new fashion lease on life.

David, Adrian, Jamie, and Chris are then sent to a spa for facials. They relax and enjoy the pampering. Chris comes out of his treatment looking radiant.

Jeremy and Eric are sent to a hair salon. Jeremy is almost melting down over the fear of getting a bad haircut. If he gets a bad cut, he says, he will be bitter. Considering the focus group said he looked like a scary drug dealer, maybe he should keep an open mind. Eric looks amazing after a hair trim and a shave.

Back at the house, Jen has them sport their new looks. They do indeed all look fabulous.

At the end of the episode, Jen has a surprise. She’s arranged a make-up artist and a photographer to come in and do publicity shots with all the guys. The photographer encourages them to use their creativity when posing for their new pictures, and they again look like the stars they truly are.

The only one who doesn’t show up for this second critique is Bill. He claims to have taken ill while shopping, and is snoozing away.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    OMG!! I missed the first episode but will be watching it ASAP. I just wanted to say… Each of you had a definate impact and an influence on people. You are all talented and just because you fell out of favor that absolutely does not mean you lost your talent!! I am excited to see some of the “hotties” I grew up with as mature men and look forward to seeing you all doing new things. GO FOR IT! You all looked fantasic after your mini- makeovers. (I say mini because all you guys needed was a litlle polishing) I noticed that after that tough day you all stood a little taller. Remember that confidence is the sexiest thing a man can wear, and doing what you love and giving it your best without reservations is the most confindent thing you can do. Be proud that you have sincerely put yourself out there again. Not many would.

  2. Stacey Carver says:

    Wow! What a great idea for a show! I loved and remember ALL of these guys and am excited to see them get such a great opportunity. Not only can this put them back in the spotlight that they so richly deserve, but I believe that even more importantly they are on the path to great personal growth that will truly enrich their lives. Chris Atkins….Damn good to see you again!! My heart beats faster….

  3. vhiteenidol says:

    you have now walked in every females shoes!
    Regardless of fame or not, each and every girl has been judged just walking down the street. Yes, the group seemed harsh during the eval, but not compared to comments by complete strangers while just walking down the street. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD

  4. yvonne zeiders says:

    Who is anyone to judge these men on appearance or what they may be doing in their lives now. I can honestly state I was in love with most of them when growing up. Watching them would make my day. Atleast they can say they once did. As long as they are happy in their lives now I give them all the credit in the world. I think in some way they could all be big in whatever they do. I know I am nothing like I was in school. I am heavier, divorced and not exactly where I pictured myself. I have bad days, 4 kids, live paycheck to paycheck but I am happy. So no one should be judging anyone without taking a look in the mirror.

  5. CarenB says:

    I think MOST of these guys are great!!! Some of them, however, really seem fearful of ANY type of change–be it lifestyle, fashion, psychological, etc….
    I think Eric N. is GORGEOUS, BUT—he stuck in his hippie-dippy mode. If he would only embrace his metrosexual self, he could be one HOT dude!!!
    I have A LOT more to say, but I have an appointment right now…”I’ll be back!!!”

  6. Tammy says:

    I know I am not a celebrity….but….i can feel what you are going through.10 years ago when i was the bomb, i had a work accident and broke my neck and the problem wasn’t found until it had healed improperly. After years of pain and drug intervention to make me feel better i have lost who i am on the outside. I am terrified of becoming a addicted to some of the medicines i am taking. I am now fat and unattractive from the medicines and the pain. This is my life now for the rest eternity. But you guys don’t have any ailments. All of you are still talented and beautiful people, hopefully inside and out. All of you would make great comebacks if you put your heart and soul into it.
    I know that all of you want it still. I do know how Bill feels about the comments that were made about him.
    People do judge how you look, they also can be harsh. Not realizing that they may not be so kind or nice looking themselves. So you can’t please everyone. Just please yourself and when you get your confidence back you can start to please the others. People look for your weaknesses and cash in on them. So hold your head up high. Carry on and show everyone you guys are back on top of the world.

  7. d in nyc says:

    Jeremy looks fabulous with his hiar cut. it really shows off his chisled face more and he does look alot more mature with it cut than before. Now he looks like he is living in the present and not the 90s.
    Is he married? lol
    Christopher looked great after coming back from the spa so i hope he keeps it up. David still looks great but i would have suggested he go in the opposite direction from his usual casual style and have him in a suit – i think he’d rock it!

  8. Jackie says:

    I think the focus group was so harsh. There is a difference between being honest and being mean. Look at some of the people giving their opinion, the don’t have any reason to be judging anyone. I grew up watching all of these celebrities. None of them should feel they can’t have another chance at fame if they want it bad enough. Although I understand the point of the focus group, I don’t believe that represent most of the general public opinions. I though they were especially mean to Eric, Jamie and David. Probably because even if they aren’t teen idols they haven’t lost their appeal. They have just gotten older like the rest of us!

  9. Sharon says:

    I had to watch the show having grown up when you guys were all idols. I think you all look great! Men who look real and not madeover are very attractive. Lines in the face are real and make you even more appealing. As far as style — jeans, t-shirts and flip flops are the best. The only comment or criticism I have is that if you are all doing this for the fame, it won’t happen. You should do it for the art and because it is your passion. As an artist, I find my work is best when it comes from my soul and not from what I want to sell or what I think the public wants. Hang in there guys and don’t be so hard on yourself. Look at Andrew McCartney, he is back in the game and considered sexy by many women! Good luck.

  10. amanda says:

    I think Jaime Walter’s is great. I thought he was great on 90210, and I thought his song was great. I wish he would have stayed on the scene longer; because he’s truly talented (and handsome). I always liked Adrian Zmed ,because he always seemed like a nice guy. David Chocachi is gorgeous, and Hollywood can definitely do something with him. Chris Atkins was memorable in Blue Lagoon. Eric from the Real World was really good. He was a cool guy then, and he’s a cool guy now.

  11. Tami says:

    You are attractive men, and appear to have wonderful personalties. I would look forward to seeing you all on TV again. And as for aging, you are aging just fine( especialy you Adrian) You are Hottt….So don’t get discouraged, you guys are great. What makes you sexy is your ability to go on and try again.I believe you all will go on to once again grace our Tv and movies.

  12. Sabina says:

    Hi guys, I just want to say I remember you all which means that I’m just as old as most of you! Of course those women in the focus group are seeing you for looks first off they are only getting clips of you so first thing they are going to comment on are you looks. Just roll with the pushes, and keep going, most of us “women” are ready and waiting for you all to get back to work!! Good luck!

  13. san-01 says:

    Hi guys, i just want to tell all of u that ur doing such a good job, and i now is hard to stay in one room all of u guys are come along good. An for the coments tha ther ladies said about emages well most of them are right in hollywood is always about image and looks. But to have a good future and a long one u always have to look good. Good luck to all of u and have fun!love!!!

  14. Kelly says:

    Dear Guys,

    Everybody ages! Getting older is just a part of life!

    The fact that you were once considered “Teen Idols” should make you feel proud! Obviously, you’re all talented! You have nothing to prove to anyone! You already proved it!

    Those people from the show just want ratings! And, they think they can achieve this by making you all the butt of their jokes! I think the pranks with the empty venue and the focus group thing were just malicious! Downright mean!

    You guys were all good sports and proved what classy, elegant men you were! By not stooping down to their level and letting it get to you. Except for the guy from Baywatch, he gave them the reaction they wanted. That is exactly what they wanted all of you to do! To throw a temper-tantrum! But, you didn’t! You proved them wrong!

    Good for you!

  15. Melissa B says:

    I can’t believe that people can be so harsh. I know when you live in the public eye you have to maintain a certain look but we are all getting older. Do you look the same as you did when you were 20? No, so let these guys just try their hardest to get back some of the fame and work and do what they want. I think you all look good. I am a big fan of Adrian’s…

  16. Cobra says:

    I think these guys are all great. I think this is a great show, because it shows us that celebrities are humans too. These guys are real, they have real feelings, we should respect them because they are humans just as we are. They feel insecure and fragile at times just as the rest of us do, and I think that they can teach us not to be so hard on people just because they were famous and were given opportunities. I think that non-celebrities want to some how ‘get back’ at celebrities because we’re jealous and we think that celebrities typically have so much money and power and that they lose it because they lose sight of who they are. Without being there, how can we know what it was like for them?
    I think the stylist that came in took her job and made it a little personal. I think she was insensitive and that she had an opportunity to help these guys without being mean, but she was mean, and I think that was a mistake on her part. You can’t make someone feel bad and expect them to keep an open mind at the same time; there’s only so much negative input a person can handle, especially when they’re in front of a bunch of other guys. She should have recognized that, and used it to her advantage, but instead she alienated many of the men. Maybe she has something to learn about people even if she has nothing to learn about style.

    P.S. Guys, don’t let the $^))`_++&&+)@#`)*`_ s get you down…go with their advice, make changes, but please continue to respect yourselves as you have been. Be flexible, but don’t break…

  17. Zakkiyya says:

    Hey guys, just finished watching episode 2. Pretty harsh. Honestly, you all are aging pretty well. You all still look HOT, and have kept your bodies pretty fit. all you need is to be polished up. You all have the potential to come back with full force. We are in the age of the COMEBACK. Jeremy, your hair cut rocks!! David, you are so hot. Jamie, you have a rugged sexiness about you. Keep it. Do not let them put dorky hats on you.
    Good Luck All Of You!

  18. Missy says:

    That focus group HAD to be stacked with ringers or want their own 15-minutes-of-fame ladies. They looked like “regular” American women, but the group overall sure didn’t act anything like the average American woman would. It just had to be rigged!

    As for the guys, I grew up at the same time as some of you, like many others commenting here. I hope you have been able to hang in there through the nonsense! I still have faith there could be a good, or even GREAT, outcome to this. I know I’d love to see Billy, Jamie, Chris, and some of the others on our television again!

    God bless you all.

  19. andy says:

    I think all of you all are great . I would love to see you all back on screen.
    Jeremy don’t believe THAT YOU ARE scary you are sexy. The image consultant was just rude.

  20. Nancy Leach says:

    You need another focus group w/older women who appreciate REAL men. You all look HOT! I am more interested how you have adjusted to the real world; happy and drug-free hopefully. You all look better than the guys I see hollywood’s hot women dating. Look inside and love who you are. The stylist needs a stylist.

  21. Michelle says:

    O.k. guys first of all in my book, you are all still idols! Even though I may not know a couple of you guys from t.v. I remember Billy, Adrian and Jamie. And for the other guys. Just like American Idol, they always think some people can benefit from a makeover, even the younger guys who were on American Idol, God knows I would love one. lol Everywhere you guys go, your fans and others will remember you, yeah it is years later, they may not recognize you at first, because they have a picture stuck in their heads of you years ago, especially the ones who haven’t seen you through the years, but remember you made a difference and a memory in ALOT OF LIVES. We are ALL years older. AND YOU ALL, LOOK GREAT! And still this day YOU ARE ALL AMERICAN IDOLS THEN AND NOW!

  22. Anne says:

    I think you all were great when you were in the spot light. I hope you all can get back into the scene again.
    I just want to say that jeremy I love your hair and the way you look I think you are still hot. You look great.
    Eric, well you were so hot before and I think you can look that great again if you would cut your hair and shave. you still have the look you just need to do somthing to look like you care about your looks. as far as being a 40 year old skateboarder, I think that is cool, my husband will be the same way.
    Jamie you were great in 90210 and I loved your song. You look good but I would let the hair grow out a little bit.
    And David I so do remember you from baywath because you were hot and you are still hot. I think you are more than just a pretty face you can do film and be a serious actor.

    guys don’t let the focus group get to you because they don’t know what they are talking about. I am 29 and I remeber all of you. except bill sorry. But I think if you stick with this teen idol thing you will get back into the spotlight but you have to listen to the people. unfortunately it is looks that will get you places, first impressions are everything if they don’t like the way you look then you won’t even get a chance to audition for things, but for jeremy I would really consider the hair thing I love it the way it is.

  23. Rachel says:

    First of all…..kudos to all you guys for doing this show. It’s not easy to let millions of people into your private and personal lives and try to come around full circle and get back into the Hollywood scene. My blog is for Christophe Adkins….you are still an idol!! You have such a great heart and so much talent still in you…don’t give up! You are still gorgeous and being only 30 myself, I grew up on the Pirate Movie and I was hooked! My mom saw you on a Sci Fi movie and when I saw how you still were the talented person I saw you as growing up and now on this reality show….I am so proud of you!!! Keep up the good work and stick with it….I honestly think it will pay off in the end for opening your life up on this show!!! Good job VH1!!!!!

  24. Lisa says:

    I didn’t know who any of these guys were except Christopher Atkins and Arian Zmed. I would’ve just @&*$%+#)~#`*)%# umed Atkins had moved behind the camera (directing or producing) since we haven’t seen him acting in recent years.

    I normally don’t watch reality TV, but have been sick this weekend so watched some of the VH1 fare. I don’t know what to think of this show, but I do think these poor guys are being exploited. How Atkins got here I don’t understand.

    Bless all their hearts. This and the rest of VH1′s reality TV is so bad one has to be in a sick bed to watch it.

  25. Lisa says:

    Why did the word *`_(@))_)%(+%~% umed come out @&*$%+#)~#`*)%#?

  26. Julie says:

    I’m sure all the guys are great – but special kudos to Eric. I was intrigued when you were in the Real World – but now am more intrigued now by your free spirit and choice of being.

  27. rashel says:

    i used to have the biggest crush on adrien zmed when i was young. i think he aged very well and even though he’s 23 years older than me i still think he’s sexy. i think the whole cast of teen idol is great and they should all hang in there, i’m hoping for a second chance for every single one of them. i thought that focus group made some very cruel comments and i would like the cast to know not everyone shares their opinion.

  28. Angela says:

    I grew up at the Jersey Shore, same as Eric. I thought he was cute during “The Real World” and “The Grind” but think he looks fabulous now. I like his earthiness. Seems like he’s really found his identity and is comfortable in it. That makes him sexy. The “little freshening up” did wonders.

  29. Mary says:

    I watch Billy Huffsey on Fame. Boy he was fun watching when danced and boy can he sing. I also watched chris atkins in the blue lagoon and also on dallas. Adrian on TJ Hooker take about a cutie. Tonight show was very good. I do think they make it back into the business

  30. net says:

    Jeremy is hotter than Justin Timberlake.

  31. conni gray says:

    Hey David if your manager really told you to not to do commercials because it would be bad for your career, you need to fire him because you don’t have much of one now. Maybe you need to get a reality check on yourself,isn’t that why you agreed to do a Reality based show,BECAUSE your career is going so great.

  32. conni gray says:

    I think all of you guys could make a fairly good come back if you really tried…So how come some of you aren’t really trying. I think you guys thats are not opening up and giving it your all are just scared of failing. so take a step forward and maybe stumble or sit on your butts going nowhere. Your choices.

  33. Suzanne says:

    I love the show! All of you can do this! the new look! David…you are so damn good looking that you need to be modeling underwear! All of you are wonderful to watch each week.
    I just wish the best for you!! Keep up the good work….I would love to see all of you make it.

  34. RoB says:

    lmao were any of these bums ever famous in the first place?? they have egos??? lol they were role players none were stars 2 begin with lmao david chokachi*onthis* is 2 good 2 do commercials?? noone knows who he is anyways he was a bum on baywatch and now lol

  35. mustang sally says:

    Great show !!!!