Confessions of a Teen Idol: Episode 3 – Opportunity Rocks


This week our former teen idols take a tour of their past lives, and find out that embracing fame is crucial if they hope to revive their Hollywood careers.

Adrian probably speaks for all the guys when he says he says being in the house feels like a dream.

Jeremy is the first to snatch up the call sheet from the fax machine again. Must be his youthful enthusiasm. The guys have to be at the main gate in a half hour.

They’re advised to wear sunblock (yes!), as they’ll be taking a ride in a convertible.

The group is excited, but Adrian cautions them. “Every time we think something’s going to be fun, they stab us in the heart,” he says. Welcome to VH1 guys!

A red double-decker tour bus pulls up the driveway. Jason Hervey steps off, and tells the men they will be going on a tour of places that were meaningful to them in their prior careers. Fun – love confronting those past demons. On the bus, Jeremy can’t resist letting loose, shouting, “Sunset Boulevard, Daddy’s baaaack!”

The first stop is Paramount Studios where Footloose was made. The bus conductor asks Chris to tell the story of how he lost the lead role in that movie. Turns out, he had the part locked, but went in to his first meeting with the director and producer wasted. “I was a total idiot, I was off my head, and I messed up,” he says.

After that, he had a breakdown and ended up in the hospital, then went on to rehab. He’s been sober now for 22 years. “I’ve been there, man,” says Jeremy as he gives Chris a hug. Chris acknowledges he needs to “learn to deal with these emotions, because I’m looking at getting back in to all that stuff.”

The next stop is Warner Brothers studios where TJ Hooker was produced. It’s Adrian’s turn to talk about why he left that show when he did.

“I don’t know… I guess I had been offered Dance Fever then, and… I said it was time to move on.” He doesn’t sound as if he really knows himself why he left. He reveals that he’s regretted this decision for years, but never told anyone.

The bus continues on to the MTV Networks building, home of The Grind. Eric was host of the popular dance show for three years, at which time he feared he was coming to the end of his host shelf life.

When Jenny McCarthy was hired, Eric was threatened by her presence. “I thought she was coming in to steal my thunder,” he says. Paranoid of being told it was time to move on, he abruptly quit. “It’s a love-hate relationship,” he says of MTV.

The bus driver asks for a show of hands as to who’s been to the Playboy mansion. Most of them raise their hands. When asked how many have dated a Playmate, they all raise at least one hand, with some dudes raising two. The bus driver asks if maybe they have any of the same Playmates in common. Cue sound of crickets chirping.

The bus pulls up at TV impresario Aaron Spelling‘s house, the producer of The Heights. Jamie had originally written his hit “How Do You Talk To An Angel” as the theme song for that show. The Heights was instantly canceled, but from that opportunity came Beverly Hills, 90210, where he got to throw Donna down the stairs.

The tour bus heads for the beach where much of Baywatch was shot. Both David and Jeremy were stars of that show, which, incidentally, is the most watched TV show of all time, with 1.1 billion viewers. Take that, focus group ladies!

When Jeremy came to Baywatch, he was just ten years old. He arrived bearing a huge ego, and things went from bad to worse as he became convinced he was too good for the show. “I walked away with my middle finger in the air,” he says. Jeremy quotes Charles Dickens, who could not have foreseen the likes of Baywatch, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

It’s becoming obvious that although Jeremy’s antics make the guys laugh, he’s quick to go a bit overboard.

St. Bartholomew’s Church is the next stop. “I was like, oh no, because I have a lot of memories there,” Bill says. This is the place he came every day for two years when he was young, homeless, and hungry. “I used to just pray that God would take care of me.” Visibly emotional, he says he still thinks about the church a lot. He decides to take a couple of minutes and go in.

The bus heads back to the house. The day ends on a high note as the guys all cheer.

Later, Jeremy is out laying on the deck, deep in thought.

Adrian comes out and asks him how he’s doing. Jeremy says he’s been reliving the regret of his early career decisions over and over again.

Adrian explains that Jeremy was a kid when he had all that stardom, so how could he have behaved any differently with all the attention he was receiving? Adrian tells him that at a certain point you have to stop looking over your shoulder and live in the present. “I couldn’t go anywhere in the world and get better feedback than I’m getting here from these guys,” he says.

Inside, the guys relax and take a breather. “I am the most famous person in the house!” shouts Eric.

To see just how wrong he is, they go online and look at their star meter ranks on Sounds potentially super-ego bruising. Bill’s ranking is fairly low, “he’s gotta get a sex tape out asap,” says David.

According to the star meter, Christopher Atkins is the most well-known name in the house. The fame rankings for the guys according to are: 1. Christopher Atkins 2. Jeremy Jackson 3. David Chokachi 4. Jamie Walters 5. Adrian Zmed 6. Bill Hufsey 7. Eric Nies

Jason Hervey stops by. Eric hands Jason a mysterious green drink.

Jason has come to announce an opportunity for they guys to audition for a new ad spot to run on VH1. Most of the men are enthusiastic, but David asks Jason to talk with him a minute outside. He tells Jason his manager would rather he not audition for commercials, as it might spoil his chances to get better jobs.

Jason tells him the chance is there, but it’s not required that he go out for it. David has a decision to make, but his gut feeling about doing the spot isn’t good.

A couple of the other guys are also dubious about the audition. Eric says that he is very careful about the products he chooses to endorse and won’t be vying for the part.

More gratuitous shots of Jeremy shirtless wearing interesting underwear.

In the morning, Bill finds Eric’s note on the refrigerator saying he has taken off for the day. He crumples it up, annoyed. Bill is concerned about Eric because he thinks Eric’s missing out on a great opportunity to get his products out there. “He’s punking out,” he sighs.

There’s a knock at the door, it’s Alyssa Starkman from Aussie shampoo and Mark McIntyre from VH1. They brief the guys, pitching the product as fun and quirky. But only one of the teen idols will get the job. They’re handed scripts to go over for the audition.

David drops the bomb to the guys that he won’t be auditioning. Jeremy points out that maybe he would be offered the kind of jucier endorsement he seeks if they saw him in the Aussie spot, but David’s not biting. Jeremy sees this as lameness.

Meanwhile, Adrian checks on Bill. We find out Bill is dyslexic and is having trouble working with the script they’ve been given. Adrian feeds him the lines verbally to memorize. Jeremy is busy doing those embarrassing things actors do to warm up.

The producers call Adrian to audition first, which he isn’t happy about. But he does an awesome job singing a song about hair in a falsetto voice – overall a great job.

But there’s a second part to the audition, where the guys will be asked to don a ridiculous ’80s rocker outfit complete with gold spandex pants. Adrian is dumbstruck. He can’t fit the spandex, but he rocks out impressively on top of a car in a sleeveless purple t-shirt.

When it comes to Chris’ turn he is nervous, but ends his audition going nuts and yelling at the top of his lungs.

Jeremy comes out in full tiger-striped leggings and t-shirt regalia, and gives it all he’s got. He totally looks the part.

He is seriously jazzed after his turn, and it shows in his pants. Poor taste alert!

While Bill is squeezing himself into the outfit, Jamie is telling the group he has decided not to audition. “That’s not the way I want to get back into it,” he says.

David concurs. Bill says they should give it a shot because this is the whole idea of what they do. Bill wears the stripes with pride and walks out for his turn.

Bill goes absolutely ape, making a total fool of himself (in a great way) and having a good time with it.

Bill, scoring major points for having a sense of humor!

Eric, Jamie, and David should watch and learn. But then, on his way out of the audition, he inexplicably smashes the guitar against the building. Points retracted.

A group therapy session with Cooper is next. She looks as scary as you can wearing a cute Juicy Couture top.

She tells the guys that it’s beginning to become clear that some of them don’t get it. She lays into them big time for not understanding how crucial fame is to their careers. Scott Baio is in a control room watching and listening to the whole thing.

Some of the men start yelling back at her, until Jeremy silences them. He tells them he can’t learn from Cooper’s expertise to get his career back because they aren’t ever open to what she has to say. Adrian and Eric turn the tables on Jeremy and tell him they fear he may go back to using if he gets fame again. Jeremy loses the run of himself and storms out. As Cooper goes after Jeremy, Scott says he’s going in.

Chris catches up with Jeremy and asks him what he’s thinking.

He’s extremely concerned about Jeremy because they’ve been through the same experiences. “Are you ready for this?” he asks. If Jeremy’s breaking down in a therapy session, how will he handle the intensity of a Hollywood career?

Jeremy goes back to the session with Chris and apologizes to the group. Scott enters and takes Cooper’s place. “We’ve all been chewed up and spit out in the business…but we’re still here. Why? Because we want to be famous. The only reason I jump in here is to say fame is not a bad word.” With that, Scott has said what he had to say. He tells them they’re his brothers, and he takes off.

Later the men are at the house decompressing, shooting some pool. They they receive a call from Aussie. Bill gets the spot!

We almost got away from this episode without a teary moment, but here it is.

As Adrian says, Bill almost does a backflip, and he’s not capable of doing that. I have to agree, he was amazing. Can’t wait to see the spot. Go Bill!

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  1. destiny7106 says:

    I would go see any movie that any of these guys would star in & that would be a good idea to let them all star together!!!! If I had to pick just 1 it would have to be chris,But i really really like them all. I love the show but only 30 episode is awful it should be an hour long!!!! Thanks guys, and I do hope you know this isn’t luck it’s God.

  2. Shayleen says:

    Jeremy is so fine! VH1 should have a show with him trying to find love, if he’s not already with someone. I would be the FIRST one to sign up for that! He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jeanifer says:

    These guys are the best. This is the best reality show I’ve ever watched. It seems as if the house is so calm compared to a house full of women. These guys seem to have a true bond and truly care about what happens with each one of them and their careers. I wish them all the best!

  4. Nina says:

    I workout to Eric tape the grind and a fewe others of his I have and I would workout with him in real life if I had the pleasure of meeting him. He looks good with or without the beard

  5. christi says:

    mmmmmm all goood to chris A

  6. Jeff B says:

    Scott Bayo and this other guy are using you to further their own careers, they are making fools out of all of you and you sensed it at first but you are letting the manipulation back in, you all look pathetic just the way they want you to come off looking.

    I feel sorry for you all that you can not see this, again your senses are correct in what you are feeling.

    Good Luck to you all.

  7. anna212 says:

    i am a fan of some of you on the show. i have seen chris on the blue lagoon and i’v seen adrian on grease two. but i want to say i’m glad you all are trying to come back. you were all good actors in your own way and deserve to make it again. all of you have been through so much and all i can say is for ya to hang in there and be very strong. may god bless you all and may he be with ya on that long journey back. i know that you all can do it, i believe in you all. the best of luck and i will be praying for you all. god bless

    love you all,

  8. Michele says:

    I love this show! I am totally addicted. All the guys are great. Billy rocked tonight! I thought it was great Adrian helped Billy with his lines. Jeremy – Love the haircut! Jamie – how could the focus group not know who you were or your song. Anyone in their late 30′s early 40′s would know you and 90210. Chris – just saw a rerun of the Blue Lagoon – that was a good movie! I really enjoy watching the show and I wish all of you the best of luck!

  9. Pamela D. says:

    I just saw the trailer for the next episode, and it alludes to the withdrawal of Adrian from the show. Can I please just say, “Adriannnnn!”

    I’ve had a terrible crush on Adrian Zmed forever…. I will be so disappointed if he leaves the show. I always thought he was one of the hottest guys on screen, and now I feel he’s shown himself to be genuinely kind and thoughtful (ie: helping Bill prepare for the commercial, etc.), too.

    Scott Baio better do some fast talking and stop this travesty from happening! Adrian Zmed must stay!

  10. Adrienne says:

    Hi! Tonight was the first time I watched the show. I really enjoyed it! It was nice to see all of your faces and you all look GREAT! Good Luck and My Best To All Of You!!

  11. Heather Decker says:

    I think that all the guys on here have what it takes to be sucessful including Christopher Atkins who is still very handsome and charming I also hope the bring back the chatting with the teen idols thing that they advertised when the show first started as it would be a great thing.

  12. stephanie says:

    I really like this show! I think all of the guys have a great attitude and would be able to debut again. I definately like Adrian!!! I can imagine him in a romance movie, he jus has that sweet voice and those bedroom eyes. He still has it!!! Keep the faith guys I still love y’all.

  13. George says:

    Hey, I just wanted to tell each and evryone in this “group” to Thank God 4 a 2nd chance, many ppl would love that opportunitty! I had the pleasure of knowing Billy when He was in fame , I used to be his favorite waiter in Palm Springs, I also wanted to let Him know , that I was “touched’ but tonight story, and anotther thing! as a Believer in the Lord Our Savior Jesuschrist, I’m Praying 4 U all, May God Bless U guys! and Billy way it go! keep Ur shin up! state Buono! il mio caro amico! ciaooo!

  14. Starr says:

    I have alot to say so my post will be over a number of days. First off, you all look great, and please do not think anything else. I am not in the entertainment industry but for you may have gone through you have held yourselves together very well considering. In my opinion I think maybe some of you left the industry for a number of reasons and I do not think you owe any one anything. I pray that you guys will take it slow and do what you feels good and right for you. Peace until tomorrow.

  15. Kirsten says:

    I think this show is great; despite my teen crush on Scott Baio, I think the show would be better without him, and just the guys. I was a huge FAME fan and am so excited that Billy got the commercial! He definitely has the right attitude! And how adorable and sweet is Adrian? I think the show’s got the right message–lose the ego, and go big. I’m surprised I love it! I only tuned in to ‘check it out’ and became hooked! But please, Scott, your opening and closing “intros” are over the top!

  16. aja says:

    Wow great job guys! I can’t even imagine how hard it can be. Don’t give up! Good luck to all of you.
    I love the show!!!

  17. Tamsin says:

    I agree with Starr: nobody on this show has to go through some ersatz hazing to prove a desire to succeed. Fame results from consistent achievement; performers like Robert DeNiro achieved lasting appeal through more than wild antics or unfortunate events which may bring notoriety. If ‘”everybody wants you,”‘ that includes stalkers, users, and seekers of any kind of thrill.

    Gentlemen, you’re already successful being exactly who time, life, and craft have made you.

  18. TracieDugan says:

    It is very amazing to see such a wonderful chance for these great actors. Sometimes the roads are not always paved in gold. I’m a 28 a year old who now shares some of the best show’s, and movies made with my own kids. Sorry Chirs Blue Lagoon not for my 8 year old’s eyes but the view is just as good now as back than. Adrian holds a special place in my heart I was to young for TJ Hooker, yet I feel in love with Grease 2 I loved it better than the frist one. Also My grandma used to whatch it with me I used to drive her mad with it memorizing all the song and dance 2 years ago she passed away, and what I have now is that movie to put on because it holds a peace of her in it. I really wish the Best Scott your da man.. You all have inspired me to follow my dreams no matter how hard it can be this to shall pass. Some day I would really like to meet Adrian !! Such a Huge Fan I don’t even no if famous people acutally read blogs it’d be really cool. Great job On getting the Part Bill Reading is a challange with me as well since we have the same problems so relating with writing and reading I give full Props!

  19. Lisa S./Texas says:

    Hi guys, wow, I didn’t know this show was on until the other morning when I was channel surfing. I had missed Scott’s reality series, but am so happy that he has found happiness with his wife and baby, and he, well, looks like he is at peace with himself and with where and what he wants for his life. I remember hearing all the movies that were offered to him and he turned down. Most I thought he would have been great in! Just like Molly Ringwald, ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Ghost’. But that is the past.

    I saw episode 3 before I saw the first two (which I did tonight), Billy you humble me and made me, a complete stranger, so proud when you won the part in the commercial. Chris, Adrian and Jeremy also showed that wanting to continue their careers may mean taking a few steps back.
    I was really disappointed in David, Eric and Jaime. They thought they were too good for the commercial for Aussie (HUGE BRAND NAME GUYS!!), yet everyday we see Beyonce’, Drew Barrymore, Diane Keaton (HELLO DIANE KEATON), Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightly (sp?), Dennis Frantz, Paul McCartney was an American Express rep online, etc….doing commericials. Actually a favorite soap actor of a show that was cancelled years ago, Another World, Stephen Schnetzer (sp?) does Mercedez, Advil, ROC, etc…we recognize them, and you know what I say everytime I see him…he is such a great actor both comedic and dramatic and he is doing commercials and voice overs. Helk, John Forsythe was a renowned actor in the early and late 50′s, 60′s, etc…then he was just a voice on a speaker phone for Charlies Angels, and Aaron Spelling knew he was being wasted as a talent, but the man kept working in the business he loved, and look it lead to huge fame and a small show called Dynasty….hmmmm

    I am not in the business, but I always wanted to be and was always afraid of risk and rejection. I’m not the pretty face or body like those playboy bunnies you all dated, and don’t attrack men like David or Eric, well all of you. I lived my life thinking about how other people saw me. So I took the safe road and went into travel and tourism, worked for a major airline for over 13 years, then got gravely sick and almost died twice, 9/11 hit and I was laid off while I was trying to learn to live again. For over 10 years now, I fight to simply make it through everyday without being seen or hoping I won’t be sick all day. I have Crohn’s Disease, and basically my entire 30′s went buy and I was just trying to stay alive. I missed so much, but my health, lack of insurance, and income from disability, keep me from taking risks again, or is just me not wanting to fight, this is where I get upset with those of you who can get up each day and say “hey, I have great kids, wonderful wife/husband, and now I get to try and do what I really love to do again.” But each of you took risks and took rejection and I believe will have great careers!!! I’m not a big fan of Samuel L. Jackson, but he made a great statement in one interview when he was asked why he was staying so busy and he said…”My agent better make sure I’m ALWAYS busy, no matter what, the bills have to be paid, and that is what he is paid for, if there’s a job and I can keep my head up doing it, I will.” So David, Eric and Jaime….listen and be open, your agents aren’t always right, you have control over your destiny, take it!!! David, you especially because you are still fresh in our minds….

    Adrian, you would be great on broadway again, and as great overbearing boss on some comedy show, or even a drama as the caring husband or father, even the bad guy…endless I believe.
    You are not old…most of that focus group was skewed with a younger set of women, though some our age…but it is true that the ”new hollywood” is so much different. But please stay as you botox, injections, none of that crap…you have aged beautifully and I have no doubt work is coming your way!!!

    Chris, you have never been out of my subconscious or even my consciousness, no stalker here, just a really big fan. It’s funny, I was just telling my mother the other day that I wish they would show The Pirate Movie again, and was wondering what you were doing. You, sir, have endless possibilities, you remind me of Patrick Dempsey, I know I will see you on either the big screen or small, because, you are the total package, and your fans still love you and want you to succeed. We want all of you to succeed. The comment in the focus group about “Robert Redford”, she was spot on. Your looks are timeless, but your humility and true appreciation for what your fans said in that group just made me love you more as a person who happens to be a very talented actor. Romantic comedies, dramas…they are all waiting for you!!!

    Billy, I don’t have dislexia, but I have a hard time reading anything because I always am thiinking about other things I have trouble concentrating and I read the same paragraph over and over again!!
    But remember some of the most famous talent has dislexia..Tom Cruise..nough said….so honey, give it all you got. In that audition you were spot on and just really wanted it. You knew taking that step either backward or sideways was a way forward! I again am humbled! I will be the first in line for your next movie or tv. series!!!! You’ll get there I just know it!

    Eric, oh Eric! You are a handsome man, intelligent, and sure of yourself, but beware of too much self #$`@*&$*_)~$@$^ urance, it is very similar to #$`@*&$*_)~$@$^ uming (or #$`@*&$*_)~$@$^ ume) and that old proverb rings true now as it did in years ago and will always be in years to come. But when you finally let yourself open up about the ”wardrobe change”, (remember they aren’t changing who you are inside), you showed your best self outwardly. First impressions are everything, rarely do we get a second one. You can be at peace with the universe, the sky, and the earth, but you don’t have to wear them. … ;>)

    David, I don’t know you, but I empathized for you during the focus session. Where I am the one that joe public points to and says, lose weight, your not pretty enough, you my friend have the opposite problem and I saw that it hurt your feelings. Humanity can be a cruel hall of mirrors, but remember, you only need one mirror, the one that shows all of you, inside and out. But I fear you may get the raw end of the deal in what you are looking for because you exude an air of superiority and ego about yourself and what you are willing to do or not do. That commercial wasn’t a sign on for a male enhancement drug, porn, or anything that was negative, it was for a WORLDWIDE known product, and you and your ”team” thought it was beneath you. Humble beginnings are where you need to start from again. Its like being in the business I was in, you are only as good as your last month, last sale, last home run or in your case acting gig. And they look at how long that’s been. Aging sucks, but we can do something about it through humility and grace. And with that David, you have longevity on your side, your outer beauty willl keep you working a long time, you were born with that gift, it’s what you decide to do to get yourself back out there that will determine if I see you again in a movie or series.

    Jaime, your an amazing young man! You really do seem at peace with where you are, in your career (which is heroic) and with your family. But whether it be acting or a musician that you seek to reconnect with, you already have your feet squarely on the ground!!! Be open to all this make over stuff, its just clothes, but keep your perspective right where it is, no matter what Scott or anyone says. The flexability of being a musician, writing and traveling can be done while living your current peaceful life. It’s up to you to keep the balance! With your current life experiences and history I believe I hear many songs already that you just have to put on paper.

    Lastly, Jeremy, so young still and so smashingly handso’me! I have great admiration for you and pride. I had seen you I believe on a “where are they now” show and you talked opening about how you left Baywatch and the drugs and addictions. You also spoke about the club promoting and your myspace page. And here you are in this house with mostly older male figures who want to reconnect and start all over again in the same business as you, but you were so much younger before, and to me still a young man. But you show so much maturity here in the confessional and in the group settings, you are open to all of it. But I also love that you know you don’t want to go back to where you were before once you acheive your goals. It made me so happy to see that Chris and Adrian, and David as well have your back. You have these big brother/father figures that truly want to see you only travel forward. Out of all the cast I connect with you and Billy because you
    show the drive, the heart, the anxiety that connects you to us the viewer and fan. If you are truly as connected with where you have been and know you don’t want to go down that road again, like Chris (Kudos Chris,22yrs) then you, still being so young, have such a future ahead of you.
    And on a funny note, your hair grows back!! Remember anything for a role..look at what Tom Cruise just did in Tropical Thunder, NEVER thought I would see that, and when he is embracing all types of characters, he’s simply being an actor, becoming someone he isn’t, leaving his skin and stepping into someone elses. But keep that balance in your life, you are the only you, you’ll ever have in your life.
    I commend you and look forward to seeing you play, 18yr olds to 30yr olds very soon!!!

    Thank you again for letting me in on your journey! I am truly a fan of you all!
    Best Wishes, Best Health, and Best of the future…

    Lisa S.

  20. bungelowcinderella says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have to say you have much improved my Sunday nights. I want you all to know that you should be in the spot light working at what you love. I am a fan so I am very defensive of you especially Adrian, Billy and Chris, so please don’t let people try to make you do anything that you are not comfortable with.

    Having put my own show business dreams aside to pay the bills, know that this experience has to be a crazy mix of excitement and fear. Try to keep that very delicate balance of being open to the process but not losing yourself respect and the beautiful lives you have put together. You are all beautiful inside and out, talented performers with so much to give and we are waiting to receive it but want you to be mentally and physically ready to do so.

    Big Hugs to you all. Your awed and inspired fran (friend/fan)

  21. Tracie says:

    Who knew this show existed! I saw Adrian Zmed and memories of seeing him in Grease at the Pantages Theatre in LA about 30 years ago flooded back! a 15 yr old sitting in the 5th row looking up at Adrian Zmed in leather – aw man! I crushed on Adrian ever since!

    I just watched the Pirate with Christopeher Atkins and Kristy McNichol a few weeks ago – I could instantly tell it was you Christopher, haven’t changed much at all!

    Kudos to you guys for rockin’ on – keep up the good fight and do whats true to yourself – fame is great if brought in a positive light – don’t let negativity get to you – take it in stride – don’t let your fans get to you – yeah I may get all giddy if I were to meet Adrian or Christopher, it’s just because you bring back such wonderful memories – you bring back the warm and fuzzies :)

    Stay true to yourselves and you will be successful in whatever you do!

  22. gtownkmr says:

    I must first admidt to being an 80′s junkie. The music the movies, the tv shows, I love it all. So of coarse I would tune in to see this show, but I have been so impressed with Chris & Billy. I have always wondered why Chris didn’t really go on from Blue Lagoon, but being a great parent is a great job too. He seems the most dedicated to coming back and doing it right this time, and Billy……he should be doing motivation seminars, I could see him doing power of positve thinking infomercials he is so uplifting in his speaking and that smile! Adrian, what a great man to help Billy with his lines instead of being more worried about your own outcome. I was so touched by your selfless gesture in my opinion you both won!! Jeremy even with his personal demons he is working at overcoming them and moving on that you just can’t not root for him. The others, they seem to be waiting on someone to hand them their fame back. How sad, I don’t really know why they are there, they obviously think they are too good for this show. I say we keep the positive 4 and dump the others!

  23. Dana/ Maryland says:

    First off, let me say that I think you are all wonderful in your own rights. Keep THAT up. Family and parenthood (where applicable) are admirable, but you are also allowed to enjoy your profession and I believe you will agian…but LEARN from your past experiences. It may sound simplistic, but you touch a hot stove burner and you KNOW to NOT do that again–it hurts! So, use that simplicity in your profesional lives as well.
    Secondly, Christopher, I remember you from that Blue Lagoon, but I didn’t know why you didn’t do a whole lot afterwards. Now I know. I think you ARE in the caliber of Rebert Redford–that lasting boyish look, and I believe that you will go far–once you get your foot in the door again. Wear steel-toes boots–won’t hurt so much when the door is slammed (lol).
    Billy…I remember Fame and I had such a crush on you at that time. I was addicted to the show. I think you could do well in the sitcom or dramatic roles as well. Just need to find the right script and punch it! Fighting inner demons is hard, but I think that with that group of guys, you have a great support group–people that have ‘been there, done that’ and they can each give inspiration and insights to you.
    Adrian…Saw Grease 2 and T.J. Hooker. Liked you in both roles. With the ‘policeman’ role background, I could see you in a law enforcement role, but pick the right one for you. I can also see you in a sitcom/family type show. (i.e. Full House or WHo’s the Boss-ISH shows) I also think that you could also be great as a coach! Acting coach/script reading/director-type situations. Let’s face it, age DOES bring wisdom and character to you and you could pass that on to an up-and-coming as well. I still think you are smokin’ hot!
    Jeremy…you were cute as a button at 10-12. You still are. As stated before, use the past to re-enforce your future–know what TO DO and what NOT to do, and you will be a success.
    As for the rest, don’t be so ‘cocky’ that you don’t take advantage of what may come your way. The commercial gig was a CHANCE–even if it would be to ‘test’ your skills again–you could have even told the agents “I don’t WANT to be considered, but would you give me a citique of what you think of the performance–FEEDBACK is a wonderful thing and you can USE that in other role auditions.
    I’m hooked on the show and will continue watching. Good luck to you all and “Break a leg” as they say in the theatre biz–lol.

  24. Debi says:

    Just got done watching Episode 3. It moved me several times. Just seeing each of you battling something all of us want. Your perfectly human, vulnerable and passionate. I wish will all of my heart that each of you get what you want and need out of this series. People like me will be cheering you on!

  25. matilda says:

    Each one of you guys are incredible in your own right. I am really enjoying this show and the stories you have to tell. I think Scott and Jason are really onto something here. This is so much better than the usual “reality” based shows because you men are being yourselves, and not trying to impress each other with how great you think you are. I love the therapist, and your interaction with her. I truly hope to see each one of you doing something in the future and believe me commercials reach a lot of people and make lasting impressions on all of us. Can’t wait for the next show.
    ps I am so glad Scott has found his place, listen to him

  26. Traci says:

    I have read through some of the posts that others have posted. I could not agree more. I remember you all from the former days. I think that it is AWESOME how you all are on this show, not only are you all taking an emotional ride through where you are going, but you are all so candid about where you have been. I feel it when you talk about where you were. When bill talked about hitting rock bottom after Fame and about being homeless, I was moved to tears, but even more so about how you picked yourself up, dusted yourself off and got back to living. Christoper, wow, I also remember you from the Blue Lagoon, and I had no idea how you seemed to just disappear, but now I know, and BRAVO on 22 years of sobrity. Adrian, I also wondered where you had gone after Greese 2 and TJ Hooker. You are still that same sweetheart that we all fell in love with!! I am 32 yrs old and I can not WAIT to see you back out there gracing our screens with all you have!!! Thank you for agreeing to let us all watch you go through this process!! You guys are WONDERFUL and refreshing to watch. And thank you so much for putting the reality back into the hum drum of fakeness that “reality” TV has become!!!

  27. Jenna says:

    I’m 19 and yes I did recognize who each of you were and where you were from. I am so glad you guys are back!! You have so much talent and all you guys are still smokin’ after a few years have gone bye. Guys please don’t give up, you have a lot more going for you than you think. You have a dream and a desire and as long as you keep that in mind you’re capable of anything.

  28. gaylene201 says:

    This is for Adrian Zmed. I have waited along time to see what you were up to and now I know. Please don’t quit. I am hoping to get to see your career take off again, but if you give up then you are letting down your fans. This fame you are seeking is with in your grasp but you have to want it bad enough. Please I can’t wait to see what your next project is. As for your looks you look awsome to me. I have been a fan of yours since TJ Hooker and Bachelor Party. If you believe in yourself then the passion that you had when you first started out will be there. And for the guy with the camera if I was there, there would of been pics taken cause I would of been saying of my gosh so many times. I am and always will be a fan of yours.

  29. Crazzery says:


  30. cynthia says:

    We met at Huntington Beach when we were about 12 at our uncles company picnic , you were so nice. I think that you are a sweet guy and I hope everything works out for you. I hope you do get the career that you want back. Congrats on overcoming all of the obstacles that you have so far. Just remember as long as you are happy that is all that matters. Good luck, Cynthia

  31. Karen heron says:

    I love love this show! You had me hooked after the first episode. Scott & Jason is brilliant for coming up with the concept. It is so refreshing seeing reality tv helping the guys who really need it. Rather the )+`(()*~&*~*&*#`$ s,thugs,and cheesy men gaining fame from what? doing nothing. I remember dance fever,tj hooker, bay watch, and fame(my favorite),and also of coarse the grind. I am 35 and love these guys. I want to see all of them get back into it! Even if they never make it big again it would be nice to see them connected in some way to the things they loved most….acting/ or singing. They all have been through the ringer! there is nothing more fullfilling then doing something your so passinate about. Can not wait for next sunday……
    from a devoted fan of the show

  32. doreen says:

    I think all you guys look great. I wish you all the best of luck, I have grown up with you all and I will be watching you again no doubt. Good luck

  33. Kindra says:

    I have to say that I can’t wait to see what you can do with your chances that come out of this. I hope to see you all soon in more roles. I have to say the Blue Lagoon and Grease 2 are two of my all time favorite movies growing up. I use to work out to the Grind as well. All in all I truly wish you all the best and you manage to use the lessons from your past to keep you on the right path away from your demons. That all being said let me leave you with this one quote Remember to smile you never know who’s day you might brighten. I know all of you do Brighten alot of womens days out here and that group that talked about your then and now were way off on the down comments and your fans from your past still support you and can’t wait to see what you have still hidding in there. Besafe and take care. I wish you nothing but the best.

  34. rockjamgirl says:

    I think it’s amazing that someone came up with the idea of doing more then just a “where are they now” show. This is actually a step back into the lime light for these guys. I too grew up watching them, and crushing over a couple of them, and I know I will be looking forward to seeing each one of them succeed after the show is over.

  35. cindy king says:

    I dont know if you guys will see this but i remember you and i thought all of you were great i think all of you will do great its meant for you guys to be doing something out there. you have to have the faith and have it in your heart. i think every single one of you guys are goodlooking guys and you could do some modeling for maybe mens underwear or even cologne. I really hope all of you succeed in everything you want to do just have FAITH. LOVE ALL YOU GUYS cindy king P.S something that has always helped me get through is to pray.

  36. dave skampi says:

    Scott and Jason great show, I really feel for all the guys but im really happy you 2 guys are doing well. Scott hope to see more of your show SCOTT BAIO 47 THE WIFE AND KID and i love your new house . Keep up the good work i feel like im one of you and have known you for ever. If you ever need a forth on the golf course call me.

  37. The Su says:

    I LOVE this show; aside from the first season of The Real World, i am proud to say i have never watched reality tv…until this show.

    the reason i stopped flipping channels was that i saw Billy Huffsey…I had the biggest crush on Billy when he was on Fame – to me, he still rocks it ;) so i had to check it out. then i saw this good looking slightly older guy who i did not recognize – the dude from Blue Lagoon

    Chris Atkins never did it for me with the blonde ‘fro – until now. good god man, but you are f’in HOT!! i have a thing for older guys (i’m in my early 30s) and he totally fits the bill :)

    Adrian Zmed was also a crush from my youth.

    and for someone into metal and punk, i have such a soft spot for Jamie and his “talk to an angel” song — and i was (at one point) a fan of 90210

    Eric was always the guy my friends found hot – he was too pretty for me. the same thing with David – eye-candy, yes…but meh

    then Jeremy Jackson. oh. my.word. so hot – but more like the dude you meet in a club and have some fun with

    of course – these are just surface visuals

    but what i enjoy most about the show is that the guys are REAL. they have depth and feeling and emotion and – i hope – the ability to bring themselves back to the fore.

    they are all amazingly talented (and nice to look at ;) ) and i can’t wait to see the rest of the season!!!

  38. UrFan says:

    I think this show is fantastic. I like seeing David and Eric in this show.

    David Chokachi – Ever interested in soap opera, desperate housewives, or comedic roles? Because I can completely see you in all of them.

    Eric Nies – I think you have the It factor and movie star qualities. You can come to the entertainment industry and change from TV roles to movie roles, with the right PR and agent of course. With the right image consultant and if you adopt a little bit of Humphrey Bogart in you, you’ll be unstoppable.

    Adrian Zmed – You’re already a star and not even know it. A lot of people did thought you were the next John Travolta including me. Now that you’re back on the scene, you can be better than JohnT. With the help of an expert image consultant and the right drama role, you’re good to go.

    Absolutely enjoy seeing all of you.

  39. Vk says:

    Hang in there guys…Adrian don’t are all quite charming in each of your own ways…it has got to be tough trying to redo yourselves on national tv, but it looks good from this end. Keep up the goodness, and keep your little chins up. From an old lady who can still appreciate a good looking man.

  40. Lori says:

    I confess, I didn’t know who Billy Hufsey, or even David Chokachi or Jeremy Jackson. (never watched Baywatch). I think Bill has the drive, determination and humility to make a comeback. He could play a Dad role, or buttoned up lawyer, or slick corporate type. Maybe even ala Soprano type.

    Christopher would be good in the All american roles.

    David is smart, handsome. He needs to get on some drama like NCIS.

    Jeremy is too intense. His intensity is a bit scary.

    Adrian: would like to see him play romantic lead; possibly some Dad roles.
    Jamie: could possibly do a revival of the 911 series William Shatner hosted; could work in his real life skills as a paramedic.
    Eric: crazy kooky, should get with Adam Sandler who turns out by guy flicks and chick flicks.

  41. Lori says:

    Eric: could possibly even get a gig on Food network or Fit TV with his alternative foods.

  42. Amy says:

    I luv, luv this show. The premise is what initally hooked me into watching the 1st show but then as each person’s stories unfold to their ups + downs in show business, you can’t help but bond with each of them. Now of course I’m hooked and can’t wait to watch the subsequent 5 shows (too bad only 8). I would say I’m familiar with all of the 7 celebritys but I particuarly hold a soft spot for Christopher Atkins. He was my true teen idol growing up as a teen in the 80′s and Chris you haven’t lost that sex appeal at all, the camera still loves you!! So for all you big dog Hollywood producers out there, pls take note of all the adulation and praises given by all these guy’s fans via blog….forget about that stupid focus group, they had most of it wrong. So fellas, as they say in show business – break a leg. Best of luck to you all.

  43. M says:

    I think Jaime should work with Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer. He would be great in a reocurring role.

  44. Carrie says:

    I’ve enjoyed the show. Adrian, Billy and Chris should really try and get back into acting – I loved them in the shows before and I’m sure I would watch again. Best of luck to all of you.

  45. peter says:

    Ahmed dont listen to those idiots man if you were in a movie i would go watch it & tell Jamie i downloaded his song: how do you talk to an Angel. its the bomb!! GOOD LUCK…

  46. Miss.Sunnie Flynn says:

    I em very sorry that the picturers hounds did not know you,Because I new you right off,you are very talented and still are very handsum gentleman,with alot of things to say and do,with addvice to give to this world and hollywood, so don’t let them get to you,stay true to yourself,because they don’t have look at you in the mirror each morning, you have to be abble to live with yourself.Sincerly Sunnie

  47. Misty says:

    Hey Adrian,
    I have to admit I was born in 81. So of course I was too young to know you as T.J. Hooker. Although, I did see Grease II and LOVED it!! You were hilarious!! And my brother, sis and I still quote your lines, hahaha! The moment I saw that you were on this show I was so excited!! I would absolutely love to see you make a come back…IF that’s what you want. The thing is, I DO think it’s what you want. I am somewhat in the same boat as you but in a completely different career. I, like Jamie, am a firefighter. I left to start a family and while I don’t regret it at all and love my family more than anything. I can’t help but wonder, “what if?” I really and truly think you have it in you to do whatever it is YOU want to do!! Never stop believing in yourself because you can do whatever you want to do!!!

  48. Misty says:

    Hey, I was fireman too. A female fireman of course;) I ended up leaving the job to start a family but hope to get back to it soon. I know you love your job and I can see on the show when you’re holding back because you’re afraid of what your crew is going to think and say. The bottom line is you need to do what makes you happy and if that’s singing, Lord knows you’re great at it!! Do what is right for you and your beautiful little family. there are people out here who believe in you!! PS I loves your kids show!!! I can’t imagine how my little boys would react if they saw mommy burst through a wall to save someone;)

  49. Antoinette says:


  50. Antoinette says:


  51. tara says:

    hey adrian,
    i saw the episode where you were autioning yourself and you only made $800. i honestly would have paid like $5000. i think you are so sweet and charming. i think that you are a good actor and a wonderful person. keep it up. don’t get bummed. your awsome. to the rest of the guys you all are special in your own way. there is no one i dislike on the show. i have to be honest the kid from 90210 is super hot and a “REAL” good guy. take it easy fella i hope you all find what makes you happy in life!

  52. Gail says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’m from Canada and I don’t think we’re as fickle down So come on down. I hope you guys actually get to read these comments cuz I think it would help you to know what your public thinks.

    I just saw the focus group episode and felt some comments were not all very accurate…to say David is just a pretty boy..??? come on….what’s Brad Pitt…ya…a pretty boy ..but he can act. ( and you are prettier by the way) David…being a woman, I never really watched Bay, so if you can are definitely LEADING man material. You look great, but more importantly, you come across as down to earth and real.

    Adrian.. I love guys should listen to him…he says alot of smart when he said it is about what is inside, what comes across to the audience…you rock Adrian and I would watch a show you were in any day…

    Jeremy…you could do great too…but, I don’t know if it is just you trying to act all confident…but there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. So just relax and let your real self come across..when u act all arrogant (even if u are not meaning to) you are not very likable.

    Bill…I was a big fan of Fame…but it is the characters I loved…not all about looks…and you look great by the way…you come across as a very nice guy too..

    Eric…I had never heard of you..but again..don’t let your healthy lifestyle and beliefs (ya nut) take over as it will over shadow who u are and you could be type cast based on a health -freak.’re great too, the focus group was right on with you. you, loved your song could pop back into music anytime…do ya hear some of that %~`*^@$~!@&($#^~ out there now a days that passes for music!

    I hope I didn’t forget anyone. You guys should say screw hollywood, write your own script and make your own show..I would love to watch a show that gives it up the arse to hollywood…lol

    I mean..come on..if Paris Hilton can be famous for (whether she puts it on on not) being a stupid, ditzy..all people are not as fickle as hollywood seems to think….unbelievable who ends up famous these days .

    So go for it guys and good luck..maybe a start would be guest appearances in shows and stuff..TV series etc…

    I look forward to seeing you all on the big screen or in my livingroom on a weekly series..Wishing you all the best of Luck…we better not be left hanging cuz I wanna see u guys in the future.

    Gail :))

  53. marsha1988 says:

    The show was awesome tongight. I missed Adrian though. Billy’s song was awesome how on earth does Billy manage to look so good? anyway everything seemed to go well.

  54. angelhoffman says:

    I think you are so hot looking.You have not lost your good looks.I use to watch your show.You are a very good actor.Iwatch you on confession of a teen idol.I am one of your favorite fans.What do you do in your spare time.Iam always looking for a friend to talk too.

    love your fan angel