Jennifer’s Side Of Sober House – Episode 2


By now, Sober House viewers are well-acquainted with Jennifer Gimenez as the house mother to the six Celebrity Rehab vets populating Sober House. Just like Dr. Drew, each week Jennifer will grace this blog with her own episode-specific commentary on what went down both in front of and behind the camera. We’ll have a longer interview with Jennifer about her days in the modeling industry and her path to addiction, but for now, we wanted to present her thoughts on last night’s controversial episode. Specifically, we picked her brain about calling the police on Steven…

I don’t envy your job as the authority figure here.

What I was dealing with was not the six people individually, it’s the disease itself. It’s a powerful thing that I’m powerless over. If someone’s on drugs or alcohol, I can’t win. That’s why in the 12-step community, [when someone won't stop using] we just go, “All right, come back when you’re ready.” I’m not gonna ever fight with alcohol and drugs. We didn’t expect to find Steven Adler high on drugs from the get-go. And almost immediately, he became aggressive with me.

You refer to it as “abuse.”

The verbal abuse that I got from Steven was serious. But there was also a physical element involved that I talk about in Episode 3. I didn’t want to play victim to what was going on, and it’s not like Steven came and punched me. When it comes to the verbal stuff, you realize people are just sick, but I don’t think anyone deserves to be put in the way of physical violence.

He was really hostile.

Completely. I don’t know if I triggered something that reminded him of his mom, or what. When I met Steven, he was lovely, but it quickly became, “You fat whore, bitch, c***,” blahblahblah. I didn’t pay much mind to it, though I was like, “Did you just call me fat? You can call me a lot of things but don’t call me fat!” (Laughs)

At the party, the electricity goes out and boom, it’s almost like Steven’s free pass to use.

It was unbelievable. I’m taking care of everything else that’s going on, getting guests out of there for the sake of my safety and that of others, since that’s my job. Steven was so out of it that he was screaming that I was “eyeballing” him and I wasn’t even in the room. Bob Forrest told me to just stay away from him. He was like, “The guy’s high,” but I don’t think he ever wasn’t high that day. Steven got really aggressive with both me and the crew, but when we found the heroin, we were like, “That’s it.” Will found even more heroin, and so the idea was to call the cops to escort Steven to Las Encinas. We were scared he was going to go out in the streets and die and he could not stay in the house any longer. Enough is enough.

Despite doing what you have to, do you ever worry about being vilified, either as a character on TV or just amongst the people you’re looking after?

Petrified. It was one of my biggest concerns before starting this show. I was like, “I don’t want to be like Omarosa! I’m not a mean person!” I’m also literally not a mother, and I’m the third youngest out of the whole cast. So it was like, “How am I going to tell these people what to do? Addicts manipulate, lie, cheat and steal with the best of them.” I just knew I had to be tough. And that became immediately apparent when I was telling everyone the rules of the household as they arrived and they were attempting to push the limits. The same questions came up over and over. I just had to play funny to it at that point, because I’m literally talking to children. They say where you started drinking or abusing is where you stopped growing. So I’m talking to an 11-year-old Steven Adler. Regarding the TV-villain aspect, I did the worst thing ever: I read the message boards the day after the first episode, and they were full of: “She’s not qualified!” “Who does she think she is?” People need to realize that any decision I made about Steven in particular, I did not make on my own. I consulted with people: Dr. Drew, the producers, my sponsor, Will and my boyfriend who has a lot of sobriety time. I can’t do this alone and with their knowledge, I made my choices. Hopefully now, people see that the reason I made Steven leave was that if he stayed, the whole house would have tumbled in 24 hours. The rules would have been thrown in the trash and the whole house would have been using. Steven was abusive, he brought drugs in, he was dying and he could have killed everyone else there. That said, calling the cops was one of or the hardest decision I had to make. Looking at Steven then made me think of the number of times my mother or my little brother or any loved ones who wanted me to get help and considered calling the cops. I felt that other side. Maybe for the first time, I really understood the pain I put my family through.

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  1. Ron Mathews says:

    I want to marry Jennifer, she’s so beautiful.

  2. mollination says:

    **Jennifer- Here’s a comment you CAN read!**
    I DON’T think Jennifer’s tears were fake at all when she called the cops. I actually thought in the moment of watching, “I bet she’s crying because she’s either A.) Had to do this before with an ex-boyfriend or something, or B.) She’s upset because she realizes how hard a position she put others in when she used”. I definitely don’t think she cried because she had to call the cops on Steven, and I definitely think she’s strong enough to run this house. I loved how she didn’t back down from that @s$hole, “Tiny”. This show is so weird and evocative for me to watch. Everytime Drew says something new it resonates with me and I’m able to apply it to my own past.

  3. jspatton says:

    Jennifer: I applaud your action regarding Steven Adler. This is the second time that I watched the program. The first was Celebrity Rehab 2 and decided to begin watching Soberhouse.

    I personally cannot imagine allowing anyone in to a sober living facility that has or is continuing to use drugs. Not only does it hurt that person AND YOU, but also hurts the substance and meaning for the others that are recovering. You took the right action.

    On Steven Adler, it is unfortunate, but I believe true that perhaps his release is to just let him go. If he passes from this world to the next perhaps he will have peace – he certainly doesn’t have it here and ther is nothing that anyone can do about it – I really believe this to be a truism.

    I personally believe that Dr. Drew Pinsky is too easy on Steven Adler. Here is this educated man (Dr. Pinsky) talking with a drug addict – and he knows he is using and is an addict – like Steven was among the living and sane. Steven Adler is not, he is gone, and perhaps you should let him go.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Hi Jen,

    I know what you are doing is very difficult and so far in my eyes being a recovering addict myself, I think that you are absolutely handling things very well, especially when it comes to Steven, you do what you gotta do! to secure serenity for you as well as the others in the house. So all those people who doubt you have no idea what it’s like for you so brush them off and stay strong you are fully capiable and I support you 100%!!!I wish you all the luck on this journey and when you run into speed bumps embrace them because like you said it’s how we learn about ourselves as addicts and realization is how we learn how not to make the mistake of relapse. You are truly wonderful=)

    Much Love&Support,

  5. Myra says:

    I think Jennifer handled it very well. Kuddos Jennifer. I also think Steven is precious but he needs to be back at Las Encinas for a longer period. He is NOT ready for the Environment he is now in. He needs Longer treatment like a year, or so. I HAD a brother that was a herion addict. He went away to treatment for a year and came back a new person. It was either jail or treatment. He chose treatment. I pray for steven and everyone fighting addiction…life isn’t easy…but its worth it. Keep up the great work Jenn, Dr. Drew – your awsom, and Bob, Will..This program is something that the general public needs to see, be made aware of. Drugs are bad…The kill, steal, rob and distroy families. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

  6. Donna says:

    You are doing a great job, if you are a least bit petified you did not show it, it are standing your grounds and you have a great support group, I myself live and work with ex addicts and I know it can be a mfr at times, but they are not in their real state of mind and what they say and they do they most of the time don’t even remember, people used to tell me to video tape my brothers and let them watch it when they are sober, if ever, and that would probably be enough to make them want to clean up. Didn’t happen, two ended up in Prison, 2 Dead and 1 in rehab. I am so proud of you! keep up the good work!

  7. donna says:

    Hi again Jen, just remember that you are not there for a popularity contest, people may dislike because you are doing your job and keeping them inline, such as Stephen, but God put you there for a reason girl now run with it. You are their practically their last hope they just don’t know. Don’t give up on them. Take Care.

  8. tracy says:

    This episode was so unsettling. I felt the anguish y’all were experiencing. The BBQ was fine, but letting in everybody was a bad move. Maybe just the residents, staff and a “success” ex-resident sharing his experience,etc at a speaker style meeting. Real informal, this may have worked to minimize the scary last 2 days, while getting everyone to settle down, re-focus on what’s gonna keep them sober: being around supportive people and getting to a meeting every day. Of course, it’s easy to armchair quarterback. I admire how Gennifer set the boundary with Mr Big, but when Mr Adler started to be so nasty, I would have shut up, observed, and let Will deal directly with him. My observation to both Gen and Will: It seemed like you were trying to get him to admit to, or explain why he broke the rules, was loaded again, etc. He was way past all of that. All that mattered at that point was to isolate him from the others, get him some medical help or off to jail. I appreciated everything you guys tried with him, you were beyond compassionate. I am a clean sober addict, (33 years) worked in treatment for a few years in the beginning, too.
    I KNOW the chaos, believe me. And I think sending him home with Will that first time was a great idea. Too bad we couldn’t see the future and realize the disease had Steven by the gonads, and all of his pep talks and loving reception by the other residents was NOT going to stop him. Somebody should double check his prescribed meds. I think he may have more going on with his nervous system, impulse control than has been identified. We do get sicker. Quit scaring me!

  9. Tom Johns says:

    He (Steven) was way out of line. Addicts like us see ourselves as family…….oh its just so sad. Hang in there.

  10. amy says:

    I felt so bad for you, his wife and the others in the house trying to stay sober. It just shows you that an addict doesn’t care about anyone or anything except their next high and how to get it. He needs more help than sober living, like 1 or 2 years in rehab away from people that can get him that @^_&&~^`#&!%$%!+ I know it’s extremely difficult to stay sober, I pray for anyone who has to live with that demon and their families and friends. If it was me in your situation I would have done the same thing. It is the only way to keep you all safe and away from that stuff. Good luck and keep your chin up! Your a beautiful women who has her head on straight and keep going down that path. I do believe that Mary’s boyfriend and her other friend should be allowed there. they are trouble just by looking at them. The big guy should of had to leave as soon as he acted up toward you. It’s your house and if he don’t like the rules-leave! She really needs to pick better people to hang out with or she’ll never get sober and out of porn. Good luck to all!

  11. Laurie says:

    Honestly, I Jennifer G. called it the first day. He should have gone back to rehab when he showed up with drugs. The lies and excuses he made for doing drugs never pointed back to himself, it was always some external reason for why he did the drugs. I don’t think he gets it yet, and he won’t until he takes ownership for his choices. I think that the last few days of rehab, when he started acting out, was a clear sign that he was not ready to leave. I was sorry that Dr. Drew didn’t support you on the first day. Sometimes I feel like he is enabling them, but then again I am not a doctor, just my opinion. I could never help some of them. I would not have the patience for it, as it is, it’s so frustrating to listen to some of the lame excuses. I hope they can make it, I think a couple of them can, not sure if all will make it.

  12. hulagirl says:

    Jennifer, I admire & applaud you for recognizing a “bad” situation and taking action. Your role is not to “tell them what to do” or risk being “disliked”; your job is to provide structure & boundries that foster a safe & sober environment for EVERYONE involved. It’s THEIR choice to follow the rules of the house or not. The situation w/ Steven had gone way too far for “talk”- he needed to be removed from the house…period. As the resident manager, your boundries will be tested & you will be forced to make difficult decisions. But you know what? You will only grow & discover a little more of your true self from the challenges. Wishing you strength & loving kindness on your journey.

  13. hulagirl says:

    Steven brought drugs into the house. He was high & medically unstable. He refused to go back to treatment. No one, family or friends, came to take him somewhere else. His behavior was chaotic, he was unable to make decisions and he was affecting everyone in the SOBER house. What would YOU have done as the resident manager?

  14. MizMern says:

    Jenn did an amazing job. I can’t believe anyone would take the job she has….Jenn…I hope your being well compensated, but rest !^)#(~*&_$`(#$# ured you’re racking up some serious good karma points for paying it forward and being the house ‘mom’. I’ve been struggling with sobriety (and the guilt from using) for about 4 years now. The entertainment industry is tough and fear and doubt can be a person’s worst enemy.

    Good luck to all….

  15. jembeth says:

    Stay strong Jen you did the right thing, Steven not only jeopardized his own safety but the safety of each and everyone in that house, it’s time for tough love, like Will said “Enough is enough”

  16. TherapizingB says:

    Steven is responsible for Steven’s choices and he’s been making some really bad ones. You did what you had to do Jennifer…you KNOW that and you did it from a caring place and without any intent to harm anyone. You protected Steven from himself and that is the best you could do. Do not take on his crap…he’s not willing to do his own work right now and you cannot take that on for him nor can you make him want to do it. You made a very difficult but important and RIGHT decision…feel good about that. You’re doing great…keep going with what feels right…trust your instincts and you’ll do just fine for yourself and the rest of the house.

  17. Anita says:


    You did the most difficult and ultimately, loving thing when you called the police. I was actually frightened for you; it is no secret that Steven is full of rage.


  18. Linda says:

    Jen… I have watched te show since the first season of Celebrity Rehab. I just want you to know that I feel there is no way to do the job you do without being VERY FIRM and DIRECT! I commend you for the job you are doing and bless you… you are having to deal with addicted brains. You know how they are, you have been there and done that. Don;t ever listen if people say you are not qualified to do what you are doing. I think the only way to understand an addict is to have walked in the shoes of an addict. Cuddos for your sobriety! I am proud of you! Take care and hang in there! Don’t change a thing about yourself because when it comes to running a sober house….. you are doing it with PERFECTION!

  19. jill travis says:

    I am impressed with how you handled Steven. What else could you do! He gave you no choice! how sad it is to see what he is doing to himself. Keep up the good work that you are doing. You are a hero!

  20. Gigi says:

    After working over 15 years in the field of addiction, I would have to say that Jennifer is “horrible” as a house manager. What happened to boundaries and confidentiality??? A professional doesn’t talk about clients with other clients.

    And why is everything about her? She is such a victim!!!! Oh my, Stephen called her an evil name!! Is she kidding?? Is this her first job in recovery?? And the tears over calling the police?!?!?!?!? Oh brother…poor Jennifer!!!

    Also,if you live in a sober living home, you are trying to transition yourself into the real world. You are not a criminal, nor should you be followed and harrassed as if you are. The residents should be treated with respect. Has anyone noticed that the only time she smiles is when Stephen is losing it??? And…why continue to badger and reason with Stephen while he is high??? HE IS HIGH!!!! What the????? How about de-escalating the situation?? If you keep confronting someone who is high and in an agitated state, what do you expect them to do?? She desperately needs to work on her clinical skills. A house manager needs to be calm, direct and personable. For Jennifer to become agitated at the BBQ was absolute nonesense. For example, confronting Mary’s guest was uncalled for. A professional would have pulled the resident aside to let them know that guest are not allowed upstairs. Simple as that.

    I’ll just say….Jennifer wouldn’t have made it one day at where I used to work. She would have either gone (more) “fruit loops” or she would have gotten her azzzz kicked!! Although I applaud her sobriety, she is not ready to be responsible for other addicts. She still has a lot of mental health issues to address.

  21. Bella says:

    Wow I wish I could be as brave as you! I could hardly watch it because of the anxiety I felt. I was mad, sad, worried etc because of Steven, I’m amazed at how well you handled the whole situation.

  22. Jennie says:

    Jennifer you made the right decision with Steven. There was nothing else that you could do. He was either going to hurt himself or others and you had to make the call to prevent him from doing either. Also you had to think about the other residents sobriety because his behavior was putting them at risk for relapsing along with disobeying the house rules.

  23. Joseph (a dad) says:

    i’m thinkin about lettin my kids watch celebrity sober house. I have been watching celebrity rehab and sober house. Since i started watching it, i have recorded it and watched it after the kids go to bed. But this latest episode of sober house has made me think of this completely different. This episode shows Steven Adler completely out of his mind high off of heroine, and truthfully was frightening. I think my kids should see firsthand what BAD effects drugs like that have. I talked with a friend of mine who believes it was too graphic of an episode to explose to children (my two are 11yo). I would really like an outside opinion to base this on. thanks in advance

  24. Stephanie says:

    I’ve never come even remotely close to doing anything like run a sober house so I won’t bash on Jen’s skills as a house mom. I read a post that said if she cried when she called the cops she shouldn’t be doing it but I think that person forgot that there are emotions involved and it’s emotionally taxing when you care about the person.

    I think Jen’s a cool chick and I saw her on Tyra and she looks amazing! You go girl!

  25. bh says:

    im an addict recovering right now and i hav never seen n e one that +$_%_%@^%@@%+!(! ed up on heroin. she did the right thing by calling the police cause it seemed to me he was over dosin. this guy is deep in the disease and its eatin his life. it sucks to watch pretty much everyone in the house fail in staying sober. it is a hard +$_%_%@^%@@%+!(! ing thing and i dont think people realize it.

  26. georgia says:

    I also work in addictions field and I disagree with Gigi. A sober house is not a treatment facility and does not employ clinical staff (I would think someone who was in the field for 15 years would already know that much). Jennifer is not bound by confidentiality laws. Her main job requirement is to enforce the rules of the house and try to keep the house safe. Anyone with any type of !@&_+~(@+#__*&# essment skills can tell that when Steven is acting out and Jennifer is smiling it is a nervous smile and not one of enjoyment. The girl is pretty new in recovery and very new in her job, she is struggling to find boundaries and not take things personally.

    I am pretty sure that Jennifer has already realized that the BBQ was a mistake. She did the right thing by inviting Bob and all of the people from her fellowship, the idea was better than the reality of the BBQ. I agree that it would have been wiser of Jennifer to pull Mary aside and remind her of the rules rather than confronting her guest. I am quite sure that Jennifer is learning many lessons on how to handle certain situations. Geez, Jennifer is new in her job, give her a break.

    In case no one noticed, the abuse Steven was doling out was getting physical. I didnt notice Jennifer’s fingernail broke down into the skin until after Steven slammed the door on her. I could be wrong about this but I am pretty sure the door hit her. As Gigi said, he was high and we cannot predict what someone will or will not do when they are high. Jennifer may have been safer if Will handled Steven alone.

    Jennifer, you are doing the best you can and that is all you can do. I think you are doing just fine. I also think that you should never stop yourself or feel bad about crying. The consequences of this disease are sad and it is even sadder when we become hardened to it. It is a shame you have had to put up with abuse in the house and now people feel the need to pass judgements on you here. You would do great at the treatment center I work at because the other staff would be supportive and not critical or judgemental of you. They would help you learn the things that no one comes into this field knowing. Keep up the good work Jennifer. Stay connected to your support group and Dr. Drew and follow suggestions from them. You are surrounded by the chaos of the disease and your program of recovery will help you through this mess. I think you are doing great!!!

  27. Robin says:

    This episode is haunting me. I must ask, however,, Why didn’t Dr. Drew get a call before the police did? Is going to jail going to help Steven at all? I am so upset at what I saw tonight, I just had to post here. Where was Dr. Drew? Also, does anyone know where Steven is now?

  28. jerry w says:

    jen i absolutly think you made the right decision to call the police on steven.having been around drug users before,i have never seen someone so messed up as steven was.i dont think people realize that not only you are running a sober house,you are also got a house full of celebs,and filming crew,cannot be easy.i think you,bob,dr drew,will,need to set steven down and show him the episode.just maybe he will be so ashamed on how he acted,he might straighten up.steven not only you disrespected jen you also disrespected your self,and anyone who cares about you.jen stay strong.

  29. Spiko says:

    First of all, Steven and Seth both need to be in a long-term treatment program before ever moving into a sober living situation. I’m very surprised that Dr. Drew thought Steven was ready for this step. I agree with Steven that Jennifer is way too aggressive, fat, ugly, stupid, unqualified, clueless and has no experience being a Mother. I’ve raised 3 children and not one of them is an addict even though I am and have been in rehab several times. I know how addicts think and the minute they have someone trying to &$(##__$~+$+_)% ert their power over them who they don’t respect is a recipe for disaster. I used to have a lot of respect for Dr. Drew, but it’s waning as I see that his success rate is not very high. And there are effective ways of treating heroin addiction using Methodone or Suboxan. Steven needs to go back to rehab, Jennifer needs to find another job and Dr. Drew better get his act together.

  30. Sober_Tico says:

    Well done, Jennifer. To say she had any other option is simply not true. With a house member high on heroin, she had two choices, and only two: ask him to go to a clinic or ask police to remove him. What other choices are there? Sleep it off in the house? No, completely unacceptable. Coddle him again, and have Will take him home for a second night? Nope. She did her job and has NO REASON to feel badly about it. You were strong, Jennifer, and should be proud. You seem like a nice, caring and giving person, and to suggest otherwise is not fair.

  31. Ellen says:

    After watching the second episode of “Sober Living” I question who ever made the decision to put Jennifer with 2 1/2 years of sobriety into such a position of house manager with hard core addicts and alcoholics. I just celebrated 12 years in recovery and I know for myself at 2 1/2 years I was still mocus. Jennifer did a fine job of eliminating Steven from the sober house, but at what cost to her sobriety.

  32. J G Fan says:

    Jen, I think you are doing a fabulous job no matter what the others are saying. I can proudly say I went to middle school and high school with you. I just have one issue. Your myspace says you can’t stand liars, but why do you lie about your age? You are so beautiful both inside and out. Be proud of how old you are!!! I wish you nothing but good things and a bright future. Sending lots of positive energy your way! I will never forget that girl with the infectious smile in school! :)

  33. Delmo Walters Jr. says:

    Jennifer, I think you’re beautiful! I was touched when you broke down over calling the cops on Steven even thought you don’t him from Adam and he was verbally abusive to you. I also have to give you credit for standing up to Tiny Lister when he came by earlier that day.

  34. linda ruland says:

    jennifer did and is doing the right thing by calling the cops. she is not only thinking about the well being of herself, the staff and the other housemates she is thinking about steven. i have never seen someone so messed up as steven was. he needed medical attention and the only way he was going to get it was by jennifer calling the cops. jennifer is doing a great job and stevens family, friends, and fans should be thankful that he has someone that actually cares about him looking out for him. jennifer wants everyone in the sober house to stay sober. that’s all she wants.

  35. darcy ebersol says:

    did steven complete his treat ment?

  36. Dave says:

    Jen, for God’s sake, I hope you are not still questioning yourself over calling the police. You did the best thing. Stephen is going to have to be hit over the head with sledge hammer a few more times to get the message, or die trying.

    From what I just saw on Episode 2, how in the world could anything justify Adler staying in your house? We was putting everyone at risk by being there. I think you called the police for all of the right reasons. I saw that moment you had, wondering if you had made the right decision. Unfortunately for you, you were in charge of handling things. So, you had to play the “Baddie”, but you were not at all. It really was the right thing to do.

    I know that Adler was balancing a conditional court/probation situation and the halfway house was something that he was doing for the wrong reasons. I can only hope for Stephen’s sake that he is in a better place to handle his addiction.

    It’s actually ironic that anyone would question your qualifications for running this house. Who has any qualifications to deal with the insanity that addiction carries with it, but another addict?

    Jen, you have my vote. I don’t think it’s in your nature to play an aggressive guard, nor should you have too; all the time. Yet, there are times that someone has to lead the way. That’s you! It’s your house. If the people living there can’t abide by the rules, then they need to ask themselves the hard questions: Why are they really living in a halfway house?

    Hey, good luck! I know the show is over – real time, but you are still running the house. It can’t be easy. I know, I would be listing your job as one of the toughest one’s out there.

  37. Matthew says:

    I have to start watching Sober House; I went to uncyclepedia and typed in “Sober House”, and the website gave a great description of the show. I don’t understand why David Crosby is the “House Father.”

  38. Abbie says:

    This episode lilterally tripped me out. I am an ex drug addict and watching this just drove me nuts. I felt so bad for Jennifer, and scared for her.. but while all this was going on… where were all the other people? Anywyas Steven freaked me out.. I watch intervention but this is much. Enough to talk about it the next day and blog that night! I pray for all of them and esp. Jennifer.. hang in there pretty girl ;)

  39. JONAH BAILEY says:


  40. Ziggy says:

    Jennifer .I fyoure going to run a sober house you dont let people come to a barbeque the second day.It was probabaly one of the guests that snuck thta stuff in and gave it to Steven.Why didnt you have a barbeque for just the residents than put them into a van and take them to an AA meeting.Dr Drew should have kept Adler in at least a 30 or 90 day program before even thinkging about sober house.You arent to blame for his relaspe but you sure the hell didnt help either.

    Tell Mary I said good luck and God Bless her.

  41. Miami Chris says:

    I am a long time heroin addict who has been clean from smoking heroin since Feb 07. I finally quit but still use oxycodone. Heroin is one of the hardest substances in the world to quit. I have been doing it since I was 14 non stop until 07. I mainly smoked it. I travelled to Thailand and smuggled kilos through airports all to fuel my addiction. To thing Steven is going to quit after a 21 day court sponsored stay is ludacris. Dr Drew need to go back to Medical School and take a lot more addiction classes before he is qualified to treat Steven Adler. No Jen you never should have called to cops! Steven is sick not criminal. Dr Drew should have been called. If he was and did nothing I lose all respect I had for him. If any friend of Steven reads this try to contact me somehow. I would be more than willing to help Steven any way I could. I have a lot of friends in this town and in the addiction recovery profession specializing in heroin addiction. One thing Dr Drew is right about though is that Steven is going to die soon if he doesn’t get the right help. It takes a special skill and another former heroin addict to be able to treat another heroin addict. Most addiction people have no idea how to handle hard core heroin addicts like Steven. The fact that he smokes it means he is using pure. Street heroin cannot be smoked. Steven is in very bad shape and I only hope someone reads this message and posts a way to contact Steven directly or perhaps Dr. Drew to forward a message to Steven. I may be the only person on the planet that may be able to save Steven Adlers life. There are no guarantees however with the desease of addiction and especially heroin addiction. Peace out in Miami. Born and raised in the streets of Miami. Been throught the smuggling heydays of the 1980′s here in Miami. I know the ropes as well as anyone alive today. I really feel bad that Steven’s life is in the hand of people that I feel are hoping for a highly rated reality show and not for Steven Adlers recovery. Later Chris

  42. Lee says:

    Ive watched episode 2 twice now.. Why kick Adler out of the house??thats clearly what he doesnt need!! Abusive?Slamming doors?? do you really blame him? I mean the man is trying to get dressed and you keep busting the door open on him . Id cuss and slam doors too! He’s clearly there to GET HELP!! not to be pushed to the curb when he screws up!! And the man already was having problems with his previous convictions. Thats the last thing anyone like that needs..more jail time!! Anyway the show is clearly a joke and DOESNT want to help someone out who clearly needs it..He’s better off in a REAL REHAB institution..Give him another chance for gods sake..heres a question house mother…Im sure when you screwed up people helped you and didnt throw you on the curb did they??? Maybe next time they do a show like this they should put the celebs in podunk Montana where they can be away from civilization and not right down the road from the nearest bar. As for clean it up and start rocking again!!

  43. Katrina says:

    I watched this in horror. Jenn you absolutely did the right thing. I know how hard it is….I have had to call the law on my brother numerous times for violent outburts while he was using. It is not an easy thing to do, but has to be done in those circumstances, plus who knows if Steven had anything else stashed around. He could have easily OD’d. Hang in there sweetie. You have many people supporting you and praying for you. I am in recovery and saw what the next episode entails and let me tell you as someone in recovery…they mine as well take a gun, put a bullet in it, spin the barrel and pull the trigger. It is the same thing as going to a club. They do not realize what they are doing and sadly some of them are going to relapse and not turn back. That is just the grim reality of this disease. Take care sweetie and please tell Will to stay strong too. He had a very tough night as well faced with his drug of choice. We love yall and remember “One Day at a Time”!!!!!!!

  44. Miami Chris says:

    To Jen,
    The more I think about what you and the show are doing to Steven Adler the more I feel sick. You and Dr Drew are clearly not looking out for Steven Adler. Why would you Jen call the cops on someone who is already in trouble with the law. Being a former prisoner for four years in a foreign country becouse of heroin I know how it feels to have your freedom taken away because of an addiction. This show is going down a very negative path of glamourizing someones battle with a very deadly desease. Do we need to Steven make an idiot of himself because he is sick on national TV? Dr Drew where are your morals as a DR? Please stop this circus atmosphere at the expense of these poor addicts. Now because of your phone call Jen, I guess we won’t be seeing Steven for awhile. I guess Seth will be the next victim to be ridiculed on National TV by Dr Drew and his crew of fame and glory seeking want-to-be celcbrity staff. I pray that Steven will see what these people are doing to him and hire a Johnny Cochrane type lawyer and sue the hell out of Dr Drew for everything under the sun including malpractice and deflamation of character to name a few. Enough is Enough. No more manipulating these sick individuals for TV ratings Later Chris

  45. Miami Chris says:

    Ziggy don’t thing Jen is not to blame for Steven’s continued relapse. She OK’d the barbecue which of course which was how Steven got more heroin. Dr. Drew again Ziggy is right. How could you even think about putting Steven in a Sober House in only 21 days of treatment? I think you knew Steven didn’t have a chance and you expected Steven to screw up which of course would help your ratings. What kind of quack are you Dr Drew? These peoples lives are at stake, addiction is not a joke and should not be used for the sake of TV ratings. When one of these Celebrities like Steven, Seth or Jeff die, I feel you will share part of the responsibility for not doing your job. You are suppose to be a doctor not a TV producer. Either be a TV producer or a doctor but you can’t be both! Later Chris

  46. Sammy says:


    Way to go girl!! You did the RIGHT thing, and you know you did. It’s not like you are some hypicrit comind down on Steven, you’ve been there done that and understand what it takes. Point is you have been given the responsibility to keep everyone safe and they are all your priority not just one person. Watching the first season of celebrity rehab, Seth coming in a smoking on the roof made them all tense. Even a counsler with years sobriety under her belt, so it was a matter of time, if not hours, Steven would have pulled others down. Point is, you gave him more chances than he should have, I was with you when he showed up high not wanting him there. He has too bad an addiction, for too long, for 30 days to be enough for him obviously. You and your collegues are the ones thinking clear, and it shows. It’s so sad, I hope Steven doesn’t give up, but he was way beyond yours or Dr Drews help at that point. He has to be willing agian, at this point he’s not. Obviously there are peope left in his life that will bring him down. Keep it up girl, the ones who want it and make it need you just the way you are. Good luck, and my prayers are with you. It takes someone great who has gone what you’ve gone through to do for others like you are. Especially when it puts you in a super stressful position. You are truly an angel.

  47. Mary says:

    So sad…I too have watched this episode more than once. In watching Steven, you could tell he was trying his hardest not to pass out. Every time he put his head down, he’d jump up and try to move around. As high as he was, he still must have feared for his life -maybe thathe wouldn’t wake up if he fell asleep. He’s had one stroke already and, as far as I’m concerned, the police should have been called much sooner to get him to the hospital. Jen, if you did anything wrong at all, it was waiting too long. Hang in there and I wish you and everyone battling their demons the very best at beating this disease.

  48. Appetizer4destruction says:

    You’re doing a great job. Anyone criticizing you for calling the cops isn’t being realistic or is an addict themselves.

  49. Veronica says:

    I personally think she did the right thing. Good for you, looking out for everyone.

  50. wendy says:

    i also dont understand why half of those people aren’t still in rehab its like putting the cart before the horse and i have to wonder if this is about making good tv or really helping people Steven is no where near being ready to leave rehab Seth Mary their not prepared to go out in the world and stay clean these are people that need long term treatment as well as therapy and by Steven going to jail that means he should be in prison for a long time right because he had alot of heroin on him thats what he needs i think that its been to easy for them its not supposed to be easy they need to be held accountable for their decisions i also didn’t understand why when Seth was on the roof smoking crack that the police weren’t called you have someone on the roof with crack on national tv i thought crack and heroin possession were serious charges that carried long prison sentences could someone explain this to me i’m not a lawyer or any thing i just always thought that having illegal drugs could land you in prison the saddest thing of all is that i know Seth has a son who might grow up with out a father because of his actions i really think that when their on drugs they become giant toddlers they need attention i really think that their crying out for help and the longer they dont get the help they need in rehab thats another step closer to death and thats heartbreaking

  51. Tina Johnson says:

    Jennifer did nothing wrong in calling the police on Steven and time also proved that she was right from the beginning that Steven should have been removed from Sober House the first eve when he showed up using, was he treated differently.., did ratings play in this decision..time will tell. I believe that the cast where set up to fail by allowing them 3 days “off” between Celebrity Rehab and Sober House, they should have gone from one center to the next. Jennifer and Will’s sobriety is at risk! Jennifer you know what the program teaches, listen to that inner voice, protect Your sobriety at all costs, you can communicate with an active using drunk or addict and most importantly…we can not fix a drunk nor should we interfer with their bottom. Nikki, God works in wonderful ways and sent to you a woman who will help you who has your Mother’s name..coinsidence…??? Dr. Drew, you can not save someone who does not “want” it, alot of people “need” it but they also don’t want it. Alot of using people are watching you so please do the right thing, people die from this disease! Also, it appears that the family members need support from the recovery community. I have continous,uninterrupted sobriety, LD 6-7-91 and I have lost both Parents and a Brother from Alcholism so I am proof that it does work, but you have to do the work, every day, every hour and every minute, there is no such thing as a vacation from sobriety. God Bless, but keep your sobriety above all else.TinaR

  52. Tina says:

    I beleive that Jennifer did nothing wrong in calling the police on Steven and time also proved that she was right from the beginning that Steven should have been removed from Sober House the first eve when he showed up using, was he treated differently.., did ratings play in this decision..time will tell. I believe that the cast where set up to fail by allowing them 3 days “off” between Celebrity Rehab and Sober House, they should have gone from one center to the next. Jennifer and Will’s sobriety is at risk! Jennifer you know what the program teaches, listen to that inner voice, protect Your sobriety at all costs, you can communicate with an active using drunk or addict and most importantly…we can not fix a drunk nor should we interfer with their bottom. Nikki, God works in wonderful ways and sent to you a woman who will help you who has your Mother’s name..coinsidence…??? Dr. Drew, you can not save someone who does not “want” it, alot of people “need” it but they also don’t want it. Alot of using people are watching you so please do the right thing, people die from this disease! Also, it appears that the family members need support from the recovery community. I have continous,uninterrupted sobriety, LD 6-7-91 and I have lost both Parents and a Brother from Alcholism so I am proof that it does work, but you have to do the work, every day, every hour and every minute, there is no such thing as a vacation from sobriety. God Bless, but keep your sobriety above all else.TinaR

  53. Cathy says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I think you are doing a wonderful job. You are doing the difficult job of trying to keep six house memebers safe. I am a recovering ZHeroin addict myself. I have also lived in a Sober House enviorment. Seeing Steven so hogh reminded me of what I use to look like when I was under the influence. I am so grateful taht I have been sober since Febuary 18, 1998. Please Keep the Faith and doing the difficult things that you need to do. I understand just how trying and hard the descions are that have to be made. You are in my prayers everyday, I just think you are very couragous. And you have a very difficult jopb. Keep making those difficult decisions, stay focused on your sobriety, and lead by example. Cathy C

  54. Cajun Cougar says:

    Steven reminds me of an ex-boyfriend who died one year ago of heroine. They are so much alike.
    I love the group, especially Seth, Rodney, and Amber.
    I see Rodney having the most success with his addiction.
    I have been clean for four years and I am pulling for each of these folks.
    As far as Jennifer goes, I would need a different house mother. Do not get me started. Mind you, this has nothing to do with how she handled Stephen with the police. That had to happen. I believe her personality and demeanor is wrong for the show nd for those she is trying to help.

  55. Karl says:

    I can only say after watching a cpl episodes that the next season of Sober House should be renamed Relapse Central! I do not think that these characters, esp with the type of addiction they have, get enough counselling and tools to deal with being sober after only 3 weeks and it is really ashame to watch them failing so miserably when they r trying to get their lives and careers back on track and look like a fool doing it!!!

  56. Maggi N says:

    I admire all of the cast members and I hope they all recover completely. I let my 9 year old daughter watch with me in order for her to see the down side of drugs, alcohol and partying and to more fully understand her addicted father.

  57. jeff grunow says:

    I support Jenn….steven is one of my idols….i love his music he is about one of the best ever..but what he did and how he did it, its the demon inside him…Jenn…you ARE very qualified…you are doing A GREAT JOB!!!…people that come from the other side of the fence..(which i have 10 yrs clean myself)..understand that demon all to well!!!…YOU are responsible to keep the house clean and to protect the other residence I fully support what you did even though what he is doing is 100% crushing me inside..Out of them all I am so much pulling for him I want to come there and just slap the hell out of him to jar that brain and look him in the eye and say WTF ARE YOU THINKING!!!…he said in the car on the way to the house he does not want to be part of the 95% that relaps…but he isnt doing alot to control it he has to be responsible for himself sometime and he needs to pull his head out and see it fast of we will all be morning his death….AGAIN JENN….I SUPPORT YOU 100%…YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB…KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!

  58. Jamee Drake says:

    I completely think that Jenn did the right thing. Honestly I wouldn’t have waited that long to have done something, she’s much more patient than I am. Steven is an adult, and I really liked him during Celebrity Rehab but it was like as soon as he stepped into the Sober Living house he was a completely different person. For him to have abused Jenn, Will and the rest of the crew like that was uncalled for and unforgivable. I hope that he gets the help that he needs but he has to want it first and no matter how much he says he does, actions speak louder than words. Also, for Mary to allow that guy Tiny to talk to Jenn that way and to disregard the rules like that as soon as there were “men” there was rediculous. I 100% respect Jenn for taking these people on and putting up with their antics. These are individuals that are so used to having people say yes and let them do whatever they want, that when they are given rules and put in front of someone who isn’t going to take thier crap they immediately think they are being (~_!@++))~%^+!!~~ y! I hope everything works out for them and I wish Jenn and the rest of the crew the best of luck with everything!

  59. Jamee Drake says:

    I really think that Miami Chris needs to wake up and stop blaming other people. Also, he needs to study the law a little better before making himself look like an idiot. These people are consenting adults who signed a contract allowing VH1 and Dr. Drew to document and treat them. I completely agree that they shouldn’t have called the cops, they should have understood and allowed him to keep doing drugs until he killed himself or some other innocent person. You are probably the last person that should be giving legal or moral advice.

  60. amy says:

    I think you are so brave to take such a huge role on alone, i would be terrified; but i must say you appear to be very calm and handle things super. Keep up the good work and i love the show, oh yea seen you on Tyra show and you look fabulous.

  61. Deb in CT says:

    Jennifer-I totally believe you did what you had to do. You have to keep the house safe for the other people there. Personally, I think you let it go on longer than I would have. You gave him every chance. You did the right thing.

    Steven-I pray for you- After seeing that episode I truely understand how bad your disease is and it breaks my heart because I know you really want to live sober. Please Please don’t give up trying!! You messed up but you can try and try and then one day you will do it! I really widh I could give you a hug because I know you don’t want to be like that. My thoughts and prayers are with you-even though you don’t have any idea who I am—I care. And so do so many other viewers and especially your wife and people who really know you.

  62. Juanita says:


    I give you major props girl. I am 19 years sober and clean. I managed a recovery home with 12 women for over 2 years. You have waaaay more patience than I did. I made up a rule if you get loaded you have 40 minutes to get what you need for the night and leave. I feel your tears because we all know that we are one step away from the insanity. I got you back girl, Steven needs and inpatient recovery home with more structure. I will pray for his recovery. More so I pray for you to continue your service and keep you head up.
    Peace and blessings

  63. Ella says:

    It’s pretty hilarious to read the comments here. In today’s world, with insurance and the LACK thereof that most addicts have, the average stay in a treatment facility is 3 days. 21 days is the norm for those with lots of money or pull. Gone are the days where adults were given 6 months in a residential stay, etc. The places you see on “Intervention” etc are always halfway houses/sober living facilities except for the very first place they go to detox and get a foot in the door of sobriety. MANY of us have gotten and stayed clean coming from homelessness, IV heroin, methadone, cocaine etc addictions that rival Stephen Adler’s with much less treatment. It’s incredibly hard, but it’s very possible, once you’ve stopped using to continue to stay stopped one day at a time. Unless they are so wealthy as to hire bodyguards to protect them from themselves, they need to take some responsibility once the acute physical part is over. For comments to act like VH1 is using them, when in fact they are getting a free ride like most of us have never seen — when the average is SO much worse and most people PAY for their stays in treatment/sober living — is simply absurd. (Of course Jen did the right thing; that’s the way life is. OTOH, I would have hired someone with experience in the sober world and simply had Jen be a staff support person if they really need “celebrity” issues understood. There’s a theme in 12-step that NOBODY is that special or unique. I think that message should be first and foremost in these addict’s face.)

  64. Geri Murphy says:

    I think you are an amasing woman doing what you are doing in the sober living house. The Celeb rehab and the sober living house shows should be shown in all school and show them what drugs can really do to a person life, Now adays there are many young kids even gradeschool that are in drugs I am sure these days. Please stay strong always and take it one day at a time. I would love to talk to Dr. Drew about myself. Don’t anyone get you down you are a beautiful person and God Bless you.

  65. Lawrence Gensaw says:

    Sometimes it must seem as if you’ve been set up to fail, and with the cast of Sober House being choisen for drama and ratings, you’re doing one hell of a job! It’s easy to see trouble with the dude from Crazytown and the blonde porn chick, I’ve noticed they are the “cute ones” who instagate little things and are so quick with their phony innocent smiles. But no worries you did the right thing S. Adler needs the rock bottom before he can deal with his sickness or he is gonna die, it’s just that simple. Take care of your self and give back to the program, take it one day at a time, a good forth step now and again and it’s all good. Hugs

  66. Maverick says:

    Jennifer you are doing a great job, don’t get so down. You have just got to stay focused on what’s important and say @”#* the rest! You made the right decision by calling the police, you and everyone in the house were in danger. I’ve worked with addicts for the past 5 years, you have to keep your guard up at all times (your in the recovery process, just like myself). You did an awesome job standing your ground at the BBQ (I think every woman including myself gained some power from that)!! Try not to let things get the best of you. Thanks for giving back!!

  67. Lorraine says:

    I give you alot of credit for what you are doing. I kicked my son out of the house when he was an addict and it was the hardest thing I had ever done, BUT he went to rehab and he has been clean for 10 years. Also watch your back with Mary I know she is still recovering but that guy who is her boyfriend he was on another reality show (Jo & Slade) and even then I didn’t trust him.. Mary should watch out who she hangs with because they will not help her only hinder her recovery and sobriety. I pray every night for all of you believe it or not–you ALL have a person who thinks of you every night before I close my eyes. “There but for the grace of God”…….

  68. Keither says:

    Steven is the perfect example of why people shouldn’t do drugs. You did the right thing Jennifer.

  69. redbearwoman says:

    I don’t understand why Dr. Drew has not had the fellow arrested (or at least followed and arrested), who was at this episode’s nightclub between the two ladies. This was the same fellow who was in the room when the “Butterfly” singer guy called Dr. Drew to come pick him up at the motel – and they wouldn’t open the door. this is the same guy who had enough money to rent a helicopter to try to impress Jo on “Date my Ex”, so what is his means of earning a living except selling drugs to people with money. He absolutely was the one to whom everyone was going for crack, and now Steven made his connection at the club from him. I hate him for doing all this, and getting free TV time too! Please have

  70. redbearwoman says:

    Please arrest the man between the two women at the nightclub night out. He was in the locked room with the fellow who sang “Butterfly” at the motel when Dr. Drew went to pick him up – they wouldn’t let Dr. Drew in. He had money to rent a helicopter on “Date My Ex”, but Slade had a bad feeling about him, and kicked him out. He is a drug dealer and keeps showing up onTV in the most convenient places for addicts! Look at the old videos! Arrest him – he’s a snake!

  71. Brent says:

    Sorry Jennifer, but it is obvious that you are not secure enough in your own sobriety to be in charge of addicts. In my opinion the way you handled Adler was very unprofessional.

  72. Lauren says:

    As far as Adler, he is using in a “sober” house, how is it unprofessional that she called the cops?
    With the exception of him, it’s clear the others are there to get better, and they shouldn’t have to be exposed to drugs.

    Oh yeah, and Jennifer….what were you thinking throwing a bbq the second day in the house? You didn’t cap the amount of guests the residents could bring, and had no clue who half of them were. How do you know that they weren’t bringing in drugs????


    First of all Bill and Dr Bob are probably rolling in there grave the way you and this show are fooling around with recovery. Relapse is not a part of recovery. Relapse is what happens when your not done.

    When I went to sober living you had to be doing something getting a job going to a meeting you know something that had to do with recovery. You were to leave at 9am and stay gone til 5pm Monday thru Friday. You could stay out till 11pm on the weekday and 1am on the weekends. if you were late you had to be in at 11pm for the next weekend. If you were caught with drugs or whatever you were out! None of the B.S. that goes on in your so called sober house. Since you guys like using recovery lingo here’s one “you baby them you bury them”
    All there lives they have been surrounded by people who let them do whatever they want. Steven Adler should have been cut loose the first day. It’s obvious he has no desire to be sober. focus on the ones that are there who actually want to be sober. Do any of these people have sponsors? Do they go to meetings? Is anyone going thru the steps? The only one who has a sponsor is lefty and this fool goes out and scores crack with him and watches him smoke it what the f@$k! Then you dummies let this fool get on the roof and smoke crack. Mr Adler the heroine king do dope and then flop all over the house like a fish out of water. If he were at the sober living I was in he would have been put, out his stuff would be in boxes he would not be allowed in the house he would have to bounce. This show is a piss poor example of what recovery looks like. It’s called anonymous for a reason. The only positve thing about the show is thank God I’m not him.

  74. amber j says:

    Jen you did one of the hardest things a fellow addict could do by calling the cops. I live in an oxford house which is very similar to sober living but its women only. Its hard seeing people come and go. I think your giving back in a great way. I’m proud of you. Sobriety is not easy. You did a very courageous act.

    Sincerely Your Fellow Addict
    Amber J

  75. Rob says:

    It’s really simple. Read the rules of the house, burn them into everyones minds. Follow them. Enforce them. Kick people out who don’t want to follow them. If you are left with zero celebrities… so be it. Getting sober, and being given the opportunity to live in structured living is a gift; if some of these nit wits don’t want to be there, then kick ‘em loose and pray for them. Replace them with some non-celebrity county jailers that have 90 days and get it. It would make for better TV, and the remaining celebs might just learn how precious sobriety really is.

  76. Dana Leigh says:

    After watching this episode, I continue to question the reason behind Steven Adlers behavior and excuses for wanting to be sober, when it seems he doe not want to take any responsibility for his actions. What jeopardy he is causing all the others by his selfish actions. I am so angered at his reckless excuse and poor choice. I believe he is there only because of a court order and not because he truly wants help. He wants a hand out but not to do the work…..Shame on him for wasting everyones time. Why is he so special? He doesn’t deserve the air time….at all….

  77. Dana Leigh says:

    After watching this episode, I continue to question the reason behind Steven Adlers behavior and excuses for wanting to be sober, when it seems he does not want to take any responsibility for his actions. What jeopardy he is causing all the others by his selfish actions. I am so angered at his reckless excuses and poor choices. I believe he is there only because of a court order and not because he truly wants help. He wants a hand out but not to do the work…..Shame on him for wasting everyone’s time. Why is he so special? He doesn’t deserve the air time….at all….

  78. Cindy Saenz says:

    I’ve never seen this show til tonight. What kept me watching was what I saw in Steven. Dont know who he is, only that he was in a rock band. Some how I feel the need to reach out to him and talk to him. I honeslty feel that he needs someone humble and not in the public eye to bring him back to the real world. He is hurting and lonely. From what I saw he doesnt remember how to feel and trust anyone any more. Getting high is what makes him feel alive and makes it easier to accept what could have been. If I could somehow talk to him, I think I could help him if its even in a small way. I’m here for him 100%. I’m from the RGV,TX and as honest and simple as you can ever find. Hope to hear from him soon. I wish him all the strenght in the world. Be patient with him and give him hope.

  79. MeowMeow27 says:

    I fully understand what Jennifer did. She had to call the cops, and did so as a last resort too. I have been a heroin addict since I was 16 years old. I’ve had several years of sobriety during that time, and thankfully, I’m clean again now. If I had been a resident at that house, and went to take a shower in the morning, only to find heroin and foil, I surely would have relapsed. Maybe not immediately, but the wheels in my head would start turning, eventually leading to the inevitable. Its so hard to be clean sometimes, and to stumble upon drugs during a state of vulnerability – IN AN SLE(sober living environment) – would certainly be a trigger for anyone trying to do the program. Watching Steven just made me thankful for my life now. I hope I never end up that screwed up. He really looks torn up as well as acts like a moron when he’s high.. Jennifer, please don’t feel bad. You’re not unqualified, and you’re doing a great job! Keep it up!!

  80. catdaddymom says:

    I think that this show has a good purpose as an addict myself, I see some familiar behavior. I don’t think Steven should’ve been allowed to stay after the first episode. He should of been sent back to treatment. He has years of abuse and at the end of CRII, he admitted he wasn’t sure he was ready. So if he said that, I am sure he wasn’t. But the last place I would want to go if I was using is a Sober House, so I have to give him credit for showing up. Most addicts wouldn’t have. Jenn, keep your head up, I am sure we are not seeing the whole picture here. All we see is what is edited for tv. Talk about addiction, this show and blogs are addicting.

  81. JP says:

    I was scared for all of you in the Sober House when Steven was using, I would’ve kicked him out the first day!!!!
    This is a great show, my 12 year old watches it and asks me questions. Why is the biggest question I get, I try to answer it the best I can, yet I don’t know what being an addict is like, As a teenager I tried acid/mushrooms and pot, but I thankfully could walk away from it without any problems.
    Dr. Drew is very easy to watch!!;-)

  82. pat says:

    Steven Adler is an idiot he resents any help he get’s blames everyone and everything for his problems.He needs to get serious about his addiction Dr.drew and everyone else have bent over backwards to help him,Adler should get out of the house and let someone else take his spot that could benefit from it,and he should cut his hair and clean up,he skulks around the house like a gargoyle grow up Adler or get out and you owe Jennifer a huge apoloygy.

  83. Dede Georgen says:

    Jennifer – I thought you were amazing. Criticism on blogs is probably coming from users/abusers/addicts. Anyone on the other side, those of us who have had to deal with addicts and this kind of behavior (with family/friends)know this is how it goes. The hardest decision in the world is to get tough – and hold the line there. Bravo – to you, Will, Bob, the Crew, Dr Drew – and to the other residents too – for not using. Whew. It was a tough episode to watch, brings up all kinds of stuff for all of us. I had nightmares about it all night. But we all made it through. LOL. I hope everyone stays clean and sober, makes it, this time. Life offers so much – to everyone who ‘lives’ it. Thank you – all of you – Doing Great Job !

  84. kodiakman says:

    steven is in way to deep to be in a sober living house but what disturbs me is seth he thinks its a big joke by the way he acts and the way he talks about the drugs like its a game and a big joke the people in the house are trying to make right but these two morons only want tv time being sober is a full time job and these two drug addict premadonas need a ninety day treatment facility and locked up for 6 months they take there fame for granted grow up boys and that what they act like both your lives are like dirty diapers they need to be changed.For all the ones who are there for staying sober good luck

  85. barb says:

    if i would of been you i would of called the cops on steven the first day!!!!! he is rude and arrogant,

  86. krista says:


  87. Kelly says:

    I am surprised no one has really said anything about Stevens anger problem and his anger is usually directed at a woman. Remember how he acted with Shelly in rehab? I think he is abusive towards women and I thought he should have been out just by the way he was treating Jenn on the first day, and on drugs to boot. I would like to see one of the “professionals” on the show address this with him. He knows his smile wins people over but time to end that B.S.

  88. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t even know what to say at this moment because I just saw the last Sober House Episode and I can’t believe you had to go through that. I work as a substance abuse counselor at an inpatient hospital and I’m only just beginning my work in counseling. I have experienced pain and abuse from patients at the hospital and I wonder exactly what you did – why does this hurt so much? I have no clue because I wish it didn’t.
    You are strong, you are courageous, you are committed, and I couldn’t do anything like what you are doing at that house. Steven is obviously out of control and I hope he doesn’t return but even if Steven wasn’t in the picture at all, you have an extraordinary challenge ahead of you. I hope when you rest your head on the pillow at night you know that you are doing something so good and important that not many people could do.
    I don’t want to ramble, just hope you get this message and know that there is someone out there who admires you deeply. I hope you survive girl. Try to take care of yourself because you know that’s the most important for you and your sobriety.

  89. userillusions says:

    I think Jennifer is horrible! She is strict and thats fine but come on why is she like “this is all about me, im not even family, why does this hurt so much?” Please she was against Steven from the 1st day!!! She is a HUGE B****

  90. origaugirl says:

    oh my goodness Jenn, I thought you were great and extremely patient. When I watched episode 2 I looked over at my husband and said, I would kill that idiot. I really loved him when he was sober on the last show, but I COULD NOT have withstood that kind of idiocy and abuse. My husband replied that only ex-addicts can ever understand it and that is why they work with addiction. That you know it’s just the drugs, not the person. He was saying that any normal person who’d never been around that kind of behavior would just lose it with them and I totally agree. I love Steven and Seth in lots of ways, but they need sooooooo much help that I just don’t know how it will get better.

    Good luck Jenn, you and dr. drew are doing us all a service letting us look into this world and see the consequences. My teenager watches with her dad and I and is amazed.

  91. kodiakman says:

    this is about dr drew yes you are doing a great thing after all it is about TV you knew seth and steve was not even close to be in a sober living house you should be ashamed to even let these two out of rehab this show is about getting the celebs real help but steve and seth where not ready that is your responsability for there health you should of never let them out and for the house mother she dont need these two morons dropped on her lap dr drew you dropped the ball on these two but after all it is TV reality tv is all about the ones that fail and you let them fail its your job to get them sober so do your job for them not TV.

  92. ryan m robbins says:

    if you want ratings, you got em. dr. you have lost your mind bringing ADLER into a controlled environment, and not controlling the environment, you may well have castrated him.

  93. Kimberly Smith says:

    You did and are doing exactly the right thing. Period. He’ll manipulate and use anyone or anything he can, while in his using state of mind. Addicts know this all too well. He’ll deny, dodge, threaten, act hurt, act stupid, act smart, whatever it takes to throw the heat off himself at the time. And we all know there’s NO reasoning with a high or drunk person. I hope you get him out of the house and let him ‘sober up’ to live in a SOBER HOUSE. It’s NOT CALLED a “USING HOUSE”. He has had his second chance. Now it’s obviously time to move on to other more appropriate treatment for Steven. Go Jennifer – DONT BACK DOWN. You KNOW you are right. Kudos, girl!

  94. Wendi says:

    O.K.!!! I can not believe the amount of people out there that actual think that Jennifer did the right thing. I think she loved calling the cops, she knew that Steve was agitated by her presence and she just kept pushing and pushing his buttons. She is an addict herself and addicts love drama, and yes I am speaking from experience. She does not have the personality or the experience to do this type of job. I feel she handled the entire situation unprofessionaly and from a self serving place. If she would have let the other guy do his job,it never would have got that out of hand. She will be the catalyst that fuels future negative events in that house.

  95. Sean says:

    I just wanted to sent a short blog and tell you how much I admire and respect you. I was an opiate addict for several years and am now clean for 3 years. this world is a much better place thanks to people like you. Any one that has not been an addict can’t even dare to try to give ther supposed advice on what they would or should do. I think you have the TOUGHEST job in the world right now. One jerk blogged in and could not understand why you were so upset just because you weren’t family, in Stevens case. This person has no idea the emotional baggage that being an addict comes with and that you can emphathize with anyone in that familiar situation and it hurts. And by the way when Steven called you a fat *****. That is obviously the opinion of someone stoned & high. I saw you in the movie “Blow”, and at the time I was an addict and thought you were very “hot”. Now I am clean and think you are ten times as hot , both on the outside as well as the inside. you are the true definition of a “Beautiful Woman”

  96. whytemd16 says:


    You are so right on track, you know exactly what your heart says, i too am an addict for years to opiates (1yr sober) stay strong and protect the other clients great move getting steven out of there, very selfish of him then again that’s what us addicts are selfish and cunning.

  97. Sandra says:

    What a shame these people say these things… When I lived in a recovery house I had to find a job, go to meetings and then had curfew. None of this using stuff. If you got caught using you were given 7 minutes to pack your stuff and be gone. This program scares me because you are not showing recovery or anything else. I am really really scared that people will see this program and think “ghee I can still use and go to a reocovery house and get folks off my back” PLEASE START TAKING RECOVERY SERIOUS…

  98. Jennifer says:

    I’m not saying it was wrong for Jennifer to call the cops. I kind of think calling an ambulance would have been more beneficial though. Steven is such a likeable guy when he is sober but he is a real (&`@+@+*@@$~`~% when he uses. I have to agree with his opinion of Jennifer though. There is something about her that I just don’t like. Her tears and concern for Steven after she called the cops seemed fake to me.

  99. eddielee says:

    I think Jennifer is a very BEAUTIFUL WOAMN .A is dose a good job running the sober house. keep up the good work BEAUTIFUL

  100. loli says:

    Honestly, I don’t see how Jennifer can be vilified. She did the right thing from the get-go, and in fact, was correct in her FIRST inclination to let Steven go on violation #1. I don’t know what Dr. Drew was thinking when he ignored her suggestion as Steven was clearly not ready or willing. Steven is in fact, a danger to those who are more sincere and accountable in their quest to be sober. Shifty, at least, is more self aware than Steven, but is also not willing or ready.

    Steven is a big baby, frankly. We all have sh*t to deal with and at some point, you have to reconcile your past and accept responsibility for the here and now. I don’t want to hear his whiny ^)&$&_@_&~%++@* about his mommy when he is so abusive to women, such as Shelly and Jennifer. Man up.

    I also can’t understand why people, including Dr. Drew, enable his brattiness and abusiveness.

    I really see Dr. Drew as an enabler.

  101. B-MAC says:

    I have been battling an opioid addiction for the past four years and am currently in treatment. I truly enjoy watching both “Celebrity Rehab” and now, “Sober House.”
    There’s no doubt that Jennifer made the right decision with Steven Adler, but I was really disappointed in both Amber Smith and Nicky’s comments. First of all, Steven was more out of control than any addict I have ever seen (and I’ve seen, and been out of control).
    It illustrated to me that these two are still behind when it comes to addiction and accountability. Steven was given several chances to stay in the house, which he abused. Then, he was offered a choice between Los Colinas and being arrested, and he chose the latter.
    The point these former celebrities are missing (not Rodney) is that they are breaking the law and a “Sober House” can only be safe when it is devoid of drugs. Steven showed up with heroin, continued to take heroin, and was a danger to himself and everyone else in the house. I truly hope that Amber and Nicki have learned enough to realize that they are not victims, and until we all say to ourselves, “I have a problem, and it’s nobody’s fault but mine”, we will continue to justify our addiction.
    The behavior I exhibited, as a vicodin addict, was wrong, and I am finally starting to realize the only way to sobriety is determination and 100% accountability.

  102. Rosa says:

    Jen, You did great. You did the right thing for all parties concerned. I am worried about you because you are young in sobriety. I am a recovering alcoholic and pill addict. I can relate to everything that is happening. I will celebrate my first sober bday in about a week.
    I believe I have a CD of your friend Teresa and I LOVE HER. It was the way she said “let’s try and get through this with some grace and integrity”. Her story is such an inspiration and has made such an inpact on me as well as my 17 year old son. It’s my hope to meet her. I would love to hear her story in person.
    Keep up the GREAT work. One day at a time. Love ya.

  103. Eggy Quarter says:

    Anyone who wears balloon pants should be arrested…you go girl.

  104. DJ says:

    I really want to say the show is a great outlet for an alanon alum. There are times when I really want to yell at you all to throw out program. I love in this episode that you read some good book stuff.

    I have been as Drew says one of the inappropriate people that addicts attract to. I am on the other side of the disease in that the old boyfriend was watched and monitored by me … no wonder he drank! There was always that horrible fear of “the worst”. Nobody really knows what the worst is. Steven going to jail is NOT the worst! Steven destroying his life and those that love him is not the worst. The day after the WORST is not even the worst. It is an addict thing – on both sides – you just keep waiting and fearing it!

    Some of the stuff that helped me grow saner is that rules make life soooooo much easier! You don’t have to keep inventing the wheel.

    Watching this show is so full of flashbacks and in an odd way, insights into my life then and now. I still deal with people that I love that have addictive personalities, may not be active addicts but still have that brain. Watching Steven turn into the blamer, paranoid, acting out side of the addiction (frankly that FIRST shot in the car in episode one… we all knew he was using…..) it was like predictable. Like, there is no plot. I could almost write it.

    But the good news it that each of the participants is a great person. That one by one they hopefully can see that what they did got them where they are. It is when they can actually see where they are, the can see where they have really been, and what the real hope is.

    Last. Rodney. I am so in love with that man’s spirit. There is something that most lovers of addicts will tell you. There is something amazing about addicts. I heard a speaker say there was a god shaped hole that you try to fill with everything but god. There is a glow in Rodney that I see as a gentle place with a giant apartment ready for him! I mean there is something that just has me praying for him. He makes my soul feel good in every episode. His gentle presence, his understanding of the demons and the committment.

    Like I said, the show is good therapy for me. It keeps me from going out and trying to fix everyone else!!


  105. Julie says:

    I really enjoy watching the show and can relate to all episodes. I’ve been in program years, relapsed awhile ago finally have fews years sober, stable and working my program. I watch to listen to Dr. Drews feedback. For the first time I disagree with Jennifer calling the police on Steve. Prehaps a family member or friend would have been a better route. I Also believe that someone more appriate show be running the house, first thing Jennifer said on the phone to the police, Steve has heroin on him, come get him out of house vs. need to escort someone into hospital. Show sends a poor message on seaking help, or trust in getting help. In my early 20′s I entered many rehabs. I am educated and extremely athletic. I am grateful that rehab, thearpy, AA meetings have all helped me today aquire peace of mind and happiness. Please think about a backup plan when this happends again. Also, discuss with clients when they enter program so they understand options. Jennifer did infact give Steve options when he was high, decision making is poor at this time.

    Thank you,


  106. NITA says:


  107. Ash says:

    I literally cried and felt to sick to my stomach watching Steven go through that. After watching the show for awhile you begin to feel as if you know these people. It broke my heart to see Steven like that and it made me wonder why anyone would want to do that to themselves. Watching the way it made Steven act I can’t possibly imagine he felt good. Every single one of these people are so amazing and it’s sad to see the path of life drugs lead them down I pray they all get better. And stay strong in there sobriety.

  108. Thomas Condon, MA says:

    I watched as Steven Adler apologized to Jen for his outrageous behavior. If you watched his body language during the apology, he put his hand to his mouth IMMEDIATELY after his apology which showed he didn’t really mean it. It was if he erased the apology by wiping his words off his face.

    I, for one, do not believe Adler is ready for Sober Living. He needs to be put back a step and prove PROVE once and for all that he can go TWO DAYS without getting high again and bringing out his animalistic behavior.

    This man is still stuck in his adolescent stage. He needs help all right…but not in the Sober House.

  109. Christina says:


    Thank you for doing what you do. I have a lot of addicts in my family that don’t think they have a problem or don’t care. What you do DOES make a difference I don’t care what other people say. And congrats on your own sobriety. And the one American Idol girl saying that she didn’t want to stay somewhere where she could have the cops called on her for being high or drunk..that’s rediculous. If she wants to be somewhere where there aren’t an consequences for their behavior she shouldn’t be there in a place where you enforce the rules! Keep strong Jen, they NEED those rules in order to get sober and teach them that there are different ways to live as a sober person.

  110. chris k says:

    Death by overdose. That is what’s next for Shifty.

  111. CINDY douthit says:

    dr drew ,im seth wife cousin cindy fair, i need to know is seth dead or what please write me back please.

  112. Nikki says:

    Jen, what you did with Steven was so SPOT ON! You actually saved him from killing himself, so be proud girl and hold your head up high!! I couldnt find a blog for Nikki from American Idol, so please let her read this. Nikki I can appreciate the loss of your mother, but its time to move on ( hear me out ) I have recently lost my baby brother ( Rodney Paiz ) my older sister ( Rosie Paiz ) and my husband ( Paul Shilling ) both my parents are in bad shape and will go soon as well. I’m going to share with you what keeps me going and it should you as well, I dont use the word DIE OR DEAD, I use the word REBORN INTO THE KINGDOM OF OUR LORD! When the days come around of thier…. your word….so called death…….I remember it as being reborn. Yes they are absent in this world for us, but only becuz the Lord needed them, so he called them home, so think of how happy your mother is now in heaven. When you hold onto her as you have, it makes her sad, so for her sake please let her go to fully be with the Lord, so she can rest in PEACE! All my Love to you, please do as I ask you will feel alot better, God Bless, Sincerely: Nikki:) P.S. Yes we have the same name, makes ya wonder huh! Proud of your soberity, stay there girl, life is what you make it, and you deserve the GOOD! Think of drinking like as if it were a snake, when it bites you it KILLS.

  113. Opioid says:

    AS an opiate addict for 13 yrs roughly, I enjoyed watching both series of Celeb Rehab. I must say that watching Sober House was a little uncomfotable. Firstly Steven shouldn’t have been allowed ‘one’ stuff up’ without a procedure of punishment. Letting him off the first day led to him getting in trouble the second time. Steven should never have been arrested – kicked out – YES, not arrested. It should have been nipped in the bud earlier. I’m not fully recovered and have detox/rehab lined up and watching Sober House is a little concerning, because you’re obviously going to have people in treatment who are at different levels with where they’re at. If there wasn’t a TV show to be made I doubt it would’ve got to that stage. Letting Steven off, the first day, allows the boundaries to be skewed so you then have Shifty rockin’ up late afew day later and from that moment the chances of the patients doing well was always going to be in jeopardy. Having said that, I love the fact the show even exists, hopefully de-stigmatizing addiction and finding some answers and results. I’m nervous but feel I’m 90% there myself, but feel that last 10% is going to be very difficult. Anyway top show. Good luck to everyone involved.