Confessions of a Teen Idol – Episode 4 Recap – The Kids are Alright


This week, our faded idols confronted the paparazzi, and put on a show that reminded them what being a performer is truly about.

Chris wasn’t here for this episode, he took off to his sister’s wedding. “Lucky!” says David.

Eric continued to enlighten (and gross out) his housemates. Proving that he’s totally out there, he reveals the secret ingredient to having shiny, touchable hair.

PEE! His own!

When you find yourself washing with your own waste, u-rine big trouble. Know what I mean?

Eric has other health secrets to tell Jeremy, but says they’re not for everybody (!).

He assures Jeremy they have nothing to do with poop. Seems pee is okay, but poop is a universal no-no.

Because these stars are just like us, they decide to Google themselves. With David at the online helm, they start with Jeremy, whose search turns up a result for a sex tape!

David wants to know why Jeremy would do such a thing, given the possibility it could end up on the Internet. It’s revealed that David is the only guy in the house who has never videotaped himself having sex. Jeremy ends up schooling the guys on the power of the Internet to brand yourself and stay relevant. They all gather around and take a look at his MySpace page, which has over a million views.

The first call sheet arrives. They’ll be taken to Robertson and 3rd Streets, a high-end shopping district well-known for being swarmed with paparazzi. Adrian seems to dread this challenge. He says he wants to get back to high-vis work, but doesn’t understand why people need to know about his personal life.

They arrive, and Jeremy runs the gauntlet. He’s hungry for recognition, and the paparazzi gather around him right away. The encounter is tense and uncomfortable. One cameraman is out for blood.

The pap bugs Jeremy about his substance abuse and if he plans on relapsing. Not cool, considering that a relapse could be a life or death situation for some addicts.

David heads down paparazzi line and has a stroke of luck. A Japanese family recognizes him from “Beyond the Break,” a recent show he’s worked on.

He considers that a jab at the paparazzi, proving that he hasn’t disappeared from the airwaves.

Jamie attracts some recognition from the paps but doesn’t do much to engage them. After he is gone, they remark that “he looks tore up.” He reiterates his distaste for this aspect of show biz, and the experience reaffirms his decision to leave it completely.

Bill, once again, proves that he is a natural player.

He walks up to a group of photographers and asks them to take his picture. They seem to respond well, and snap a few shots.

Eric decides to use his walk down paparazzi alley to raise awareness of child starvation around the world.

He attracts a good deal of attention, walking around with a hand-scrawled sign and asking for spare change. He poses for a photo with a passing toddler. Why a small child is playing in front of the Chanel store on Robertson, is unclear, but it makes for a sweet photo op.

Adrian’s turn becomes a walk of shame when he fails to be recognized by a single photographer.

He takes this as a sign that he no longer belongs in Hollywood. This event also plants the seed of doubt in his mind as to whether he should stay on the show at all.

Back at the house, Jeremy is deflated by the whole experience. David voices serious concern about Jeremy’s ability to deal with the tribulations of an entertainment career. Jeremy lies around depressed, wearing one of the biggest watches I’ve ever seen.

Adrian decides to go visit his friend Marissa and talk about his paparazzi experience. She encourages him to stick it out and not let negative experiences get to him. Then, Adrian lets it drop that he’s thinking of leaving the show. Think he actually will?

Later, Eric works on the computer with urine-soaked hair.

He is sharing the benefits of pee therapy with his house mates.

Apparently many ancient cultures used it to cure diseases and improve the skin. Eric won’t reveal whether he drinks it or not, but who cares! Isn’t it enough that he rinses in it daily??

Next, they get called to a therapy session with Cooper, who shows them a tape of interviews with the paparazzi from Roberston and 3rd Streets.

The guys find out that of the five idols who had their photos taken the day before, four of them had pictures sold to Us Weekly. Great news! However, Us has committed to running just one of the photos — the one of Eric with his sign that says “So is Eric Nies now homeless?” Eric still has that MTV hipness about him, and it’s obvious that he’s good at getting noticed – no script required.

Scott comes by the house to check on the guys. Adrian is laid out on the couch despondent, and he and Scott step out to have a private chat about his anxiety regarding the show. Luckily, his perspective is about to change.

Jason comes by to tell them about their next challenge. They’re entertaining a group of under-privileged kids the next day. Jamie is on the phone right away, asking his wife to come over with their four little ones.

He’s missed them a lot.

The idols gather around and brainstorm the characters they’ll create for a children’s variety show. Kids are a tough crowd, and a couple of the guys are actually nervous. But it turns out to be a huge success! Eric powers a light bulb with coconut juice, Jeremy does an anti-drug rap, and Adrian does some awesome physical comedy.

These guys are genuinely talented; it’s impressive. The kids love the show.

But it’s a good thing no one told them about Eric washing with pee. That’s the kind of personal activity that can get the crap kicked out of you on the playground.

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  1. WyldWoods says:

    I just wanted to let Adrian Zmed know that Paris Hilton uses the paparazzi and she has no talent and nothing enlightening to give to the people, you are a talented individual and you do give something back to the public. I think you should try to turn the paparazzi to his advantage.


  2. mustang sally says:

    Adrian….you are the most grounded person. I admire your compassion, integrity, and the way you come across to the world. You are truly a STAR. Stay true to youeself and your convictions.

  3. Deborah Norwood says:

    Adrian: I mee you some years back, I loved your work then. And want to tell you, that you aged very well, that woman that had something bad to say about you looked to be in her 50′s and you sure aged better than she did.
    when I meet you you were a strong man then and you are still that strong man. Do not let people make you weak, because as a medical teacher I told all my students that I had meet you in person, I was so proud, and your kids when you came into the doctors offie in the late 80′ are early 90′s in Santa Monica
    Just to let you know your come back is for me also, so please fight do what ever you have to, because if you get this e-mail I would love to see you again in person.

  4. Deborah Norwood says:



  5. Jen says:

    Adrian, I just wanted to let you know that you do have lots of fans,when the show aired, I started watching too see you. You have lots of talent & are the best person that the show. I watched you for years & I am glad you’re back. You are a STAR. Also lets not forget that you are a fine looking MAN and very talented, keep it going……

  6. r8derbaby says:

    This is THE best celebreality show yet!!!! I will watch anything that Chris Atkins does… fact they ALL look really good STILL!!! I have something to look forward too every Sunday nite, other than watching Steven Adler (Of Sober House) doing the Heroin walk, geeeez what a freak!!!!makes me glad to be a simple girl up here in Oregon.

  7. Doug Ricker says:

    The producers manipulate the show so much it is obviouse.
    On Zemeds melt down you could see over Scotts shoulder in the production room written on the board ” Adrian walks “. This is badly done & insults the audiance if there is one for this child like production.
    This is what Baio has succumed too?? Anything for the money Scotty. Low class to no class what difference does it make at this point.

  8. Chad Browning says:

    Unlike the other stars on the show you have got to be the best to watch. You are REAL. I mean you are not exploiting a former character, you are who you are and that draws people in. I can see the other stars on the show possibly going on to TV shows and such but you should look into another reality show. Something like Scott has done but with your own spin. All your health habbits are worthy to get you on with the Food Network or a fitness/nutrition show. I have limited time to watch TV, as do most American’s. Honestly, I only allot myself a handful of things to watch, time permitting. Coming from a married dude with two kids, I would take the time to watch a show you are on. Keep up the great work and good luck in your future.

  9. Adrienne Parker says:

    This is a bit delayed however, I had to let ALL 7 of you know that so many of the viewers (including myself and friends) completely disagreed with the female panel rating on you. I hope one of you reads this and lets the rest of the cast know. Those women were extremely hard on Adrian, Jeremy and Bill! None of you deserved the classless remarks that they made! All of you were and are great actors with full potential to get what you want out of life. Everyone changes from a “teen expected look” especially an actor with a set wardrobe and appearance requirement. In my opinion, you have all aged gracefully and will be remembered as part of my childhood TV/Movie/Music fond memories and now my adulthood. Thank you for sharing your life and trials with your beloved viewers!

  10. Rose22 says:

    I love these guys!!! I wish they could all make the come back, I for one would love to see any of them in a movie, chick flick,drama, mystery, anything. I commend all of you for everything you have done with your lives and are still going strong. I know who all of you are and have enjoyed your shows and movies. And I thank you for them! Keep you heads up high, I watch the show every week, it’s great!!!

  11. Anna says:

    If I e-mail Eric, will he e-mail me back?

  12. alejandra says:

    i really enjoyed the episode of the kids area allright,specially when all of you guys were performing for the children,that was amazing,adrian laugh was contegious,and defenetly my favorite was jeremy your rap giving such a good message about don’t do drugs,well that to me shows that you care about your fans and performing is not all about fame,i admire your determination to fight for the things you want and don’t stop until you get it,you are really strong and it seems that sometimes your past experiences make you feel like you desapointed your family,but no parent expects a 10 or 12 year old to deal with fame like an adult,we all know it that age we are the most confuse and start getting or individuality and independency and start trying to find out on really slow pace who we are,and to tell you all of you guys something,the kind of pressure and fame here is the biggest in the world,i lived in europe for eight years and the actors and movie stars there,they don’t come even close with the kind of pressure you guys have,your faces are known all over the world and if some people don’t know who you are anymore believe there is pleny of people all over the world that really do….i wish all of you to get what you want out of this show…..much love from a true fan

  13. Anna says:

    These guys are awesome! ! ! Hot and Sexy! ! I Love to see all of these guys on TV again except Eric, I have no idea who he is! Billy, YOU ARE SO FINE! ! ! Jeremy you grew up to be even hotter than before! ! !

  14. Anna33 says:

    Adrian, Don’t give up! We all love watching you! You are AWESOME! ! I am so happy you guys are doing this show, we all missed seeing our favorite guys….Adrian, Jeremy, Chris, Billy and Jamie. Don’t know who Eric is??????

  15. littlemissmae says:

    These guys are all awesome, and can I say all still in fabulous shape!! And I know Adrian was upset, but in my opinion, he should look at the positive. Not only look at the fact that he wasn’t recognized, but at least he wasn’t bombarded with negativity either. And of course I loved the kids’ show. Eric cracked me up, just got up and started doing flips to Jeremy’s song. :) Loved it.

  16. Himee says:

    Adrian!! I was so sad when you considered leaving the show! But am now happy as a “Heyenna” that you stayed! I also admire the fact that you are staying true to youself and not “selling out” to the man!

    I remember when I first saw the comercial for the show. I didn’t recognise any of the other actors, but when I saw you a freeked! And immediately burst into songs from Greese 2!!

    I wish you the best be it in the Hollywood eye or on ship!
    Don’t give up! WE LOVE YOU!!

  17. MariaB says:

    Adrian!! You are my favorite!!
    Keep up your hard work!! You will go far I just know it!!
    We are all rooting for you in the family!

  18. MariaB says:

    Plus: those paparazzi don’t know anything!!
    you are soo recognizable!!
    i’m 23 and I know who you are!
    Keep on keeping on