Confessions of a Teen Idol Sneak Peek Episode 5


Find out what past issues get come to the surface at this week’s open call in this preview of episode 5.

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  1. Maloree McDonough says:

    I don’t really watch reality tv, but I absolutely love this show. I am whole heartedly rooting for the success of each one of these guys. In every episode they prove to be genuinely decent guys and the respect and support they show each other is inspiring. My friends and I will be dedicated fans when, not if, these men reach their desired fame.

  2. jolyrocksok says:

    I liked Adrian ever since “Grease II” and “Bachelor Party”…He still looks good, and I’d bet he could do a good job in a tv series… maybe a comedy one– I’d certainly watch it!!

  3. Jackie Sandoval says:

    All of these men are gorgeous and amazing. The memory of Adrian that stands out the most in my mind is being at the top a Grease pile in the bowling alley with arms stretched upwards – what incredible arms! The coconut man is just sexy to me, indescribable! I love this show. For the record, I usually hate reality T.V. and Scott I have been a fan of his for a countless number of years, I also met him in Antigua (where I am from), what a genuinely nice guy, not to mention hot!!

  4. Michelle Figueroa says:

    Love this show! The guys are so sincere and MATURE! There’s no crazy drama, no excessice drinking and overt sex scenes…GOOD SHOW! Scott Baio hit it on the head! It’s about time the madness stopped. I think all these guys are worthy of a hollywood career..they’re good looking and good hearted! Good luck to all!

  5. aimee salzmann says:

    I’m a huge fan of the show and these men. A few of them I didn’t know them when the show started but have become fans since watching and others I’ve been a fan since they first came on the scene. I hope to see them all succeede and they can count on me to continue to support them!
    Thanks Scott and Jason for bringing this show and these guys into the limeligh!

  6. Cecilia Moreira says:

    I love your show. It’s so nice to see all of these men trying to get back to what they had. All of the guys seem to be mature,caring,loving,respectful,decent human beings. Plus Sexy and Hot! We need to see more honest and feel good karma shows. I’m glad it’s not a trashy, fould mouth reality show.
    Scott and Jason…good show.

    Wishing ONLY the best to Adrian, Christopher,Eric, Jeremy, Jamie, David.

  7. Shazam says:

    I think that Jamie Walters is an exceptionally talented artist. I believe that he can be just as popular as Justin Timberlake… In fact, I think his voice is even better than Justin’s!

  8. Tammy Fortune says:

    I have LOVED watching this show! Everyone seems sincere in wanting to learn & grateful for the possibilities that come out of this. Every single one of you deserve to be back in the “Spotlight” in my opinion because you’re all so talented in different ways! Hey Jamie!! I’ve really enjoyed watching you especially. Your voice is better than ever & I want to hear that last song on the radio. You are so humble & it was an honor to sing with you!!! Good luck to you and send love to your family. Peace & Prosperity to everyone of YOU!!!!