Hey Metalheads, We Need Your Help!



VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show is looking for a very pretty lady to be the program’s “Box of Junk” girl. She will be featured in each episode, holding the trivia-prize box during the show’s “Stump the Trunk” segment (check the above clip for our host Eddie Trunk‘s rock trivia skills). It’s like being a Deal or No Deal girl, but with a lot more metal!

Of course we’re looking for someone who’s smoking hot, comfortable in front of the camera, and most importantly, looks good holding handing out weird prizes. Pick up a box and run to a mirror. Do you look good? Then you’re in the running. The auditions take place in New York on February 2 at 345 Hudson Street, 2nd floor. They start at 12 noon. Bring valid photo ID – Head shots and resume too, if you have them. Definitely bring your arms, because we’ll be seeing how good you look holding a box of junk. Contact Mike@GothamCasting.com. See you there.


NYC-based fans of That Metal Show are encouraged to participate in “Eddie Trunk Day,” Saturday, February 7th, @ the Vintage Vinyl in Fords NJ. Our hero will be there signing autographs and handing out a bunch of giveaways.

Watch a full episode of That Metal Show featuring AC/DC.

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