Hey Metalheads, We Need Your Help!



VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show is looking for a very pretty lady to be the program’s “Box of Junk” girl. She will be featured in each episode, holding the trivia-prize box during the show’s “Stump the Trunk” segment (check the above clip for our host Eddie Trunk‘s rock trivia skills). It’s like being a Deal or No Deal girl, but with a lot more metal!

Of course we’re looking for someone who’s smoking hot, comfortable in front of the camera, and most importantly, looks good holding handing out weird prizes. Pick up a box and run to a mirror. Do you look good? Then you’re in the running. The auditions take place in New York on February 2 at 345 Hudson Street, 2nd floor. They start at 12 noon. Bring valid photo ID – Head shots and resume too, if you have them. Definitely bring your arms, because we’ll be seeing how good you look holding a box of junk. Contact Mike@GothamCasting.com. See you there.


NYC-based fans of That Metal Show are encouraged to participate in “Eddie Trunk Day,” Saturday, February 7th, @ the Vintage Vinyl in Fords NJ. Our hero will be there signing autographs and handing out a bunch of giveaways.

Watch a full episode of That Metal Show featuring AC/DC.

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  1. Michaela (girl yeah) says:


  2. Lia says:

    WOw Can’t see any help hur! 2 bad….:(

  3. lenny b says:

    what happend to leatherwolf & banshee?

  4. crooks says:

    eddie way to go on your rant about the rock n roll hall of shame. the fact it took them ten years to nominate them is a joke,but to deny them getting in.that fn place should be toppled and set on fire.it has lost all credability,and meaning .twelve years ago i went and could only imagine that in afew years kiss would grace there hall,well needless to say this didnt happen.you hit it right on the head when you said kiss should tell the hall to go f its self.deny kiss,has the appocolyps happenedor am i having a bad dream.eddie thanks for keeping rock and heavy metal alive,im 41 and to say kiss had a influence on my life would be a great understatement.long live metal…………

  5. mike says:

    could you see if doro from warlock would like to be on the show

  6. Ryan says:

    Ummm….I thought you already had a Mox Of Junk girl?

  7. Omar says:

    Eddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Please VH1!!! Im from Mexico, im writing to beg you that in that metal show please invite IRON MAIDEN!!! they are so awsome they deserve to be on an episoide, please!!!!!!!!! and also, amde an episoide of iron maiden on behin the music or a documental or biography of Iron Maiden in Vhi1 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Up the Maidens
    IRON MAIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dave Aaron says:

    Can somebody from the show please explain why Geddy Lee wasn’t mentioned or listed in the top 5 hard rock/heavy metal bass players? Big faux pas, guys. Rudy Sarzo is still blushing.

  9. Dave in North Dakota says:

    You should have your top 5 be. Best metal instrumental. I love Micheal Schenker Into the Arena or Maidens Losfer Words. By the way what ever happened to Starz. They had some great rockin songs back in the day.