Deelishis Cheated Death!


Has Deelishis got a story for you! In the video above, the Flavor of Love 2 “winner” spins some harrowing yarn for Sister 2 Sister H.E.I.C. (Head Editrix In Charge), Jamie Foster Brown: a claim that someone attempted to murder her by poison at a hotel last year! She survived thanks to a rapid succession of events that started with ordering room service and ended with a confrontation with the woman who tried to exterminate her. Spoiler: she did it out of insecurity stemming from Deelishis’ beauty and success! This is Deelishis’ call to end what she deems “hate-on-hate crime.” Please think of Deelishis next time you’re considering reaching for that cyanide. [S2S TV via Bourgy]

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  1. kaybee says:

    omfg it so crazy out here now a days iam a fan of deelishis but i wouldnt poison her!!!just remeber too watch your back!!!

  2. WEED outda BS says:

    She’s full of it. Plain and Simple. She hated on New York. She tried to “kill” her on the reunion show..did anyone see it?? She hated on NY when she first came back in the house…bc of what?? bc of HER insecurities…Honey sweety…you got a big behind..but that’s about it..lets not get over the top or twisted. Your weave is shiny, your strectchmarks are evident and that hairy mole ( let’s hope you took care of that since FOL) has got to go. Oh, and let us not foget that you are a facade with all that painted on makeup…I remember how you looked on the “after morning” with that army hat on…a hot mess!! so lets not get it twisted.

  3. tokyo says:

    lies lies lies the story is soo fake.

  4. tokyo says:

    %!&$#%&~)$~$~&!!_ stop lying and be for real if you knew someone was trying to poison you would not sit down with them and have a heart to heart come on london baby im not buying the story.

  5. samantha says:

    I can believe this.I really like deelishes and if I did’nt like someone It’s no reason to want to still see them poison.talking to this female was a good idea it’s call being mature people,and you can touch base with them to understand why would they hate you or anyone that much to take a life.It can also be a wake up call for deelishes or just someone else.

  6. khadijah says:

    wow why!

  7. black barbie says:

    thats not even right these hos iz file but d came through go head big butt

  8. black barbie says:

    hater vision 101 `~)*&!!*$%_^!%*!* ez think they hot they not you came through big butt

  9. Cocola30 says:

    I can relate to what she said because I have experience situations that people don’t like me and I never did anything to them. I’m a very polite and cool person, one day someone starting hating me and I didn’t know what for but come to find out that someone was comparing us(men at my job) and they said that I was sexier than her and from then she coped attitude with me…..I’m just glad she did try and kill, Damn Dee!!!!

  10. Erica says:

    You’re kidding me, right? You don’t AX someone a question, you ASK!

  11. GetALife27 says:

    Weed outda BS, why would anyone hate on New York? She was not hating on New York. The only reason why they were about to fight on the reunion show was because New York was talking about Deelishis’s mother. You got the nerve to talk about Deelishis’s weave; her hair looks a thousand times better than New York. New York doesn’t look attractive with her make-up on or off. So I think Deelishis is a beautiful woman and she doesn’t need to hate on New York or anyone else. If New York was so secure about herself, she wouldn’t have to talk about other females so much. If you know you are nice looking, you don’t have to put anyone else down.

  12. Destinee says:

    well next time she should take da time 2 look at her food.

  13. Too Bad it didn't Work says:

    Stop! I’m holding my stomach from laughter and my mouth from throwing up!!!

    Deelishis – beauty and success????!!

    a woman didn’t try to kill her, it was – Spoiler Alert-

    Flava Flav!! (Because they both are ugly!!)

  14. trash talk says:

    she bull sh**en..yeah right..i couldve of sworn she said she was not on flavor of love for fame or anything like that..but after she stood up flav she did her own song she did pictures and so on.. wow shes full of it just like the rest of the girls who was on flav and now the in fame..

  15. realchance says:

    Deelishis, b*tch get a life and a real job.

  16. ummyeahno says:

    Okay, seriously? Beauty and success? I always thought this %^$`(+^+@##`%#_@_ was a hag, and had these nasty scars all over the place and needed to go out and get some excercise or something… but she’s too much. And on top of that… she tries and talks to formally, using nicely structured sentences, etc., etc., but then scattered throughout she keeps saying ‘axe’. ASK!!!! ASK!!!!




  17. nita says:

    I think that all of you all who are writing negative comments need to shut da F%&$ UP and find something better to do. I completely understand what she is saying. And I agree, she does have beauty, success, and brains. Yall really are hating on a different level from the young lady that attempted to kill. Dee has inspired me to get my shape back and get back healthy from being ill. Thanks Dee. So far I have lost 30 lbs, I have to get by booty like that and get out and finish my degree and model one day. I think that you are modeling your beauty and that you are not like others, modeling beauty as well as sleeping around. You have a beautiful family, I saw the pictures on myspace. Good luck to you all and stay together, you all can make it pass the industry and these crazy people with all this negative stuff. Keep doing what you doing. It really has inspired me. I agree with the F.L.A.W organization. I think that women need to come together as one and stick together as well as all nations. There is so much nonsense and hate. Be happy to give someone a compliment instead of something negative. I would like to find some nice WOMEN who are trying to do something with themselves to have as a best friend. Good job. Keep ya head up girl. While you are making in life, those negative ones will still be in the same place they are in while they are judging you. I believe they are definitely hating on your body. Great body girl. forget them haters, I have it to. Some people need to put others down just to make themselves feel better. Woman like you and I dont. This ur fan Nita from NC. go girl

  18. jermaine says:

    newyork look better than deeshis

  19. jme says:

    wow that was some story.. keyword there would be the word STORY there is no way in hell that story she just told actually happened. And if it did I want proof. She was at a hotel.. orders room service they bring her food.. and I dont know about you but when I get my food I sit down and eat.. then not even a minute later someones at the door did you eat yet? ummm no that doesnt happen.. if you are going to poison someone you dont tell anyone about it and you certainlly keep a loockout so no one can see you do it.. thats how the common criminal pattern works.. so it probably would have taken about five minutes to contaminate that food and bring it to her room and for her to eat it.. so the crime took a short period of time.. and in that short period of time all of a sudden the major hotel person finds out before she eats it.. i dont think so.. and you dont go up and inform someone of something like that without calling police first.. and there is no way they would let her sit in a room with that person because that is a serious crime.. so she is sitting there.. yeah some chick tried to poison me.. because she was insecure with herself. She always hated me.. yeag ok.. how can someone always hate you when this person works at a hotel last I checked people like her travel for media stuff and appearances how can someone always hated her appeared out of no where? let me guess the suspect was smart enough to plan it.. if she was smart enough to plan it.. she would have been smart enough to make sure it worked. oh and by the way it is statistically proven that hate on hate crimes or crimes of rage dont include poison.. they include knives.. guns and over kill. Usually they want that person to be tortured and want them to have a slow painful death.. and everyone knows you would have to take a massive dose of cyanide for it to kill you all in one shot. and if this were true we would have found out about it earlier especially if police responded that would have been a media blitz.. look at what happened to that american idol chick whos family was murdered common now people.. pull your head out..

  20. 1ladya says:

    Oh please she looks ok but she is not all that!! Take away all that airbrush on her pics and what do you have cellulite and dimples on her azz!! She’s not Beyonce,Ciara,or any other beautiful A list celebrities. No one is that jealous to poison her. Her azz all over the place and she thinks other women want her big azz give me a break. She is not all that last time I saw her she was getting fat. If that’s sexy you can keep it. Damn go on a reality show and think your all that. Now she does look better than New York but she’s the only woman that made it work for her. She is the HBIC. Deelishis no one is trying to kill your naked tired @)@^%*&%^(**$!^ What is this a stunt to get your name out there Beyonce,Ciara,Janet Jackson now they are stars and nobody is trying to poison them because of their sex appeal and their not showing their @)@^%*&%^(**$!^ to the world… Get real you may have something going for you but it’s not worth killing you over it!!

  21. jermaine says:

    prancer is not going to win she just their for tv

  22. shawn says:

    Do everybody bring poison to their job everyday, she must’ve be following Deelishis or something because in the interview she said they had just made it in their room and ordered room service. You know I like Dee but there is so conflict in her story, maybe she’s just like Heather thinking she is an “A” list celebrity, and everyone is jealous of her….NOT!!!!

  23. Beth says:

    If someone put poison in London’s food, that person needs to be in an institution for the criminally insane, not a support group. It is a shame it’s such a damn crazy world.

  24. keion smith says:

    I will pray for u and your family

  25. kitta says:

    &^()!+$*++!+$!*(! you nasty trash your &)$@~$$%^#@(&%&^ ed grill nasty hoe +^`^!@(+$`@(&_) &^()!+$*++!+$!*(!

  26. Trenice says:

    Glad to hear you ok. Keep doing what u doing. Don’t let nobody get u dowm

  27. venus jackson says:

    thank god your alright,it alot of sick jelious people out here not to say that, that young lady is oneof them.just keep your head up cause your on the right track and god has blessed you.

  28. demonayzhia says:

    deelishis i think u should watch out for who give u food. that happens 2 lots of people.

  29. demonayzhia says:

    deelishis i think u should watch out for who give u food. that happens 2 lots of people.are u o.k.

  30. kianna says:

    You good cuz i would of beat da dog S**t out of here den she really would of had insecurites about her self!!!!

  31. Renee says:

    I am glad you did not eat the food. I wish no harm on you. but this sounds a little fishy that this really happened. And Delishis is very very ugly and has a funny looking body.

  32. allen says:

    this doesnt have anything to do with deelishis but im happy shes okay.the way that they do things on i love money 2 is rediculous i think that if anyone throws a challenge that they should be the ones eliminated.saphyri with her nasty looking dumb stupid talking self looks like trying to have a beef with someone and buckwild with her trailer park white trash nasty self has the nerve and milfs dumb stupid self and let me not get on the entertainer with his ~$#(#%~#&$%!##!*@~ ed self this makes me not even want to watch any more of these i love money 2 episodes.

  33. TitaGirl says:

    Thats some real talk. Keep your head up!!!!

  34. peaches says:

    thats so greeennnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  35. batch says:

    This story is as bogus as your hair. lie lie lie its crazy what people would do for fame.Stop making stories up so you can rekindle what you so called HAD (fame )from flavor of love.

  36. Brandy says:

    I do and truly believe and understand where Deelishis is coming from. People shouldn’t be doing or trying to do crime to someone, cause they are jealous. Everyone needs to look on the inside of their own self. And realize that God made everybody. He has also gave each and everybody talent and gift. I also believe people need to be worry about themselves and nobody else. People shouldn’t have to worry about what the next person has, that they don’t have. Maybe if everybody worry about themselves and stop worry about other people. I do believe they can reach when the other person’s dream is at. Just worry about yourself and see then inside of what God has in store for you.

  37. Kim says:

    Hope all is well

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