Confessions of a Teen Idol – Episode 5 Recap – The Price of Dignity


Jamie’s had a lot of opportunity to write and practice music since he’s been in the Teen Idol house, which he loves.

Jeremy stumbles into the kitchen where Eric is whipping up green morning drinks. He’s set up a whole spread of supplements. Jeremy’s going on a seven day “anabolic detox,” a raw diet full of horse food like oats, alfalfa sprouts, and grass.

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Jason Hervey shows up to tell them that today, they will be meeting with people from their pasts who were affected by their fame. The guys don’t look happy about this. Adrian hopes they don’t bring any of his ex-wives.

Jeremy says he hopes they don’t bring David Hasselhoff. When he was younger, he sold a bogus story to the Enquirer that Hasselhof had abused him as a kid on the set of Baywatch. The men receive a call sheet that notes, mysteriously, they will be receiving visitors shortly.

Jeremy has to be relieved when his little sister arrives.

She tells the story of the time their house was visited by gang members. They tied up Jeremy with a vacuum cord and tried to kidnap him. His mother had to fight them off. Yep, that’s pretty much grounds for your family to hate you. “I tuned the whole world out,” his sister says. On the other hand, they got to do some cool stuff, she adds, because of his fame. And overall, she’s proud to be his sister.

Eric receives a phone call, from his brother John.

John tells Eric he lost all touch with reality during his fame period, and that it was a heartbreaking process to watch. Eric got caught up in celebrity — his manager was introducing him to celebs, he was partying on a regular basis, and he made really bad decisions.

Eric owns one of these t-shirts available at farmers’ markets everywhere.

Adrian sits at a juice bar waiting, and his sons walk in.

They arrive and tell him about how unfair it was for their mother to raise them while Adrian was in New York performing on Broadway. On the other hand, he called them every night, and it meant a lot to them.

Billy is surprised by Roberto, the friend he had moved to Hollywood with all those years ago from Brook Park, Ohio.

Billy had nothing and his friend threw him out in the street because he couldn’t pay rent. Roberto feels terrible about what happened, and reveals he was jealous of Billy’s fame.

Steve Tyrell, Jamie’s former music producer, shows up.

They had also worked together on The Heights. Tyrell thinks Jamie got a raw deal from fans after that infamous 90210 episode where he threw Donna down the stairs. He suggests Jamie jumped ship too soon, and that he’s still “got it.”

Next, they’re summoned to meet with Cooper. I ponder a world where spontaneous group therapy sessions are called, and the mental health I would enjoy as a result. Cooper scores with another fabulous outfit.

The guys talk about the people in their lives and how fame impacted those relationships. Jeremy was home-schooled so “the people who have known me longest are my mom, my sister, and my aesthetician.” Turns out he’s had one since he was twelve. Hey, is that Atkins trying not to laugh?

Jamie, EMT and alpha male, finds this amusing as well.

David talks of being suspicious of women he dated – were they with him because they really liked him, or was there another motive?

Um, could the motive be that he’s hot??

Hello! David doesn’t need therapy, he needs a mirror.

Adrian points out that one of the rotten things about being famous is the loneliness that comes with the exclusivity. It’s starting to become clear that some of the guys are once again attracted to fame, while some are having serious doubts about getting back into the spotlight.

Eric says he’s tired of talking about the past and wants to move on. Jamie had the one positive visit — it inspired him to make music again.

That night, Jeremy hatches a plan. He’s on the phone to one of his nightlife buds booking a gig for Jamie. Jeremy’s afraid to tell Jamie what he’s done. But it turns out Jamie wants to play the gig.

The next night, Jamie’s at The Mint with his guitar.

The guys are there, his wife is there, and Jason Hervey shows up as well. He turns up the pressure by telling Jamie he’s brought a friend who’s producing a big budget film, and is looking for someone to score it.

Jamie takes the stage — and he still has it!

After the show, he’s elated.

The movie producer might even be interested in working with him. Success!

After this heartwarming episode of dignity, it’s time for another challenge. The guys will be taking part in a charity auction that night where they will be for sale. The plus side is, the benefit is for an awesome foundation called Drop In the Bucket, that works to provide clean drinking water in Africa. The guys find motivation from this.

They show up for the red carpet event, and this time it is for real! Here’s the audience.

The men look smokin’. How much would you bid for a night with a former teen idol?

Jeremy goes first. His date will include 24 hours of awkwardness, I mean, pampering, to the highest bidder. David bids on Jeremy for two grand! He’s sold, and the two of them just paid for a well to be dug in Africa.

Adrian auctions off a home-cooked meal, during which he’ll sing songs from Grease 2. He goes for a respectable $800. Billy, auctioning off a weekend in Vegas and tickets to a Donnie and Marie Osmond show (yikes), raises $2,400! Turning up the heat to about a million degrees, Chris and David auction off a romantic dinner with the TWO OF THEM! Un-freaking-believable.

Jamie’s feeling the competition, and hopes someone will bid on a private concert. There’s at least one fan in the audience.

Jamie ends up bringing in a decent $900.

When Eric takes the stage, things take a bizarre turn. One woman approaches and says they’re willing to pay $100 for every article of clothing he takes off. Eric politely declines, pleading self-respect as the reason. “I don’t like it when other people try to control me,” he says. Fair enough. The woman then offers $1000 for just the shirt. It’s for charity, so he gives in. Think this is okay? Or does it lack class?

The event sends Eric into a spiral of doubt about staying on the show. The second he gets back to the house, he’s made up his mind to quit.

He’s been reminded of the past and of things he’d like to forget. Seems those demons from the past got too close for comfort tonight.

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