Confessions of a Teen Idol – Episode 6 Recap – And Then There Were Six


So Eric is gone. In his absence, Jeremy contemplates going off his cleansing fast. The guys retire Eric’s portrait from the wall and pay tribute to him by building a shrine.

The fax announcing their next challenge comes in. They will be pitching themselves to a panel of Hollywood “gatekeepers” who will then critique them behind two-way glass. The last time the guys gathered behind two-way glass it wasn’t good. Maybe this time will be different.

Gathered around a table, the agents, producers, and publicists in attendance look like average people, but they can make or break careers faster than you can say “I-used-to-be-a-movie-star-but-now-I-build-pools-for-a-living.”

I have a new hero. She is big-time Hollywood agent Marki Costello, and she is fierce.

She’s the real Ari Gold from “Entourage” type, and sooo not to be messed with.

Adrian pitches first. He gets a pretty good reception, and pitches reasonably well. Everything goes fine until he says that he likes to help out on the set by helping directors direct. That remark raises concerns; the panel thinks he might overstep his bounds next time he’s involved in a production.

When it’s Jamie’s turn, the gatekeepers don’t see much passion in his pitch. While he’s a nice guy, they wonder if he really wants his career back.

Billy comes in with confidence, but his pitch isn’t solid. He talks about singing and dancing, life as a businessman, and surviving on the streets as a young actor. He’s all over the place. Plus, he just looks plain crazy sometimes.

Chris enters the room. He seems intimidated and clueless, like he doesn’t want to be there. At least one of the gatekeepers goes for total honestly and says that our guy has a great resume, but he’s “horrible in a room.” They say he seems cold, sad, and aloof. Not good.

In complete contrast to the rest of the former teen idols, David should teach classes on how to have great energy. He walks into the room and charms the gatekeepers right away. They even tell him they are casting for the kind of parts he’s looking for. Way to go, David!

Jeremy arrives, sporting the usual inappropriate bling. The panel takes note.

Not the best look when you are selling yourself as “the next Tom Cruise, whatever.”

Could the cleanse Jeremy’s on be the culprit here? He can’t think straight as he talks, and comes off as totally unfocused. The gatekeepers are confused, and one says he even looks older than his age, which usually isn’t a compliment.

Next up is a Cooper session, and boy do the guys need it! I would, too, if someone had just broken it down to me like that. Cooper is shocked that Eric has left the show.
Jeremy is distraught over the feedback from the gatekeepers. Cooper wants to make sure he’s not just only hearing the negative things people say.

Chris, David, and Adrian think what they had to say about Jeremy wasn’t so bad. Chris comes right out and says that Jeremy just doesn’t listen.

Chris is extremely disheartened by the day’s feedback, and Cooper gives him a pep talk. Cooper’s like that friend you want to have in your corner on a bad day, because when she tells him he can do it, it’s impossible not to believe it.

Nonetheless, Chris says he’s having serious doubts. Cooper tells him “it’s in there, but you’re going to have to find it.”

Just when it was all doom and gloom, guess who’s back!

Our guru of light bulb-powering juice drinks, Eric! Looking like he just blew in from the wilderness.

He gets all choked up when he sees the shrine in his honor.

The next challenge is announced. The men will be meeting with an image consultant who will help them totally revamp their pitches. Then, they will get a second chance to sell themselves to the Hollywood power team.

When they get to meet the image consultant… surprise, it’s Marki!

And we know she does not play.
The guys work with Marki in front of a camera, and this time she gets them all to put some guts and passion into it. The change is amazing.

The guys are ready to go back into the room with the gatekeepers and give it one last shot.

This show is kind of tricky. Every time I’m settling into a “feelgood moment,” something completely insane transpires that leaves me saying “What the eff just happened??” This episode doesn’t disappoint on that front – lots of switcheroos, emotionally.

On the second day getting into the room, all the guys seem to have taken her advice: Jamie speaks of his desire to be a country singing star, Billy is laser focused on acting. Then we come to Jeremy.

Starting out, he’s doing great. He’s toned down his look and comes of as very professional. But the panel doesn’t tell him he’s leading man material, which sends him into a tailspin. Back behind the two-way glass after his pitch, he declares he’s going in again. The other guys try to stop him, but he’s already gone.

Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe the vibe in the room. He shows off his “grill”! That’s so 2003.

Wow, these are some adolescent moves.

Basically, it’s like a big middle finger to everything they just said to him.

Back at the house, the guys try to show him he was in the wrong.

Dude blew it big time. Jeremy’s in a bad place, and heads out to the yard to assault inanimate objects.

Maybe he should be kicking himself instead.

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  1. Quilla Jane says:

    I love watching this show, because it seems like it’s the only 1/2 way serious reality show on VH1. And while I’m not on expert on Hollywood casting, I think it would be very discouraging for anyone in Hollywood to be told, “Oh yeah…I can see you in a movie.” But they just leave it hanging there. I too would want more feedback such as What type of movie? Comedy? Thriller? As a strong supporting person? A male lead? What??!! So while I think Jeremy made a mistake in going back to that room, I can understand his frustration in wanting to know more specifics. Again…I’m not a casting person, but I could totally see him as the male lead if they ever put Karen Marie Moning’s books on film. She may be considered a typical romance novelist, but at least her characters have more depth and she gives a much more wide historical view into celtic history. But what do I know…?

  2. criolo4 says:

    Jamie Walters-
    As a CMT fan watching “Gone Country 3″ I was thinking that Jamie should have tried out for this show. Well after watching this last episode, he stated that he wanted to go country. SO IT’S PERFECT!!!!

    Unless he already auditioned for it and they didn’t accept him, don’t know why they wouldn’t! But if that’s the case sorry for brining it up!

  3. Jaye says:

    I watched the show last night and was totally appalled at the way Jeremy Jackson acted! Here is someone who is so “into himself” that he thinks everything is his just for the asking. As far as I am concerned, he doesn’t deserve a second chance. He is no better than anyone else and I think people are beginning to see that in him. He only re-enforces that fact everytime he has a tirade like a little kid. I realize that the acting profession is a very hard profession, but if you can’t take criticism, constructive or otherwise, then get out of the business!!! I think his housemates are tiring of his antics as well, as is shown by a few comments that have been said. He just doesn’t want to listen to anyone’s advice or support. This gets VERY old, very fast. Someone needs to humble him, and soon.

  4. Audrey says:

    This is the BEST show! Each and everyone of these guys deserve another chance at this business! Forget the past…These guys have REAL talent and we need to see more of them NOW! I did catch the commercial for Aussie Hair products! Billy you were wonderful! Chris has such a softness and kindness in his eyes. Sad? No I think, sincere and wondering if this is what he really wants….and I think his heart says yes!Jeremy…I know this is hard..hang in there, you have alot of talent!Jaime…keep singing..what a voice!Adrian…to se you brings a smile to my face! David keep up the good work!Eric..I’m so glad you are back! You guys have no idea how powerful this show is…sometimes I get tears in my eyes, I laugh and smile and then I just can’t wait until the next episode!You will all make it and make it BIG! Hollywood needs talent and handsome fellows like you!! You are what they call the REAL Actors! I appreciate all of you and wish you all much success!

  5. Laney says:

    Jeremy Baby… Please eat soemthing. This cleansing thing has got you GOING GOOFY. I would love to see you succeed here

  6. Ja Ja says:

    jeremy stop being so immature dude , listen for a change , you act too childish to me. wake up take it, get the help, you don’t know what is always going to work for you in this business, Do what they say , hey take the challenge, if it is not what you want, then bolt, but at least get some doors opened for yourself, get some people talking about you.Stop acting like you know everything it makes you look so small.hang in there it will come.

  7. Christine Vanover says:

    Thank you, Adrian Zmed. Many years ago you were working in Dallas, TX on stage. I was working at an acting school in Dallas, TX. Through contacts I’d gotten your hotel number and I called to invite you to come and speak with the acting students while you were in town. You were so very nice to me. I had called expecting to get a voice mail, leave a message. Nope. I ask the front desk for you, they put me thorough, and a very sleepy Adrian Zmed answered his phone. I had awakened you. I apologized immediately and asked if you’d like me to call another time. Nope. You were happy to take my call and said “I should have put a do not disturb on my phone, it is not your fault.” You were not able to visit the school as your family were coming in that day. But you have always made a great memory for me, and a great story when I tell people, “I woke up Adrian Zmed one morning in Dallas, TX.” Thank you. I have enjoyed all of your work. And I am just ONE of your many loyal fans. You are still young and gorgeous and we still appreciate your talents as well as your attributes. Christine Vanover

  8. Jessica says:

    Jamie, I’m a huge fan back then, and I still am now. You still look great and you still have the IT factor. I’m just happy you’re coming to surface. Good decision, I’m excited for your next project. Its good to see you back. Now make more music…can’t wait.

  9. Joanie Byrd says:

    I am sitting here in amazement..Jeremy, you have sooo overrated yourself it is a joke, a very bad joke! You definitely are not all that great! Perhaps if you stopped thinking of yourself as God’s gift to the entertainment industry and took baby steps to re-enter the business you might not be so frustrated with yourself. You definitely cannot take constructive critism. Get off your self-imposed pedalstal and realize your are just another “clean & sober” former child star and nothing more! Oh yeah,,grow up!!

  10. jr88 says:

    I think that Jeremy was such a child. There’s a time and place to act like an idiot and at a interview type place he should’ve been more professional. After he got to the house he should learn how to just take the feedback and grow from it, instead he got mad like a little boy. To make things short he needs go grow up.