Brooke Hogan Wants Your Questions!


Everybody’s favorite blonde wrestling-progeny is returning for an all new season of Brooke Knows Best and she wants to hear from you! Ask Brooke about her life, your life, dating etiquette, work-outs tips, fashion choices or whatever’s on your mind.

Post your questions for Brooke-tini in the comments section below and we’ll pick the best ones for her to answer in weekly video installments of Brooke’s Mailbag on

Until then enjoy some of her sexiest moments here.

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  1. stacy moon says:

    what do you do when people like perez hilton say mean and not true statements about you and your family?
    is it easy to get over, or does it have a lasting effect?
    I think you are awesome, and dont what you are doing.
    You are beautiful!!

  2. Terry says:

    Can you show us all your signature dance move that you do out at the clubs? I could use a new one!

  3. Paige says:

    Can you refrain from insulting women again? I was floored when you commented that women were too emotional to become President. Wow. Do you have any idea how wrong that belief is? Please do some reading or enroll in some classes. Your ignorance is damaging to women everywhere.

  4. Katherine Diana says:

    I wonder how is your bother doing. I am a huge fan of you and your dad. I use to watch your dad on Monday Night raw. I think that you are my role model. I know that your dad had to go through the divorce. I can relate to that because my parents got divorce in 1994. Tell your dad hey for me.

  5. dat gal says:

    how do u look at ur mom and see her kissing or knowing she’s having sex with ur friend from high school? no offense if i was u, i’ll never talk to my mom till she stop that nonsens. she’s a disgrace walking around with him like it was ok. but anyways, i like ur body shape keep on working out

  6. Demarcus Frazier says:

    Hey Brooke. I was wondering what do you think about Beyonce’s Single Ladies video and Britney Spears comeback album?

  7. jon says:

    are u single and like iowa guys?

  8. imari says:

    since ur show is comin back is it gonna be better last show? cuz to be real with you i didnt really like it much hope u come out alot more fun n funny $*$&!(%^`(!++))% lol but i really do love girl ur hott like MII lmao

  9. Kimberly says:

    Hi Brooke!:) if you got a chance to meet someone who has died, who would you want to meet? :) God? hehe

  10. Ashley says:

    hey brooke im a huge fan but i want to know do you know what happen between chris brown and rhianna and do you know rhianna

  11. lokee says:

    u have the best pair of legs on tv. can u show more of them

  12. Baylee says:

    Hey Brooke! I am 18 and my parents just decided not too long ago to get a divorce. I come from a very small town where divorce is really looked down upon so none of my friends have ever had to go through this. I am having a tough time dealing with this and was wondering if you could give me any advice.

    Thanks alot!

  13. EAST L.A VINCE says:

    Hey Brooke Just Curious On How Your Dad and Moms Relationship Is? Are They Still Angry With Each Other? Or Are They On Speaking Terms Now? I Read On A Website That Your Mom Wants Your Dad Back, Any Truth To That?

    Take Care Brooke!
    -BiG Vince74

  14. Kari says:

    You have overcome alot! Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for those stars!

    God Bless~

  15. stephanie says:

    Hey Brooke!!! I was wondering how you over came your parents divorce and nick being jailed all at the same time? That’s a lot of stress for one person especially with your busy schedule. I admire you and your brother. You have the strength a sis needs to stand by your brother in a situation like this and to keep your career up there. Nick acted stupid in the crash, and he realizes that, but for people to keep on his )+&#)&*@~)^~_@^ and redicule him for a MISTAKE that people make! He is sorry and I see that he truly is but obviously some people dont think so.. The kid in the passenger sit could have talked nick outta racing but he didnt. So instead of all the blame being put on Nick for being “stupid” the passenger should also be blamed for not pointing out a friends stupidity to him. Fact is when your young your gonna do crazy stuff, its not like we go out there thinking “what will happen if we get in a wreck”. +($()%^_~!$^&~@% happens and people make mistakes. Nick made a mistake and he is gonna have to live with this the rest of his life. You’re a great person and have great morals and beliefs which is hard to find espcially in young stars. I love ya brooke and everything you stand for!! Keep doin what your doin and stand by your family’s side no matter what. Even though your parents are not together they still support you and love you just as much as the other! I wish you and your whole family the best of luck!! You guys are the best and know who you are outside the money and fame! LOVE YA BROOKE!

  16. Jeffrey says:

    Did you enjoy your father caressing your ^$!_^*~_!$+`~%` cheeks just wondering

  17. Tifffany McCormick says:

    Hey Brooke I was wondering ‘How does it feel to have your brother out of jail and do you and Have you and your mother spoken ever sents Nick has been out of jail?

  18. paul r says:

    i doubt you will answer this but are you and Scott Storch still cool..? you were supposed to be the “flagship” of his label!

    also, your music has kind of “young tween” vibe to that your older will you take it to the next level or is “pop” music just your thing?

  19. kelly says:

    are you going to put out a new cd?

  20. Sabina says:

    How has your brother doing? You have a beautiful family and I look forward to seeing your show again.

  21. Adiatou Jah says:

    Brooke, Brooke, Brooke? I love you so please get an album out. You are amazing and your second album would sell millions. I guarantee it. Can’t wait to see the new season of your show. It always makes e laugh.

  22. Jorge McDude says:

    Brooke, ya. I no right. Oh damn girl.

  23. toi says:

    SHe’s LAME..and Old looking…and what was that fake ~@__$))&`(+()*@ wanna be a hip hop star video she made long time ago??hahahahaha Who gave her her own show-thats the
    BIG question..Who cares what she has to say?? What has she accpomplised other than being the daughter of a has been and having someone at MTV liking her enuf to give her her own show?? I am still mystified by that one…I don’t know 1 person that watches it or has interest in her or her family;blue blk red or white. She is just so WHaCK, boring and MEDIOCRE.Boo her. BOO.

  24. Responsible Driver says:

    Why is your brother out? what he did was horrible. It puts a real meaning to ‘money talks’, doesn’t it?

  25. Aa says:

    This is so cool Omg hey Brooke i just wanted to tell u that I loved your show on vh1 and I loved your album .it was great . And all the Mother `@$+_!$((*__!$)% ERS Talking ~)$`(`@#&^!~@&@@ can shut The `@$+_!$((*__!$)% up ur hot as hell U sing AMAZING and Your tv show was Awsome .. And ur brother did not do anything wrong it’s not like he wanted to kill someone that guy that died was a good friend of nick it was a accident .. so everyon just shut up and ask a question if u dont like her that much why did u click to ask a quesyion …loser’s ..hey brooke ur awsome and how do u stay in such a good mood all the time ? what keep’s u going ?

  26. Angelica says:

    hey girl whats happenin? i know how it feels about parents bein divorced cause my parents divorced in feburary. and i know its heartbreakin. but how do u feel now about da whole situation about da divorce? is u and yo mama gettin along? cause i know how u feel if u need a friend or someone to talk to holla at me on myspace u can write me anytime. i know u dont know but half of da stuff dat u went through i have.

  27. Angelica says:

    and oh yea on dat last part when i said dat u can write me anytime on myspace and i know u dont know.well i meant to say i know u dont know me. lol

  28. Nate says:

    Hey Brooke hope things are well..But i guess my question would be..How can a guy like myself appoarch you for a date..

  29. Jorge McDude says:

    oh my g-d. No she didnt. Ya, dude really.Poop

  30. debbie says:

    Hi Brook,

    Ilove your show. I watch you on television and just wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job with your life and your family. Not many young ladies your age show strength courage and decency these days is refreshing to see that. It gives me hope that my 7 year old girls will be like you some day.

    I like your bedroom furniture, I would lie to get one like it for myself-espically your bed head. Debbie -toronto

  31. debbie says:

    Forgot to ask where do you suggest I could get a bedroom set like yours. You have great taste in furniture.

  32. mistyrose says:


  33. donna says:

    hi brooke my name is donna i watch your show all the time i found your family amazaing i love how u take control of all the real life stuff around u with your family and other stuff and i love to watch your dad in action when he wrestlers i would be honor if i can have a piture and an autograph of u and your family thank u for your time keep on rocking from donna wooten please write back

  34. Greg says:

    Brooke hello from Sequim washington!
    lot,s of questions for you ok?.
    first are you still in Miami and how do you like it there?
    second what,s the quirkyest most odd pickup line you have been asked”
    but otherwise what are you doing now Brooke?
    oh my name is really Greg or Gregory

  35. brian says:

    I watch your shows and they r awesome.u r gorgeous to.

  36. Shannon says:

    I just wanted tio ask how you and Nick are dealing with the divorce? How is your dad taking it? I loved the show and now enjoy yours as well. I have been a huge fan of your dad’s since forever. Many blessing to you all.

  37. Bernarda says:

    hi Brooke,im from Ecuador, I recenttly seen your show and i really love it! your so funny… I just want to say congrats for the show and i want to know if you really live on Miami!!!! xoxo Bernarda

  38. manie says:

    brooke you are the best girl in the word you are so sexy & fine y can’t a guy like me fine a girl like you tell me y

  39. Rachell says:

    Brooke, have you ever thought about giving up the fame that you aquired by being the offspring of a world famous wrestler and instead applied yourself to your education to see where that takes you?

  40. Demetry Damal says:

    Hi Brooke, i was wondering what kind of extensions do you wear, clip-in, fused, glue-in etc. And what brand are they?

  41. Lauren Maki says:

    Hi Brooke,
    I don’t have a question, but I just wanted to say I think you are such an amazing and strong person. I’m sure that there are people that put you down and think that you are only able to do what you do because of you dad. I don’t believe that at all. You have a wonderful voice and are a strong and driven girl. I know you would be a famous singer no matter who your dad is. I think you are an insperation to young woman, and the charity work you do is amazing. Just keep doing what your doing girl! Don’t let ANYONE bring you down!

  42. Tonya Keener says:

    When does your new season with all new shows start? Please email answer to

  43. Tonya Keener says:

    When does Brooke’s new season start with all new shows? Please email me the answer at

  44. Stephen Herrera says:

    Hey Brooke my name is Stephen Herrera I live in Laredo, TX i was just wondering if u would ever consider dating somebody that is a nobody just a worker and a college student. I am a 21 yr old phlebotomist and i am studing to be a radiologist. please e mail me back.

  45. Rachell says:

    Right Lauren…she would have totally gotten famous without the help of her father and his connections, plastic surgery, and access to a studio that can alter her voice enough to sound halfway decent. Brooke is just the Hulk + boobs.

  46. ROBINSON says:

    I swant to know what is now going on with your brother that he is now out of jail what is he trying to do with is life? that is all for now. We all know that your career is going some where because your very pretty and talent that you dont need daddy anymore for your in the spotlight anymore.

  47. Mark Weber says:

    Hey Booke,
    My name is Mark Weber is 21years old .I want to be in wwe, and your dad to want me
    Mark Weber

  48. Emily and Katie says:

    My girlfriend and I were watching your show today…the one where you got the stripper pole in your apartment. Besides being the PERFECT workour tool- stripper poles are nothing but fun!! Can you please tell us where you bouught a stripper pole that actually spins??

  49. Luis says:

    Hi Brooke I relley like your show’s and i will like to see if your dad can help me become a wwe superstar can u do that for me please and u look good ok have a great day!!!

  50. Fame_Alicious says:

    hey brooke im fame_alicious its a nick name its catchy though lolzzz …ur reality show is great by the way …shows ur realism and have the whole world get to know u…but any thoughts after the reality show ? for instance we all know ur passion is for music …whats ur goal concerning persuing music full time ? or have u ever think of acting staying on television and making another career next to music ? continueously multi-tasking

  51. Eric says:

    Do you remember your old soccer coach Rich House? Yea well he’s my soccer coach now. I just thought that was kinda cool. And i love your show

  52. Jon says:

    Hi Brooke How Are You ? Hey I Just Wondered What Do You Like In A Man i Mean In A Relationship Or Something Like That?

  53. Jon says:

    Hi Brooke I,m Jon And I,m 18 Born on Febuary 14 1991 & Live The Uk So What Do Like In A Man I Mean In A Relationship Or Something Like That? Also What Type Of Music Do You Like? & Also What,s Your Favourite Colour?

  54. Gregg says:

    when is your show coming back on the air and in which month will it begins

  55. jessica says:

    i just wanted to let you know ur very beutiful and i belive you can make it in ur dream music career!
    how does it feel like finally live by with your best friends in a beautiful party place like miami?
    your living the life!

  56. Dave says:

    Hey Brooke!! I just wanna say i really like your show and cant wait till its back on!!. I am not sure what to ask as I have a few questions to ask you..
    1 Would you ever do a song with Melanie C (Sporty Spice)
    2 Are you workn on a new album???
    3 Does Glen have a BF?? (he is so CUTE!!)
    4 Would you ever come up to Toronto???
    5 Come for Toronto pride I think you would be a hit!!

  57. steve says:


  58. pamela carswell says:

    hay brooke im from the united kingdom i love you show im a big fan and my question is to you will you be bringing any of your own clothes designs that will be going in to shops i love the clothes you were and i was just wondering if you ever thought about doing your own clothes range pamela

  59. tim davide says:

    Hey , just wanted to know is ur show coming bac on the air anytime soon….I am a Pro tennis player from Tampa….my name is Tim….best of luck with the show.

  60. pattie says:

    please vh1 stop with these people, had more than engough of the hogans, daddy, daughter, brother, mommy STOP IT!

  61. Ann Ede says:

    hello Brooke, I watch your show like constantly and it is a blast. my husband and I are taking a trip to miami in may till the 8th. We are staying in south beach and i was wondering what all are the great hot spots to hit in town are?! My only problem is that i am only 20 and my husband is 21. it is sort of a get away trip / vacation from my husband, and the first time really to away from our daughter. she is my first and only 8 months, as hard as it is going to be i want to be able to have fun and enjoy my youth as along as i have it ya know? well let me know if you have any ideas. love to hear from you. love,peace and chickengrease, your fan

  62. Brandon says:

    Hello Brooke,

    First off, You are beautiful and very talented. My name is Brandon and I’m a solider in the U.S. Army. When I have a chance I enjoy watching your show. It always brings a smile to my face and I always find myself rooting for you. I don’t really have a question for you but wanted to say thank you for doing what you do and doing it so well.


  63. Shelly stuck in alaska says:

    Does it hurt if you open your eyes under ocean water? I’ve never been to or seen the ocean before so i have no idea. Also i was wondering if you could tell me a little about what city life is like? dont know if ill get a chance to see an actual city but it would be at least a little food for thought to know the dos and don’ts. I draw alot of tattoo flash comic book style artwork and would like to put a book together one of these days, do you have any ideas of a good publisher to send my work to? Hope i hear back from you, iv been stranded in alaska so long i almost wonder if there still is an outside world lol, but when it comes to getting away from just about everything alaska is the best place to visit. hope you have a great day

  64. Michael Drabant says:

    Hey Brooke, How are you doing ? I’m sorry to hear about your Mom and Dad’s divorce. How are you coping with it? I got divorced a year ago and I know its been a big adjustment on both my teenage boys.I really enjoyed the family show Hogan knows best, and really miss it. I enjoy listening to your songs you sing also. Good Luck in your future and best to your Mom and Dad and Nick.

  65. ray baliton says:

    Ciao Bella!
    really enjoy ur show nd keep up da good work.when r u coming 2 southern california?

  66. Jina says:

    Hi Brooke I just wanted to tell you that I think that you are a very pretty person. I was wondering how you and your family are doing with all of the gossip that is going around? I know that some of it must be true and that some of it isnt true but heres my question: How in the world do you deal with all of it?

  67. matias says:

    hi brooke? i was just wondering what were your plans for “cinco de mayo”? im also turning !!21!! so i guess i neeeded ideas of what to do for our big day hehe..

  68. nancy says:

    okay,,soo on the show i saw you were like dadting this superr cute guy,, but e was totally into extreme sports and really adventurous.! i dont understand why you flipped out.. he was totally cute, and i mean come on your dad is hulk hogan how much more adventurous does it get? so what was the deal?

  69. Donna says:

    Hi, Brooke, I just watched your show, yesterday. was very good. I have one question, what was it about the alligator guy, that you didn’t like? I’m also sorry to hear about your parents Divorce. I’ve been through that, when my parents went through it. And I have been through a divorce. How are you coping?

  70. Tiffany says:

    When does the new season of brook knows best start

  71. marie k says:

    Hello Brooke! You are such an inspiration to my 3 young daughters. My girls’ ages are 8, 9, and 13. My 13 year old looks up to you the most. You are her hero. Keep up the positive attitude you have for our children. You are a wonderful person. Much love and prayers to your family.

  72. David DeE says:


  73. Kathy says:

    Brooke, I think you are doing very well in your own, I think you need to consider college and find out what it has to offer BUT your dad is right and dont give up on your dream. I know that you know this you are very mature and responcible for a girl your age but take this advice from me…. Love your family, they love you so very much and at times it may be a pain in the %%)(+)~`%(`#!#$ but it has to feel so great to be loved and supported as you are. I am a 37 year old woman who has 2 kids and grew up in foster homes and group homes and would love to have the support and love from my family that you have. Family is a gift from God and through all the hard times you have them. Take comfort in that and just knowing that you dont have to go through life alone and you have a mom and dad that want you to succeed and have a wonderful life and want to be apart of it and your parents are going thru alot and it is unfortunate but their relationship isn’t over it has changed and pray that they will be okay. God has blessed you and I just hope you know how very lucky you are. God Bless you and your family and your career. Follow your heart,and dont give up.

  74. La says:

    hi brooke.. I was just wondering what size clothes you wear. I am about 6’0 too and love the way your body looks. Also what do you do for workouts and diet? /thanks

  75. Candice says:

    hi brooke my name is candice and i’m 17 years old and i have a question for how long have you been instrested in marine biology? I have been intrested in marine biology since i was 10. i also wanted to be a musician and have my own career. I watch your show sometimes if i m not studying or doing anything in my spare time.

  76. cassidy says:

    has brooke knows best strted season 2 yet or has tht ended and if it hasnt endded then will u lut me no when it strts and same wit season 3

    thanks, cassidy?????

  77. Gina Carter says:

    Hey! We were fortunate to room in the suite next to you at Ceasar’s Palace last week while you celebrated your birthday! Hope you had a great one! You seemed pretty cool and down to Earth which my husband and I thought was pretty cool. We didn’t want to bother you at the time, for a picture or autograph, figured you get that alot! However, we would like to have an autographed picture, is that possible?
    Brandon and Gina

  78. Crissie says:

    Brooke, I love your show. You are a beautiful woman. My question to is. What is the best clothes for someone who is pregnant, to buy? I think your mom is sweet, and beautiful need to watch your back, and don’t let people take advantage of you

  79. pattie in cali says:

    THIS SHOW SUCKS, its not even intertaining, boring, this family needs some REAL HELP. parents down to the kids, they are all NUTS, and very trashy

  80. samantha says:

    hey im 22 from new jersey, i recently heard your dad on an interview on the howard stern show stating he spent alot of money on perscription pills and alcohol for your mom. Don’t you think its pretty rude of your dad to air your dirty laundry??

  81. Enrico says:


    You are such a sweet girl! I’m sure being in the spotlife is challenging. How do you balance life being famous and having to date guys that you like?

    I would definitely love to hear from you…


  82. Michael says:

    I like watch’n ur show because ur one hot person.

  83. Chuck says:

    Is Glenn seeing anyone at the moment? My myspace is please let him know

  84. wolverine says:

    Hi brooke how u guys were able to take so much from that guy the x-box 360 gamer? for how long he stay with you guys and abuse of your trust? thats it for now thanks

  85. crystal says:

    Brooke who are you dating wright now

  86. Kelsey says:

    Hi Brooke,
    I was watching some of your re-runs tonight, and I noticed in your first episode where you move in the apartment, you have the music note tattoo behind your ear, but that tattoo episode doesn’t happen until way later in season. What happened?

  87. crystal chavez says:

    did you really kissed the girl on your new season ?????

    write back!!!!!

  88. margie guzman says:

    i really love your show it’s really fasinating and alot intrested
    love your show!!!!!!!!

  89. margie guman says:

    i really love your show it’s so fasinating and of course so intrested
    who do you really want to date?
    xoxo write back thanx!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. margie guzman says:

    hey wut up Brooke who are you dating?

  91. crystal chavez says:

    hey brooke i really like your show dont lisen to some of those bad stupid comments some haters wrote your show rocks and u rock tooo!!!!! i am a really fan of yours !!! u rock i hope to meet you one day in real life and sorry about the other commet i did not know what to put !!!!

    write back !!!!!

  92. carmen says:

    brooke how do you like living with your friends??? do you miss your mom and dad being together???

  93. Arielle says:

    Hey Brooke! I just wanted to ask how your relationship with your mother is? Do you speak? I know the things she has done and I wanted to know if you did or ever will forgive her for the things she has done? Also, I would like to know some good work out advice. I need to get my whole body in shape! Legs, stomach, hips, and arms. What’s a good workout regiment?

  94. profit says:

    hey i just want to know whut up with your best friend? she is super sexy.

  95. laura says:

    in your first party where you locked yourself in the bathroom and cried over your ex…..well girl get over him his mad ugly he has an alien head and his a migit living in migit land he looks all deformed…and your boyfriend is mad ugly too he looks like a nerdy crack head. your famous u can get a fine sexy guy. get over there ugly `+#)~`%^+%*@$~` es!!!!

  96. ADRAIN aka ADA says:

    How do u stay n shape? Also did u ever cut ur hair? If so its very, very courgous!!!!

  97. SABRINA C. says:

    Hey Brooke-tini, What’s up? I was wondering what you thought about kissing a Girl, for the First time?

  98. Violet Lima says:

    Did you like kissing that girl?

  99. Wayne says:

    Why do you act so ditzy sometimes when you’re obviously very smart? It must attract men? Haha.

  100. Alexis says:

    hello brooke
    I want you to know that i watch your shows everytime it comes on I want you to know that you are doing your thing and to keep up the hard work.I know in one of your shows i was watching you said that you was going to go back to music i think that is a fun thing to do i always wanna to sing are to something like that.well I always wanna to go to mimi and i hope that I can go someday my wish will come ture i hops so.and if ever get to go i hope that I get to meet you and your friends to. well I still have a lot more to say but i have to go to work hope to here for you soon,love alexis

  101. Dick A says:

    Just want too know why you go after all the athletes..Why not someone normal, like romance dating roses..thanks for looking at my question…minnesota boy

  102. Jeremy O. says:

    I would just like to tell Ashley Menendez that she is a Goddess.

  103. Jeremy Oesterling says:

    I think that your friend Ashley is a goddess, and if she is ever in the Pennsylvania area i would love to meet her. You are also very beautiful and best of luck with your new album. Congrats, Jeremy :-)

  104. LadyRhinestone says:

    Hi Brooke, Just listened to your new song and it is awesome! But I have a question regarding your appearance. It looks as if you had your breasts enlarged? I know your breasts were not that large last season. Come on girl…fess up! Did you have a breast augmentation? Just looking to see if you are willing to admit it to your fans. Thanks, Brooke. We love you! Can’t wait to see the new show. Everyone is falling all over themselves over Ashely. However, I still think you are the most beautiful one out of the two of you. Ashley is ok..but you rock, Brooke!

  105. Jackie says:

    Hey brooke…just wanted to say you are totally awesome in every way..i love your show and your music!! I live in north miami and I’m at Crunch all the time so I always think of you and your dad when I work out haha Anyway, just wanted to tell you we are so much alike and I think you would be totally cool to hang out with if you ever want to look me up!!

  106. Tiffany says:

    hey brook i wacth your show all the time are you back with stacks because i know your in the video falling with him i was just wonderin if u guys are back together .

  107. dustin hall says:

    hey brooke is there anyway if u go on tour that u can come to pikeville ky i would love to meet u or if we could set up another place we could me???!!!! plz reply

  108. Summer says:

    Where is your favorite place to party in Miami? BTW, your house is awesome!

  109. isaiah says:

    hi what was the episod when you bought that unit/penthouse

  110. sheena ray says:


  111. Tony J. Hogan says:

    Brooke keep up the good work.

  112. Amy says:

    When I was younger (I’m 31) in the late 1980′s I would watch wwf wrestling I would always get so excited when your dad would wrestle when his head would go back and forth then he would win the match lol… Anyways getting to that I got so teary eyed when I saw you guys on the boat and your dad said I beat my body up for years to build that house and now there is a 19 year old kid living there. Your dad is so right! BULL you know what. I’m glad how you handled your mom and can you believe what her tween had t say on the phone to your mom? “WHY DOESN’T BROOKE COME TALK TO US?” are you serious like your gonna show respect to him tell him to get the hell out of your house! yeah ok, then the comment your mom said, she saw some guys you dated but didn’t cut off the relationship did you yell at her AND TELL HER TOTALLY DIFFERENT YOUR NOT DATING SOMEONE IN HER SCHOOL HELLO! I just can’t believe what your mom is now, I hope you and your dad get that house back. I”m sorry but your mom is wrong! I’m glad you see it I hope she watches the show and sees what an *(%_*)^^__^@~&% she really is!

  113. Eric C from PVD says:

    Hey Brooke, I think your dad is the best and I get so excited for you when I see the two of you together. I’m the sam eway with my mom. It broke my heart to see your dad so upset about where he is at in life with the houses and the separation. Do you support your parents and think they should get a divorce and how do you think it will play out? Will you ever be abl eto back to yoru childhood hoome with all the memories? I don’t know if I could, but I am watching yorushow, and loving every minute.

  114. Anthony P. says:

    hey Brooke just wanted to know due to the divorce between your mother and father do you still wish that they were still with each other today ? Also Are u still in love with stacks??

  115. Sirrel says:

    Honestly, I have never really been a fan of yours until recently.After stumbling upon your tv series and watching I quickly realized how talented you are and hearing you sing solo on the piano prom night was awesome.So to my surprise I was shocked when I heard you doubting your future as an artist. Do you think you might do an album thats unplugged?

  116. BIG TIMMY says:


  117. Mary Lou says:

    Hi Brooke. I just wanted to let you know that I watch your show. I wanted to tell you that I think, no, I know you are very mature about the the break up of your family and about life. You are so much more mature than your Mom. I knew your family (in directly) way before you were born when they lived in Stamford, Ct on Seaside Ave. My little brother use to deliver the Stamford Advocate to your family. I admire the way you were raised & how you turned out. I wouldn’t mind if you dated my son! Anyhow, keep up the good work. Love you!

  118. kira says:


  119. ashleyruth says:

    Brooke sorry to see what you. nick. and your dad are going thru? I pray for all of you . It says above I can ask about your life. I was wondering Can you PLEASE let my mom and I know now your grandma Ruth is doing? Is she still doing ok? Please tell her that my mom linda from boston ma and me her daughter Ashley ruth says hi and we still care about her and love her and think about her all the time.
    This question is out of the ordinary but its a question being asked because 2 people who have been freinds for 20 years lost contact becuase of move and havent heard from each other. My mom misses hearing from ruth. Brooke my mom has been friends with her for 20 years now. They lost contact when Ruth moved becuase your grandma had her # and address changed and she lost our # and address. Please its like being friends with someone you love and loosing contact with them. How would anyone feel? Its really bums out my mom. Remember I told you I was named after her when I seen u at mall. Your godfather eddie, barbie, and alana were there that day. you and my mom showed you a family pic that no one else has. and you were so amazed by the pic . So Brooke please let us know how she is doing? and please let ruth know how we feel about her.
    Thank you so much god bless you Ashley Ruth

  120. bankingonit says:

    What is up with the gay Chick she’s a total downgrade

  121. Renee says:

    You should try to fix Glen up With Adam Lambert.

  122. Chuck Finney says:

    Love your vibe and music on the new track “Fallen” want to know how I could submit a song to you? Would love to write for you.

  123. Chuck F says:

    Love your vibe and music on the new track “Fallen” want to know how I could submit a song to you? Would love to write for you.

  124. steven says:

    Brooke, just letting you know i love the show, and sadly i know how you and glenn are feeling, but just do me a favor and let glenn know i think he is down to earth, great, and a funny guy! i would totally date him and take care of him. Well thank you! Ill be watching lol. and ill be watching!

  125. caprice says:

    who was your dr.?

  126. kim hampton says:

    Brooke I just wanted to say I will pray for your family you all are going through so much! I am really disappointed in your moms recent behavior, shame on her! I am not a judgemental person but cmon 18 yr old kid. I love your show keep up the work

  127. Melissa says:

    I love your show and enjoy watching all the interesting situations y’all get y’all self into.
    My question is who?what was your lesbian(blind date’s) name?


  128. linda says:

    i love your show. i’ve been a big fan of your dad for many of years.i think yoiur a very sweet person. and wounder what it would be like to know you in real life. i would love to meet ypu and maybe on your tv show.i have 2 kids.1 boy 14 years old. and 1 girl 11 years old. they love your tv show also. now how is your life sience your parents dirovce. hard but i know you will get through it . your tuff.

  129. Mone't Senegal says:

    When you and Ashley went on the Creepy Cruise, of course it was horrible and… creepy! But was it fun when you looked back and realized how much adventure you had- going from Miami to the Bahamas and back on such circumstances and would you do it all again… WITHOUT Orlando?

  130. mike says:

    What was you thinking going on that boat with guys you did not know?

  131. shaunna says:

    did u or did u knot like that girl kiss

  132. Kristin Stewart says:

    Hey, I have one question. On the first episode: “State of the hogans,” what is the song that is playing while you and your dad are having dinner? I loved what part of it I could hear and I have not been able to find the song. Plz reply letting me know. I am a big fan of all of your music and I love this song as well.
    Thank you,

  133. Mike says:

    Brooke I have started watching your show here the last couple of weeks and I love it. but for someone that is so Famous(sp) why dont you have body guards? I saw the show that you dad got you one and that guy was a JOke!! hahaha Keep up the hard work and I love your show!!

  134. The Variegated Voice says:

    Brooke your show is gr8! It’s even better this season than it was last season. I especially like it when you have your mom and dad on, {and it would be even better if you could have Nick on as a regular}. You and Nick are so close and the two of you together is double the fun and entertainment,{especially when Nick pulls his pranks on you and you go after him to even the score}! I can just see Nick having his fun with Glenn too. Glenn is so dramatic and that’s what I like about him. Nick would have a ball feeding drama to Glenn. I for one am tired of people punishing your young brother for something that he didn’t do anymore out of the ordinary than most guys his age do… and that is, drag racing. How can people be so narrow minded and judgmental? Listen all of you “so quick to point the finger and judge people out there”! Obviously, you self righteous people all need somebody to tell you this, because you haven’t figured it out on your own yet. Nick Hogan did NOT hurt his friend on purpose! Remember, Nick was in the car too. It could have been Nick rather than his friend that got hurt, so for anybody to continue to chastise Nick for an accident is completely unfair and foolish on your own parts… take a look into your own past and your children’s as well. Also for bits and pieces of jail conversation, to be used as the determining factor of the meaning of an entire conversation is utterly absurd, {not to mention, a violation of one’s Constitutional rights}. I can leave out just ONE word in a sentence and change the entire meaning of what I said. So come on now people, let it go and let Nick live on with his life. You people that can’t ease up on Nick must have something you’re trying to make right with yourselves. Back to Brooke…Brooke, as an avid Hogan Family Fan, {not a member of a club, but very dedicated on my own}, I love your show and your music! Your parents dedication to you shines through in everything you do! If I may be so bold to say so, Terry and Linda, you two were meant for each other. Please, get back together where you were truly happy. Linda, I know you love Terry, just by the way, when he was reading the poem he wrote for you, {on one of the episodes last season} you quickly got up and with complete passion and empathy in your eyes and on your entire facial expression, you hugged him. Terry and Linda, you are a beautiful couple. Please don’t stay apart any longer. Everyday apart is another day missed. Brooke, your new song is beautiful, {almost as beautiful as you}! Your voice is one of the most pure and clear voices I’ve heard in a long time. Congratulations on your gr8 success with your show and your music! Keep as fresh and innocent as you are Brooke. It’s your innocence that makes you, unique. You’ll NEVER need to dress or act trashy like some of the entertainers do, to get attention, in fact, quite to the contrary…it’s your sweet innocence that compels people to want to watch your show and see more and more of you. Thanks for sharing your talent with us Brooke. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Terry and Linda will get back together and soon. I’d love to see the Hogans be all together and happy again.

  135. Joseph says:

    Had you seen the movie “Dead Calm” with Nicole Kidman before you went to the Bahamas with ‘Orlando’? Your experience was as frightening; I felt uncomfortable for you.

  136. kyle says:

    what if one girl like then a nother girl like you snd them more stst likeing you what you do.

  137. kyle says:

    what if one girl like then a nother girl what you do.

  138. kyle says:

    what if one girl like.

  139. kyle says:

    what if a girl like you what you do.

  140. kyle says:

    what if a hot girl like you what you do.

  141. kyle says:

    what if a girl.

  142. kyle says:

    if a girl.

  143. kyle says:

    if you love a girl what you do.

  144. kyle says:

    love a girl what you do.

  145. Shonta Walker says:

    Hi Brooke, my name is Shonta from Dallas, Texas. My question is have you at least thought about how your mother feels because she is not with the love of her life anymore, she feels alone, and the boy named Charlie is able to give her the confidence she once had with your father? Trust me I know how you feel. I can’t tell you how to feel, but just realize that this is just a phase. Your mother is just trying to find comfort because she doesn’t have your father. By the way your father is doing the same thing!!! Just please take this into consideration. Life is too short to ignore the problems because YOU ARE NOT READY!!!

  146. Midge says:

    Brooke I understand completly your feelings about your mom right now. I just wanted to share with you a fast story. I had problems with the way my mother did a few things and didnt talk to her for a long time(like 3 years) I finally decided to grow up and try to build that relationship. I didnt even have 2 months with her she died unexpectly just never woke up that was 8 yrs ago she was only 50 I was only 22 Every day of my life I miss my mom. mothersday, christmas, or just a regular sunday when i would love to spend time with her. I guess I said all that to say this. Please think of my story and love your mom while she is here dont be like me regret your actions. May God Bless you and your mom

  147. Midge says:

    Brooke, I understand completly your feelings about your mom right now. I just wanted to share with you a fast story. I had problems with the way my mother did a few things and didnt talk to her for a long time(like 3 years) I finally decided to grow up and try to build that relationship. I didnt even have 2 months with her she died unexpectly just never woke up that was 8 yrs ago she was only 50 I was only 22 Every day of my life I miss my mom. mothersday, christmas, or just a regular sunday when i would love to spend time with her. I guess I said all that to say this. Please think of my story and love your mom while she is here dont be like me regret your actions. May God Bless you and your mom

  148. Yolanda says:

    Hi Brooke,

    I lost my Mom 2 yrs ago and often regret things I said, maybe shouldn’t have said or things I did or shouldn’t have done.
    On that note I urge you to make peace with your Mom before it’s too late to do so. This does not mean you have to accept her new lifestyle or current boyfriend. Just as parents love us no matter all the bad choices we’ve made, we too have to give back the unconditional love.
    I can ~_&(+~^^!!~*(%~ ure you that living with regret in your heart is an awful way to live. I think your Mom needs you and you need her no matter how independent you are.

  149. Akhi says:

    Who’s your favorite Hip Hop Artist today?

  150. cutie383 says:

    brooke who is you best friend not including ashley

  151. Josiah says:

    Are you a Kings of Leon fan? : )

  152. alicia 101 =) says:

    brooke how did u feel when u heard the news about michael jackson?????

  153. alicia 101 =) says:

    whats ur favorite michael jackson song???

  154. alicia 101 =) says:

    whats ur favorite michael jackson song???=)

  155. David H, Livermore, CA says:

    You seem to be a very level headed, intelligent, ambitious woman. How are you coping with your parents break up and the painful affect it has had on you and your beloved father? Are you talking to someone to help you get through it or just friends? I’ve gained a great deal of respect for your father and for you through the two programs that gave such a great insight into who you both are. I hope your Mom comes through this midlife crisis alright, and I think your brother has paid a huge price and will learn much from the experience. He’s a good guy.
    Best wishes to you and yours.
    David H
    Livermore, CA

  156. Linda says:

    Dear Brooke,
    My Daughter, Katy and I always watch your show.
    Katy just turned 22 on June 30 and works all the time and goes to school, so she only has a few days off for us to go on a vacation.
    I wanted to surprise her as a birthday gift to meet you in person. We are planning a trip to Miami August 1-5, 2009. Is this possible?
    It makes me feel good that we both watch a show together that is family, yet fun.
    Your picked some great roommates too.

    Katy’s Mom

    PS I watched your dads show all the time. He is a hunk!

  157. ROBBIN says:


  158. Rui M. Neves says:

    Brook, your new music video is awsome,great song. My question to you would be…..Being so beautifull,having a star legend as a father and hit TV show how do you stay so down to earth, normall, it just so cool watching your show, your not like all these other stars whom turn into these premadonas,i hope what i see on the tube is real, your parents did there job god bless them,and your brother seems pretty cool also,so again i ask how do you do it? how do you stay so cool?….Bye….

  159. mary says:

    What a daddy’s girl. I can’t believe how you are treating your mom. You have no right to tell her what to do or Date!!! She was a good mom and wife and now needs to be on her own. Why do you have to make tings so hard. Maybe if were a good daughter to her she would not be this young man. You took your father side in the divorce and blamed all their marrital problems on her. It takes two to have a marriage and a divorce. It sounds like that your mother is letting you blame her. Hope she sticks up to you and reminds you that your only a child (one sheltered from the real world) and have on right to treat her like you have. You are suck a fake!!!!

  160. Linda says:

    Brooke, How come your Dad still thinks, despite the fact that you are now living in your own pad, that he can control your lovelife? My goodness girl, you are almost 21, it is time you tell him to buzz off, Geez, he has a girlfriend, and I feel you should be able to date whomever you wish without having to go through the 3rd degree and I think you and Colby make a nice couple, you look cute together and the song rocks! At first, I did think you were just a bimbo, but I know now there is a brain in your head and your music is getting better and better. Your Dad needs to back off and let you make your own decisions, I thought last night’s episode he acted like a complete jerk because you like Colby, that is your business, the tattoo, he made such a big deal out that, if you were 12 I could see him having a fit, but you are your own woman now. As for you not wanting to see your Mom, I understand totally, she has made a mess of things between you and she and I think she is making a fool of herself, because that toy boy is old enough to be her grandson never mind son!! And I think she is being selfish by making Nick try to patch things up between you and she and if you are not ready to deal with Charley, then you are not ready. Stand up for yourself girl and don’t let your parents try to still make decisions for you.

  161. frank palfy says:

    Ha brook how does it fill to be a music star?I think you look really good.I hope to me you in person soon.take care.O also your dad hulk hogan is still number 1.

  162. confused in love says:

    hi brooke i dont miss any of your shows ok well let me cut to the chase i was going out with this guy and well he desides to end our realationship and well i couldnt do much about it so we arent together and well i have try to get him out of my head by going out with other guys but it doesnt work and now i am fallen for some other guy but i am not sure if his into he the same but he is a pretty good guy but i stilll cant stop thinking of my ex what can i do about that can you please help me brooke i am torn please help me thank you

  163. The Variegated Voice says:

    Brooke, I’ll be honest with you. I don’t care for Ashley M’s. attitude. She acts like SHE’S the Super Star, {and may I remind her that she’s NOT}!?! Look back to the very first or possibly second episode that she was on YOUR show Brooke, {yes Ashley, I said BROOKE’S Show}! Anyway, you both went out Clubbing, {dancing and fun}. Look closely at that particular episode when you were both dancing with a couple of guys. Ashley made a very sarcastic, snotty looking face and rolled her eyes behind your back. May I remind you Ashley, about the, “eye in the sky”?! The Camera sees all and so do we, the viewing audience. O.k., Brooke, stay as sweet as you are. Don’t let ANYBODY in the Music Industry or anywhere else even ATTEMPT to try to talk you into experimenting with Drugs. If the people doing illegal Drugs ONLY KNEW how badly they start to look after they are on drugs for even a short while, they would NEVER EVEN start using, {much less get hooked}! I wish continuing success for you Brooke, in everything you do for us, {with much love}, from us, together, with you.

  164. paulo says:

    hi brooke you were so cool when you dated a lesbian. you got some balls! I need to let you know that i think your roomate male friend is a fraud…he says he ‘s gay to get in with the ladies. i’ve met plenty of gay guys and he does not come off as gay. he’s as straight as me and the homies. peace, paulo.

  165. JP says:

    Hey! Brooke,
    These Questions are for your “B Boy Glen” where does Glen buy his big huge sun glasses? he is a fashion role model for me,am expanding my fashion clothes, and also glen if you are reading this, you want a family life, why do you wanna pick a muscle tone guy? am having issue myself i need glens help. Holla Back!!! all three of you, i wanna get more fashion tips from all of you. Thanks JP

  166. joyce says:

    brooke don’t you realize that ur dad’s girlfreind
    looks like YOU! this should creap you out.

  167. krista says:


  168. Tessa says:

    Do you not think it is a little strange that your Dad’s new girfriend looks like she could be your older sister. I think that you put all the blame on your Mom when it takes two to break up a marriage. You should of stayed out of it and just loved them both. Your Dad is no angel.

  169. Laurie says:

    Brooke are you dating anyone as of now?

  170. brandy says:

    i think that ur mom should get rid of her boyfriend and think of u

  171. Nancy says:

    Hi Brooke!!
    I am a 55 yr. old lady in illinois. I have been with the same man for 35 years. If we divorced at this time, I think I would be devasted…but I would survive…yeah I probably would go a little “wild” and enjoy new freedom. I just wanna tell ya not to be so hard on your Mom. Yeah she is with a young dude…it ain’t gonna last. She is having fun and he just happened to be there. But i WOULD WATCH HIM…i think he has a plan…he can and is getting the recognition that he is looking for to get ahead. As long as your Mom ain’t buying him with giving him all the luxury items. Juast hang in there and make amends with your miss her!! Just have an agreement that he is not around when you are. Hey If I had your Mom’s body and looks I would be a wild child. But unfortunaltely I am just an overweight middle aged women trying to keep my head above water. Listen Lady…you have Fame and Fortune…enjoy it wisely!! Love both your parents…we’re all only here for a short time. Life is to short for anger!! Best to you!!
    Listen to this ole Lady!!!!

  172. Nellie says:

    Brooke could you send a copy of Glenn’s parents recipe for Goulash. My aunt use to make Goulash similar to the one Glenn’s parents made on your show. She died many years ago and her daughters don’t remember the recipe. Would love to see if this is like the one she made.

  173. kerry ann morency says:

    i want to meet brooke hogan in person i think she is beautiful

  174. Christina Molina says:

    Brooke: I loooooooooooooooooove your show and see you as such an inspiration. Your so beautiful and your body is fab! My question to you is, how do you stay so motivated to work out? and what time is the best time to get up and workout?! Thank you sooo much –Christina

  175. debbie says:

    you so remind me of me back during my college years in clearwater and madiera beach! Had a blast! Lots of cool friends and things going on all the time! Just to say hi and love your show! Especially when your dad is on! lol! He is the coolest! Seems like a wonderful heart and soul! Would love to meet him when I come back to clearwater in september!LOL! I live in buffalo ny..a respiratory therapist…also great heart and comassionate soul. Was miss december in a harley mag…two years ago….the guys at the hospital loved that! LOL!Maybe your dad could hook me up with a good gym! LOL! but I REALLY miss the clearwater area and will be moving back soon…I really enjoy the show and lady…you have wonderful voice! keep it all up! deb

  176. kate says:

    what do u think about gay being able to marry?

  177. brooke says:

    Dear, Brooke I am your biggest fan and i hope i can meet you in person. you are sooooo pretty i wish i looked as pretty as you. well anyways get back to me soon and maybe i can give you my number so we can txt each other.

  178. josh says:

    ok im not gay, but i saw the episode where you go to your gay roomates house and when he told her she was the best mom and that other mothers should learn from her was awesome, your mom is awesome i wish my mom could talk to me like that and im not even gay, seriously your mom is the ^*(^(*#^@@!_~&!^ hahha i hope he reads this it really changed my view on my mom and i want our relationship to be like that, thanks good luck,btw brook ylur $(%@)#&`#%@*+^^* in hott hahaha

  179. paula abram says:

    I think Brooke is the killerest chick-I’m 40yrs old and I watch the show! I think Brooke is one of the most mature 20yr olds I have ever seen!! The dumbasses from the hills could learn a few things from the Hogans….like being a family-when was the last time you ever saw that lauren chick w/her family??? huh?? speidi et al need to take a page from this family!! yeah, sure, Nick messed up, but name me a family that doesn’t have problems? This family dealt w/everything in front of cameras!!! and now you all want to crucify this poor girl (WHO IS A GREAT SINGER! “HEY YO”!!!)who is opening her home and heart to all in front of television and all it’s cynical people who judge(lest they be judged!) and think they are the bomb and know their ($$@)%*!!)@%^_#* well, they don’t know thier ($$@)%*!!)@%^_#* I think Brooke is awesome and has what it takes to make it BIG TIME!! When is “Hey, Yo “gonna be played on the radio station? I live in Cali, and haven’t heard it yet on my radio stations (95.1, 104.3, 104.7) I would love a cd of yours!! Big fan, and I understand what you are going thru w/ur mom and dad dating other people-my parents got divorced when i was younger than you are, but ya know………..*$%t happens, and you never know who you will end up with. I was 7 yrs old and chose my dad, but ended up w/a mom who didn’t want me-when all the timeall I wanted to be was with my dad!! I love your relationship w/your dad-I love my dad, too!!! Rock on, Brooke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paulakitty!!!

  180. Christina Manzi says:

    Brooke, you are absolutly beautiful and you have so much talent. I just want to know how do you do it!? Its amazing to see you singing and having your own t.v show.
    -Love your biggest fan,

  181. Jack Phillips says:

    Love ya, Brooke! You do know best.

    Just one request: Could you do some more episodes
    with _^%@^*$~#!)&%*!( bs? He is a TRIP!

  182. Jack Phillips says:

    Love ya, Brooke! You do know best.

    Just one request: Could you do some more episodes
    with ~@@~*+$(#^+!+~++ bs? He is a TRIP!

  183. Joshua says:

    Hi i was wondering how i could go about getting an autographed picture of brooke? Thanks!

  184. Jai says:

    On the “Ashley Goes Green” episode what is the name of this song played? Here are the lyrics I got: We’ve been sittin in the same old place, feels like nothings gonna ever change” I like what I heard of it but I can’t find it anywhere. Please help! Thanks!

  185. Jason says:

    When did Ashley become an enviroNAZI? Ever heard “It’s a Free country?” Or “Live and let Live?” Or even, “Different strokes for different folks?” This country is going to Hell, and the freakin’ green Nazis are taking us there! What’s next, shoveling Jews into the ovens will reduce resource users, and provide green fertilizing ashes? Get rid of her.

  186. bg says:

    your friend on your go green episoide is very annoying REALLY couldnt finish watching but i hope you guys came to a better conclusion

  187. cassie says:

    how is everything with your dad?

  188. Codie Martin says:

    wow, brooke. I’m really sorry to hear about your mom and dad.. I just want you to know how much I love your show.. You are a beautiful girl.. And I LOVE the relationship you have with your dad.. It’s great father daughther bond that not enough people have.. You are is world you can see that.. So how are you? How are you taking all this.. I wish you well.. And don’t give up it will get better.. Your number one fan.. Love ya.

  189. David Cavette says:

    GHey what’s Good Brooke? I live n Dallas,from Memphis.38very handsome,clean cut,casual,nice smile,sports fanatic.plez don’t get me twisted for them clowns tha get at u.I’m proffesionally employed @ very confident african american,nice skin as well as personality.I’m here to holo b/sweating females not my cup of tea.I would love to send a pictr(email)

  190. trish says:

    i think your show is great. i love your dad. i am 51 yrs old if he ever becomes single i sure as hell would love a date with him. you are such beautiful and very susseful. i know what you are going through with your parents divorce, i went thorugh wheni was just 13 and it was hard so that’s why you need to stay strong for yourself. your mom needs to get somebody her own age the age of her boyfriend is ridiculous and embarrassing for her children. She needs to get real or a bigger mirror in her house to show she is not in her 20′s anymore. love you and brother nick. you are two awesome kids who have a great father. take care and god bless and brook keep up with your goals because you are always going to achieve them.

  191. Dee says:

    I would like the recipes for the goulash that was cooked at Glenn’s parent’s house. Also for the other one that you made.

  192. Heather says:

    Hey, Brook My name Is Heather. Im Australian. Plese send me a copy of ur album?


    Did u hear about Michael Jackson

  193. jim says:

    ur beautiful why do u keep going after the stupid *($+)*(^(~_%^_% guys if u look hard u can find who u want like i did in life nic ehouse btw

  194. Kenya says:

    I normally dont go to these websites and do this kinda thing but today im home from school. I have been for the past 3 weeks. I currently had surgery. But anyway today ive been watching your show (like always (: ) and i just decided to actually get on a give this a try. I just wanted to let you know you are a very gorgeous girl! You got a good head on your shoulders. Im 18 and i look up to that.
    My queation is how are you getting through with thing with your mom? I know u r asked that alot and ur prob sick of it but my reason for asking is because this summer i moved out of my moms out because her and i arent getting along too well. I am staying with a friend untill i leave for college.. Just need a little advice..
    <3 Kenya

  195. Noriene says:

    Hey brooke!I love ur show and I admire you so much!If you are interested in a guy, do u go and show him or do u see if he shows interest in you first?

  196. steven s stiglets says:

    Hey miss brook i watch your show when i can catch it and just want to ask if you got over your parents getting divorce and i just want you to know that my parents got divorce when i was 6 yrs old and my mom pass away when i was 29 and my dad is the only one living right now and i hardly get to see him so ihope you get to answer this soon and will be in miami in march for the winter music conffrence in march so i hope that we can be friends so i guess i will talk to you later from you friend steven

  197. Andy Jackson says:

    hey Brooke i think ur really hot and i wanna get in touch with u

  198. vickie says:

    i have to b nosy, why did ur mom and dad split up?i luv ur show and luved hogan knows glad ur bro is doin good and out of jail.

  199. james barnhart says:

    I have two questions, the first is, Is your dad returning to wrestling? and the second is, Is there any chance your uncle `~%*@*(+^“`+*~~ bs and Saggs (The Nasty Boys) Will ever return to wrestling? Keep up the good work singing like a queen.

  200. james barnhart says:

    I have two questions, the first is, Is your dad returning to wrestling? and the second is, Is there any chance your uncle *((_#*_($)#!^%!( bs and Saggs (The Nasty Boys) Will ever return to wrestling? Keep up the good work singing like a queen.

  201. Nathan says:

    Will you ever do your album ‘THE REDEMPTION’ as a tour in the UK? and are you single?

  202. Steve from Madeira Beach Fl. says:

    My wife and I love Brookes show but this is a question about her father. I went to the same place Terry went to to have his surgery, LSI Institute in Tampa Fl. I just wondered how he was doing since his surgery? I had the same thing done and it didn’t work. I’d love to get some info,I don’t want to make anymore mistakes.



  203. kayla says:

    is there going to be a season 3?

  204. Erin Sullivan says:

    First off I just want to say I love your family. I have grown up watching ur dad wrestle and was lucky enough to meet him when I was like 5 lol (my dad was a taxi driver in MA.) I just want to know what was it like growing up with the “Hulk” for a dad? I mean he looked intimidating to me but than again I was lucky if I was 4 feet tall at the time lol.

  205. jennifer says:

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  206. will says:

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  207. Brandy 22yrs old from Tulsa Oklahoma says:

    Hey Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to me because I am going through the divorce drama right now and I got to see that you handled it. I actually wanted to know how you handled it? My mom cheated on my step dad and divorced him to be with my biological father. She lied to me for 2 years hoping that I would just let it go and accept it. Shes acting like a teenager now and I feel like I have to be the adult. She makes it really hard on me. I just got married and through the whole process she was so consumed with her life that it was a terrible experience. I would just like your advice. Thanks!

  208. Cynthia says:

    Hi brooke-tini, my first question would be how do u keep yourself so fit?.. what r ur main work outs that u do? my second question is how r u dealing with ur parents divoice, because i am going through the same thing and all my friends parents r not going through what my parents r going through and i need a friend that understands the same thing that i am going through. Btw i love ur show… hope u can get back to me. :-)

  209. bianca says:

    hiii brooke i love yuur show and wow i wish i could meet yuu .. yuu seem like an awesome person to chill with i hope my wish comes true but i guess not loooooove yuur show and yuur singing thnx fer reading my comment byyyee(:

  210. Derell Anderson says:

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  211. auxiliadora says:

    HIII I love you show! it is very wonderfull ;) But You’re very funny and You want to be independent and enjoy life the time!!1 Im very impress about you something! I know but that your father was always the rules and listen and serious lolz that so cool….

  212. auxiliadora says:

    HIII I love you show! it is very wonderfull ;) But You’re very funny and You want to be independent and enjoy life the time!!1 Im very impress about you something! I know but that your father was always the rules and listen and serious lolz that so cool…. Again you will there going to be a season 3???

  213. Maria says:

    HIII I love you show! it is very wonderfull ;) But You’re very funny and You want to be independent and enjoy life the time!!1 Im very impress about you something! I know but that your father was always the rules and listen and serious lolz that so cool…. Again you will there going to be a season 3???

  214. Maria says:

    HIII I love you show! it is very wonderfull ;) But You’re very funny and You want to be independent and enjoy life the time!!1 Im very impress about you something! I know but that your father was always the rules and listen and serious lolz that so cool…. Again you will there going to be a season 3??? ;DDDD

  215. BeBee says:

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  216. damien says:

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  218. Destiny says:

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  219. Destiny says:

    Hey Brooke!!! I love your music and style:) I wanted to ask you where is your favorite place to shop? What is it like being a singer and famous, amd getting to meet a lot of celebrity’s? Well thats all I pretty much wanna ask you right now!! And I hope to hear from you soon!!!

  220. paul peel says:

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  221. Bryan says:

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  222. Kevin says:

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  223. Kevin says:

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  224. Jessie says:

    Hey Brooke i just wanted to let you know that i watch your show and i love everything that happens on it. Im glad everything seems to be going better for you and your family. Family and friends will always be there when you need them. I live in Miami too and I just love the weather. Merry Christmas and i hope there are more seasons of your show.

  225. Robyn says:

    I just watched your show and wanted to know the name of your Hairdresser. Your hair is beautiful! And by the way tell your Dad if he is ever in my neck of the woods, to call me Id love to take him out to Dinner.
    Take care and have fun and love your show!

  226. gilbert frazier says:

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  227. nwo says:

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  228. Anthony says:

    Hello Brooke Hogan, my name is Anthony and i was just wondering if you can email me so we can talk about something. I know you get many messages everyday but i would really apreciate it if you can. My email address is I hope to hear from you. Thank you for your time.

  229. james olson says:

    i want ot get to know Glenn cause he is so cute that is if hes gay





  232. Kimberly says:

    When are you coming back for a new season? I miss your show. Last season was soo interesting from you kissing another Girl to Getting on a boat with a Crazy dude. I hope i get to see more.

  233. Joven Greenaway says:

    Hey There Brooke I Jus Wanna Ask This QuesTion Does Your Dad Have The That Boat They Were Using In The Tv Series Thunder In Paradise??

  234. Joven Greenaway says:

    Hey There Brooke I Just Wanna Ask This QuesTion Does Your Dad Have That Boat They Were Using On The Tv Series Thunder In Paradise???

  235. Joven says:

    Hey Sup Brooke :) Um..My Name Is Joven And Im From The Caribbean My Question Is For Your Dad um Does He Still Have The Boat On The Tv Series Thunder In Paradise ha does he?

  236. Joven says:

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  237. Barbara Richmond says:

    I have missed watching the brooke knows best show.I’d like to know whats going on now with brooke,ashley,and glen?Brooke has come a long way since the break up of her parents.She has blossomed so much,and has a wonderful singing career.I’d also like to know about terry hogan? How is he doing these days? Please bring the series back on? I miss all of you.

  238. Heath Kessler says:

    Dear Brooke,

    My name is Heath Cliff Kessler, I am a local artist that lives in the Clearwater, FL area. About 13 years ago your dad and I were at a grand opening for a mutual friend that your dad and I have, ex wrestler Jon Voigt (not the actor), for a gym he was opening on the north end of Clearwater Beach, “The Gym of Clearwater Beach” (which is closed now). I was there for the grand opening as guest because I was the artist that painted the murals on the inside and outside and your dad was making an appearance as “The Hulkster” for Jon as a favor to get people to the grand opening. Your dad was real cool and went around and posed with me in front of the murals. Anyways, that day I gave him a copy of a children’s book that I wrote and illustrated and was working on getting published #&&_&%$)@%$*^!_ led, “The Endangered Land”. I was wondering:

    1) If the book ever made it to you?
    2) If you liked it?
    3) If you think it would be a good idea to expand on for an animated movie?
    4) If you had any interest in collaborating on writing/producing children’s books?

    Thanks and have a great day,
    Heath Cliff Kessler

  239. TOmmy Riggs says:

    I used to watch your dad wrestle in Memphis Tn, So I use the utmost respect when I say brooke is beautiful.
    My question is I was wandering if you ever seen the Hulk go ballistic out side of wrestling.
    And if so how much did it freak you out?

  240. Jennifer S. says:

    What is like to be the daughter of a celebrity? I have watched your dad on wrestling since I was a little girl. Stay safe in your adventures and try not to be so hard on your parents since they are just looking out for your best interests. I am on both sides of the fence now that I am a mother to soon to be four children.

  241. Emily Bracken says:

    Hello,Brooke Hogan! This is the first time I have ever tryed to e-mail a star! Listen I am 28yrs old and watched you’r father as a child.
    Question: What was the most scarey moment you ever experienced,involving you’r father and wrestling?
    Brooke, I am a mother of a wounderful 6mo old boy name Isaac. Do you ever think about motherhood?
    P.s. I can imagine you’r dad’s expression at my question! Hope you have time to get back at me soon!

  242. Sally says:

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  243. Jake says:

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  244. Dori says:

    I just want to give Brooke Kudo’s for being a great role model for young women. I am an addictions counselor and know that drinking and the use of pain pills/opiates is a problem with many of our young adults. It is great to see Brooke refuse alcohol in a matter of fact way without apologies. It helps the youth realize they don’t have to be trashed to have fun (even though her first house party others were drunk and got a little out of control). Thanks for being you Brooke.

  245. iluvpupok says:

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    play with your bellybutton? I really love your stomach.

  246. Erick Rodríguez Flecha says:

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