Confessions of a Teen Idol – Episode 7 Recap – Don’t Play With My Emotions, Dude


In the wake of some harsh criticism from a group of show business executives the prior day, Jeremy’s still in a tailspin. Will strenuous exercise be the key to figuring out where he fits in to the Hollywood scene?

He resolves to be more chill and more “plain.” Chris tries to convince him the guys only have his best interests at heart.

Jamie and Bill have been jamming and have come up with some actual songs.

Bill’s still in good voice, and Jamie encourages him to record some of the tracks they’ve been rehearsing by the pool.

The fax for the next challenge comes in.

They’re to report to the theater in a matter of hours for a huge audition. Each Idol gets busy pulling together a monologue they’ll perform for a couple of high-level casting directors. Other than that, no pressure whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Chris is taking off again. He’s already gotten a phone call from another Hollywood gatekeeper. He chooses to go to that meeting, and so will miss the audition at the house.

The theme of the monologue they’ve been assigned revolves around a son talking about a father he never knew. Jeremy can identify with this all too well.

He tells the story of his real-life father, who, it turns out, was a heroin addict. After a life of suffering with addiction, he ended up dying in prison. He never knew anything about Jeremy or how far he’d gone in life.

They meet with the casting directors for an exercise in “cold reading.”

I don’t know why I’m so surprised these Hollywood types look like normal people. Valorie looks like my Aunt Joan, I swear, glasses and all. I thought everyone in LA was size zero with fake boobs! I know, I have to stop watching Rock of Love Bus, it’s warping my sense of reality.

David is not happy with the last minute nature of the audition, and lets it be known. Nevertheless, he ends up doing a perfect job. Jeremy, on the other hand, somehow misses the mark again. This time, they tell him he’s too controlled. If only they knew! He sits back and you can tell he’s seething.

Jeremy, the lesson is, put your intensity into the acting, and take it out of your personal life! It’s that simple.

Bill goes for broke again with a monologue he composed himself. He’s crazy with rage and sadness. Then, in the end, he breaks into a little song he sings creepily like a child.

No one can hold back their laughter, because it’s hilarious!

Except Jamie, who seems to be missing the humor gene anyway. We’re laughing with you, Billy, I promise.

That night, Billy, Jamie, and Eric head to a recording studio to work on one of Billy’s tracks.

Eric assures us that although he doesn’t sing, we’re all making music by vibrating. I know what he means, but it’s still a weird thing to say. Billy’s voice is great for capturing an emotion — the song is a hit, at least with Eric, who is on the brink of tears by the end.

Back at the house, it’s time to meet with Cooper and talk about the feedback from that day’s audition. The men tell stories of the roles that got away. Jamie had lost a major role in a Dustin Hoffman film. Eric relates an unbelievable story about a huge role he lost in one of the Batman films, the one with Val Kilmer. It was a role that would have changed his life.

Cooper asks they guys to pretend she’s a casting director and role play some feelings they’d like to express. David talks about an experience he had with a casting director writing emails while he’s auditioning, and how angry that made him feel.

Adrian is back from the cruise ship. He’s just in time to head over and meet acting coach Howard Fine who will help them get their audition skills back on track.

There’s a note to bring an object with sentimental value with them.

In the theater, Howard works with David first. Trying to get David to lessen his self-consciousness as an actor, David’s not hearing it. We haven’t seen David at the brink like this since the first episode when the guys got “punked” by Scott and Jason.

Jeremy takes the stage and talks about his mom’s sunglasses, which he’s brought with him. Howard is trying to fine tune how each actor finds his emotion, and ways to keep their performance authentic. Billy finds his authentic emotion in imagining his little dog has gone. Billy’s Lapsa Apso is who he calls when he is sad. I wonder how his wife feels about that.

Howard tells Jamie to go for some kookiness in his reading. Please god, let him finally do something funny! I can’t take the poker face anymore. But he does manage to make everyone laugh.

David challenges Howard on his techniques. He lets David win the argument, but says, “he who argues for his limitations gets to keep them.” Now, you just mull that over for a while, mister!

The casting directors return to watch the guys perform the monologue one more time. While Jeremy nails his performance, David learns that he needs to somehow channel his anger better. But overall, this episode is a real downer, and with all the crying and talking about absentee fathers, I’m reaching for the Zoloft.

Mercifully, the auditions end, and the Teen Idols all head to the beach to have some fun. Anyone remember fun??

We get to check out Eric in swimming trunks, which definitely raises the spirits.

Oh, and it was great the way everyone reconnected with their inner aritistic muses this week.

Watch the last full episode of Confessions Of A Teen Idol

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