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In practical terms, Ray J’s decision to eliminate Stilts was the right one: as she explains in the interview below, she was not there for the love of Ray J. At all! Still, there’s something to admire in her honesty as she talks about exposure, her off-again-on-again marriage and her background as a porn director. Also, since Stilts is the first Ray J girl we’ve talked to since Danger’s pregnancy scandal broke, we had to get her take on it. Her answer is as practical as you might expect…

How was your time on the show?

Short but fun. Ray was cool, the girls were great.

What did you think about the claim from Caviar that For the Love of Ray J would be somehow different than other VH1 dating shows?

I thought it would be just like every other reality show, but I guess it wasn’t exactly the same. There was less drama and the girls were less catty. The girls on our show weren’t on there to just get their own show or act like fools. The casting was done carefully and the standards were higher than other shows.

At the same time, the girls’ interest in “exposure” has been a concern since the premiere. How attractive was that exposure to you?

For anyone, I think, that’s the selling point. I’m a model and I’ve been a model for years, so I know the game. It was an exposure opportunity for the girls that were on the show as well as Ray.

Did you go in with any interest in finding love with Ray J?

No. I had as much interest as he had in finding love with me…or any other girl on the show. (Laughs) I’ve been in the industry for a long time. And obviously, I’m married. That’s why I got kicked off the show.

So was your story about being separated from your husband just that: a story?

At the time, we were separated, but now we’re happily married. We aren’t getting divorced.

The weirdest thing about that situation to me is that you were still wearing your ring.

I wasn’t wearing my wedding ring. Now I am, but on the show I was wearing a ring that I bought since I had a tan line on my finger. Somebody was bound to question why I took my ring off once they saw that. I just said, “I might as well wear something there.”

What is your formerly estranged husband’s take on your participation on this show?

He thinks it’s funny. He sits in front of the TV every episode and watches, so he thinks it’s cool.

And I guess you didn’t do anything that would have jeopardized your on-hold relationship, anyway.

Yeah. Regardless of being married or not, that’s me. I would have always had that role. I never have stepped outside of myself for that reason.

How was it spending time with Ray in the studio? Were you at all engaged?

Oh yeah, that was fun. I went in and recorded some vocals for his “Sex in the Rain” song. I knew going into the studio that we were going to talk about the marriage thing because when we were getting out of the car, he suddenly saw the ring. I know he saw it way before. Also, I told producers I was married. I didn’t lie when I filled out my paperwork. I knew that it was going to be an easy elimination for him. But Ray is cool. He’s different with each female. With the party girls in the house, he’s Ray. He’s a party. But when he was with our group, me, Unique, Cashmere and Stacks, he was really chill, laid-back, a gentleman. He was a different person. It was almost like he wasn’t Ray J. He was Willie Norwood with us.

In retrospect, do you wish you were less forthcoming about the marriage? If you kept it quiet, you could have stayed around longer.

I think about that a lot. Had I not been honest about the producers about still being married and it came out, I probably would have lost all chances of being on the show, period. I at least got a chance to be on the show for a few episodes.

Do you respect Ray?

Oh yeah. I love him as a person. I have total respect for him. He’s who he is, and I respect everything that he does. He’s a lot like me. No matter what he’s doing, even if it’s something the public might not agree with, he owns it. I give him respect for being a stand-up person in general.

Speaking of stuff the public might not agree with, I wonder if you want to talk about your background as a porn director.

It’s something I don’t regret. It’s something I’m good at. I’m also the founder of the Urban X Awards, which is the first adult ethnic awards show in the industry, so I’m a big leader within the industry. I’m not just a porn director. I’ve also never been in front of the camera, besides hosting my movies. I know it’s come out that I’m a porn star, but I’m not.

You’ve modeled nude, though, right?

I have. I’ve done Playboy, I’ve done Mystique Magazine. Looker. I am a nude model.

What outcome did you expect from the exposure you sought by appearing on this show?

I’ve been a mainstream model for a long time. I’m 6-feet tall, so I do the runway, I’ve done music videos, I’ve been in magazines and all that. I’m married to a popular adult-film director, I have a child and I took some time off. The show was basically my way of bringing Sharee English back, but now I’m Stilts. Even just from the three weeks I was on the show, the response has been amazing. I’ve booked several jobs, I’m going to Jamaica next week for Black Men magazine, I’m hosting parties. So this show put me back out there in the public eye because I did disappear for a while.

Any resentment for Cocktail since she schemed to get you off the show, or anyone else, for that matter?

I think Cocktail more wanted Caviar out of there first. I didn’t have a problem with any of the girls besides Danger. Well, I didn’t really have a problem with her, she was just a weird type of female and I couldn’t really get her. Everyone else in the house I could read. Cocktail, I knew from the beginning she was sneaky and it’s a game. She had to do what she could do to eliminate someone. I don’t have hard feelings toward anyone. Everyone plays their game different.

What was so weird about Danger?

She was just weird, period. You never knew what move she was going to make. We all thought she was crazy, like, mentally. We had conversations like, “Oh my God, is Danger gonna be in our room with a knife?” It goes to show, too. She’s spreading this rumor that she’s pregnant by Ray, so she obviously is crying for a lot of attention. She’s gonna get that attention regardless of whether it’s ruining someone’s career or putting out false information. She talked about me on several radio stations, too. She called me a porn star and that’s not true. To me, this whole thing is a big publicity stunt. I don’t feel like she’s gonna go the whole nine months if she is pregnant. I feel like something’s mysteriously going to happen that makes her not pregnant anymore. The girl, I think she has issues.

Keep up with Stilts via her MySpace and her forthcoming official site.

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