Confessions of a Teen Idol Episode 8 Recap – Call It A Comeback


The former teen idols are packing their bags. Which men will go on to become stars again? And which ones will fade away forever?

This week, we finally find out who will reject fame and who will once more become part of our pop culture landscape.

At the start of the episode, I’m dying to find out! You too? Having discovered how talented and deserving of fame each one of these guys are, which ones are you rooting for?

First things first, there’s one more session with Cooper. The question she immediately puts to the guys is, do you want your fame back?

Jamie goes first. In a surprising turn, he says, yes, he wants to play music again, and if that brings fame, then he does want it back.

Chris also replies that he wants to go for it.

As for Eric, he says he wants to “turn fame into love,” and is still trying to find out what his career might be. Coming from a former reality TV star, I see his point. He’s got a ton of charisma, and could probably sell a lot of green drinks, advocate for the hungry, and much more, if he tried.

This is the last group session, and Cooper earns a standing ovation for a job well done!

Later, Jeremy receives a letter from his mom. He gets emotional talking about how close they’ve always been and how she wanted to protect him.

There’s still pending one-on-one sessions with Cooper, where each guy is faced with one of their old portraits, then confronted with their new one. Jeremy has one last opportunity to take out a little aggression on his old self.

Eric decides to read a letter he’s written to the powers that be. “Dear Entertainment Biz,” it begins. It turns out he’s pretty grateful for all the cool experiences being famous brought him. He’s thankful for having lived “an extraordinary life.”

However, through it all, we can see the bottoms of his dirty feet.

I think in some countries, baring your soles this way is an insult. If this series is ever broadcast on Al Jazeera, they’ll have to blur out that part, as if his feet are boobs “accidently” falling out of a bikini top on Rock of Love Bus.

Jeremy and Cooper have a real heart-to-heart about his past and his struggles with his mom.

Cooper encourages Jeremy to let himself off the hook for poor decisions he made when he was just a teenager. If everyone was held accountable for dumb things they did in high school, we’d all need a lifetime of therapy just to deal with the aftermath!

A new call sheet comes in. The guys will be picked up in a limo later that night and taken to the show’s wrap party. Woohoo!

Even Eric puts on some real clothes for this one. “Is that made of hemp?” asks Adrian?

The teen idols put up their new portraits and give themselves a much-deserved round of applause.

The guys roll to the wrap party in style, but Jason and Scott still have a couple of surprises to reveal.

Jason has the guys get out of the limo on Sunset Blvd and check out a massive, lit-up billboard.

Take a look!

The reactions are priceless.

When they do get to the venue, their friends and family are there waiting.

They’re called to gather on the stage and address the audience and reflect on what they’ve learned from the show. But there’s one more surprise Scott and Jason haven’t clued them in on. Do you think they’re about to have their hearts broken again?

We find out Scott and Jason have actually lined up a huge agenda of opportunities for the men, so they can jump back into show business with both feet – dirty ones included!

Billy’s been set up for a meeting with Grammy-winning producer Desmond Child. Here’s his reaction.

Um, is this good news or bad news, Billy?

When they cut away to the audience, check out this guy’s awesome James Brown ‘doo!

Oh, I almost forgot: Watch the premiere of Billy’s new video “Try” now!

Scott and Eric finally find common ground, when Jason announces Eric’s been given a publishing deal with MTV Books for his book about battling drug addiction. Also, he’ll be given a production team to put together the footage of his documentary supporting the same cause.

Chris scores big when he’s offered a role in an upcoming TV pilot “No Audition Necessary.”

His daughter fights back tears.

After their new opportunities have been announced, the hugging commences.

I haven’t seen this much love on TV since Jeff Conway and his girlfriend screamed that they couldn’t live without each other on Celebrity Rehab. It’s just that touching.

Speaking of love, what about that new video by Billy? Tell us what you think! Also, tune in to see Jeremy host VH1 Top 20 Countdown at 9am EST on Februray 28th on VH1!

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