Confessions of a Teen Idol Episode 8 Recap – Call It A Comeback


The former teen idols are packing their bags. Which men will go on to become stars again? And which ones will fade away forever?

This week, we finally find out who will reject fame and who will once more become part of our pop culture landscape.

At the start of the episode, I’m dying to find out! You too? Having discovered how talented and deserving of fame each one of these guys are, which ones are you rooting for?

First things first, there’s one more session with Cooper. The question she immediately puts to the guys is, do you want your fame back?

Jamie goes first. In a surprising turn, he says, yes, he wants to play music again, and if that brings fame, then he does want it back.

Chris also replies that he wants to go for it.

As for Eric, he says he wants to “turn fame into love,” and is still trying to find out what his career might be. Coming from a former reality TV star, I see his point. He’s got a ton of charisma, and could probably sell a lot of green drinks, advocate for the hungry, and much more, if he tried.

This is the last group session, and Cooper earns a standing ovation for a job well done!

Later, Jeremy receives a letter from his mom. He gets emotional talking about how close they’ve always been and how she wanted to protect him.

There’s still pending one-on-one sessions with Cooper, where each guy is faced with one of their old portraits, then confronted with their new one. Jeremy has one last opportunity to take out a little aggression on his old self.

Eric decides to read a letter he’s written to the powers that be. “Dear Entertainment Biz,” it begins. It turns out he’s pretty grateful for all the cool experiences being famous brought him. He’s thankful for having lived “an extraordinary life.”

However, through it all, we can see the bottoms of his dirty feet.

I think in some countries, baring your soles this way is an insult. If this series is ever broadcast on Al Jazeera, they’ll have to blur out that part, as if his feet are boobs “accidently” falling out of a bikini top on Rock of Love Bus.

Jeremy and Cooper have a real heart-to-heart about his past and his struggles with his mom.

Cooper encourages Jeremy to let himself off the hook for poor decisions he made when he was just a teenager. If everyone was held accountable for dumb things they did in high school, we’d all need a lifetime of therapy just to deal with the aftermath!

A new call sheet comes in. The guys will be picked up in a limo later that night and taken to the show’s wrap party. Woohoo!

Even Eric puts on some real clothes for this one. “Is that made of hemp?” asks Adrian?

The teen idols put up their new portraits and give themselves a much-deserved round of applause.

The guys roll to the wrap party in style, but Jason and Scott still have a couple of surprises to reveal.

Jason has the guys get out of the limo on Sunset Blvd and check out a massive, lit-up billboard.

Take a look!

The reactions are priceless.

When they do get to the venue, their friends and family are there waiting.

They’re called to gather on the stage and address the audience and reflect on what they’ve learned from the show. But there’s one more surprise Scott and Jason haven’t clued them in on. Do you think they’re about to have their hearts broken again?

We find out Scott and Jason have actually lined up a huge agenda of opportunities for the men, so they can jump back into show business with both feet – dirty ones included!

Billy’s been set up for a meeting with Grammy-winning producer Desmond Child. Here’s his reaction.

Um, is this good news or bad news, Billy?

When they cut away to the audience, check out this guy’s awesome James Brown ‘doo!

Oh, I almost forgot: Watch the premiere of Billy’s new video “Try” now!

Scott and Eric finally find common ground, when Jason announces Eric’s been given a publishing deal with MTV Books for his book about battling drug addiction. Also, he’ll be given a production team to put together the footage of his documentary supporting the same cause.

Chris scores big when he’s offered a role in an upcoming TV pilot “No Audition Necessary.”

His daughter fights back tears.

After their new opportunities have been announced, the hugging commences.

I haven’t seen this much love on TV since Jeff Conway and his girlfriend screamed that they couldn’t live without each other on Celebrity Rehab. It’s just that touching.

Speaking of love, what about that new video by Billy? Tell us what you think! Also, tune in to see Jeremy host VH1 Top 20 Countdown at 9am EST on Februray 28th on VH1!

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  1. Andrea Zoffranieri says:

    i think that tonight’s episode was a great one. i am really happy for the Guys. they all get a second chance at being stars. this was a great Show from the start. it showed 7 guys. then & now. & what it took to becoming stars. this Was a really great show & i am going to miss it. Thanks vh1 for running it. me & my Friend really liked watching it!

  2. Pat says:

    I wish all of these guys well. They all have talent. I grew up watching Fame and would love to see Billy as a teacher in a new version of the hit show. It would be a great series for VH1 to do!! Chris Atkins will succeed in anything he does. You’ve still got it!! Best of luck to all the other guys! I look forward to following all of your success.

  3. scifiwritir says:

    I wish them so much happiness …and saneness when they return to fame. -C

  4. Charles says:

    I thought this series was one of the best on VH1. It would be awesome to see all of these guys make a comeback. But at the same time, it is sad to see the show come to an end. In the future, hopefully, we will be able to have some sort of update on the progress that they’ve all made in the show business.

  5. Byron Estrada says:

    I am a big fan of the show. I think it was a great ending of the show for this guys and it will be the beginning of great things to come. They all are talented individuals and it takes a man… a grown man to admits weaknesses and need for change. I am a young guy but I seen all of them in their shows or movies. I actually bumped into Eric various times in Clubs, he has a cousin who was my friend here in New Jersey and exchange a couple of words and had shakes, and honestly I never like the guy but I see a change in him and that’s good to know. I wish the best to all this guys, great Job to the producers who I am a big fan of them as well. They should do a follow up show or bring the girls teen idols!!!!!

  6. lisa says:

    I really am happy for all of the guys. I enjoyed watching them through all of their self discoveries. Eric showed such honesty throughout it was really inspiring. I hope they all have very prosperous careers and long happy lives. Jeremy was very interisting to watch. He longed to learn so much and was so eager. We watched all of them make it to milestones. I will miss this show.

  7. Christina says:

    I started watching as a fan of Scott Baio. And became one of each of yours. To feel the truth in each of your stories was a gift. I will be watching, listening, and pulling for each on of you…

  8. Michelle says:

    I am so happy that the network decided to reward each of the guys with a gift to get them back in the business. I really enjoyed watching the show and felt that it was a good way to show the public what it is really like to have fame and then lose it. Chris Atkins I felt has the most potential and I hope to see all of them back in their famous shoes. Good job VH1!!!

  9. TMDavis says:

    I am so glad that things turned out positively for the guys! I look forward to their re-entry into the public eye.

    Did anyone catch the Aussie Mega shampoo commercial that starred Billy Hufsey? It took place in a flower mart, and he was the shopkeeper guy who takes a bunch of flowers, fakes like he’s going to tgive them to a little girl, then does a funky spin and presents the bouquet to a woman with fabulous (Aussie Shampoo) hair. :D If you recall, he did impress the Aussie people during episode 3 or 4 of the show, and got booked for the commercial. Congrats, Billy!

  10. melissa b says:

    i loved watching this series!! i just think it was beautifully done by scott and jason. great idea! you gave all these once beautiful hot actors/musicians another chance and tell them not to settle for what they have been doing with their lives. i was a big fan and rooting for best of luck to you adrian i hope to see you on the big screen or tv!!!

  11. Lori says:

    I loved the finale and wish the best for these guys, lets hope the casting folks in Hollywood consider them for future opportunities. I can definitely see Billy on a cop show, Chris as a dad in a sitcom or teen drama, David and Jeremy on a soap or Melrose Place type show, Adrian as a judge or host of a dance/talent type show and Eric hosting a show on cable about natural products/ways to do things. Jamie come back to the music business – you have talent!

  12. Caitlyn Coil says:

    I’m trying to find out all the songs in the finale. There is this one song they play a little bit of, and I really want to know what it is called. They only play the song in the preview or the ‘on tonights show’(somthing like that) and all the song plays is “Ohhhh Ohhh Ohhhh” over and over. But I’ve herd the song before and it’s killing me not knowing what it’s called. So if you know the song, or the songs played in the episode, I’d really really like to know!! Great show(: Good luck you guys!! I’ll watch anything you do!(:

  13. allee says:

    hello to all you fabulous guys…i think you are all are a great bunch of men i love watching you and it is good to see you all, and you all look fantastic.keep up the good work.stay sweet and blessed..

  14. Danielle says:

    I am so VERY proud of each one of these guys. as for Jeremy doing Soaps…. PLEASE!! he is so much better than those. not so say he wouldnt doa good job but he shouldnt be type cast like that! i really look forward to seeing what is in store for these guys. and Chris if you read this i hop eto see the show that you are piloting…. YEAH!!! i cant even wiat and i had alwyas wondered what had happened to you and if you did anything else after BL.

  15. Ericka Koch says:

    I Wish Chris Atkins well and hope he strives to get back into movies, Romantic ones hopefully. I hope all of them take this opportunity and keep going, not slip back into the sunset and we all have to wonder again, “what happened to Chris Atkins?” What happened to the others? They now have a social responsibility to themselves and their fans. Love to all of them. Thank you VH1 for bringing back our teen loves.

  16. lhodgins says:

    I loved this show!! I wish all the guys success. I can see Jeremy in New Moon (Twilight Series). He has the looks the cheek bones and he is intense enough to do a good job!

  17. donna says:

    i think all the guys were great. i forgot how much i missed tj hooker and grease until i saw adrian on the show. he still is a good looking man and we hope to see him in the future

  18. Michele says:

    I have to say that I decided to watch the first episode of “teen idol” only because I wondered about what some of these guys (who really *do* date back to my younger days) were up to now. I was a bit apprehensive, though — afraid that a “reality” show would simply mock them or make them look foolish. I think a huge round of applause goes to the Hervey/ Baio team who, probably because they understand this situation, have allowed these men to be presented with integrity. Sure there were some outbursts… Mainly, however, we got to see that these are talented, intelligent, and dignified men who don’t deserve to be limited by that most limiting of &*$$#~`@!@!(@_( les: “teen idol”. Bravo to all involved.

  19. Suzanne says:

    New Christopher Atkins movie…

    Love Don’t Come Easy

    Nicolette, the eccentric aunt of Nikki Shore, has one simple wish for her niece. She wants her to love and live happily ever after with, Clay (Christopher Atkins), the man that she has picked out for her. Nicolette has vowed to not let Nikki follow her own past of foolishly losing the love of her life. Unfortunatly, Nikki has a fast track career and little time for romance and love. Sadly, Nicolette dies before accomplishing her goal…but is able to will her spirit to stay on earth. Can her spirit manipulate Nikki to change her life and find true love?

  20. ybredad says:

    I wanted to see what some of these guys have been up to, Bill, David, and Jamie. I got introduced to Jeremy, and Eric who I’m in love with now. I remember reading an article a few years ago that said that Christopher Atkins was happy building pools. I thought, well, great for him!

    I’d love to see these guys resurface doing great things. I see Jeremy in alot of movies out now, action, frat boy stuff; a starting point at least.

    Please keep us posted VH1

  21. Allison says:

    I wish Chris the very best. I was too young to see The Blue Lagoon but he’s still really hot!! I love blondes…

  22. Jan says:

    For some quirky reason, I really enjoyed this show. I think perhaps it might have been a generational thing (I remember FAME, and others). I wondered how younger generations responded.

  23. jdmorris says:

    I wish them happiness.Goodluck to all the other guys.This episode is really great.

  24. Michelle says:

    When you do the next installment of Confessions of a teen idol, you need to include african americans. Al B sure,New edition,Foster sylvers,Debarge,Todd bridges,Marqus Houston,etc.

  25. jazminjoy says:

    I remembered watching the first real world and my golly I had a huge crush on Eric Nies.I happen to have the first season of the real world on dvd.I would watch it and reminise over how cute eric was when he was young.He’s still cute,but more older,more mature,sweeter and wiser.He has such a good head over his shoulders and I wish him well.Hope to see his documentary on air soon.Best wishes to you Eric

  26. jazmin says:

    I happen to have the first real world season on dvd!

  27. Mindy says:

    I loved this show (except for that part in the 1st episode where they get punked into thinking there was a real audience behind the curtain. That was cruel and I almost stopped watching at that point!) But since I am a fan of those guys I kept watching and was really happy with the final episode. Anyway, PLEASE DO A FOLLOW UP SHOW AND LET US KNOW HOW THEY ARE DOING 1 YEAR LATER. IT WOULD BE A GREAT INTRO FOR SEASON TWO WITH A NEW CROP OF IDOLS. EVERYONE LOVES A GREAT COMEBACK STORY!

  28. baywater says:

    It is a big year for black film directors! Tyler Perry stepped away from the comedy/drama scene and focused on DRAMA with “Precious”

    New Fresh Director Deon Taylor Just got a theatrical release for his film “Chain Letter starring Nikki Reed from “Twilight” and Kieth David who is a lead in “The Princess and the Frog” has the trailer along with his other projects on his website

  29. ????o??p??pa? says:

    ?? ? ???, ????????? ???? ?

  30. Tania says:

    This series was only aired in SA now Feb 2011 and I enjoyed going on this journey with these guys. I hope you guys know how very special you are and each one of you have a unique gift to give back to the community and film/music industry. Much love and light gentleman, love you all.

    South AFric