Preggo Change-O: Danger Says She ISN’T Pregnant


Danger’s increasingly bizarre one-woman reality show plays on. In the latest update, contrary to attention-grabbing reports straight from the horse’s mouth, the For the Love of Ray J contestant is now claiming that she is not pregnant. In a rambling, bullet-pointed post on her MySpace blog, between ruminations on Josephine Baker and Danger’s own love of attention, Danger states simply: “No, I am not pregnant.” She gives no explanation or reference to the fact that she wouldn’t even have to mention it were it not for her own blabbing. Keep in mind, too, that this post is sandwiched between one bemoaning the negative attention as a result of the announcement of her “pregnancy” and one about a documentary she plans to film about (get ready to be shocked) herself. If ever there were a time to read between the lines, surely it is now.

Funnily enough, eliminated contestant Stilts predicted things would happen in this manner (that is to say without explanation) when we interviewed her last week. Said Stilts:

“[Danger]’s spreading this rumor that she’s pregnant by Ray, so she obviously is crying for a lot of attention…To me, this whole thing is a big publicity stunt. I don’t feel like she’s gonna go the whole nine months if she is pregnant. I feel like something’s mysteriously going to happen that makes her not pregnant anymore. The girl, I think she has issues.”

Stilts needs to be made an honorary Psychic Friend, like, now.

[Much credit to Bourgy for the great catch.]

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