For The Love Of Ray J Recap – Episode 5 – Seven Things We Loved About This Week’s Show


In this corner…

…is a lot to love…

Sitting right at the top of the things we loved about this week’s episode is:

- Feisty!

Ray J noted that she stepped it up this week. Though he was speaking in the context of the fight for his heart, his words could have referred to the fight for viewers’ attention. Seriously, this girl had me at directional confusion…

But even before that, she was completely drama-free when Lil’ Hood was having a minor freak-out about Ray “sleeping with” Unique and Cocktail:

The only better response for reality TV would have been a fist-and-spit fight.

And speaking of a fist fight, Feisty more than lived up to her name when she took the ring with Lil’ Hood during the boxing challenge. It was like watching a woodland creature scrap — cute and cuddly but unpredictably savage at the same time. When the rest of her team ditched out, the adorable lil’ chipmunk that is Feisty kept the friskiness rolling when she ranted about the abandonment: “What the f*** did you think it was gonna be like, you know? Doin’ each other’s hairs?” Maybe something like that but in the singular? Her devotion to the challenge won Feisty tag-along rights on the other team’s date and a spot in my heart. Congratulations, Feisty. You are the VH1 Blog’s Girl of the Week. It’s a distinction that I just made up right now and probably will never follow-up on, but it’s really prestigious. Trust me.

In sadder, yet slightly hopeful news, another thing we loved about this week’s episode was…

- That everyone seemed genuinely disappointed that Stacks had so leave the competition.

You might wonder why she joined the competition in the first place since her dad obviously didn’t develop cancer overnight. Maybe she didn’t realize how serious his condition was before coming on the show, or maybe she didn’t realize how hard being away from him would prove, but no matter what, Stacks seemed like one of the coolest girls on any of these shows and I’m just as disappointed to see her go. Maybe she’s the beneficiary of a good edit (she has it hard enough as it is without being made to look like a jerk!), but still: she will be missed.

But “seemed” is the operative word of this point. For you see, it seemed that Danger was part of the teary masses…

Yet an interview painted a different picture when she said, “Good riddance regardless of what’s happening,” since Stacks is “such an evil bitch.” That’s like the pot accusing the kettle of having a tattoo of a tiger on its face. Which leads us to:

- Danger’s danger.

So, that was mean, but other times, Danger’s emotional…issues are pure comic relief. I mean this?

Pent-up aggression much? I was bummed when the other team threw in the towel because I really wanted to see if Danger was crazy enough to, well, go crazy on Unique. Not that I wish anyone harm. I was just interested from a social-experimental perspective.

Also, say what you will about Danger, but the Adele Givens/Remy Ma reference she used to mock Unique…

…(“She thinks she’s such a f***in’ lady!”) was pretty amazing. Danger is a lot of things, but mostly, she’s hard to ignore. But we knew that already.

- Unique’s rant.

Her rationale behind throwing in the towel on the boxing challenge was pretty jaw-dropping.

Yeah, because everything up to this point hasn’t been embarrassing or packed with the potential to make all involved look stupid as hell or anything. Right. Look who just woke up and smelled the reality TV!

- This week’s sex-tape reference.

It’s obligatory at this point, yet it tickles me so. Go figure.

- Lil’ Hood’s unraveling.

This week, a hell of a lot more than the ghetto popped out of Lil’ Hood. How she went from this…

…to this…

…is a mystery to all, including those who watched and even those who were there, particularly the one being straddled and then jilted (i.e. Ray J).

What we do know is that Lil’ Hood started out the date all sexually forward…

…and ended it ranting in the car on the way home about Ray’s lack of interest. Grabbing her boobs and shaking them, she wondered aloud…

…”Do I have to be like, ‘Oh my God, pay attention to me?'” Well, you already tried it with the crotch. I guess working the boobs in couldn’t hurt?

The best exchange came when Hood ranted about Feisty’s inclusion on the date, despite the fact that she was on the losing team: “He’s like, ‘Oh Feisty, you haven’t won a f***ing challenge. You’re like the squeaky wheel I need to oil right now.'”

Cocktail’s response? A simple and definitive, “What?”

It was here that I started to wonder if Lil’ Hood’s logic wasn’t a lil’ screwy.

It culminated with a rant in front of everyone in which Hood, covered only by a towel…

…first seemed to deny the circulating rumor that she had ever said she wanted to leave the show and then admitted to it. When a bewildered Ray J asked her to clarify her point…

…she responded with: “I came to you to prove that the conversation was had. It was said that it was had. That’s the whole point of it. Do you get it now?” In a word: no. And then she followed it up by telling Ray J not to twist her words and to shut his mouth! And then outside, after Ray J told her he wasn’t there for her, she followed that up with: “You’re spoiled and if you lost all this today, I really don’t think you’d know what to do with yourself.” Ha! Amazing!

And then she called the other girls sluts! Lil’ Hood: it was weird and confusing, but ultimately memorable. “I’m a real f***ing bitch. I keep it real,” she said at one point. Please, girl, do yourself a favor and have that carved on your tombstone. Or, I don’t know, tattooed on your face.

But the best thing about Hood’s rant was the opportunity it gave to Ray J. In response to her “spoiled” comment…

- Ray J said this:

Classy, bizarrely formal and the perfect way to wrap up this recap. Thanks, bb!

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