Ray J’s Top Five Fitness Tips


During the last few weeks we opened the doors to For the Love of Ray J fans, asking them to send in questions their celebreality hero would answer. Everyone did a great job, and we’re processing Ray’s responses right now. But one query that repeatedly showed up in the comment fields was about the singer’s physique. Ray J keeps his body tight, no doubt, and lots of people wanted to know exactly how he does it.

Suffice to say it comes down to some common sense about diet, partying, determination, and focus. Want a six-pack like our man? Watch the clip and follow the rules.

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  1. candy says:

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  2. Vanity8671 says:

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  3. Lauren says:

    i think rayj is so hot about the girls baby make sure you get a dna if she refuses its not your because if she know its not your women sometimes they try that scheme because you have money its a sick scheme but those hoes do that me personally i would not do that its wrong.

  4. doina says:

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