Ask Ray J: Our Celebreality Hero Answers Fan Questions


You guys sent Ray J lots of questions, and he stopped by to answer the ones he liked best. As fans of For the Love of Ray J know, our hero isn’t shy, so whether the query was about his preferences in women, the headaches of fame, or his early days on the Sinbad show, he gave ‘em his all. And he answered quite a few.

During the next five weeks, we’re rolling out a string of responses. This first installment ends with a question about his singing career. We also want you know that Ray J’s dropping his new disc next week. As of Monday, March 9 you can head to Rhapsody to hear For The Love of Ray J (The Soundtrack). Fans of the show will definitely be interested in the title cut – it discusses all the ladies Ray surrounds himself with. Make the jump for a list of all the song titles.

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For The Love of Ray J (The Soundtrack) track listing:

For the Love of Ray J
Sexy ladies
Crush (feat. Warren G)
Sex in the Rain
She Freaky (with UNK)
Keep it Playa (with Slim Thug)
She Got Me Like (Ahh S***) (with Bubba Sparxxx)
Dirty Samantha
Good Times
Apoclypse Soul
Sexy Can I (The Remix) (feat. Sheek Louch)

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  1. SHANIECE says:


  2. Tiffany says:

    Why is it you say that you don’t like when a girl forces herself on you but some girl do and you don’t say anything but when lil hood does you get offended?

  3. Ladee says:

    I think this is just a show. You are not looking for love. It’s a way to hang out with a lot of chic’s and be on tv. And not to be caught up in the middle.

  4. KElly says:

    are you going to answer our question?

  5. Michael Gaspard says:

    YO Ray J, since you became a “real celebrity”, do you think that every one believes that the main reason you’re on VH1 is for love? Come on, you think that people know about what you have done to Kim Kardashian? Come on, tell me something, what’s the main reason for releasing the tapes man?

  6. hunnib3 says:

    are you having a, 4 the love of rayj2.?.or do really want to shake thangs up in send 3 new gurl in?.?may i be one of the new gurls…i’ll fight for ur love!!! can you put me in the ring with danger??? met you b4 @ Gi Gi”s in dallas, tx.@ the time u were involved with sum1..n i didnt want to force myself on you..i from new orleans must i add no kids..not married…no other reality show.i want to be there 4 you n you only..i can love you better then they can..mite cant be ur bannana slit but i cud give you a icecream cone..

  7. LaShun says:

    check it out J, I feel you should have put all three of the other girls out the house becuase they did not want to box. just added three new girls to the that would show. why keep them, if they dont want to fight for you?

  8. arnez says:

    are you gonna have a 4 the love of rayj2?are you gonna shake things up and send in 3 more gurls?can i b 1 of them?can i fight danger?

  9. SashaB says:

    To Michael Gaspard, how do you know he was the one to release the tape? I believe Kim K’s career has benefited most because of the tape and plus after the tape she did a Playboy spread. Sounds to me like she released the tape. I’m told she was the one who had possession of it. Don’t be so quick to +$*`^@*+`@&@`!# ume anything.

  10. Alondra and Samaiya says:

    Well I don’t really know her name I forgot but she has a big tattoo on her face and she was in a music video called excuse me mama CHECK IT OUT ON YOU TUBE!!!!!!!!!!!! Very slowly tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U knw I got ur back
    p.s. She might be in it for the money and you can contact us at

  11. Jade In Houston says:

    OMG, the girls are dropping like flies, and all you have left is a mess, I know you have to be laughing, and at this point your best scenario played out—is to jump ship, none of these girls are right for you, you most definitely didn’t get the “cream of the crop” as they use to say back in the day.

    I love your behind the scenes comments about whats going on, but have you seen what the girls have been saying during the shooting, or do you have to wait til the episodes come out too? My question is, when did you find out all the behind the scenes comments the girls made?

  12. Maxine @)-;--- says:

    lol lol this has to be a joke! right? He is so fake! really, you really think any one is really going to buy in to this! At this time! Come on Zero! try to be a real man and get a real job like a lawer a doctor with a PHD! Help the world not your pants! player!!! lol

  13. LaTanya says:

    I would like to know why you kept ~@@**$%^~*!)`*$` tail but cut those other 2 girls who wanted to pursue an acting career?

    Danger was in a music video with Mishon the singer.Did you knew about that.

  14. detroits_finest says:

    y did u let the best thing n ur life go! im talkn about chardonnay!!! u coulda had a homie luv a friend a +(@~`)&$`)+@!#!)+ u can fuc and suc and take to da stripeclub rayj wat da hell was thinkn she was a perfect for you and y wud u let unique stay dat crazy +(@~`)&$`)+@!#!)+ she is all wrong 4 u and that gold diggn gotta hav a man +~`~^_#%$)“#+!_ tail shes not even on your level and lets not forget danger she a lil crazy but her and chardonnay are what we call in detroit ride_2_die chicks those are the ones thats made for you oh yeah watch yo back cuz unique is da snicky +(@~`)&$`)+@!#!)+

  15. angel shambrae says:

    ray j how do you know that one of the girls left is right for you? when someone else feels like they are. like every time they see you all they want to do is love you! they feel like you are not getting that love.

  16. tracey says:

    hi ray j i have seen your show and i must say
    u got it going on. but your choice of girls
    was kind of should have pick some girls from
    harlem ny that can really do the do. i thought u would
    had pick danger but i guest not. well just keep your
    head up and dont focus to much on (!*_+@*&@@_#`)@^ tail she not going
    to last to long she a needy chick. soon she will have
    her out or she will be throwing hints about wants or needs. peace out my brother and may u find the love of
    Ray j

  17. Regina says:

    Hi ray i just wanted to ask you a question do you love going on tour singing and having fun with different woman im sure sometimes you feel uncomfortable right or not. Can i ask you another question do you have a girl friend or rite by Regina

  18. ENVY ME says:

    Ray J.?? How do you find these women for the show??? I am a person who has loved since u were in Brandis videos wearing top hats!! LOL I kid u not!! I love u!! I wish some1 would of sent me a memo…. damn damn damn anyway envy/myspace pppllleeeaaasssse be my freind I’m not crazy just your biggest FAN