Rock of Love Bus Ep. 8 Sneak – Fun In The Sun!


See what skimpy clothes Bret gives the girls when they visit the “Redneck Riviera” in this sneak peek of Sunday’s new episode.

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  1. stacy says:

    This to Bret:
    why are you on a show saying you are looking for love? It looks like you are looking to just get laid. You need to get real you are letting fame go to your head if you are truely looking for love I hope you find it I have and I wouldn’t give it up for anything so rock on and good luck stacy Black Lake Washington

  2. Jessica White says:

    Brett, I am addicted to your show. I have watched all seasons. You say that you are looking for love? Stop looking at the boobs & )+*#&)!$**#!*%@ start looking at what is inside. You are blind sighted by these women. From watching the show, most of them are not the nice girls that you think they are. They have evil sides to them & you can’t get past their looks to see that. You do need a hot woman but not a trashy one. Although I’d love to see you with someone, I kinda hope you don’t. B/C then what would I watch? Keep rocking on.
    FYI, Mindy it the most sincere on the show