Watch the Anvil Movie Trailer!


Rock and film circles have been buzzing about Anvil! The Story of Anvil ever since the movie premiered at Sundance. The ’80s hard rock outfit is perpetually cited as crucial forerunners to modern metal superheroes (check the enthusiasm from Lars Ulrich and Lemmy Kilmister in the clip above), and with the arrival of this new film portrait, the band’s stock is on the rise again. The theatrical premiere is April 10 in the New York and L.A. It will roll out nationwide after that. We’re psyched to present the film’s trailer above.

“The film follows Steve “Lips” Kudlow and Robb Reiner and their band, which released one of the heaviest albums in metal history, 1982’s Metal on Metal. The disc influenced an entire musical generation of rock bands, including Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax, who all went on to sell millions of records. Anvil, on the other hand, took a different path—straight to obscurity. The film is both entertaining and touching as it follows the group’s last-ditch quest for the fame and fortune that has been so elusive to them.”

Michael Moore says it’s the best documentary he’s seen in years, and the London Times says it’s “possibly the greatest film yet made about rock and roll.”

We’re happy announce a handful of special advance dates where the movie will be screened and the band will play. Get the entire list after the jump.

Watch Anvil’s “My Playlist” of favorite music videos by other bands

Get Anvil info on VH1

Get ticket info for the movie and performance tour.


April 6 – The Blender Theatre at Gramercy- NYC

April 12 – Slim’s – San Francisco, Ca

April 14 – El Corazon – Seattle, Wa

April 16 – The Paladium – Worcester, Ma

April 17 – The Trocadero – Philadelphia, Pa

April 21 – Crofoot Ballroom – Pontiac, Mi

April 22 – Metro – Chicago – Il

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  1. BENACDC says:

    LARS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. RC says:

    Hopefully the movie will come to our little town of Corpus christi. Maybe even have ANVIL tear it up here as well.

  3. sickrick says:

    how do i get your albums man all of them the little bit Ive heard sounds #~%_`#`@!)~)$&!+ ing great COME TO FRESNO CA.

  4. Dylan Main says:

    Like Don Jameson said on-”That Metal Show”,Slayer,Metallica,Motorhead,&Velvet Revolver Should take them on tour.

  5. Lea Vendetta says:

    The story of Anvil was Amazing!!.. I just saw it tonite in Seattle, and it was a Great documentary, they are a great band that has unfortunatly been way underrated for all those years. I just bought their cd tonite and hope many others will cause they F Rock!!
    I would hope to see it play more places though. I’m going back to Florida next week and would love to see it play there, there is a huge metal scene there, and they deserve to see this!..that is my only disapointment in that movie.

  6. bill warner says:

    I remember having a anvilrecord in the early ninetys i wish i still had there great i hope the movie will come to kentucky im from ny but moved here boring

  7. Suree says:

    The movie killed. Minus Lars,who can suck it. If they are so influential and awesome Lars, why aren’t they Metallica’s support? You do have the same friggin manager. Those cats have paid their dues many times over. They deserve a second chance. The chemistry between Robb and Lips is great. I love the Euro and @&~+&_(#~(()*@& anese footage. This is a must see for any real metal head.

  8. dice says:

    Would you ever consider doing a show about the top 100 best guitarist? Have it include blues and jazz artist. because quite frankly, while Eddy Van Halen is good, he is not the end-all of the guitar. Not when there are people like B.B. King, the Vaugn brothers,Jonny Lang ,Kenny Wayne Shepard and Jeff Healey. Some of the thrash metal band have some awesome guitarist also. And some respect could be paid to those who paved the way. Why is it that members of southern rock bands get zero recognition? _*@(^^%@%%`#(+@) ie Betts is one of the best guitarist I have ever heard. Maybe you need to educate your veiwers, loud is not every thing.

  9. DAY says:

    Why is the Anvil Movie only playing in certain states, will it eventually be playing in all theaters in the USA? Why are there commercials stating that the movie is in “Theaters Now” yet i cannot find a theater in Rhode Island that has the Movie?!

    WIll the story of Anvil Movie ever go to dvd?

    please respond if anyone can, because i love music & film. I really would love to see this documentary film. Does anyone have any more info on where and when it will be out as well if it will be something that eventually goes to DVD?
    thanks guys! all responses are really appreciated! I have been going crazy trying to figure it out!

  10. foohead says:

    after i saw the trailer and eventhough the band’s name sounds funny,like a pain reliever(just kidding) i instantly agree that it can be considered as the best film ever made about a rock band!! it should be shown all over the world like any other movies..I will definitely watch it over and over again:)

  11. John says:

    Anvil is one of the best bands ever and they deserve so much more. I want Anvil to come to Los Angeles, Anvil is the best. Metal On Metal!!!

  12. 4688367 says:

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  13. 3739827 says:

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