Rock Of Love Bus Recap – Episode 9 – Ex-ual Relations


In this episode, the girls are reunited with their exes, Beverly’s reunited with feelings of inadequacy and Bret is reunited with his previous rock of love and first runner-up. But the most important reunion of all?

Heather and the pole. OMG, it’s so beautiful I might start crying!

When we open, the question that’s burned my head and loins all week is at last answered: how will Ashley deal with the loss of her BFF, Farrah?

She waits with hand on silicone to find out the results of last week’s elimination.

And then Taya comes walking out, and her response is, “Oh, god!”

And then, Ashley does the unthinkable: she cries actual human tears.

I sort of expected a thick, milky substance or perhaps lube to spring from her ducts in this event, but nope: actual human tears. First we find out that Ashley has a kid, and then we find out that she can cry. What’s next, finding out that Brittanya can read?

Yes. That is, in fact, exactly what’s next. Wonder of wonders! Brittanya announces to the group that they’ll be going to St. Augustine, Fla., where they’ll look back to the past. Or, you know, look back as well as their alcohol-impaired memories will allow.

Once in some holding room, Taya points out that the pillow she’s holding is the same electric blue of Beverly’s hair. Ashley pipes up with…

…”This is the most boring conversation that I’ve ever had,” even though she didn’t seem to be having it. Whatever. Beverly asks Ash what she’d prefer to talk about and her response is, “I’d rather sit here in silence, to be honest with you.” And if there’s any doubt that Ashley is HBIC, let it dissipate with the fact that that’s exactly what they do.

Finally, they’re led to Bret.

He explains that today’s exercise will be “for you to help me help you get to know me.” The only thing about that that makes sense is that in the end, it’s about Bret. Anyway, today is exes day. Bret introduces his former rock of love Ambre…

…and the woman who should have been his first rock of love (though if that turned out to be the case, it’s doubtful that any further seasons would have been necessary, at least according to some people), Heather…

Hi, Bret Mike!” says Heather as she walks out. Oh, Heather. You’ve lost none of your linguistic flair in the months you’ve been absent from my TV! It’s a shame Farrah’s not around anymore to compare notes. And really this is just a preview for what’s about to go down: Heather’s softer and more likable here than she has been in a few series. Ah, the redemption found in guest appearances. Only on reality TV, kids. Only on reality TV.

All things being equal (or, at least, aspiring to the appearance of equality), the girls’ exes are paraded out.

There’s Mindy’s ex, Chris:

Taya’s former dude, Jaz:

Ashley’s baby daddy, the gangstalicious (and yeah, I really do mean the “licious,” probably even more than the “gangsta”) James:

There’s Brittanya’s former (and future?) booty call, Royal T:

Does the T stand for “tool” perhaps? Find out in a minute!

There’s Jamie’s “friend” Hamboussi:

And for Beverly, there is no one:

Bret explains that Bev’s ex-husband declined the invite he was sent. This is incredibly distressing to her for reasons never fully uncovered. She gets so theatrical about navigating the exes episode all by her lonesome that it all seems to fall into some weird cosmic order: at the end of the day, the cheese stands alone.

Anyway! Heather and Ambre mingle with the exes, while the girls hang with Bret in a separate location.

Ambre quizzes Chris on his continued association with Mindy. Royal T jumps in, proclaiming…

It takes a f***er to know a f***er, because Royal T is, in fact, projecting. He says that he and Brittanya still hook up and that the last time they did it was right before she came on the show. Wow, so not only was Brittanya not saving herself for Bret, she didn’t even go through a cleansing period before boarding Rock of Love Bus? Scandal! I hope at least she lit some incense and had her way with a Wet Wipe before coming on. Royal T says that Brittanya is a freak and wonders if Bret has been lucky enough to bang her yet. He says he’s mad that Bret’s stealing his hook-up. Yeah, he really seems really plagued by it. I’ve seen condoms more broken up after sex than this dude.

Ambre and Heather uncover more dirt. Taya is the only of Jaz’s exes that he doesn’t want to strangle. You know what that means, Jaz? It’s not them, it’s you. Hamboussi is not Jamie’s ex; they’ve never made love or even had sex. He implies that she’s just a groupie. If that’s the case and she’s not banging him, she’s not really doing her job as a groupie. Someone report her to the Better Business Bureau. James proclaims that he and Ashley “still f***” and that now that he’s here, she’s not going to want Bret anymore. “Nobody can pull my bitch!” he explains. After those sweet nothings, you can totally see why.

Meanwhile, Ashley indeed seems to be carrying a torch of her own, and in a shocking twist, it isn’t for the sake of burning other bitches. Between freakouts about being called out for some as-yet-undisclosed personal detail that James’ presence promises to expose, Ashley interviews that James is her son’s father and the love of her life.

You know this is true, because she has the t**ty tattoo to prove it:

It’s kind of amazing that she’s made no effort to cover it up as she’s competed for another man throughout this show’s run. Maybe she figures her other boob is a little lonely and in need of a name for itself. Maybe she plans on filling them both up. So many men, so few boobs.

Meanwhile, Beverly’s staging her own freakout, ranting about her ex’s failure to show up.

Taya, who truly goes beyond the call of duty this week where empathy is concerned, attempts to calm Beverly down. “Put your hands in my hands,” she tells Bev.

“No! I don’t want to put my hands in your hands, Taya!” is Bev’s retort. While I admire Taya’s kindness, I understand Bev’s response. She’s not there to hold hands! And say Taya’s hands feel like raw chicken. Then what?

And, really, the whole thing is kind of strange, as lucidly illustrated by Bret, of all people. “If that was me and my ex didn’t show up I’d be like, cha-ching!” he interviews. And seriously, Beverly’s off the hook this episode and all she can think of how fabulous it would feel to be punctured in the small of her back. Masochist!

Anyway, the interrogation begins and the TV-court enthusiast in me loves the way it’s packaged:

God, what I wouldn’t give to watch Judge Judy tear into each and every one of the people who’ve participated in these shows. Guys, if work dries up, Judge Judy pays a nice per diem. Perhaps there is life after reality TV, after all.

Anyway, first up are Jamie and Hamboussi:

Jamie admits that Hamboussi was in a band that she liked, but balks at his suggestion that she moved to Brooklyn to be closer to them. Hamboussi breaks out the tidbit, “She does a little something for everybody in the band.” Hmmm, perhaps she’s doing her job after all, and it’s Hamboussi who’s deficient. When asked if she would date Bret if he weren’t in a band, she kind of waffles. I mean would anyone on this show? I doubt women would be lining up to spend over a month on a bus for Normal Person of Love, you know?

In the holding area, there’s more Ashley freakout. She says she wants to go home. Taya says that if Ashley tells the truth, everything will be fine. Taya cares, OK? She really cares. Beverly chastises Ashley with, “You have somebody that showed up here for you. Just stop!” Ah, when one-woman soap operas collide. Ashely hits back with, “…who I live with, dumb ass.” Oh crap! Notes of Daisy sans arm-flailing pop up in the air as Ashley lay cold and ashamed, bound and broken on the floor.

Ashley adds…

And you know, if there’s one thing that this particular group of girls taught me, it’s that flipping on and off the lesbian thing really is that easy.

Ashley will have plenty more time to squirm and/or muff dive, as Taya and Jaz are up next.

Taya introduces herself to Ambre and Heather as a 29-year-old centerfold model and featured burlesque dancer with a 9-year-old. Pick through the crap at your leisure. Or just have Heather do it for you: she takes issue with Taya saying that what she does is not stripping. Heather points out that even if you’re featuring, you’re still stripping. And this is one matter that Heather has expert knowledge of.

Don’t bulls*** a bullstripper, OK? Heather asks Taya about all the women who thinks she’s knocked strippers and dancers. Jaz thinks that this is a load of crap and would like to meet said women. If you came a few weeks ago, I could have introduced you to a busload of them, buddy.

Jaz gets real ranty and aggressive, at one point saying, “Where’s the dishonesty and distrust of what I’m sayin’? With your stapled-ass extensions on your head?”

It’s hard to tell whose head he’s referring to, as it really could be either Ambre or Heather. Regardless, Jaz seems like a tool. He should go by Jazzy T and front a Soul II Soul-type duo with Royal T. Frankly, I miss that early ’90s sound.

It all ends with Heather rightfully flipping him off:

Good show, good show.

Speaking of Royal T, he and Brittanya are next:

They talk about their eff-buddy status. Brittanya says it’s been a year since they did it, and Royal T agrees that it’s been a while, which obviously contradicts with what he just told Ambre. Bret, who’s watching on a closed-circuit TV, remarks, “Ah, lies made baby Jesus cry.” Did he just call himself Jesus?

This disagreement, to put it civilly and thus inaccurately (but whatever), escalates. Heather yells at Royal T for telling her that he could f*** Brittanya whenever he wanted.

Even though Heather would seem to be defending Brittanya’s reputation against a dude whose argument amounts to Brittanya’s looseness, Brittanya gets all pissed off at Heather, saying, “You don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about, bitch!” Ah, birds of a projector flock together, as it is clear that Brittanya is, in fact, the one who doesn’t know what the f*** she’s talking about, bitch. She wasn’t there for that conversation. But a little truth like that isn’t gonna keep her from getting violent!

She gets up in Heather’s face and rants until the easily triggered reality veteran springs to her feet. That’s when Brittanya throws a punch…

…which Ambre and Heather both catch. Like, seriously? Of all the things that were supposed to happen, surely that isn’t it. Being dammed, as it were, Brittanya has no choice but to let the vileness flow out of her mouth in the form of spit:

It’s not often that Heather Chadwell emerges from a televised confrontation looking like the classier party. In fact, I’m not sure that it’s ever happened until now. Congratulations, Brittanya on achieving what used to seem impossible! For your next trick, go and spin the finest extensions Europe has to offer into gold! That should be an easy one compared to what you just did!

Next up is solo Beverly…

Beverly gives us some insight into her life: her ex-husband has custody of her three kids. She was married to him for 9 years and had her first kid at 17. That’s a busload of living she did before she even boarded this here bus. Ambre, having dated Bret for 10 months, wonders if Beverly can really hang with his lifestyle. From this entire ordeal, Bret draws the conclusion that Beverly has “serious issues.” So does everyone! Saying that regarding one of these girls is like saying, “She has breast implants.”

Next up is Mindy and Chris:

Chris alleges that they broke up because of Mindy’s infidelity. In her defense, she says that she wasn’t ready for a relationship and the worst year of her life was the one in which they were together. She was unhappy and didn’t love herself so she wasn’t able to give love, but now she’s much better. As we’ve all seen.

Finally, there is Ashley and James…

Ashley refers to James as her “B.F…F.” and it’s all downhill from there. It quickly comes out that they still live together. Ashley says they don’t do it anymore, but James claims, “We f*** all the time.” Charming! He still loves her, and she loves him as the father of her child. He’s here to take her back because, as we now all know, “Nobody can pull my bitch.” Except, it would seem that Bret already has. Who’s the bitch now?

Bret meets with Ambre and Heather to recap their findings. Is Jamie a groupie? Beverly’s tough and strong, but is she going through a second childhood after being thrust into an early adulthood? Ashley was difficult and there’s something possibly going on with James (gee, you don’t say!). Heather thinks Brittanya is hot, but, you know, vile, while Ambre has not a single nice thing to say about her. Taya is honest and poised. Mindy, Heather explains, is, “the best, the nicest, the most good-hearted and person from the Midwest that you have here.” I love that Heather’s effectively saying that Mindy is so Midwest and she means it as a compliment. That’s novel. But the big question is: can Mindy hang with the rocks-star lifestyle? Regardless, Ambre and Heather like her the most.

Elimination looms, but just before, Ashley stops by Bret’s room for a chat.

She looks to the sky and says that she feels stupid. Just now she’s feeling that? She admits that she lives with James but that it’s a roommate situation. Bret’s heard this before! And it didn’t matter then! But now it does.

Elimination comes.

Mindy, for being the vets’ fav, gets the first pass. Jamie is called second, despite her groupie tendencies. “Groupies don’t suck,” says Bret. OK, so maybe I’m the one who doesn’t understand groupies’ function. I could have sworn that sucking was at, like, the top of their job description. When Taya’s called, she’s extremely dramatic, prompting suppressed guffaws from Brittanya and Ashley.

With pride not unlike that of the Land O’ Lakes girl, Taya vows to continue to rock Bret’s world:

Those tears aren’t milky or lubey, they’re buttery.

That leaves Beverly, Brittanya and Ashley. Despite Beverly’s difficulty dealing with rejection from her ex, Bret’s willing to keep her around if she’s up for it. She is. Next called up is Brittanya. For spitting and punching, she must leave the tour. Brittanya weeps in response.

She tells Bret that he’s great and he shouldn’t change. That’s awfully yearbook-y of her and it’s not like Bret would change even if he could anyway, but whatever. At least she didn’t knock the goodbye out of him.

Bret then calls up Ashley, who’s crying again.

He tells her he has her pass as long as her heart is here and ready to fall in love. She sniffles in response. That’s what Bret though. She’s going home.

Ashley’s exit interview is mostly silent, as she is amazed that she’s being sent home before other girls that she thinks aren’t as hot as she is.

She finally adds that she’s not sad to leave the other girls behind, explaining, “Seriously, they talked about cereal for three hours yesterday. Are you kidding me?” And now it’s fully clear that her gain is our loss.

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  1. Sherry says:

    I’m sorry, Taya is pretty and all, but if she’s 29, I’m 15 (and I’m really 23 years old)

  2. stephanie says:

    I think taya is the one for you bret

  3. Amy says:

    Yeah Brittayna thank god she is gone because frankly she didn’t contribute that much she barely spoke and all she did was fight and blow up in other people’s faces Beverly I felt bad for her and what was up with Jamie’s band friend showing up? I felt bad for her too Ashely I Think is still in love with James just like the way Daisy was still living w/ Charles

    I think it’s gonna be down to Taya and Mindy but who knows with Brett

  4. Debra says:

    I’m overjoyed that Ashley is off the show. She’s vain, shallow, rude, sneaky, and fake. She’s so into herself, she could NEVER be into Bret. She’s attractive but not beautiful. It’s all silicone and false eyelashes and super shiny lip gloss. She talks like an 8th grader. I’m happy with the final four. They’re the BEST of the bunch. I vote for Beverly.

  5. JenDiggity says:

    So sorry to see Ashley go. She was the most entertaining thing about this season’s show. That $(*)@%^_(^#%_~!)_ got mad skillz.

  6. tina says:

    I still think that Bret belongs with Heather. Of these remaining four none of them are right for him.

  7. Teresa says:

    “Lies make baby Jesus cry” is a quote from the Simpsons tv show. It’s something we say around our house when someone is lying. I’m just surprised Bret came up with it on the spot.

  8. jewls says:

    apparantly brittanya and ashley are effing search guys.

  9. Cleavy says:

    I guess Mindy really is the favourite now, with Taya, Beverly and Jamie (in that order) making up the rest of the quartet.

  10. Christie says:

    Just to let everyone know: “Lies make baby Jesus cry” is a quote from the simpsons, Bret is a huge fan of the Simpsons, so therefore he did not make it up on the spot. I Hope Mindy wins, because I dont think the other 3 are right for him. ZI also like the fist comment, dont buy that Taya is 29

  11. Michelle says:

    “Frankly, I miss that early ’90s sound.”
    I love you, Rich.

  12. JB says:

    DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!!! THANK GOD ASHLEY IS GONE!! I like Mindy and Beverly the best, but we’ll see who Brett likes in the end…

  13. Rachell says:

    There is NO way that Taya can be 29. I am 29 and she looks like my mom. She has to be mid to late 40s at best!

  14. Meredith says:

    I will miss Ashley! She was hilarious.
    When are you posting her interview?!? I want it now!

  15. directrix says:

    Dude, i don’t even know if i can watch anymore. The final four are BORING!
    bring Ashley back in a second-to-the-last-show twist! I need her bouffant to be happy!

  16. rosie says:

    The show is so silly and I admit I watch but how you possibly not watch a 44 year old man tooling around with women who will do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame, even to the point of degrading themselves for a loser like Michaels. He wouldn’t know what love is if it smacked him in the face and I feel extremely sorry ofr his 2 daughters. Must be awful to have a jerk like him for a father. The only person taking Bret Michaels serious is Bret Michaels.

  17. nicole says:

    Way to go VH1, get rid of all the reasons why this show was entertaining. BOO. Now I don’t care if I watch the show or not, because the rest of the girls are boring.

    On to the next show…. this one isn’t worth it anymore.

    Oh, and Taya is by far the weirdest looking person there. HOW IS THIS GIRL A PENTHOUSE PET? Saw pictures of her online….she should get a refund on her plastic surgery. Plus, horrible eyebrows. It’s sad, really.

  18. terrie says:

    Why oh why do I watch this trash of a “has been” rocker with a bad weave and women ( I use that term loosely-kind of like the sluts on the show are loose) who only want their 15 minutes in the spotlight. So much sillicone, so little brains. I watch because it is like a train wreck. Does anyone REALLY think Bret wants true love? He wants to pay child support and needs the cash and what better way for a no talent has been to do so is to showcase a bunch of sleazy females who have no self esteem and no shame. He was the headliner at the local fair where I live and we all had a good laugh. I mean, have you actually listened to him? He looks older than his 46 (which was this month) and needs to grow up and then perhaps I will buy that he REALLY is looking for true love…..But with the likes of the Ashley’s and Daisy’s he has on and LIKES, I think we will see Rock of Love for years to come…the Little Miss Perfects of today (6-9 year olds) will be on the bus trying to get a Rock Star. HA HA HA

  19. TC says:

    BTW, Bret is almost 46..if he isn’t already. Bret does have a whole head of hair, if u watched last season, 1 of the episodes he didn’t wear his bandana. At the end of last season, Bret was interviewed and he was asked what was his favorite part of Rock of Love 2 and he said “sleeping with Daisy, Kristy Jo and Ambre”. 1 day he will realize it’s not all about that. I knew when he picked Ambre, there would be another 1…for 1-they don’t even match each other and for 2-he is doing it for publicity and VH1 loves the ratings.

    ONE THING I CAN’T UNDERSTAND IS WHY IN THE WORLD JAIME IS STILL ON THE SHOW…She is one of the fugliest girls that has ever been on the show. I guess she is just a fill in. And Beverly is too manly, but I heard in a spoiler thats who he picks in the end.

    Taya is 29-I would really love to see a 40 year old look that good. She is a beautiful girl.

    And Bret could of kept Brittanya…New York kept Tailor Made after he spit and even brought Buddha back after he had beat the crap out of Tailor Made. So like I said, she could of stayed, but for some reason, I think he lusts after her, but she has NO PERSONALITY!

    And if Ashley thinks her man, James, is better looking than Bret, that girl needs glasses. But I did love that on national TV, Bret let James know that he did pull James’ pu**y! That was awesome!

    Can’t say too much about Mindy cause she is quiet and I don’t know what some of these girls are thinking…if you have kids, how are you going to tour with Bret on the road? That’s what this season was about..finding someone who will tour with him and be his girlfriend..So Beverly has 3 but she doesn’t have custody, Taya has 1 and I don’t know about the others but I hope it comes down to Taya and Mindy and he chooses Taya! But it probably won’t go that way. Oh well…It’s whatever VH1 wants-that’s how Ambre got picked last season.

    Farrah reminds me of Heather and Ashley was just another Daisy. And I don’t really know what the big deal is if these girls did sleep with someone the day before they left for the show; I am sure Bret was getting some and he gets some on the show, so that shouldn’t be a big deal..that’s what its all about for him anyway.

  20. whitney says:

    exit interview with ashley?? or does anyone know her website or myspace?

  21. catgirl says:

    MG – It’s only a show! Why do so many people insult him so badly? If your watching it then the show was a good idea by the PRODUCERS not only Bret!… ALL people in entertainment are in it to make money so why is everyone so bent that he is making money off of it.. it’s television, duh! Don’t most people get paid to do tv/films etc..would you go to work for free? My god, the bloggers are more moronic than the chicks on the show.. I do agree that Taya is more like 39 and I think Bret Michaels is by far the best looking guy I have ever laid eyes on. He is sexier than h**l! Hair or no hair… the bod is to die for! SEXY, SEXY, SEXY!

  22. catgirl says:

    One more comment: JUST CHECKED OUT THE PICS.. AMBRE IS A FRUMPY SOCCER MOM! IF SHE COULD DATE HIM, I COULD DATE HIM IN MY TOILET SCRUBBING CLOTHES..well, I don’t really do the toilets my housekeeper does.. But…Eeeewww. Bret, what were you thinking? You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole.. it just doesn’t work. Love you! I still think Ashley is absolutely beautiful… regardless of the wiglike do…

  23. Violet says:

    Bret Michaels has chosen the medium of “reality” television as a vehicle to boost his career, not as a means to find a life partner. Programs such as “Rock Of Love Bus” are on the air because they are supported as entertainment. I have viewed many of the ROL episodes over the past seasons. It’s much like viewing a bad car smash up.. you want to turn your head, but you can’t quite do it. I do enjoy the humor of participants such as Heather, Farrah, Ashley. Quite funny. What I do find annoying is Bret Michaels himself. In my opinion, a true man does not participate in, or financially benefit from the degradation of women. As a father of two daughters, I find the way he views/treats women as deplorable. It is my hope that Bret realizes that there IS a correlation
    between his treatment of women and the way he would want his daughters to be treated by men. Let’s not forget the selfishness and ego.. not attractive. Way to typify the rock n’ roll stereotype, sir.. that indeed is the true YOU. As for the women on the’s obvious that the “Self Respect Train” left the station the minute they boarded the “Rock of Love Bus”.

    To the girls that are mothers on the show.. you should be at home, raising your children.. not chasing an aging rock star. How self centered are YOU? Your children should be your first priority, not your hedonism.

  24. Brittney says:

    This one was a really surprising one. Although the thing with Beverly I was thinking that maybe he did nothave anything really “good” to say about her but, he had enough respect to not ruin anything she has going, I think Beverly really is there for Bret. Even though she may have some issues as people say. Yes she was a mother and wife young and she could be acting out now, which isn’t really a bad thing. I think Ashley was not that good looking anyway, but I was caught off guard that she finally came forward and did not accept the Backstage pass! And I think that the show should named something else like “Rock of Stripper Love”. Although I have nothing against strippers. If Bret really wants to find true LOVE and happieness, he needs to find someone his age and that is not so slutty. And maybe someone who is not really farmiliar with his music, so he KNOWS she will be around for the real thing and not some Groupie. Or not someone who is a Gold Digger. He needs to find himself someone who has her own life and goals going for her.

  25. Brittney says:

    oooh yea and one more comment, this one is to Ashley though, when she was surprised she was elminiated b4 the other girls because she is way hotter, Sweetie if he is looking for TRUE LOVE it is NOT all about the looks! And another thing you think your “Ex” and baby father is good looking, I almost threw up when i saw him.

  26. KiKi says:

    i cant even STRESS how BORING this shows gonna be after the too most catty, vicoius girls are gone. i mean seriously?! wen brittanya left, i was lyk “damn. ok, at least thers ashley” && now ashleys gone, whats the point?
    ugh, now thier are only boring brunettes on the bus.

  27. Dragon says:

    Thank gawd Ash the trash is gone. I live in Vegas and she is NOTHING unless she works for an undercover callgirl company or maybe Glitter Gulch which is nothing but crack ho’s. She was horrible and that babydaddy ick! If Brett is smart it will be Mindy- Taya looks older than I do and I am in my 40′s. It will be between Bev and Mindy but Bev does have a ton of issues but at least for her this is an adventure that she will never forget.

  28. topaz10 says:

    i thoroughly enjoy this train wreck. i have always thought bret was hot, but i do wish he would up date his do’ even if it is fake. he needs a makeover.

    i am shocked that anyone thinks ashley is pretty! her raggady wig/hair is awful, and her face is gross, makeup or no makeup. and she is so mean and nasty! LOSER

    i kind of like beverly but it is disturbing that she doesn’t have custody of her kids.

    Mindy is nice, but bland. Taya is a total pouser and i can’t stand her or her pride of being in penthouse.

    ALL of those guys were disgusting!

  29. mollination says:

    woops, *threw* not “through”

  30. Roz123 says:

    Since my girlz Farrah and Ashley are gone, there is no reason for me to watch this show anymore. The girls that are left are totally “lame”, for sure.

  31. Benji says:

    haha cereal for 3 hours.. i doubt it. but thats funny.

  32. tana1 says:

    Iam so glad to see ashley finally go . She is so nasty and childish. And brittanya was not very intelligent she did not seem to be a good person for brett to be with. I think taya or mindy would be a good match for brett. I like beverly but she seems to have a drinking problem. I think she is a mean drunk.

  33. merlrain says:

    I am glad that Ashley is gone. She was a BIG *(!~+()*`+@$_(~)& anyway. I will miss Brittanya.I have watched all seasons/episodes and have enjoyed everyone. My pick would have to be Bev or Mindy. Bev’s drinking, from what i can see, is probably due to the crazy *(!~+()*`+@$_(~)& es that were there. But be weary of Mindy,due to her cheating past. Loved you way back when (I am 41) and love you NOW. Good luck this time around.

  34. JESSICA says:


  35. Tangi says:

    These are some trashy looking women, scary. Who lied to Ashley and told her she was hot??? They all look a hot mess, all the blondes anyway with their fake deformed breasts.

  36. Kate says:

    NICE MOVE BRET.. ITs about time. Those two wh ores were the biggest skan ks on that BUS.. YOU may actually find a GOOD girl on this ride. ( Aside from Ambre she was the best ) but all the sleezy tramps are GONE GONE GONE… THANK GOD. GOOD WORK AMBRE and HEATHER. LOVE IT….

  37. I agree! says:

    Brett is hot and cool but DEFINITELY needs a hair makeover. Ashely’s hair looks like hay or straw – ugh.

  38. pussy says:

    Violet, he’s very sweet to those women? What the heck are you talking about? You think his daughers aren’t going to grow up pretty and wild and have hot sex w/men? Puhlease. Brett isn’t doing anything wrong but working for a pay check in medium of “reality” tv. No big deal.

  39. juli says:

    Mindy is a joke. Her sister was Cindy was on Survivor and ousted her sister on a national radio show in my hometown telling them that she only went on because they wouldn’t let her on survivor since they looked so much alike. she also was approached by casting directors to be on this show and was originally only going to stay a week just so she could see if it would lead to better opportunities!
    Above, is her sister…if Brett picks her, there better not be another season…since he probably knows about this!

  40. poisond says:

    iam just glad that ashley is finally outttttttt she was definatly not the one for bret i think that none of thoes girl are the one for bret all of them are just on tv for publicity not for finding love for bret and hes just truly an amazing person i just wish him the best fror my hot bret

  41. Sh' Quan Teesha says:

    This sux! Ashley was my pony – I was sure she’d win or at least make it far enough to get her own show! None of the other doofuses make snarky comments like Ash did. Bwaaaaaa!

    And that is soooo gross that her pimp, er, I mean boyfriend, er, I mean baby daddy, watches her strip for men and then go home to her baby. Blech.

  42. BRITTANY says:

    I love Ashley and Brittanya. Their the hottest ones on the show and it sux that they got the boot. But it’s okay because their too hot for Bret. I know all of us bloggers are anonymous so this might not matter too you both, but i hope you both find happiness.

  43. Nick says:

    Taya’s ex Jaz(sp?)certainly appears to show all the signs of being at least a physically abusive person if not an absolute serial killer. At a minimum, he needs to be incarcerated. Also, Britania seems to be of a similar liking. The world would be better off without either of them. Perhaps it would be best if Jaz and Britania united, that way, they could possibly finish each other off in some kind of dual homicide. To me, Taya seems amazing. Too bad she had to be with Jaz, the probable _~&%!~)^++!_!*&@^%` son of Ike Turner.

  44. Keisha says:

    I wish Ashley was still on the show! She was so hillarious! Her use of the word “lame” describing the other girls never got old to me ;)
    Ashley and Farrah should have a show…I would watch it!

  45. Arlene Miller says:

    Where do I send a photo that I want Bret to receive?
    Placed directly into his hands…
    Thank you for your time.

  46. Sharon says:

    uhm Ashley you are not pretty! Whenever the camera did a close up, we could see your pores were the size of the Grand Canyon. Also, what’s up with the bobble head routine? You should be mortified at how stupid you look on this show, however, you are probably too stupid to realize what the concept of being mortified is.

  47. casey says:

    Are you freakin kidding me!! common people… taya is SOOOOO freakin fake… i would rather mindy make it all the way! she is so right for him…. Taya is a freakin goody two shoes and needs to be sent home with her freakin penthouse pet.. yeah she totally is premoting it! total BS… my vote is mindy… enough said

  48. michelle says:

    I am sorry that brett has not found the r8ight woman yet. I do believe that Brett is not going to find one with women who look loike this or who are either strippers or former strippers. Bret, you need to find a woman who is set in her routine at an age that is appropriate to yours and someone who is not in this game for the fame. You need someone with a common ground, and same interests. I do not think you are going to find that woman on a reality show as past has proven. Amber was the best woman you could have picked. She is beautiful and refined. It is a shame that relationship did not work for you. if you ever need someone to speak to, person to person, email me and maybe we can talk.

  49. Columbus says:

    I don’t mind meeting some of the girls that is on those dateing shows.I’m looking for a wild freaky one that got good personality that care about herself and other.and I would love to hang out with bret and ray j to see how do they talk to weman.because i don’t have no game.

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  52. jessicaa says:

    ashley needs own shown!!