Watch VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show”


If you’ve got a ringing in your ears and don’t know why, it might just be because That Metal Show has returned for a second season. VH1 Classic‘s weekly dash through all thing loud and heavy made a big dent with fans last summer, and its back again, bringing you the blunt opinions of hosts Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamison. The guys debate modern music issues and classic music heroes; every week they bring out a guest or two as well. It airs on VH1 Classic on Saturdays at 11 pm ET. If you’ve got a question for ‘em about a long lost metal band, they just might answer it.

This week’s visitor is Frankie Bello, Anthrax‘s bassist. Dude doesn’t waste time. He’s talking about the downside of European port-o-potties in the first two minutes of taking the stage. Watch the whole thing above. Check the full episode of last week’s show after the jump.

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  1. TOM says:




  2. Steve says:

    I love “That Metal Show”. You guys are keeping me informed on all the bands I grew up with. I was wondering if you have any news on a metal band from Germany called Primal Fear. Will their upcoming U.S. tour be expanded? Will they ever appear on your show?
    I would also like to add that Ralf Sheepers (the lead singer for Primal Fear) has to be one of the greatest metal frontman in metal history.

    North Carolina

  3. Bob says:

    Dude, I’m sick of Eddie Trunk. Dude, I grew up with the 70′s and 80′s. You tell me why – Kiss and Metallica are in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame – before Rush and Iron Maiden. Kiss sucked – besides the makeup and show – Dude are you F’n kiddin me. that teeny bopper heavy metal sucks. Why – rush is not in and kiss is – blows me away. Then – you have iron maiden – these dudes rock – they blow away kiss. kiss is the most overated band ever in history – cmon love doctor or number the beast or waisted years. Dude – they suck. Rush and Maiden belong there before, kiss and metallica do. Lars – that Whiny ~$(`*^*)#**)@(^*! see ya

  4. Tbone says:

    In recent comments about SAVATAGE, you mentioned TSO, but not Jon Oliva’s Pain, but I do echo your appeal for one last SAVATAGE epic…

  5. doug says:

    kiss is not in the hall of fame i dont know where that came from but they should be with rush and maiden and may i add deep purple doug shelbyville indiana

  6. Morbid Mara says:

    I watched the “Metal Show” and found it very entertaining. I WANT MORE!!!!

  7. David Michael says:

    Hey guys , love the show. Can you please tell me what ever happen to Clive Burr drummer for Iron Maiden?

  8. Dave McKillips says:

    Hey guys , love the show. Can you please tell me what ever happen to Clive Burr drummer for Iron Maiden ? Thanks: Dave from New Holland Pa.

  9. zach says:

    what up guys im a big fan of the show. Im also a big fan of UKJ. Does anyone know what ever happend to Whitfield Crane. I know he joined Another Animal but I was woundering if he was doing anything else

  10. David says:

    Excellent show guys! I watch all the Metal and Hard Rock concerts and videos on VH1.I Always catch your show guys. I’m a big fan of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Ratt, Dokken, AC/DC, Rush, UFO, Motley Crue…and dare I say it…yeah I’ll say it, I was a Journey fan back in the 70′s with Gregg Rolie & Steve Perry back then…oh well:(

  11. skid russell says:

    What is the band KIX up to ? They were great rock-n-roll band. SKID in Syracuse New York

  12. AzuUchiha says:

    I love this program!!,but I hope one day Slash and Izzy Stradlin will be in this program.Slash is a great great guitar player.

  13. AzuUchiha says:

    hello, I love this show, but I would like to invite Slash and Izzy Stradlin, and I would like to see again guns n roses gathered, I am super fan of guns n roses, I love rock and metal, since guns n roses has no original members is not the same, guys congratulations for this program, but you’ll need to invite Slash.

  14. Harmonicapete says:

    I was really touched by the special you guys did on the show. at times I find myself applauding with the audiance. I was once told you will not be remembered by what you have,or who you are.but by what you do for others. How true. sounds like Devo was one of these good people.I am 56 years old,loved sabbath in high school. my favorite song on my year book was Iron man..first metal experiance…I love playing for a big croud. blues traveler gets a big response,You guys really get it. Rock on…Harmonicapete.

  15. Paul.E. Strait says:

    I love the show, Eddie I agree the Rock & Roll Hall Of fame sucks,Why for the love of God Isn’t Rory Gallagher in there yet ? The group “Taste” and then Rory’s solo stuff. Way before it’s time,Hendrix even said Rory was better. thank you, Paul Strait

  16. Mario Hermosa C says:

    Muchas saludes desde Colombia ,los felicito por hacer el mejor programa de Rock que se ve actualmente.Ojala pudiera saber algunas preguntas que pudieran contestar atraves del email o que ustedes pudieran llevar al programa a los integrantes de BTO,para saber que ha pasado con ellos.y tambien saber que ha pasdo con los integrantes de Ten years after y tambien saber que ha pasado con Rick wakeman.Tambien les podria pedir el favor que por intermedio del correo personal nos avisaran que artistas y en que fechas los van a presentar, para estar pendiente. Gracias por la atencion a este mensaje.Mario Hermosa C.

  17. Don says:

    How could you guys screw up the top 5 debut albums

    Van Halen was number one! Not that I don’t love Black Sabbath but Black Sabbath debut album didn’t get the recognition until a few years after its initial release!

    Van Halen took the world by storm!

    Don and Jim need to stick to comedy

  18. Brian says:

    Don, Jim, & Eddie,
    I have a Top 5 category for you. If a Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Hall of Fame was created. Only 5 bands could be in the inaugural class, which five bands would you choose? My picks: AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and Van Halen. Your’s?

  19. Sharon Bognar says:

    Hey guys: Love the show. Please don’t ever stop taping it. Eddie held up a T-shirt on the last show that i watched. AND I want one. Please would you be so kind as to tell me how I can get one of these shirts???? He gave the website to get the shirt, but I never saw any shopping, just ads for the show which is just marvelous, but I want a T- shirt…..Please help!
    Peace, Love & Metal
    Sharon Bognar

  20. Rich Calabrese says:

    Love the show!

    Ok what ever happened to..Original Overkill Guitarist bobby Gustafson?

    Richie in Staten Island, NY

  21. BomberRick says:

    theres no such thing as ???

    heres my top metal guitarists…

    1.Tony Iommi
    2.Kirk Hammett
    4.Zakk Wylde
    5.Angus Young

  22. luke bylsma says:

    iron maiden on man. get some… metal

  23. Rilo says:

    i just saw the one u did with Mr. Bill Ward and Glen Danzig, great show…but how the hell do u not mention Samhain or ask if glen will ever tour with the misfits again! oh yeah whatever happened 2 chuck biscuits? ?

  24. Sterling Scott says:

    Those guys were so far off it’s not even funny!

    My top five Guitar players.
    1. Randy Rhoads
    2. Slash
    3. Jimi Hendrix
    4. Yngwie malmsteen
    5. George Lynch

  25. ryan says:

    my five 5 favorite giutarist

    1 jimi hendrix
    2 joe perry
    3 angus young
    4 money monte from escape the fate
    5mick mars of motley crue

  26. carnage says:

    This show has the right idea in mind; don’t get me wrong- what other show on T.V. is going to have David Coverdale and Yngwie interviewed as guests? BUT…as a fan of hard rock/ metal since it’s infancy in the early ’70′s and a musician myself, I must admit that the content of the interviews and line of questioning of the musicians is infintile at best. 99% of the information being passed along sheds hardly any new light on the artists and their music, careers, or personal lives. Infact, most of it could be passed off as old news. Also, the panel’s infatuation with Kiss almost ruins every show- IT NEEDS TO STOP. My heart is with the IDEA of the show— but my mind is telling me the hosts have got to do a better job interviewing these guests.

  27. mike anderson says:

    Dear Eddie, I want to thank you very much for having Mr. Tony Iommi on your metal show. I was captivated. What a classy well mannered gentleman he is, an absolute titan of a metal guitarist he is. Heavy metal needs more people like him. Im sure you know that there are metal musicians with unwarranted massive eggoes living disgusting lives. Tony, and the rest of Sabbath seem to be humble and selfless and grateful. Judas Priests Glenn Tipton and KK downing emit the same.I believe it’s there nothing for free blue collar hard work upbringing that catter to that. Again I want to thank you very much for having him on, I’ve been a fan of his a long long time. Have a great season, Mike anderson.

  28. chase says:

    my thought on live metal shows are that people are not going to shows because it not real metal anymore .we want the old sound that has been pushed back into a deep hole and the “new metal” has lost its touch with thrash, black metal, a touch of the blues ext… it seems everyone is starting to sound the same . LETS GO METALLICA , ICED EARTH, MEGADETH, SABBOTH. WE WANT TO SEE THIS HAPPEND AGAIN !

  29. jimbo says:

    what a great show! love the humour,interviews & debates.thank you for keeping this kiwi metal fan sane!

  30. Larry Bagbey says:

    I see David Coverdale,you talk Pat Travers Band,and of coarse Ozzy,but I never hear you menyion a monster of a drummer named Tommy Aldridge . What’s up with that?

  31. wendy taylor says:

    greatest keyboard players:
    1)Dizzy Reed/G N R
    2)Neal Schon/ Journey
    3)JY Young/Styx
    4)Tom Amorie/Deep Purple
    5) Geddy Lee/Rush

  32. Gary Powers says:

    Hey Guy , Love the Show . I have a few more early bands that I feel should be in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame . The Guess Who . Bachman Turner Overdrive , Grand Funk Railroad , REO Speedwagon and Rory Gallagher just to name a few.