Stanky Legg: Dance Craze or Medical Condition?


The GS Boyz’ hit “The Stanky Legg” has sparked a YouTube sensation in recent weeks. With the Southern rappers’ video reaching number one on BET’s 106 & Park, and the guys sealing a record deal with the Jive label, their new dance is a smash.

Since posting their homemade video of the song, the Dallas-based group’s crazy moves have been viewed millions of times and continue to grow in popularity; fans routinely post their own performance clips of the now infamous dance.

But for those of us still learning how to lean wit it, snap our fingers and do our steps, the Stanky Legg phenomenon remains a slight mystery – even though we have mastered the chicken noodle soup.

How many variations are there? Make the jump and check this list of videos we’ve put together. Lots of people showing off their Stanky skills. Better learn it for yourself – it’s already arrived at a club near you, no doubt. – Ben Hosley

The Original GS Boyz Stanky Legg Video

Snoop Dogg & Ciara Doing The Stanky Legg

Atlanta Kids Doing The Stanky Legg

Teacher Tries To Stanky

Parking Lot Stanky Fun

Do the GS Boyz Have More Than Just Stanky In Them?

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    106 and Park is on BET, not MTV.

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