Behind The Music Will Return This Summer


Which episode is your favorite? Motley Crue? David Crosby? Biggie?

Most Behind the Music afficionados have their go-to shows, tales that clock the glories and pitfalls of a particular music act. The famed VH1 franchise hasn’t been that active in the last few years, but there’s good news for BTM freaks: VH1 is re-launching the Emmy-nominated and critically acclaimed series this summer. From the press release:

After more than 200 episodes, Behind the Music is now focusing on some of our favorite artists of today. From rock to hip-hop to pop, these innovative artists we are profiling are sure to captivate a whole new generation of viewers. In addition to the dramatic storytelling that made Behind The Music a worldwide hit, the reimagined version of the series will celebrate them as artists and will also feature originally shot verite footage of each artist, which will anchor each story in the present day.

New episodes will begin airing this summer and continue into the fall. Two confirmed episodes will be portraits of Lil Wayne and Scott Weiland. More information will follow.

Leave comments: which music acts would you like to see portrayed in new epsisodes of Behind the Music?

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