Ask Ray J: Celebrity Crushes & Other Jobs


Here’s part three of “Ask Ray J.” This time he explains the music he’s listening to, reveals his celebrity crush (shh, it’s someone from The Cosby Show), and tells us what he’d be doing career-wise if he wasn’t on TV.

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  1. Tony Myrick says:

    Ray J:

    You treat the ladies on your show with class and respect, and I can appreciate that. Your parents did a good job with you. Keep being a positive impact on young people. Let the young folks know you can be a zero in this world and still make if you work hard at it.Oh, by the way kiss and hug all of the the ladies on your show for me.

  2. Ellen says:

    You said you don’t know what you what. So until you do some soul searching you can meet all the women in the world and still be confused. You never really know someone until you’ve been involved at least a year. I don’t think any of these women are keepers too much drama. When you meet the right one you’ll know, but I don’t think you are ready for that one yet you still got some playing to do from you’re actions. Take care…

  3. KElly says:

    Ray i love your show and i love the cosby show =D

  4. cowie says:

    how do you dill with unique

  5. lil31992 says:

    did yall know that Danger was in a music video???…i didnt… Mishon Ratliff has a video out called “excuse me mama”…and around the end of the video..Danger is seen dancing…you could tell it was her because of the tiger on her face….is Danger a video chick?….check it out….

    Mishon Ratliff
    “Excuse Me Mama”

  6. layup33 says:

    Yo Ray j, when does the nite tales series drop?

  7. Latisha says:

    I really think your sexy, and keep up the good work.
    But what i want to know is, Did Danger really got pregent on the show? And if so that why the other girls just leaving the show.your to sexy to be somebody’s baby daddy.

  8. countrygirl2820 says:

    wow it only takes 5 min to make pancakes lol my 8 yr old can do better than them