Rock of Love Bus Sneak Peek – Sunday Mindy Melts Down!


Find out what emotions get stirred up as the bus continues it’s journey to Bret’s heart in this sneak peek.

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  1. kathy says:

    omg what was bret micheals thinking when he eliminated beverly she was one of the most amazing people on the show besides her drinking. mindy is too good for bret and jamie is a rocker. is he in this show for love or just for a good time. i dont even want to watch the show anymore after this week

  2. Southpaw says:

    Bret…time to get rid of Taya…what a whine bag; there’s nothing attractive beyond her looks; you should’ve kept Beverly for now. and thank you for getting rid of the 2 useless $@+#!`%)!*#))+`#~ s last week, Ashley and Brittanya. why any man would want to spend time with either of them is beyond me….yuk.

  3. Katie says:

    THANK the good lord that Mindy is still there. Bev darlin you should have NEVER asked Bret to sign those dumb F bears.. IDIOT BOOT FOOL.. NOW Taya needs to shut her pie hole crying tear emotional face and GO THE HELL HOME. SHE is an idiot…. Mindy wins… hands down.. LOVE HER!!!! YOU GO MINDY.. The blondtourage was taken down one platinum hoe bag at a time and MINDY YOU had a huge hand in that.. GOOD GIRL. Your Brets Girl. Just put yourself out there a BIT more. And your got it.

  4. kim c says:

    OMG! Bret you are not 21 years old anymore, Beverly should have stayed, Taya needs to go now!! I hope that Bret realizes he has had all the penthouse\playboy\strippers that anyone could use up in a lifetime. Mindy go home this is the biggest joke I have ever seen, I can’t believe how much of a fan I used to be of Bret, now he seems like a whiney middle-aged boy who is all about the surface and not the real deal. I think Rock of Love 4 (god forbid) should be all women in fat suits and he has to eliminate based on the women’s actual personality! But wait, that would have to mean he had one too!

  5. Joe says:

    Somehow all the life is gone out of this season and Bret is left with a bunch of boring ladies that don’t seem suited for him. I don’t know what he wants or really even what he is at this point, but what a weak 4-some. Beverly has the body of a man with hooters and has fits like a child. Glad she’s gone. Mindy is fugly. She looks like a rodent. He can’t possibly pick her for his backstage booty. Plus, she is completely insecure and doesn’t even seem to like rock. Why is she there again? Just for the competition, it seems. Jamie gets kudos for being the only woman left bereft of drama, but she’s got the body of an pre-adolescent boy and a plain-Jane face. Plus, she’s a groupie. Taya is clearly the only good choice remaining. She’s way too full of herself, but she’s 10x as hot as anyone left, clearly can get with the lifestyle, and compared to the rest of these wack-jobs, seems mature and level-headed. Did I mention this season was a joke, though? There should be some better choices left. This show’s going to limp home like the lame dog it is. Good luck is season 4, Bret.

  6. Marty Walker says:

    Taya is the biggest baby I have ever seen. Gosh I wish she was gone. This girl lives in a dreamworld of herself. It makes me sick. I wish she was put off the show instead of Bev, and I think he would maybe have had a better time with a real person. Taya is a self serving %&`$$~~`(~%!$_%$@

  7. JenniferV says:

    I think every1 pretty much had the same opinion as I did. I think he should have kept Beverly and she would have been the best match for him. But if I had to pick out of the final three I would say Mindy would be better than Taya ot Jamie. Taya whines too much and Jamie doesn’t act like she is even attracted to Bret in any way shape or form. I see Rock of Love 4 in the future. Yes I will watch but I don’t even think Bret is trying to find love I think he is just looking for as many cheap girls as he can find to hit the sheets with because had he been looking for love he woulda kept Beverly.

  8. Helena86 says:

    this episode was boring… never thought I’d miss ashley…

  9. stephanie says:

    hated to see bev go,but mindy is the one for bret,taya is a fake *&#!_!$#&($&*#+*@ the only thing she has going for her is her looks other than that she has’nt got @$+@&*#~*^`&(`~% go mindy!

  10. Bye Bye Beverly says:

    I agree with Brett’s decision and KNEW absolutely KNEW that Beverly would be eliminated, next. Her personality changed way too much when she got drunk. She was just a fan. She wasn’t the one for him. She didn’t even cry when she was eliminated. The women who care show some emotion. Beverly was a fan of a dream. That’s it. Jamie is also just a fan. She just came out of no where and I don’t see how they have any kind of connection so it has to be Taya. Taya or Mindy, one of them will take it. In the end, it doesn’t matter any way. None of us are there to know what he’s going through with each of them and what he feels. In the second seasion he made a much better decision than the first, so maybe he’s getting better as he goes along.

  11. Mrs. Brad says:

    Beverly, on some level, must have known she wasn’t there for anything real, that’s why she shed no tears at the end, and totally the reason for the signing of the bears. Weird.

  12. Kate says:

    I feel sorry for Bret. He doesn’t seem to have a connection with any of the remaining girls. They are all sooo wrong for him. I predict that he’ll pick Taya – even though she’s a whiny cow. I have a feeling that the remaining episodes are going to be painful to watch.

    Does Bret like ugly chicks??? It seems like the girls are getting uglier and stupider each season.

  13. Megluv says:

    Rock of love is laaaaaame now!
    Whyd u kick off the fun blondes?!?
    Now I’m stuck with boring brunettes from the midwest!
    U shouldve kept at least one of the exciting ones..

    I’m goin for jamie.
    I loved ashley cuz she’s tattooed n real like me.
    Btw- I’ve NEVER watched any prior seasons. So I don’t know bretts past.)

    But ashley should still b there!

    One love from LA-megluv

  14. suzyQ says:

    Some people are just straight out LAME!!!! Since when was this COMPETION based on looks or on what color hair you have? Leave it up to the…I’m sure ya’ll can figure that one out.

  15. suzyq says:

    Or maybe this is just some Jerry Springer Bull sh*t! Never thought I would find myself watching shows like this. It’s only for “GETTO PEOPLE” Come on now!!! Put some class into it!!!

  16. Some Chick says:

    I am not a typical girl but I fit some sterotypes.I’d like to think something else but I am a big beliver in what the world is; is dependent on what people think! That being said I have no explaination why I like these shows!I’ve always been proud that I don’t care what people think.I have said to people ‘Myspace,face book and all this online dating/meeting people things are the down fall of society’ it’s a lack of/for people getting out in the world and now it’s the only way to get out; kinda. This and only a coouple other dating shows I like; because I think Bret seems so real. They got New York, Flavor flav, Ray j, and so on; but this one seems the most I don’t know honest. Bret love blonde hair, big ~~&$_`$%^`(`_`^ s, sexy girls and he doesn’t hide it but st the same time he seem much more like a normal guy because I think he is so candid. He seems so down to earth and real but I don’t know… It could all be an act for ratinings or something. Any ways if anyone cares I like the show and think Bret seems cool.

  17. Monica says:

    So sorry to see Beverly to go..I really liked her. But she screwed up when she had Bret sign the bears for her kids. TAYA HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so sick of her whinning,crying and thinking she’s “ALL THAT & MORE” FYI Taya…you’re NOT!!!!! Hey Bret let your 6th sense kick in and give Taya a reason to cry and whine, send her azz home. I think it’s going to come down with Miss Groupie (Jamie) and Miss Insecure (Mindy). Either one he choses it won’t last very long. Maybe Season 4 will be Rock of Love for Big John…now that would be COOL!!!!!

  18. angela says:

    I think Beverly was the best choice for him. Better to have an oober fan than a groupie. At least Beverly seemed to be truly into Bret (when you are into a guy why would you want to watch him with other women!).

    I would watch the Rock of Love for Big John.

  19. Real Blogger says:

    Another classic ROLB episode, and that’s even without the blond girls around to cause mayhem… I think the Mindy thing was a bit overdramatized, though. Although it wasn’t nice, it was obvious Mindy was just teasing Taya, who is just looking for reasons to bring other girls down with her. But Taya did do a nice job with her song…

  20. Susan says:

    I love Rock of Love. My sister passed away a year ago at the age of 36 from cancer. We watched and talked about Rock of Love every week. She lived her life like a rock star, always parting, I think that is why she died so young. Good luck girls and I hope Brett doesn’t pick any of you so there can be another season! Love you Brett and would love to meet you if you ever come to NKY or Cincinnati, OH.


  21. mel says:

    Ok, none of the remaining girls are going to be good for Bret! I have a feeling he’s going to pick that fake @$%&^#+^~)!@%!& Taya whom i think is there promoting penthouse anyway. Then mindy is just too damn whiny, she could never handle the “rockstar” life on the road. Then there is the groupie who joined in the middle of the show. She just seems like too nice of a girl and it just isn’t going to work with any of these girls! Ashley was the one from the first time i saw her, she was it. Too bad about all the baggage she had and feelings for the ex cause that really coulda worked out, i think! Oh, well leaves it open for another season which i’m already ready for. No matter how this one ends i really don’t care who wins. They all suck! Until next season!!!

  22. tori loebsack says:

    i want mindy to win

  23. Janie says:

    I forget what episode this was but Mindy was wearing a black t-shirt with a white image of 2 female skeleton’s sitting back to back. Does anyone out there know where to find this t-shirt. I have been searching since october of 08 and still can’t find it,.
    Please help. I would be eternally grateful!

  24. Sheila says:

    Bret made a terrible mistake. Mindy is a great person. She was and is still real. Her heart is completely open to Bret and in the long run, I believe Bret will regret his decision and will feel the need to look Mindy up. I hope he won’t wait until it is too late. Mindy is a great woman. She would stand behind and beside Bret thru thick and thin. Everybody on the show made a big deal over her being in a “funk”. That was blown way out of proportion. She is so in love and it is real love. Bret you made the wrong decision–make it right before it is too late. I hope you and Mindy get to read this and take it to heart.