For The Love Of Ray J Recap – Episode 7 – Seven Things We Loved About This Week’s Show


Before we get to the things we loved, here’s one thing we hated:

We’ll never again get to watch Feisty do this on TV. Well, not till she’s cast on a spin-off, at least.

Leaping to the top of our list of things we loved about this week’s episode is…

- That Unique vs. Danger fight

Look, we’re not gonna say that Danger isn’t crazy. She’s said it herself explicitly and implicitly…

She’s even said it with her eyes.

But while she played it cool, Unique was the one who ended up looking crazed. Letting your trademark mane of hair swoop and flutter all around as you rant at someone else for being crazy isn’t the best way to make your case, you know?

Although, crazy or not, mad props to Unique for coming up with, “You climb trees at 4 a.m. You’re f***ing retarded.” That is a line for the ages. Between accusing Danger of being 40, potential arson and then getting mad at Ray when he didn’t rush to her side after the blow-up, Unique put on quite a show.

And to think it all stemmed from a sub-junior high conversation between Danger and Unique that basically went, “I don’t like you.” “I don’t like you either.” “I’m not here to make friends!” Like I said: we expect it from Danger, but it was an extremely eye-opening turn from Unique. To quote the oddly insightful Chardonnay on this matter: “Unique has this whole good-girl, churchy, oh-I-wear-stockings-with-all-my-skirts, like this whole little act. And it’s like, now you changing. You all ghetto and stuff. All, ‘Don’t do that! Don’t talk to me!” Of course, this just makes us like Unique more as a character. We didn’t know she had that kinda drama in her.

Continuing with a related thing we loved from this episode…

- This shot of Danger:

It’s so amazing, it needs to stand on its own as an item. This was her reaction to Unique accusing her of being the type to burn down Ray’s house. She looks more like the type to go on a killing spree over the course of a horror-film franchise. She seriously looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid possessed with the spirit of Chucky. Extremely well-played. I’m scared and I’m nowhere near her.

- Pancakes

When we heard this week’s challenge would involve children and pancakes, this scene from Cabin Fever immediately sprung to mind:

Thanks to Danger, it was something almost as bizarre.

You know that when she finally got her griddle together, as it were, and started burning the hell out of those pancakes…

…it was all a way of punishing everyone around her. A bid, perhaps, to knock out a competitor via asphyxiation?

You know Danger: always strategizing.

And how amazing was it that Feisty was made hostess since she works at Hooters? She must be an expert at dealing with churchgoers and children alike, then! And how amazing was the fact that the very act of making pancakes was initially daunting to most of these women?

It’s pretty great that a kid was able to sum up this whole ordeal in a sentence:

If you’re interested in recapping, kid, give us a shout!

- Ray’s competition!

“Do you want me to put you down?” asked Cocktail upon completing the challenge. “No,” said the child attached to her hip. If you’re interested in fronting an …Of Love show, kid, give us a shout!

- The return of Chardonnay

It’s been a while since we saw her do her thing. We didn’t realize how much we’d missed it.

- Feisty’s laugh

She’s kinda George W.-esque, but unlike him, we’re actually sad to see her go. Between the sexual sit-up, her left/right confusion, her love of alcohol…

…the fact that she spent much of this episode without pants on…

…her openness…

…just everything about this girl, we’re really gonna miss her.

See you soon (we hope), Feisty! Until then, have fun lying on the beach and being tropical!

- Danger’s last words on Unique

She smells funny and she’s fat and mean.

That’s just to remind you of the level of maturity that we’re dealing with. But that’s not a complaint: we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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  1. Demarko says:

    Im sad the most entertaing person in the show gets kick off, to bad ray j had 2 let her go! i would of love to see feisty at the strip club!!!! ” vh1 please bring back this girl Feisty! i would love to see her on I love money 3 or a spin off 2 ray j show taining feisty!!! i would love to see who could tied down this party chick! Team Feisty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. frank says:

    Feisty the hotest chick hands down!!!
    cant belive ray j let the badest chick go, what else you want j, she sexy, like to party and have a great time she perfect 4 you.. its not like u looking for love anyways! lol, Hope VH1 bring back this party girl on a spin off like I love money 3 or a feisty spin off

  3. Shida says:

    Danger is off the chain.

  4. kk says:

    i luv danger she keep it real unlike unique fake !~*(_@~^@_^`)“ i hate that b-t-h i hope ray see through her and vote her !~*(_@~^@_^`)“ off

  5. Dwayne says:

    I’m rooting for Danger and !`((~!`+)@)!@)(# tail now that the hottest girl in the house got eliminated.

  6. Ms.Red says:

    I really like unique ,i thinks she is very pretty,despite danger calling her ugly and fat and old,never be intimadated of a girl up in age,age is nothing but a number,if she is old ,she looks good,my the best women win,get rid of all H A T E R S!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Danny says:

    I think Danger Is the bomb, Keep that girl around, She is by far the Hottest and I think, the coolest to hang out with..DAMN!!!…I wish i was ray J..I get rid of em all..accept her

  8. jesse says:

    Ray J rather have a psycho, a phony diva wanna be
    and gogo dancer that works for tips ” @)*!!#`!@^@!+@^_ tails” any one
    lol. i would of took a real girl that not there for the limelight a real down to earth chick from the M.I.A
    that likes to be the life of the party, dont feisty remind you of Ray J female version…. I hope the network bring back this girls she cute, funny, charming

  9. KValita says:

    OMG! This was the best episode ever. I mean danger is really dangerous. And to think at one point that i was rooting for her and RayJ. It was actually between Unique and Danger for my pic. Now I am with Unique all the way. RayJ can get a stripper anytime and can cook his own spaghetti. So Chardonay is out the pic. Plus did you see her put that phone down when she heard Unique and Danger go at it. I could of sworn she told a dude to hold on while she investigate. !~$!^+@_#&$$$&~! tail was on a get money f… men show, so RayJ really just need her for a spy and the earrings was just a token of his appreciation of doing a good job at that. Come on, really, to hear that she was on a reality show being a gold digger, do you really think that RayJ would pick her? The only sensible thing to do is pick Ms. Unique. That’s my pick and I am sticking to it. (I really pick myself but I can’t defend myself) I’ll just stay in dreamland for now and enjoy the out takes that RayJ be having during the breaks. He is funny as s… I cracks up.

  10. Owen says:

    I love Feisty! It was sad to see her go, but at least she left with her head held high! I really hope she gets cast for a spin-off. I want to see more of her.

  11. Rachael says:

    i love Danger and i hope she wins. as for Unique, she is a scary )!_%~!!$`$$$((% (~*)(_!(`#&`%%_#% she was scared to fight danger in the boxing challenge but she can talk cold cash #!_$@@~@+$_(@(#) when everyone is around. she aint gonna do #!_$@@~@+$_(@(#) she has this whole lil front on like Chardonnay said. *“&&~@%(“`**~_ that she needs to stop bein fake. and i hope when they have the after show danger beats the #!_$@@~@+$_(@(#) outta her!

  12. Kaya says:

    I used to hate Danger but now I’m thinking that Unique is a psycho ^%^&@_&`)*#^@&(!& Feisty is just too young and a major party girl. Nothing wrong with that tho… I use to be one myself.

  13. nettaoakland says:

    Man keep it real doe!!!!Dat @^&&+#%~^%~~~!~~& Unique, Do it look like she enjoyed the lap dance from Chardonay or what!!! that @^&&+#%~^%~~~!~~& is gay dan all out Ray doors feel me!!! Ray wasn’t that ^!(^^#`!^~((#(($ in into da $^!$~~%!*@_)#_#$ ya’ll go back and check it out and holla back!!! I’ll b waitin 4 yo comment 2!!!!!! 4 da Love in Netta yadddda mean W-Oak CA!! All DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. winter says:

    ray need to find another way to find love because he is hood and about his money. None of those girls are for him he need to meet on a diffrent way he ius so sweet from what i see and he need a friend and a woman no one sneaky and fake and so far thats all i seen on the show ray dont look for love let it happen you’ll be alright baby

  15. Kayla says:

    I like Chardonay. She is laid back and she ain’t taking no mess from nobody.She keeps it real,she even showed Ray J that she could cook.I think she has the whole package that he is looking for.I don’t think she would get jealous of girls hugging and kissing on him in public.

  16. kiaa says:

    I don’t like unique and i 100% agree whith my girl danger! I love her and $#(*($!%#`&))@)* TAIL!

  17. kiaa says:

    I agree with Racheal! foreal yo! Unique talk mad *~%+_@*%^#&_(^@) with her puppydog head! Danger and _+!$_@+`+$+*#~_! tail are my girls…chqrdonnay is alright. Unique gotta go doe boo.foreal. she looks like my +!!_^$%&(*+^%*@( in grandmother. on dha real.

  18. scifiwritir says:

    Dang! Feisty left? I haven’t been watching this cause most of the women seemed pretty much the same: horny, angry, rude. But I really liked Feisty. She seemed quite real. Hey, it’s probably better for her. Ray J doesn’t seem like he’d be good for her. -C

  19. tay says:

    i love danger lol she reminds me of my little sis

  20. K.Mone' says:

    I really liked fiesty its sad that she’s gone. Unique is wack and fake as #`^$!&_~%$@!#`~+ If she was really so above things the other girls did then she wouldn’t have went on that little rant like she did as if she were in elementry. She looked like she belonged in a psychward. ugh! when is Ray J gonna drop her lame `_*^^&%`_)~!%$` they say danger crazy but who looked like the crazied !@_(!((!_@`~~(%*% that night.

  21. kristen says:

    i think the girls on the show is fake and do i think ray j is looking for love hell no. i think chardonnay is a stripper and danger needs to be checked into a crazy house.

  22. imeka says:

    I think danger is goin to win because s he really there for ray. if he dont pick no one i’ll come and get him

  23. kristen says:

    i love how unique showed danger she wasnt scared of her its about time. they was wrong for cooking them pancakes like that i would never hire them to be my chef.

  24. bggrgg13 says:

    I Love Danger!!!! Ray had better get with her or Chardonnay because Unique is trying to get a recording contract and #&$+(`_@!~+`@`$% tail is just not ready for his lifestyle i don’t think she’s strong enough and he don’t need someone whose feeling are gonna be hurt easily. #&$+(`_@!~+`@`$% tail will end up in a corner crying when Ray J gets mad at her and snaps at her but Danger will remain calm and talk to him, so would Chardonnay and again Unique although she’s Hot!! wants a recording contract.

  25. ashlee says:

    i think )&!~`+#*#%(^`(@% tail is gonna win.. she’s managed to stay out of most of the drama and kept her self from looking like a complete idiot… unique really hasn’t shown a true side of her since she’s been on the show.. i really can’t stand her and that hair.. looks like she stuck her finger in an electrical socket. Danger kept her self composed during that fight and unique ran away and was ready to quit on the man she supposidly likes.. oh please she needs to grow up and realize that she needs to worry about herself stop worrying about the other girls and let ray see the real her .. not this imaginary person she thinks he’ll like .

  26. gia says:

    Although I do not think Ray will end up with any of the girls on the show, I believe Danger may be the one for right now.

    I am not sure why Unique is on the show………..Kinda reminds me of myself. However, she is not the one for Ray. I hope this will lead to a promising career.

    I think Danger is cute, mature, and exhibits self control…….looks can be deceiving.

  27. fashioncrackhead says:

    Unique needs to go home ASAP!! how wack was her confrontation with Danger…shes a %@%^^*)(#@)&%@“ ing PUNK!! and her hair is sooooo wack!!! for a person thats beautiful on the outside, her insides are the pits of HELL!!

  28. Danger Eyez says:

    I think on the next episode they gona reveal to us that Ray got that Crazy Girl(Danger) Pregnant.

  29. Danger Eyez says:

    I think on the next episode they gona reveal to us that Ray got that Krazy Chick(Danger) Pregnant.

  30. Mc says:

    Unique is WACK on so many levels. A few episodes ago she was SCARED to fight Danger in the boxing challenge and forfeited because she was SCARED and now she ate her Wheaties and decides to be big, bad & bold? Chick PUHLEASE!! Danger would run circles around that wack broad. She needs to be sent home because if she can tell Ray that she would leave quickly, then she doesn’t need to be there. She put on that show in front of Ray hoping he would run after her to baby her and he didn’t and that is what her WACK behind got! LAME!!! Danger is the BEST and she deserves to win. Oh! And FYI Unique, your hair, mane, monstrosity, whatever you want to call it, is HORRIBLE just like U!

  31. Suzie~Bee says:

    Love coctail more than any of the girls that are there for you. (quick question could you move a 47″ tv and a sleeper sectional couch?)Anyway Coctail is your girl. She won’t be jealous because she knows she is going home (her home) with you and nothing else matters unless she agrees!

  32. FOXY says:

    I can’t believe you let FIESTY go!!!I thought ya’ll would have made a GOOd couple. Yes she drank too much! I would to if I had to deal with all the girls BS. I think she really cared for you more than you know, thats another reason for her drinking. Sorry I can’t see you with any of the girls left…..You know that old saying: You don’t know what you had till it’s gone….I’m not the only one who saw the chemistry between you and Fiesty…YOU COULD BRING HER BACK< THIS IS YOUR SHOW!

  33. Tammy says:

    well danger i am happy you and unique got into it because i glab ray seen that side of her…and i now im late just want to say )_#@~@+#+#_$@%_! tail if you dont like ppl talkin about you or gettin in your business dont talk ~!+_+)!~#!+*+_&) about other ppl and get in there business…and danger i hope you kick uniques ^*#`#~&~(_$_@~# and i hpe you win…you should hve just jumpe her right there when she ws talkin ~!+_+)!~#!+*+_&)

  34. Amberlicious says:


  35. mz.cutie says:

    i like danger a lot i wish she would of beat unique ^++@&^!*+(!@+^( i do not like that ~&#*)*%&)#~+^@(&% she need to go home n leave danger n rayj alone i hope rayj pick danger she is perfect for him n she is not crazy she jst got problems with dat ~&#*)*%&)#~+^@(&% unique

  36. cleveland sweety says:

    I think Unique is a big joke. When will Ray J see through her fakeness. I’m from Cleveland, and she is really making us look bad. She said she does not fight, what was that in the kitchen, she is not real. I really hate the fact that she thinks she’s being smart,when she really is dumb!
    And what about Chardonnay putting her butt all in Unique’s face, that is what she should have been mad about. Strong women stand up for themselves no matter what, we don’t wear poodles on our heads and we never run from fights.
    She is not representing smart, strong, intelligent women, so please guys, don’t get turned off from Cleveland women because of this one mistake off the lake.

  37. Ron T says:

    _+@@!%%@@`$++)#$ tails anyone??? Oh hell no “She a Las Vegas )~*(__(@&&#_%!&_% Yo Ray J check ya self my boi, sje might have something on her lol, she a ugly #_+`%!*^&_!_$&+ *^+_@$^~`^&*)@`) Feisty was way cuter dawg you should of keep her, or bring her back and say you have a change of heart! YO VH1 i would love to see more of feisty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. sara g says:

    unique acts innocent. she is a (%*#“~#(!@*$(&&~ a nasty one at that. she gave my boyfriend’s friend gonorrhea!!
    she tries to be classy, but really she just acts like someone’s grandma. everytime ray pays someone else more attention, she calls them a party girl.
    we call you gonorrhea girl when we watch, unique!!

  39. CourtneyHarvey ! says:

    Im so ready to see Unique leave ! I havent liked her every since that episode where she backed out of the ring fight && convinced her whole team to back out as well ! She is jus scared of Danger, she practically says it herself when she refuses to fight her ! When Danger comfronted her she blew up for no apparant reason, other than the fact that she didnt want to look like a lil scaredy cat again on tv ! Threatening to leave the show was an act of her “fear” ! She likes to run away from problems. With all of that being said: she’s not the girl for Ray J !

    CourtneyHarvey !

  40. rob says:

    look here ray ima be yo its 4 girls left and ima send one home 4 u (danger) the girl is nuts after she gone then u will see 3 real ladies its gone be really hard to choose

  41. Tee in da H-Town says:

    well lets see, danger is smart,fine, and crazy. Unique is crazy as well. Wit that fake act. She has no sex appeal. Ray gon cheat on all these females anyway! its bound to happen. He would need a real woman to keep his `!)#^~@!%$#%`(^ Not these crazy females!

  42. LokaBaybeex3 says:

    why the hell is danger still there ? why is this show still airing like every reality tv show RAY isn’t going to pick or end up w| anyone DANGER : she’s an online pornstar showing naked pics *!%@%%`%$#+!$+_( TAIL : she’s a goldigger UNIQUE : why is she still there ? CHARDONNAY : she’s just there to show of her skills in dancinq & all the rest.

  43. marissa says:


    Fiesty doesn’t have shoulders, she should have went a shoulder implant instead of breasts.

  44. mz.loveable says:

    Dear Ray J

    Just lookfor the one that makes you happy, and is there for just you and not the spot light.

  45. Charee,24 says:

    I think Unique is a fake, lame, old #^&~$&#$)~@$&$$ +%^@_~+#(^&_#($+_ that need to sit her #^&~$&#$)~@$&$$ down cuz she is not the business!!! Its funny how Unique didnt want to get her scary #^&~$&#$)~@$&$$ in the ring to box with Danger but now wants to run up in Danger’s face and talk _@_!#`&))$$%))#( FRONT!! I like Danger cuz she not actin like she is anybody’s friend-she gives respect where it is due and that’s it.

  46. Diamondcrusty says:

    I just have to say that gif of Feisty’s laugh is totally awesome.

  47. blanca says:

    I don’t know why all you people like Danger, she is psycho. if Ray J was my brother I would ten times prefer him to be with a girl like Unique. Im not saying Unique is perfect cuz she is anoying at times but, anybody would of snapped like she did. Who says lady’s can’t get mad. You people are crazy for wanting him to pick Danger. I totally agree with Unique when she said Danger would burn ray j’s house down. Plus Danger is a prostitute ^*)$@`!@*((^(*&` en nasty chick. And it’s funny how she keeps calling unique fat, lol she’s ^*)$@`!@*((^(*&` en fat too and it looks like she’s dirty, and that tattoo is ^*)$@`!@*((^(*&` en guetto…

  48. lovergirl says:

    Honestly Ray-J doesn’t need a reality show to look for love. He is successful, smart, and fine. Love will come when it’s time.

  49. lkydavis says:

    I think that Ray J should stop playing and gone and kick Danger crazy self out of the house.

  50. katty says:

    i love danger she is my gyal i wish she would knock the !$+#`!~+!+)@~%`_ out of unique she snitching on all the girls even feisty

  51. Cay Cay says:

    Mad props to Danger for holding her own against Unique crazy behind. She got nerve to call someone else crazy. Unique flipped the script right quick cuz she manipulated her homegirls off the show, and she can’t get to Danger. Danger is her biggest competition, and she in panic mode. Let go on ahead and make herself look crazy, again, in front of Ray. She can keep her stuff packed. And for those tryin Danger, the way she gets along with Unique, dones not mean she will be that way with Ray. They have a different kinda thing goin on that I find to be wonderful.
    GO DANGER!!!!

  52. Jen says:

    I like Ray J and really to be honest, I don’t think none of the girls left are good enough for him! I don’t think any of them have enough Class to spend the rest of their lives with him…he deserves so much more but if I haft to choose I would say Danger would be the one.

  53. MYPENIS says:

    All of them can suck my )#!+“&^$^*$*~&_ and lick my balls, but i woulnt _~!)^##@“$%#_)& em raw, tho, they aint baby moma material 4 me.

  54. pattie in cali says:

    ok here i go again, why does RAY J want unique? shes a nasty hateful person, she pure fake, she acts like she friends with the others, then they go home, and she talks trash on them, this girl, yes thats what she is is a little girl, any one of these girls would kick her butt on the streets,COCKTAIL, DANGER, CHARDONNAY, these are the realest in there, ~*^)_#_*&)%`&_“ TAIL, CHARDONNAY, these ladies have stayed the same, RAY J wake the heck up, is this a joke, are you going to hurt them down the road, it wouldn’t be good, ~*^)_#_*&)%`&_“ TAIL, CHARDONNAY, they don’t deserve any bad treatment, unique needs to go, just watch some of the videos, unique is wacked, open your eyes RAY J, DANGER you need to watch your back, unique is out for blood, unique is a #$%^&^%$#@, this is not what i really want to say, i would love to be in the same room with her, i wouldn’t back down what so ever, i don’t care who she is, she is wack, something is very wronge with her, her head is screwed on wronge, BEST OF LUCK ~*^)_#_*&)%`&_“ TAIL, CHARDONNAY, DANGER, DANGER i am worried you have dug your way into the ground, you have let wack head lead you down the wronge road, hey unique, hope like hell RAY J sees what you are, your all ugly inside and out, you need to go home and watch your self, i bet anything you won’t like who you are, if you don’t see anything wronge, then my point was made, YOUR WACK.

  55. pattie in cali says:

    !(_@^@~`#*$_&#_$ TAIL, CHARDONNAY, DANGER, we wish you three all the best, my bet is on !(_@^@~`#*$_&#_$ TAIL, but i like the other two as well, CHARDONNAY, seems to be the most honest, but you never know, people are who they are, it will come out,

  56. LadeeLuvHer says:

    Danger looks like a bottom feeder….I said from day 1 there’s something really raunchy and dirty looking about this girl and every week she starts looking more and more sluttish! She’s obviously got some psychological issues….any grown woman that walks up to another grown woman whose minding her business and starts talking about how much they hate her, obviously has nothing else better to do….see Unique is actually the best catch for Ray, she’s classy and presentable yet she can hold her own and get freaky when the time is right….she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and doesn’t seem to be interested in his money. Everybody is getting on her case because she strategizes and is successful bust isn’t that the reason they are there??? Who gives a damn If u like her? She’s not there for Danger or to please Danger she’s there for Ray so instead of hating and complaining try and get like her and maybe they will be successful as well….Unique is a beautiful woman with her own mind and agenda….everybody else that’s hollering oh I thought she was my friend blah blah….is apparently there on a vacation looking for friends….Unique wants to win and fortunately for her, she hasn’t had to compromise herself or her standards like some of the other girls to gain his affection. Danger thought Unique was a punk and that she wasn’t gonna nut up but she shocked that #_&$)&~!~__%~%) and went way left….lol don’t let the demeanor fool you danger aka )@!+*%(@@+_*#!^%(@

  57. RICO says:

    All them ~*^#*!)`&^)^**(#* es are wack!!! Except feisty sexy ~*+~&**%$$#+@@^ i would love to beep that ish!

  58. Danger Stan says:

    I LOVE DANGER!!!!!

  59. RICKY says:


  60. chyna says:

    hey yo danger i like dat fly tatoo on the side of your face and tell granny unique that she needs to were better clothes cuz she looks stupid with the same type of clothes on every day

  61. Queen says:

    People .. that ~@%$$@**$~`~*!*@` unique got to go!!! She’s crazy. She’s extremely fake, and sneaky

  62. mrpower says:

    I don’t think none them look as good as Kim Kardashian. None them can’t touch Kim. They should of let Ray pick the girls to be on his show. Who ever picked these girls had no taste at all.

  63. ericka says:

    i can’t believe ray kept #@$)^+@&@@%+)!%_ tail and let chardonnay go when she was the only one keeping it real. so basically, you’re saying that you’re really looking for a golddigger???
    feisty kind of resembles britney spears in these pics above.

  64. ladyluv says:


  65. nj says:

    i think danger is really cool,she might have her issues but who does’nt. i really hope danger keeps her cool and hopefully ray picks her

  66. shryj says:

    Danger u are (!~`(#!)%$*`%%*^ en crazy
    and ray J u should realize that danger is one day going to (!~`(#!)%$*`%%*^ en kill u she is crazy, insane, maybe even a criminal that should be put in prison
    danger is so ugly she has no personality, no brain, and she really doesnt know how to keep it real
    Ray J come on she had sex with one of ur friends who know she might even cheat on u with him one day

  67. Swonnog says:

    rated site this excellent to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor :)

  68. santina says:

    ah ray you should pick danger dat gurl love you i like her she pretty

  69. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I understand we all make mistakes, but some are more harshly looked upon than others. During the recap show, I overheard Ray J making a statement which included this non-existing word, “worser.” Hmmm… Why wasn’t that edited out? Not only do I blame Ray J for using it, but I also blame the editors for not catching it before this episode aired. Ray J needs to get it together, as does his video crew and show editors.

  70. unaria says:

    ray j is so fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he is like so candy i will just lick him up

  71. Rodechier says:

    For my opinion Danger is the right girl for you Ray i dnt thinks shes crazy at all and if so its because crazy +`_$^)~((_(%!`~ girls like unique want to hate… Danger is the right girl for u so hopefully you made a good choice and as for unique u should of kicked her sneaky hatin *@$$* off along time ago i rather for u to kept the drunky girl instead! Big up’s to you danger and hopefully i see you 2 together in the future just keep being your self and dnt worry bout the hatahs cuz they every where LOL Love ya

  72. Jessica from samuell says:

    first ov all i fee like day had sum hoes on diz show to start off with n day u knt turn no hoe n to a house wife n day say day was n love with him from da start wen da neva new u but wen u do decide to pick i hope u pick danger cause dat gurl has been thro alot durin dis show n shednt neva give up no matter what dem fack !(&!_+%~(%_++)) hoes (unique)put her thro n dats y danger deserves it because i think she thea realist no matter what… I also think chardona how ever u spell her name is 2

  73. ms.real talk says:

    i think he should pick danger because from watchin the show danger was the only real one and uniqe was wrong she was a lie nd i dont think she love you but im forsure danger love you you should pick danger cause yall belone wit each other to me every time yall are together yall are happy so pick danger youno you love her RAYJ go wit danger

  74. Larry H says:

    At least RayJ picked the right girl, unlike Bret Michaels, whose hormones led him to choose a slut over a quality lady. “Cocktail” is smart, beautiful, loving, fantastic. BTW, it took a crazy like “Danger” to shake up a very smart, very classy “Unique”. Feisty will always be my sexual fantasy. ;) The rest of the women were throw-aways. Congrats, RayJ!!

  75. jakaila says:

    I dont like Unique and i think that she was scare to fight danger. I think that Danger really should have CUT her so she could shut her mouth up!!!!!!!I really like Danger because she is CARZY!!!Unique is fack and old she make me sooooooo sick and she Dump really!!!!

  76. Malik Arntz says:

    The best way Football Commissioner Roger Goodell chatted about golf club owners’ mind-boggling acceptance of a sensitive decade-long agreement to end your lockout, he could at the same time are actually yelling, Are anyone all set for a lot of basketball? Not so quick, supporters. Your deal’s dirty however.