That Metal Show: An Extreme Episode


This week the boys chew the fat with the leaders of the reformed Extreme, Gary Charone and Nuno Bettencourt. And they debate the impact iTunes has had on loud rock albums. Check the above clip.

Every Saturday night hosts Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamison debate modern music issues and classic music heroes; every week they bring out a guest or two as well. The show airs on VH1 Classic on Saturdays at 11 pm ET. If you’ve got a question for ‘em about a long lost metal band, they just might answer it.

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  1. Steve Segal says:

    Eddie,Jim & Don,

    When are going to take the show on a West coast tour? LA or San Diego?

    Or are you afraid to leave New JerseyLand?

    BTW way never any mention of Montrose? Ronnie is the God Father of American Hard Rock. I nearly wreaked my 72 ‘Cuda the first time I heard Rock the Nation.

    Chula Vista, CA

  2. Sean2112 says:

    I just finishd watching those fools from Etreme pick from Slayer and Pantera for the mean album. Really, Reign in Blood hands down. These guys bring mean to a new level and not to mention the two clowns with Eddie couldnt even come up with one ~%)$%!(%(~&*^!) le from Reign in Blood to begin with(posers). What ever happened to taste. I would to see in the future some harder meatal band brought to light, “Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Blood Red Throne?

  3. juan david says:

    rgds, from guatemala
    I really love the show. Just, I couldn’t help to strongly disagree with Panthera meaner than slayer???
    the discussion was over with the question. There’s no way to compare these 2 bands. Trunk: I admire that you stood with slayer eventhough everybody else didn’t. Extreme: if you haven’t heard slayer, you can’t committ a vote!!!
    Jim&Don: Come on!!!
    Besides this, the show rocks. Anthrax Bello was awesome show.

  4. Stace Webb (Mr.) says:

    I LOVE VH1 CLASSIC ROCK, however, I DEFINITELY DO NOT care for “That Metal Show.” While it is bad that the drummer of KISS is affected with cancer. Why is “That Metal Show” broadcast most days DAILY? I, & a lot of rockers do not care 1 iota about METAL! There must be some metal heads on VH1′s staff!

    HEAVY METAL is only 1 aspect of VH1 CLASSIC ROCK!

    Thanks for the opportunity of sharing my views!
    Stace Webb (Mr.)

  5. AllThingsHardRock&HeavyMetalFan4Life says:

    Even though the main members have moved on to other projects (Testament, TSO, etc.) could we please get just one shout-out to Savatage? They were by far the greatest of the “over-looked” bands of the 80′s and 90′s

  6. proxy troops says:

    in episode #706, don jamison told the guy that won the guitar neck, “you can hit iraqis on the head with it”. are all people in iraq bad?