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  1. Billy says:

    Taylor is a total _!&`#%`~)~@+*&@ dumpster. She is a !$`^^%$~*~%^%%_! ing troll and needs to be a candy striper at the Boca Raton nursing home. She is a waste of space and needs to focus on finding her !$`^^%$~*~%^%%_! ing child and taking some responsibility instead of wasting her time offering lines of viagra to her potential cold, nasty wrinkled wallets!!! At least they have the option of removing their hearing aids so they don’t have to hear her fake voice!

  2. joaquin Bonilla says:

    suasha oh my god baby your feet look so good to suck

  3. joaquin bonilla says:

    Sausha from tough love look for me on myspace

  4. nay nay says:

    I love this show!!!