VH1 Tough Love Recap – Episode 3 Superlatives


Love just got a little less tough for one of the ladies…

Picking right back up from last week’s superlatives

Most Likely To Be Used as a Sex Toy, Take 3 -This…

…actual sex toy!

And it’s a treasured sex toy, at that.

Most Likely To Appear On Rock of Love 4 (Redux) – Arian

And she’s got the “rock hand” to prove it!

Most Likely To Wear Dental Floss as Outerwear - Arian

Probably goes without saying after the last item, but you know, nothing wrong with being thorough.

Most Likely To Show Remorse for Having a Sexual Side – Arian

Just kidding! She’s just playing coy!

There, that’s more like it.

Most Likely To Wear a Turtleneck in Playboy - Jody

Not that we hold her wish to keep her dignity against her. It’s just that this is VH1 so it seems…weird.

Most Likely To Get Crumbs in Bed – Abiola

“I’m a girl who eats, and that is sexy,” she said on her philosophy behind posing with cupcakes. So many women have such negative relationships with food that I’m gonna put the scoffing and bizarreness-dissection on the back burner, and just say: go on, girl!

Most Likely To Rock Bj√∂rk’s Swan Dress – Stasha

For the record, she’s also the most likely to wrestle a live swan into submission, sling it around herself and rock that. Ah, fresh couture. She’s “very, very artistic” like that.

Most Likely To Have a Secret S&M Basement - Natasha

It’s like someone pushed a lever and got right to her secret passageway.

Least Likely To Guest as Judges on America’s Next Top ModelThese guys:

They not only praised Natasha’s open-mouthed, fly-catching shot, they ragged on Jody for looking, grumpy. Uh, guys? Some of us would call that “fierce.” Most of us who did so probably aren’t into women, but whatever! Seriously, Stasha is a “transsexual Selena?” Sounds fierce to me!

Least Likely To Own a Dictionary - Taylor

“If you open up a dictionary and read down and find sexy, it says, ‘Taylor, definition of sexy,'” reports Taylor. That’s not really how dictionaries work. I don’t think she’s a reputable source.

Most Likely To Have Stolen Taylor’s Dictionary - Shelton

Here is where the self-assured congregate. It’s a meeting of the minds bodies.

Most Can-You-Believe-This-TV-S***? Moment –

Terrence wonders, “Who sleeps in pajamas?” Abiola concurs, explaining that she sleeps nude. With any luck, this is yet another meeting of the bodies.

Most Likely To Be Drinking the Kool-Aid by Osmosis – Arian

She resists Steve’s methods, and yet, here she is preaching them to her date when he brings up the subject of exes. “You’re not supposed to talk about past relationships! It’s in the book!” she hit back. That this led to them both agreeing that ditching the rules and making out was a much better idea is neither here nor there.

Least Likely To Stab Someone in the Back – Taylor

She goes right for the heart, instead! Here she openly disses Sheldon’s ambitions and bank account. Hey, at least she’s honest!

Least Likely To Become a Professional Tumbler - Taylor

Although if she did, she’d be the most entertaining professional tumbler ever!

Least Likely To Resist Her Maternal Instinct – Jody

Even though she talked about not liking Taylor (with good reason, since Taylor called her “ugly”) and had open concern about Taylor’s return to the house, Jody stepped in to help stop Taylor for making more of a drunken fool of herself. And good TV. Damn it, mom, you never let us have any fun!

But oh well, at least Jody ended up getting a character boost.

Most Improved – Jody

And boosting and boosting! You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so the fact that Jody was able to win over the guy she had a pretty lousy date with last episode is further testament to her achievement.

Most Likely To Pattern a Relationship Like a George Michael Video – Jacklyn

“He’s gonna be like the perfect father figure,” said Jacklyn on her family-oriented suitor.

No word yet on how he’ll fare as a preacher-teacher, though.

Most Likely To Tell Boldfaced Lies - Taylor

When confronted about her behavior during the lingerie party, Taylor said that her lack of interest in Sheldon had to do with his career path being too similar to hers. “It was never about the money,” she claimed before being presented with video evidence stating the otherwise. But thank god this happened because it led to Taylor breaking down and revealing an actual reason behind the gold-digging:

She had to give her 16-month-old child up for adoption for lack of funds. Her over-the-top behavior has roots in real, live hardship, and realizing this made empathazing with her so much more possible. Way to go, Taylor.

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