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The second season of Free Radio premieres on VH1 this Thursday night at 11 pm ET, and the cluckish antics of Lance seem to be funnier than ever. You recall the premise. Bigwig FM jock is lured to a satellite station, and his nimrod of an intern fills in, making hay with the audience by being such a boob. This time around, Lance has reached star status – his “Moron In The Morning” show is a bonafide hit in L.A. Long suffering co-host Anna continually tries to steer the ship away from rocks. She’s seldom successful.

The premiere features guest visits from The Office actor Ed Helms, weirdo comedian Neil Hamburger, and Lord Of The Rings star Dominic Monaghan. We got on the phone with Free Radio stars Lance Krall and Anna Vocino to chat about the upcoming season. You’ll notice that drifting in and out of character is something they have no problem with.

VH1: The season starts with “Moron In the Morning” winning an award from L.A. Weekly. If it was a real show, how would it do in the ratings?

Lance: If it was a real show, it would do really well. We go on a lot of interviews at various radio stations and the guys always say they wish they had the freedom we do. I think train wrecks are – and VH1 can attest to this – an entertainment source for America these days.

Anna: We’re actually going to be on Loveline with Dr. Drew on March 31 – in character. Lance will be giving horrible advice to horny teenagers, and I’ll be trying mitigate it a bit. We like the train wreck. I like the fact that Lance’s character always says the thing you might be thinking. It’s like a well intended Simon Cowell type of thing. There’s a philosophy behind his character’s train wreck.

Lance: I say what everyone’s internal moron wants to say.

Are you guys secret fans of talk radio?

A: Not so secret. If I’m in the car, it’s mostly talk radio. Usually that’s the way I get the news. And the radio stations in L.A. aren’t playing the music I want to listen to, so…

L: I just like listening to people talk, I don’t know why. Ever since I was a kid…I fall asleep to talk radio. When I go to bed, [my wife and I] turn on Coast to Coast, George Noory‘s show.

Lance gets a spray-on tan in the first episode. What’s the most egregious part of this social trend?

A: People getting more and more pumpkin colored. Actually, you know what’s egregious about it? So many people have it, that if you’re like me and you don’t have a tan, it makes you the odd man out. But I look like human beings are supposed to look.

L: Um, actually you look terrible, Anna.

A: I was watching that celebrity matchmaker show and that lady got mad at one of the millionaires because he didn’t have a spray tan, and I was like “he doesn’t need a spray tan, he’s a millionaire!”

L: I don’t understand why people need spray tans out here in L.A., where it’s always sunny and nice, but I guess it’s because you don’t want cancer. But c’mon, cancer is cool.

A: Nice

Watch the sneak premiere of Thursday night’s Free Radio 2 episode.

This week Lance grabs himself an entourage, too. You guys are Hollywood pros, what’s the biggest posse you’ve come across?

L: I haven’t seen a lot people rolling with an entourage; I don’t think it’s a real thing. But I don’t hang around big enough stars, so I wouldn’t know. You see people with their agents. But actually posses? I think it’s a pure television thing – which is sort of the point of my character having one. He thinks you should have one.

A: We’ve had guests show up with an entourage.

L: That’s true, I’ll take that back. Every time we have a rapper on, they have an entourage.

A: Now granted, we don’t hang out where the rappers hang out…but when they show up, they bring a lot of people.

L: Akon. I’ll change my answer to Akon. He brought about half of his entourage to the show – six or seven…which was a little insulting, right? You only brought half, dude? But they were all real big guys.

Why are we so attracted to doofuses these days? Michael on The Office would fit on the list, too.

L: I think because people can relate. There’s a little doofus in everyone. Everyone knows someone like that. And it’s non-threatening; you can sort of laugh at it, but you can feel better than them so you don’t have to feel jealous. There’s no jealousy watching me in action: that’s the Lance Krall guarantee.

A: Well, you might be jealous of his Members Only jackets.

Lots of men and women who bicker have repressed lust for each other. Can you imagine Lance and Anna ever hooking up?

L: She pitches that to me every episode. She wants to make out with me.

A: “This is the scene, Lance, the scene where we’re supposed to get drunk and make out.”

L: She even does it when we’re not shooting. “Lance, let’s practice the make-out scene.” She’s always so horny around me.

Anna, any leg-rubbing under the desk?

A: I tried that. He moved an extra Ikea desk between us. He tried to send me a message…

Who are your favorite man/woman comedy teams?

A: Well, recently, there’s Patty Heaton and Ray Romano – they were very good together.

L: If I was in character right now, I’d say the guys in Dumb and Dumber.

A: Jeff Daniels would be the woman.

Are there VH1 shows you guys watch in your “real lives.”

L: Nope. It’s never on. I block that channel. I have to unblock it to watch my own show.

A: I like Confessions of a Teen Idol. Oh my god, that was… wow.

L: Your channel makes me sad! It’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. I watch and I say “I’m sad now.” I saw one episode of Teen Idol. Sadness.

A: I know, that’s what I’m saying. I couldn’t change the channel. I thought all those guys were so great, and yet…I don’t know…this business is hard enough, but to watch that, it was so depressing and yet I couldn’t change the channel – good job VH1.

L: Tool Academy is pretty awesome.

A: Props to the Tool Academy casting director, excellent job.

Neil Hamburger is on the premiere. Explain his comedy in one sentence.

L: Easy: “Huh, what?”

I’ll name some upcoming guests, you guys tell me the first thing you think of.

Bai Ling
A: Kooky.
L: She does not eat dog.

Kathi Griffin
A: Amazing quick and to the point.
L: She told me to f*ck off.

A: Surprisingly apologetic.
L: Larger breasts than I expected.

Emily Procter
A: Porcelain skin.
L: She’s just so sweet.

Name a Web site you check everyday.

L: I go to ain’t it cool news.

A: Twitter. You can follow both Lance and I on Twitter. I’m a foodie, so I have a food blog, I’m on food blogs. I check a site called Google. You should check it out.

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