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  1. Sara Weidner says:

    May I suggest Dennis Rodman for Celebrity Rehab 3. I think he would add a lot of interest and dynamics to the show, that is if he agrees to get help for his alcohol abuse. Plus think of your ratings–THROUGH THE ROOF!

  2. angel says:

    A Mother in need,

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  3. Nathan Gonzales says:

    I want for Johnny Tapia professional boxer from Alburqueraue, New Mexico to be in this season. He is a character with a huge heart and an even bigger addiction. People love him and the ones that don’t know him will love the guy. Most of all, he needs help. Jerry Bruckheimer was supposed to be making a movie about Johnny’s absolute crazy life………..has literally died at least 6 times!!

  4. JPerez says:

    In response to Nathan…this just in from Johnny Tapia is sentenced to serve 9 days in jail and then going on Dr.Drew’s celebrity rehab.

  5. Joe Schaitberger says:

    Artie Lange would be a great addition

  6. Robin says:

    James “Jim Dandy” Mangram of Black Oak Arkansas would be perfect. I am concerned and have details. E-mail if you want further information.

  7. Rehab Suggestions says:

    I heard The rehab show is looking for casting suggestions. Here are some ideas.

    1. Glen Carrano

    2. Nancy Kwon

    3. Robin Roth

    4. Chad Axman

    5. Vallerie Allen

    6. Jeff Rhodes

    I hope this helps.

  8. Josh says:

    1.Cory Haim and Feldman

    2.Scott Sapp

    3.Some past American idol contestant of your choice

    4.Mindy Mccready

    5.Jake the snake Roberts

  9. Chelsie says:

    How about Courtney Love?… I’m surprised she hasn’t been on so far… Cause she’s a pretty heavy drug addict. Either her possibly or I also agree with the person that mentioned Dennis Rodman.

  10. beth says:

    I think Dennis Rodman would benefit from anything DR. Drew could do for him and I like the idea of Courtney Love what a show that would be.

  11. Lynn says:

    1. DMX


    3. COOLIO

  12. Jam says:

    John Rich of the duo Big&Rich needs an intervention such as this big time!

  13. Lisa says:

    How about Daron Malakian of System of a Down?

  14. Randi says:

    Corey Haim! I love him and he needs some help!

  15. Kara says:

    I would like to suggest Dennis Rodman. Such a shame the state he is in. He would be perfect!

  16. AJW says:

    Artie Lange
    Dennis Rodman
    Courtney Love
    Mary Carey (again)
    Shifty (will probably be ready again)

  17. wrestling fan says:

    Jake the sanake roberts. Watch “on the mat”

  18. India says:

    I think Artie Lang would be perfect honestly. He needs so much help.

  19. GH says:

    I have learned so much from this show. Dr. Drew is awesome. He’s not much older than I am (I don’t think?) but I’d love to have him around as a father figure.

  20. angelita says:

    I am a really big fan of the show. I think Dr. Drew , is the only one in the whole world who can help one of boxing’s most beloved fighters, Johnny Tapia. I lost a Grandson to addiction and he was a huge fan of Johnny Tapia. I pray every day for Johnny and his family. I hope Dr. Drew, can really help him or he will be the next celebrity to die of an overdose.

  21. Johnny Wadd says:


  22. sarah says:

    Redmond O’Neal — he should do it as a gift to his mom and all she’s going through. He’d be the Sean Stewart of season 3.

    Maybe get his dad in there, too, come to think of it.

  23. another suggestion says:

    1. Jodi Sweeden (of full house)
    2. Dennis Rodman
    3. Courtney Love
    4. Lex Luger (former WWE superstar)
    5. Corey Haim
    6. DMX
    7. Coolio
    8. Jack the Snake Roberts (former WWE superstar)

  24. Kim says:

    What about Amy Winehouse? I really like the idea of seeing Rodman and Redmond Oneil (and Ryan, for that matter!). Unfortunately, there are sooooo many people that could/should be on this program!!

  25. Seana says:

    AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys.

  26. Gia says:

    Dr. Drew needs to add a wing for those whom are addicted to love and/or a narcissistic person. As bad as heroin, we can relate to addicts like no tomorrow. We all have addictive personalitys but it is just more difficult to manage for some then others. When you live around or have been brought up by a narcissistic your world is just as gruelling as what each and every one of those celebritys go through. Some may be in there because of same, no doubt.

  27. lesleyrox713 says:

    There are so many who need help from the demons of addiction. I what like to see x band lead singer to pantera get help. Phil Anselmo is struggling andhas a lot of issues icluding the loss of DIMEBAG and his split from pantera. I know that you must be willing but many times its helps to plant a seed.

  28. Cat says:

    I believe this program along with Sober House are making a difference. I never miss an episode of either and find encouragement and support with every show. I am trying to get into recovery myself and thank Dr Drew and his staff for their tough love, it shows that they really care.
    Even though I don’t know them personally it has made an impact in my life. God Bless!

  29. janie says:

    Penny Lane and Otep Shamaya!

  30. JenDiggity says:

    Why did I just read somewhere else that its going to be Celebrity Rehab: SEX ADDICTS??? Seriously? This show was so refreshing (a show that really seemed to want to help people with genuine problems) – now you’re featuring a bunch of scantily clad chicks who are going to talk about how promiscuous they are? Don’t we already have a bunch of shows like this on VH1? I’m so very disappointed.

  31. Michael says:

    Hello Dr Drew

    I think that your show can do good as long as its not just a last hope for some fame…Here is a few i think should be on your show..

    1. Jodi Sweeden (of full house)
    2. Dennis Rodman
    3. Courtney Love
    4. Lex Luger (former WWE superstar)
    5. Corey Haim
    6. DMX
    7. Coolio
    8. Jack the Snake Roberts (former WWE superstar
    9. Artie Lang ( Howard Stern Show)

    Please so all you can for number 9 Artie Lang

  32. John Hines says:

    I am the manager and good friend of a very sick person. He is addicted to drugs and alcohol and wants to stop. He has been on hundreds of MILIIONS of albums (he was the real singer of “Girl you Know it’s True” by Milli Vanilli). He has done background vocals for everyone from The New Kids on the Block, to Gloria Estefan to Tupac(vocal on “Califorina Love”); he has worked with producers like David Foster(Whitney Houston and Micheal Jackson) and Nick Martinelli (Dianna Ross), and has had most of Michele Jacksons band play on HIS albums! He is a musical and creative genius. However, he had a very traumatizing childhood, and made tens of millions too fast, and also lost tens of millions even faster. He has produced television, film, and music and has been recognized by his peers in every field. He has lost ALL of his many Gold and Platinum records, along with most of his friends. He got fired while on tour with Lisa Lisa and Full Force for being drunk on stage, but what is worse is he is going to lose his life soon if something is not done.

    I am begging you, please help me. My father was an alcoholic that died at 63, he suffered his whole life. This is a very good friend (he is like an older brother to me) that I have watched suffer for 25 years. He is only 46 years old and I am afraid my friend won’t make it to New Years alive.

  33. ashley burge says:

    can’t wait until the third season! Will there be any updates one the previous people that were in soberhouse and celebrity season 2?


    Ashley Burge

  34. Julie Durham says:

    I just love Dr. Drew celebrity rehab. It shows what people go through and also shows that even the movie stars, singers, etc. have the same issues we all have. I watch it weekly and hope that they all make it through. Hurrah that it will be back for a Season 3.

  35. Mandy Jane says:

    My ex is on this …… @“%*&$^~~#@*(+% Thank you Jaime

  36. lisbeth west says:

    someone should really examine the huge addiction of marijuana snoop would be a primo example no joke

  37. susan says:

    i love watching celebrity rehab 1 because dr drew is hot and 2 i am an addict so i can relate

  38. mike says:

    Steve-O from Jackass & Wildboys.

  39. Victoria says:

    I am so glad that the show will have a 3rd Season. I hope that it will follow this group to the Sober Living House also. I pray that everyone who has been in the first 2 seasons are all doing well!!!
    God Bless

  40. Rosa says:

    i would like to know how is everybody doing, some times i think is just a show and nothing is real so if
    is a place where we can check how there are doing and keep up with their recovery or their relap i would like to know where to check, since i have a friend with a serious adiction i like to learn to see if is hope for some people.
    well i was just curious about it
    thank you

  41. Justin says:

    Just had to throw my advice on Corey Haim for seaons 3 as well. Everyone loves Corey, the chicks still dig him, the guys still identify with the 80s best friend you always got into trouble with. He has a prescription drug issue which is was avoided in the very public two coreys on a&e… I just think it makes sense for a million reasons. From the rating potitial, to the pure fact that so many want to see Corey win… give it a thought.. please!

  42. Cathy says:

    I saw someone suggest Dennis Rodman, and I could not agree more! Great for ratings and he would be exciting to watch

  43. Cathy says:

    Scott Stapp would be awesome to see too!!!

  44. Chica says:

    Scott Stapp would be awesome to see!!!

  45. carie says:

    I suggest David Hasselhoff. It seems his alcohol abuse is out of control.

  46. Tara says:

    I am so glad that the show is returning for a 3rd season! It was the only show that I didn’t miss on tv. I’ve been wondering how the people have been doing from Sober House also. I hope everyone is staying sober. I am still worried about Jeff Conaway. I don’t think he will ever stay clean. I can’t wait until the new season starts & hopefully you all will give us updates on the celebrities from the past shows.

  47. susan says:

    David Hasselhoff
    Linsey Lohan
    Artie Lange
    Dennis Rodman
    Shiloh Labuff
    Courtney Love

  48. Mommypants says:

    I appreciate the show and Dr D’s dedication. I have 16 years clean this July and its nice to have a reminder of where I came from (keeps me on the straight and narrow)…..glad to see season 3 in the works.

  49. Kimmy says:

    I must say I think you guys did awesome with this show! It’s great that the celebs agreed to do this because it helps people out here to realize that they aren’t the only ones with problems ya know. I had a problem in the past with opiods and it was just really really hard to get myself away from them, and it was very scary at the same time because it really becomes a way of life for many people. I was so afraid to get clean because I didn’t know how my life would turn out, and I wasn’t sure exactly how to even live life. But this show really gives you an insight on what the detox is like, as well as life after. And I believe that those who have been through a similar situation, and who have made it to the top and cleaned up, can honestly enjoy life so much more and hopefully choose not to take advantage of it because you realize how precious everything in life really is. And when you have an addiction such as opiods or even worse, you really tend to be stuck in a fog and you lose so much time out of life that is precious… Just wanna say I’ve been there and it sucks- its not worth risking your life over when you could be enjoying and taking advantage of everything precious (in a good way that is!)… My heart goes out to any1 whose been in a similar situation, or still is!!! <333 Kimmy

  50. pamela allis says:

    LINDsay freaking Lohan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  51. Mark says:

    Is it true adult film actress Penny Flame, her real name is Jamie will be in this season???

  52. can we all just get along says:

    they already reveal who’s going to be on season 3:
    DMX and Aaron Carter.

    Hopefully Steve-O will be in the 3rd season

  53. evelyn says:

    please let me know when u find out starting dates for season 3.thank u

  54. cathy b says:

    I love the show but do you think that after 2 successful seasons that shelly could afford to buy a comb and brush. I’m just sayin …Girl needs to look in the mirror before they yell action.

  55. christina dryer says:

    I need my Dr. Drew fix. Please put a rush on the new season!!!

  56. Laura says:

    i am 23 years old and been sober for 1 year i am still battleing my additonhow can i make sure i dont start again

  57. tyler says:

    wow do you have your hands full dr. drew karie anne is such a brat how is it that she was so abused with that attitude know wonder i dont think sel should have been fired or let go what are karie’s consonquences? she dont have any that what is wrong with her today,she has got to you also dr. drew…..

  58. donna says:

    why do you continue bringing in rejects that couldnt make it the first time? kari ann had her chance last season, and got kicked out. WHY WHY WHY- bring in someone with an actual addiction to something other than themselves.

  59. KH says:

    Dr. Drew

    Please pass on to Counselor “Bob” that it has been great to see him sober & doing a Good Job.

    CSUF White Star (1985-90)

  60. rob says:

    I sincerely hope that Mindy comes out of the rehab a changed women. She has had a tough way to go and I wish her the best.

  61. Joanne says:

    Dear Dr. Drew, I am employed at a Behavioral Health Inpatient unit and I am surprised that you would admit Kari Ann back to your facility. My heart aches for your staff that is expected to bear the brunt of her abuse. To me, it’s obvious she has Borderline Personality disorder. Don’t you think the proper placement for her is a Psychiatric facility? Kari Ann’s sole purpose on your unit is to push people’s buttons which is a major trait of BPD. Many people with a sexual abuse hx develop BPD which I’m sure your aware of. She is so disruptive, is it worth it to you, your staff and the other patients?

  62. victoria says:

    I am SO proud of Mac..SHe is a real sweetheart..and is such a great addition to the group..Loved her as a child star and now even more as she is so transparent..
    Im so sorry about your poochie having to be put down..You did the right thing..The Ice Cream was such a special touch..
    I hope Im as brave as you when it comes time for me to let my boys go
    God Bless you on your journey,
    May His power continue to strengthen you ,En Agape Victoria

  63. linda lingo says:

    GO Rodman. you’re my favorite. I like you the best. Your going to do what you want to do. and you don’t care what anybody says or thinks. GOOD FOR YOU

  64. Dawn says:

    I want to thank DR. Drew he is an excellent Doctor. I watch the show and think I wish I could have had help with my 16 year daughter She passed 4/16/09 from huffing air freshner. I just want to get the word out there. there needs to be more inhalant abuse awareness for sure. I dont want my daughters death to be in vain I want to do something about it. R.I.P my sweet angel girl Meghan Elizabeth Gilmartin

  65. jim says:

    Very Good content. For us who have been there this is a refreshing view for us to be reminded who we are and where were going. Im a recoverer too and I was lucky to be able to handle it myself, with help from pastors family support,friends. I was fortunate enough to get a second chance ans come full circle and get my life and family back and now enjoy full family values and life with my grandson who is the apple of my eye!Thank God for second chances! And thank you Dr. Drew for your efforts and success. Jim

  66. John Andersen says:

    I feel Dr.Drew needs to find two new counselor’s for rehab to replace the two rude unfeeling,uncaring,mean women that he has now.From a viewer’s perspective I see two people who are very unhappy in life,depressed and demeaning.That is not the kind of atmosphere you want around a bunch of people that are trying to get well.Dr.Drew needs to pull out his prescription pad and write them both prescription’s for a Strong anti-depressant………….And let them reflect on,if they actually even want to do that sort of work, ’cause I don’t see it.

  67. Allesa (restoration)Jones says:

    First I would like to thank God for putting Dr drew in the positon to help those who want to be free the stonghold of drugs/alochol, I myself have been clean for 5 years 2/1/10 and life is sooo wondeful, have managed to get my relationship back with my children, have had the chance to clean up my record by focusing on getting my charges drop, a chance to see my grandchildren born and they see grandma withthe love that she always had. Even thou I was in my addiction for 2 1/2 year i lose everything i work so hard for.. but when you turn your life around and realize how happier I can be and how much i have accomplished. Learn to love yourself and and let God talk to you heart.. I dont know you as people, but as actors, but I dont know tht I love you because God loves and if you dont go through what you go thriugh you can’t tell someone who is really hurting how you made it through your pain and your hurt, please get sober for yourself and know that you will help someone in recovery. When God delivers you from bad things he is just preparing you to share with others. Check out the book by neil anderson called bondage breakers…. and let God and me love you

  68. Jill says:

    Seriously, My addiction has brought me to a large amount of detox facilities, and state prison. None of which these places would allow you to be put on a twenty – four hour restriction for exposing themselves!! She would have to register as a sex offender if she did that in public.. I firmly believe if you can not help an addict don’t hurt one, her behavior is childish and even a child would get more punishment for acting the way she does.. A huge problem dealing with addicts is the fact we have mastered every way possible to manipulate others and Dr.Drew I believe you are enabling her behaviors it will not help her at all…..

  69. Andrea Cruz says:

    I’m so happy to hear that coming back for another season, Dr. Drew u are amazing and i think that cause the compasion that you have makes you more amazing. I have 2 family members who are addictes and its been really hard to see what my mom and cousins who are lik my brothers go threw, Finally my mom has put her foot down and i pray that my Aunt gets the help she needs, But Dr. Drew us as a family what do we do to help, cause my aunt is really hurtin my cousins emotions and i feel angry at hurt and i just want to yell and scream at her. Any advice that you can give i would apprecticate it. I know that if any1 offers help she wants to bit there head off, and my grandparents are sick and she b around them lik that and stresses them out, that gets us more upset, and more to want to help. Your show helps alot to i learned more about addicts and understand little more as well. I hope everything works for the best with all adictes.

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