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Upon Cali’s exit, Myammee dubbed her “the dumbest girl ever to be on VH1’s history of reality shows.” Cali doesn’t agree entirely, but she does refer to herself as “retarded” in the interview below. Repeatedly. Also discussed: the dissovling of her alliance with Prancer, her terrible showing at the Power Outing and what was going on between her and her “bed buddy” 20 Pack.

How was your time on I Love Money 2?

It was crazy. It was hard to have fun, because I was stressed out a lot.

Your strategy for a while was to fly under the radar. It was often hard to get a grasp on which side you were on, even though it was often discussed.

It confused me, too. Sometimes I was included in alliances, and sometimes I wasn’t. Maybe the people I was in an alliance with from the beginning forgot about me because I was under the radar. That kinda pissed me off. That house was crazy. Everyday, alliances were changing. It was hard to fully trust people. And that was my mistake. I trust people too easily.

Who shouldn’t you have trusted?

My whole alliance.

Early on you’d aligned yourself with Prancer, but all that changed.

Me and her were supposed to be part of Frank and Heat’s alliance. That’s what they told us, but then watching back the show, they never included us when talking about the alliance. When the house turned on us, saying we were part of an alliance, we weren’t. At that point, Prancer decided to go on Tailor Made’s alliance. I always planned on being there for her as a friend, but I decided to stay with Frank and stuff. Me and Frank had a long talk that they didn’t show, and from there, I decided I was just going to play for my team. I was always around Frank’s alliance, and they were always scheming. That’s why I felt they were gonna take me further. I was like, “OK, these people are smart. Frank’s a veteran at this.” I thought they were stronger and would win more challenges. But s***. Obviously not. I underestimated Tailor Made’s alliance big time.

Did you get the sense that Prancer felt betrayed by you?

Yeah, that’s why we had a falling out on the show. We were really, really close. That was the hardest part of the show. I love that girl. But we made up after.

I think the most confusing thing is that Tailor Made specifically told you how to avoid being eliminated and you did the opposite of what he asked.

I knew that someone from my alliance was going home, so I was in the room with them, trying to plot and see how we could…I really thought I was powerful enough to have It and Myammee in the box and to convince Tailor Made. I didn’t know how strong their alliance was. I wanted to organize it so I could save myself and another person on my alliance. I don’t know. I was between a rock and a hard place. I tried to be loyal. I knew if I didn’t vote, 20 Pack would go in the box. Oh my god, I regret it. I wish I hadn’t raised my hand. F*** everybody. Just watching back, none of them had my best interest in mind.

Not even 20 Pack?

No. Not even 20 Pack. He was here and there. Really the only person who truly cared about me on the show was Prancer. I just wish I woulda gone with her. I wish I would have listened to Tailor Made. I really thought we were stronger than we were.

So did you think you could persuade Tailor Made to keep you because you didn’t realize how tight he, It and Myammee were?

I didn’t know how tight It and Tailor Made were. It was never part of any alliance, either. He kinda flew under the radar. I remember hearing something that Tailor Made was just trying to get rid of the guys, too. It did a little secret alliance with Tailor Made after Frank left.

When it did come time for you to persuade Tailor Made to keep you, it seemed like you had a difficult time explaining why you should stay.

It wasn’t like that! I talk a lot. I do have a lot of run-on sentences and I repeat myself, but it didn’t come off that f***ed up. I’m not that retarded.

What was up with your moment with 20 Pack before the Power Outing. He kissed your shoulder. Did you have a secret love alliance?

(Laughs) Um, no, not really.

But kind of?

They didn’t show how close me and 20 Pack were. That’s why it seemed like I randomly went home because of 20 Pack, that all of a sudden I was close to him. Guy-wise, I was closest to him throughout the show. We shared beds. We pushed ours together. That was just my buddy. My bed-buddy. Whatever. We were just cool. It was nothing romantic, just really cool.

When you were eliminated, Myammee called you, “the dumbest girl ever to be on VH1’s history of reality shows.” Are you?

I am not the dumbest girl. I just tried to play it loyal. I don’t know. Maybe. I was retarded. I wish I would have just not raised my hand. It’s a selfish-ass game, and I should have played it more selfish than what I did. I think I cared a little too much about other people and I thought I was powerful enough to save myself and my alliance. I was completely wrong.

What gave you your sense of power?

I wasn’t a threat or gunning for people, always scheming. I don’t know. I got bit every single day by bugs. All those mosquitoes must have made me delirious or something.

What did you think about Tailor Made enlisting Prancer to eliminate you?

I think I was too shocked to process it. It was like, “I thought I was staying! What the f***?” It was f***ed-up how he had Prancer come up and do it, but s***. I woulda done the same s***.

What did you think about It taunting you during the Power Outing?

It’s so hard to stay mad at It. It is It. But he did piss me off that day. I wanted to hit him with the racquet. He kept trying to hit the tennis balls at me.

What about when T-Weed asked if you were a dude?

F*** him. I hate T-Weed. He’s a piece of s***. He was just acting crazy for TV. He’s just a little bitch. He’s rude, he’s an assh***. He has no respect for women, and he must not get a lot of ass.

You filmed the show very soon after wrapping Real Chance of Love, right?

I did! I didn’t get a chance to watch that show at all before I Love Money. After I got home and watched, I was able to say, “OK, I see how things work with editing.” If I would have seen that ahead of time and really understood the way things work, I think I would have played the game differently. Even with the little schemes on Real Chance of Love, I can see what they do and don’t show. I would have acted out more on I Love Money.

No flying under the radar?

Hell no. If I ever came back for another season of I Love Money, I’d play the game so dirty.

So you would come back for another season?

Hell yeah! I’d play the s*** out of people.

Do you worry about being branded the dumbest girl on VH1?

It was stupid what I did, but I looked cute, so whatever.

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