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At last! We finally got in touch with Ashley, and not a moment too soon — since Rock of Love Bus didn’t air this week, we figure now is the perfect time to catch up with the show’s most outspoken, polarizing personality. Below, our epic chat with Ashley attempts to leave no stone unturned. From her self-elimination to her baby-daddy to her criticism working as tough love to her misconceptions about basil, Ashley tells it the only way she can: like it is.

I told Farrah that I thought you guys put the Rock of Love back in Rock of Love.

Yeah, who wants to watch people like Taya and Mindy and Beverly? You don’t even want to see those kind of people. I see those kind of people at Wal-Mart all the time.

Farrah told me she was conscious of making good TV while on the show. How devoted to that cause were you?

I never thought about what would make good TV. I was just being myself. After I watched it, I was like, “Wow, that was funny.” I didn’t even know what I was saying was funny! When I said, “I didn’t know they could make bikinis in size fat f***,” like, who says that?

How accurate was your portrayal on TV?

That was exactly me. I said how I felt. I talked about the people I talked about because that’s what I’d say about them in real life. Like, if I ever saw Natasha walking down the street, I’d say, “Wow. That’s a man.” Or, “Wow, Mindy really looks like a gopher.”

What about picking a fight with Marcia because she was brunette? Is that something you do in your daily life?

It wasn’t really that. Marcia was obnoxious and a really drunk, annoying person. She just happened to have brown hair, but even if she had blonde hair, I still would have made fun of her.

I don’t know if it played out differently in real time, but from what we saw on TV, it seemed like Bret gave you the opportunity to stay and you chose to eliminate yourself. Is that what happened?

I think Bret gave me the chance to stay, but at that point I was sober and I realized that I didn’t want to date Bret Michaels. I wasn’t drunk for that elimination like I was for all the other ones. I just wasn’t feeling him anymore, and it was like, if he wants to keep people like Taya, Mindy and Beverly around, why am I still here?

So this was an eventual realization? Because it seemed in earlier episodes that you did have a connection with him.

I did like him. He’s a cool guy. But if he’s into girls that are nothing like me and are not on my level at all, then what was the point of me being there? If he would have kept Farrah, I would have thought, “OK, Bret’s a smart guy. He knows what’s going on. He likes different types of girls.”

Did you feel like an endangered species as the last blonde standing?

Oh god, yes. I felt like killing myself. Seriously, if I didn’t leave, it wouldn’t have been good for my mental health being around those girls. They were just so lame. They seriously sat around and talked about pillows and cereal. Taya was crimping her hair. I didn’t think crimpers still existed. She had a crimper! That’s how I know she was 1986 prom queen. She was trying to say she was 27 or something. Yeah right. My mom had a crimper.

Did you find Taya to be as condescending as many of your peers did?

I think Taya was just there to rep Penthouse. I don’t know if Penthouse paid her. I don’t know what the deal is. I didn’t even think Penthouse still existed. I know it’s a strip club, but I didn’t think the magazine still existed. I think that she was there just trying put it back on the map.

Have you been dancing since the show started airing?

On and off. I don’t really have to do that anymore. I kinda just do my own thing. I dance maybe once every couple of weeks if I get bored sitting at home. But I usually stay at home with my son now.

How is that?

It’s awesome. Rock of Love really helped me in that way, just showing me that there’s other stuff out there for me.

Do you watch the show and feel like you’re the star or a star?

I don’t feel like I was any kind of star. I still go to the s***ty bar down the street. I still drink dollar shots of tequila. I still go to Wal-Mart with my son. On the show, I was being myself. Love me or hate me. If you’re listening to what I’m saying, I obviously have impact. I think I said a lot of things people wanted to say but were too scared to. I don’t care if you like me, I’m gonna tell it like it is.

And the haters aren’t bothering you?

I don’t read message boards or blogs. People who comment never have a default picture. It’s like, “What do you look like?” OK, Bessie who’s 800 lbs., at home, mad because I’m talking about fat brunettes. I’m sorry. I wasn’t talking about you, but look: if you have the time to write a comment about me, you probably have time to go to the gym and make yourself somebody that I wouldn’t make fun of.

What was it about Farrah that you were able to connect with so intensely?

I don’t know. The second that I saw Farrah, I was like, “That girl is gonna be my friend.” She was just funny, pretty, smart, witty. She’s me. Farrah and me are like the same person. I feel like she’s my sister. We talk every single day. I went on TV thinking I was going to date Bret Michaels, and I walked away with some really good friendships.

Who else are you tight with?

Me and Brittanya are friends. I talk to her a lot. Really, I don’t talk to anybody else from the show. I would not want to walk into a club with any of those other girls. I would feel embarrassed.

It seems like you started out rocky with Beverly but then you two turned it around.

I don’t dislike Beverly. I think she’s a very lost person. I think there are a lot of things we don’t know about her. She’s been through a lot. It’s not that I don’t like her, I just can’t relate to her. I don’t know what her deal is, but I think she needs to find herself.

It says something about her character that she accepted the nickname “Boots” so good-naturedly, right?

The thing about Beverly is that she could handle that. If somebody would have talked to me the way I talked to Beverly, I would have beat her ass. But she just kinda rolled with it and that was cool of her to be like, “F*** it, this is me.”

I definitely wouldn’t want to cross you. I might wind up with salsa in my suitcase.

The thing is that I don’t like when people act like they’re better than me. Mindy and Taya were trying to act so much like they were. They were in high school, like, 30 years ago, but those are the kind of girls in high school who hated me because all their boyfriends wanted me. I think they wanted to sit around and talk about me and Farrah because they were jealous of us. I think they wanted to be us. I could talk about them all day long, but it’s more fun to throw salsa in Mindy’s suitcase. It’s not like I ruined anything. All her stuff sucked, anyway.

Do you think that you’re mean?

I think some people could take it as mean. I think everything I did, people deserved. I think Mindy deserved the salsa in her suitcase. I think Kami deserved us making fun of her. I feel like I help people. Like, Kami, you do not need to wear brown lip gloss — it’s ugly. Or Taya, you are wearing gowns for every elimination — you’re not going to prom.

It’s tough love.


On the lighter side of things, you were really good with the kids during the babysitting challenge. People were surprised.

I think people look at someone like me with fake boobs and blonde hair and tattoos and think, “Oh, she’s trash.” People don’t understand that I’m a full-time mom. I have my son every single day of my life. I had my son when I was 19-years-old. I’ve been a mom for a while. I know what’s up. The longest time I was away from my son is when I was on the show and I knew he was in good hands because he was with his dad. At least the show gave me the chance to change people’s minds about what a mom is or looks like.

Do you feel misunderstood?

I don’t care. Well, maybe I feel a little misunderstood. If you don’t like me because of what you saw on TV, that’s fine. But we were on a tour bus. We were with a rock star. You don’t think I’m gonna get drunk every single night and party and have fun? This show was like my spring break. I never got to do that kinda stuff. If people don’t like me because of what they saw on TV, I probably wouldn’t like them anyway. Me and Farrah were just being ourselves and there are people who can’t handle that. People loved Beverly so much, but what did Beverly do? She kissed Bret’s drummer. She doesn’t have custody of her children. It’s funny to me what people think of a person just by looking at them. I think just because somebody looks a little homely and is overweight, everybody’s automatically going to assume, “She’s a nice girl!” Even before the show aired, when it was just our pictures that were up, people were saying how sweet she looked. I judge people, too, but at least I judge people based on their character, not by what they look like.

You do sometimes.

Well, if you’re wearing really horrible shoes, yeah, I’m gonna make fun of you. That’s part of your character, too, because if you allow yourself to wear yourself like that, what does it say about you?

Can you shed any light on what went down in Bret’s room on his bus that made Kami freak out and leave the competition?

She thought that this was The Brady Bunch. Like we were just gonna go back there and play Scrabble. I’m sorry, but if you go on a bus with a guy who you’re supposed to be dating and you go to his bedroom, what do you think is gonna happen? She got a little bit upset that she saw Bret doing some stuff with me that…I don’t know. She has a kid, she knows what’s up.

But that’s as far as you’ll go? You won’t tell all?

No, not everything. I’ll give Bret that respect. I won’t put all of that out there. I think people know what happened. Everybody obviously knows what made Kami freak out.

You had a hard time dealing with the fact that your ex James was going to be on the show. Was there a lingering relationship that you wanted to keep hidden?

No. James and I were not together when we were on the show, but when you have a kid with somebody, the situation is a little different. I love James. I’m with James now. I’ll always love James. At that point, I was looking for something different, but sometimes you don’t realize that what you want is right in front of you.

So you’re back together?


You know that not everyone who eats basil is lame, right?

Not everyone who eats basil is lame. I don’t even know what basil is. Maybe I think stuffed cabbage is lame. I don’t know.

You should try Thai food. It is full of basil and deliciousness.

I eat Thai food!

When you said, “Get over it. People puke and they poop their pants,” were you speaking from personal experience?

I didn’t poop my pants! But even if I did, I don’t care. People do that. Hey, if you gotta go, you gotta go. That’s part of being a rock star.

That’s very open-minded of you. Are you happy that you did the show?

I’m thrilled that I did the show. I got a really good friend out of it. It was the best possible situation that could have happened for me. There are tons of people who hate me, who talk all this s*** about me and I don’t give a f***. The people who love me, my son and James and Farrah and my friends, they’re the only ones whose opinions matter.

Plus, you’re no dummy. You know going into it that when you talk the way you do, some people are going to have issues with it.

Of course. Of course there’s going to be backlash. But I’m not going to sit there and hold back because I want people to like me. I have things I have to say and I have opinions. If you don’t like my opinions, don’t watch the show. If I wasn’t on Rock of Love and if Farrah wasn’t, what would have been the f***ing point of watching? I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but looking back on it, we were the people on the show that made it fun and interesting. Nobody wants to sit and watch Taya go, “I’m a Penthouse Pet.” Or watch Mindy…I don’t know. What did she ever do? I don’t even know if Bret cares about the show anymore. I think he’s just like, “Whatever.” I think Rock of Love maybe should have ended on Season 2, but I guess it needed to go out with a bang, with some characters.

And so it did.

Keep up with Ashley via her MySpace.

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  1. bessie says:

    yay ashley was my fav and im a homely overweight brunette :)

  2. Jessica says:

    Ashley was the `@*@$$^#&^`$$$@@ She is dead on about everything!! those girls are lame, and ashley made the show. I won’t even watch it anymore. Personality for days.

  3. Jessica says:

    We love you ashley!!! F* The haters!! they just don’t like to hear the truth

  4. Tawny says:

    Ashley is Las Vegas ghetto trash like Brittanya and is as stupid as a bag of bricks as Farrah. It’s no wonder they got dumped!

  5. Tawny says:

    Hey Ashley. Go back to hooking in Las Vegas because everything you wore on the show reveals you are a Las Vegas strip cheap hookah.

  6. iowagirl says:

    You know, I really hated ashley throughout the season and really loved farrah, but she’s so right– they were the only two on the show worth watching because they were hysterical. After Ashley left, this show has become boresville and I stopped watching!

  7. Channie says:

    I really enjoyed watching Ashley on the show, and I really do respect the fact that she is being a mother to her son.

  8. me says:

    lol love that girl!!!!!

  9. jewsus says:

    I like Ashley’s attitude.

    But I think it’s funny that she made fun of other girls’ physical appearances when she herself was one of the fugliest chicks on the show

  10. Jan Wood says:

    I think that Ashley is so dumb.Did she ever go to school.She acts are great she has never been to school.She is nasty and I she is thibks she is so hot.Tralior Trash.I feel sorry for her kid.I hope the kids dad is smart.She just wanted to do the show for herself.

  11. Me says:

    OMG!!! I LOVE Ashley and Farrah! They are hilarious and I’, always quoting what they said on the show!! Everyone does! “What the French!!”
    You girls made the show soooo funny and I hate everyone that is left! You two girls need your own reality show I would definitely watch that!!!

  12. Tiff says:

    I LOVE YOU ASH!! FARRAH IS THE BOMB TOO!! I HATE dumbass Taya and Beverly should have been booted off the show after the first episode! She sux and she is a skank &^`!(^!_*#+*%#$*$ that made out with the drummer! She sweats Bret so bad she makes herself look like a dumbass loser!! ASHLEY YOU ROCK!!!

  13. Sarah says:

    Ashley ROCKS!! You were the entire show! Beverly is horrible!! I HATE HER! She is such a loser and totally made a fool of herself like she was a groupie! And she even made out with the drummer!! What a loser! Ashley you and Farrah need to have your own show! Now that is something I would watch!

  14. alfredo says:

    LATEST VH1 NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………… ASHLEY IS GOING TO BE IN CHARM SCHOOL 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    She was not my fave, but I did not want her to go. She was so FUNNY and honest

  16. CONSTANCE says:


  17. tara G says:

    listen, i am in love with ashley she was my absolute fave and i think its because we are alike :] she deserves more credit than she got :]

  18. Juanita says:

    I feel sorry for you that you have lost your soul and you do not care what people think of you. How much of a beating can you take? You shop at Walmart. I am sure we all pretty much figured that. You’re clothes kind of speak for them self. You’re clothes are sloppy and you have no style. You are tall and bony and somewhat dorky.Your nasal sounding voice is so annoying. If you really do wear wigs, you must by them from Fredericks of Hollywood as well as your smutty clothes. Do you not care how your son will grow up and view women? Do you not care your son sees you as a lush? or will someday. Remember, they don’t stay babies forever. KARMA? I know you think that you are an amazing beauty, but true beauties don’t act like you. My mom always said, Pretty is, is pretty does. Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Anne Margret,and Barbra Eden, they were amazing beauties. You are made up of nothing more than plastic and paint. You have to wear wigs cause your hair falls out, and when you get OLDER from having breast implants give you a bad back and have to have them removed, all that will remain are thin wrinkled sacks of skin. GROSS. I find you apauling and I would so much rather be me, than you. How sad you are.

  19. Angelina Ballerina says:

    I can relate to her soooo much! I love her! She needs her own show! Do it up VH1!!!

  20. Tracey says:

    I love Ashley! She is so funny and original. I’m coming to Vegas April 17 and I hope I see you there!

  21. Tracey says:

    And all you *uck*ers who are talking $hit about Ashley, you are just unhappy with yourselves and have to put her down to make yourself feel good. Why can’t you just try to see the good in people? Ashley obviously has a kick `^#!(`_$#!@&%_% personality that none of the other lame-o’s could compete with. I don’t know who Bret is going to pick but I know he is thinking THESE GIRLS ARE LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. sk says:

    What a hypocrite! “Oh, I’m gonna judge you on your looks, because that’s part of your character; but I hate when people judge me because I’m a fake big-titted bottle blonde”
    Whatever lady…keep pretending that those are two different things, and you’ll be perfectly happy getting smashed at the corner dive bar and taking off your clothes for money.

  23. Aleaha says:

    LOL. I @*+*#~$`!)%$(`+~ ing loved Ashley and Farrah. They seriously made the show worth watching and were funny. And what she said about the people hating on her is most likely true. Seriously, last weeks episode with Mindy, Taya, Beverly and Jamie(who i can never remember) was so boring. It was Mindy and Taya whining about all the stupid _$$^$^@($!@_%**( Jamie is forgettable and Beverly is just annoying. I love Ashley’s attitude…she’s blunt and that’s what the show needed. Seriously, she seems like she would be a good mother…looks are deceiving so stop judging but the way she treated those kids on the show was good.

  24. Candi says:

    I agree with the others that Ashley is all plastic and fake wigs. How about some salsa on some of your hooker dresses you wear, Ashley? I’m sure you do shop at Walmart. Well, I don’t and none of my friends ever would shop there. Maybe you can find a friend at Walmart to go with you to your corner dive bar to help you drink tequila and forget how miserable your life has become. Only a SKANK would admit she was intimate with Bret Michaels and didn’t even take the time to become his friend. You are a trailer trash/white trash loser, honeybunch. Do us a favor Ashley and quit talking through your nose with that big beak on your face and take a good look at yourself. You’re a lousy mother as well.

  25. kitty says:

    I think you are the `%&(~&&+(($&`*_*&( because you can’t even spell trailer right. IT’S WITH A *`*`#~*$&#%^+`*~ ING ER NOT OR you dunce, get a life and stop hating on Ashley.


    Jan Wood Says:
    APRIL 1ST, 2009 AT 5:29 PM
    I think that Ashley is so dumb.Did she ever go to school.She acts are great she has never been to school.She is nasty and I she is thibks she is so hot.Tralior Trash.I feel sorry for her kid.I hope the kids dad is smart.She just wanted to do the show for herself.

  26. janet says:

    well the show isn’t the same without you, and I am an overweight brunette. I can’t stand Taya and Beverley has been cut so I don’t know what he’e thinking. I guess season 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. janet says:

    well the show isn’t the same without you, and I am an overweight brunette. I can’t stand Taya and Beverley has been cut so I don’t know what he’e thinking. I guess Season 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. esmeralda says:

    Well Ash… or A-bomb! ^^ you definitely made the show come alive..with Farrah and Brittanyia… I liked all three of you. And I am also a fat-ass…^^ <3 Its all love though.. Just like you don’t care what people say…i feel the same way… but on a serious note.. i have trouble getting the weight down even with excercise…:\ kinda sad for me, but oh well. You were great…and i am glad you are back with James too. Your son must be happy too, right? ^^ To me, this is a happy ending for you.

  29. dat gal says:


  30. Amber says:

    Ashley and farrah made the show after they left i quit watching! =( they show have their own reality show!!!!!

  31. Traci1970 says:

    Awesome interview, i wish the video would’ve worked. You go girl! America now knows what a good mom can look like.

  32. Cinnamom says:

    I really like Ashley. She is so pretty and her body is perfect. She is funny too. She seems like a really good mom and person. I hope she will be very happy and, I am glad that she is with her family. I hope they can make it work forever.

  33. Sean B. says:

    God I love her so much. Please come back for Charm School or I Love Money 3. Please, Please, Please.

  34. Sonja says:

    i thought brittanya was the hottest girl there but i loved ashley i thought she was hilarious. and yeah…im an overweight brunette too :P and to that stupid juanita woman…there is absolutely NOTHING wrong w/ shopping at walmart clearly you havent had !^%`+!`_$(~(_(_% to deal w/ in your life and know nothing for example try learning spelling and grammar! you’re pathetic you talk about karma? um hello isnt ^!_^#`(`+*&$~$*(! ing about someone you dont know bad karma? especially for lame things like breast implants and shopping at walmart so go suck something!

  35. TaT says:

    She’s alright but, it’s funny because you guys think it’s cool how she talked all of that crap but,when Marcia choked her _^+_!_#%(!^(*$# she cried like a baby,if you guys think that’s funny you better know how to fight. I think she did make the show better though

  36. Tootie says:

    Natasha is a man. She is a transexual. Just like that person on the real world.

  37. tess1978 says:


  38. dawny boo says:

    ASHLEY was the SHOW
    i feel sorry for bret cause he knew she didnt want him anymore
    all the girls left are boringgggggg

  39. ashley says:

    Ashley was the one I liked,I was so sad to see her go. Thats okay though. The other ~@)+#*##~*%`@~)+) s make me sick. They don’t know nothing. where do they shop for clothes ~@)+#*##~*%`@~)+) s r us. Ashley looked better than all them ~@)+#*##~*%`@~)+) s. I love you bret!!!!

  40. manabouttown says:

    I feel sorry for her. She has a son and she is still into “going to the club.” I hope she realizes that the appearances are going to dry up after a time and she is going to have to go back to her life as a full-time stripper.

  41. big fan says:

    It fun to have larger than life characters on the show. Anyone going on a dating show like that is going to be criticized….at least Ashley and Farrah kept it fun and entertaining!!

  42. Boo says:

    I couldn’t stand Ashley on the show and reading the blog above I really can’t stand her behind. Talking reckless about the other girls and your azz lookin like a broke down Pam Anderson. You talking about how you don’t care and walking around like you all that, girlfriend its obvious you have no self esteem, nor do you have any CLASS. I’m so glad Bret let your azz go home. Sittn up in that house like you livin by yourself when you have a babydaddy at home waiting for your dried up azz. Girl stop frontin like you all dat. Dumb blonds like you end up with a black eye and a busted lip. Girl wise up and go get a job!

  43. Meg says:

    Karma’s going to bite her in the &)&++&$&!(_`@%^ one day. I think she has some major jealousy issues. The only reason she made the show is because people like watching other people be `+@*@^&*`#(%)@%^! es.

  44. Kat says:

    I think you are an idoit! You are so full of yourself. You put people down for your own enterainment. You make fun of people to make yourself feel better. You are such a `#*`(~#)~&%*%+^@# You have know selfworth! You are such an ugly person on the inside and I hate to break it to ya sweetheart your not that goodlooking either. When guys look at you all they think is that wouuld be a good piece of ((%)$!_*`*@^&`@ and thats about it. That is all your worth. You have no class. And no im not a 800 lb ugly person …im just a regular person witnessing a freaken a jackass make a mochary of herself. Remember sweets carma is a `#*`(~#)~&%*%+^@#

  45. Andrea says:


  46. Andrea says:

    I can’t believe that she is a mom, not a good role model for her kid, she needs to grow up.

  47. Sherrylee says:

    I am 50 years old and I love Ashley and Farrah. They made the show interesting. It would have been boring without them stirring things up. Ashley, don’t ever change. You are a very special person and your son has a good mom. Bret isn’t sure if he wants a young hottie or a more settled person like last season.

  48. karen says:

    Oh my God! I love you Ashley! I thought you were evil at first, but you and Farrah have great character and hysterical comments, you guys are what made me like the show. I thought Ashley would make it to the end:( …. this coming from a short brunette with no boobs!

  49. jamie says:


  50. blondemaria says:

    Ashley was definitely my favorite and then Farrah. Ashley is gorgeous and sexy and anyone who has anything negative to say about her is just jealous. Rock of Love is now filled with lame, ugly chicks!!!
    Everyone is jealous of blonde bombshells … I should know … I am one!!!!

  51. Flamez says:

    Ashley rocks. I think she and Farrah should have a show together. People don’t understand when you devote your life to your kids and you have a chance to party, you PARTY!!

  52. Eric says:

    Ashley is amazing, and dead on: she and Farrah were the reason to watch this season. Now that they’re gone I find myself completely checked out of this show. I don’t care who wins (I don’t even know WHO Jaime is; she’s a total cipher) I just want to get to the reunion so we can see the Blondetourage again.

  53. Tara says:

    Oh please. You people are fools. Ashley looks like Big Bird with that huge beak on her face and she talks nasally through her nose every time she speaks. Farrah of course looks like a tranny. She is so huge she must be a guy with a blonde wig and implants. They are trash and it’s great they were eliminated.

  54. Lisa says:

    TRASH TRASH TRASH is all I can say. That woman has some serious issues to be making fun of people all the time. Who does that? A very insecure person is the only one who does childish stuff like that. People like her that have to constantly be putting people only hides her insecurities and makes her feel good about herself . Please get help. Its not funny its actually sad.

  55. Rachell says:

    I guess I don’t understand this woman’s appeal. There are plenty of people who say exactly what is on their mind at any given time and people who make fun of others for the way they look (or god forbid, if they wear brown lip gloss). These people are called idiots. I see no reason to idolize this woman simply because she says mean things and shoots her mouth off. Sure it’s entertaining, but it’s also sad because she is a sorry excuse for a human being. No amount of exposure or money or plastic surgery will ever make up for the fact that she has a terrible soul inside.

  56. natasha says:

    I don’t care, its not me acting like trash. Bret I don’t know what to say but damn, you are looking for for love in all the wrong places. Stop looking for the same girl over and over again,your going to get the same results a broken heart. Everyone deserve to be loved but don’t make the same mistakes.You seem to be a wonderful man and have a lot of love to give. I should know your a pisces. So, keep wearing your heart on your sleeve and be yourself always.

  57. Bre says:

    Ashley was not my favorite by a long shot, but she does make for good television.
    Before this interview, part of me thought that Bret was going to bring her back on the show, but she says that she’s with James again, so I guess I was wrong.

  58. LV says:

    You know, I kind of love her a little after reading this. She has a good head on her shoulders – you know what I mean. So many people come off of reality shows all bitter and she’s just realistic about it. I would totally do shots and eat basil with her.

  59. Brittney Robinson says:

    i just think that the whole rock of love thing is so dumb. how is bret michels going to find love on a show on vh1. he needs to get into the real world and meet new girls on his own time and not make it so public or out of a line up of chosen girls…….

  60. chrissy says:

    bret’s ex tracy is better looking than all those girls on rock of love bus. she is so beautiful then and now. he wrote “every rose has it’s thorn” just for her. that was there song.

  61. Lori says:

    At the beginning and thru part of the middle of the show I thought the best fit (and the most “normal”) person for Bret was Mindy. Well.. I changed my mind about 3/4 thru. Mindy started acting very immature and “needy”, also a bit fake. I realized then that Ashley was the best fit for Bret. I didn’t mind Ashley because I thought she was hysterical. I just didn’t think she was as pretty as she thinks she is. She has a smoken body, but a little too thin. Also I did not like her hair. It looked like a wig. Personality wise, I think Bret made a bad choice to “let her go”. Or should I say, I think Ashley made a bad choice to “decide to leave” when Bret asked her. Oh well. Honestly, at this point with 3 girls left. I think he should dump them all. I agree with Ashley – they’re LAME!!

  62. Cara says:

    Ashley is trash and that is all she will ever be. Ashley is nothing but a sperm deposit and Bret knew this. Bret has had amazing women in his life, the mother of his children for one, who are not tramps like Ashley. For some of the people to identify with Ashley from the show reveals a decline in western civilization. Maybe all of Ashley’s “fans” can go shopping with her to Walmart. ;-)

  63. skjfskjfskjfskfjslfj says:


  64. Karen says:

    I agree with Jaunita and Candi.

    Farrah was a southern piece of crap too. That last leapard print out-fit she wore said it all.

  65. Bret Michaels says:

    Hey, whassa goin on? I just want to say that yeah, I like to do the do, with girls I know I’m not going to select.

    Also, I’m not really looking for love on a “reality” show. It’s just entertainment.

    Enjoy the show!

  66. Mandy says:

    WEllll Bret I guess we all now know how you feel about
    your own VH1 show,’just entertainment’. So as you say if you Do the Do with the women on your show…then is it a sure thing those certain women will be gone! right? Guess Mindy will have to goooo since she dressed in her leopard outfit and did the Do with you. Mindy is so LAME MOUTHED.

    Bret are you feeling bad Ashley choose to dump you? Smart choice Ashley!!

  67. maia says:

    ugh. cant stand the show without ashley and farrah.

  68. dirtyblonde says:

    I miss Ashley. In the beginning, I didn’t like her but she completely converted me with “I didn’t know they make bikinis in size fat #$*(” -she’s HILARIOUS and I would love watch Ashley and Farrah on their own show

  69. Thomas says:

    Ashley was the best and funniest on the show. She was way better than the three remaining girls and she was the one for Bret.

  70. flexy633 says:

    Tracey said: “And all you who are talking $hit about Ashley, you are just unhappy with yourselves and have to put her down to make yourself feel good. Why can’t you just try to see the good in people?”

    Excuse me? Did you not read the interview with your idol? She is the one who constantly puts people down for what they wear or how they look. Why can’t she just try to see the good in people?

  71. antoine23yeah says:

    ashely getsz on mz lazt nerves she talks crazy az hell
    shu da ~%&)+^$(+`#+%&@ up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. anna says:

    I like the way she talks about people, she tells the way it is. go girllll. But she is ugly sorry her face is uglyyyyy

  73. Mandy says:

    There is NOT three left…Jamie is gone!
    Only lame mouth Mindy and stripper Taya…will be in
    the final two.

  74. Ivy says:

    Love her!

    I pray she’s on Charm School! I hope I haven’t seen the last of Ashley!

  75. Sandi says:

    This is the worst Rock of Love in the 3 times it’s been on. Bret should just marry his girlfriend who has his 2 daughters!

  76. Derp says:

    Ashley seems to be quite the hypocrite. She openly talks trash about people for the way they look, or the way they behave or carry themselves, yet she takes pride in “being herself” and loving the person she is. If that isn’t angsty teenager hypocrisy, I don’t know what is.

    And Ashley looks pretty damn butch, even with those rubber jugs she has. I’m really surprised she even made it as far as she did.

  77. joocy says:

    ashley has a huge ugly beak on her face. nothing pretty about her. plus she looks like her ~^%%*#!)#%“)+))_ smells

  78. Dieter says:

    I’m from belgium and i have to say everybody here just LOVE Ashley and the blondtourage.. really they are so amazing.
    What kind of guy wouldn’t date a hot piece like that? and she’s fun too! Come on she has a child and still looks gorgious and is not ‘mummy-serieus’.
    Maybe it’s because i’m a little crazy too but hey girl hey, YOU ROCK!!! LOve and respect!!!

  79. Princess Bleh says:

    Ha! Isn’t it funny that so many girls sober up and realize that the “prize” is Bret Michaels, and suddenly don’t mind being bounced from the show?

    Ashley definitely made the show worth watching, but Farrah was a poor Heather immitation, IMHO. Ashley had a crazy, blonde Juliet Lewis thing going on with her look, which was kind of awesome.

  80. Denisha says:

    Ashley is da Bomb like tic tic! She knows how to have a good time! I think that Bret should’ve picked her or Farrah! Cuz Taya and Mindy are LAME! (as Ashley would say)

  81. kels says:

    ashley and farrah were so fake! from their ozone layer killing hair, to the watermelon boobs, and the fat lips they were jokes. how can ashley talk s*** about someone when her so-called boyfriend got on tv and said no one can pull his b****. that’s real romantic. he looked like a 2009 version of mr. clean.

  82. KiKi says:

    This chick is such trash its not even funny. She says she does not read posts etc.. yeah right. She is gross and Im glad she left when she did. Someone said she looked like big bird and that is PERFECT. She sure can dish it out but she cant take it can she? LOSER

  83. WillaDodge says:

    Although I think Ashley is a trashy, ugly bimbo, this interview was funny as hell.

  84. bebe says:

    I think it’s probably true that this show was kind of like ashley’s spring break. i’m glad she had fun. it was fun to watch the crazy stuff she did.

  85. Bobba says:

    Lol, this dumb +(#+~&__(!)(`^(%) doesn’t seem to realize that Bret got all he wanted from her on his bus that night.
    Did she actually think he would put a ring on the finger of a dumb blonde bimbo like her? There’s a reason why no blondes made it to the top 3 this season.

  86. Jillo1978 says:

    Ashley was so funny and had disintary of the mouth but she should have a show…I will watch it all the time! The salsa stunt was LAME and she knows this but it was entertaining. I personally would have retaliated on her !$&&(_*%$*$*$^# badly! She kept it fun and dramatic! Ashley your man is finer than Bret any day!

  87. Ashley is ugly! says:

    Ashley probably jumps from trailer to trailer screwing different dirty guys all day! She looks like the female version of Joe Dirt.

    And Farrah is too damn old to be saying “lame” all day. What school did she go to? No, living in trailer parks and blowing cow boys in the back seat of pickup trucks don’t count as an education! Sure, she knows how to say “lame” but can she spell it? Farrah acts immature like a child instead of a grown woman…wait..maybe she can’t act like a grown woman because she’s really a grown man?
    I think Farrah called Natasha a man so much because she wants to take some of the “heat” off her so we can focus on Natasha’s gender accusation instead of hers. Give it up Farrah! We know you’re really a man, and really Ashley’s dad!!! LOL

  88. Michelle says:

    Ashley & Farrah are _^%#@^_)(%+*)~`+ ing fabulous. And she’s right, without them the show would have been soooo lameeee. They totally need their own show.

  89. amberjade11 says:

    It’s funny cause ROL 2 I like Kristy Joe and she went home to be with her ex, and on ROL 3 I liked Ashley and she did the same thing. I do not think that it is Ok to intentionally hurt another person’s feelings the way that she does. I am glad that she showed that women with tattoos that are hot can still be good Moms too.

  90. caca says:

    imma feel bad for rikki she really thought she changed a little but it looks like ashely fooled her rikki is a good person ashley shouldnt been so fake

  91. Hailey says:


  92. 691844 says:

    What a lovely day for a 691844! SCK was here

  93. 4327439 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4327439! SCK was here

  94. I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!