VH1 Tough Love: Steve Ward Answers “5 Questions”


VH1 Tough Love‘s Steve Ward calls ‘em as he sees ‘em. Ask him about something and boom: an answer leaps from his throat. That’s why he’s a perfect candidate for our “5 Questions” interview. Here’s how it works:
Celebs stop by and we pepper ‘em with queries about the fun parts of life. Do you text or phone? Where’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex? What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? All the important stuff, right?

Ward had no problem: he gave us quick answers to his favorite party-starting song (check above) and confessed which gender he gets along better with. A few other things, too. Check all of his Steve’s answers right here.


See photos of the VH1 Tough Love ladies in their X-Rated mode

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  1. RussianGuysBlackWife says:

    Steve why did you “match” Abiola with a black guy?
    I think you are a racist!
    You match the women with men based on skin color!
    And every time Abiola makes a comment about
    the guy you put her with, you tell her to shut up.
    BUT you give the other ladies, the white ladies
    more choices of men to choose from.

    MY husband is a Russian white guy and I am Black,
    he loves me very much and we have been married
    for over a year now.
    My husband does not tell me,
    “Oh you need to look like a white woman in order
    for me to love you” No he accepts me for who i am.

    Why can’t Abiola have more options of men to choose
    Is it because you cannot find her a man that
    will like her dark skin?
    Is it because you think the only man that will
    love her or be attracted to her is a man with
    her same skin color?
    Not every person on this planet is a racist,
    skin color obsessed, supremacist.

    I know David Bowie loves Iman and Robert De Niro
    loves his wife.
    Stop matching people based on skin color or “Race.”

    What if a man from France fell for Abiola?
    Or a guy from Ghana or Israel?

    Abiola needs more choices of men,
    so do the other ladies.

    Skin color matching does not mean equality and love.
    You can have the same skin color as your partner
    and be unhappy and have problems.

  2. zum says:

    I don’t see him as racist. We don’t know all parts of this story. We don’t know what the ladies are telling him to match them with or the men in turn as well. Also it’s just the third episode comming up so we don’t know what other men she might get paired with.

  3. madd5720 says:

    I have been addicted to this show since it aired. I think it highlights common mistakes women make when dating. I also think that steve is very attractive and I’m wondering why he hasn’t found his match yet. I’m 28 also and wouldn’t mind dating such a fascinating man. There’s not many of them left, trust me.

  4. Bryant82 says:

    I am also very intrested in this show. Not sure if I have seen or haerd enought to lash out & call him a racist though. I look forward to the following episodes! :)

  5. Tanya says:

    To the post of April 2.

    Your logic seems flawed, and your post seems biased. In judging Steve so harshly are you applying standards you claim to denounce?

    The evidence simply is not there that Steve is a racist. For one thing, he seems to try his hardest to find each woman what SHE wants.

    If your criteria to judge him a ‘racist’ is same-race matches, then why, tell me why, has he consistently matched Taylor with African-American men? She looks Caucasian to me…

    I find your ‘racist’ allegations to Steve ridiculous, quite frankly – although I am glad for you and your spouse that you found someone you love, and your point that race should not be a disqualifier to love is a valid one.

  6. labatz70 says:

    is it me, or does Steve have a thing for Taylor? I think HE really likes her…look at the way he looks at her and gushes about her. I think we are going to see the 2 of them fall in love…with each other!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Oh my JESUS! REALLY? we r pulling out a RACE card? LMAO Maybe Obama should go FIRE Steve like hes doing with everyone else! haha

  8. lolololololololwut? says:

    omg totally love that song. i actually played that song to start off my end of school party. XD


    I agree with the comment that Steve has a thing for Taylor. He is in total AWE of her! This show is FABO!

  10. johnny771 says:

    i think your a freakin idiot to call him racist theres nothing wrong with dating people of different skin color but not all people are attracted to different races, you make it seem like you should have to date some one from a different race and i think he tries his best to match them with people they will like and be happy with

  11. Christiana says:

    What happens when you finally meet the person for you and they turn out to be a narcissist months down the road? and the whole time they were with you, they lied and there friends lied to you about everything.

    How are you supposed to get over something like that?

  12. julee says:

    i want steve ward. that would be the only reason i would go on the show–so i could meet HIM. Haha.

  13. notaracist says:

    I don’t think Steve is a racist- he matches Taylor with black guys almost every time! No one gets a choice of men- he obviously sets them up with people he thinks they would like based on what they told him before so if he’s only setting Abiola up with black men that’s probably what she wants. AND no one has ever told her to shut up or to look more like a white woman.

  14. Jesse says:

    When are you going to do a tough love for the guys. I have been divorced for almost 2 yrs after being together for ten. I need some help! Great show by the way that in its self is helping with some tips and pointers

  15. emily says:

    hi,well my sis shes kind of like the gold digger girl and the party girl together. she wants someone rich and she can’t/dosen’t know how to trust or get into anyone. but when one walks her way she just leaves them all, and come home complaning about there wrongness. i’m wondering is it just thats shes scared to look at someone agian.

  16. Kayla A says:

    OMG my roommate and i totally agree. Steve loves taylor. That’s y he gave her a trophy and seems to set her up for failure.

  17. Melanie says:

    Finally a new show with morals! I can relate to the women and their issues, attracting men deserving of my time and attention! Keep this show on!

  18. Nicole Sykes says:

    I LOVE your show!!! It’s one of my favorite shows on VH1. I love watching it cause i also have problems with guys, staying with them. It was inresting to watch because i had no idea guys thought of things like that. Plus i liked how honest the guys were when they were done with there date.Also i liked how you showed the girls the feed back so they truly knew what the guys were thinking. I was wondering if you were going to have a book on your tips on relationships and the steps to find the one. Because i don’t read a lot but if you had a book i would consider buy it.

  19. Barbara says:

    I watched this show and was a little disappointed. How come Steve is focusing only on the problems WOMEN have? Seems to me that there are just as many men as women out there with commitment issues, pickiness, sense of entitlement, etc. Why not change tactics and have Steve’s mother fix a few MEN in Season Two?

    It takes two sane, well-adjusted people who are both ready for love and ready for a commitment to make a happy relationship. Ironically, only one or two of Steve’s “projects” ended up in a happy relationship, and for several, no real cause of their breakup was mentioned. If it were the girls’ fault, like Jacklyn going back to Greg, it WAS mentioned. Jody and her man went their separate ways. So did Abiola and her man. So maybe the men they chose had some issues THEY weren’t forthcoming about!

    And furthermore, if this guy’s such a great matchmaker, why does he have to have a male casting call to find good men for these women? Shouldn’t he already have a fantastic database of fantastic men just waiting for a good relationship?

    Again, maybe there are less men ready for a relationship than there are women. And maybe the men aren’t as well-adjusted as he would champion them to be. Why pick on the poor women? Hasn’t he realized that maybe some issue-ridden MAN passed on his issues to them in the first place? People don’t naturally respond to people with hurt, silence, pickiness, and fear. Not unless they’ve been hurt.

    Just some thoughts for you guys. Personally, I’m not watching next season until Steve himself can address some of these questions. Which will probably never happen because he probably can’t answer them right and still promote his show as something of quality and substance.

    Ladies, all human beings have issues. Don’t make Steve think that women are the ONLY gender with them. There are a lot of men who need some help too. Is Steve even married yet? That should tell you something.

    VH1, really. Give us a show that’s actually fair to both genders. You’ve lost me on this one.

  20. LeahLUVS Dan says:


  21. emily says:

    omg i know his girlfriend

  22. Southern by Choice says:

    My husband of 25 years and I really enljy the show. We have 2 college age daughters and they have learned much along with the Tough Love Ladies.I had a daughter ask if her “date outfit” would pass the Steve Ward test.Thank you Steve for opening my girls eyes to the other side of the coin!

  23. Lisa says:


    I just wanted to let you know I think you are so HOT! I like your mind, your looks, your personality,and your honesty. Though I know I will never meet you in real person, I wanted to let you know I am interested inyou and I have never did this before posted something like this.

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