For The Love Of Ray J Recap – Episode 9 – Seven Things We Loved About This Week’s Show


Ha! How’s this for sobering?


Mama Norwood: the realest thing on reality TV, y/y?

So yeah, the first thing we loved about this week’s episode, as you can see above, was the reaction of Ray’s mom to this situation. What could have seemed like over-protective parenting just came off as an unwillingness to swallow any of this TV crap.


“It only takes me 30 seconds to look at a person and determine if that person is gonna be good for my son or my daughter.” It only takes one to instill the fear of God in them! And you get the feeling that her disdain for all the women in the running for Ray’s heart isn’t to set up a hypothetical second season or anything!

The next thing we loved about this episode was…

- Danger’s opening freakout


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s instability!


It’s always about the eyes in these matters. And the words: she told Ray that he’s been “here” “this much”…


…which is, obviously, a bizarre comparison. But then, the reveal of her true ire was even more confusing: “Where were you at earlier when I was on the f***in’ lie-detector test? Where were you at? Right there…But you weren’t right here, you were right there.” What does that mean, you ask? Here, I’ll translate: “PAY ATTENTION TO ME.” I think Ray said it best with:


- Grandma

Though similarly dissapproving, her style is a little more mournful than Mama Norwood’s:


Seriously, this woman is magical.


Love that she was soooo unimpressed with Danger…


Nobody can jaw-jank her. I don’t even really know what that means, but it sounds bad and so I ask: who would ever want to?


- Ray’s friends


First of all, I love that everyone who’s ever had a show on VH1 is friends with Warren G. I think it’s a requirement. It’s how stuff gets greenlit. There should be a Six Degrees of Warren G game for VH1 programming, except it would be One Degree of Warren G because everyone knows him!


To use Cocktail’s words: “I mean, it’s Tom Green. Really?”

And finally:


These people are awesome. They were so not into listening to Unique talk about crafts. This episode should have been titled Elements of Disdain.

- Danger’s homie-smashing


That look on her face is exactly how I felt inside during her big reveal. One question, though: who the f*** is Lo? Do you think he knows Larry?

- Danger’s concluding freakout


She pitched a fit and demanded to be taken to the hospital when she found out that Ray had planned to meet her parents. That the episode ended on an open note (no elimination!) just goes to show that this woman is a living, breathing, hyperventilating “To be continued…” notice. Seriously, no matter what you think of her as a person, as a TV character, Danger has the ability to bring the drama like few can. What a find!

- Cocktail’s reaction to Danger’s concluding freakout


‘I’m dying, I’m dying.’ Like, what’s goin’ on now? Like, hat story is it right now? Like, what is it now? What the f*** is your problem besides being psycho? Are you melting?

I don’t think anyone threw any water on her, so she’s probably good. But really: HA! I have to remember to use “What the f*** is your problem besides being psycho” one day SOON.

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