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Duff McKagan stops by to chat with Eddie Trunk and the boys. Their subjects: Velvet Revolver‘s new lead singer and the shadow Guns N’ Roses still casts over the bassist. See what he has to say. And stay for the entire show, because Lemmy from Motorhead shares some tea and crumpets in the way that only he can.

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  1. MS. L.B. says:

    Ray J wake up!!! Danger she SMASHED the HOMIES!!! And that chick is crazy. I hope u DO NOT keep her PSYCHO &@@!^@_&)^`(&$* around! Why was she acting all nervous when you said you wanted to meet her parents. Maybe cuz she thinks u r gonna find out she was in a MENTAL HOME!!! Your sister and your mom said she was out touch with reality and mentally unstable. Stop living in the moment!!!

  2. Brad says:

    that metal show is sad!they talk to the guest for three minutes then it’s twenty minutes of lame crap.they need to lose the two “funny guys ” and let Trunk get in depth with the guest.rock gods should not have to sit for twenty minutes while those two dipshots try to make each other giggle.

  3. melissa says:

    how do u write to the guys on that metal show???

    ive wanted to write to them forever !!

    and how do u get tickets to go to a live show??

  4. walter prescott says:

    “That Geriatric Metal Show” is a much better depiction of what this show embodies. You turn a blind eye to the current only to ramble endlessly about the glory days. Favoring the past, and looking at the contemporary with distaste is a sign of being out-of-touch.

    “…that was interesting, or that was disgusting, it’s your call… haha”
    -The Black Dahlia Murder

  5. Brian Bush says:

    Trying to get tickets to a show…..VH1 That Metal Show have no idea how to get a hold of anyone at VH1 for information…Will take any show any time, please email me with info.

  6. claudia says:

    this is for the love of ray j. To ray i think u shouldnt pick any of them n just pick me =)

  7. claudia says:

    For The Love Of Ray J.
    Ray I think u shouldnt pic any of them n just pick me.

  8. Lady Metal says:

    I really love this show. Congratulations!

  9. kliff says:

    how come i can’t watch TMS on anymore? WTF?

  10. andy says:

    Maybe you guys can get the rod’s on the show, Dio cousin is the lead singer and gutair player, he was in one of Dio first bands Elf , They play some really good stuff, but i dont think they have been reconized, they kind of remind me of anvil and riot, that would be great , thanks Andy

  11. Bob C says:

    I Just found out that Bachman & Turner have a new CD out, I got it and it was a fantastic CD Rolling along is a classics BT(O) song And at 60 CF hasn’t lost that Incredible deep Thunder Vocal, They was touring last year and after hearing them do Not Fragile I was blown away. these guys are having fun, Are they planning to tour here in the states and can you get them on the show?

  12. John says:

    In the Episode with Glenn Hughes, Eddie answered a question on the Stump The Trunk segment about the first 8 KISS albums and left out “The Originals” released in 1976 after “Destroyer” and before “Rock And Roll Over.” It is a compilation album on the Casablanca label. He should have said:
    Hotter Than Hell
    Dressed To Kill
    The Originals
    Rock And Roll Over
    Love Gun

    These are the first 8 KISS albums including live, greatest hits and compilation albums. Hard to believe that Eddie is such a big KISS fan and got it wrong.

  13. RIK says:

    I am an avid fan of “that metal show” I love watchig it {can’t get enough}!!!!!! You know that I must say. You guys really mssed up on the segment, who forged metal??? Where was the GREAT Jimi Hendrix??!!!!

  14. True Keate says:

    hey just watched the jack russell/alice cooper episode & the trunk was talking bout a DVD. bout a singer with some deathmetal band that spent a billion years on smack & another million on crack! please can you tell me wot its called!?