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  1. Angela says:

    Man I love Eminem!!! He’s hilarious!!

  2. daisy says:

    all he does is parodies now. he’s a joke.

  3. Rachell says:

    Eminem is like a modern Weird Al. :) omg, is Brett really bald??! Nowai! Actually, he’s balding…he is totally wearing a hairpiece…NOT extensions. I can tell!

  4. Skewer says:


    all he does is parodies now. he’s a joke.

    No, you’re the joke, get a sense of humor and watch more of his videos, silly, ignorant child. Personally, this video couldn’t have come any sooner.

    Bret IS going bald, no joke, and all his fans like this daisy bimbo needs to accept it. I mean, when he says “finest extensions Europe has to offer.” what the hell you think he’s talking about? If he wasn’t losing his hair, he wouldn’t need Europe’s ‘finest extensions’

    I loved the Guitar Hero screen. Em is the best! Keep making fun of all these people Em! Just because you can! =D

    It’s refreshing to see someone mock the crap that’s on my tv, I thought I was the only one who thought it was stupid.

  5. em fan says:

    im glad em made fun of that stupid show. everyone buy relapse may 19,2009, shadys back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Shane says:

    Eminem needs to go out and get a real job. He’s a talentless hack.

  7. Moi says:

    Maybe if this video was made last year but it’s a little dated at this point. And the song is boring.

  8. CatGirl says:

    That! Was absolutely Fabulous! Love Eminem! And of Course Bret!!! Can’t wait until tonight! I could know who wins but I don’t want anyone telling me! I love the torture of the anticipation!!! I have come to like both Mindy and Taya! Although I don’t think Mindy would ever last and Taya could be perfect for him on paper.. I just don’t see the chemestry.. could be wrong.. Best Show Ever. I could go for another season… Hope they come up with something even crazier!!! I saw Bret in his movie and he is still beautiful even without hair. Love him!!!

  9. pat hall says:

    Go figure!!!!The one that is trying to make a name for herself.PENTHOUSE WITCH…wouldn’t buy that now if my husband BEGGED me.Won’t take long alittle money and fame she will walk with some cold hard cash.Wrong choice Brett.See you again next season

  10. Sarah says:

    EM is the best I love this song!! Its is funny as hell! I love the rock of love show too!! But did’nt like the outcome though!! He should of picked mindy!!!

  11. karen says:


  12. leebo says:

    oi u ()$**_##___~^*% dnt dis eminem he is a hatin legend kills and gets away with it dis him again &%*%`^!@@&##&!#~ and u will neva use ur figaz again `%~)&~$@_*~&^&)%&

  13. ZaeBayBay says:

    I never really like eminem but i actually like this song…its really funny keep up the gud work Em!

  14. Sarah Wicksdale says:


  15. Sarah Wicksdale says:

    I absolutely LOVE Marshall!! Oh yeah hes like a PIMP YETI! ya know like always trying to make things fun!!!!!

  16. jennifer says:

    hey i love this video taking the piss out of bretttttt xxxxxxxxx

  17. zoe hitt says:

    i love eminem he is so sexy. i would be all up in his drawers if i could.

  18. andrea says:

    this song is awesome!!!! …..he’s a joke!! i love him!

  19. hunter says:

    screw you daisey eminem is a legend

  20. joanne says:

    nice video

  21. joanne says:

    nice you won a award last night

  22. judygirl says:

    just keep doing what your doing!! it works #(`!`*!~_~$~`@%~ everyone else!!

  23. Ravi chugh says:

    nice song ” beautiful” amazing
    Thank u marshall for thinking abt those who aint beautiful