Rock of Love Bus Finale: There Can Be Only One!


500x325Rock of Love Bus has come down to the final two girls: Mindy and Taya. But what will the competition for Bret’s love do to these close friends? Surely there will be tears. We want to hear what you have to say. Check out our photo gallery of the remaining two and tell fans who’s your choice to win it all.

Watch a sneak peek of the season finale, and don’t forget to tune in Sunday at 9 pm ET to see who wins.

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  1. susan says:

    i like tea i think she would be perfect. i think mindy is to sweet to be a rock stars girlfriend.

  2. STEPHANIE says:


  3. Cleavy says:

    Go Mindy!

  4. Penelope says:

    I think Taya should win she’s got it more together Mindy is just whiny and jelous…she’s constantly saying that Taya’s perfect…shear sign of jelousy if I ever saw it!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ~*~Jenni~*~ says:

    Goodluck **MINDY** I really hope that you win..

  6. Cara says:

    I believe Taya should win and I hope she does. Mindy is far too insecure and has too many mood swings to begin to fit into Bret’s lifestyle. Mindy is the one who is too uptight. She is too high maintenance.

    Go Taya! You deserve to win! :-)

  7. Cara says:

    Go Taya! You deserve to win it! You have been a lady and classy the entire show!

    I hope that Taya wins! :-)

  8. holly says:

    mindy needs to win. i don’t really like either of them, but i can’t stand taya she seriously annoys the hell out of me AND she’s a stuck up b*tch. team mindy!

  9. Lisa says:

    Mindy is the only one who should win Taya is there to further her career

  10. Jen says:

    Good luck Mindy! Taya seems more interested in her Penthouse career, I pick Mindy.

  11. LauraBethTN says:

    I wish Farrah had won but between these 2 losers I’ll say “Mindy.” Am I the only 1 that noticed there are 2 reality shows with diff girls claiming to be Pet of the Year? Besides Taya there’s a girl on “Momma’s Boys” on WE (she was much younger and hotter–I think Taya’s full of it–anyone can order those shirts)

  12. LauraBeth says:

    I agree with Holly. I don’t know what show you’ve been watching, Cara, but you call Taya “classy” and “a lady?” Perhaps you didn’t see her pole work at the Trucker Games. Have you ever seen Penthouse? It’s not exactly Nat’l Geographic, but you do see the Grand Canyon and the Deep South! Classy? Not hardly. Mindy won’t make it with Bret either–both women are ill-suited for him. The simple fact that Mindy can’t carry a tune in a bucket (poor girl) would be a deal-breaker for me, because being a singer/musician myself, I fall that much harder for a man that I can sing with–I mean, it’s Bret’s love and his life, so….U see what I mean?

  13. BlakeD says:



  14. Mindy says:

    My vote is for Taya because I know I am a horrible person and don’t deserve to win. Besides, I know annoy the hell out of everybody with my beaver face and cheesy twangy accent.

    Team Taya!

  15. Laurie says:

    Taya deserves to win. She has been honest with Bret always and has not had any emotional mood swings like moody Mindy.

    I hope that Taya wins. She deserves to win!

    Go Team Taya! :-)

  16. Laurie says:

    My last comment didn’t post?

    Anyway, Team Taya! Taya deserves to win! :-)

  17. MAMA says:


  18. MAMA says:


  19. Shantana says:


  20. Ireth says:

    Go Mindy! Taya seems like this high maintenance freak who is only there for exposure. I don’t think there has been a single episode where she hasn’t brought up being in Penthouse.

  21. Daisy says:

    My vote is for Taya! She is the most sincere person left. Bret would be in for the regret of his life if he picked that emotional vampire, Mindy.

    Taya all the way for the win! :-)

  22. Felicia says:

    I believe Taya will win. She is laid back, doesn’t get jealous over stupid things. She doesn’t get in funks like Mindy. Mindy is also moody which Bret doesn’t like. I like Mindy and Taya but Taya will get her man. We haven’t seen a lot between he and Taya but I think thats what the show wants. I just hope that this is it for Bret and that he really gives it a chance.

  23. Shelly Axelrod says:

    Iam Bretthas already picked who won but Taya shows signs of being bi-polar, the best indication was when she was crying (no tears ruin make up) and Mindy said she understood her and Taya turn with perfect makeup and said I am nothing like you. I have insecurities but you will never know them, I don’t think Taya is a day under 45 and she wants to be on TV not singer,not penthouse she is trying to be an actress and failing very well. I believe Mindy could manage the simple things in life and her main concern would be Brett. I hope he picked Mindy

  24. Vina says:

    MINDY! The girl next door needs to win!!!

  25. ????? says:

    I think they are both really cute girls. However, I don’t think they are enough for him.. Maybe Taya.. Mindy is 5 years old, Bret has two daughters close to that age he could just adopt Mindy. High maintenence?…Taya may take a little longer to get ready but Mindy is SOOO high maintenence emotionally. She’s a whiney nag.. what man would ever put up with that twangy whine or even find it sexy.. sure not a rock star. A “rock star” attracted to a whiney twangy nag??? okidoke!! Maybe when Mindy grows up she will be attractive and shut up. BTW how come nobody kicked her to the curb for being on other reality shows? I don’t think Taya is fake, I think that’s just who she is.. She is classy and more educated.. Mindy needs a voice coach to get rid of the high pitched TWANG!! Neither really.

  26. Kathryn says:

    I believe Bret needs to pick Taya. Mindy is emotionally very needy and acts like a child and is very immature.

    Bret needs to buy Mindy a Happy Meal and send her on her way.

  27. jeri says:

    mindy is best for him taya is ok

  28. Michele says:

    I think neither one of them should win and he should call me! I’m crazy about him and I would love to be the one to Rock his world. Who cares if he’s a rock star he can just grab his guitar and sing to me all night, it definately turns me on! Somebody please tell Bret to call me ……. Michele Moore in Southaven, Ms I will see you in Tunica on June 6th honey I promise!

  29. Toni says:

    Go Mindy! I so hope that Mindy gets that ring.

  30. freda says:

    I think he should choose Mindy, because Taya is just there for Penthouse.

  31. elle says:

    brett has already tried the nice girl next door twice already, and it didn’t work, so he should pick taya! If he picks Mindy, they’ll end up breaking up again!

  32. elle says:

    taya may seem like she’s there to promote penthouse, but I just think she’s exited about it. I do think she cares for brett, she seems like good people.

  33. Christina says:

    omg elle or watever ur name is u r sooooo wrong. last season bret picked ambre and she was perfect and it didnt turn out so good. this season taya is exactly the same

  34. bree says:

    ummmm…is it just me or does it seem like bret doesn’t have much chemistry with EITHER of these girls? just a thought…

  35. Tiffany says:

    I hope that Mindy wins…..Taya is just there to promote her Penthouse career and maybe a signing career…..And when she says she isnt there for Penthouse….just think how many men have went out and bought her issues because she is on tv now…..GO MINDY

  36. Tabatha says:

    I think he should pick Mindy. Taya is just there to promote penthouse and boost her career

  37. Rachell says:

    I don’t see a real connection with any of these women. I don’t think he will end up picking anyone to be honest.

  38. Juanita says:

    Taya deserves to win. She is not promoting Penthouse, VH1 did. It’s called product placement. If some of the idiots on this blog would investigate, they would see that VH1 was the driving force behind all of the “promoting” of Penthouse. Taya had no choice in the matter. It was decided for her. So get over it already.

    Mindy is a disaster waiting to happen. She is moody and bipolar and maybe worse. What Bret has seen of Mindy on the show is the tip of the iceberg, I believe. He should get rid of her.

    Taya is the only logical choice for the win.

  39. shianne harrison says:

    I want Mindy to win. She’s real & down-to-earth. I think she’s the perfect girl for Bret. Taya’s too planned, she did her homework & thinks she needs to be someone she’s not to win Bret’s heart. She’s fake & phony.

  40. sara says:

    lets go mindy

  41. Quinn says:

    Maybe we should call up Ray’s Momma and ask her since it only takes her a short time to KNOW a person…I just don’t know on this one???

  42. tori says:

    yuk. how about Bret picks no one. Taya is snobby and fake and Mindy is too insecure.

  43. Kimberly says:

    Taya is a fake, condescending, high-maintenence barbie- she is exactly the kind of girl Bret has had throughout his career- why would he want another?? Mindy definitely has her issues, but all in all she is a much better match for Bret than Taya. GO MINDY!! (but lose the mood swings, girl…)

  44. God says:

    Taya WILL win. He always picks the girl whose dress during the final elimination matches his bandana during the final elimination.

  45. Rodney says:

    I like both of them. However, I would perfer Mindy to win because, I’m sure that she can handle Bret’s lifestyle. Taya on the other hand, can handle Bret’s lifestyle as well; even though she pose for Penthouse Pet, I got a feeling that she’s going to suffer the same fate as Ambre did where she dated Bret last year (2008) for only 10 months then all of a sudden both of them broke up due to schedule conflict. So that’s probably going to happend to Taya.

  46. The Person says:


    Well, that doesn’t really happen, I just hope it does. Anyway, Mindy should win, Taya’s a b*tch.

  47. clarissa says:

    Go Mindy

  48. john says:

    mindy should definately win as always there is someone on the show who wants there job to be promoted, and that is Taya (Laurie) this is kinda disgusting that Laurie is still here no one likes her and Mindy is way prettier so I hope Mindy wins ROL3

  49. AMANDA says:


  50. Against the odds says:

    I’m going against what everyone wants, and picking Taya..
    [I like both of them]

  51. Gem says:

    Well…I’m not that crazy about either of them. I do think Mindy’s probably sweeter than Taya. But Taya will be able to better deal with what dating a guy like Bret entails. So I guess she should win.

  52. angie says:

    i only saw a couple episodes of rock of love and i think that he should pick mindy because she seems like she here for him but to be honest this ia alll a waste of time because we all know that he is going to do it all again this is really all fake so i really dont care who he pick but it should be mindy

  53. Maris87 says:

    I think Taya should win because she complains far less about the simplest things!Come on, Bret’s a rock star and if you cant put on a silly costume how ru ever gonna be able to roll with his crazy lifestyle. Mindy is just an insecure complainer! Go team Taya!

  54. Stephanie says:

    I’m Hoping that he chooses Mindy.

    Go Mindy!!

  55. lauren d says:

    mindy better win, mindy has been loyal to brett the whole time. mindy and taya has had some ruff times but u have to blow up sometime u cant alwaysact like nothing is wrong such as taya sometimes u just cant handle it

  56. Jasmine says:

    None of them should win… I think they should have a Rock of Love 4 entitled ‘Past Loves” and should bring back Heather, Ambre and others… and he should choose Heather… And then he will be happy… or he can be like Flavor Flav and propose to Heather on the reunion… either one is fine…

  57. Jasmine says:

    None of them… I think he should have a Rock of Love 4 entitled “Past Loves” and should bring Heather, Ambre and others to vy for his love… and he should pick Heather… or he can do what Flavor of Love did and just propose to Heather… only then will he AND I be truly truly happy…

  58. caramel708 says:

    neither one !!!! but he really wants to settle down then mindy >>>> if he picks taya the same thing that happen with ambre (her career) will happen with bret and taya …

  59. Lisha says:

    To be honest I had been rooting for Beverly to win. Now that she’s gone I would have to go with Mindy. I feel Mindy is more of a down to earth girl, I love her “funks” and all. I think Bret needs a girl who is grounded and who can help bring him back down to reality when the road gets crazy. While Taya is also a nice girl there is something there looming under her facade that really bothers me. I’m not quite sure what it is. I don’t think anyone should look down on her for stripping ie: feature dancing or for being the Pet of the Year. However, with that being said I don’t think she is quite owning up to what her career entails! I also don’t think there is anything wrong with “fibbing” about your age, but if you are 42 maybe say you are 39 and not 29. I think viewers are hip to her jive :)

  60. Kristi says:

    Neither .. Taya is just crazy, and Mindy is to young and they won’t last like Jess & Ambre. So if it has to be one of the two I would say Taya … but she is crazy so they won’t last. Where the hell is Bloundarage !!

  61. marcus says:

    Mindy is soooooo !+_~`@)*`#@&#^)& in hot i wish she was mine!

  62. Kelly says:

    I have watched all three seasons and have to say i am really hoping he pick Mindy. Taya seems to be out for her own publicity and fake.

  63. Leslie says:

    Yeah, yeah, the show is fake, and VH1 probably asked these girls to #`_*!+)#!+%(*^% ume certain characters. Nonetheless, the “character” I’d like to win is Taya. Mindy comes across as moody and manipulative. Who cares if she’s really sweet and down to earth sometimes? The other half of the time she’s ticked off. Those who say Taya is “too good to be true” must not have high standards. While Taya seems like an awesome person, which is why I’d like her to win, she also seems insecure and too willing to please, so clearly she has faults, which make her character more believable.

  64. mackenzie says:

    mindy!mindy!! MINDY!!!!!!! i think she should win because she is good, fun, sweet, and sometimes smart. but she nneds to get away from those funk moods when she’s with bret. and as a bonus she doesn’t need to be tayas cheerleader and follow and listen to taya non- stop. mindy is brets rock of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. marcus says:

    bret i hope you make the right decision but the truth is that i want you to pick both of them but you can’t but pick mindy because on the show you said ya’ll have a great connection.

  66. Kimbo says:

    Def. Mindy…she’s the sweetest

  67. me says:

    Team Mindy….I can’t stand that phoney Taya….

  68. Stacey says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick Mindy! Taya is a fake.

  69. Myrna says:

    I think Mindy should win cuz Taya is a fake bioch that is trying to convince Mindy to leave Bret alone so that she can have him to himself…and she is there to promote penthouse and if its not penthouse then she wants other magazine people to see her so that they can hire her…I really do not like her

  70. Heather says:

    Taya all the way!

  71. taya and mindy are stupid says:

    they’re both hella ughh
    so i think that who ever wins is gonna get dumped either at the reunion or after
    this dumb +%*)#^~#*%))&(~+` es should already noe dat nobody ever finds love in these shows

  72. Yanina says:


  73. jewels says:


  74. Tercell says:

    I Hope Taya Wins I Cant Stand That FAKE @@_!!_)~*_`#$`&!& Mindy

  75. Lisa says:

    Mindy’s got it! I’ve thought from the very beginning she would be the one to win his heart, and hopefully she will.

  76. radeena says:

    I think that Taya is there to be just a “Pet” and really isn’t there for Bret. I truly think that Mindy loves him.

  77. Charmaine Arnold says:

    I’m rooting for Taya!!!! Mindy complains to much!!!

  78. Charmaine says:

    Go Taya you deserve a “Rock of Love”

  79. nort says:

    I say Taya…Mindy is weird…Taya is more his speed and closer to his age. Who is she kidding 29 my @@(!!+#`!#!_+@`

  80. TIFFANI says:


  81. ssstaceyyy says:

    Taya is disgusting. She looks like an 80′s pornstar that was never able to quite grasp the reality that she’s old, and that it’s a whole new millenium. She’s soooo disillusioned. And her eyebrows BEYOND suck. They are overplucked, over rounded, and completely mis-shaped. And, it looks horrible.

    Now, Mindy, on the other hand, is drop dead gorgeous, down to earth, and seems to be the only one who was even slightly normal/sane on the show. Now, she is a little whiny, and I wish she would be more open minded with trying things she uncomfortable with. But, for the most part, she’s Bret’s best fit. (in my opinion)

  82. caitlin says:

    i think mindy should win she got a good heart and she is really here for brett taya is her for the fame and penthouse so i think brett should pick mindy

    YOU GO MINDY YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. kimmi says:

    i am a good judge of people and let me make it clear to all of you, taya is fake. its all about money and the spotlight to her. bret should definitely pick mindy, she is delicate and dedicated to bret, i truly believe she can handle all that is to come. do the right thing bret, pick your true love, mindy. best wishes for a beautiful wedding, and gorgeous children.

  84. dave says:

    Taya should win hands down. She has all the qualites that bret needs

  85. Fran says:

    Heather is Bret with )_(~~~~^$~#~~$_ s. He should just hang it up and accept it. Mindy has ZERO personality and Taya has TOO MUCH of a FAKE personality. Out of this season, I think Ashley was just the right amount of trash and flash for Bret.

  86. darius bailey says:

    i love taya she is so hot and i know that she is going to win because she is a good person and thats from the heart go penthouse pet taya have a nice life with bret and mindy i love you but you should just go to the next dating show and maby just maby you would win good luck finding love with some one other than bret.
    go taya love you.

  87. Trinity says:

    Same here. I’m not too crazy about Mindy or Taya, but Taya seems better for the road, but then again, Mindy is nicer, but moody as all hell.

  88. marcus says:

    MINDY!MINDY!MINDY! i hope that )$“!_^_`#!`!%$+ in hot mindy win because taya is a &#$)#&&%^$$^~^+$$ she always think she perfect and think he all that but mindy is a sexy fine girl,she’s calm even though she can’t sing but MINDY I HPOE YOU WIN MINDY ALL THE WAY!

  89. marcus says:

    taya don’t be crying saying he picked that !~@%%(%%_^)+`~)~ in sorry _)%^*_@^_+@`!`#`~ over me im the one he wants im the one he needs to take care of his daughter.

  90. Jeanie says:

    I agree that Taya should win hands down. She has all of the qualities that Bret needs. Plus she is a mother herself so she is a parent like Bret. Mindy on the other hand was uncomfortable “helping” take care of children, so she is the oddball and should leave.

  91. Buffalo says:


  92. Kathleen says:

    MINDY! It reminds me of Ginger amd Mary Ann from Gilligans Island…LOL!

  93. Sarah says:

    He shoudl pick Mindy…. bret would have to worry about Taya beign a stripper and how she prolly would cheat on him…

  94. Laura says:

    When Bret is tired of looking for Love in all the Wrong places and is ready to meet his soul mate (who has been waiting a while) tell him to send me a email. Thank You

  95. kassii nd shorty says:

    go taya!!!!!!!!

  96. hbkluver1 says:

    I want Taya to get picked, Mindy is so annoying and i think Taya is beautiful.

  97. SaaphyriBaby09 says:

    I think that is should pick Mindy cuz Taya is a fake !)($$*^&@!!`^($)$ I hate her, she’s obviously here trying 2 promote Penthouse. So i hope Mindy wins.


  98. Sarah says:

    Mindy all the way. She has been my pick for awhile now and i watch rockof love every week!

  99. sue says:

    It really doesn’t matter because they wont stay together this is just a show there is no love, Taya is just promoting her career and Mindy I don’t know I think she’s more sincere than Taya. Actually after he elimited the blonds that show really got lame, I think even Bret agrees, he make the wrong decision sending the funny ones home and keeping the lames there! Taya should go for the I love money 3 she very into competition and lets be serious a ring? Are you serious Bret???? Tell me this is a joke you are not marring one of those girls, are you???

  100. david kabbes says:

    i think mindy will win, taya is fake and just promoting herself. Or lack of self.

  101. Dedgrl says:

    Once they got rid of ?Britanya? and ashley the show sucked

  102. Mindyhater says:

    Mindy is a ridiculous insecure whiner. She cant write a song she doesnt know what to do she cant have a relationship she cant hold a man she has never even been engaged…she cant wear this costume…she cant cant cant…Give me a break shut the heck up already. If he watches this crap and he picks her he will kick himself and dump her in a second. He and Taya are the best match. Actually Taya is adorable and he is disgusting lol…. GO Taya

  103. TempoBronze124 says:

    From the VERY beginning of the first episode, I saw Mindy, and immediatly say she was the one. So I go for Mindy.

  104. REAL says:

    For all thos going for mindy you suck she is ugly dumb and insecure taya is hot pretty and perfect

  105. bailey says:

    the person that i wont win is mindy because taya is fake. and ggggggggaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy nasty girl

  106. businator says:

    I want Taya, cause Mindys like to nice and not ready for the rock and roll life style, but i think Taya is

  107. Renee says:

    It will be Taya, because Bret’s bandana matches Taya’s dress, happens EVERY time!!!

  108. kgil says:

    i think mindy because she is more ready and has nothing to promote.

  109. RillzYO says:

    MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY!MINDY! taya is a dumby and is too fake. She’s putting on an act for the tv in reality she’s probably _+@*+(&%#&&`(`%@` I mean seriously, no one is that perfect and you can’t see the real taya. She’s over dramatic I mean she cried almost everytime she got a pass! Come on! Mindy at least showed her real self and didn’t do anything she didn’t think was like her. She has repect for herself. I’d rather him choose someone who is real than someone who put on an act. Plus, Taya can’t leave behind her penthouse pet at all. She’s way to into it. MINDY is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better for him!

  110. jewsus says:

    1. it doesn’t matter, they will be broken up by the time the reunion airs

    2. probably Mindy

  111. mindyalltheway says:

    mindy all the way taya is annoying and s trying to promote herself and shell never win
    mindy is a little iffy but i thought she was the best choice for a while now she wll win

  112. bobbi611 says:

    lets look back at one episode where Taya said my job wants me now…GO! She lost my vote when she acted like that. i really liked her at first but, given her career do you think it will really work out with Bret? I DONT THINK SO! She dont have time to do this show…do you think she’s gonna have time for him? on the other hand theres Mindy…ok, shes dramatic but I would be too. She is ready to be there for Bret and certainly has the time for him. What the hell was that Jamie…omg! are u serious!? she should have left after the introduction! Finally 2 girls that are suited for him…its gona be a tough call. I do hope he picks Mindy though :)

  113. KJ says:

    I am hoping for Mindy but I really dont think they will stay together forever.I dont think she will fit into his world.

  114. lashea says:

    I would like taya to win.

  115. GoMindy says:

    GO Mindy Taya is not there for hime only herself!!

  116. K@T says:

    MINDY!!IT really doesnt matter though because they wont stay together this was just for fun

  117. williams42 says:

    i dont really caree anymore. i think that farrahh should’a stayed and won, cuz the show has been reallyy boring. i hope he chooses neither cuz i want a rock of love 4!!!

  118. Deb says:

    I think Brett should choose Mindy. Not that I’m a Mindy fan. I just feel Taya is disgusting and to full of herself. A very phoney person. She is just there to promote herself as the Penthouse pet.
    I found this season disappointing. Get rid of the bus and go back to the house. There was a lot more to the show with the first two seasons.
    No matter who he picks, it won’t last for long. Neither of them is the right for Brett or his life style. I’m hoping season 4 will be better.

  119. blr1372 says:

    I dont think either of them are 100% right for brett, but mindy will probally win, but he wont marry her. Ive yet to see a perfect match for him, hes not gonna marry any of the strippers. so another show will come out or hell give up. Mindy will win but its not cause he totally digs her, but because somone has to win.

  120. Christian Cota says:

    i really think that bret should have kept jamie or beverly around cuz they were the sbsolute best. but now that they’re gone he should pick mindy because taya is a `!+!_$@*)&@%$@@) ing
    slut and she really needs to go shes just promoting herself and shes not really 29 shes an old hag

  121. Meg says:

    GO MIND I LOVE YOU she is awesome taya maybe the perfect life style but mindy is definately real

  122. confused says:

    At first i though that Mindy would make a good match for him but after watching all of Rock of Love shows that have been on I see that there is a pattern of these hook ups never lasting. If he wants someone that can handle his lifestyle and look good on his arm and not embarrass him then i think Taya is the perfect woman for him. She absolutly has the body, manners and a sense of professional attitude that would make an excellent addition to his tour bus.

  123. yessie says:

    hi you should have a person that loves you real i see all you shows and i dont see real love you are a really nice guy why you has to have grls like that if im going to get a mom for my kids im going to tink if my babys love that person please think a real love for them and a real love you dont going to find the in a reality tv you should have across the street well i hope you are going to be happy i know that i ,ove you bret good luck and think about you 3 . i am from puerto rico i love you but i dont love money sorry… your babys are wonderfull take care of them bye i wish you a really good luck rockkkkkkkkkk.

  124. leonard reid says:

    My pick will be Mindy. I feel that she is more suited to spend the rest of her life with Bret. Taya is cool, but I feel that she is there for the wrong reasons. I feel thatr she is there more for publicity for Penthouse, than anything else.

  125. Deborah says:

    Mindy is going to be the winner. I feel Taya is there for the wrong reasons and is promiting too much for her posing for Penthouse. Mindy is sincere for her reasons on being on the show. And I hope this is the last of Rock of Love, even thought I love the show but Bret Michaels is not young anymore so he needs to realize that he needs to get over the young chicks and settle down he will not be able to handle that lifestyle much longer.

  126. Stephanie says:

    It’s whatever.
    Both of them suck.

  127. Edwin F says:

    mindy is defiantly going 2 win so questions asked

  128. K says:

    This is so dumb. This isn’t even a debate. It’s obvious that Mindy is going to win. Think about it: in Beverly’s interview she said that she went to one of Taya’s shows after Rock of Love was all over with, and watched her strip or whatever. If Bret picked Taya, why would she still be going around performing her stripteases for everyone to see? As soon as I saw that, I knew that it was going to come down to Taya and Mindy, and Mindy is going to end up winning.

  129. Amanda Hotard says:

    okay first i just want to say you are soooo hot bret. but i think you should pick mindy. i think she is the best pick for you.

  130. Ashley says:

    I hope Mindy wins she and Bret “fit”. They both said it! She’s more suitable for him! She seems real! Taya you cool but you need a lil bit of self evaluation ya dig?! Good Luck to all! Bret I hope you pick the right girl (Mindy) to rock your socks and your world! P.S DON’T GET IN ANYMORE PHUNKS/FUNKS MINDY AND GET YOUR MAN!

  131. sarah says:

    i thinkk mindyy needs 2 win she sweet ndd not old haaa. .

  132. cheryl says:

    i want bret topick mindy because she is funny and cute

  133. Steph says:

    Taya is a snot and a fake and Mindy is bossy, annoying and again FAKE. Then again who isn’t in these shows? The show was interesting until it got down to the two of them tho. I can’t stand either of them especially listening to them. If I were Bret I would be like ok onto the next season, who can take either of them seriously? They both are ridiculous. Find yourself a REAL woman Bret. Ultimately the decision is his but I don’t think either of these woman are wife/serious relationship material period.

  134. elisabeth says:

    I think Taya should win…Mindy is annoying and always whining about something. Either way it will never last but hey just live for the moment right?!?

  135. Esmeralda says:

    Sorry Taya! But MINDY ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She makes a cute couple with Bret!

  136. miskel says:


  137. Kaite says:

    Mindy should win. Even thought she my seem needy i think she would be the best one for bret. taya is not the one for brat she has put up one hell of a front this holl time and needs to go home. Hey bret pick mindy cus she isnt two faced like taya.

  138. Colin Cote says:

    Listening to Brat Michelles saying he is so ready for “the real thing ” is the greatest punchline I have ever heard. He does not have a clue what a real healthy relationship is and and he will never have one without decades of professional therapy or possibly incarceration.
    VH1 MUST be the dumbest network on cable, to broadcast him and his outdated male pig attitude.

  139. andrew says:

    Taya not there to promote anything and tired of people bringing up Penthouse….Then why is she wearing a T-shirt that says Penthouse on it when she is giving commentary during the show!!!!

    Yea, Mindy is not as confident as Taya; so waht…doesnt mean she isnt better for Bret…then again, Taya being a Penthouse Pet is better able to handle that lifestyle….decisions decions…..Oh Hell, let Taya win and send Mindy on over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taya would be to busy talking about Taya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. TayaShouldWin says:



  141. Erik says:

    Mindy she’s honest,pretty,has a great personality and she’ll tell the truth she has nothing to hide. Taya she is (“Ashley”: Lame!) I believe she is fake and it annoys me that she think she’s perfect but no one in this world is perfect you can’t go around and say your perfect and for people who say there perfect they’re liars!!!! but all in favor Mindy Will be Bret’s Rock of Love Go Mindy!!!!!!

  142. hailey says:

    I really hope that Mindy wins, I don’t like Taya, I think she’s rather annoying.

  143. ghg says:


  144. kheekhee says:

    the only person i’ve been feeling since the begining of the show was Mindy the reason why coz she’s cool, not high maintenance, simple and sexy. I can see myself in her… in love, jealous, can’t wait to have the man of her dream etc… taya i just don’t know what to say coz she just there for that panth pink top she always got on please Bret if you’re know what you want you’ll choose Mindy coz she’s a sweet heart.

    i love Mindy for you Bret

  145. brianna says:

    i want mindy to win because she is more nice and trustworthy + taya is to hard to find out if she is just there for penthouse

  146. Innovator says:

    Bret should pick Taya. She’s secure in what she does and Mindy is very annoying with her whining “I can’t,” That’s very childish. Mindy is very mean too as she makes fun on Taya in her interviews and acting jealous of Taya.

    As for Bret, he always find problems. Even with a perfect girl, he’ll be like, you’re too perfect, there’s got to be something your hiding.

    What’s wrong with falling in love and promoting your career at the same time? Taya, being in similar entertainment industry will help her understand Bret better. And by promoting what she does was just showing that she is an independent person.

    If bret picks Mindy, they won’t be friends. If Bret picks Taya, they’ll have have more chance of being friends when thing doesn’t workout.

  147. Rob says:

    First of all, Mindy’s costume was really ugly compared to everyone else’s. She looked better in the sailor outfit.

    If Taya wasn’t trying to promote herself, why would she always wear that stupid Penthouse tee? Is that the only thing she has to wear? She just seems hella )&(&*+(##~#~)(((*$ ed every time she says “Oh my God I’m not trying to promote myself” while wearing that tank top… EVERY TIME.

  148. rosie says:

    If you look closely at that picture Mindy look sneaky, people like that cannot be trusted!!

  149. Chelsea says:

    MINDY will win!

  150. heidi says:

    i want mindy to win cuz tayas a fake _&*%_#&^+)~%_)~ ~`_@_~$(^$~@(#$_%

  151. caitlin says:

    i personaly think that brett should pick Mindy because she could be a good role model for his kids. and she isn’t a striper. and Taya she is and i whink she is here to promote penthouse.

  152. Traci says:

    Which is the lesser of two evils?? You have Taya who is just what ever anyone wants her to be. Then Mindy who is a whinner! I think Bret can do better than these two. If this is all he has to choose from, then just stay single.

  153. devonta96 says:

    mindy u betta beat dat ugly __&_)+!^#`!%)`+ mime taya hoo iz also a skanky __&_)+!^#`!%)`+ #`#%_)^*+)`~&(!)`

  154. Kim says:


  155. Amy says:

    Mindy is a cry a**, she would just whine about anything Bret would want her to do, Taya, well she knows what its all about and I think she could handle Bret’s life better.

  156. katlyn says:


  157. Holly says:

    That’s right, Mindy is sneaky! She cannot be trusted. Besides Mindy hates kids because she whined and complained when she was asked to “help” take care of some kids all the while Taya had a wonderful time with the kids because Taya is a parent herself and so is Bret! Mindy could never be trusted. She has too many issues anyway.

    Taya should win! :-)

  158. Sarah says:

    I agree with everything Loli said earlier! It was perfectly worded!

  159. Penny says:

    Mindy maybe a whiner but if you listen to Taya whining it’s not fair.And how could Taya be there on tour when she has a 9 yr old and a Penthouse spread to do. Gees I think Mindy should win hands down.

  160. Firefairy says:

    Taya needs to win – Mindy is always complaining about how fake she thinks Taya is… how would she even handle one night backstage with the band??! She is the fake one – trying to be someone she is not to “win the heart” of Bret!! I think Mindy is in love with Taya to be honest…

  161. Gail says:

    oh my god Mindy is going to win Taya is so messed up I think that Mindy is for him.

  162. Nykole says:

    Pick Mindy,Penthouse will be fine and dandy without Bret.

  163. jake says:

    when farrah, ashley, brittanya, and even kinda lame but mostly crazy beverly left, this show really really really got lame lame lame! gosh i hate BOTH of them and i hope that by season 4 bret learns to keep the fun ones around!!!

  164. Marla Hagerman says:

    Bret Happy Easter sweetheart!!!! Please let me meet you in person. I promise that you won’t be disapointed. I mailed a couple of pictures to you in the first letter that I mailed to you. Guys say that those pictures don’t give me any justice. I just had my hair done now they say that I look like Marlyn Monroe. Even young boys say that I’m hot. They are not what I’m looking for. I grew up with your music and with your show I am madly in love with you. Another reason why your rating is going up is because before the kids hated the music that I listen to. Now this generation is finally figuring out what real music is. Your music and the rest that we were with at our age. I am still going to say that Mindy and Taya are way to immature for you. With the age different what do you think is going to happen when they are going thru their prime time? Plus with the age different you will find that both of you will be on different levels on comunicating. All of my kids live in different towns, my son lives in your favorite place Chicago. Just one of my daughters is coming over for easter I’m going to take her out. I don’t know for sure what our time difference is but, will be gone for about 2 hours. I would love to hear from you. I am not into email. Hope to hear from you soon. S.W.A.K Marla

  165. aria dubben says:

    i think bret is a hot guy but i think mindy should win

  166. margarita says:

    mindy should win. Taya is sooooo fake you can never get a straight answer from here! I actually think overall beverly should of won but between these two mindy wins hands down.

  167. says:

    Mindy Taya is a
    sneaky hoe!

  168. nettie says:

    Mindy has got to win. If Taya is not there to promote Penthouse, then why is she wearing that shirt? She is 2 faced, Why is she always putting down the girls that are strippers if she did/does the same thing? If not she is worse showing it all in a magazine for the world to see and this is something she is proud of.

  169. vanessa says:

    Bret’s already seen all of Taya spreading her womanhood all over Penthouse. So I think he should pick Mindy. It would be something new to look at.

  170. Kesa Dawn Gates says:

    i think Mindy will win.. Because Mindy is more his type.. And Taya isnt because he just got in a bad relationship before with a former striper who broke his heart why would he want that to happen again hello?

  171. amy says:

    personally, i wish i could win bret’s heart. i have loved him since i first saw his “fallen angel” video. if i have to choose who i think is right for him besides me, it would be mindy. i hope this time he finds what he is looking for

  172. Trista says:

    I am rooting for my girl Mindy all the way. Brett needs a girl that is genuwine,real and down to earth.

  173. jen says:


  174. Bella :) says:

    Okayy well im for Taya all the way. I think she’s way better for Bret than Mindy. Mindy complains way too much and all she talks about to Bret is Taya, its like if youre that obsessed with Taya why the hell are you here? Ugh, it pisses me off. But anyways. I hope Taya wins, for sure. I liked Mindy at first, but then throughout the show, her true colors began to come out.

  175. Kaytie says:

    I think Mindy should Win!!Mindy is more likely to be faithful to Bret.I think that Taya is just there for her job and not to truly fall in Love!!

  176. Claudia says:

    Mindy is the on3 for br3t=D
    sh3 is r3al and down to earth and her personality stands out more!

  177. ashly says:

    i think Mindy should win. she’s really pretty and i love her personality. she’s very cute and bubbly =)

  178. Christa says:

    Bret has to pick Mindy because I don’t like Taya she’s too much into Pent House, and I truly feel that she ain’t in it for love or Bret.

  179. Chevelle says:

    Mindy deff. needs to win! Taya’s in it for more exposure! All she ever talks about is Penthouse & he winning “Pet of the year”! Woopy who cares! She looks too old to be in Penthouse still!!

  180. Linda says:

    I am pulling for Mindy, because I beleive she is the one and Taya is just there to further her career.

  181. nicole says:

    i so hope mindy wins! i cant stand taya! fake!! shes all the time like i such a lady and those dresses! omg! im her age and wouldnt be caught dead in something like those! youre not an 80s prom queen hunny! leave the dresses in the closet next time!

  182. TayaShouldWin says:



  183. jeanette says:

    i think Taya wants to promote herself and is fake! Mindy seems more real.

  184. Emi says:

    taya will probably be upset if he says hi to another hot girl and dump him she could also be here to promote penthouse or her music mindy is more go w/ the flow and more relaxed and up for whatever i think she would be the best lady for Bret

  185. lola says:

    I hope ashley wins!! lol

  186. Kim says:

    Let’s be truthful here. The only reason anyone wants to be on this show is 1. They already know he’s rich and they want the lifestyle. 2. They want to get into show business. Example: the Daisy show. I knew Bret as a teen and it make’s me sick cause he IS being used. He’s a great guy and this is not the way for him to try to find someone who genuinely love’s him. None of these women are good for him. He will only get hurt.

  187. tiffany says:

    taya just thinks this is one big game that she needs to win. mindy is much more sincere than taya. both have faults though…

  188. lola says:

    oh ya kim poor bert….all those girls using him and him making money doing the show…youre whacked

  189. Tiffany says:

    I think Breat should pick Mandy they make such a cute couple

  190. Mandi says:

    Mindy should win the show, but Taya should win Bret.

  191. Drew says:

    Beverly or Farrah deserved to win, not these two lame girls. Mindy is a moody _~%!`+($^^)&^++*_ who will bring down Bret’s easygoing energy and Taya has yet to removed that stick far up her @!!_(^$_$`@(+@& So none. But if I had, had, had to choose, it’d be Taya. Go Taya! :)

  192. rockILOVEbus says:

    He should just pick heather, they are perfect for each other.but if not. MINDY!

  193. khris curry says:

    i think mindy is going to win

  194. robin says:

    Mindy is a nice, honest, midwestern girl with solid family values. I think she is going to be the BEST choice in this last tour of Love.

  195. Kristie says:

    MINDY! Will Win for Sure!I don’t like Taya one bit!

  196. shadoe says:

    mindy will win

  197. Savannah says:

    Mindy should win, hands down. Beside you cannot call Mindy sneaky bc of the picture shown above. All the girls were sneaky on this show bc they wanted to win Bret. It is a competition after all.

  198. Destiny says:

    Mindy is going to win i Love her

  199. Allyson says:

    I’m totally rooting for Mindy, without a doubt.

  200. Tammy-Atlanta says:

    History has shown that the final 2 are a stripper type and a good girl with an edge. The good girl with the edge always wins. Based on this Mindy will probably win… unless he flip flops…

    Personally – Taya although very pretty seems to just be on the surface of things. Mindy seems like she really likes him… but she could also be trying to get into acting… WHO KNOWS. I will be watching tonight.

  201. Donette says:

    Taya should win. She’s got it all together. Mindy is just an incredibly insecure, jealous, moody woman who needs help!!

  202. Girl says:

    I want Mindy to win, but it’s going to be Taya.

  203. andrew says:

    I want Mindy to win, but Bret always picks the girl no one wants to win.

  204. Rebecca says:

    Mindy the southern bell will win hands down.

  205. Amber says:

    Mindy should definetly win. I think she is real and like Bret says…the girl next door. She isn’t putting on a show to win a man she is being herself. Taya I believe is just trying to put on for career. She is fake and definetly should not win!!! GO MINDY!!!

  206. Sean04 says:

    My choice is Taya.

  207. Michelle says:

    Um definatly Mindy. Taya is so ^#_^(+#&*!`@#_(@ ing annoying and so stuck up. Personally i think ashley should have won but out of those two. no question i want Mindy to be chosen!

  208. PrettyGirl says:

    Im going for Taya. I don’t care for Mindy. She complains too much and she’s a hater. Taya seems to focus more on her self which says alot about her. Most chicks on those kind’ve shows focuse too much on other girls.

  209. jc says:

    Mindy is amazing!!

  210. MINDY FAN says:

    MINDY WILL WIN!!!!!!

  211. Elle says:

    Taya, I hope your Bret’s Rock of Love.

    Best Wishes from Ohio

  212. phyllis says:

    i really want mindy to win, because she seems less likely to hurt bret in the long run, unlike taya. but i thnk bret will sadly pick taya

  213. catielovee says:

    go tayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

    even tho i wanted ashley to win

  214. phyllis says:

    i want mindy to win!!! but bret is gonna pick taya because shes “perfect” taya is too confident and #$)~`+`+)@@`_$)* y! but mindy is down to earth

  215. EMA says:



  216. arlene navedo says:

    i pick mindy she is more cool in the simple side she is not promoting like taya she is up to something. mindy is th eone

  217. Rikku says:

    Mindy! :D

  218. Amanda says:

    Well, I don’t think Taya is real. She has been totally portrayed as a “Stepford Wife” type…I think she’d get boring fast…I think Mindy is one of the VERY few women who were real to who they are and how they feel throughout this whole thing. I hope she wins, and they can get a chance to be happy together…

  219. Andi Leigh says:

    Team Mindy all the way!!! Brett should for once pick the “girl next door”!!! Not the Penthouse &)(^~~%!)*%@%!)~^ who throws herself on the dance floor!!!

  220. amy says:


  221. Diana says:

    Go Mindy!!!

  222. Kayla says:

    MINDY is going to win!!

    I hate Taya and now I hate my nickname too (which is Taya) just because she is so nasty…

  223. Jasmine says:

    Mindy is going to win.

  224. AnnaMarie says:

    I definately want Taya to win. She seems more in control of herself and would be great around his children! He needs a rock and she would be very grounded for him!

  225. TaylorEhrlich says:

    Definition of Taya:BOO
    Definition of Mindy:the best, beautiful,and rockin!

  226. KKD says:

    Damn Commercials.. Here we go.. PICK MINDY… FOR GOD SAKES

  227. FKKKKKKK says:


  228. Kayla says:


  229. Kayla says:

    I can’t believe that I wasted my time with this show.

  230. Kayla says:

    I hope Taya has a disease and gives it to Bret for his stupidity

  231. Tammy says:

    He is a dumbass.

  232. michael says:

    All I can say is OMG!! OMG!!

  233. morgan says:

    BRET YER A &@^)+^%++^`~“+! IN IDIOT

  234. Taylor says:


  235. Lena says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!
    Why does he always pass up the genuine girls?
    You need to give Mindy her own show. She’s beautiful, sweet, and REAL. She deserves have a happy ending.

  236. Megan says:

    Bret is the biggest idiot in the world for picking Taya. She is so phony!! I hope he realizes what a big mistake he made.

  237. bobby says:

    when will there be a update on the rock of love with taya???

  238. Maria says:

    I cant believe Bret picked Taya… Mindy was by far the best pick for Bret. Taya SUX!!!!!!!!!! Did he ONLY pick her cuz she is a penthouse pet????????????? Wake up Bret…

  239. Amy says:

    Is there are reunion show? I hope he dumped Taya by now!

  240. thorn says:

    I think Brett is completely nuts choosing taya. she is gonna hurt him, for gods sakes, shes a penthouse pet, a skank. Who in their right mind choose a hoe over the beautiful girl next door. Mindy is the real thing and Brett was to blinded by the fake boobs to see it.

  241. laura hohesee says:

    I have been a fan of the rock of love shows. Every time brett picks the wrong girl. Three shows in a row and the wrong girl. Why did he do this to Mindy? What is his problem? Does he pick the wrong girl so you guys can have another show?

  242. jacie says:

    What the hell did I waste my time watching this freaking show just for him to pick the most calculating ^^(%+)((*_#)@#@%! of them all. Even Heather and the girl from last year whom he dated for 9 months choice Mindy. He says this is the last time he is going to do this series. Thank God you dumb +`&__)+(($##%&* All I can say is you must be trying to use Taya the same way she is using you….to further you career. I will NEVER attend another concert, listen to another song, etc etc. Good luck Brett I hope your career goes down the drain. Any man who would let Mindy goes deserves to be CASTRATED. And I personally volunteer to do the job. What an +`&__)+(($##%&* hole.

  243. daisy says:

    I cannot believe he picked Taya

  244. Amanda123 says:

    WTF is Brett thinking?!?!?! He ACTUALLY picked Taya!?!?! I’m pretty sure she’s a man… Honestly, how could he NOT pick Mindy-she’s the cutest, most sincere girl that’s ever been on any of Brett’s shows. I have officially given up on Brett. Next year after he and Taya have broken up I will not be watching the next season of Rock of Love.

  245. Nicole says:

    I have just watched the last episode and I can’t believe Bret chose Taya!!! Mindy is beautiful, fun loving, sweet and very classy. Granted, Taya is in Penthouse (or so we’ve heard 10,000 times), but looks fade very fast and all you are left with is an empty ball of fluff. I am so disappointed in Bret’s choice and thought he had more brains than that. Oh well, can you say rock of love 4…?

  246. HAspen says:

    ICCCCKKKK. Can’t you tell those eyebrows are gross? Didn’t you see her ex? Ewwwwww. You deserve it though if you’re that blind. GRRRoossss…

  247. Kay says:

    How was Taya so delusional that she thought she was the classy one throughout this show? That’s what I don’t get? The whole thing where she says Mindy’s a slut because Taya didn’t spend the night is just ridiculous. Hmm Taya’s the one that poses NAKED in a raunchy magazine, and she’s the single mom with a kid at home while she’s prancing around and doing crazy challenges for some HAS BEEN on TV. You don’t get a kid by being classy and virginal

  248. Coleen says:

    What the hell is brett thinking by picking taya! she is a self promoting(career),fake, and nobody is that damn perfect! She is a Phony +`^`!#`+(*__^($)! who is clearly wrong for him,poor mindy she was his real rock of love!

  249. tracey says:

    i was so disapointed when mindy lost, taya is so fake and it won’t last .i think bret will realize what he lost(the perfect woman , taya you suck

  250. kitty says:

    ,what a disappointment,i think bret is a horny `%^!`$`(*$(~%*% hole i use to like him but i think he is a dog,all he talks about is how smoking hot and sexy the girls are,its all he thinks about,i really think mindy was good for him she seemed the most real one out of the bunch,he picked the fake cuz he is fake himself,i think everything mindy said at the end hit it right on the head, and i watched it for 12 weeks for that!!! wonder what the next show will be like,, if there is another!!if he is not to embarrassed,

  251. emily says:

    damn i really wanted mindy to win shes such a cutie!!!!!!!!!

  252. Marie says:

    Once again this show is a disappointment after three seasons and the constant is Bret. Mindy is beautiful, tender, fallible, refreshing. Brett may not care for the “neurotic” or “moody” type – but obviously he is unavailable of dealing with the reality of life outside of the Rock ‘n Roll/non-stop party/forever-young/fantasy world. Sometimes people are moody. People have issues. When Taya starts abusing Valium, (%()`!^%&$!%&%+$ ing your band mate, or stabbing you in the neck, you will lament that you didn’t choose a real, whole, strong and beautiful woman.

    The real loser in all of this is Bret.

    Why these women seek after these washed up men playing at C-list venues that can’t even deal with everyday, real-life, grounded commitments, I will never understand.

    I hope to heaven there won’t be a Rock of Love IV, but of course there will be because Brett is not satisfied with his washed up rock persona-self, so he will never be satisfied with a truly beautiful and content partner. That’s just the way it goes.

    The only reason VH1 continues to air this show is because it gets a strong reaction out of its viewers.

  253. Brittney says:

    i think that that is so @$@)__*%+!&_)`~)*+ ed that he picked taya that isnt even her real name and she says that she wasnt there to promote penthouse right… then use your real name ))~%+&^&**%!@+`)! how stupid!!

  254. ChicagoJoe says:

    Jeez, what a bunch of jealous whiners. Taya was clearly superior to Mindy and everyone dissing her on here are likely women who are jealous of her. Say what you will, she’s cuter and more successful that you and even if they don’t stay together does it really matter in your world? She got where she was without this show and didn’t need it at all to help her, all that success she had was prior to the show. Get over it, she’s hot, successful and she won. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

  255. Jenny says:

    Wow, it REALLY surprised me that Bret picked Taya. She didn’t even use her real name for the show. Which in my opinion is lame and shows that she is just another gal there promoting her lifestyle. I don’t see this lasting long. Mindy was the right one, and he will see that when it’s too late.

  256. Nicholas says:

    why did that stupid taya win??????? mindy was the wayyyyyyyy better choice shes 7689689689897 percent better what the hell!!!!

  257. chick says:

    taya is so fake and nasty. why would bret choose her over mindy? is he that stupid?? i guess so. dont worry mindy – you were too good for him anyway.

  258. Relieved says:

    Thank God That back stabbing B of a freak didnt win!
    Too many insecurities for one huiman being she must have several personalities in there. I cannot believe how many people are judjing Taya just becasue she chooses to pose nude or dance for a living. She has maintained her composure throughout this competition.
    That doesnt make her fake it makes her nice normal and a cut above these other idiots. Cudos to him for not picking Gopher face.
    By the way…You dont have to be !&^!`^@^!_%`_**@% to have a child for the Moron who said that…

    Way to go TAYA!

  259. Belle says:

    What a rip off!! I can’t believe I would sneak away from my family, for one hour each week, to end up with such an anti-climatic ending!! There was no feeling of shock or surprise by Bret’s choice, just flat, dead air…like, couldn’t this have happened in week 3? We would have been about as interested in Taya then as we are now? Taya? Are you kidding me? Lame! At least Mindy seemed to have genuine adoration for Bret, ya know, keeping us hangin’ on to that good girl/bad boy fantasy that viewers fall for everytime! But, as it stands, we were dealt with the less interesting Rock Star/Stripper scenario…Yawn!

  260. Lynne says:

    As a gay woman, I have to confess that Brets show is my guilty pleasure. I pesonally don’t think any of the woman from this season were for him. Hope he comes to realize that, if he hasn’t already and that there is another season. He’s such a manwh*re but I can help liking the dude!

  261. Johnny says:

    HAHAHAHA! You guys are just mad that you were sucked in to watch a bald ex-glam band vocalist find “true love” with a glittery hag with a bad eyebrow job for three months. THE JOKE IS ON YOU! This Costanza look-a-like is all style and no substance.

  262. shar says:

    OMG such a has been loser.. what a waste once again and never will I watch anything this man is on.. what a joke he is and a waste of airtime ..he let the real one go for a fake and he will be sorry once again..

  263. mtrose says:

    how convenient that he picks the penthouse pet of the year. hmmm seems brett has a little self promotion of his own going on. really, which girl would help his career? the girl next door, or the centerfold, as lame as she may be? i love what mindy said at the end about sparing the small talk. way to go girl!!

  264. Shelley says:

    I wanted Mindy to be picked! I thought she was the most down to earth girl and one that Bret could actually take home to meet his family. I’m hoping that he chose Taya because the producers of the show told him to and that on a personal level he would have chosen Mindy.

    Bret…you disappointed a lot of us in Tillamook Oregon when you chose Taya!

    I usually don’t watch these reality shows, but I got “sucked in” and actually enjoyed this one. I still love your music, Brett…but your choice in women leaves a bit to be desired…

  265. Heidi says:

    I just wanted to say. Im happy that Bret is happy, Although I dont think he is the MAN I thought he was. UGHH! I really LOVED MINDY. & Taya. How nasty is that. I really wish he would have used his Heart instead of his %~@&*)*++@)%&##+

  266. Nica says:

    Okay okay okay…I will confess. I thought Mindy may have been a good choice for Bret – that is until she became this huge emotional blob! I kept hoping week after week, she would not be so whiny or pitful, but it continued until the end of the show. Let’s face it, Mindy is a blank slate. There’s nothing there. She does not bring much to the relationship except some notes in her purse. She’s wholesome and cute, but there is not resilence or personal direction to her life. She needed Bret to define her as a person and define her place in life. That is a lot of responsibility for a guy who is really only there part time. It was best that Brett did not choose her. He would have been bored and she would have sought affection elsewhere. If he had chosen her, she would be worse off if they ever broke up. She was an emotional train wreck. She needs to find Mindy and love her first before she can love someone as high maintenance as a celeb. I love Bret. Go Team Brett & Taya!

  267. antoinette says:

    what was he thinking OMG midy was the one for real love …taya was the one for love of advancement…bret you need to stop thinking with the one eyed monster and think with the brain in your other head…lord man watch the show recap before you choose….dumb aws

  268. rock of fist says:

    bret you are truly one of most self promoting people in the world and now taya your new better half, will bet you at your own game. I guess when you truly (but most likey wont)stop thinking with you second head you might actually find true love and maybe get your 45yr old self together. I can’t see it to last, see taya is all about self-promotion and mindy was all about you. Your a moron, if and when you have a rock of love 4 I will not watch. Everyone always seen to say these girls are a big ol’ train wreck, But it is actually you who is the biggest of all.

  269. nay says:

    i am so glade taya won this …. i think that she was perfect foe bret

  270. tobey says:

    Brett is just not ready to settle, you can tell by the fact he didn’t give taya the ring. He is just stringing everyone along for the next show. The one I won’t watch either. I manage to watch the last one only just for fun. This is why it’s just a show.

  271. Kay says:

    I am so ticked at Bret Mike! Just when I thought he might actually be a somewhat down to earth, real kind of person he picks Taya!! Ok, surely he gets to watch the footage of what the girls say to the camera BEFORE he makes his choice. It was plain to the entire world that Mindy simply lit up when she saw him, talked about him, thought about him. While Taya has an extremely difficult time thinking of anything other than how thin to pluck her eyebrows. And then after f***ing that up she paints them on with a melted kit-kat bar!! (Seriously, what is she- a complusive plucker?! For the love of God woman-leave them alone!!)
    The only reason Taya won is because she pulled the oldest trick in the book by not sleeping with him. If I have to give her props for anything it’s that she was smart. Any woman knows that if you want a guy to not be able to get you out of their mind you put off sleeping with them. And that’s exactly what he said boys n’ girls. Yes, she’s a crafty one! Mindy however, followed her heart & look where it got her. On second thought- maybe she’s the smart one. She slept w/a rock star & is now a hot, free agent. She can probably get whoever she wants now & Taya is stuck w/an aging rock star w/bad hair plugs. He & Taya make a better pair than I thought- a compulsive plucker & a dude w/fake hair. She can pluck it for him & he’ll just keep getting more bad extensions- sort of like when you pop your boyfriend’s zits- oh come on, you know you do it!!!

  272. Billymayshere says:

    Everyone saying Mindy is great obviously didnt see how jealous and moody she gets.

    She can’t handle when someone is away from her she is an attention (+$+#+^(^!!(`~)%!

  273. Peg says:

    You people dissing on Taya and thinking Mindy was some sweet small town girl are nuts! Mindy put out more than once on this tour and clearly has had problems with relationships in the past for real reasons: she confuses sex with love, gets infatuated to the point of being scary, and has such low self-esteem she spent the last 4 weeks hating on Taya. Taya may be a bit fake, but so what? I think Brett wanted a woman who he knew would be okay without him (cause we all know it will come to that eventually!)–not psycho Gopher-face Mindy!

  274. Tina says:

    What a joke! It is now so obvious he planned on picking Taya the whole time. Of course he’ll pick a penthouse pet. He sure put on a show acting like he cared for Mindy and using her as a pawn while he played games with Taya. Taya always put on her pouty spoiled Daddy’s little girl face!! Mindy deserves better! This reminds me of Rock Star Super Nova. String you along as if they really are interested in the others! Won’t waste my time watching any more of these ridiculous jokes!! Grow up Bret! You and Taya won’t last!

  275. Tina says:

    Bret wasn’t looking for true love! He knows Taya has her career and he can be on the road doing his thing while Taya is doing her thing. He can hook up with her now and then for a little action and have a Penthouse Pet on his arm. Mindy would have been able to be with him on the road and he doesn’t really want that. He was just looking for ratings and an attempt to remake himself. What a joke and a waste! I won’t watch another one of these ridiculuous shows. He planned on Taya from Day 1. Too bad he used Mindy in the process!

  276. Liz says:

    Worst.Finale.Ever. Even the editors couldn’t get 90 minutes out of this disaster. I wish Bret had run screaming and started swimming home; it would have been a lot more entertaining (not to mention more honest)!

    P.S. I love that Taya seemed to conveniently be able to find shorts and appropriate shoes for the zipline date. What poor production $!#!(!%(!!(@&~( istant had to trade for the tablecloth skirt and stripper heels?

  277. Kristel says:

    Bret you’re LAME!!! Mindy was so much better than Taya. Of course she needed to be there to promote herself, she has lazy set eyes and her lashes look like they’re going to fall of all the time. Mindy was the cutest sweetest option and so once again you’ve made a bad decision, guess we’ll wait for rock of love 4.

  278. dont need to know says:

    i hate taya! SKANK

  279. rosie says:

    Let’s face it…what decent woman would want to put up with Bret Michaels and his b.s. about the rocker lifestyle? Any woman who thinks that she is the one who will make him happy is delusional….haapiness for Michaels is a continual one night stand and new ways to degrade women. I find it interesting that he finds so many “smoking hot women” to participate on his shows but then i guess there is always someone for everyone out there. I can’t say I find the show humerous…I find them sad more than anything. If there is anyone I feel sorry for, it is his 2 kids. Can you imagine having a father like that? Mindy lost nothing…Taya won nothing and the biggest loser is Michaels himself.

  280. EZ says:

    4th try!!!! This blog is a joke….they censor the posts!! All I said in an earlier post was that people should check out the PH pics of Taya….I’ll word it differently so maybe they won’t delete me again! I said that some of the pics were real nice, but most of them had bad lighting etc. and that she had (1)some obviously bad implants and (2)that she had some really big lower lips if you know what I mean! Beefy!! They removed my post even though it had no swear words or nasty descriptions other than the above. Come on VH1… censorship!!

  281. Ashley says:

    I think Taya was the better pick and im glad she won. I mean at first i didnt like her but when i watched all the episodes i saw that she always tried to help the other girls even when it was a competition. She was nice to beverly when her ex didnt show up and always tried to help mindy, like writing the song challenge. But mindy turned on her and was so immature. I think Taya was a good choice.

  282. collegestudent says:

    I really wanted Mindy to win but after Bret decided to pick Taya over Mindy, I turned my attention away. I couldn’t even stand to watch Brett choose Taya over Mindy. I did, however, hear what Mindy had to say about how she felt after getting dissed by Brett and she hit the nail right on the head. I was so upset that Bret couldn’t see past the fakeness and promoting of Penthouse. But oh well, if he thinks he is happy, so be it, but if not guess we will be seeing him for the next season…maybe!

  283. Jordan says:

    Taya is using brett to get a record deal… skank. watch mindy will come into bretts life

  284. kammyv says:

    I was really hoping he’d chose Mindy from about the 3rd episode. I think Taya’s an opportunity hound with really weird eyelids/sockets…I’ll bet he never looked there. I also liked the girl who ended up crying on the speed bump but she was porbably way too young.

  285. Nancella says:

    Wow…first off, it would have been nice if the episode or the VH1 site gave ANY info about who Natasha belted and who got carried out of there. If you weren’t going to clarify it, why show it? The editors on that segment should be fired! C’mon…
    [Oh, and Riki, Rikki, or whatever...the show's not about you and your opinions. You're supposed to be an unbiased talking head. Who really even knows where YOU came from? And being 'one of Daisy's best friends' speaks volumes about you, just says it all. Wash your hair, dude.]
    Second of all, I didn’t see any remnants of ANY chemistry at all between Brett and Taya…you could have driven the Rock of Love Bus through the space they had between them on that couch! Brett looked completely uncomfortable the whole time, and although Mindy finally shared how she felt – NOW, of all times -and it was touching, I don’t get the sense he felt sure about his feelings for either one of them…but if I had to guess, I think he regrets not picking Mindy.
    Taya just sat there with that pained expression the whole time. But at least she didn’t wear anything with “Penthouse” emblazoned across the front of it. On second thought, she probably tried and they told her not to…lol.
    Brett, you’re not going to find love with cameras rolling. It was fun while it lasted, but if you are serious about settling down, this isn’t going to make it happen. You bred two women, what was wrong with one of those?? If you really want it, you can find love with a real woman with no agenda. And I sure as hell hope Penthouse sends you a big fat check for all the publicity you allowed them to have on your show! Peace

  286. Danette M says:

    Mindy was better for Bret but, she was very moody and whinny!! Hey, check out and get a FREE Facial when you order a Herbal Body Wrap!!!

  287. nita says:

    I for one loved it when Mindy lost-she’s the fake one-her nasty rude comments about Bret after her loss showed her true personality. She had a lot more chances to win him over than Taya did-she kept stabbing taya in the back-she’s moody-and I couldn’t stand the tone of her voice. At least if Bret really chooses taya-he can take her out in public and let her speak; with Mindy it was all in the bedroom-no more no less. taya is a beautiful-educated person-she has a life-a job-her own money she grew up in a jmusical background-and she has a backbone. mindy is fake-insecure-moody-temperamental-”mental” and would make Bret’s life miserable while he is on the road-she couldn’t handle the attention he would get from other females. THE BEST PERSON WON!

  288. Cheryl says:

    I think Bret totally made the right choice. Mindy is a back stabbing b#@%*. She’s just mad because Bret shagged her and didn’t pick her. Taya was totally the best choice, the rest were all hoes and pretty sorry excuses for females. I thought it funny that Mindy thought she could come on the reunion show and try to tell Bret how much she loved him as a way to get him back or some sorry excuse for a final play. It was such a sorry thing to watch all those hoes hating on Taya…they were all haters because Taya was so much better than all of them, they just couldn’t measure up…too bad!

  289. rhiannon says:

    Is Bret REALLY looking for love? If he was, he would have picked MIndy… I havent even met Either one of the chicks, and I can tell MIndy is genuine and sincere in what she says she feels for Bret, and just what she feels period. Bad Bret for breaking Mindy’s heart!!!!!

  290. Tonya says:

    I have watched all 3 episodes faithfully. I just want to go on record and say that I really think Bret made a HUGE mistake. I knew that Mindy was the “one” for him and that Taya was (is) a fake! Watching the reunion show I could see how much Mindy really loved him and how much I knew she was and still is the one for him. I hope that when things don’t work out with Taya that he will contact Mindy. All you have to do is look at the emotion that was on her face and in her voice. If that’s not love, then what is. Something else though, if Bret is really looking for true love then why is he so focused the looks of a woman? He always wants to see the women in a sleazy outfit. I mean come on-are we not living in the 21st century where men can view women as people and not objects? I understand a man wanting a woman to look sexy, but there is a huge difference in sexy and sleazy and for the most part Bret seems to want the sleazy women. So, with that being said-Bret will never be happy because he is so focused on the outside as opposed to the inside of a woman and that is really what counts. You can have a beautiful, sexy woman and her not dress sleazy. I think he needs to rethink his ideas about women and grow up! I love his music and really want the best for him. I hope he finds it and if it does work out with Taya well then good for him. If it doesn’t work out then I hope he realizes that Mindy is the one for him and he goes back to her. I just hope that it is not too late because she may not be single for long.

  291. Gina says:

    I can not believe how many people wanted that Lunatic Bozo the clown Mindy to win.
    She was needy, vindictive, insecure, and just plain CRAZY. I love how she brought her notes to read how she felt about Brett, on their date.
    Why don’t you just bring your resumen next time.

    That —- tried every trick in the book to get Brett, and in the end he saw right through that bull—.
    Brett is a grown man, he does not need a lunatic like Mindy putting him on emotional rollercoaster.

    Way to go Brett!! and I hope you find true love, you deserve only the best.

  292. Anna says:

    This is the best VH1 Reality Shows blog, come comment on the site here too!

  293. kiss love ashley says:

    you two suks.