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She came, she saw, she…got up in people’s faces. Despite having more screen time than anyone else on I Love Money 2 (she’s counted!), Buckwild failed to score that cash and even after months of filming, she’s pissed about that. Our long talk below attempts to cover all the show points — her relationship (or is that spoon-ship?) with the Entertainer, her rivalry with Myammeee, her thoughts on 20 Pack, her slavish investment in the game’s rules, her “bullying,” etc. But more than that, it explores why Buckwild feels like she was done wrong both by I Love Money and reality TV in general. As on the show, there isn’t exactly a happy ending for her…

How was your time on the show?

It was fun. I had a really good time. I enjoyed being in Mexico. I had free liquor everyday. Mexican beer is great.

We talked about the show before it aired, and you seemed worried. Now that all has been edited and packaged, you’re happy with the result?

Contrary to everyone else’s opinion, I liked the way I came off on this show. I thought I was entertaining. I thought I was funny. I thought I had a purpose for being there. I’m a huge part of the show.

Watching you, it struck me how evolved you are as a reality TV contestant. How conscious of making good TV are you at this point?

Definitely conscious. There would be times when no one was doing s*** in the house and me and Saaphyri would get up, like, “Yo. Let’s go fight with people.” The fact is we’re getting paid to make a television show. We’re not getting paid to lay in the bed and sleep all day. But at the same time, my goal was getting the $250,000 at the end.

What do you think of 20 Pack?

I want to beat the f*** out of him.

You can appreciate that he was given a rough position, right?

No. He’s a f***ing dumbass. He’s a weak-ass person. He didn’t even want to send me home. He wanted to send Angelique home. That would have been so easy: you came in dead last, goodbye. He was convinced later to send me home.

Wasn’t the way you teamed up with Saaphyri to plot against Angelique during the Power Outing betraying your alliance and doing the same thing 20 Pack ended up doing to you?

Me and Saaphyri were in an alliance since Day 1. Since before the show. It’s not like we were teaming up against Angelique, we were teaming up against the other person in the box. We teamed up against the whole house before we teamed up against Angelique. I love Angelique, but the fact is that I would have rather her gone than me or Saaphyri. I defended 20 Pack so many times. I had his back when the team voted against him. He’s a fake-ass f***ing homosexual.

You don’t have actual proof of that, right?

I mean, I’ve never had gay sex with him.

So, you and Saaphyri hatch this plan for her to faint and for you to hysterically tend to her. You do it and everyone cracks up. Did you think you had anyone fooled?

Me and Saaphyri had talked about her fainting the night before by ourselves, which meant the entire crew knew we had it planned. In order for me to convince an entire crew of people, who know this is a fake fainting to actually bring a real ambulance to the house, was very challenging. Literally, that s*** took at least an hour because they knew I was full of s***. I just didn’t stop. Who hysterically cries when their friend fake faints? It was a good acting job. I don’t care what anybody says. Even though people were laughing at me, I committed. All in all, I think it’s totally unfair.

What specifically is unfair?

Well, there was the 15-minute vault rule, but apparently it doesn’t apply if someone passes out. That wasn’t the rule before. We just make up new rules as we go along. That was hours worth of work, and you’re gonna tell me that it doesn’t count as 15 minutes?

What about the Myammee incident? What prompted you to pour a bottle of water on her specifically?

I don’t know what overcame me, honestly. I was thirsty, so I brought a water bottle in. I was trying to take a drink and then when that bitch was like, “Becky in the box,” something just clicked in my head that was like, “Water…weave.” At the end of the day, how horrible is it to have bottled water thrown at you? The bitches on Rock of Love threw salsa in a bitch’s suitcase, OK? You crawl through mud, you jump off planes. You’re gonna get mad about a little bit of bottled water?

I think your aggression probably mattered more than the act itself.

Whatever. F*** that bitch.

Why do you dislike her so much?

I don’t like her because she has vitiligo. I don’t like her because her t**s are saggy and she works at Hooters. I don’t like the shape of her big head. I think she looks like a Martian.

Is there anything beyond the physical or innate that you don’t like about her?

She’s boring. She’s not intelligent. That’s about all I can think of.

Speaking of altercations, what happened between you and Tailor Made?

I threw his jeans, like, a foot across the room onto the floor. Didn’t mess ‘em up, didn’t do s***. I was just like, “Oh, this will irritate him.” He lunges and puts his f***ing hands around my neck. I don’t understand why he’s allowed to touch me when all I did was throw his jeans. I don’t understand how they even out.

Do you feel like you’ve been done dirty?

Absolutely. So many people put their hands on me on that show. They claim it’s because I got in people’s faces, that that makes what they did justifiable. I feel like getting in people’s faces is a strategy. If I get you to hit me, you’re eliminated. There’s no rule that says if I get in your face, I’m eliminated.

No one else on the show comes off as being more invested in the rules than you were.

I have a criminal mindset. I’m always trying to get around the rules or break them, so I need to know all of ‘em in order to not get disqualified. After every challenge was explained, I’d ask like 20 questions. I’m thinking, “How can I throw the challenge?” “How can I win it easier?”

Your willingness to get up in people’s faces earned you the reputation of a bully. What do you think about that? Are you a bully?

I’m a comedian. I guess getting up in people’s faces is an intimidation tactic. But I felt like if I get up in your face, you can get up in my face. Just because you choose not to, it doesn’t make me a bully. I think people also think I’m a bully because the things I say are very mean and they’re mean because they’re true. I’m not trying to say I’m better or cuter than these girls, I’m just stating s***. Prancer’s head looks like a turtle. Myammee’s head is f***ing big. She looks like an alien. She has vitiligo. Her hair would catch on fire like Michael Jackson if she walked by an open flame. That’s all true.

I thought you and Ice were going to have some drama on the show, since you had expressed distaste for each other prior to shooting it.

Ice don’t want it with me. Nobody wants to fight with me. Myammee started with me because she realized it would get her camera time. We called Ice a man everyday and she had nothing to say. If someone called me a man, I’d have something to say about it, like, “Bitch, OK, let me take my d*** out and slap you with it.”

You clashed with Buddha, too.

We got in a fight before the show. I had emailed him a few times and I actually thought he was a decent guy. I didn’t buy into his bulls***, but I thought he spoke OK. I asked him if he was going to do I Love Money 2 and he sent me back this note that was like, “No. Reality TV is the greatest raping of industry professionals ever. I will never do a show for them.” Then, about a week before we got to Mexico, I get a letter from him asking for Whiteboy’s phone number because he decided to do the show, and he wanted advice. I wrote him back and said, “It’s an interesting tactic to lie to me about doing the show and ask me for a favor.” He wrote me back this long message that was like, “I will never give a f*** about what you do in your life…” I was just like, “F*** this guy.” Grow up. You’re calling me for another man’s phone number. Buddha’s d*** is small. He had on a Speedo and he tucked his T-shirt into it and you still couldn’t see it.

You tried to convince Leilene to quit the show for your benefit. That seemed like a hell of a way to treat a friend.

Leilene knew she wasn’t going to win the money. She sat there before the show telling me that she only wanted to be there for a couple of weeks because she had to get back for school. She told me 20 times before we went that she wasn’t going to do the damn show. Leilene is f***ing crazy. I like her, but she’s a nutcase. We were already fighting when we got to the show. The bitch had just written a blog like, “Why I’m pissed at Becky Buckwild,” and you expect me to go on the show and have your back? I care about her, but f*** it, I knew she wasn’t going to win. I needed to use her to my advantage. Plus, she was just looking like an idiot and the longer she was on the show, the dumber she kept looking, the sluttier she kept looking and I was like, “Bitch get out of here before you f*** everybody and look like a whore.”

And then there was Frank. He says you were spooning partners. How do you define your relationship?

I like Frank a lot. He’s very sexy. He told me one night, “I’m gonna come sleep in your bed.” I was like, “Uh, OK.” From that point on, we kept sleeping in each other’s beds.

Your Twitter exchanges suggest that your love or whatever endures. Do you love him?


Do you love him love him?

Am I in love with him? I could definitely be, but I haven’t seen him since Mexico. That’s hard to say. How can you be in love with someone you’re not physically with?

But when Frank says you’re his spooning pal or whatever, is he degrading your relationship?

Frank talks to a lot of women. I’m not stupid. I’m not naïve. But when there’s a guy who spends eight hours on the phone with me, calls me when he wakes up, calls me when he’s asleep…I’m sure he doesn’t do that with other chicks. He’s gotta eat sometime. And once in a while, he’s at the gym. It is what it is. I’m definitely not his girlfriend, but we’re definitely more than friends. If I could force him to be my boyfriend, believe me, I would. I’d be having his baby right now. We’ve never had sex.


We haven’t seen each other since Mexico.

There was that condom thing.

I did not give him a condom.

What was it?

My phone number.

But you mentioned a condom on the extras.

I said, “You better still have that condom,” because he brought one condom to Mexico. I was like, “You thought you were going to have sex one time here?” Apparently, Frank is well-endowed and he needs special condoms so he brought one with him. I just wanted to make sure that if I saw him, he had not used it yet.

How’s paying off those fines going?

They’re paid off, it’s my mom that I owe money. And that’s going horribly. I’m not allowed to drive, and if it’s hard to get a job when you can’t drive, imagine how hard it is to get a job after showing up to an interview on a bike with streamers and being me. For God’s sake, who’s going to hire me? McDonalds won’t even hire me.

I don’t know about that. I think you’d be a big draw.

I’m a big draw, but I’m kind of a big assh***, too.

Tailor sort of suggested last episode that via your aggressive behavior, you burned bridges and alienated people. Did you end up sabotaging yourself?

I definitely burned bridges. I definitely pissed everyone off. That was my goal. If the game had been played fairly, I woulda been cool. Tailor Made shoulda gotten sent home for putting his hands on me. Myammee should have gone home for putting her hands on me. Buddha should have gone home for putting his hands on Saaphyri. By the rules of the game, s***, I could have gotten everybody in that motherf***er to hit me. I guarantee you.

Are you happy that you did this show?

No. I don’t have $250,000.

Your contribution to TV and pop culture isn’t compensation enough?

That’s not a contribution to me. Where’s my gift? I want a f***ing gift.

It gave you something to do.

That’s true. I had a good time and it’s fun to watch myself. But I put in so much work. When I watch the show, it makes me mad. I get more screen time than anyone else, bottom line. I could count it. I do count it because I have nothing better to do. The fact is that everyone else on the show besides the winner gets paid the same amount of money. But I’m doing 100 times more work! So pay me for my screen time.

Would you do another show?

I can’t say no because I don’t want to be a hypocrite. But I don’t want to work for 51 Minds. I don’t want to go to the reunion. What good is it going to do me to be on one more episode? If I go, I’ll get in a fight with someone and they’ll try to arrest me.

Speaking of burning bridges…

I don’t care. Being on reality TV hasn’t gotten me s***. I’ve done a lot of cool things, I’ve had a lot of cool experiences, I’ve met a lot of cool people, but the fact stands that I could have had a career. I could have been a stand-up comedian. But I can’t do stand-up comedy now, because people expect me to be the bitch that I am on TV and I have to watch everything I say.

Why is that?

Because if you’re a good comedian, you can be as raunchy as you want and say whatever you want. But I can’t do that being Becky Buckwild because everything I say is considered racist or fake. That didn’t happen before I was on reality TV. And how many people from reality TV actually make it? Everybody who goes on reality TV wants to be a big star. They go on, and it never happens. Who’s the biggest star that’s ever made it? Maybe Elisabeth Hasselbeck. But who knows who that bitch is? That bitch is boring.

Where do you go from here?

The liquor store?

Keep up with Becky Buckwild via her MySpace, her website and her hyper-active Twitter.

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