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  1. dianne says:

    he will be smart to to pick mindy. thats othrr chick is fake for real he will be looking or trouble there for sure

  2. Angie says:

    I think he should have had some more chubby girls and went past the looks of the girls. I know he is a rock star but Beauty is only skin deep. But if I had to pick between the two I would pick Mindy.

  3. Dana says:

    Mindy is obviously the choice here..

  4. becky says:


  5. kdism says:

    Beverly should’ve won she might have been going through a life crisis. but she clearly was the only one who was real and not a reality bimbo….She was the only one with some self respect. Brett is a man +(&_#(!()^*&(^`@^ He will never make it last. I’m waiting for the reunion show just so he can look like an $`_~$`+*`*#$~`~ 1 more time. I’ll see you on the next ROCK OF LOVE WORLD TOUR> where Brett dates women from every continent. What a joke.

  6. kels says:

    mindy!!! taya is a skank.

  7. jisselle says:

    i hope bret pick the right girl for him good luck bret make the right choice

  8. PBA Pat says:

    Wow, Brett got it so right last year with Ambre and so wrong this year with Taya. Looking forward to next year’s season.

  9. badman says:

    OMG. He’s hot.

  10. christina says:

    I am a huge Bret Michaels fan but I think that he has lost his mind picking Taya. It is obvious from watching the show that she is all about promoting herself and furthering her career. I hope that ret realizes this before t is too late.

  11. kim says:

    he should of picked mindy she is the right girl for him

  12. NCSalth2o says:

    OMG. A blizzard must have hit the Dominican Republic, cause Brett just got snowed.

    So yes fans, there will be a Rock of Love 4. No way this one will last.

    Mindy was the obvious stable choice and Brett missed it AGAIN.

  13. Sheila says:

    I lost all respect for him. Taya what a skank!

  14. Kaela says:

    who did he pick i missed it

  15. JP says:

    What a let down. After all the honesty Mindy showed, she gets absolutely screwed. Too bad Bret. Way to go man, stay with strippers! They have worked out so well for you in the past…

  16. Lee Lee says:

    What! I am still in shock. Taya does not seemed to be the one! I hope there is a season 4!

  17. Kevin says:

    Every hasbeen has its song…

  18. Aslynn Herring and Shyanne Eckert says:

    Why did you pick Taya? We really liked Mindy and she isnt there to promote penthouse. Taya was there for that and we know it. In 1 month you will be sick of her……………..ull regret about that last day on the show ( not picking Mindy ) You can say that ur happy with Taya but will she be there on a saturday night?…NO she will be at a club.,,Mindy will be there having fun and doing wat u want and everything could of been if u read ths letter b4 u marry Taya think about how Mindy really feels ……ps:wrong choice

  19. pjm says:

    Bret obviously you dont have any brains!!! What a horrible ending. Taya is a complete fake!!!

  20. tbird says:

    Brett picked a PLAYMATE? GO FIGURE! So NOT suprising. And please, could you put your tounge back in your mouth Brett! your gonna swallow her alive! YUK.

  21. Chris says:

    He definately should’ve just picked Heather and not dragged us through two more seasons of crappy choices. Way to go Brett!

  22. LISA says:

    Just finished watching the final he picks Taya. big surprise…he’s just as fake as she is..he can ride her coat tails with her being “pet of the year” and she can ride his. It’s all about the career and the fame. The others had nothing to offer since they were unknowns.

  23. Cheryl says:

    WHAT CRAP!!!! I have to agree with PBA Pat, he should have stayed with Amber for season 2. If their schedules didn’t work, how in the hell is his and Taya’s going to work. I give it 3 months max!!!

  24. Kelly says:

    Hopefully they will be over in two weeks!

    Even amber (hated her daisy should have won) said Mandy was a great girl!
    Why does he ALWAYS fall for the fake ones?!

    Oh yeah shes not a stripper Bret,she loves you and she will stop stripping for you!
    Yeah right!!
    She`s a lame &_(**)^(+(@^&+_ boring perfect stupid chick.

  25. susie says:

    I think taya is to perfect!!! Everything she did or said seemed to be well planned out even in her speaking like it had been rehearsed….I think there will be a season 4… This has brought him back in the public eye and is good for his business

  26. Danielle says:

    He picked taya. How pschyo is she???? But auditions are going on already for rock of love so I guess it doesn’t work out. HE SHOULD HAVE PICKED MINDY!!!!

  27. Darlene says:


  28. Lisa says:

    What a friggin loser!!! Penthouse and Brett or VH-1 had a deal and boy was it obvious!

    Can’t even do a reality show that’s real. Scumbag deserves the Skankzilla.

    Hope his million dollar pay off was good.

  29. rb says:

    He picks a bunch of girls that he never really gets to know, has a different opinion every episode, likes this one today that one tomorrow, sleeps with whoever he can, and then he picks one that he didn’t trust two episodes ago..i think he is getting what he deserves

  30. Johanna says:

    Bret you just pick taya she is too fake and she will be knwon for Penthouse she wants to be popular!!Mindy is down to earth and original!! I wish you the best without taya!!! Bret what are you thinking????

  31. Danielle says:

    Mindy should have been the pick. But Taya doesn’t work out because she is a fake!!!! Auditions were about a week or a two ago in North Carolina in some bar. So what does that tell ya?

  32. May says:

    what the hell? taya? really? there better be another season.

  33. TJS says:

    How horrible, I watch every episode and think ok this time with Mindy he has a winner, he has her in the finale two there is no way he can screw this up! AND what does he do? Picks the girl thats personality is as fake as her boobs. Mindy is prettier, more laid back, honest, a real WOMEN. Bret is a bonehead!

  34. Brenda says:

    OMG Im so sad Mindy should have won….
    But Bret must not have wanted to commit.
    And wants to make MORE MONEY….
    What a ~^~&*(&*#@*#%#~_$ man..Makes me sick….

  35. michelle says:

    i liked Mindy ,i don’t think she was moodeY i think bret was thinking with his pecker !!

  36. Dawn says:

    I am shocked at Bret for picking Taya i thought that he wanted more than just another pretty girl with an attitude problem. Mindy seemed liked she really loved him unlike Taya.

  37. Dee says:

    Taya is so not Brets type, what the hell was he thinking???

  38. Stormy says:

    Dear Bret,

    AAAAAwwwwwwww Man, ya had to do it again, the wrong one again hun. I give Taya the beauty point, but dude, Mindy was the right one, should have listen to your homegirl Heather, she said Mindy was the one for you. Bret, darlin when are you gonna see the light hun. I have been a fan since the beginning. Darlin, you are lookin for love in all the WRONG Places. Guard your heart hun, and well too. Taya is just hangin on for the publicity for Penthouse and that is all. Love, Stormy

  39. gonewith says:

    I love you.

  40. Myka & Kelly says:

    We were both speechless watching the results of the finale unravel. We felt Mindy was the obvious choice, because she was the most authentic person in the competition. Bret had reservations about Taya and he should have followed his gut at that time. The elimination was very disappointing!!! Mindy is awesome!

  41. Lisa says:

    Brett made the right choice. Trash belongs with trash so he and Taya are a perfect match. Neither of them are good enough to lick Mindy’s boots. I’d say Mindy is the only real winner in this whole circus.

  42. Whispering Eye says:

    Okay So I am so against Taya winning. I don’t care how innocent she thinks she is at the end of the day half the world has seen her kooter. It would take Mindy a longer time to get used to life on the road but I think she could have made it work in time. Brett see you again on VH1 Rock of Love 4.

  43. Brenda says:

    I will NOT watch any
    Rock of Love OR Daisy
    Anything…SOOOO Fake

  44. ashley says:

    Brett’s an idiot for not picking Mindy. Who wants a girlfriend with whom EVERYONE in the whole world can see naked? skanky if you ask me.

  45. NAUTI CONDUCT says:


    YOU ARE JUST AS FAKE AS TAYA , (@)!**^(_#$((+~ HOLE!!


  46. Tammy says:

    OMG!He picked a stripper/penthouse pet? I would’ve never guessed (sarcasm) Well I guess she accomplished what she set out to, she got plenty of publicity for her pet of the year career. SKANK! Mindy was the obvious right choice. I got so sick of every elimination she would hold her eyes down like she was so upset, fake, she never even acted excited about him. He should’ve followed up with the girl from the first season, if he would’ve called her or had contact with her before the reunion show maybe he would be with her!

  47. BK says:

    Bad choice Bret! At this point, I’m voting for an Amber reunion!!! Cheered for Mindy all season because she was down to earth. These “funks” you saw were due to a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that she lived through with robot Taya and then she comes out and acts totally different with you. I know it’s a game but come on, anyone that can act like that is called bi-polar, not “Rock of Love”….

  48. BJ says:

    You made a huge mistake! I just wish that you could see the footage about the girls as the show is being taped. That way you would know if the girls are real or just in it for the fame.
    Mindy was my pick. She was down to earth, and not on the show to further her career but to find love…..I was so disgusted and disappointed in your decision.

  49. Melinda says:

    I was so disappointed. I think Mindy should of won. If there is a Rock of Love 4, I don’t think I will be watching it.

  50. Aimee says:

    WTF I really thought he was going to pick Mindy!!! I did not like Taya. I have watched every season, and I would have thought it would have worked out with Ambre but maybe he has decided to go the opposite way this time and hope that it works. I dont know about anybody else but I looked up Taya’s pics and OMG there is something wrong down south!!! Take a look your self! Im sorry Mindy!! You were the better choice! and I thought this was suppose to be the FINAL season, and now im seeing that there has already been auditions for the next one??

  51. Molly says:

    I have alot of respect for you! I cant beleive you choose Taya. Mindy is an amazing woman. Im deeply saddened that you didnt choose Mindy. Anybody that stripes, takes naked photos, in such a way that Taya does has no respect for their bodies and I thought you were looking for something different but I was wrong. My heart goes out to Mindy.

  52. AA says:

    Bret really messed up!! Mindy was the one and he let her go! Taya is super fake and there is something wrong with her stuff downstairs! I saw the pics, i had to look! Awful!! Not looking forward to the show about Daisy, she is a idiot with too much botox!

  53. music says:

    i think he is getting what he deserves. Days ago he was dating women from ****rich cupids co m))**&&. Maybe they’re not suitable for him. He definately should have just picked Heather

  54. Aimee says:

    Where do they find these girls anyway?? i was just reading up on how some of them have been in movies, and most of them are strippers or porn stars!! It all about REALITY! Ha yeah right!

  55. May says:

    Bret and Taya deserve each other. Because, Bret is not looking for serious relationship. For (?) times???. So, Mindy!! You are safe.

  56. Salem says:

    OK can anyone tell me the name of the song when he does choose Taya? I have been searching and still can’t find it! Thanks.

  57. Lindsey says:

    Mindy was so much better. wtf

  58. Chico says:

    Bret accusing Taya of doing the show for her career is hypocritical b/c that is exactly why he’s done this silly show for 3 seasons. Actually, Taya did the show to end her “career” of stripping and porn. As long as Bret is her sugardaddy she’ll have no complaints of his dalliances.

  59. fonda mae says:

    I dont know why everyone is so upset with Brets choice.I think he made the choice that best fits him.Maybe there was no “love” involved at all, at least not yet.Out of the two ladies Taya is more his age, he doesnt need someone too young. She has a child and she seemed more into kids then Mindy.Taya would probably be better with his girls.She has a career which means she would not need him to support her.She would understand the importance of his fans and his career.And most of all she does not whine as much as Mindy.Let the man have his choice.I cant believe how some of his “fans” dont want anymore to do with him because of his choice.Well Bret I have and will always be a fan no matter who you choose to be with.On a personal note to Bret,Im a Penn state girl,was born there in 67 and I love the STEELERS….

  60. FROMADUDE says:

    Man, what were you thinking? Mindy is way better. Taya is not real.

  61. fonda mae says:

    I ment to mention that I feel Heather was my favorite choice.I think they where suited for each other.I really didnt like any of the girls on this seasons show.But its not our choice,its his and we should respect that.Someone did ask about where they find these girls???

  62. Nay Nay 0303 says:

    Wow, Taya seemed SOOOOOOOOOO genuine when she found out she won Bret’s heart. This is why Bret will continue to remain single. Hey Bret, keep picking the strippers since you have had so much success with them in the past. Bret, you are not a smart man. Hey-O!!!

  63. fonda mae says:

    the song at the end is the 3rd song on his rock of love cd. Im not sure of the `(!!_~+`^%##$%^ le.I have the cd and I think its the best of Bret.He sounds even better now then when he was younger.

  64. Steve says:

    I have new lyrics for the next installation of Rock of Love

    Please let me introduce my self
    I’m a worn out rocker, ain’t got nuthin else
    Please go and get yourself pre-screened
    Cuz I want lots of sex, but not no STDs

    We’ll go on the most coolest dates
    I make you strip for me an everyone in the place
    Your, kids can watch you on TV
    While you do kinky things ’round the bus for me

    Friends neighbors and co-workers too
    can see for sure, you shave your cootchie-coo
    They, might even see your bare breasts
    well, they ain’t bad, but they ain’t the best.

    So please let me be you Rock of Love
    Rock of Love

  65. Brenda says:

    He slepy with miny the night before, so just like Daisy, she is used material. I knew he was gonna pick Taya. He is giving away all his trade secrets.
    I think Bret is a cutie pie, but he is gonna catch something that will not wash off in the shower one day!

  66. Inowhaterol says:

    Did you all think that maybe Brett picked Penthouse trash because he figured she could help him advertise himself? Don’t you think Penthouse will have the two of them in an issue? I mean come on. He friggen used Mindy, got her hopes up, and threw her aside for his own publicity. Are we all idiots for even giving him the ratings by watching this patheticness? She’s right he’s a typical rock star A-hole, and again we are still stuck here shocked. Mindy, you seem like a great girl. You are absolutely gorgeous and I hope nothing but the best for you in your future in terms of someone finding love in YOU. It will come to you and not at the price you were forced to just pay to get sh*t in return. Don’t worry, we can sit back and laugh when the world acts shocked when Taya and Brett break up. This time we will be smarter to not act shocked.

  67. Kristi says:

    I have to agree with all the people fustrated with brett’s choice… brett!!!!!! what were you thinking?????????? How about Rock of Love 4…. let the fans choose for you…. i bet we could get it right:)

  68. leigh-Ann says:

    so glad this is over—–such a waste this time……

    Bret screwed up by doing this one…….


    He truelly made this POsion and a bad name to it….

    have no respect for him any more…….


  69. Cabledowg says:

    Bret is a total idiot.By tonights decision I see you really don`t want a commitment.Bret you allway have been a GOOFY AND RETARTED looking guy from day 1 when america first ever seen you 20 years ago,and personally I`m glad you didn`t pick Mindy cause she deserves better than you.Bret Your all washed up and dont deserve our attention.Your a total waste of time!

  70. Leigh-ann says:

    Bret needs to be on either ,-I KOVE NEW YORK>>>>>

    he sure doesn’t need to use his little brain to choice anymore…….

    tough love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DUDE you may just find someone this time……

    But you did call, yourself a %)#+(“%*__*$(#@` DOG……


  71. KAR says:

    Stay tuned for Rock of Love Season 4…..

  72. Jessica says:

    So sad Big mistake to to let mindy go Bret you’ve got daughters for crying out loud!
    What kind of an example are you setting. A Penthouse tramp over a loving and kind woman like Mindy who obviously would have put you first in her life not her job or publicity? Guess it’s still Sex,and Rock and Roll that runs your life. Obviously your brains are not in your head. Doesnt seem like you truly do want to find some one that loves you. Why not? WHATSA GOIN ON????

  73. Darlene says:

    Can not believe Brett chose Taya as a potential stepmom for his two little daughters. She is a erotic feature dancer and a penthouse pet. What a role model!!!

  74. Nica says:

    Bret deserves to be with someone who compliments him. Good for him that he chose a woman who is mature, strong, secure and emotionally stable. In his life, he needs someone who can deal with the stardom and fame. Taya is a celeb in her own right, and she’s a mom so she understands how his life is hectic and emotionally torn between career and family. I think he made a great choice! With all true relationships, there will be challenges but if it is meant to be, they will work it through. Good luck Bret and Taya!

  75. ERICA says:

    What a bunch of crap to think this show was for real!!! I will not watch a new season of this fake show!!

  76. vbmom says:

    OMG Taya is so nasty, baring it all for everyone to see, I love his stupid !^)*~@^`)@_~*+` comment at the end “a penthouse pet” yeah that the whole world has saw her goodies. yuk!!! I’m Happy for Mindy she wont be subjected to him anymore she deserves better. It’s to bad she slept with him. Oh yeah I also loved Taya saying she lost all respect for Mindy for staying the night with Bret because obviously she has morals!

  77. Tennismom says:

    Thank god I’m not the only one! Of course Bret should’ve chosen Mindy! Taya was in the bottom 2 more than once! Bret expressed doubt throughout the show and what does he do!?!?!? He slept with Mindy but then he screwed her on TV in front of everyone! I actually thought this guy was different.(stupid me right?) But it turns out he just wanted his ego stroked by saying he’s with a Penthouse Pet of the Year. He doesn’t want someone real at all. I pity his daughters.

  78. kaw says:

    Oh Brett… you goofed again :( Mindy is proably better for it. Can we expect Rock of Love 4 next Spring?

  79. 80schick says:

    I have never written or blogged or whatever this is but being a Poison fan from back in the day and a Bret fan (or semi-fan now) I want to contribute. I thought about this last night after the show and have decided that he either is too into himself to have something real or that the show itself is fake. I feel kind of stupid now for watching it but you have to admit it is entertaining! I just knew he would pick Mindy! She seems so real and right for him. Taya seems phony and practiced and really, what kind of mom would be doing this show out on the road and away from her kid(s) for 10 weeks anyway? Bret always talks about how his fans are so important. We must not be–not really.

  80. Em says:

    It’s time to choose another “bachelor” for the Rock of Love series. Bret can’t even pretend to be interested anymore. Lord knows he wasn’t thinking too hard when he picked a woman who deems herself “classy” but makes a living off showing her kitty in magazines.

  81. osufn122 says:

    I really can’t believe some of your people will be so bold as to judge someone that none of you actually know. I can tell u that i have known Taya for about 5 years and she is the sweetest person that i have encountered in years. She is a kind hearted and special person. Just because she is a penthouse pet does not mean that she will compromise her integrity and beliefs for anyone or anything. All of you haters need to grow up and quit bashing someone that you have no clue about

  82. KK says:

    If you took on Rock of Love for publicity, job well done, good business move. Taya was obviously using the show for publicity also, I think she’s worn out that penthouse tank she was seen wearing in every episode. I hope you picked her only to use her in the same way she’s using you. I don’t think any of the girls on this show seemed close to a love match for you. I hope some day you find real love, I’ve had it in my husband for the past 17 years and there’s nothing better in life then knowing and living in true love. Good luck to you in whatever your next endeavors may be. A fan.

  83. Mary says:

    I’ve been watching every episode of Rock of Love since the first season. I was upset when Bret chose Taya, she is clearly fake, and there only for her career.
    But, I also think Penthouse sent a hottie on the show to promote Penthouse AND Brets career. Why the f*$% would he choose a fake over Mindy? Mindy clearly was falling for him, she stoof up to all the other fakes and got to the final 2. She put up a fight, and Taya did not. She’s easy. Just like Brets hair. I don’t like him no more!

  84. Stephanie says:

    Hey Brett are you that stupid to pick that fake wanna be. You said you were looking for something different .You date the same women. So what the HELL. I chose Mindy from the first show. How could you not pick Mindy. Ok so she kept somethings to herself. I don’t blame her. She could’ve put her whole heart out for the world to see and you probably still would’ve picked the white trash you did. You are going to find out the hard way AGAIN that you think with the head between your legs and not the head on your shoulder. Taya will show her true colors before long.I lost all respect for you. You need a reality check jackass.You have no class either.

  85. Christi says:

    What are you thinking? Taya….really? You messed up.

  86. Melissa says:

    I was absolutely stunned that Brett chose Taya. From the beginning one could tell she was fake. Maybe Brett will pull a Bachelor and dump the winner for the runner up.

  87. canei says:




  88. roby dob says:

    This batch of girls for the rock of love bus was the most lame. I couldn’t see Bret with any of them. However, I did like Beverly the best. She has character and strength. Also, Heather and Amber along with other past gal pals specifically said that Bret needs a woman with strength. I didn’t see any in the batch. I think what would make show for TV is the Millionaire Match maker helping Bret! I would PAY to watch that!

  89. roby dob says:

    I don’t think any of the women on Rock of Love bus is compatible with Bret. Why? They’re all so shallow and lame. No passion.

  90. EZ says:

    3rd try!!!!! This blog is a joke….they censor the posts!! All I said in an earlier post was that people should check out the PH pics of Taya….I’ll word it differently so maybe they won’t delete me again! I said that some of the pics were real nice, but most of them had bad lighting etc. and that she had (1)some obviously bad implants and (2)that she had some really big lower lips if you know what I mean! Beefy!! They removed my post even though it had no swear words or nasty descriptions other than the above. Come on VH1… censorship!!

  91. says:

    drop Taya, Lori what ever her name is she’ll be fine. call Mindy dont blow this one dude. i’ll never buy another bret Michaels song again if dont go after the best thing that can still happen to you. we all seen that kiss Sunday. think about it.

  92. valinda says:

    go after mindy bret! what are you stupid, im sickened by all this. taya is so fake fake fake. if you dont go get mindy then you dont want love either. youve been lyeing to all of your fans. we are the stupid ones.

  93. Lindsay says:

    Bret, I wanted Taya to win the entire time. I liked her the most out of everyone. She seemed sincere and she was perfect in every way possible. Before I say this, I need to say that I do not read this blog and I never will. But after watching the reunion, I have to say that you will have rock of love 4 coming out soon. I think that Taya just wanted to say in a nice way that she won so her job’s done. But I think that Mindy was truly upset. What’s that saying? Let someone go.. you know the rest. Mindy really loved you. It’s plain to see. Go after Mindy, get rid of Taya. If you don’t, you’re stupid!

  94. wna ray says:

    i just love your show hope everything works out for you and taya

  95. AMELIA says:

    Bret buddy!
    What are you doing!! You should of picked Mindy hands down! My month hung open for the last minutes of the final episode because you sent Mindy home. NO!! that was bad. She was/& apparently is still in love with you! I just got around to watching the reunion and it is clear who really loves you. When mindy was telling you that she still loved you Taya was just sitting there looking down at the floor like she was guilty because she doesn’t feel the same way about you. I am just saying this so maybe you will open your eyes and realize that Mindy is your true love. Just call her, go be with her, hug her, and never let her go. You said you wanted this season to be the last one… but yet u still are not in love with the winner (I can tell). So go get Mindy. That’s all I wanted to say, I hope you find your lover.

  96. MARILYN says:


  97. marv athome says:

    K, I want the hour back of my life that this show took away……..Gawd what crap. I put this on just to see what it was….and it is this washed up musician from the 80′s acting emotional over the women who are “supposedly” in love with him… …i mean come on…could this show be any more scripted. They said the girl from the last season just could not handle the lifestyle…hence…the need / reason for another season / search / whatever you want to call it. So, when will he say this years did not work out, or the girl got off the bus , and forgot to get back on….so……we have to have another season….Brett Michaels Tree house ..or whatever it will be……Its like Geraldo in Al capones Vaults ” we have come to another Wall!!!!” every year Brett will say ” she just could not handle the lifestyle” …so he can have another season of the show…..then after season 25…maybe he will find somoene…

    and for Gawds sakes, take off that dumb bandana, & wig… everyone knows you are bald, get out of denial rock star

    WORST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WORST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Tyani says:

    dont forget..Taya is a trained man eater…hello playboy….her job is to get into a mans head and create an illusion that she is the girl of his dreams or fantasy….why could you not see through it….

  99. nativehoney29 says:

    i liked the show, i just think your soulmate is still out there hint hint maybe me lol, check out my pics, i am a down to earth chick whos cool, stunningly beautiful, check out my new profile pic. much love :)