The Celebreality Interview – Taya (Part 1)



And so, Bret has found his rock of love for a third and last (?) time. In the first part of our chat with the Rock of Love Bus “winner,” Taya talks her connection with Bret: why she thinks it can work, her take on the ring situation and whether or not this is love…


Thank you. Maybe. We don’t know what’s going to happen at the reunion. Maybe you’ll be wiping my tears after.

How has your interaction with Bret been since the show wrapped? Frequent?

He’s reached out to me via some personal friends. He’s gotten messages to me here and there. I’ve talked to Big John. I’ve gotten “Hello’s” and “How ya doin’s?” and updates through other people. We’re not supposed to be around each other or talk. We’ve played it safe. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I’m a little nervous about it.

Bret didn’t give you the ring he bought, but he also said that he debated not choosing either you or Mindy. Did that seem strange to you?

Yeah. It threw me for a loop, because I didn’t realize anybody was at a ring level yet. Especially since he had the one percent doubt about me. Also, I realized at that moment if he doesn’t pick me, it would have made the heartbreak even worse. Not only would I have to take, “I don’t want to be with you,” but there would also be “and I’m proposing to Mindy.”

Were you disappointed about not receiving the ring?

“Disappointed” isn’t the word I’d use. I thought it was the right decision, given how he felt. I don’t think anyone should expect a ring unless you’re both 100 percent sure. He left it open for the future, and the gesture at least showed me that he’s serious about a serious commitment. It told me his heart was in the right place, and that was reassuring.

These reality relationships have a reputation of not working out. Do you have a set plan to make it work?

I think that our lifestyles complement each other so well. I don’t see a need for a lot of strategy. Whereas with some of the other girls, they might have to finagle this or that, I’m already on the road. It’s not like I work 9 to 5. My job as it is, I can go, “Hey, Bret’s going to be in Vegas. Can you schedule my trip to Vegas while he’s there?” I have a lot of freedom when it comes to scheduling. If it can work, it will.

Did you have any strategy on the show, period?

I didn’t go into this with a competitive state of mind. I went into it thinking that we maybe had similar dating problems, although his are on a much bigger scale. I figured this is the very person that could understand what I go through and all the questions that pop up about people’s motives and this and that when I meet someone I like. There was a chance I would go on the show and that he wouldn’t be for me. I allowed myself to stay and keep going with the battle because emotions got involved and I started really caring for him. He was worth the effort I gave. In the end, I was 100 percent invested in him emotionally.

Obviously, a few months is a long time not to see someone that you might be with or whatever. Do you still feel the way for Bret that you did when the show wrapped a few months ago?

The hard thing for me is that I’m the only girl from the show that leaves and has no closure. As messed up as it is that someone gets their heart broken, there is closure in heartbreak. You can move on. When you leave and you’re the winner, it’s a bittersweet thing. You’re emotionally involved and then you think, “I don’t know what’s going to happen. In the next six months when he’s on tour, maybe he’s going to find someone else. Maybe his feelings will change. The connection we’ve built may suffer.” And then add not being able to talk to anyone because you can’t give away the end of the show and you’re left festering with all these feelings.

Your decision to not spend the night with Bret during the finale was surprising. I don’t think we’ve ever seen that before on Rock of Love.

We talked about it and it was definitely mutual. I had told him early on that I knew with the Penthouse thing that everyone was going to automatically assume, “She’s the whore. She’s the slut. She’s going to sleep with Bret.” That’s always been my problem with guys, with dating, with life, in general. There’s this stereotype that hangs over my head. I am more than misunderstood. The last thing I wanted to do was blur that line even more. I feel like I put 100 percent in. Bret wasn’t buying 100 percent. As long as he was feeling that way, I couldn’t let there be a physical situation. I told him, “I’m not going to sleep with you on this show.” I didn’t know if he slept with Mindy. I didn’t know what else went down on the show as it was happening. I just didn’t feel like it was the right situation for us. I knew if it was him and me at the end, we’d have plenty of time for a deeper physical relationship. If he didn’t choose me, I didn’t want that regret.

You say that you’re emotionally involved and that you care for Bret, but do you love him?

I don’t throw that word around carelessly. I love my son. I would take a bullet for my son. If my son needed my heart, I would give it to him. That’s how I know what love is. I never say that word even if I feel like the feelings I have are bordering on love. If I ever say that I love you, you can take that s*** to the bank, because I think the worst thing you can do is tell someone you love them and then take it back. I think that’s the problem with relationships in general. Bret and I have a lot in common. We had a lot to build on after leaving the show. Our lives are amazingly compatible. I have a child, he has children. We both grew up around music. We have Catholic families. We both grew up with meager beginnings; with small town backgrounds. There were a lot of reasons why we bonded. They didn’t show our deepest moments of connection on the show. If ever two people could fall in love, I’m sure it is us.

Are you hopeful?

I am, but I’m kind of waiting to wake up. I keep waiting to be uninvited to the party. I feel like this dorky, girl-next-door. I used to climb trees; I used to be a tomboy. You didn’t see my silly, crazy moments on the show. I was a little confused by the “high maintenance” references too. My life hasn’t been this yellow brick road. I’ve had ups and downs, I’ve fought to get where I am both in a career and emotionally. In saying that, I’m always waiting for the bottom to drop out. Right now, life is great. My job is great, my son is great. My heart feels great! All is right in the world. I’ve fought hard to get to this point. There’s always kind of a part of me that’s not pessimistic, but realistic. And like you said: reality TV relationships have a history of not working out. You always have that in the back of your mind: Is it real? Is it real? Is it real? I can only speak of my feelings: what I put into this show was real. What I built with Bret was real. What I get back from the reunion, we’ll see how real it was. Now is when it counts.

Click here for the second half of our interview with Taya, which deals with her portrayal, her treatment at the hands of the other girls and, duh, Penthouse.

Keep up with Taya via her MySpace and her official website.

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  1. Christine says:

    Give me a break. Taya is so phoney. I think Bret should give up these shows and let love find him naturally…Like the rest of us 40+ single parents :) wink wink

  2. Joanna Public says:

    Brett Michaels is a complete idiot who doesn’t deserve love because he’s far too stupid to recognize it,

  3. Lisa says:

    What a friggin loser!!! Penthouse and Brett or VH-1 had a deal and boy was it obvious!

    Can’t even do a reality show that’s real. Scumbag deserves the `$+*_`@`%%#%*%%%* Hope his million dollar pay off was good.

  4. Jamie lee says:

    I cant believe he pick the girl that is just tryin to promote herself. Mindy was a better choice shes real and not always tryin to act perfect this is gona blow up in his face

  5. brenda kurth says:

    Who would have thought bret would pick the stripper skank? Duh! He’s exactly the jerk mindy said he is. The typical rock star wanting to be with a hot girl even if she doesnt have brains. And mindy has emotional problems? Taya is crying ever two minutes. Hes going to regret this big time and I hope good girls like mindy realize they wasted their time and want nothing more to do with him.What a waste of a season. Im never watching this show again. He threw away amber- a perfectly sweet girl and now he threw away mindy. Its pathetic

  6. matthew mason says:

    Why did Bret let Mindy go? Picking Taya was a hairbrain move in my opinion. If this leads to another season, or Bret picked Taya to help promote his career, I simply cannot sit through another twelve weeks. My girlfriend said he’s like a bad penny, he keeps coming back. I disagreed in that I grew up idolizing Poison, and asked her to back off momentarily. But seriously, I’ve been there, what were you thinking Mr. Michaels? Jeez, I thought you had good taste.

  7. Jenn Kay says:

    So I guess there will be a Rock of Love 4! Taya has man hands, which may remind Bret of playing with himself. She is so trashy, definitely a penthouse pet! One thing I found funny – Taya won by the high school game of no sex. That is how I dated the hot guys in high school, I’m just surprised that Bret fell for the oldest trick in the book!

  8. April says:

    OMG!!!! ewwwwww wtf was he thinking picking that????

  9. Stella says:

    Are you f-ing kidding me right now he picked you? You self-absorbed fake #~`~))^*(~&^!(# biznitch! Mindy was the girl who risked it all to open up her heart when she was scared of being hurt, what did you risk another centerfold? You came into the show doing everything you could to promote yourself and the “good girl” image what a crock of (**^*%(~@%%$^*(` Does your son know that his “Mommy” shows her crotch for everyone and anyone? And Bret of whom I truly had hopes of actually being a person of substance once again is just another pig of a man who only cared about how much #~`~))^*(~&^!(# he could get with another pack of women- you both disgust me!

  10. Katelyn says:

    I can’t believe he picked Taya!!! I am so upset.

  11. christy says:

    Stupid man, stupid, stupid man…so when will rock of love 4 be starting…LOL..You screwed up Brett!

  12. Amber F. says:

    omg i totally! disagree with brets decision!! what is he thinking, HELLO MINDY IS PERFECT!! From the beginning I found Taya to b a very high maintenance, prissy, stuck up, snobby pin up penthouse posterboard!!! gawd!! bret is the most brilliant song writer, and person ever!! dont play with his heart!! taya was soo advertising… duh!!! wore the penthouse shirt during the interviews!! ugh… well i love u mindy!!! ur waaayyy hotter than taya!!! i wanted to cry when he picked her!!! good luck mindy u’ll find a good guy… and bret… u could do sooo much better!!! im disappointed.. but ur still my screen saver on my computer!! love yall!! ky gal

  13. jason says:

    I cant understand why bret would pick her she going to use him up and dump him just as fast when her free ride is done i know alot of whorish gold diggers and she is most for sure 1

  14. kelly says:

    omg!should have known a playmate and a rockstar how stupid he was to pick her we could all see why she was there!lets find love for mindy!!!!!!!

  15. Jamie says:

    Brett you are fricken stupid. I am a big fan of yours and let me tell you that Taya is Hustling you. You should have picked Mindy she would have done you right. I can tell you will being doing another season so I will see you then!!

  16. Horrible says:

    This sucks. Mindy should have won.

  17. Amber says:

    MINDY WAS SOOO MUCH HOTTER!!!! taya a snobby pin up penthouse posterboard!! ugh

  18. Kat says:

    Taya, you seem like a great gal, best of luck!

    VH1, I’m really confused by your editing sometimes — it seems like you edited Taya to look high-maintenance and annoying, even though she’s the winner and obviously isn’t really that way (every single interview I have read, she seems like a genuinely sweet and down-to-earth woman). Usually, reality shows edit the winner to seem much nicer and more likable than that to make the viewers happy with the outcome, so I wonder why did you intentionally edit to make her seem worse than she actually is?

  19. sands says:

    looking forward to the reunion show and hearing about the relationship at this time!

  20. Viewer says:

    This is going to be Jess all over again — Taya never seemed that interested in Bret during the interviews all season (although she was wearing her Penthouse t-shirt the whole time, I’m sure that was a big coincidence)! Big mistake again Bret!

  21. Laura says:

    I just watched the finale. I was rooting for Brett and hoping he would have the good (common) sense to select a real down-to-earth beautiful woman: Mindy! What a sucker I am… He went the ever so PREDICTABLE route and selected the Penthouse Pet, whatever weight or relevance that ~_^#!%#)`)*()#+ le has in today’s world.

    Mindy’s authenticity was obvious throughtout and maybe that wasn’t marketable enough…. for Brett or VH1. I wonder if Penthouse’s sales increased during the show’s run and will the finale and reunion show elevate Taya’s dubious ~_^#!%#)`)*()#+ le of Pet of the Year??

  22. Autumn says:

    Bret screwed up when he picked Taya. She was only looking to promote herself. He should have went for the real girl. He will realize what he missed with not chosing Mindy

  23. bratty1 says:

    brett michaels does not seem to be looking for a serious girlfriend but a way to make money and have fun while doing it.

  24. Kat says:

    But, also, Taya, you should admit your real age now that you have won and everything. No offense, and you still look great, but it seems really obvious that you’re older than 29. There’s no shame in being an older woman!

  25. sharon says:

    Wow what a shocker … Brett Michaels needs to do some commercials for Rogaine or be on The Biggest Loser. Taya and Brett deserve each other they both are in denial of who they really are. This is definately a couple you wont see on Parenting magazine.

  26. sands says:

    do agree that withholding likely won taya the “rock of love” spot

  27. laura says:

    brett michaels is a total (^**&!~%`)`&*$**) master!!!!! of course we all knew he was gonna pick the (^**&!~%`)`&*$**) who spreads for everyone!!! maybe she is right for him. while he is out sleeping with everyone… so will she!!!

  28. julie says:

    Brett…. all i have to say is your a !@#$%^^%#@ idiot!!! i have watched all of the rock of love shows and now i will not watch another show! Taya you are a piece of !@#$$## all you do is promote penthouse with what????? you are gross! mindy you should of won.

  29. Anna says:

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dum $`#$+~)!+#+#~)$ You just lost the best women out there! Mindy was the best one on that bus! Taya is just there for publicity…… why couldn’t you see that!!! LOVE YOU MINDY!!!!!!

  30. victoria says:

    I liked taya from the start. I think he made the right decision.

  31. Netter4745 says:

    I think she is ugly and that he should have chosen Mindy, she was sexy. Not to sound like a lesbian or anything.

  32. SHAWN says:

    1st. season he let that beautiful jess go ,then he let some fine hottys go on the next season. then he picked taya over mindy.what the hell wrong with this dude?i hope you @vh1 tells brett that i think hes an idiot….

  33. Anna says:

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dum #~#))#@%$@^_#)^ You just lost the best women out there! Mindy was the best one on that bus! Taya is just there for publicity…… why couldn’t you see that!!! LOVE YOU MINDY!!!!!!

  34. JAIME says:

    I so agree!!! He picked the wrong girl. I’m going to go throw up now! Not only is she fake! She’s ugly. I’m not sure how she became a penthouse pet. Must have done something to make her way to the top. I think Brett likes the idea of a penthouse model more than he likes the idea of falling in love with a true beautiful women with a good heart. Oh well! Guess there will be another season.

  35. Erik says:

    I really have to say LAME! Taya is a $+~`+~)`##*+@)**# no duh and she is pet of the year and she still strips well if his relationship with her breaks off serves him right for picking the wrong girl. I still have respect for bret but he picked a lame girl. Mindy was the right one. I’m going to be a smart *_+_&$@@@(^!&`& about this all I have to say is Contgrats you Lame $+~`+~)`##*+@)**# Mindy should of been the one she’s real not fake good luck with the $+~`+~)`##*+@)**# and I hope you have a Rock of Love 4 hopefully.

  36. Marylou says:

    Brett is such an idiot! I was happy Taya got it just because Taya and Brett deserve each other..they are both trash! Mindy if far too good to be !_)!^^__$`!(&+& ociated with either of them!! Mindy, go with your head held high that you didn’t get into all of this. I honestly think they are already working on the next episode.

  37. Trouble2009 says:

    Taya, I liked you for the moment I seen you and I cheered for you the whole time. In hopes Bret would FINALLY find his rock of love and in the end I am positive he has. You are a classy woman and it doesn’t matter if you dance, or work for a icecream shop, you do what you have to do to take care of your son and pay your bills. I don’t think you have anything to worry about on the reunion show. after all look at what he had to pick from.that says it ALL. take care

  38. Karin says:

    Yeah, what was he thinking? Going for a woman who never had a bad thing to say about anyone else, a woman who always incredibly sweet, loyal, talented, classy, poised, ‘perfect’….blah, blah, blah

    Never throwing her perfection in anyone else’s face.
    I mean, it’s disgusting;-)

  39. ftcollinsmama says:

    Wow…I can’t believe Brett picked Taya…I guess there must be something going on that I didn’t see….but wait I guess I was too distracted by the Penthouse ads every freakin show…ugg…what a waste of so many Sunday nights…only to have it end so badly. Mindy rocks and she obviously deserves someone who has her best interests at heart.

  40. nigel says:

    honestly……taya is beautiful but she reminds me of jes…….the perfect girl throughout the show…..he always pics the perfect ones…..honestly i love taya but maybe mindy was the right choice

  41. Melinda says:

    Mindy was the better choice. She was really down to earth and really wanted to find a husband. Taya was only there to promote penhouse. She did that everytime. Mindy got the short end of the stick.

    When is the reunion show.

  42. Labrow01 says:

    Whatever….I can’t even believe he picked her! No she’s not slutty with her hootch being photographed all the time..she’s a classy lady Bret..Congrats with that !

  43. nigel says:


  44. kidd says:

    this season was so fake i mean come on..”oh i bet yall didnt think i was going to pick the penthouse pet?” PLAHEEESE!!!…this is for his career not love i bet 1000% there wil be another season so he can keep pimping his career

    they are meant for each other they are both fame *hores!

  45. rhonda says:

    Bret made the wrong choice in choosing Taya. What a moron! what was he thinking? Maybe all that botox he uses accidentley went to his brain.

  46. Kim says:

    I really DO NOT understand???? Why oh WHY, would you pick Taya??? Oh I know… He needs a new “Pet”!!!

  47. Gina says:

    Best wishes to Brett and Taya. I’m glad that he finally chose someone his age instead of those stupid blonde bimbos.

  48. nikki says:

    Mindy was the right girl all the way!What the hell was he thinking? She was real and beautiful. Bret, you want to find a real love then you missed the mark. Have you watched the show during your time away from each other? Duh…Penthouse all over her chest…you better rethink on that 1%.If you want true love you better go begging back on your knees to the real girl next door. God Bless Mindy. You will find love.

  49. Popin says:

    Bret Michaels, you don’t deserve a girl like Mindy, anyway. Taya and you deserve each other. You are both ~$%*~&@%`@`@!_^$# s.

  50. April says:

    OMG! What a Dumb @$$ move. He should have picked Mindy. Taya is too “snooty” and “snub nosed” to be his so called “rock of love”, besides that she is a liar. This was fixed, I called it from the first day this show aired. Hubby has an “Erv’s” Calender with Taya in it, and guess what? Erv’s is a strip club (remember Taya said she’s not a stripper). Oh well, I’m sure Brett still hasn’t made enough money so there will most likely be a Rock of Love 4…..what a looser, selling himself out for a stupid TV show. Poison sucked back in the 1980′s anyway.

  51. Lynn says:


  52. janerol says:

    Mindy can do so much better. She doesn’t know it yet, but she dodged a bullet. Brett is obviously an idiot who just wants to know how it feels to screw the pet of the year. No wonder Bret is single. He needs Scott Baios’ life coach.

  53. janerol says:

    Oh! And if Taya is 29, I’m the Easter Bunny.

  54. Joe says:

    That totally Sucked Taya was just using the show for her own carreer. Mindy seemed more in tune with Brett more outdoorsey etc. man the show was fun to watch and loved it when ashley got booted but this ending just made me sick. I think with mindy it would have lasted as they just seemed so much alike. oh well hes the one who is gonna pay for his mistake glad its not me

  55. mueller says:

    He picked the wrong girl!

  56. umi says:

    Who’s up for Rock of Love Bus 2?

  57. Alicia says:

    Bret picked the right girl! Taya is a wonderful classy lady and Bret made the right choice!!

    Taya is positive and generous and has a genuine heart!

    Congratulations to Taya! :-)

  58. Sarah says:

    Congratulations to Taya! Bret made the right decision!

    Taya is a sweet, generous, kind, and genuine person!

    Congratulations to Taya! :-)

  59. tammy says:

    I’m so mad that he picked Taya. Mindy you were the one. So what if she couldn’t express her self to you, just for you to !*^&_@&*++*$@!_$ on her feelings. I won’t be watching Rock of Love 4. Good luck Mindy

  60. Abby says:

    I was really shocked at tonight’s ending! I am wondering though if VH1 is going to try and do what ABC did with The Bachelor in how Jason changed his mind about the woman he picked. There is a reunion show after all and maybe Brett will have a change of heart and ask Mindy to take him back?

  61. Sara says:

    I’m so glad he picked Taya! I thought Mindy was annoying!

  62. Valerie says:

    Thanks for wasting my time by picking fake ~!_*&~##%&!##!^ Taya. I can’t believe Bret picked her! Mindy seems like a fun, sweet, down to earth girl. Maybe she’s better off without Bret.

  63. Brian says:

    To be honest, Taya really seems to have drawn the small straw when it comes to editing. The other girls hated her, so it was easy to edit her into this superficial villain.

    However, this interview shows a lot of depth, and down-to-Earthness, and even some humility and vulnerability that we truly did not get to see during the show.

    Everyone kept calling her prim, proper, and oddly perfect, so it probably would not have fit a storyline to show her “goofy moments”.

    Mindy seemed like a genuine sweetheart, and really, she’s better off removed from reality tv relationships. She deserves to move on to live a healthy, normal life.

    I was confused at first (VH1 NEVER stumps me! This is the second time after Tailor Made where I was wrong about my gut instinct) but congratulations, Taya.

  64. Valerie says:

    Thanks for wasting my time by picking fake $$#)^~_+^~~`%)! Taya. I can’t believe Bret picked her! Mindy seems like a fun, sweet, down to earth girl. Maybe she’s better off without Bret.

  65. Jusme! says:

    Barf!! Mindy was better for Bret than Miss Taya!! But this is just a show, it will be back, I will not watch!

  66. Kim says:

    I totally disagree with Lynn. Just because Mindy’s nose was not perfect doesn’t make her ugly. She has her own look that is indeed sexy, neither did she look like a man. Now if you want to get judgemental look at Taya’s eyebrow’s!!! and what about that quarterback neck!!

  67. Sloane says:

    Somebody please gag me with a spoon! How pathetic!!! It won’t last… she’s too fake

  68. Michelle says:

    I was really disappointed in the ending and totally shocked!! First of all, I looked at youtube and Taya is an exotic dancer and has been to conventions with porn stars. One guy asked her if she was going to cross over the line and become a porn star and she was like not yet. I know Taya’s boobs aren’t real, but I think Mindys are real. I also feal disappointed that Mindy had the funk because I think she was afraid of getting hurt. I think it was cruel to carry her on a date of her dreams dancing and then dumping her like garbage. Mindy’s heart was in the right place!!

  69. April D. says:

    I guess they didn’t like me bashing Taya, or Brett and his crappy band Poison so VH1 didn’t publish my last post. Erv’s is a strip club in Allentown PA, and Taya was stripping there for a one week show (hubby has calender from there), but Taya said that she wasn’t a stripper. Didn’t Brett say that he did not want another girl that was a stripper? Get ready for Rock of Love 4, cause Brett didn’t make enough money on the first 3. What a looser, sell out. This was rigged from the beginning and I called it the first night it aried.

  70. Kat says:

    …..Wow just wow.
    I think they’re going to have to start planning a rock of love 4 here soon

  71. jennifer says:

    disappointed in bret and the show but what did i really think was going to happen when a rockstar was given the possibility of choosing penthouse chic… i was hoping he had more depth than that but i guess i was wrong… i will not be watching any further seasons…im done

  72. bunni312000 says:

    I think Taya look like a man She has the big eyebrow bone!hmmmm

  73. nia linda says:

    There was no right girl for bret on this show, i liked mindy, but she didnt seem his type of girl eventhough shes beautiful. Taya is just too superficial, doesnt show her real self, im not saying shes a bad person, but its hard to read her…..i actually liked cami more than the others, not the most beautiful but her personality really was cool and fun….

  74. AMANDA says:


  75. angie says:

    i can’t believe I watched the whole season to watch Brett end up with her. She is so nasty.

  76. lillypagan says:

    Man taya your so damn fake it pisses me offf. Mindy should of one. She deserves a show most definetly. Bret f**ked up again. MINDY WE LOVE U U DESERVED IT.

  77. lillypagan says:

    Man taya your so damn fake it pisses me offf. Mindy should of one. She deserves a show most definetly. Bret f**ked up again. MINDY WE LOVE U U DESERVED him not taya

  78. bewildered says:

    what was he thinking–Taya–OMG big mistake..Mindy was better choice…Taya is too-opinionated and serious,I see argument city and she thinks her s**t don’t stink….Bret wake up and smell the coffee,beer..whatever..sry but it won’t last…she’s got her career..look at me..look at me Miss pet of the year.. and I don’t think she is going to give that up for anybody…

  79. Tammy says:

    This is not right he picked the wrong one… Is the old age getting to him. She is there for exsposure. Miss perfect. And them wouldn’t sleep with him… She took her clothes off for everyone in america why not Brett???? Mindy should of won!!!

  80. Chris82 says:

    I wanted Mindy to win

  81. antonio647 says:

    Well bret i am glad eminem makes fun of you on hes new video,you played mindy the wrooooong way dushbag.If there happens to be another season those expect ratings or if u do they will be -100%.I hope mindy does not shows up to the reunion if there isn one,just to show that what brat yeah brat did was f*** up and was again brat chooses the %))^!_~&~)*!*`+%~

  82. bluluv says:

    This was the most disappointing ending yet !!!! No rhyme or reason for his choice. I don’t think he really cared for either one, so, I guess this was his way out. But Taya !!!! Gag Me !!!!

  83. angie says:

    OMG…….Taya…(gagging)? Maybe this has been a waste of everyone’s Sunday time. Taya is scary and those creepy eyebrows….eeewwww! Bret has once again made a stupid decision. I was all for Ambre…what happened with that situation? This just ruined my Easter Sunday…very sad!
    Now I am gonna worry about Mindy. She was pure, honest, and sincere. I’m sorry Mindy.

  84. connie says:

    I definitely feel Bret has possibly made the only right choice for a companion. Mindy wasn’t strong enough emotionally and/or intellectually for Bret. He needed someone with enough hutspa to keep him wanting to blend with his companion on all levels and facets of their lives together. The fact she was a centerfold, etc. that was icing on the cake for him. She is strong and the right type of female to complement him and his life. Good luck to you both.

  85. Sher says:

    Mindy should have won. I’m sure there will be a Rock of Love . . . something else

    When is the reunion show??

  86. Mrs. N says:

    Ugh, i’ve watched all of the ROL season and i thought mindy was a sure- win Tays is a !$+#“&#!`#`(#%@% and she lied way too much on the show she dont care about bret all she care about is her penthouse rep!! Taya Go home and Bret go find MINDY!!! She’s hot and u 2 look hot together!

  87. Catseyes says:

    %&))+%#+(~*_~^)+ YOU YOU %&))+%#+(~*_~^)+ ING SLUTY @`~%!!#!$_#_#@_*# U Don’t Love Bret… and Bret you’re a %&))+%#+(~*_~^)+ in @_+^&+*#)!&(#)* hole. You only chose Taya b/c you won’t care about her. You just want someone you won’t have to feel bad when you cheat on her! She’s probably paying you to pick her! Ugly Old @`~%!!#!$_#_#@_*# who is only there to promote herself… Uh… I’m so disappointed… if there is a rock of love 3 I’m going to laugh say to my self I new it and never give it another thought. You may have gained some exposure but you lost dignity

  88. carolyn says:

    WOOHOOO Go Mindy… You got so lucky with Bret not picking you.. You deserve a man that will be true and honest and not some jerk that gets his kicks off of sleeping with girls young enough to be his own daughter. Taya and Bret do deserve each other. She may be Penthouse material now but wait and see what she looks like in 10 years.. Saggy &^!+)_^^`+&)!*~ s and all.. And you in 10 years will still be younger than she is now.Maybe Taya can use Brets eye liner stick to redo her eye brows. They can trade make up tips..
    Good luck in your adventures and with your looks you will have plenty.

  89. redroses4u says:

    Wow, reading Taya’s interview made me think that maybe there is doubt on Bret’s heart about being with Taya because when you know you’re really have deep feelings for someone, you know this is the girl–like how he fell in love with his children’s mom, that is why he had 2 children with her but sadly never married her..I’m happy for Taya regardless of all the negative respond..she has
    qualities that fits Bret’s lifestyle so hopefully she is his rock of love but then who knows?…I don’t understand why 6 months separation, that can destroy intimate feelings and may wonder each shows, the relationship don’t work to Bret and Taya…


    He likes cheap hookers

  91. kash says:

    how many times can taya deny she is a stripper, the average woman doesnt work a pole like she did. everytime i look at her eyebrows it makes me want to go to mcdonalds i think they are modeled after their arches

  92. Jennifer says:

    I just want to say LAME

  93. Lammy says:

    Well I guess one dueche bag deserves another. He is the male version of Tea. A prostitue. A **(&_*(@^%($`^*&& A low life. Mindy is too good for that old has been. Mindy don’t worry you will get your own show and find true love and not with an old has been that likes prostitues.

  94. Tonya Richardson says:

    Every season I have been drawn in with the women who try to win Bret’s hearts,and in season 1 & 2 I was happy with the women he chose….this season,I found it alot harder to pick one I liked for him,however in the end,I ended up liking Mindy the most,and I could not stand Taya….and low and behold he picked the one I disliked most….she seemed more out to promote herself,than she was there for Bret.

    Mindy even though she had not had much experience in the relationship dept….she seemed more down to earth,and sincerley caring of Bret…sorry to say I think you made a HUGE MISTAKE Bret,and I think your going to regret this decision in the end….Taya just seem to really care about you,or have your best intrest at heart….greatly saddened by your choice tonight!!!

  95. jjgirl552 says:

    Brett deserves to be alone. He let a good woman go, and took home the trash.

  96. TheCableDawg says:

    Bret are you a idiot?By tonights decision I see you really don`t want a commitment.I actually think he was going to pick Mindy then at the last min. he changed his mind.Think about it,he never showed Taya the ring!!Thats cause Mindys ring was In there!!Bret you allway have been a GOOFY AND RETARTED looking guy from day 1 when america first ever seen you,and personally I`m glad you didn`t pick Mindy cause she deserves better than you.Bret Your all washed up!!!!

  97. Diana says:

    I think you picked the classy girl. the girl who is strong and confident.Mindy was way toooo insecure. A little to strange eith the funk thing tooo moody!!!!

  98. Molly says:

    I’m sorry but I think Taya is a snob that thinks she’s perfect. Mindy would have been so much better for him!!!!!

  99. ANON says:

    I’ll be honest, Taya comes off in this interview better than I would have given anyone on Rock of Love credit for; seems like she’s got a foot firmly planted on the ground, and such realism is probably the healthiest thing for everybody involved in this show. Bananas, I know. Keep up the great work Rich!

  100. Lady Suzanne says:

    Amazing…Bret has made a big mistake. I have excellent discernment as to who should be with who… and who will last. If he had picked Mindy he would have had a chance at true love. I have nothing against Taya, but it won’t last. I haven’t met a woman who hasn’t been moody at several times of her life… I watched this show with some curiousity…amazing what women will do for a man….

  101. Inowhaterol says:

    Did you all think that maybe Brett picked Penthouse trash because he figured she could help him advertise himself? Don’t you think Penthouse will have the two of them in an issue? I mean come on. He friggen used Mindy, got her hopes up, and threw her aside for his own publicity. Are we all idiots for even giving him the ratings by watching this patheticness? She’s right he’s a typical rock star A-hole, and again we are still stuck here shocked. Mindy, you seem like a great girl. You are absolutely gorgeous and I hope nothing but the best for you in your future in terms of someone finding love in YOU. It will come to you and not at the price you were forced to just pay to get sh*t in return. Don’t worry, we can sit back and laugh when the world acts shocked when Taya and Brett break up. This time we will be smarter to not act shocked.

  102. DorLee says:

    What a shock. I completely & totally lost any respect for Bret. Taya (not even her real name) is an opportunist, souless, she hides from herself by calling herself a “feature dancer” instead of a stripper. (Stripper is a step up from Penthouse Pet.) Her eyebrows are horrid and they make her eyes look distorted. Her eyelashes always look like they are falling off. This “union” will not last. Taya is not a “down to earth rock & roller.” She’ll need an Older Businessman w/$$$ to make her happy. Mindy was cute, shy, real (who can open up &tell someone they hardly know their true feelings?) and naturally pretty. Her eyebrows were gorgeous & her body was the best of the bunch. She looked good dressed down or dressed up. I am shocked he picked Taya – Wrong choice, Bret.

  103. Jackie says:

    I hated tonights show.Ijust knew he would pick Mindy, shes so sweet and not a f***king W***e LIKE Taya hes going to regret what hes done.Ihave watched all 4 seasons,,,i really think Brett has some really bad problems that he can not keep a girlfriend,,,i still think he should have picked Heather and been done with it,,after all when he needs help who does he call,,,I bet he has talked to Mindy already and i hope he does have second thought and Mindy tells him F**** YOU

  104. Lisa says:

    Wow! I was soooooo disappointed when Bret picked Taya. I have watched every season of Rock of Love and I tell you what, I consider myself a great judge of character in people, even in my own life and I have to tell you in all the seasons of ROL, I have never felt like any of the girls were right for Bret except for Mindy!!! You can tell when people are not being completely honest and sincere and that is how Taya was. She was very superficial and was very convincing on saying the right thing all the time!! Mindy may have had her moments of funk but she was very genuine and sincere and had a huge heart and Bret completely broke her heart! You cant always expect everyone to be fake and perfect all the time. You could tell that Mindy also appreciated everything Bret did for her and would treat Bret with complete love and respect. You made a huge mistake Bret!!! Give me a call and I would be happy to tell you how you completely messed up this time!!!!

  105. michelle says:

    Wow, you people are harsh. I liked Mindy but I think Taya was the best pick for Brett. She is more his speed. Mindy deserves a real life like normal people have. Taya and Brett are almost on the same page career wise. I hope it works out for them and maybe they can do some kind of reality show together if it does work out. I would watch it.

  106. holly says:

    Im so disapointed,I have a ticket up for sale now for his may 8th concert in Tacoma WA..Wow Bret what were you thinking how many fans have you lost so far being a stupid idiot to pick Taya…Will still enjoy your music but will not spend my well earned $ to see you in concert………

  107. Cheese & Crackers says:

    GUYS..GUYS!…What is with ALL the hate. You Mindy lovers out there come on already! Think. He’s already done Mindy with Amber… She is the same type of girl. And truth be told.. yeah Mindy is cool. Rocking body and sweet girl but could she really deal with the rocky lifestyle? NO WAY. She’s took okey dokey, oh she may be wild for the average john doe but not for a front man who in his wildest days probably sat in a room full of chicas and downed viagra and alcohol.

    He made the right choice. Taya is the PERFECT match and Much more level headed than Mindy would be in particular moments. He coulda chosen Mindy but promise you there woulda been a rock of love 4.

  108. TOM T says:

    What a joke, well she (Taya) got her 15 minutes of fame and Brett made another million bucks. It just goes to show you the mentality of society today. we tune into this crap week after week to watch “love” turn into ratings and money. WOW, cant wait for the Love of Daisy, Flavor of Love, next there will be For the Love of Mindy……..I will just find love the old fashion way….I’ll pay for it!!!!!!!!!! Way to go VH1, rollin the big bucks

  109. Alexandria says:

    I can’t believe this penthouse )@*&`++&&#(^&_*#` was chosen on Rock of Love…oh well. Guess Bret Michaels really isn’t as bright as you’d think. He’ll just have to find out for himself what a lame-ass decision he made choosing this “perfect” `&_#(@~*$!&$+^*!@ She’s gonna end up having some scandalous secret that no one knew about, and is going to make Bret look even more foolish than he did when he chose her. ((^%$~)%)+(_`_`% ing little skank. The whole world knows you’re not as perfect as you act. Even your answers to some of the interview questions sounded like answers Bret would want to hear. And the fact that you didn’t sleep with Bret…we all know that was an act. The thing is you are sooooo predictable. You’re not perfect, so wake up to reality you stupid )@*&`++&&#(^&_*#`

  110. KAY says:


  111. Mindy Shimdy says:

    Mindy was NOT the right choice for Brett. Mindy is BORING…BORING..BORING. And to all you judges out there what are yall smoking? HE’s A FREAKING ROCK STAR!!! Why would he not choose the Penthouse Pet, Are you serious? Are any of you really thinking or are all your Taya Haters out there looking in the mirror and seeing yourselves as Mindy? Get a grip. Mindy is cute and she did have the better stylist tonight but a rockers arm candy she is NOT. Besides I agree with Cheese and Crackers. He already did the regular girl thing with Amber..In Fact Mindy is just the younger twin sister version!

    GO TAYA…. Penthouse doesn’t mean _)&#+&+&`_)*~*@@# there are many folks on this here blog who have done WAAAYYYYY worse than Taya. Be careful with those stones you’re throwing..wouldn’t want one to riochet back to your “home videos” of you or your ex or to damage those shoes and coach bag that guy whoes name you can’t remember bought you that time!

    WOO HOOO TAYA. Way to go BRETT You got it right this time!

  112. denise says:

    get over it…why is taya a slut, because she poses for penthouse? why are u haters, she did nothing wrong on the show except be a lady. mindy is a backstabbing ding bat, that pretended she was taya’s friend, then talked behind her back.good luck bret and taya, i wish the best for u guys, hope you find love……

  113. Sue C says:

    Taya….. I guess Brett you wanted the Penthouse pet who put off her shoot to be on your arm. I imagine we shall see all of her soon. It shows where your heart really lies. I always thought that Mindy was a straight shooter and was a class act especially when you wanted them to wear those tacky Mardi Gardi outfits and she still came out looking cute and sexy. You I guess since you need the boost in your success figured if Taya is good enough for Penthouse she was good enough for you and your can’t handle a girl with her own thoughts and mind. You lose dude. Mindy rocked.

  114. Suzanne says:

    I think they are perfect for one another. I am so glad he picked her. She is so pretty.

  115. Catgirl says:

    Dud. I don’t get it.. if it was me I would not have any questions if it was love… I love my son too but I also know it’s a differnt love and you can have both equally, that was a cop out answer? If it’s right you know it! Mindy is ~&^&_++^#!_`(!@$+& ed absolutely ~&^&_++^#!_`(!@$+& ed! She may be the cute girl next door and all that stuff but for a nice accountant. She can be the whiney spoiled wife. I think Taya is the package but I don’t think she won him over.. I love Bret I would have been all over him and I would have risked that night too!!if it’s right it wouldn’t have mattered if she spent the night!!!! When it’s right you can do no wrong!!!!! I hope theres a 4 i’m signing up so I can win!

  116. bubblegum&beer says:


  117. Julie says:

    So disappointed in Bret. I have lost all respect 4 him.
    A penthouse playmate over Mindy.Loved the choie of Amber last season. Sorry that one didn’t work. But don’t get the Taya choice. Lost a fan here Bret.Quite obvious love and marriage is not what you’re really looking for. Same old bachelor just looking for a good time…Hope you someday find a respectable woman who you can appreciate

  118. dedgrl says:

    2 words

    eWwwWWWwww Taya

  119. Sue C says:

    Another Brett Michaels show number 4??????? That is why Taya didn’t get the ring. Brett save us the next show and try You really disappoint me and I won’t watch anymore of your looking for love in all the wrong places. Threee was enough!

  120. M.atchley says:

    I honestly, do not like Taya at ALL, she is SO dramatic, every clip of her she had on a “PENTHOUSE” tank top, Mindy was gorgeous, laid back, and easy going! I mean didn’t they already say “TAYA” is her PENTHOUSE name! Taya sucks.. MINDY should have WON!

  121. Lisa says:

    way to go Brett!!!!! Taya was the WRONG choice. noticed you didn’t even give her the ring, hhhmmm could it be that you know it won’t last between you and Taya? wake up Brett!!!!! Mindy by far looks better with you. Mindy I hope that you find your true love and that you find happiness, better to know now then when Brett looks for something else….

  122. Christie says:

    As soon as this season started I initially wanted Mindy to win. But, after seeing that he didn’t choose her tonight she is much better off. She is TOOOOOO good for him. So what, he has fame but he has no respect for women. It might fly with Taya that he is a womanizer but he knew deep down that it would never fly with Mindy which is why he probably choose Taya. Hopefully Mindy will find someone who is deserving of her love and affection.

  123. ROL-LOVER says:

    Bret is SOOO Shallow! I’m really disappointed in the show and Bret. I’m done with it. Mindy was real and wasn’t afraid to show her real feelings. Taya is definitely in LA LA Land and a YES girl. Anyone going through that crap would be in a “Funk” – if you don’t than you are Shallow too. Mindy-I agree that your Carnivale outfit was awful compared to the others-it was totally different-you took it all the way Sailor Girl! The only reason Taya made it all look so effortless was because of her Stripping background – she has to please everyone all the time and lie about herself to others all the time. Grow UP BRETT!

  124. TC says:

    I knew you would win Taya! You were the classiest girl on the bus! He is lucky to have you! If things don’t work out, then it wasn’t meant to be, atleast you didn’t give in and go against your beliefs just to try and win, like Mindy! So what, you posed in Penthouse! It’s a job! And you are a beautiful girl, so show what you got! Penthouse has changed alot recently, and it’s calming it’s ways, to be more “classier”…and I say “U GO GIRL!!” And if some of the haters want to know, VH1 and Penthouse got together AFTER you got on the show, and decided to reveal you won Pet of the year, some of the show is staged to a degree, so it’s not like she went on their promoting…She had a shoot she needed to do and didn’t go because she wanted to meet Bret and fall in love if possible. Go read her Myspace HATERS! Mindy had too many problems…for 1, she was a backstabber and that shows how she would be in real life. Taya was her friend through thick and thin, but when Mindy realized Taya had a better connection, she threw her under the bus.

    And to Bret, your comments about “she started out as a Penthouse Pet, then Pet of the Year, then a singer…I don’t think she ever bragged about singing, or tried to give you a demo, That was YOUR CONTEST FOR THE GIRLS. So quit trying to suck up to VH1 for more cash and another show and throw her under the bus. That’s her profession and she told you upfront. She is different than those other “strippers”..they were nasty. Be glad someone like Taya wants you for you and not for YOUR NAME!

  125. TC says:

    And how could any of you think he was in love with Mindy??? She was as dull as rubber. All she ever wanted to talk about was Taya, cause she knew they had a connection. Yeah, he liked Mindy, but he knew, she had too many MENTAL issues. Her little funks are so ridiculous….QUIT BEING JEALOUS…ALL U GIRLS…U JUST WISH YOU COULD BE TAYA!

  126. Manda says:

    Taya is too good for Bret!
    I also think he had Mindy’s ring in the box and changed his mind at the last minute!

  127. TC says:

    And how could any of you think he was in love with Mindy??? She was as dull as rubber. All she ever wanted to talk about was Taya, cause she knew they had a connection. Yeah, he liked Mindy, but he knew, she had too many MENTAL issues. Her little funks are so ridiculous….QUIT BEING JEALOUS…ALL U GIRLS…U JUST WISH YOU COULD BE TAYA! And it’s hilarious that Mindy has a mustache, maybe she’s the man!

  128. bretslver says:


  129. Ashley Says Lame! says:

    Like what Ashley said Lame Taya Lame,Lame,Lame,Lame! Who Agrees?

  130. Jennifer says:

    Taya? Are you f’n kidding me? What a publicity !%@_^$#^*#@_$#+#) Mindy should’ve been picked! She was the one for him!!

  131. ROL-LOVER says:

    I thought the show was supposed to show his good side?? I also want to say that I was “going” to buy Bret’s new CD and go to a concert cause he seems more real than the other rockers – but that is not happening ever now. Choosing Taya is so shallow and just like the other rockers out there. I can’t believe anything you ever write anymore in your songs- its alll fake.

  132. crawford says:

    I do not think that Bret will be happy with taya. She is going to use Bret to promote her career and leave him hanging. Mindy was the best choice of them all. You blew it Bret. Mindy you deserve someone that will love you for what you are on the inside as well as the outside. Bret you thought that Mindy was in a funk, wait until you have to deal with Taya and her moods (LOT’S OF THEM). You haven’t seen nothing yet. I’m so disappointed in you. Check your responses to see who was the girl most favored. You are not getting any younger.

  133. No More Rock of Love :( says:

    So sad it’s over. Truly entertaining! I just watched clips of his movie and he is actually a good actor.. Maybe we will see more of him on the big screen. As for Mindy.. she is not cut out for him at all and Taya.. I don’t think he really wants a commitment he sort of said it himself if he could he would bail out and swim home and thought about sending them both home.. When men speak they tell the truth.. and he is the sexiest most scrumptious man in the world..

  134. Pauline says:

    I think that Bret made the correct decision about choosing Taya. However, it was very clear that Bret still has very strong feelings for Mindy and he still does not trust Taya. During the final elimination, Bret was oozing all over Mindy (whom he did not choose) and was pretty cold toward Taya (whom he chose)!! It was a very weird ending!!! It left me feeling very confused and let down. I also felt sorry for Taya!! Was there really a winner? Jeez!!!

  135. mary says:

    Bret should’nt pick either one of them they both f*^%ing fake like taya only there to show off her pomtion with penthouse and she know how to sing and all that she just there to get expose..and there mindy she seem not into bret @ all she there just to be on t.v..but one thing all the girls that was there were nothing but fake they were not there for bret @ all period. BRET YOU BETTER OFF ALONE OR YOU CAN FIND SOMEONE WAY BETTER AND TAYA. KEEP SERCHING FOR THE MRS. RIGHT MORE LIKE SOME ONE THAT CAN BE A MOTHER FOR YOUR TWO DAUGTHERS.

  136. The K says:

    Once again, he picks the wrong one. Of course he was going to pick the Penthouse Pet. He wonders why he’s still single when he keeps picking ones that aren’t right for him? He needs to grow up and look for a real woman.

  137. rolfan says:

    oh man, i really thought you would go for the girl that was so down to earth, heart felt for you , but instead you picked so good for nothing only care about herself carrot top eyebrows come on really, thought you would have better taste than that, dump that whoe and go find mindy and make it right, you don’t need taya, for all you know she going back to do her thang and use you as her poster boy

  138. crystalbutterfly says:

    I can’t believe this Taya thing. She is such a liar saying she didn’t promote penthouse when in all the little inbetween comentaries all she was wearing was a penthouse pet shirt. OHH well Brett I used to think you were hot and I was a number one fan but if he decides he wants trash then I guess I’ll have to break all my Poisen cds,and really you can tell it won’t last soon we’ll all be seeing another rock of love show.

  139. Dennette says:

    Man that was a crock of crap and a waste of a TV show slot. Of all things a skank had to win. I don’t hate on her its just if Bret really want a dam Pent House Ho hes should of just looked in the damn mags. That show was a big waste of time for every one and an emotional let down for those poor women. The show was a stupid waste and very demeaning to the who signed up to have their hearts trampled upon by another shallow man is this world. With all the time they spent upon the show I hope they all can get something other than heartbreak out of it. And as for that so called sexy pent pet, girl you are nothing with out your make up and some expensive clothing on your back. Out there looking for love, Huh, yeah right, more like looking for some one else to love you enough to pay for your expensive taste. She is nothing more that an expensive piece of tail for the short amount of time they will be together. Which we all know wont last long. Bret, get a life, and find a real woman to be your wife. Your show is Lame and will always be that cause you seem to always choose the wrong women. Mindy is the better one anyways cause she was at least real wit it but you were to blind to see that. Mindy best of luck to ya girl, you Really Rock!!!!!!!

  140. Bster says:

    If Bret really wants love, he should find someone closer to his own age, but of course we all know that he really doesn’t. Shame on VH1 for pimping for him…

  141. TaT says:

    I don’t know why people are so upset, you guys know there’s going to be another one. He does’nt want a friggin chola looking hoodrat like that.

  142. James says:

    I wish Mindy would’ve won. I wanted her to win.

  143. Samantha says:

    I truly believe that Mindy should have won. I also believe that Mindy loved Bret!!! I think this relationship will end up the same way the last one did and that Bret will truly regret not choosing Mindy.

  144. royalfan says:

    Brett, is a $%~_(&~@$`#~_&) a user. How could he pick fake !+&*)$~*!%)!(`+ ty; painted on eye brows ++&$(%!*$$#~!$_$^ like Taya. Poor Mindy was a sweet innocent, real girl untill that loser, old ^)%%*@%@_#^#+*_*$*( walked all over her. Don’t worry he’ll be back next year to f more sluts, walk over poor girls, & pick a fake girl all in the name of ratings. Poor guy needs to think about retiring, being a real musician & insulin shots more than showing what an old idiot he is. The 80′s is over & so is this bandana head, cowboy hat wearing idiot.

  145. Darla says:

    I say BACK OFF of Bret. Let him pick who HE wanted, not who everyone EXPECTED him to. Geez, want some cheese and crackers with your WWWWIIIINNNNEEEEE. LMAO

  146. Jay says:

    I think Taya is a very classy, beautiful woman. She also seems very sweet and genuine in interviews and blogs.

    Unfortunately, I just don’t think that she is the right choice for Bret. The most we as viewers can expect from Bret and Taya is a fake “We’ll try to make it work” like with Cornfed and Real, but the relationship will crumble soon after.

  147. debbiedo0211 says:

    bretpicked the wrong person you where just there to boost your career you stripper you.i was a big bretmichaels fan now forget about it he sucks

  148. Albert says:

    Congratulations Taya you deserve to be with Bret.

  149. angie says:

    I have figured out ONE thing….Bret is blind. It has taken 3 seasons for me to figure that out

  150. bebe says:

    People on this board who are so “disappointed” in Bret don’t know anything about him. Bret has done wilder stuff than all the girls on that show put together… possibly wilder than all the girls from all three seasons put together. If you ONLY know Bret from this show and a few videos, you need to look into his life a little more. What got Kami so upset and made her leave (Bret having sex with Ashley, Beverly, and probably Kami as well… or doing something sexual at least)? That IS Bret. He has calmed down somewhat, but he is who he is.

    Also, Bret likes girls who pose nude or who are some type of exotic dancer (stripper, etc.). The girl he KEEPS bring up from his past was a stripper. I’m pretty sure she supported him for a while so how can he look down on stripping if that is how she got money for them to live? He’s spent a lot of time around strippers, etc. and he really likes them.

    Heather, Bret loved her more than Jes… but Jes was young and pretty and not a stripper. Bret picked Jes and she didn’t even want him! So, Bret might have found love with Heather if he hadn’t been so worried about his lost love AND about what more prudish people would say.

    Ambre was a good match for Bret. It’s too bad that didn’t work out. But, Bret knew better than pick Daisy because, like Jes, she had a boyfriend.

    The first season 2 girl Bret had a connection with (other than Daisy) was Kristy Joe. She has been in Playboy. Bret LIKES that. I know Playboy isn’t as racy as Penthouse, but Bret reads them both. He is fine with that. He was even willing to go help Kristy Joe sort out her personal problems. Kristy Joe seems like a sweet girl and was my favorite on Charm School.

    This year the first person we’re shown Bret hooking up with is Ashley. Ashley is a stripper. Bret doesn’t care. He did care that she had a big scary live-in boyfriend, but up until he met James… he was probably thinking of taking Ashley all the way to the final two. Heck, she might even have won the whole thing.

    Bret recognized Brittaney from her porn career. But, he didn’t send her home for that.

    So, finally we get to Taya. When she presented Bret with the lingere from one of her photoshoots, he asked her if he could really have it (versus this just being for TV). To Bret, that’s hot. It shows he knows the girl in the pictures and he likes the pictures AND girl.

    Taya never criticized Mindy to Bret. Guess what? By that, she showed Bret that if she became upset with Bret she wouldn’t criticize him to, say, a reporter.

    Taya isn’t a )_!&)!@_+%%^!$~($ For people to say that just because she’s been in Penthouse isn’t right. But whatever people think of it, it does pay well. I don’t think Taya is after Bret’s money as some have suggested.

    I am not crazy about Taya’s eyebrows, but it is silly to throw away a whole person because of something so superficial. Just like all the fur they had to wax off of Mindy was pretty uncute, but I’m not going to say awful things about her because of it.

    I think Taya and Bret are well suited to one another. Her schedule will let her visit him more than Ambre could. She does understand what touring is like for him. Also, Taya takes care of Bret. I have been noticing it all season. Bret likes being taken care of, so that works out great.

    Mindy would be miserable in the kind of relationship Bret describes (most of the year touring, a long visit to his kids, then a little time leftover for the girlfriend). The only reason she could halfway handle it on this tour was because she got her emotional support from other girls, mostly Taya. Even being exposed to a small amount of her “funks” (Bret’s word) was tiresome for Bret. Mindy would be so sad if she got into one of those moods and Bret wouldn’t talk to her because he was too tired or whatever.

  151. Renee says:

    Bad choice, Bret, you should have picked Mindy!!! And, it won’t last with Taya, at least you could of gave her the ring so she would have gotten something out of it….Mindy is so pretty, and real….not watching ROL 4!!!

  152. wanda says:

    I know he picked the wrong woman.Taya is so fake about everything.But time will show us all….

  153. Felecia says:

    Taya is So fake and pretenious, acting all goodie two shoes; the “slut” is a Penthouse Pet and SO proud of it. She has spread her legs for all to see but on the final night didn’t feel right about sleeping with Bret, what a joke. And Bret, well we all know how many he has slept with. Mindy deserves better, so real, down to earth, and HONEST!!!!! Hang it there Mindy, your real “Prince Charming” will find you!!!

  154. Sabrina says:

    To all of the responses that Taya is ugly, no, no, no, she is beautiful, however, I DID want Mindy to win, actually, Mindy did win!!! Who would want a guy that cannot find love unless he has a pick of 20 some girls, and to see him kiss Kelsey…ewwww…it reminded me of a child molester….GROSS!!!!

  155. Tray says:

    OMG R U FREAKING SERIOUS!!!!!! YOUR from the same hometown I’m from remember Marion, Ohio. Your fake and you area stripper any way you put as nice as it sounds your a pole rat WOW!!!!! Your as fake as ur boobs and you were there promoting Penthouse. That’s okay you”ll show ur true colors.

  156. hazel says:

    I agree 100 % with Taya. Mindy was such a baby. He would had to spent most of his time boosting her igo and trying to make her feel better.

  157. Sabrina says:

    For all the responses that Taya is ugly…no, no, no, Taya is beautiful, even though I was hoping for Mindy to win. Wait a minute…you did win Mindy, feel lucky, who in their right mind would want a guy who can’t find love unless he has his pick of 20 plus girls? LOSER!!! Eminem is RIGHT!!!!

  158. danielle says:

    I think he picked the wrong girl, well both were ugly but mindy seemed to be more outgoing than the other. well lets just see how long this last this time.

  159. Mtchmkr says:

    Brett needs someone to guide him through the dating process. He either has terrible taste in women, or he doesn’t really want to find a commitment. I can’t wait for ROL 4.

  160. gally says:

    to be quite honest i think he made the right choice for himself i mean there perfect for each other she knows how to deal with that life style and its alot of fame for him and her the both win it wouldnt last with anyone of them anyway might as well make some money of it ms playmate and mr rock star fits perfect. like mindy said she was bread to be with a rock star

  161. TRENA says:


  162. CaliMom says:

    I just want to know where VH1 finds the most mentally unstable women on the planet? I’ve never seen a bigger collection of emotionally damaged bimbos with limited ambition in my life as I have on VH1 dating shows. To play devil’s advocate for Taya (not a popular thing) we aren’t privy to everything that went on between Taya (or any of the other girls for that matter) and Bret. They are taking everything that is being taped in a 24 hour day and editing it down to one hour (or in the case of VH1 35 minutes with all the commercial breaks). So I don’t think we really know the extent of the “relationship” any of these people have. I predict it won’t last because 1) Bret is 44 and still thinks he’s 22; if he didn’t marry the mother of his children that qualifies him as a commitment phobe in my book 2) Meeting people on a a format such as this is unnatural and doomed to fail 3) None of the women they pick are sane.

  163. karen says:

    Unbelievable!Taya! Do something with the eyebrows!

  164. sammy says:

    VH1 needs to stop, none of these “find love” shows have ever achieved their main objective: to find a life partner, they all have a 100% fail rate – jokes on the viewers, Viacom is laughing all the way to the banks – I wish they would at least do some “Behind The Music” marathons – word of advice Bret: stop and just tour with your $%!*%%)~_*(_##($ ty music – hang with your kids

  165. Chris says:

    Mindy was the right choice and what makes you think Taya is so stable she used Bret and VH1 to prmote herself and Penthouse and they wer all too stupid to recognize it. Taya is a fake and Bret will not make it with her. Mindy would have been great but as usual he f’s it up

  166. lese says:

    uggh he totally picked the wrong girl…taya practically said in there final date she was here to promote herself. Bret is an idiot for picking her. I cannot wait for the reunion to find out they are not together anymore! Taya is “too” good to be true because she is FAKE! She is a trashy stripper, and has NO CLASS. Bret deserves what he gets, he was played like a fool by Taya, and he actually thinks she wasnt here to promote herself. He should have picked Mindy, i think he just like getting to hook up with all these chicks that why he picks all the wrong ones so he can keep doing the show!!

  167. Christian Cota says:

    Taya, you friggin suck, i hate your guts and i just hate everything about you. you need to be back at your house watching your 9-year-old; not posing flippin naked in front of a camera. be a good mom like mine. im only 12, but i still know that your not the right person for Bret.

  168. briana says:

    this dont make no seens because why will he pick taya that b**** dont need to be with him only why need pick her is because she can sing a mindy ate but mindy tryed that why taya was a f***ing stripper and she go do that for him stripp her clothes are but at the retuion they going to bet her a** and then taya my be crying when all the girls take about her a that’s why bret keep the ring because he dont know how how she is i think that ring was for mindy not for taya but bret shold berak up with her because she had lied to him but he still go keep her ball head a**

  169. Dissapointed says:

    Mindy was and is too good for Bret! That stupid washed up rock star can’t see a good thing if it’s right in front of him…All he cares about is fake boobs on slutty lookin chicks…I’m glad Mindy got out !!! She’s much better off!

  170. Cynde HIxson says:

    Have you seen Brit without his bandana?

  171. Taryn says:

    Who’s betting there will be a ROL 4? Bret probably picked Taya because he knew he wasn’t staying with whoever he picked, anyway! I think these shows are fake, and all 4 our amusement. Wait till the reunion, it’ll be another Cornfed, and Real. I wish he would have at least gave Taya the ring so she could have gotten something out of it. As Ashley and Farrah probably said…LAME!!!!

  172. Melissa says:

    Bret picked the wrong girl he should of picked Mindy !! Oh well I guess Rocker Boy will never learn to leave the sluts alone..!!

  173. Brandy says:

    I can not stand Taya.. She is so fake and was only there to promote herself… I think the best choice for him was Mindy.. But he blew that… I am sure that there will be another Rock Of Love.. Mindy said it best when she said that he is “just a rock star”. I dont think that he truly knows what he wants…. I feel so bad for Mindy… Taya will be just fine…

  174. Heidi says:

    I too got sucked into watching this show. I thought Jess was a beautiful girl for Brett. I was not real happy with the choices of season two…..But I thought Mindy was the best choice for Brett….until I found out some info. Come to find out Brett is married living with his wife and kids. I only reason he did “Rock of Love” was to generate interest in Poison and his music. Seems interest in Poison had declined and what a brillent way to peak interest. We all got snowed>

  175. donna says:

    I think Bret made a big mistake he should have picked Mindy

  176. nancy says:

    omg… bret u should of picked mindy….. taya is a 2 feace b****…. mindy was real….

  177. SippySip says:

    Bret is never going to find a real committed relationship because he loves the dysfunction too much. He also needs to be willing to make his relationship a top priority and give a little more of himself rather than just expect his “woman” to follow him around like a puppy while he’s on tour and put up with the back-stage groupies sticking their tongues in his ear every night. Until he’s willing to sacrifice a little and compromise a little he’s not going to be able to keep the good one’s around (i.e. Jess, Ambre)As for Taya, she definitely has her issues but I think it might just work. If Taya wasn’t the right choice it sure as heck wasn’t Mindy (or any of the others on the bus) We’ll see ….

  178. Marcy says:

    OMG this is the greatest show ever. There is no way I want things to work out with Taya. I sooo want one more season of “rock star” Bret M. trying to find true love with some of the funniest, trampiest women on the planet. It;s just to good! This show beats The bachelor hands down. These woment literally let it all hang out and are Ho’s to the tenth degree but don’t care and actually play up on it while their poor kids sit at home and wait to see if mommy brings home a rock star daddy!

  179. ann says:

    That was a disappointing but predictable ending I will never watch the show again because you know she is not his rock of love and I refuse to watched him have another show and another and so on ……..

  180. John says:

    I was really disappointed with your choice Brett. You had something so real and genuine with Mindy. I’m just sorry you were too blind to see it.

  181. lisa says:

    i honestly thought he was gonna pick mindy… but we only see so much on t.v…. rooting for both its about time bret settles down

  182. Amy says:

    I dont think Bret can commit to one woman,like alot of men I know. He loves sleeping with tons of women,even though I like Bret he a playa

  183. Anna says:


  184. Andrea says:

    I feel bad for Mindy. That’s who Bret should have picked. Not this scanky stripper. I hope there isn’t a 4th ROL, because I just lost all interest in Bret!

  185. Ashley says:

    I like Taya. I’m glad she won.

  186. Another Point says:

    Everyone keeps making a big deal of Taya being a feature dancer. I’m (&*`_`!@(_~_(#@ uming these people have never seen burlesque or cabaret to know the difference between that and stripping. I happen to love these shows. Though at the same time, I don’t care if someone is a stripper either. I don’t think Taya was making fun of those girls being strippers per se, was making fun of them being trashy and self-denigrating. Not just that, but there were some very disgusting chicks on that show who handled themselves like beasts throughout. Taya was never one of them.

  187. ALM says:

    Taya AKA Laurie….is definitely disgusting. The huge, bulky, fake eyelashes- and her eyebrows……..OMG!
    HAHA, They won’t work out anyways- and Bret is a has-been that wears hair extensions and he is just trying to revive his career. They pretty much deserve eachothers nasty )%$+~*$_%!%!$$# es! Mindy was way too pretty for Bret!

  188. Jessica says:

    Wrong choice Bret! You should have picked me! but since I was not on ROL you should have picked Mindy! She was so much prettier and so much more down to earth. It will never work with Taya. She will be stripping and posing for her dirty pictures and never be around. A long distance relationship is hard enough, but when both people are travling it will be nearly impossible.

  189. TAYABLOWS says:

    Taya is an ugly tramp who will always be a STRIPPER. SHE IS GROSS. Brett will blow her off once he bangs her. Its the ONLY REASON THAT HE CHOSE HER. I CANT STAND HER. CAN anyone say ROL4 god help us all.

  190. njasper says:

    3 times the charm? Well I do not think this one will work out either as it is very hard to find love on the road and I believe Bret knows that. You can do these shows, but in reality show me one that has survived. Love is a strong balance and you cannot fall if you are not in it 100%. Yes there maybe have been 1 classy girl within the 3 episodes. But they are only friends and I belive that is the way this will end as well. As for Bret, If you are really looking to love someone they why not look in a smaller place for “THE ONE”!!!

  191. TAYA-IS-FAKE- says:

    everything is fake about taya: her eye lashes her boobs and everything about her is fake and disgusting. she should be at home takin care of her son & her son should not have a mom doin shows and posin 4 pics in magazines. –

  192. astrid says:

    I think Taya was the best choice for Brett and was pleased to see he didnt choose the lame safe girl as he did last year (amber zzzzzzzzzzz) Taya is Sexy and smart, creative, and driven. She is truley the best of both worlds and I hope Brett can hold on to this one. Mindy was a pesamist and a hater, belive me the only one that would have become annoying within a month would have been her. I belive Taya to be a bit of a type A personality and I think thats why some people didnt like her but there is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist. I belive her to be his best match yet hope it works out.

  193. stacey says:

    Yeah! I am happy for you Taya you deserve to be happy your a great person from what I say with or without Bret. If it don’t work you can get in touch with me!

  194. Nicki says:

    Why does everyone have to prove themselves to Bret??? Maybe it is about time that “Bret” should prove himself to someone and maybe he would be able to find “the one”. Are you really looking to settle down with one person? If so, it’s time you prove it instead of going this route. After 3x c’mon we all know this one will not last either. No offenese to Taya but, you still have your career and I belive that is your top priority, which no one can blame you for that as you do have it! Good for you. As for Bret, it’s time to get real….

  195. Nicki says:

    3X the charm, I do not believe this will work out for Bret either.. Why is it that everyone has to prove and give 100% to Bret. I think it is about time for Bret to give 100% and show that he really does want to find “true love” as he says. I have watched all 3 shows and if it has not worked out yet, then it will not. Bret, are you really looking to settle down? You have 2 girls, think of them when you are looking for “the one”. You do not need a show to find her. You may be looking in the wrong places. Try smaller areas..

  196. Logan says:

    Alright, well I think he made a very bad choice with choosing Taya. Taya wasn’t a very likable person and she seemed very fake. I didn’t like her at all. Mindy was, I think, a lot more reserved and better for Bret. Apparently, he didn’t see that. Well, I guess he has to live with his choice and we will see what happens. But yeah, there will be a Rock of Love 4 most likely, since I doubt him and Taya will make it very far. Might be wrong though. Time will tell. He needs to stop with these “finding true loves” shows. They don’t work!! Hello! Can you get that through your big headed ego there Bret!!!??? Ridiculous….

  197. Michell says:

    He definately has the wrong girl, It should be me
    LUV YA BRET !!!

  198. Dave says:

    Congrats to Taya the only real woman on the show!

  199. a lamble says:

    Bad choice is right, she is pathetic and so is he……..give this up looking for love on t.v. is not real…Brett you are losing real fans and making yourself look soooooooooo stupid and shallow..move on VH1

  200. tammie says:

    i have watched the show for the first time. i would never have thought that he would have picked taya, all you ever saw her in was her penthouse tanks, unless she was dressed up to go out on a date. i really think mindy was a better choice. she is just your down home country girl. and taya is all about the glamour(penthouse. i dont think she could have promoted it anymore than she did on that show. cant wait for rol 4. then we will all know that it didnt work out for bret and taya!

  201. Angela says:

    I can’t believe that you are all so silly…Taya is the only one of the girls that is even on the same level or somewhat of an “upper” level…she doesn’t need his money…just his love….Mindy was just star struck…so was the other woman….Taya actually went on there to date him….not to take him for what he’s worth because he’s a rockstar….By the way..I’m a HUGE Poison fan…and have been for years!!!!

  202. Alex says:

    I’m a huge fan of Posion and Bret. Never watched him on TV before this year though. My girlfriend (who I met at a Posion concert) is a huge fan of Rock of Love and she finally talked me in to watching. From the get go, my favorite was Mindy, simply because Bret and she had honest to God chemistry. Mindy should have been Brett’s choice, because they seemed to fit together like a rose and a thorn. Taya and Brett have zilch in the chemistry department. Either this had to be a pre-arranged hook-up for sponorship reasons, or Bret is enamored with the idea of having a Penthouse Pet on his arm. It certainly isn’t because he loves her. Taya also doesn’t love him. Mindy had the look of a woman falling hard for a man, Taya never did. In fact, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even like him all that much and sees him more as a stepping stone career wise than a future husband. Bret should have picked Mindy, because then he’d have a real shot at finding his “rock of love.” Sorry, Bret. But I think your rock is a mud-ball that will crumble into dust.

  203. Kelly says:

    you have to be kidding me!!!! never been a huge fan of bret, but have loved the show. will promise now to never ever watch another if it ever comes back…which i am sure it will, it is all publicity for bret. ignorance!!!

  204. Rebecca says:

    First of all congradulations! I am so happy that you got pick. I was rooting for you the whole time because you seem so real and well put together. When you are angry, sad, or upset you seemed to be able to composed yourself in a lady like manner unlike previous girls that have been on his show. I hope that everyhting works out

  205. symphony says:

    wow u made da baddest choice ever i liked mindy she was prett,kind,waaarm hearted taya she is ugly sluthis,wow a penthouse shirt omg,wtf

  206. hotmomma48 says:

    I really think Brett made the best choice. Taya is a great lady for him

  207. rey says:

    Both Taya and Mindy were hot! No matter who he would have chosen, it wouldn’t work out. I can’t wait to watch Rock of Love 4… just because of the girls

  208. hOtmOMmY says:


  209. maria says:

    Taya is a nasty white trash !()*(+()~#%%#_@)) She is not 29,that is very apparent.Scub off all the gook,take off the fake lashes and she is a very unattactive lady.anyone who thinks she is beautiful,doesn’t realize that beauty is not fake boobs and make-up and good lighting.Does anyone really believe that he can be with a woman much less marry them, when someday his daughters can Google taya and they will see her strange coochie?The whole show was a fake set-up.Soemtime during taping Penthouse got a hold of Mr.nasty and gave him an offer,like the superficial aging typical rocker we all expected he took the offer.He never said anyhting about her personality,all he cared was that he”got a penthouse pet”.I think he’s trying to fall in the same lines as Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson,news flash Bret Tommy Lee is a world class drummer with talent,you are an aging hairless “rockstar” who over the last couple years went from nice guy,to a swelled up big headed idiot,I will not watch rol4 and the reunion show will not be watched either cause it’s all prerecorded and set up.

  210. Laura Kelly says:

    Yuck! Bret is not only a TOOL but a dweeb. Taya is pretty but boring! He should have said no to both of them and went back to Amber.

  211. Bangor says:

    I could be totally off on this one, but maybe bret started these shows because his fan base totally feel off? Also maybe he didn’t have the amount of groupies he once had, untill the rock of love shows. I can’t blame him there, if it was me I would do the same thing, unless I was honestly looking for love. If he is looking for love then I agree that VH1 national television is the wrong place. I will admitt that I’m not a huge bret fan, before these shows all I knew about him was Every rose has its thorns, but The last 3 shows have been great and Im glad I watched them even if they were fake. Lastly, Taya is hott, it would be a great physical relationship im sure, but I feel she was fake?

  212. lara says:

    wow Just when you hope the barrel has been scraped,another layer of trash floats to the surface. “Taya’s celeb. interview” was telling in many ways. The poor little catholic girl that sings with “daddy” has found happiness in spreading her legs and stripping. Oh sorry “entertaining”.Sadly she feels if you change the verbage you change the reality.Another attractive insecure woman who seeks her self worth from the opinion of men who’s ownself worth consist of how many woman they can screw.Want love Bret?Ask your mom or sis to hook you up.

  213. Kwxfan says:

    Ok so I really though that just maybe he was done with the fake strppier types….. wrong Taya is the fakest of the fake and I seriously hope this reunion show results in we didn’t last awww sad story go back to your pentouse, and sing them as song, oh and do your fetured dancing…. I am not here to promote. Please hope that your fake face falls and crumples Taya best of luck with a real relationship!!!! NOT and Mindy you deserve someone who really wants you and not someone who wants another season of the show. I went from a fan to not so sure anymore!

  214. Rozie Hughes says:

    Yep, if he’s gonna be ‘washed up’ in time/age with his music career why not have the perks that Pet of the Year will bring ‘home’?
    He MISSED all the insane, moody, ‘funks’ that Taya had with the other girls…
    Mindy was at least honest and ‘down to earth’.
    He missed a real woman in her…adventurous and real. Nothing pretend and not ‘miss perfect’ in front of who was making the decision. Wonder how long it’ll be til he see’s the ‘real Taya’ when her ‘world’ comes before his…or, as I said, maybe that’s what he wants since his career is winding down… She’d be a sure source of income… :P
    His choice in the final 2 sucked…for him, it really did S U C K!
    I hope the reunion is when he HAS had an opportunity to look at ALL the clips from the show and see Taya on her berzerk rants and ‘funks’ at others…she’s far from ‘who’ she pretends to be. It’s all about her. She made that very clear throughout the show ‘behind the scenes’ when Bret wasn’t ‘there to watch’.

  215. trix says:

    He should have given her the ring. What was the point of going through the motions of picking it? It didnt have to be an engagement ring, it could have been a promise ring or just a damn ring for her to wear as his woman. how lame-o
    Bret is so phony. His personality is like a lump of cow dung. flavor flav was fugly but at least he has personality! bret and his fake hair, eyeliner and the sock in his jeans makes me wanna blow chunks.

  216. Jennifer says:

    I have watched Rock of Love since the very first episode. I even got my husband to start watching it. Not really a Bret fan, but think he is a very interesting person. However, I do agree with the majority of fans… Taya obviously has motives behind being on the show and it’s not to fall in love. She can deny the accusations until she’s out of breath but c’mon Brett… all of your “loyal” fans can see through her bull `$%*%(^%+_^_`~#` horrible acting and obvious craving for attention. Are you really that blind? I personally really liked Mindy. She really does seem very sincere. But this is a reality show…and reality is…most people don’t go on shows to find love. So will this relationship last? Probably not. Would it have lasted with Mindy? Maybe. But boy did you choose wrong.

  217. AdrieneBerkowitz says:

    He made the best choice from all 3 shows. You are on his level and I feel you and him have a future if everyone else just minds their own business and stops coming between him and his personal business.

  218. ginormo says:

    Dude! have you gone mad? how could you have been so blinded by that fake rack? maybe it was her eyebrows. you should have sealed the deal with mindy…she had all the potential to be your goddess forever. she sealed the deal with the muddy football game and the smile was to die for. wake up. even if she wasn’t so good that night you could have taught her…she seemed teachable.

  219. debbie says:

    You are a real phony. You should have stepped aside and let Mindy and Brett be happy. You are a slut.

  220. GRACE says:

    There..she has what she want’s…her space page it’s nothing but to promote her self w Penthouse and Brett…she’s so fake

  221. TYANI says:

    the only reason he picked her because she was the safer pick ….hes not ready to settle down and mindy was for sure head over hills in love…and he didnt want to lead her on…… he is safe with Taya because she will just move on to the next lap dance…

  222. 3043295 says:

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