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“I love everything about you,” Bret told Rock of Love Bus first runner-up Mindy. “But the ring is not for you.” If that’s not enough to put someone in a funk, nothing is. However, in our chat with Mindy she was surprisingly upbeat, not just about Bret’s decision but her time on the show, in general. Below, Mindy talks about the torch she still carries for Bret, salsa in suitcases and whether she thinks Taya and Bret’s relationship will last.

How was your time on the show?

I’m really happy about everything that happened, good, bad and ugly.

That surprises me a bit. I thought you might have negative feelings considering all that you went through. People gave you such a hard time.

I have a lot to make fun of. I don’t blame them!


My voice, yeah, that’s funny. I get it. I know I exaggerate things. And the song challenge? Come on. Hilarious. I had a meltdown. To watch that on TV? You don’t know that you’re like that until you watch it. And then you’re like, “Yeah, next time, I’m probably going to chill out a little more.”

You were not afraid to push back when given a task you were uncomfortable with. The whole Carnival thing, for example.

Oh yeah, I did not want to do that. I felt like someone was trying to make me something I’m not. I don’t wear stupid costumes like that. I mean, yeah a sailor costume is stupid, but it’s my kind of stupid. I had sequined discs on my boobs and that costume had no butt. I don’t wear those types of things. And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t look sexy in it, because it’s just not me at all. I felt ridiculous and everyone else is like, “We’re ready!” I didn’t understand what snapped where. I had big shoulder pads, too. It was like Star Trek.

That move fell in line with your character. You sort of had the normal-girl angle going for you, right?

I think I’m the person people can identify with the most because even though cameras were rolling, they did not stop my meltdowns and emotional moments. When I was upset about something, everybody knew it. I’m glad I didn’t go on there and pretend I was something that I’m not. In the real world, people have bad days. If you went on Rock of Love and you’d been there six weeks, do you think you’d be hunky dory every single moment? No! You’ve got days that aren’t great and then you’ve got people that you’re questioning every single minute.

Your disposition, and everything, really – even your brown hair – made you something of an odd choice for the show.

When the show first started airing, and I told people I was on Rock of Love, they were like, “No you’re not! They would never put a girl like you on that show!” And even more bizarrely: I made it to the end.

Were you surprised you made it that far?

Yeah. Before leaving, I told everyone I’d be home in two weeks, max. I figured maybe three, four eliminations. I never expected it.

Were you heartbroken to have not been Bret’s choice?

Of course. I had a complete breakdown in the bathroom of the resort we were in. It was the first time I had been really by myself. I was standing against the wall. I realized it was totally quiet and I was by myself and it just hit me. I slid down the wall and just sat there with my head between my knees and just cried and cried and cried. It was sad.

Did it take you a while to get over?

I got over the sadness part pretty quick. I came home and everybody was excited to see me, but the feeling part is still there. My heart still thinks about Bret everyday.

Did you go into the show with an active romantic interest in him?

No. Not at all!

What led you to the show, then?

Why not? I was open and available to anything that could happen, whether it be fun or romance or just meeting cool people. I couldn’t come up with a valid reason not to. Like, just go try. I never expected to like Bret the way I did, but after a few weeks, I was like, “Oh no. I’m falling for this guy. Are you kidding me?”

Your sister was on Survivor. Reality TV now runs in the family.

It’s an odd coincidence. I wasn’t seeking it out at all. Casting people came up to me in Cincinnati one night when I was out. My sister talked me into it. She told me to do the on-camera audition. Since they’re always casting for so much, this way they’d have me on camera. I thought she had a point there. I thought Rock of Love was something I could never do that because there’s two things you need to do on that show: kiss Bret Michaels and dance on a stripper pole, both of which I would never do. (Laughs)

Is it going to be hard to see Bret again at the reunion?

Hard, but I’m excited. I know I should be like, “You didn’t pick me! You don’t like me!” but no. Not me. You spend all that time developing feelings for someone and just because you’re no longer filming it, that goes away? If you felt it and it really was coming from the right place, it doesn’t go away. I still think about Bret. I have a very romantic idea about him. I miss him. I feel like he was one of those guys I could be pals with and have a crazy fire with. I felt physically, there was some major chemistry. When it was over, I realized I was never going to kiss him again. I was never going to see him. There was no more laughing about dumb stuff. It was just over. There was a ring and I was ready. Hook, line, sinker, I was there. You love someone enough that you could actually see yourself married to them? And then it goes away like that? Next! No, that’s not me.

So you love him?

I am…still…yeah. I did fall in love with him. I did. I know people are going to think that’s completely insane coming from a reality show, but I really did. Everybody who knows me knows that the only reason I did and said the stuff I did was because I love him.

Any regrets about falling out with Taya?

No. I was honest about my questions with her. I was just trying to level with her: “Here’s what others are seeing. I want you to understand.” I thought that because we were friends, maybe she’d under stand it coming from me. But she was not open to it, not willing to accept imperfections. “I don’t have insecurities.” Everyone has insecurities. That’s just unrealistic unless you’re a robot. How can you be in a committed, loving relationship and not admit your faults? It’s part of what makes a relationship great.

So you don’t look back on that friendship with any sense of regret?

I didn’t go there to make a friendship, I went there for the possibility of falling in love with someone. At some point, the friendship was going to get in the way. I could pick one or the other. You can’t be best buds with someone you’re competing with for love.

Was it mistake bonding as closely as you did?

I had questions about her much earlier than anyone knew, I just didn’t voice them until I had valid reasons to back them up. I didn’t want to start shooting off at the mouth all the time: I don’t like this person, I don’t like that person. It takes a lot for me to voice negative thoughts about someone and I knew at that point I had to say it or my behavior wasn’t going to make sense to anyone. But I did have questions and I still do. I felt like her tears came from a place of not necessarily losing Bret, but losing in general. “What am I gonna do if I can’t compete with this little Kentucky girl?” I never saw that smitten look in her eye. I never saw her heart breaking at the thought of not being with him. I just saw her hating the idea of losing the competition. And that’s when I spoke up.

Do you think it’s going to last with them?


No chance?

No. Not unless she gets a different personality.

It was pretty brutal when your property was destroyed, or at least soiled by salsa…but you’re already laughing at the mention of it.

(Laughing) It was funny. You expect stuff like that on that show. It was horrible because it shows their lack of maturity, to get off on destroying someone’s property. Like, how old are you? But I’ve watched the show. I expected a lot worse a lot earlier. It was just salsa. They could have taken scissors and cut everything up. I was kind of laughing at how stupid they were to do something that ignorant.

Are you happy you did the show even considering your heartbreak?

Oh yeah. My heart isn’t broken to the point of devastation. It’s just I’m truly disappointed. I really cared for Bret.

Keep up with Mindy via her MySpace.

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  1. D says:

    I can’t believe he didn’t pick you!! Well in the long run it’s a good thing cause you deserve someone who has not been around the block 50 million times. Your awesome and I am so glad that they selected someone more like me to be on the show. I definatly related well with you! Best of luck!

  2. Taryn says:

    Mindy- You looked beautiful at the elimiation, and Bret made the WRONG choice….I can’t believe he picked Taya! You are so much better than him, and I hope you find true love! You deserve it!

  3. joanie says:

    taya is ugly and has messed up round eyebrows!!! your gorgeous!! and country yay!

  4. cyn says:

    I was wishing that Bret was going to pick you, but then realized he would have dumped you just like Amber. He really only likes the slutty girls because they don’t care if he fools around with eveyone else and their sisters while he is on the road. He should just pay a prostitute to go on the road with him, thats basically what he wants. No wonder his “relationships” don’t work..look at the class of girl he picks.(except Amber) and jess was smart enough to dump him before the reunion show even was aired. Good luck with whatever you end up doing!!!

  5. Mrsn07 says:

    I am still in shock!!! The ending sucked, he picked the wrong one and he knows it that’s why he didn’t give her the ring!! You will find true love and Bret will realize he made the wrong choice!! Good luck!!!

  6. Alicia says:

    I think that you are great… I picked you from the beginning and couldnt stand Taya. I still cant believe she won. Just a horrible ending. It’s just funny that everyone the whole time called her out for advertising Penthouse—she denied but still wore that stupid shirt while doing her commentary. I know that everyone was pulling for you because you are real. Dont change in that way. On the flip side we will all get to watch another ‘Rock of Love” because we all know that this wont last.

  7. John says:

    Mindy I am truly sorry that you got your heart broken. I was completely shocked that Bret picked Taya. I really believed he would choose you. You are so genuine and honest. And you truly loved him and I’m sorry he couldn’t see that. I sincerely hope you meet someone who will love you and make you happy. Best wishes!

  8. Jenn says:

    YOU SHOULD’VE WON!! You looked awesome the whole time. You were fun and sometimes crabby, but hey at least you were real. What was all that about a “funk”. they just kept saying it. It’s called your personality. Taya doesnt know a real feeling even if she was trying to describe a black eye. Point being its not a funk… its being real. Nobody has a mood thats always smiling… unless you are fake (like Taya). You will find someone way better than Bret I’m sure of it. You deserve it. What was he thinking. At least he didnt give her the ring… that would be an extremely expensive divorce! LOL.

  9. lynn says:

    i loved you on the show, your awesome. bret made a wrong choice. there relationship won’t last, find a better man. your are beautiful and down to earth.

  10. Susan from Allentown says:

    I think Brett made a mistake. Mindy was the one.
    Taya seemed like she would be bossy and stubborn.
    She said that her agent wanted her to be somewhere else for a Penthouse photo shoot. She said that she was making a sacrifice by staying on the show. If that is so important to her how are her and Brett going to make it. Mindy could have stayed by his side. Mindy seemed kind and real and genuinely in love. Taya seemed self-serving and fake, like she was there to win a contest so she could add it to her resume.

  11. Sue says:

    Mindy, Bret is blind. He obviously goes for high-maintenance, fake chicks. I am a Pittsburgh girl and just cannot understand why he chose Taya. He chose the wrong Rock of Love. You should have won — but you get out there and shine!! Show them what true happiness really is. Good luck and God bless you.

  12. *-becca-* says:

    I was soooo rootin’ for you Mindy!! He’ll realize what an idiot he is for not pickin’ you if he hasn’t already!

  13. Heather says:

    I can’t decide whether Brett is an `#`!#!^_%+(*)&$ or if he is smart. An `#`!#!^_%+(*)&$ for not picking you because you were the only one on the show that was “YOU”. You weren’t pretending to be someone your not. Or was he smart for not picking you because honestly, you are too good for him. I mean come on, anyone that was with Pamela Anderson and all the other skanks from the other shows, now a penthouse playmate. What a joke. You truely deserve better than that Mindy and I hope you find what your looking for. And don’t worry…we will see ROCK OF LOVE on again next season because I agree with you, it wont last. Taya can’t love Brett because she is so in love with herself.

  14. Laura says:

    He should have picked you Mindy! You are beautiful!!
    He made the WRONG choice!!

  15. Michael says:

    Mindy, what you and Brett had is a natural chemistry. You can laugh and enjoy lifes simple pleasures. You can laugh at yourself and be humble. You are very courageous when faced with uncertainty. You try to find good in people and accept people’s differences. Lastly, you are a beautiful lady. I personally like your southern accent. Your only area for improvement is self expression of your feelings. You had a whole notepad of thoughts-but you did not voice them to Brett(although they may have edited out what I and Brett wanted to hear). If you want love in your life you will have to be verbal about what your heart feels; even if its only 90% in love or 100%. That will be a hurdle that will find you lasting love. You were the better woman for him and you deserve better than him.
    Brett, I am truly dissappointed in you, as intelligent as you are. You had your mind made up early in the show with Taya. I agree with Mindy. You couldn’t even look at Mindy while you were dancing as you already were feeling guilt. While you did eliminate the right people to the final 2, your animal instincts and desire won over your heart- unlike the first two shows. I truly don’t think you will find a long term match as long as you are doing what you love to do-playing rock n roll. When you get too old to do this anymore is when you will find that person. Seems funny, but you have to do the same and verbalize more of your inner thoughts. You “expect” because you are a rock star, that people have to communicate to you-its a two way street. You also have to cool the hormones. Getting away from what you love will help this significantly. I think you would be truer to other people if you be realistic about finding love at this juncture in your life. I think deep down you feel that any love prospect would not be able to handle your lifestyle.

  16. Jocey says:

    I am so disappointed with Bret’s decision. Im not there and apparently Bret made his choice for a reason, however, on camera it appeared as if Mindy was definitely the right choice. Mindy is absolutely gorgeous, she appeared to be incredibly down to earth and honest. I still hold my reservations about Taya. She may not have been there to exploit her career but totally superficial. No one is perfect and it is ok to be vulnerable. I feel like I did waste my time in watching this round of this show. I do wish Bret much success and best of luck in his new found relationship.

  17. Chalant says:

    Well Mindy, what can I say… I feel Bret doesn’t really know what he wants.. He flip flops all the time on his idea of a great girl for him. You can’t buy love, you can’t find love when you are paying for it and you can’t find love when you don’t know what it is you really are looking for… Best wishes to you. His tour ends here!!!

    Rock on sistah!!

  18. ANN says:

    That was a very disappointing ending. I will never watched his show again…. because you know she is not his rock of love and I refuse to watch him do it again and again and…………………………. !

  19. jessica lowery says:

    you should of been the one that bret picked you were the right one for him and if it makes you feel any better all of us girls in abbeville louisiana were hoping you would win

  20. Laura says:

    I am no longer a “Bret fan” after 20yrs..anyway he really made the wrong choice! I think it showed a side of Bret none of us wanted to see. You are a beautiful girl, and will have no problem finding a good man! I think Taya and him are already over..”she got her promoting done”..I want to know if you would take him back???

  21. necco says:

    Mindy, funny how dumb men are, isn’t it? Let’s see, Ambre chose you, Heather chose you, Jamie chose you, and even TAYA chose you for Bret!!! Given his track record you think he might listen to others for a change! I think he chooses girls he knows won’t work out so he never has to get vulnerable. Taya is all about the moment, all about image, all about herself. He’ll never get to know her b/c she is just using him for a little more publicity.

  22. Violet says:

    Forget Bret, Mindy, your wayyyy better off without him! If he can’t see the difference between real and fake…Taya! You don’t need him, you were my favorite on the show from the start! Good luck!!!!!

  23. ladyremyc says:

    Mindy, you should have won. I was so mad last night when he chose Taya, I was like wth. He chose the wrong rock of love and i thought he was really ready to change. Move on Girl you are gorgeous and I am with you 100% it will not last. When she won she said I am on to bigger and better things then she caught herself.She only was there for exposure I mean damn she wore the penthouse shirt the entire time. Good luck to you mindy and to me you are still the winner

  24. JacquieC says:

    Oh boohoo !!! How stupid was Mindy and the funny thing is it’s not like she is a 20 yr old naieve girl, she’s in her 30′s….she’s a big girl, she knew what she was getting into, it’s not like she had never watched the show, she used to watch it with her ex boyfriend, you know, the ex that had a feeling she was cheating on him.
    Girl next door my azz, didn’t take her long to hop into the sack with Bret now did it on her overnight date with Bret. She was so damn jealous of Taya that it got to her

  25. courtney carder says:

    I HATE TAYA she ugly i bet $40 that you would win and you didnt but i love ya you should have won

  26. jeremy says:

    Im glad he didnt pick Mindy….she’s needs someone better than mr.picky! I hope to see her on ILM 3!!!

  27. sharkee says:

    HEY MINDY!!!
    I give you so much credit for dealing with all the caddy back stabbing morons who compete on any type of bimbo show.. YOU WERE ALWAYS PICKED AS #1 for being truely in love with BRET, and best ALL THE WAY AROUND..

    However I noticed BRET MICHAELS has a bad PICKER…
    MY GOD he liked ASHLEY for GAWDS sake, BAD CHOICES!!!

    Even my husband said POOR MINDY had to get hurt for TV ratings…

    TAYA was spotted on HOWARD STERN with her crotch in some mans face!!!


  28. Jessika says:

    I am a Bret/Poison Fan from way back! But I really lost a lot of respect for Bret during this Rock of Love finale. I guess the thing is, I realized he likes “trashy women” over respectable, intelligent ones. Maybe it is just a rock star thing. But I think he will always be single with his choice of women. Mindy was the class act. Taya (29 years old…whatever!) TRASHY!

  29. Jolez says:

    Of course he wouldn’t pick Mindy…she spent her last date with him in bed. He never picks the girls he sleeps with. When Taya didn’t sleep with him she presented him with a challenge, he admitted he couldn’t get her out of his head. Since he wouldn’t keep whoever he picks at the end for long he probably figured he’d pick the one he didn’t tap so he could tap her later!!

  30. Celeste says:

    I look forward every Sunday night to watch along with my teenage daughter. This was by far the most disappointing ending to honestly a disappointing season.
    Mindy absolutely was the best of the choices, I feel for her. Taya is a walking talking advertisement. I am close to Brett is age and did not see any true connection with him in this season as I did with him and Ambre last season. Their was honest sincerety expressed than which sorely lacked this time around.
    Good luck Brett in finding Ms. Right, I don’t believe your search is over.

  31. Andrea says:

    Mindy, I was really bummed when Bret didnt pick you. I thought you were totally the one! I also want to praise you for your strength at elimation! Taya’s fakeness did show thru! And her eyebrows bugged me the whole time. I just wanted to tweeze them correctly! You rocked and I think you looked awesome! Good luck with everything and God Bless!!!!

  32. firelady says:

    I can’t believe how much she looks like Sara Evans in this photo

  33. Michelle says:

    I am sorry you were not chosen because you were really into him and your heart was on the line. Boys are stupid! lol However, if i was you and he chose a Dirty Slutty Magazine chic, then I wouldn’t want him! You are sooo much better than her and if that is what he chose then he wasn’t good enough for you!

  34. JK says:

    Hey Bret, Mindy is on the HBO series “I cant believe Im still single. She’s the phone sex chick.

  35. Gabriel says:

    Bret Micheals made an error in the last elimination because he had 2 beatiful girls that where Taya and Mindy and he picked Taya but Mindy is like Bret a cowgirl just like him cowboy rockstar and they both have alot in comen. Now Taya is a penthouse pet,a striper pole expert and a singer but Mindy is a little more beatiful then Taya but if I was Bret Micheals I will choose Mindy but thats not my choice its Bret’s choice. Mindy your cute.

    Gbariel from Puerto Rico
    my e-mail is from myspace

    Gabriel from Puerto Rico

  36. Tawny says:

    I am so glad that Bret picked Taya and not Mindy. The big difference between Taya and Mindy is that Mindy is a dreamer, a silly girl who is led by her emotions and doesn’t think with her head. Taya always approached Bret as a friend and felt as ease with him and was respectful to him. Taya and Bret are also parents. Mindy also doesn’t know anything about being a parent. Mindy doesn’t like being around children and she is 34 years old? Something is wrong there. Don’t think for a minute Mindy that Bret didn’t take that in. Oh and of course, there are the Mindy funks. That comes from being led by your emotions and not thinking practically. Mindy, you are not in touch with yourself emotionally and close yourself off and that is why you have a hard time verbalizing what is closest to you. But of course, when it comes to insulting another person in order to benefit yourself, it comes very easily for you, doesn’t it? Mindy, you need to work on yourself. I am very, very happy that Taya won. I do think that their relationship will work as well. Sour grapes, Mindy, sour grapes you are.

  37. kimberly says:

    i think bret made a terrible mistake. anyone could see the connection between bret and mindy. taya was there for her own benefit. how many times through out the season did she mention penthouse? she was just there to get herself out there. i just hate that mindy got her heart broken because of it.

  38. Carrie says:

    Mindy you are ONE CLASS ACT.. Taya is NOT a real person. She is mad fake and YOU are the best. I am SO sorry that Bret picked that stripper tramp. You will find the love of your life as you are way too good for Bret. Keep up the great positive attitude. ROCK ON MINDY..

  39. Gabriel says:

    Hey Mindy Bret is so stupid that he didn’t pick you.Your more beatiful then Taya and you deserved that ring instead of Taya but next timeif you make fiends in a reeality show and your best friend and you end up to win you got to step it up a noch.And I’m still mad that Bret didn’t pick you a beatiful woman that has alot in comen because Bret is a cowboy rockstar and Mindy is like a cowgirl just like Bret.

    my e-mail is in myspace

  40. Amy says:

    I am so disappointed that Bret did not pick you…I thought that you were the one for sure. You are professional and poised….a down home girl. I agree with you about it not working out with her. Best of Luck to you.

  41. DanaBeth says:

    Mindy you definitely should have won. You are such a genuine person and Taya is so fake. I wish Bret would have picked you. You would have made the best choice for him that is for sure. I hope you find happiness with someone who knows how special you are.

  42. angie says:

    Mindy my son had a huge crush on you and my son and i watched you . and we were sad honey , you are smart and a sweetie and young and very attractive . you do not need a old guy like that , you can do alot better . i think it will not last myself with taya . You are at least true to yourself honey i wish you best of luck.You do not need a jerk like that

  43. kiki says:

    i didn’t like both of u girls but Mindy was better than Taya and should have won.

  44. Shelly says:

    I was shocked that he did not pick you. Everybody knows why Taya was really their. Bret said it himself in the show about her (Taya) T-shirt she had on everytime she spoke. The pink tank top promoting herself. She was just there from the wrong reason. Mindy you should of won, you are real. There is nothing fake about you..

  45. Kim says:

    I think you were too good for Bret Michaels…let him pick the fake…He wasn’t even 100% sure of his feelings for her…I definitely saw right thru her and it’s only a matter of time before he sees it too! You’re better off without him! Good luck in your future…you’re beautiful..inside and out!

  46. Louisiana Lovely says:

    Mindy, I am so sorry that Brett hurt you. Believe me, I KNOW what it feels like to completely open your heart and let a man trample it. But DO know that you WILL find someone who is truly worthy of you. You are beyond gorgeous, classy, and you have an open and honest heart. Actually, your clean, honest demeanor was the reason WHY I even bothered with the show to begin with! From the first day, I knew that YOU would be one of the final 2 women standing. Of course, Brett has the mind of a seriously (&%!**_)*&@~&$)%_( ed flea and may I share that you really dodged a bullet on this one! Also, if you haven’t already done so, PLEASE GO GET YOUR TETANUS SHOT!!! I mean, only God knows the places where Brett Michaels’ lips have been! YUCK!!! You deserve sooooooooooooo much better and I wish you all the best!

  47. Lisa says:

    I thought you were the right one for him. I think Taya is ugly and has a bad attitude. But in the end he didn’t pick ya. It’s probably a blessing in disguise.

  48. lisa says:

    Mindy You deserve way better than bret Micheals! Your Gorgeous! I love your spirit on how things went down

  49. Mrs. T says:

    Mindy- Girl you are HOT!!! You don’t need a man like Bret. Go out and find yourself a true man. Fake people belong with fake people. Oh, and no matter how she kept defending it Taya was so there to promote herself and penthouse, also she is so a stripper! I saw the show with her pole dance.

  50. Tayastrash says:

    Mindy: Honey…Bret Michaels did you a favor! He doesn’t deserve someone with class, such as yourself. He deserves exactly what he got…a trashy, sleezy, skanky, fake! He wasn’t even 100% sure he loved her! Only time will tell him that he made the wrong choice. There is someone for you, and they will be twice the man Bret Michaels is! Good luck in your search for your true love!

  51. nikki says:

    once again bret michaels has made the wrong choice
    Well mindy i totally believe he should have picked you, Taya was so freaking annoying and the hefer never shut up. Go find a betterman and smiloe everyday knowing he will try to call you when taya and him do not work otu , then u can tell him where to go. You are a beautiful girl and there is a man out thewre for you somewhere.

  52. Nancy says:

    I think he would have picked Mindy if she had used her time with him more wisely. Instead of talking about Taya, she should have talked about a future with Bret.

  53. stephanie says:

    i really wish mindy won. she was the best person there 4 him. and taya is a hoe/slut she dont deserve 2 be with bret

  54. flexy633 says:

    Mindy, I was rooting for you! I wish you had won instead of Taya, but it wasn’t meant to be. You deserve better than Bret and I hope you find true love with a great guy.

  55. mike says:


  56. carolina says:


  57. flexy633 says:

    As you can see, Mindy, 99% of the comments on here are in favor of you and NOT Taya. Don’t let his decision get you down. Taya may have won the competition, but I don’t think she truly won Bret’s heart. I hope you find true love with a great guy who can give you his entire self. You deserve better than Bret!

  58. SB says:

    That was some DOO-DOO! They totally deserve each other! He just want a girl to use as an accessory. She is a Mother? Whatever. Good Luck to you, we will see you pop up somewhere else soon!

  59. Savannah says:

    Dude, I say I can’t stand Taya, I really wish you won, but then on the other hand, you are better than that womanizer!

  60. Cristina says:

    I can’t believe that Mindy didn’t win. That sucks! Taya is not pretty and her boobs are huge and saggy. Her finale dress was not flattering. I thought I was going to be sick.

  61. Dani says:

    Mindy should have won. Taya’s lame as hell. I bet there’s even gonna be a fourth season even if he said that it’s his last time. =/

  62. ilovepurdy says:

    Bret is insane. You were the only normal one left at the end. Taya is a skank. She is just a media !*^+^&@**`&*@)#*$

  63. Julie says:

    I can not believe he picked that fake person over you. She even cried fake. Your lucky he didn’t pick you but I was in shock….

  64. jo says:

    I can’t believe this ending. He could have gotten a penthouse pet without doing the show!

  65. Suzie says:

    I think you are so sweet, if Brett had wanted “love” like he claimed he should have picked you! not Taya.
    Goodluck to you,

  66. Tricia says:

    MINDY ROCKS!! I am so very disappointed that he didnt pick her cuz she is the BEST choice for bret michaels! Someday Mindy, you will find your true love!

  67. gilda says:

    Mindy, you looked so incredible in the last show, cannot believe Bret picked Taya over you. BUT…it is probably for the best, you seem like someone who deserves better than a been round the block old rocker, I just feel badly that you really fell for him. I wish you all the best and hope you find love!

  68. Re says:

    Mindy- You should have won!It won’t be long before before they start filming Rock of Love 4. Which I refuse to watch.I thought in the first Rock of Love he should have picked Heather!And we all see how that turned out they are FRIENDS.Taya not the RIGHT girl for him, it will end ugly.

  69. cecilenoe says:

    well mindy i ‘am sad too but just wait and see if he choose taya.just wait and see.
    i been in love before but the stupid i was in love with was a liar ,cheater ,and i letf is #^#)@)#)!~@^+!~ and went to europe .i date a other one same chiet +#)$`+)%`(~(&$@# thinking do you think love exist because difficult to believe.then. i just stay alone.and kids no boyfriend i’am ok like that.

  70. Vanessa says:

    I really thought he was going to pick you over Taya. I think she is beuatiful and all, but she does make it seem like she is perfect when in reality she is not because nobody is. He picked the wrong one in the end. I can’t wait to see what he has to say to her at the reunion because it’s always something like “we’re just going to be friends”. I truly believe that she was just trying to promote alot of things. Bret even realized it and he still picked her. He was questioning her singing and her Penthouse Pet tank that she always wore. Anyway, you should’ve won, but it’s not the end of the world.

  71. Patty says:

    Bret made the wrong choice with Taya. She was completely fake right down to her breasts. Mindy was real….She was your typical down-home girl who was better than any of the others on the show. She was the only one that most women could relate to. Too bad Bret made a BIG mistake in his choice. What will the next show be named? Rock of Lust? That would fit someone like Bret…Doesn’t seem he really wants to find his soul mate… he just wants to make a little more cash.

  72. anna marie says:

    Mindy I was rooting for either you or Beverly the whole time. I think Taya is the fakest (^##&&$(&++@$*+_& that was on the show. She was just one &$&(*@“~$~`^*~* ing promotion after another. Bret deserves whatever she does to him. Because I almost guarantee it will end with him getting hurt and by golly he deserves it. You can do better than him

  73. Courtney says:

    I am totally behind you Mindy, even his friends said that they wanted you to be the one he picked but I guess a nudy girl is more where Brett thinks he will find true love versus a real girl…I don’t think they will last either she’s too fake and too much about promotion…I am sorry you didn’t get your Rock of Love its his loss

  74. Gina Marie says:

    OMG!!! Bret is a MAN… enough said!! I COMPLETELY agree with comments made by Sharkee and by Jolez. FIRST of all, this show, like every other, is concerned with TV RATINGS. Every move they make on these type of shows are for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only. OF COURSE he was going to pick Taya, EVERYBODY wanted Mindy to win. If he would have picked Mindy, there would be no controversy at the end. As it is now, he is leaving a big question in everyone’s minds because he didn’t give Taya the ring and we all wonder if he ever will. Will there be a ROCK OF LOVE 4? Bret said there wouldn’t be and I hope there won’t be, I won’t watch it if there is. As for what Jolez posted, I think that is RIGHT ON!!! Bret TOTALLY disrespected Mindy by not choosing her because he already had sex with her, then he turns around and tries to tap Taya the next night. Taya turned him down and he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Did he choose Taya because he wanted to take her to bed? He already had Mindy a couple of times, so he wanted to move on to Taya? I have to admit that crossed my mind, but after I read Jolez’s post, it solidified my suspicians. In any case, Mindy You were my favorite and I’m sorry your heart was broken. I’m glad to hear you’re getting on with your life and you’re not bitter. I know I have lost respect for Bret after watching that stupid show. I think YOU said it best on the show when you said “he is just a standard jerk in a rock star uniform. You can find a BLEEP like that anywhere”. Take care and God Bless

  75. Meg says:

    I really wish Bret would have picked Mindy. She was so down to Earth, so totally what he needed. Taya was so freaking fake! She tried her hardest to cry every elimination, by putting her hand to her forehead and just staring at the floor. And if anyone caught this (which I am sure they did) Bret even mentioned something about Taya wearing a penthouse logo all the time…. UM HELLO she totally did! I just hope that everyone is ready for a Rock Of Love season 4, unless he decides to dump Taya and pick Mindy at the reunion.

  76. Ch33kz says:

    Mindy looked absolutely stunning. Beautiful hair, REAL eyelashes. Taya looked like a well-dressed hooker. Her true “imperfections” shown at the finale. She thinks shes so innocent, going back to the room after the date. Please, what a fake.

    Guess Brett will never learn from his mistakes. He figured a normal girl like Ambre was a mistake, so he went for the fake @$$ “feature dancer”/penthouse pet. That’s funny!! Pretty sure Taya got a raise for promoting Penthouse as much as she did. Every show she bragged about the ^*+__@$_@!@*_^~! BTW I wonder if Ashley & Pharrah are married yet? Skanks

  77. shawn says:

    Bret is an ah**e, It should be called rock of lust anyway, it is about having a show it is not about finding love. Taya is a fricken penthouse pet, trashy slimy woman who shows her who ha in a mans magazine for everyone to see, gross. Mindy had the best body and looked absolutely hot in that gold dress. Taya’s saggy boobs in the red ugly dress ick. Bret is a jerky hasbeen and I will never watch this skanky show again.

  78. Brenda says:

    Take ur fake !(^%&(~@!^+($(! hair
    & gross !(^%&(~@!^+($(! tounge
    back to the stage
    of ROCK&ROLL….
    Who Wants to see
    that scht on TV?

  79. peggy says:

    Bret didn’t pick Mindy because he knows she really fell for him. Bret isn’t really looking for love that’s why he sort of picked the ho Taya. Bret didnt offer her the ring because he doesn’t really want her either. Taya is a phoney who wants people to believe she is way better than she is. She wont even admit she’s a stripper but talks constantly about being a penthouse pet, centerfold whatever. I felt so sick after Bret let Mindy walk away and told the ho Taya he would be holding the ring for her.

  80. dee says:

    I like brett michaels and i love poison i watched all three seasons of this show the first one i wanted him to pick jess the second one i wanted him to pick amber he did for both but they didnt work. Taya your right stripper, slime ball, sleeze bag, i wanted him to pick mindy she was the right choice, not a centerfold. besides this guy is not looking for love hes looking for sex.

  81. Sharle Jumps says:

    Rock of Love – Rocks! Excellent show! I really thought Bret was going to pick Mindy. Mindy comment: “When it was over, I realized I was never going to kiss him again. I was never going to see him.” She will see him again at a concert and they will hook up. Mindy still has the fever. You just can’t forget someone that special.


  82. MindyTheLoserLost says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Stupid haters. Mindy lost because she is a ho and gave it up to Bret. She shouldn’t have slept with him on their final note together. What a loser. She lost because she’s a ho!

  83. rockofmoe$$$$ says:

    I’m really pizzed off!!!
    Bret you are the most sorry
    ahoe right now!! I tried to see the good
    in you on this show but you could
    not deliver….
    I thought you were a good hearted
    person from watching last season
    But!!!After this one I realized with
    other viewers that!!
    (That myself&others Did’nt need 2 see!!!!)

    IM really surprised Your DI_K Hasnt FALLEN OFF!



  84. Nancy says:

    Once again Bret Michaels was not thinking correctly. Taya is a stripper. If I heard Taya talk about Penthouse one more time I was going to shoot my TV. Mindy of course was the right girl to pick. She had nothing to hide, which Taya had everything to hide. Mindy was down to earth and did not have to try and out do the other girls.

    We all know that it is not going to work with ho Taya so get ready for Rock of Love the fourth season.

  85. suz says:

    I will not watch anymore “Rock of Lust”!!!! Bret has enough fans from the 80′s to F***. Mindy was the BEST choice for love. I know Bret will never find love because he’s not looking!!! Taya and Bret good job using this time to futher both of your careers, what was it?! Penthouse right?! They show a**holes for a reason!

  86. tess1978 says:


  87. bebe says:

    mindy is a whiny little $^_!`~*(#$~&)@^)& she was my favorite until she started stabbing taya in the back.

    bret knew mindy and taya were friends so when mindy started telling him how much she hated taya every chance she got he took note of that. and he knew HE COULDN’T TRUST MINDY.

    for everyone who keeps calling taya “trash” … what did she do ON THE SHOW to be called that? mindy learned how to give a beej from bret! ON THE SHOW.

  88. sarah says:

    he todaly should of piked mindy i bet one day he realizes it and dumps taya for mindy cus shes real and taya definatly was FAKE

  89. Laurie says:

    BRETTTTT BRETTT what have you done? I like many others watched all 3 programs and never once was he looking for love in any of them, Alot of nice girls great publicity for most of them. But i must say i have 4 daughters and believe me i would never want them to try or bring Bret Micheals home to me, this last episode was more thn enough for me he is playing in concert in my local hometown in may and i wont pay a penny on that fair day to see him and one more thing to all the ladies out there and Brett take a lesson from MICK JAGGER AND RONNIE WOOD now thats ROCK STAR LEGEND they got better and hotter girls than Bret ended up so shame on you Brett

  90. NOYB says:

    Isn’t it obvious, Brent is all about the fame. He picked Taya because she was setting herself up for a brand managers dream. Penthouse Playmate of the Year, Feature Dancer, Singer, Songwriter, etc… He didn’t choose love, he saw her as a business opportunity. Let’s just all wait and see how long it will be until we see the two of them doing a reality show, of their “love”, I mean promotion of Taya’s new career, headed up by Brent. Then after that series, their will be another reality show of the two of them getting married, then having a baby, then the divorce, etc…

    It’s all about the business opportunities, that lead to Brent getting air time and he will use Taya as she will use him. They are PERFECT for each other!

  91. Leslie says:

    Taya should have never won, she was there the whole time promoting Penthouse, Penthouse that is all she talked about. She needed to go when he kicked off Ashley 2 for 1 special. I was so upset when he did not pick Mindy she was that beautiful,nice girl who always looses in LOVE. Nice girls always finish last. I myself coming from (north) western Pennsylvania like Bret he should of appreciated that nice girl mannerism from Mindy, it is hard to find it in this ever changing slutty world of +)~_+_`!%`@@*$$$# s. I did not watch Rock of Love 1 but comparing R of L 2 and 3. Mindy was the best person he could have picked besides Amber.

  92. Lisa says:

    I watched all three seasons. I Think Bret just picked the wrong girl. The girl of your dreams doesn’t pose nude in a magazine for all to see nor does she swing from a pole for different men every night (Save that for your intimate moments with your man). Taya is just a career @+%~((#**~%(`(%+$ who will use Bret to her max and then dump him. I mean come on did you not see her once with out that *&%@# Penthouse shirt on. Then to call her self a good Mom hey I was single once with a kid and didn’t do those things. Hmm maybe he needs a taste of his own medicine. Mindy rocks and has more class.

  93. Tina says:

    I have been a HUGE fan of Bret’s since the 80′s. Yes, I am as old as Bret!!!! I have followed his career through everything. I do still love Bret very much, plus…Bret is a western-PA boy and I gotta love him cuz I am too. He is a PITTSBURGH STEELER FAN, and hey, I bleed BLACK AND GOLD. Anyhow, this was THE most disappointing finale I have EVER SEEN. Come On Bret, didn’t you watch the show before you made your decision. Taya was promoting PENTHOUSE every single show. MINDY WAS REAL!!!!!! MINDY WAS IN LOVE WITH YOU, and still is. You made a huge mistake Babe, but I do believe that after you have your fun with Taya, and you find out how she truly is in real life, I think you will know that you made the wrong choice. Mindy was the one for you from the first show until the last show. I feel Mindy got the shaft royally. I just hope that you think about Mindy and stay in touch with her cuz once Taya is finished playing, and her committment to Penthouse takes first priority, you are gonna regret it again. I am sorry Bret. I still love ya though.

  94. lori says:

    I feel sorry for Bret. One day he will be an old man and no good looking young women will want him anymore. He will be so alone, wishing he had picked Mindy and lived happily everafter! Mindy is the real woman.

  95. GetOverItHaters says:

    It’s great that Taya won so DEAL WITH IT! You haters are all hilarious. Take your hate somewhere else! Mindy is needy and insecure and bitter so that is why she is alone!

    Taya won because she is the best!

    Taya is the best!

    Deal with it that Taya won!!

    TAYA WON!! :-)

  96. BoohooMindy says:

    Get over it you crybabies. You cry just like Mindy. Mindy is an emotional loser and that is why she lost!

    Boohoo cry your eyes out. Waahaaaaaaaaaa

  97. Robin says:

    Okay,so I have had time to think about the ending of this show that I have sat and watched religiously. I have come to the conclusion that Bret is not serious about finding a woman in which he wants to settle down with. This is all being done for publicity. A monkey could have told him that Taya was not the right one for him. In my opinion Bret had to choose between the girl next door and the *$)!)~~+!(^%*@$%_ on the street. No man in his right mind would have picked Taya. Who would want to be with a woman that has posed for Penthouse. Fantasy great but c’mon..every guy has seen what you are now claiming you love and want to be with. I feel sorry for Mindy. Plus I have a whole new opinion of Mr.Michaels after this. What guy would go and tell a girl to pick out a ring and then say uhhhhh I’m just not ready yet? That’s like hanging a carrot in front of a horses face. I also forgot to mention how Bret cancelled his show here in Elizabeth,Indiana a couple of weeks ago due to illness..I’ve reallized that Bret has a good heart but as a person I think he is heartless and self centered. Maybe we should all say we are going out and buy his record and then when we get up to the counter tell him uhhh 99% of me think this might be good but 1% tells me it might just suck therefore I’m not going to buy it until I think its good enough for me to spend my money on…if there is another(god forbid)Rock of Love..count me out..its a joke.

  98. madinfla says:

    Brett, how in the hell are you going to introduce Tart girl to your precious daughters??? Maybe she can show them how to pose for Penthouse, or how to swing on the pole…what a big f….in jerk! Mindy, you were better than the both of them together. Hang in there girl!! Yes, I believe this was all a ploy to get another show and I ain’t watching that ditch witch Daisy either!

  99. TayaCampMember says:

    where’s my post???!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Cathy says:

    Mindy, I don’t know what is wrong with Bret. I can just say you are better off without him. He and Taya will not make it. She is too into herself and he will realize that the moment she takes off for one of her Penthouse events. Goodluck finding someone that deserves you!

  101. debbiedo0211 says:

    mindy hold your head high.brettmichaels and taya are both @)@)&$+`*_*^_`@ holes.and i wont be watching his dumb @)@)&$+`*_*^_`@ on tv wont last with the slut he picked

  102. angel says:

    I feel Bret is not looking for love at all , just how many women he can sleep with ! he is a old fart and will never know what true love is becouse he doesn`t want love just sex , mindy you will find true love and taya you are a ho and always will be so in away you both are made for each other!

  103. Mindyisaho says:

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

  104. SoDumb says:

    People act like Bret reads these blogs like it’s a personal diary. What a bunch of geeks! Hahahahahahahahahaha

  105. Marci says:

    Don’t be sad, Mindy, you can do a lot better than Bret Michaels. The fact that he chose Taya is proof that there is something wrong with his head.

  106. john wallor says:

    I think you are so fine and you really deserved to win. I am the same age as bret. I am from L.A. I watched his first concert at the wiskey a go go. I think he made a big mistake.

  107. kentucky fan says:

    My,My what was Bret thinking???? Taya is such a big baby and all she does is cry!!! She has a silly looking set of eyebrows and she is so Fake!! Personally I think he just picked Taya because he wants to see what she’s like in the sack!!! If she would have spent the night with him then he would have chosen Mindy..Taya just left him Hanging and he is curious and it is all about SEX to him…After he gets her in the sack he will leave her to. We will be watching season 4 in a few months…. Wait and see!!!! Bret is such an A**.

  108. Juanita says:

    I think they should make Mindy the next bachelorett. I could not believe that Brett chose Taya. I feel it was all planned and that he is not intending to date Taya at all… The show had to make it look good.

  109. linda says:

    Mindy, hope you’re reading this because if you are, you’ll realize the majority of the rock of love viewers were firmly in your corner. I think most of us are still in shock over his pick. God bless you and good luck to you. We all wish you the very best.

  110. Alex says:

    I’m a huge fan of Posion and Bret. Never watched him on TV before this year though. My girlfriend (who I met at a Posion concert) is a huge fan of Rock of Love finally talked me in to watching. From the get go, my favorite was Mindy, simply because Bret and she had honest to God chemistry. Mindy should have been Brett’s choice, because they seemed to fit together. Taya and Brett of zilch in the chemistry department. Either this had to be a pre-arranged hook-up for sponorship reasons, or Bret is enamored with the idea of having a Penthouse Pet on his arm. It certainly isn’t because he loves her. Taya also doesn’t love him. Mindy had the look of a woman falling hard for a man, Taya never did. In fact, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even like him all that much and see’s him more as a stepping stone career wise. Bret should have picked Mindy, because then he’d have a real shot at finding his “rock of love.” Sorry, Bret. But I think your rock is a mud-ball that will crumble into dust.

  111. Brett says:

    It was sad that he didn’t pick Mindy She was Great. Taya was an old ugly looking skank with insecurties that she isn’t willing to show. Maybe Bret wanted somebody his age or something . I just don’t see it lasting. She’s too “perfect” its just not right. My prediction done and over with by the end of the reality show. Too much of a bad personality. Taya was such a perfectionist. Bret Needed a girl down ti Earth like Mindy. Oh Well. Good Luck Mindy!

  112. zelda says:

    I missed the finale and now I am glad that I did.

  113. nessa says:

    He totally should have picked mindy..taya lied about the hell is she going to be on the road with bret if she loves her job so damn much and how is she going to be away from her child..and mindy just would have been perfect..shes not a stripper she was real and she didn’t brag about being penthouse of the year seriously…i really don’t know how taya is going to be the pent house of the year and be on the road that makes noooo sense to me..BOO TAYA!!

  114. judy says:

    i think brett went to bed with all those women he isnt looking for love hes looking for sex

  115. Jolene says:

    Bret I knew all along that you were going to pick Taya in my heart but I hoped that I was wrong but of course I wasn’t. How can men be so blind babe. Mindy was and is in love with you. She didn’t go on the show to fall in love with you but it happened and we all witnessed it. Every week on the show you could see her falling for you more and more and when she gave herself to you I thought you would have realized it. Don’t you know it is hard for some girls to open up to guys right away. It would have come if you would have given her more time. I just hope that when you realize the mistake you made that she will still be waiting for you.

    i am still one of your biggest fans. sunflower

  116. Molly says:

    You are such a strong person and my heart really goes out to you. I believe you were the right choice for Bret and the one thing I like about you is that you were being yourself. Being yourself is a great Quality to have and never be something your not!!!

  117. brandi says:


  118. Lorre says:

    I have watched all the Rock of Love shows, but this one was the worst! It was rather boring, and once it was revealed that Taya was a Penthouse Pet – didn’t we all know he was going to pick her? And let’s face it … this is not about Bret finding love, but about him finding sex and an attempt to save a dying career through this publicity. Mindy you are better off without him!

  119. MindyIsAWhiner says:

    Mindy deserved to lose because she acted like a spoiled brat and had a hissy fit when she didn’t get her way on the show. She needs to GROW UP and become an adult.

    Mindy is such a loser she is going to wind up an OLD MAID. Meltdown Mindy is going to be an Old Maid.
    Boohoo girl, grow up!

  120. PoorMindyTheDramaQueen says:

    If Mindy is still whining about the show and it’s been this long then maybe she needs to get some therapy. Just saying! :-)

  121. Suzanne says:

    OMG… I called this one, if two people were ever ment to be together it is Brett and Taya … Mindy step back take a look at two camera hungry , nasty livin people … You were spared !!! Go find a real man who can love you for you and not what you can do for his career !!!!! Good luck to you !!!

  122. Ashlee says:

    Bret, Bret, Bret, you should have picked Mindy. If your really looking for love, she was the one. But Taya, come on now!! Maybe the “girl next door” isn’t Bret. He only likes Hos. Mindy was the most real girl there. Srry Mindy, I was for you from the start. XOXO

  123. Joanne says:

    Mindy’s better off without Bret. She deserves someone who will be there for her, unlike Bret who actually said, “I can’t have you in a funk like that when I’m coming off the stage.” I guess everyone is supposed to be in a great mood 24/7 when they are dating Bret. Give me a break.

  124. Joanne says:

    Mindy, you can do better than Bret! Yes, he should have picked you (obviously 99% of the viewers are in your corner on that), but you will be soooo much better off in the long run. You will find a guy who will be there for you. Forget about the funk b.s. that Bret kept bringing up. Seems to me he expects his woman to be in a good mood 100% of the time.

  125. KaylaMarie says:

    Mindy should have won. Taya is a hoe. She is only their to promote herself. I really liked all the rock of loves and all of his choices till this one. Mindy was the one. You could tell she really loved him, Taya was just putting on an act. This is just gonna be like the other ones and over in no time. He doesnt wanna commitment, he wants sex. I really liked him till he made this stupid decision. He is goin to regret pickin her and want Mindy back!

  126. Candas says:

    I’ve watched all three shows and it’s pathetic how he keeps picking the wrong girls.
    first show he picked Jess even though he should’ve picked Heather. second show he picked Amber which I’m not to upset about. and third show he picked Taya and that is possibly the worst mistake that he’s made. I really love Mindy she was the most realest person on that show and you could tell that she was falling for him.

  127. totallyannoyed says:

    I was terribly disappointed in Bret and I totally agree with Peggy. Brtet’s not lookng for love…he’s looking for marketing. VH1′s damn celebrity match up shows are a great way for people to keep putting themselves in the limelight. I mean seriously…who the hell still cared about Bret Michaels before they started pumping this show except aging diehard Posion fans?

  128. jo says:

    mindy is too good for that ugly old fart made me sick how he kiss them girls he not sexy at all lol i was waiting for taya eye lashes too fall off lol she a nasty one too fake all the way i see mindy in her own show soon

  129. Leslie says:

    I really hope that Bret realizes what a mistake he made by not choosing. Mindy. The only reason why Taya got chosen was because she is a Penthouse playmate. Thats what Bret likes apparently. Mindy can do lots better than him now. Now that men have seen what Mindy is like, I thank men will start liking her and maybe she will find that one. I give my all to Mindy. She is very awesome and cool. Keep those high spirits up girl you can do it.

  130. brandi says:

    i think that bret should have picked mindy she is a very sweet girl and he mad a mistake chossing cause she is a ho and is all in it for fame so i hope that she gets her heart broken

  131. Joey says:

    Bret is an idiot! Mindy was actually a real girl while Taya is basically a blow-up doll. She’s already proven that, just look at what she does. But who could expect more of Bret, he’s never been looking for anything real and if he had it, he let it go. He doesn’t deserve Mindy anyways…there’ll just end up being another show.

  132. Diane says:

    You were right, every move Taya made was calculated. Her decision not to “sleep” with Bret was a huge risk but it paid off for her. She didnt make that decision based on morals, it was part of the game. Hopefully she’s a horrible lover!!!

  133. claudia says:

    i liked both you and taya, i thought you two had the most dignity on the show, but i thought you were just alittle too immature and pouty at times…and when you reach a certain level of maturity, not every ones has insecurities, i don’t have them anymore and if i did i would have alot to be insecure about..maybe taya is just at that place and your not, doesn’t make her a robot, it just makes her maturity at a different place. you deceded to throw her under the rock of love bus because you needed to put yourself at a level you didn’t feel you were at on your own and thats when you lost your dignity on the show. if you have kids someday is this what you want to teach them in their life? kiss someone who is sucking on everyones face and throw friends under to make yourself look good….your a beautiful girl and i hope the best for you

  134. ~*~Jenni~*~ says:

    I really think that Mindy was the obvious choice. In the end when he chose Taya I must say that I was shocked. Now I have to say that I really doubt Brets sincerity when he says that he is looking for love.. I agree with the rest of you.. He’s just looking for someone he can do what he wants with and later on down the line when he’s tired of her, kick her to the curb and is on to the next girl.. Had he really been looking for love he would have chose MINDY… For Mindy its probably for the best that he didn’t choose her.. It was far better for him to let her go now than to have hurt her more in the long run by playing with her heart more than he already had.. I’m sure Mindy will find the one for her.. and as for Bret and Taya.. IT’LL NEVER LAST!!!!

  135. Sue says:

    I am so surprised and disappointed that Bret picked Taya! I almost threw up watching her stand there with her eyes cast down as the fake tears flowed..Mindys` kind and gentle spirit is just what Bret Michaels needed to be truly happy..Taya/laurie isn`t ugly,she is average looking.. if Penthouse expects to sell magazines,they will need to do alot of touch up and air brushing to have her appear very attractive..
    Mindy,keep your pretty head up! Bret will soon realize that he made one of the biggest mistakes ever in his search for a soul mate..

  136. Brittttttney says:

    Bret only chose Taya because she was the only one out of the two who he didnt get to screw! He already had Mindy, and now he wanted a taste of Taya. Obviously, the correct choice would have been Mindy bc she is a true person, we will see where this goes!

  137. ginger says:





  138. Diana says:


    …..You’ll be fine….no, it’s not pleasant, and to
    also be ‘publicly’ rejected.

    I hope that in time, you will have a mutual and loving
    committment from someone.

    I have read some of these comments…ignore the nasty
    responses. You did your best…

  139. Dot says:

    I @!^@%!()~+_(+%` ume they thought they were throwing us a real curveball by having him choose the tramp after picking the nice girl the past two seasons. Third time’s a charm for the stripper! Surely no one was shocked by the outcome. He doesn’t want to do this again? Spare me — he’ll be back for another season — it is, by far, must-see trash tv at its very, very best!!

  140. liz3564 says:

    Mindy, I was rooting for you. I really thought that of all the girls there, you were sincerely in love with Bret.

    I do think, however, that in the long run, it might be better that you didn’t win. I think that you deserve someone who can really give you the stable relationship you desire, and I don’t think that Bret could ever do that for you. He is on the road a lot, he already has a family….two daughters….and has a house, and still lives part-time with the mother of his children. They say it is a plutonic relationship, but I think that would still be VERY problematic for someone who is serious about a relationship working.

    Are you going to school? I hope you are, or pursuing a career. You never mentioned specifically what you were doing on the show. You’re a beautiful girl inside and out, with a lot of potential. Keep developing your own talents, and you will meet someone who is really right for you.

    God bless.


  141. Jessica says:

    I think Bret is stupied for picking Taya. She is the most dumb bimbo that I have ever seen. Mindy don’t worry he will come back to you soon as he sees the really fake Taya. She is so ugly she look like an ape. Her eyes are so far apart I bet so could see the east coast out of one eye and west coast out of the other eye.

  142. Sammijo says:


    you frickin rock……Taya is a tight a*&. Bret screwed up AGAIN!!!!!

    You keep your head high, you were true to yourself and him and that is all that matters!
    love ya girl

  143. Teresa says:

    We’ll I will go to say I thought that Mindy was better for Bret cause she did not hide a damn thing from him.. Taya did hide somethings from him.. You can tell me until you are blue in the face that Taya was not there to promote PENTHOUSE, but she was cause everytime she spoke it was how she was Penthouse Pet.. Ok if she is the Penthouse Pet what kind is she.. Cat Dog Horse of Pig.. You will not change my mind about it so don’t waste your time on talking to me about it.. Mindy you are the best for him and we will see at the reunion show if Taya and Bret are still together.. I don’t think they will cause her career is going to be more important than his.. Mindy best of luck to you in life and love.. Everyone deserves the best..

  144. KIM VANDENBOSCH says:

    I was rooting for Mindy all the way. In everything she said about Taya I completlely agree and it won’t last!! Lets face it none of Brets choices have. I don’t think he knows what he’s looking for. I’m tired of seeing his show after this. He made a big mistake and I seriously doubt I would watch another one of his shows cuz you know there willl be another one!!!

  145. realityfn says:

    I really thought Mindy was going to be picked on the show cause she meant every word of what she had said to bret. I think they really had a strong chemistry together and I think that Bret is gonna regret his decision on the long run for sure cause this relationship will not last long that’s for sure. I hope he’s happy and I guarantee he will have another season cause this will end up like all the other shows he has did over the last 2 seasons for sure.

  146. I hate Taya says:

    I really thought Bret would pick mindy he’s a dumb @$$ for picking Taya they will not last she dont care about him shes prob just looking for an acting career and she fooled bret but didn’t fool anone else I hope and pray Mindy finds someone good for her she’s a sweet loving kind pretty girl and she diserves someone better alls taya wanted was poblicity and she’s in for more then she can handle!!!!

  147. darlene peoples says:

    Bret, Do you know what you are looking for? because it is obvious to me and the world that you want a simple minded woman. I thought Amber was right for you. I even picked Mindy, even though she was an airhead. I appreciated her background. Bret you have two kids. to introduce your children to a woman who once posed for Playboy says a lot about your judgement. Grow up and then come back and do a real show.

  148. JP says:

    Mindy, you are absulutely gorgeous, your real, your funny, and your classy. I’m in shock that he would pick that twit over you. You will definately find your true love. It only goes to show what kind of man Brett is. The fact that she was a playmate attracted him. How cliche. She’s ugly, annoying, and has uneven penciled eyebrows. You dodged a bullet girlfriend.

  149. micehelle says:


  150. chrissy says:

    Mindy is classy, true fun and a loving girl. The one person in this show out of all the shows that was real. She will find true happiness and when she finds that man he will b 1 lucky guy

  151. Rashell says:

    U know what Mindy u are classy and Bret loves trashy that’s why he choose that skanky washed up ho, ho…U can do so much better….keep up your innocence

  152. Angela Sepos says:

    I watch this show faithfully, I have seen every episode since day one, season one! I cannot believe he picked Taya, maybe when he sees that she was wearing a penthouse shirt the whole time he might think! I hope that Brett kicks himself for not picking you because I am sure when we see the reunion she will break up with him!

  153. sammi says:

    i love you mindyyy
    your too pretty.
    and i love your voice:)

  154. Anne Mendiola says:

    Ugg! so upset for you that Bret picked TAYUK!! she fake cried the whole season! Mindy you are real, you represent what real women feel like everyday, we are not perfect 24-7 like Taya tried to portray! you are a strong women that gave her opinion and stood up for herself, and i think that scared Bret, he wants a picture perfect women that jumps when he snaps his fingers. i’ve been a fan of his for along time and he had truth standing in front of him and he walked away from it!! BRET come on, Mindy you are beautiful inside and out!

  155. Deborah says:

    I was never so shocked in the past with the Rock of Love
    but I was totally shocked that Bret picked Taya. I never saw any connection between them. Mindy was the only person on that show that had any inteligence, class, and morals plus was down to earth and honest. I thought Bret would have learned a lesson by now, but for him being what 46 years old, has not. Taya did care about him at all. Watching the show that was all she had talked about. Bret does not want to settle down and he knew she was not the one. He only picked her because she was Penthouse of Year. “More publicity!”
    I am very disapointed with Bret Michaels. He said this would be his last show and he was really looking for love this love this time but he apparently is not.
    Mindy was the one he should have chosen.

  156. brandy says:

    mindy you was the best girl for him he’s crazy for not pickin up i thought you all would had been perfect for eachother but that’s alright girl you deserve so much better …..

  157. Cathy B says:

    You were great on the show Mindy. I picked you after watching the first show. I agree Bret and Taya will not survive. Her penthouse career is always going to be more important to her. Obviously she was not as into him as you and she was a complete phoney. I wish you luck in the future. You are a beautiful girl and deserve so much more. Also, I’m a survivor fan and I’ve never missed one since it started, who was your sister, which season? Good luck!!

  158. kgil says:

    you were the best pick for him. it is sad that it happened but life goes on

  159. Gina says:

    both of the final girls sucked. Neither one was right for him.

  160. kimberley says:

    i think that mindy was the best person for him but he is like all the other men out there. all they want is the center fold. not the girl next door. he picked the striper of all stripers.

  161. tirana says:

    i personally think bret should have chose mindy. i love her.

  162. Cheri says:

    I watch alot of Vh1 shows from Rock of Love Bus to Tough Love,As far as Rock of Love Bus or anything that deals with Brett Michaels I will no longer. Watching all of the shows that Vh1 has put on for him,It shows that He has no respect for Women,I feel if he really meant to find true love he would have pick Mindy But he chose instead of the girl next door as he put it on his show,He decided to pick someone that has posed nude for everyone to see I feel Brett Michaels should be ashame of himself. Also Brett Michaels I hope that he does read this you being parent also being a roll model you should show better class then what you do on TV,If i was your child i would be Embarassed to let people know you are my father.Mr Michaels instead of letting all see what a party person you are I feel with your status you should show the younger generation on How they shouldnt live like that I will no longer waste my time watching anything that you do also i refuse to buy your music or let my kids hear it Unless you show that you can be better person then I will think about it…Hope for you that you show the world you can change

  163. Sessie says:

    It is so obvious that Bret isn’t looking for a long term relationship. Mindy was the ONLY choice for long term. Taya is not a real person. She is like a robot who doesn’t show any kind of true emotion. He will NEVER know the real her. She has a lot of hidden issues that will never surface. You can see it on her face. What a waste of a season to see him choose her. Even Ambre and Heather chose Mindy as the one. It won’t last!!!!

  164. sarah says:

    girl i rellly think that u were better for him i relly wish that he pick u

  165. LLL says:

    Wow Mindy, I can’t believe you still care for Bret. He used you and you should be ashamed of the way you acted. You knew better than anyone else that Taya was better for Bret. She understands his world and isn’t a whiner! I’ll bet you regret Bret exploring your “virgin territory” now. Guess you got it in the &%)&~_`*@`((&~% twice. You got what you deserved because you are a petty hateful tramp. Good luck on your next reality show.

  166. Erin Elizabeth says:

    I just wanted you to know that I watched that show from day one…with the initial photo shoot, i so thought you had it. i was so mad when i realized that he didnt pick you. you were so beautiful standing on the beach i thought…”how could he say no to that?” Instead he picks the baby that cries about everything, one that can’t take a joke, and has more issues than she knows if she can’t admit faults or insecurities. TOTAL ROBOT! I know its bad to wish misfortune upon someone but i hope it doesnt last so that he realizes what a mistake he made.

    I lived in N.C. for quite a few years growing up so I definately knew where you were coming from. I know live in fridgid-a** cold Wisconsin, but i know that women from ‘down south’ are always genuine and from the heart. We dont hide who we are like Taya…or whatever her REAL name is…we wear our hearts on our sleeves infront of those that we care about because we want them to love us for who we are, not who we think they want us to be.

  167. MJ says:

    I think Taya is too good for Bret. Just because she’s a center fold doesn’t mean she’s fake. Mindys boring and a whiner. Little girl thinks because she $%#&/@ Bret she should be with him. Well honey your not the only &@#* in his life. GROW UP!!!!!!!

  168. Jeanne says:

    Mindy should be with Bret! Mindy is a real person!
    I wanted him to pick her.

  169. Jeri says:


  170. shades-of-gray says:

    I really liked Mindy up through the episode when the ex’s came. After that, I started liking her less and less each episode…
    She is either a really bad friend or a person who only pretends to be someone’s friend cuz no one else likes her. Either way, not good…
    She became way too clingy, clueless, and showed distinct emotional/psychological problems!! Even if you think that Taya is whatever, Mindy and Bret would have NEVER lated!! Taya may have been a Penthouse Pet, but she acted with way more class and dignity. I mean who was it that didn’t screw the final night?? Not Mindy!!
    I was so worried that Bret would pick Mindy. So glad he didn’t…
    And PS funks don’t go away cuz you have a boyfriend. How ridiculous!!!

  171. brunosgirl says:

    Mindy, you are a beautiful woman. Bret definetly made the wrong choice! I thought for sure that at 44 he was ready to be with someone who is real and not out for publicity! He has said so many times that he didn’t want to be with another stripper because he had been hurt so much in the past! Taya is the fakest most annoying woman I have ever seen! I think it is so sad that you fell for him! I hope that he comes to realize the mistake he made!

  172. renee says:

    Mindy, I thought that you were the girl for Brett from day one on the show. I was hoping that he would see how fake Taya was and see that you were the girl for him. I guess he likes fake girls. Hopefully, he will have a change of mind when he sees that she was all about the publicity,advertising for Penthouse and advertising her singing skills. Keep your chin up. This is from a fellow Cincinnatian.

  173. michelle h says:

    i wish you would have won mindy

  174. Michelle says:

    Mindy, in one way I’m sorry you lost, but on the other hand I’m glad you did because you deserve so much better than Bret Michaels!!

  175. melody says:

    i was always voting for u you are down to earth girl

  176. Marsha says:

    I wish Bret would have chose Mindy I think she really had real feelings for him. She put her heart on the line and was afraid that it would get broken and it did. I know that is what happens on shows like this but u hardly ever see anyone on a show with genuine feeling like Mindy my heart does go out to her. I wish her well in life. It was Bret’s loss I don’t think he & Taya r going to last.

  177. keniia says:

    o.m.g mindy u were the best 4 him n i know he will relize that..n dont give up…i hate taya so much bkuz she doesnt even care about him…i wiil b soo mad at him if he doesnt relize that u r better than her… n remember that i will always have ur bak even though i dont know u….TAYA SUCKS AND IS A STUPID SLUT!!!!!!!!!!oh yeah ur soo real not like stupid ummm tayuk..oh add me as ur friend on myspace..

  178. Nic H says:

    On seasons 1 and 2 he didn’t pick either girls that had been strippers, so maybe this time he thought he would change up his game and choose the retired stripper/penthouse pet. Maybe Bret figured he gave the down to earth girls a chance the last 2 go arounds, why not give the slutty stripper a chance this time. Oh, I am sorry she is not a “Slutty Stripper” she was a “Burlesque Dancer”, my mistake!!

  179. Elle says:

    awww poor mindy! bret or not she’s still sweet and beautiful! i hope she never changes

  180. lll says:

    Give up! Your are a birdfaced loser. You could have screamed from the roof tops that you loved Bret and he still would have chose Taya. You are a backstabbing jerk. Taya may have packed preprinted T shirts but you packed lingerie! You admitted you weren’t even sure if you liked Bret and you preplanned to sleep with him. You are and ugly person inside and out. Bret deserves better and that is why he picked the “perfect rock star girlfriend”. People always go for the under dog that is why they wanted you to win but you were not the best choice. GO AWAY!!!!!!!

  181. shedawns says:

    After watching the reunion show I’m more convinced Bret micheal’s is an @^$#&*$*@!(&&~$ The last show I swore i wouldn’t watch another one of his shows because I thought that he should have choosen Daisy but now i realize Mindy with the love in her eyes was meant to be with Bret instead of Taya!!!! It sadden me that this show is so not real because , Bret would have seen Taya promoting Penhouse and seen that she was for herself and not for him with I believe Mindy was for him and nothing else. I hope that she get her own show too just like Daisy. She deserves to find Real Love and not with some butt head aka.. Bret Micheals.

  182. Annie says:

    Wow… some people are very rude to this poor girl. I personally know an ex of Mindy’s and although you’d think we’d all be against an ex of a friend, we were totally FOR Mindy being picked. She seemed very sincere and in love with Bret. We could all see it on the show. How could he not??? One day he will grow up and realize he just made the biggest mistake of his life.. and you may have already moved on! Too bad for his loss. We were really rooting for you!

  183. Kara says:

    That ending put a damper on a great Easter Sunday. I could not believe that her picked Taya over you. I am still in shock and do not think that was the end of the two of you. You were my favorite choice from the begining of the show. His ex-Amber and friend Heather even thought that you were the best match for him. I did not dislike Taya but I think that if he was truely looking for love, he would have picked you!!! He has had many Taya’s and they clearly they never worked. I love Bret but believe the saying that the definition of stupied is making the same mistake over and over and expecting a different outcome. I hope the two of you find your way back to each other because I really believe that you two compliment each others personalities well and would make a rock of LOVE not lust. Good luck!!

  184. Dawn says:


    You are awesome! Bret totally regrets not picking you and I think he will be running to you shortly. You are a beautiful girl with a great personality and a heart filled with love. I know Bret realizes the mistake he made after the show tonight. Your kiss was hot and your feelings for each other are real. Best of luck! If Bret doesn’t come to you, he’s just crazy!

    Best Wishes!

  185. Kim says:

    Brett was a fool not to pick you! You are beautiful inside and out. I do not think it will work out with Taya!

  186. Tania says:

    Hello, Mindy! You´re a winner. You were always honest, not like fake Taya. Brett made the wrong decision if he was looking for love. This relationship, I know it would not last. You were the right choice, but too good for Brett. Apparently he was looking for trashy, stripper, looking for attention..Taya. Wish you the best of luck. And hoping you find true love!

  187. Jolene Conlin says:

    Mindy I just watched the reunion show and I really think that you and Bret still have a chance at true love and not lust like he has with Taya. My heart was breaking for you when I saw the expressions on your face but you finally told Bret that you are completely in love with him so maybe there is still a chance for ya’ll. Good luck girl. You still have a chance at the ring you picked.

  188. Lisa says:

    Dear VH1 producers:

    Mindy deserves a happy ending.
    Forget about “Daisy of Love”.
    Let’s see “Mindy of Love”.

  189. TexasGirl says:

    Mindy, I would not like to have a friend like you. You are a two-faced fake friend. You talked about Taya like a dog behind her back as soon as you realized she was your true competition. Every chance you got, you talked about Taya. You missed your chance with Bret because instead of talking about your relationship with him, and the feelings you have for him (which should come naturally for you if you really cared for him), you talked about all of Taya’s faults. On the show, you were not down to earth, you were not nice, you were not sweet, or a good person. For some reason, you had it in your mind that you were better than Taya…NOT! Regardless of whether Taya was in Penthouse, rehearsed, too perfect, or whatever excuse you want to have about why you are a better person than Taya, she won. I saw her as a very talented, multi-faceted woman, who certainly had more in common with Bret than you did. Stop resting on pretty, and use your 15 minutes of fame to do some self-reflecting.

  190. Katy says:

    I just watched the reunion and my heart goes out to Mindy. She and I are so much alike. When my heart has been won by someone so dear and true, my heart skips a beat or two, then, I become absolutely lost for words and it’s not because I’m dense or slow, or have no emotions and a caring, loving heart, it just my heart is so caught in the moment of truly, madly deep love, I end up speechless, but my eyes, my heart and my touch tells all. Bret was just too blind to see that in Mindy. Any man who wins her heart is a lucky man.

    You have my support sister!!

  191. Theresa says:

    Mindy just want you to know I feel your pain I could see it soo much on the reunion show. Your the kind of person I would want as a friend. Funks and all. Maybe someday he will realize what a mistake he has made. Remember you are a bueatiful down to earth girl that any man would be happy to have. Keep on being you.

  192. judi says:

    mindy, you are the one I picked for Bret, You just look better with him. That kiss you gave him on the reunion that was not a I miss you kiss, that was awesome.

    I hope he sees that he was wrong.

  193. Sheila says:

    I have written to Bret and I hope he reads them. He made a very big mistake by chosing Taya instead of you. During the reunion special he kissed you and you told him you love him. He said if you would have told him sooner his choice might have been different. Everyone could tell there was chemistry between you and Bret. The way he was with Taya—there was no chemistry there. I want you and Bret to be together. You would stand behind and beside him in all things. Everyone made such a stink about your “funks”. Well, you had your feelings exposed and on your sleeve. You were real. You were showing real emotions, not fake like Taya. Taya is used to being in the spotlight and on photos and hell naked. She is used to acting. You are not. You found love and I pray that Bret will swallow his pride and admit to making the wrong choice. He needs to call you and make it right before it is too late. I hope he does not think you can just be friends. When I wrote on his blog I told him if he thinks ya’ll can be close friends it will hurt you even more. Every time you see him with someone else it will be like a knife in your heart. He needs to wake up and realize YOU ARE THE LADY FOR HIM. You could be the “arm candy” he needs in public and you could be “whatever” he needs behind closed doors. He made a terrible mistake by letting you go. If there is a way for you to get in touch with him, please do. Just because the show is over does not mean anything. I bet if you call or write to him and tell him how you feel without cameras all over the place, I bet something special will happen. Taya can not say she loves him. Even during the reunion show, she just nearly told everyone, she does not feel the same. You have not changed your mind. You still love him even now. LET HIM KNOW. He is going to have to swallow his pride, but I think he can do that. I’m sure you two will make it as a couple if he will give you that chance. He said he does not want another reality show. Well, if he chooses you—he will never have to look for love again. You have enough love to give him. Watch the reunion show and see the difference between how he kissed you and how he kissed Taya. That should tell you how he feels about you. Go to him. Don’t take this lying down. You are a very strong woman. GO GET YOUR MAN. He belongs with you. In the long run–Taya will not be around. You and Bret can make it thru the long run. Let him know OFF CAMERA that you love him and still want to be with him even though on the show he chose Taya. Tell him that his kiss told you he loves you and not Taya. Hell, that kiss told everybody. This is the only time I have ever blogged anyone, but I had to let you and Bret know that it should be YOU & BRET. Please let me know how things go.

  194. molly says:

    ok Bret goes through women like toilet paper. He is never going to settle down which is sad. He keeps on bring these girls on the show and messing with there emotions …that is not right

  195. Jennifer says:

    I can’t stand Mindy. She is a whiner and seems high maintenace, emotionally anyways. If something isn’t the way she wants it she cries and blames other people. She also needs constant attention and validation so there is no way she could have been with Bret. Taya was the right choice. Why hate on her just because she is a strong, put together woman? Haters!

  196. Nate says:

    As a guy Mindy is too much work emotionally. What a train-wreck. Go team taya!

  197. Stephanie says:

    Mindy he was very stupid to pick Taya over you. You are the perfect fit for him. She is so fake and she is only using him to further her career. I prayed he would pick you and very upset when he didn’t. To me you deserve better. Good luck

  198. KRS says:

    Hey Mindy, I was routing for you and I thought you were perfect for Brett. I think Taya was a upity snob who thought she was perfect and above the rest. she had no real feelings for Brett but, competeing in a competition and eager to win. She acts like a spoiled brat who wants everyone to feel sorry for her. She is a good actor for self pity. I have watched all of Rock of Love 1, 2, and 3. You have been the best girl for Bret. I am sorry that Bret seems to make the repeatedly the wrong choices. I think he either does not truely want to commit and settle down and is going through a mid life crises because he is in his late 40′s. Maybe this is a ego boost for him. Ot, he is trying to boost his career and popularity by doing these reality shows. Don’t worry not everyone stays on top and popular all the time. And if they do, not in a positive way. Like Michael Jackson, maybe Brett will be remembered for doing reality T.V. series because he can’t grow up lol. Anyways, you are young and have a long life ahead of you. You will meet a prince charming and have a happy ever after. Brett is only 1 fish out there and there is alot of fish in the ocean. Better looking ones with more money and have a better heart. Take care and good luck to you in the future.

  199. KRS says:

    Mindy, Brett can have Taya who is using him for a career and popularity. He is using her for a toy. It will never work. If e really wanted to settle down and get married he would have picked you. He really makes me sick the way he tested you all with revealing any skeletons in the closet. His is full and probably needs a closet the size of Disney Land. Shame on him. He is no angel. When he came on the reunion show, he looked scruffy, dirty, not shaved. Almost like the real Brett. He probably stank from not bathing for a week too. Lord only knows what STD’s he is carrying. He is no prince charming. He should be on a reality show for washed up Rockers you know has beens. Like the 1 hit wonders of the 80′s. If Brett needs to find love on T.V. he has definitely got problems. Or alternative motives….maybe a career move.

  200. Linda says:

    Mindy, This if for you, this is what I sent to Brett’s page. You belong with him, not that other ego stroking, fake, money seeking, two bit __ __ amp.

    I hope you will give Mindy a chance. Maybe she didn’t let you know how she felt verbally for fear of pushing you away. After all, I really don’t recall you saying to her you were falling in love with her? And why not?Mindy seemed to be reserved with her emotions, but who wouldn’t be after being hurt. Yes, everyone gets hurt at some point in their life, but not everyone deals with it the same way. Some keep the walls of protection up for a reason until they feel the emotionally secure with the opposite person, and for Mindy, she was in competition with another woman, and it wasn’t like she didn’t know it was happening either to where she could feel at ease verbalizing her feelings. I’m sure your thinking that should have been more a motivator, but think about it. Behind closed doors she showed that to you, did she not?? The connection she made with you then should have been enough to prove she was deeply connected to you in a deep emotional way than just wanting to sleep with you. She is far too down to earth of an individual for that. Either way I wish you could really reanalyze your decision now that Mindy has told you how she felt. She has absolutely nothing to gain with you other than your love, support, respect and admiration. She isn’t a pinup model, stripper looking for the next money deal. She’s simple, kind, loving, giving, respectful, and REAL. Nothing fake to her. Isn’t that what you were in search of? Someone REAL all around. Not just putting on a show in front of you, but someone who can be who she really is without trying to impress others.
    As for Taya, of course she knows how to stroke your ego, isn’t that part of her everyday living as a pin up girl and a stripper? I have nothing against her profession at all. I do believe people make their way through life with opportunities they are given. You can either choose to accept or walk away and hope something better comes along. No doubt she’s a beautiful lady. But realistically you were looking for someone to love YOU not stroke your ego. I’m 99% sure my opinion doesn’t mean much, but your choice of women seems to be be the pin up, stripper, breast implant, beautiful by way of plastic surgery, very fake kind of women.
    Either way, Good luck to you. I pray you will find that love. Everyone deserves it.

  201. Dee says:

    POINT BLANK!…i think you both f***ed up. Bret chose the wrong girl, mindy you didn’t say how you really felt soon enough. But, I do think that you guys should get together and talk…and make america happy =). I can tell there are still real TRUE feelings between the two of you, and I just don’t see it with Taya. Shoot I don’t even know if this will be read by either of you, but you should never throw something real away because there is so much fake out there anymore. Big hopes for you two! <3

  202. Sarah says:

    Stay real Mindy!! I appreciate your honesty and resolve. You help me feel ok about me being real and having some “insecurities”. And screw everyone and their issue with “funks”, everyone has bad days. Thank you for putting your heart out there. My husband and I so enjoyed watching the show because of you!!

  203. rudegrl says:

    Mindy…..U were the coolest one on there. Bret should’ve picked U instead of that stuck-up stripper Taya. If it had been up to the fans U would’ve won hands down……..I hope Bret gives U another chance. Taya won’t work out. She’s a stuck up phoney…….We Love U Mindy….

  204. Kortny Schuette says:

    I tried to see your profile but yours was the only one that did not have the option. But you were my fav and I think brett made a big mistake I was routing for you all the way. Taya is an idiot no matter how smart she tried to be. Honestly I think shes a natural blonde. Any way, That whole brett taya thing to me seems like anna nicole and her ederly husband not that bretts old or ahh loks old but, he is just her step stool. I have watched every episode since the first. On the third I want to do the show but, I think he is such a good guy and sweet and honest the best you can get in a guy. I would of loved to have the chance to do that to. I know you will find your true way. you are a beautiful and strong woman. And you will be where your suppose to be I know it:)lots love and best wishes,Kortny from

  205. raypam23 says:

    Taya is the right one for Bret, I don’t care what anyone says! Looks to me like Mindy is two-faced a hypocrit, and the biggest baby I have ever seen. wants to talk s*** on Taya, but looks like since her sister was on TV, as jealous as Mindy is, she had to be on TV too. I feel sorry for anyone who is Mindys friend, cuz if she doesn’t get her way or the limelight isn’t on her——watch out………………

  206. Sanders says:

    Thank your lucky stars that Bret didn’t pick you. He’s a nasty old man who needs younger women to make himself feel better. Taya said she was 29, bull!!! she looked at least 35! Everything about her was plastic, her boobs, her face, nothing was real. He can’t handle real women who have real problems like you did. He needs a plastic Barbie doll who flaunts her junk to the whole world. Also, Bret had this huge thing for Ashley, hmmmm Taya what does that say about you? Obviously you were second pick to her because if she would have been there instead of Mindy, your old nasty plastic a** would have gone home! Second pick to Ashley… how cute.

    Basically, Mindy, you’re just too good for him! He doesn’t deserve a good girl, he deserves a nasty ho like Taya or Laurie or whatever her name is.

  207. A.J. says:



  208. tashay says:

    hey this hot stuff. i think mindy sould had won bert you made a bad chocie haha i hate you taya hahahahahah

  209. Mrs.Merritt says:

    Mindy oh mindy i sure wish you had won but bret will realize what he has lost.i love your true colors in you as a down to earth and didn’t show any other side than your real side of you.hope you find the man of your deserve it bay.

  210. Dawn says:

    I still think he MADE SUCH A BAD CHOICE. It was obvious there where ulterior motives and still is. Taya wore that stupid shirt everytime she talked to the camera, and everyone saw through the facade. But watching the follow up show-body language was obvious. He kind of kept a distance to Taya on the couch and I think he was more responsive to you. Good luck, maybe there’s still a chance. (PS I Never do this) You are a really cool woman, and I have friends like you. As a flight attendant, I work with alot of women and I like people like yourself. And stop the funks, you have no reason to, Ever!

    Very Sincerely,
    Scottsdale, AZ

  211. Laura says:

    Mindy,you should be with Bret right now! I am so upset that he picked Taya. You were and still are my favorite from Rock of love bus tour. You are real and such a nice person. You never are out to hurt someone and I know that Bret loves you and does think you are something special. I honestly think there is still hope for you and Bret. Taya is not for him and I honestly think she is way too into herself!You are so much more beautiful than her on the outside as well as the inside and Bret will realize that in the long run. Everything happens for a reason and you two seem to be made for each other. Bret is such a hard core rocker but I also see a true romantic in him as well. I think he treats his girlfriends well and I really think the only reason he picked Taya was because you couldn’t express yourself to him in the end. I can relate to that. It is difficult to just put your whole heart out there for it to be crushed! You were real and that is more than I can say for Taya. She put on this image of being innocent not staying at Bret’t hotel room the night and I mean come on….penthouse pet! I mean that is all she ever talked about, which is sad! I wish you the best and I hope to see you and Brett together in the future. Regardless of what some people say he is very hot and a catch if he can just find that one true love and settle down! He seems to be a very good guy and treats people with respect! Good luck with everything!

  212. Patti Allen says:

    Mindy I am truly sorry that bret did not pick you. He is the one who lost out, he would have been much better off if he would have picked you. I watched the show faithfully every week and I picked your from the very beginning. You were the only normal person on the show. I thought you were very honest and straight forward from the beginning. It will not be too long before he realizes that he made a huge mistake picking Taya. She is definately more interested in her career. That is the only reason she did this TV series. It will not last between them. If you are truly in love with him, go get your man!!! she does not deserve him.
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  213. affofsleacces says:

    i love this site :)



    OKay you cant say anything bad about Mindy. She was and still is the perfect girl for Bret-ya know if he was looking for the perfect girl :-) He chose Taya, which is stupid stupid stupid. Glad you kissed him Mindy. Glad you were there. And i hope you realize from reading all of these comments-everyone wanted you!!

  215. Kathryn says:

    Mindy, I watched the entire season of Rock of Love Bus. I didn’t miss a single episode. I was rooting for you the whole time and I was really REALLY hoping Bret would pick you. I think he made a huge mistake in picking Taya and in the long run, he’ll pay for that. You were the only decent girl on the show. I wish you the best of luck.

  216. Bella Chicka says:

    Mindy, you’re THE one !!!

    I was sooooooooo hoping he’d pick you. You’re awesome !

  217. TweetyPie says:

    Mindy girl you shoul”ve been the one with Bret, first of all Taya is not that cute, she looks old and so plastic.

  218. mrjameszzz says:

    must be deleted.
    best deltes delete this post

  219. melvyn ellyson says:

    Mindy did not believe you would make it to the final elimination episode of the show, why? Because you were normal and sweet the type of personality didn’t think Bret would appreciate. The only other television reality dating show women rejected I thought should have been choosen and felt it in my heart to express my unbelief in the decision made by the man you all loved are Tiffany/New York Pollard, Chardonnay, and you. But by far you touched my heart the deepest on your Reunion Special. The depth of love, affection, adoration you still honestly held for Bret was absolutely moving and touching. I don’t want to see you get your own television reality dating show, want to see you get Bret. Just can not see you finding love in any other man not at this time. Your heart is still Bret’s whether he realizes it and returns to you in submission of love or not. Even T/NYP and she moved me with Flav so much that I actually developed feelings for her, did not move me to the number of tears you confessing your continued love for Bret on the show’s Reunion Special caused me to weep. Not ashamed to admit that. In my prayers it is for Bret to see the enormous mistake he made and plead for your love he now realizes makes him complete( if the show’s contract allows him to it). Wow, what an astonishing love.

  220. I love when you talk about this type of stuff in your posts. Perhaps could you continue this?

  221. jaybird369 says:

    Mindy, outta all the chicks from season 3 of Rock Of Love Bus, you were (and still are) the BEST one from that season. Darlin’, you AWESOMELY ROCK!!! And, by the way, I knew that Bret and Taya WOULD NOT last…Taya seems way too prissy-filled in my book. One last thing: Total CONGRATULATIONS on winning I Love Money season 4…ya’ played da’ game with total honesty and integrity!!! You’ll ALWAYS have A LOT going for ya’!!! Remember that.

  222. I appreciate the time you put in this work or in this post. Although u have interesting ideas, I really cannot agree with them. I’m sure there are better ways to walk through this sticky situation. Not trying to flame or be stupid or anything .

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