The Celebreality Interview – Taya (Part 2)



In the first part of our interview with Taya, we talked love and Bret. Below, we tackle the other issues that arose as a result of her time on the show: accusations of superiority, the difference between her work and stripping, the Penthouse issue, her tumultuous dealings with the other girls on the buses and her portrayal in general. Most surprisingly, Taya isn’t sure if she’d like Taya just based on what she saw on TV…

You were often accused of acting superior to your peers. What do you say to that?

I’m not saying that there weren’t situations that I didn’t think I was above. If someone’s throwing themselves on the ground, drunk and stupid, I would never do that. I’m above that situation. It doesn’t mean I think I’m better than anyone. I’ve been down my own path, and I’ve made good and bad decisions. I have no right to judge anyone’s path. I’m not Mother Teresa. I think I have a different coping mechanism than some people.

Did your frequent distinguishing between what you do as a burlesque feature entertainer and what strippers do arise because you actually care about your craft? That’s how I interpreted it, anyway, after reading your blog.

I used to be a stripper. Not knocking strippers, but it’s not a part of my past that I’m particularly proud of because I never felt comfortable doing it. I hate using the word “stripper.” I have a lot of friends that are dancers and the term “stripper” seems a little derogatory. When I say “stripper,” I cringe a little bit. Maybe that’s what people are picking up. I’m not cringing about strippers; I’m cringing about the terminology. I know a lot of great women who’ve put themselves through college, supported their children. It’s kept people off welfare. I’ve seen girls get doctors degrees being dancers. So there’s no shame in it. But for me, I’m a professionally trained dancer. I was given a college scholarship for performing arts. There was always that entertainment value to burlesque dancing that appealed to me. If I have to do this, I want to do something that doesn’t make me feel like I’m not being entertaining. When I was at a strip club, I always got the feeling of being looked at as an object or having someone lust after me. When I’m onstage, I have more people compliment my theatrics, my show, my music, my lighting, my choreography, and my props. The total entertainment value of my show as a whole. When I take offense to that terminology, it’s because I’ve progressed past that. I’ve tried to take the skills that I’ve learned as a stripper and that industry and move it over. I do a lot of mainstream venues that are burlesque. Burlesque is in the eye of the beholder. Nudity isn’t really what my show is about. In a four-song set, I’ll be naked for one song. I’m not doing lap dances. I’m not doing the things that define a stripper’s income. If a stripper goes to work and just does her stage performance, she starves. Because of Penthouse and the other things I’ve accomplished in my career, I’ve been able to build a brand so that venues go, “We want to bring her in because we know she’s a draw.”

I think maybe your peers gathered that your position is a matter of status and responded negatively to that.

There are different levels in any field. Here’s a good analogy: Robert Schimmel is a very established comedian. Good friend of mine. Nobody would go up to Robert Schimmel and ask him to do an amateur open mic night. Is being a burlesque feature entertainer better? Not necessarily. It’s just different. I have little girls, 18 years old that are just getting started coming up to me and saying, “How do I get to be a feature?” I tell them it’s not for everyone. I talk a lot of girls out of it because for some girls, it’s not financially and economically feasible. It’s a big investment in costumes, props, promo. It’s like starting a small business, and not everyone can make money doing it. If stripping is a short-term thing for these girls, it’s better if they stick with it so that they don’t have a lot of overhead and so they can make their money and go home.

Did the girls beat you down at all? You strike me as particularly sensitive.

In my real life, I bounce back and forth between working and my son. I don’t have a lot of close friends. In this situation, I liked a lot of the girls, actually. Even the ones that annoyed me: I got it. I got that they added value to the show. Obviously, I didn’t run in Ashley and Farrah’s circle, but there wasn’t a day that passed that I didn’t laugh at something they said or did. I still can’t stop saying, “Lame,” which makes me crazy. There’s something about their personalities that’s very entertaining. I had no beef with any specific girl. So, finding out after in everyone’s exit interviews that people had a big problem with me…I almost hate saying this because there is a cocky connotation to it, but I felt like it was almost because of a jealousy/threat issue. If you notice, a lot of the condemning of me came when it was clear that I had a connection with Bret.

How do you look back on your falling out with Mindy?

Mindy wasn’t at a happy place when she came on the show, and she shared a lot of that with me. I offered to open my home to her. I was a very, very good friend to Mindy. It’s especially hurtful watching the show, because I didn’t realize the magnitude of how badly she was rolling me under the bus, stabbing me in the back. I don’t think Mindy went in there with the intentions of hurting anybody. I’d like to think that she’s a good person. I think that she got caught up in the game of love. I think she had true feelings for Bret, but got to a point where she started strategizing. And that’s where she took a bad turn. That’s were she started sabotaging herself. It inadvertently started making her look bad, and that makes me sad. Mindy, in my opinion, is a good, sweet girl. I think I could have had a friend for life with her, had she not done what she did. Now I don’t know that I could ever trust her as a friend because of what she was willing to do.

Your job as a Penthouse Pet was controversial in the most basic sense of the word. Any regrets on putting that out there like you did?

No. There had to be an agreement between Penthouse and 51 Minds for me to be allowed on the show, since I was already under contract. Penthouse basically said, “We’ll let her do it, but she has to be able to say that she is who she is. We don’t want to have her on there as a face with no name.” There’s Laurie and there’s Taya, and on this show, for the first time ever, I blurred that edge. It was a decision I didn’t have a choice in making.

Is that part of the reason why you wore the Penthouse shirt in your interviews?

I didn’t intend for that to be my interview outfit. They brought us down to do interviews and then told us we had to wear the same thing in every interview after that. So, it wasn’t a conscious decision. I think it’s kind of funny. My bosses obviously love it but I took a lot of crap for it. And basically, that’s all the agreement was between Penthouse and 51 Minds: product placement. Like, we’ll let her come on but you have to let her say that she’s with us. You have to let us get something out of it because we’re potentially losing her for two months. I knew I’d take heat for it. As far as promoting, I was already Pet of the Year. There was nothing for me to gain personally by promoting Penthouse.

I thought you explained that well on the show – that it was ultimately an inconvenience to your bosses.

I pursued the show on my own. I was going to go on as Laurie, as myself. As it turned out, I went on as Laurie under my alias “Taya.” It’s funny that it became such an issue, because I thought that the “perfect” references were ridiculous. How could being a Penthouse model make me perfect? Definitely not for a senator, but maybe OK in the life of a rock star. There would only be a certain genre of person that might be accepting of that status. Bret was able to accept it and he understood that I was there for him. That’s all that ultimately mattered to me in the end.

Beverly told me a story about showing up at your 30th birthday party/show, drinking your booze and then basically telling you off. What was your take on that situation?

I know people saw my altercations with Beverly, but I still saw great things in Beverly. She was extremely passionate about her kids. There was a lot of good in her. The thing that hurts me the most was reading her interview, when she talked about coming to see me at my show. None of how she depicted that was how it happened. First of all, she came to see me the day before my birthday. My birthday party was covered in Penthouse magazine. The club paid tons of money for that coverage. The place was packed. If she had come that night, I probably wouldn’t have been able to find her a seat. So she came in, she gave me a hug, we talked. We basically swept everything under the rug. She even apologized for the way she treated me on the show her last day. I was hospitable. I wasn’t kissing her ass, I was just like, hey, the show’s over, your relationship with Bret had nothing to do with me, there shouldn’t be any hard feelings between us. I paid for their entire bar tab, and she had brought a bunch of people with her. I took care of them and treated her very well. At that point, only one episode had aired. Nobody knew who she was. I brought her up on stage, the MC announced her as Beverly from Rock of Love, everyone went crazy. If I am “holier than thou” and “Miss Perfect,” I sure wasn’t that night. I focused my energy on making her feel special because she came out to see me. I thought it was a friendly gesture.

There were no negative words exchanged?

She told me, “I came here to throw a drink in your face, but now we’re cool,” as she was walking out the door. She didn’t say it aggressively. It seemed like a joke. Maybe those were her intentions, but the way I interacted with her made her not do that. It was very friendly and drama free. You know, I don’t care if Beverly doesn’t like me, but she doesn’t have to lie. I don’t hold any animosity or grudges. I think if I saw her in the street, I’d still say, “High-five! Rock of Love!” I don’t wish her harm, but I thought that was very ungracious and disrespectful. She came into my house that night.

When we were chatting before the interview, you mentioned that you didn’t know if you would like Taya, the reality show character, if you weren’t actually her.

I’ve tried to watch the show very objectively. There have been times that I’ve screamed at my television, “It didn’t happen like that!” or “I didn’t say that like that!” The editing process is really unique and they’re obviously good at it and it’s why these shows are so popular. But I’ve had to look at it objectively, just like when I read your blogs. I laugh at myself in a good way. You kinda beat me up sometimes, but I can laugh at myself. There were a few episodes that made me take a deep breath and say, “God, I don’t even really like me right now.” Just how it all broke down. There were times that I knew that if I didn’t know me, I wouldn’t be on Team Taya. But I know who I am, I know what I bring to the table, I know I’m a good person and I know that I have a lot of love to give. So, I’m frustrated by the criticism just because 99 percent of it is not accurate. You only saw a small glimpse of the real me on this show.

By saying that, though, you’re acknowledging the fact that when people respond to you, they’re more responding to a representation of you, rather than your core.

Right. There is a un-reality aspect to reality TV. I’m a very complex person. I’ve got a family persona, and I’ve got a “work face” I can pop on. You have to have a hard shell to work with people in the adult industry. You don’t want to just expose your weaknesses. So, when you see me being emotional on the show, I think you see the realest parts of who I am. I think a lot of that stemmed from me being emotionally invested in the experience. I bonded with Mindy. I bonded with Bret. I had a lot of emotions invested and you see at the end, I kind of broke down. A lot of the stuff that you didn’t see, as far as Bret’s critiques at the eliminations, the problem that he may have been having with me seemed to revolve around this one-percent thing: “I’m not sure if you’re acting through it, I’m not sure if you’re too good to be true.” When you see me getting emotional, it’s because I’m so tired of being misunderstood. Sometimes I’d have a moment with Bret where I really felt connected, and when he’d mention the problem again at elimination, I’d think, “I thought we got past that. Maybe we didn’t.” So it was very much an emotional roller coaster. And you can never understand it until you’re in the situation. Bret saw the real me. And most of those interactions were not shown on TV, for whatever reason. Good conversation and a true building connection will always take a back seat to drama and trauma on reality TV.

Keep up with Taya via her MySpace and her official website.

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  1. Lisa Monegato says:

    Dear Bret,
    I think that you made a HUGE mistake by picking Taya, let me tell you why…

    Taya is like Amber (LOVE HER), she is just starting her career which she put on hold for the show. The two of you cannot be “celebrities,” traveling to different places. You will never see each other, and someone’s career will ultimately have to come first. That is all I have to say. STILL LOVE YA! Keep rockin!,” Lisa

  2. Christina says:

    I hated Taya..I wanted him to pick Ashley at first, then when she went home i wanted him to pick Mindy…Taya just seems so fake!

  3. Sarah says:

    OMG, I couldnt convince myself to read all of this. This woman needs to seek counseling!!!

  4. heather says:

    I love Taya. I think she is very well collected. She can handle situations that would make the girl next door cry! She takes very good care of herself! She works very hard! She trys new things and keeps a good attitude! I like her. I am happy he chose her. I just hope he deserves her.

  5. adrocks says:

    Taya is despicable. She needs serious help…she tries to act like she is so prim and proper, then shows the world everything she has (including acting like a total slut on Howard Stern). Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, she referred to Farrah and Ashley as the “girls you don’t take home to mom”…she obviously thinks she is??? WHATEVER! She is straight up tacky in my book!! Keep spreading your legs for the world to see, Taya…it just makes it easier for us to hate you. I can’t wait for your son to grow up and see how you explain your escapades to him, you are going to scar a young child for eternity.

  6. cacy says:

    Taya is disgusting. I feel so sorry for her son, growing up with a dysfunctional mother like her must be hard. Poor kid, it’s a shame because he doesn’t have a choice. People like her should not be allowed to bear children. I hate her!

  7. Megan says:

    After watching the final eposide i thought he was going to pick Mindy. BUTTTT he did not. Which is a little bit bogesssss.. I did not like Taya, i think she was there to promote her singing and penthouse, because all she ever talked about was penthouse, then it we come to find shes the pet of the year. hmm something started to click. Then she started to sing really good, then it made sense to me, that she was there to promote herself, Mindy was actually there for love and for Bret and if he was blinded by binboooo Taya then he is just wack. ( NO offense because, Bret is a good singer) but his choice is just to wrong and i believe and agree with Mindy that they will not even last..

    Those are my remarks about the final show.

  8. Donna says:

    Taya you had the most class of all of thoses girls, hang in there. You are so pretty also, Bret loves you and not Mindy..The attorney from Florida.

  9. Donna Jones says:

    Taya you are the one, you have class and Bret saw that out of all thoses girls. you are the most pretty of all oall of them. The attorney from florida…

  10. Kim Bailey says:

    I am just devistated at the outcome of this show. I think it was clear to everyone that Mindy was the better choice for Brett. Perhaps that is how the producers portrayed the scenario in order for the big upset at the end. At no point did I feel that Brett was leaning toward Taya. I am hoping that Mindy is doing well in dealing with what is probably a true broken heart.

  11. LYNN BELL says:


  12. NotDisappointed says:

    Yet again Bret led with “I really want someone I can make a commitment to…” and again he chose someone least likely to make that commitment. That’s cool, in these hard economic times who can afford diamonds like that, especially the rich! ;o) You’re such a goof Bret! I love ya! But your show is all smoke and no substance and as each tour bus rolls on to another town your true intentions and desires are more and more obvious.
    Get a woman, settle down, and enjoy your “child? children?”; take that rag off your head it’s wearing your hair thin, and stick to guest appearances on “Red Eye”…that was “hot”.

  13. Julie says:

    I really had faith that Brett would do the right thing and finally pick a nice good girl and choose Mindy, but instead he stuck with the fake trash like Taya. I could not stand her. And if VH1 does another show with Bret Michaels I will Boycott it. He will not stay with Taya that’s why he did not give her the ring. Who are the judges at Penthouse anyway? Playmate of the year!!
    OMG if Taya is the best I’d hate to see who came in last.

  14. Debra Kiker says:

    Bret, I cannot believe you picked Taya ! Mindy’s final comment about you was true. You are just another aging Rock Star in a suit. But Alas, you have your TROPHY Girl. You have made it perfectly clear that all men are created equal. Now you can be just like Peter Brady(Chris Knight) who also has his stripper/playboy Trophy. I hope you get exactly what you wished for !!!

  15. Sarah says:

    I don’t see how she was promoting singing. They made her sing and she was good… she wasn’t going around saying “OHHH LISTEN TO ME SING!!!”

  16. KitKat says:

    Wow – everything she says makes sense. The show depicted her as annoying and pushy with the Penthouse thing. Too bad you don’t get to see the real side on the show.

  17. loli says:

    Unbelievable how many haters there are. Taya was the only one who acted with any dignity or self respect, and note, she did it WITHOUT being mean spirited like all the other skanky &*%`~`!`**`**&`$@ es. It’s a shame. It’s funny when one of the haters says she needs counseling when she was one of the few who weren’t either a drunken nutcase, a shallow “mean girl,” markedly immature, incompetent, insecure, or not in control of her life (Bev!).

  18. Colton says:

    Ur a ^~^!*`#+@$$)@_^`& i hope u and the jerk bret are happy!!! he lets go of all the good ones!!! ur nothin but trash!!!

  19. LauraLee says:

    At the elimination Taya looked like ronald mcdonalds mother. Mindy looked awesome she was so bright and pretty. Mindy should have won….stupid Taya with her Mcdonalds face..29 yeah righ!

  20. jessica says:

    wow people are so stupid and wack.. why in the hell would he pick MINDY? she had funks all the time, she was lame and boring.. Her voice was annoying. TAYA was real. She was there for him. She was the realest of them all. ASHLEY big boobs was there for T.V. only. All the blondes were. Are you people serious? Taya kept it real, she wanted love, she spoke from her heart. Mindy was a shadow. She was insecure, She had nothing to bring to the table. She couldnt handle his life! Taya knows the life style. They had a great connection.

  21. sharkee says:

    I believe there is more to this TAYA then she lets out, and for some reason my 1% doesnt jive to all of this justification, and her representation of herself…

    Sure she was nice to all of the girls, but I believe she is minipulative, and a little to controlled..

    Is there any BALANCE in this woman?


  22. c says:

    why do people keep insisting that he should’ve picked mindy?? mindy was such a baby and the way she turned on taya out of pure jealousy showed that she isn’t this nice “girl-next-door” chick but that she was just an insecure b!tch. she was not likeable at all in the last few episodes. and how did anyone get the sense that taya was there promoting penthouse, singing, or that she was fake?? she was one of the realest girls there and anything that seemed like promotion was obviously due to editing and other girls being stupid.
    from the very beginning it was obvious that bret liked taya the most and it was obvious that she was great for him.

  23. jessica says:

    You people are so stupid. Why would he pick MINDY? She was annoying, always in a funk, crying, she was a follower, she could not handle his life. No one was real EXCEPT TAYA! she kept it real, and was honest, she came into this with wanting to find love. They do so much editing, that you people think she is a bad person. Thats how messed up all you people are. Taya was honest, she wanted him, can fit his life style. Every blonde was there for just T.V. all the fake girls. He picked the right one. He would be so bored of MINDY! she had nothing to offer, or give him. She would be a big baby and mess things up. She was sweet. But come on, can you honestly say you saw a future in them. NO WAY! TAYA AMAZING! he did a great job. He better not mess up!

  24. Mary says:

    I am glad Taya won I liked her from the first episode. Everyone thought she was fake only because they were jealous and she was not being skanky like the other girls. I would not like to see a number 4 so he better make this work.

  25. Drew says:

    Congratulations Taya! I <3 you, you are so beautiful, compassionate, and dignified, no matter what happens, you better not change for anybody. Mindy was just another whiny hypocrite, but you chose not to stoop down to any of the other girls’ levels, you are something unique. Much love! :)

  26. bebe says:

    I liked taya overall. I see what she means about some of the ways she was depicted, but she wasn’t giving them drama so they made drama out of what they had. a lot of it has to do with the fact we don’t see taya drinking very much. that makes a huge difference and it’s something to take into account when watching the show.

    mindy WOULD NOT have been happy with bret. if people like her so much, why would they want to see her hurt? I liked mindy up until she started being such a bad friend to taya. taya really did show mindy some kindness (from what we were shown).

    it was just sad… especially since a lot more girls come out of rol with friendship with other girls. bret even is friends with some girls. dating ambre off and on for several months is as close to finding love as bret has gotten. maybe it will be different with taya. :)

  27. peggy says:

    Taya hasn’t won anything. Bret didn’t give her the ring just a stupid story about 99% this and 1% that. Bret knew Mindy really fell in love and Taya only loves Taya. It’ll be much easier for him to break if off in a couple of months. Taya spread her legs for a mens magazine but would not admit to stripping what the hell is that all about. Taya thinks she’s way better than she is. I thought that her x boyfried was her pimp after the way he acted on the show.

  28. Daniela says:

    now come on girls don’t you know that Brett picked Taya because she is a Penthouse Pet?!!! the aging singer needs to validate himself. this show is soo pathetic. i only watched a couple episodes this time around, the 1st season was actually somewhat interesting, but give me a BREAK. Brett is attractive and talented but extremely superficial.

  29. Jillykins says:

    I am so glad Bret Picked Taya! She had more class than any of the other women. She is probably the only one that can handle his lifestyle. She is a star in her own right. It’s a shame that Bret allowed the other women’s gossip and back stabbing influence some of his decissions.

  30. anitae says:

    I think Bret made the right choice. I thought he was going to pick Mindy, I am glad he didn’t! Taya had more class, she’solder, has a child, he’s in the same place. I hope it works out. I don’t think we can stand another Rock of Love !!!

  31. heha says:

    Good for you Taya!

  32. Jillian says:

    I am so glad that Bret picked Taya! Taya came through as very real and genuine on the show. It’s just a shame that Bret allowed all of the backstabbing on the show directed at Taya to happen. Taya didn’t deserve it and it’s very obvious at this point that it stemmed because of petty jealousy from the other women because they were witches and skanks or ugly people inside in general.

    So glad that Taya won!! :-) She deserved it! :-)

  33. Jillian says:

    LOL at all of the stupid haters on this blog. You are all jealous because Taya won and she is not a skank like Mindy. Stupid haters you all need to get lives. LOL

  34. mrs. harvey says:

    thought the end was dumb as hell and i am looking forward to seeing rock of love (bus or whatever they are doing then) season 4, just to make me laugh at all the big boobs and nasty attitudes! thanks for picking a girl that we all know will not last, so we can look forward to your next season!! have fun promoting your tour and your “new” girls career!! love that penthouse!!

  35. Gina says:

    Taya is full of herself. Anyone who wins the show and still finds a way to promote Penthouse (via the t-shirt in her videos), is only there for herself not really the person that they are supposed to be there for. Obviously he made the wrong choice, but I figure this way Mindy is probably better off. If he really “cared to have a relationship with “Taya””, he could have still given her the ring as a sign of their love instead of an engagement ring. He had his doubts about her and I give their so-called relationship until the reunion when they realize that it just won’t work out. I bet there will be another rock of love, the money is just too good for Bret Michaels.

  36. Theresa says:

    I hope the best for you, But Mindy should have won!

  37. sereena says:

    Taya is so totally fake. I think he should have picked Mindy!!!!

  38. judee42plus says:

    You no the whole show was fake even the ending she did not look like she really cared and either did Brett. I hope this was his last FAKE show. The whole show was a joke.I am glad its over

  39. Julie says:

    Laurie?!?!? WTF?!?!?!? Just another misrepresentation on Taya/Laurie/whoever’s part?

    I hope Bret is happy with this psycho. He deserves it. Talk about bad taste in women, Bret. Get a clue! This “creative process” hasn’t worked for you, like TWICE, before, so what the hell makes you think you’ve found your “soul mate” this time?

    I could not stomach watching that little priss eat like ever-so-delicately, and get her itty, bitty feelings hurt every other conversation.

    And THOSE EYEBROWS!!!!! Are you telling me that she actually thinks they look at all normal or at all pretty? Ick… Did she get in a fight with an eyebrow pencil and the pencil won?!?!?

    I am NOT watching this !)%((`+`$)_)~**_ anymore. Grow up, Bret Michaels. Find a woman the normal way, if you can!

  40. Auburn says:

    OMG.. im so upset over this. to me taya was a big fake just tryin to promote her self!I think that brett should have chose mindy.. i knew this from the begining. Mindy has what he needed and i could tell sinc ethe first episode! BRETT YOU MADE A WRONG DECISION… TAYA YOUR A LIAR,SLUT,FAKE,and DUMB!

  41. GetOverItHaters says:

    You stupid haters need to get over it. Taya won and she won because she is the best! Time for you haters to learn how to deal with it!

    Taya is the best! Congratulations to Taya! :-)

  42. Jami says:

    I was soooooo upset that he chose Taya. I didn’t like her from the begining!!! I don’t know what it was…….maybe all she ever talked about was Penthouse?!?! I am sure she’s a nice girl, but no. I definetley would be his rock of love if he was ever lookig again, which he prolly will be after choosing Taya!!!!! At least I am normal and I don’t say that I am not a stripper and bash them and then admit that I am a “feature dancer”. Is that not the same thing?? Oh well, I wish them all the happiness in the world!!!! Good luck!!!

  43. m says:

    I couldnt believe he picked taya. I am and I was so sick of her wearing penthouse shirts and talking about penthouse. No wonder why he cant find love he picks the wrong person half the time. I know it wont work btetween brett and taya. she is full of her self.

  44. me says:

    Taya is a cry baby.. all she did was CRY! every ending of every show! they wont ever last!! shoulda picked mindy

  45. Christina says:

    So glad that Bret picked Taya! She deserved to win because she has class and integrity. The people on this blog who are whining about Mindy sound like Mindy themselves. Get over it.

    The best lady won and that lady was Taya! :-)

    Congratulations to Taya! :-)

  46. Jason says:

    I think Brett Michaels is doing these shows for the money, I don’t know how much these shows pay but must be better than being on the road and ticket sales are low. He has Diabetes and if he keeps up the hard partying he will need a nurse not a hot mamma!!

  47. TC says:

    I loved you Taya…so what you were in Penthouse! You were the classiest girl on the show! All the haters can keep on hating cause it’s just making you more famous! I really hope you and Bret work out, if that’s what you want. I think most of the people who write negative things about you are jealous or wish they could be you! Just keep doing what you doing cause, girl, it’s working for you! Keep your head up! I have sent you a couple letters on myspace letting you know you were my favorite from day 1. You are a gorgeous woman and tell the haters to KISS UR A$$!!!! I am glad you saw what Mindy did to you, and there is no way I would trust her EVER! You never threw her under the bus! She’s just a sorry loser!

  48. Em says:

    i love taya!

  49. Jesse says:

    Yeahhhhh!!!! From the get-go I wanted Taya to win!!

  50. linda says:

    I agreed when he picked Jess and ambre…still in shock over this season’s pick. just shows you what he’s really looking for. he doesn’t want true love; lust rules his world.

  51. Alex says:

    I’m a huge fan of Posion and Bret. Never watched him on TV before this year though. My girlfriend (who I met at a Posion concert) is a huge fan of Rock of Love and she finally talked me in to watching. From the get go, my favorite was Mindy, simply because Bret and she had honest to God chemistry. Mindy should have been Brett’s choice, because they seemed to fit together like a rose and a thorn. Taya and Brett have zilch in the chemistry department. Either this had to be a pre-arranged hook-up for sponorship reasons, or Bret is enamored with the idea of having a Penthouse Pet on his arm. It certainly isn’t because he loves her. Taya also doesn’t love him. Mindy had the look of a woman falling hard for a man, Taya never did. In fact, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even like him all that much and sees him more as a stepping stone career wise than a future husband. Bret should have picked Mindy, because then he’d have a real shot at finding his “rock of love.” Sorry, Bret. But I think your rock is a mud-ball that will crumble into dust.

  52. Racin17 says:

    Taya(a.k.a. Laurie) really was 29 during the airing of the show. I went to High School with her. I never really cared much for her, to prissy for my style, but i believe deep down shes a good person. I do have to say out of the majority of the girls, she had the most class. Some of the others were just waaaay out there.

  53. Cindy says:

    I actually liked both of the girls and am on the fence about which one he should have picked. Eachone had their own great personality. I think that Big John deserves some kind of award for all of this. He dealt with all this drama and yet kept it together with an upbeat attitude and humor.

  54. Tay says:

    i love you taya if it dont work out with bret come hook up wit ya boi wit ya fine +@**$@(#$`+~!$$

  55. jaydenmiff says:

    Taya is the smartest woman every to be cast on a reality show. She’s brilliant. My God her answers are unbelievable. I now love her.

  56. natalie says:

    i think its &+^&~)~*+`*~&_`@ ed up he picked her

  57. Dawn says:

    Wow that was a good interview. Alot more insight into who Taya is. Never a fan of Taya’s, didn’t think it would ever come down to Taya and Mindy. But between the two of them Taya has her life together alot more than Mindy does. Mindy is emotionally unstable and Taya seems to know what she wants out of life which is Bret right now. Hopefully it will last.

  58. Betsy says:

    Oh come on! You all know that Brett Micheals would never pick any girl that he could have a REAL relationship with. Think about it. If he picked Mindy, He would be expected to behave like a real boyfriend. With fake Taya, he can break it off easy-Just like all the others…..He made the mistake of picking a ‘real girl’ in season 1. By the way, anyone heard from Jesse? No. Just his little minion Heather. Bottom-line-This reality show is anything but.

  59. Leonard says:

    taya taya taya, the whole time you kept saying you were not a stripper, but in your interview you admit it, not to mention the fact that you have this big spread on your my space page as exotic dancer of the year, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT !!!! your just as much as a hoe as the rest of them.

  60. Sandy says:

    OMG!! Bret, big mistake!! You tell her she’s your rock of love and she can’t even smile?? You do realize that most women would be exctatic?? Right?? ROFL oh, just keep looking from the neck down. You got what you wanted Taya…. publicity…. Not cool you played Bret!

  61. Rachael says:

    I still think Taya is full of crap! Has been and will always be. Bret made the wrong choice, actaully made the wrong choice when he thought he would find “true love” on TV. I loved the show but didn’t like Taya from the start. I never liked people who look down on others without even giving them a thought. Taya or Laurie or whoever she is, does not even deserve my thoughts. “Get over yourself woman!” I think I may have thrown up a little while reading this.

  62. TotallyAnnoyed says:

    Taya is fake. Of course there’s always something for her to gain by promoting the magazine that employs her. It was a very clever marketing scheme by Penthouse at any rate. Bret deserves any kind of misery that tramp Laurie brings with her simply because he once again stupidly mad the wrong choice… again. Fortunately for him there always an never ending pool of chicks desperate enough to want to date even an aging rocker. Good luck on Rock of Love 5!

  63. TaT says:


    Nobodies hating on her $*~!_~+^!!(~*#+ that frggin word is just so stupid, ppl can have opinions without being jealous of someone,you jealous of everyone you don’t like? NO! Taya had a nasty attitude on the show and some ppl did’nt like it.

  64. ashley says:

    okay, so she says she doesnt do lap dances and that… her,,, check her on howard stern and other shows shovin her crotch in different dudes faces!

  65. BobNoxious says:

    He is a rockstar (sort of) and she is a Penthouse pet.
    He made the right choice. I hope it works out for the both of them…..Good Luck

    Oh ya don’t hate the players, hate the game.

    Enough said.


  66. Michelle says:

    First off I have been a fan of VH1 reality since I can remember. After watching 2 seasons of Rock of love I can FINALLY say that Bret has chosen a great girl!!! I liked Amber but it was obvious she was too sweet for Bret. Taya is perfect for him. Yeah she might have come off as a superior (`++%)#%&^@@`++_^ at times but things do get crazy behind the scenes with reality tv. Hello I love money poor Mr. Boston??? Real/Chance and White boy almost killed him!!! Taya was just trying to get her man..and BAM she did. Mindy was pretty yess but her bland personality would bore Bret after 2-3 sexytimes. Good Job Taya! and side note too after reading Beverly’s blog too..F**k her..right back at ya Bev. Why don’t you go cuddle with the teddy bear Bret signed unless that’s already on ebay….

  67. Tanja says:

    Gosh almighty,taya is ugly as heck.She looked like a drag queen in the finale.Taya is a cheap trashy stripper skank.She was there for nothing else but to promote her penthouse crap.That goes to show you that those magazines have some real ugly and trashy people in em.And that they totally airbrush them pics because damn!!!Mindy looked very pretty and classy.

  68. M- says:

    I give them a month if even that. Bret probably made a side deal w/Penthouse for the Penthouse girls to start showing up at his concerts…He’s not stupid buy Laurie sure is

  69. M- says:

    People…Penthouse girls are going to start showing up at Bret’s shows..He probably made an agreement w/Penthouse somehow..PROMOTION, PROMOTION< PROMOTION….Bret saw the real me…HUH?? Don’t think so..How’s the Strip show your doing in Denver this weekend?

  70. claudia says:

    i liked you and mindy right away and then i think mindy lost her dignity when she started throwing you under the rock of love bus…so i was hopeful you’d be chosen…i think from your interview you seem even more grounded then it appeared on the show..and this whole penthouse thing…the way the other girls acted and all the fakeness..and they acted like your penthouse career was the only reason you were there…your in the mag, what more exposure did you need, and thats a perfect match for someone like brett, and the fact you have dignity and manners..even better, i hope it works out as you hope, i get the feeling he does this show for his own promotion and not for a relationship, and he was worried about you? i think your a beautiful lady, the only thing that you may want to rethink is how you wear your eyebrows…go to a professional, i think you’ll love the results and will enhance your natural beauty…i hope the best for you,let everyone know what really happens in vegas with brett

  71. amanda says:

    I am so disappointed that Bret picked Taya…she’s so fake, she didn’t use her real name because Penthouse didn’t want her to?! She couldn’t say “hey, my real name is Laurie, but my stage name is Taya, so, please call me Laurie”? No, because she is fake, she will be with Bret for a few months then move on to someone else. She’s so skanky, at least Mindy was a sweet person, as was Beverly…but, he let them go. Ugh! I love Bret, but he’s such a liar! When he let Ashley and Britanya go he said that they were two of the most beautiful women he had ever seen…DOES HE NEED GLASSES?! Ashley was one of the UGLIEST girls from the three seasons, only second to Angilique! He should have kept up with Jes…she was a sweetie…even Ambre was nice…BOTH of those women were far prettier than Ashley. But, he’s a rock star, how can anyone believe anything he says…he still lives with his ex in Calabases, so, he’s not going to settle down with anyone.

  72. ec says:

    reality check people: rock stars go for models (or dancers/strippers). is that the right choice? who cares. it’s their choice. they’re going to go for the hottest piece of #$@, not the nice girl next door who will bore them to death.

  73. KK says:

    Bret is a loser! He’s old enough to know better than to dangle wedding rings in front of women like that! Instead of just breaking Mindy’s heart he made it that much worse. If the producers made him do it, which it looks like, he should have been man enough to refuse for the girls’ sake. He clearly just wants a hot ~+*))#*(_(#$(@*`) to follow him around a little while and go away. Typical Peter Pan. I have lost respect. Going to burn my Poison albums!

  74. Sammijo says:

    Brett asked a very poignant question at the end of this season, “who knew?” Honestly, I could have saved weeks of cattiness because I knew after the second show, but thanks to all the girls for mindless entertainment….Taya, loosen up…you are way too uptight!

  75. chelsea says:

    the only reason bret picked taya was because mindy was to perfect for him and if he picked mindy it would have worked out so instead he picked taya so he could have his rock of love 4

  76. Southpaw says:

    Was disappointed he picked Taya….with all of her “tears” at the end of each episode. And, she was not nice at the end, like some people think. She told Mindy she should put a bag over her head right before Mindy’s final date with Bret. Bret probably picked Taya because “he couldn’t stop thinking about her” since she would not spend the night….big deal. After a few months of her crying because of all his “groupies”, she’ll be gone. Of course he didn’t give her the ring right away….he’s probably not ever going to (to anyone)! The mother of his children is smart and beautiful (nothing like most of the ROL chicks) so how do you go backward? Yeah, fix those eyebrows, Laurie…Taya….whoever you are. Look for ROL4…how about ROL Beach House?

  77. Jamd says:

    …really?? Bret is either stupid or every single season of Rock Of Love was fake! I mean, he kept talking like he only wanted the finale to be entertaining and that’s why he picked Taya, because he knew that Mindy would have been better for him. What a dumb `!)&^!^@$~!^(^@ I feel so bad for Mindy, I really hope that you find the love of your life and Bret is obviously not for you because he’s a )#`(`)+_+)%*##`_ ing dumb `!)&^!^@$~!^(^@ and if he was smart he would have chosen you. I know him and Taya won’t last, she’s too )#`(`)+_+)%*##`_ ing annoying and will never shut up!! I can’t wait till we get to the finale so they can tell us that it didn’t work out and I’ll just laugh at Bret’s stupid `!)&^!^@$~!^(^@

  78. realityfn says:

    I am really dissapointed w/ Bet Micheals because he picked Taya and she was just there to promote here being Penthouse Pet of the Year and that is just so wrong. I think he had picked Mindy things would went on and they would have lived happily ever after and I believe that there is definitely gonna be another season w/ Rock of Love 4 because this relationship will not last like all the others. I thought Mindy was a very nice woman and I think Bret made a big mistake picking who he did this season.

  79. Amanda says:

    Oh please. Some of the people on this blog need to quit whining. Bret made the right choice for him with Taya so accept it. MINDY WAS A NIGHTMARE so obviously she wasn’t going to be picked. She found every opportunity to whine the entire show.

    Taya was PERFECT so therefore she WON. Taya deserved to win. Congratulations to Taya and cheers to Bret!

  80. bebe says:

    I have done a little research on taya. I see now why taya is so proud of being a “feature dancer.” she has been recognized within that world for her work.

    penthouse was sold in 2005. taya became involved with the company after its sale. penthouse is rebuilding its brand.

    if you are an exotic dancer or in penthouse, playboy whatever and you go on howard stern he DOES expect you to deliver the goods. anyone who follows howard knows this. he made this a rule. howard wouldn’t call a girl trash or a !@@)%(&^#)@*$!&~! just for doing those jobs. I think howard knows a lot more on this subject than most people.

    in her interview taya says, “you have to have a hard shell” in the world she’s in… watch howard interview some of these girls (and porn girls) and you’ll see why. so don’t hate.

    btw, MOST of the rol girls have exotic dancing, nude modeling, or porn in their past. bret watches all of this. why should he shun the girls when he watches them? i’d rather see him with them than being fake and two-faced about it.

    bret seems to get along extremely well with exotic dancers. even though taya is a pet, she’s also a dancer. so, even if this show is totally fake I think they could get along.

  81. Serene says:

    Oh please quit whining. Bret made the right choice in picking Taya because TAYA WAS PERFECT so learn to deal with it.

    Congratulations to Taya! You’re beautiful and a sweet lady and deserved to win! :-)

  82. ginger says:


    ….Enjoy entertaining Bret. You are a pretty woman,
    hopefully a good mother….however, in the long run
    you will not be able to sustain a MEANINGFUL COMMITTMENT
    with Bret…..

  83. chris says:

    Personally I think Taya is a `+~$(#$)+#_%~~_%^ And Bret Micheals is a )+*#()_!($*(%%)^ in loser.My sister and I are totally conviced that Bret has mono,herpes,craps,or something like it!I sad 2 see that old man waste his life trying 2 find love with a house full of sluts!What a sad )+*#()_!($*(%%)^ in man.And by tha way ur hair is )+*#()_!($*(%%)^ ed up Bret.It always has been.

  84. mary says:

    Bret messed up with this choice.

  85. fanny says:

    Hi Fans, Does Miss Implant spend any time with her son,with all her penthouse shoots and touring with Bret.I really don’t think the mother of Bret’s children is going to invite them for a happy Sunday dinner

  86. melissa says:

    even your interviev is boring i can not read it you are the most self absorbed person i ever heard of you are the WRONG choice mindy should have won

  87. msny says:

    this is a response to southpaw how about rock of love rest home that man is older than moses and still trying to get with chicks that are young enough to be his children it is all to promote his career (so called career) you can only hear every rose but so many times befoer you get tired of it and this is the only thing he can do to keep his name out there before rol everyone was like bret who

  88. Rodney says:

    Same here, I would prefer Mindy instead of Taya because she’s kinda way too perfect for Bret’s lifestyle. And Mindy would make a great rockstar girlfriend for Bret.

  89. nanaboo says:

    i think the show was very differnt from all the rest and his choice was made up at the last mintue he liked how her body look rather than what his heart was telling him but its all good we will see him again.

  90. Marie says:

    Taya regardless how they pretrayed you on the show. From the beginning I thought you were the right one for Bret. Keep him happy. You both deserve it.

  91. shannon says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Mindy should have won?? My gosh Taya is all about reppin penthouse! she wore that shirt throughout the whole season.. Brett doesnt want love or hed took Mindy.. He just wants another show

  92. sereena says:

    This girl needs help Big time. I still can’t believe Bret picked he over Mindy. That just bulls@@t.

  93. RACIN17 says:

    Im sorry, I meant she was 30 during the show

  94. Amanda says:


  95. EZZZZ says:

    This blog is a joke….they censor the posts!! All I said in an earlier post was that people should check out the PH pics of Taya….I’ll word it differently so maybe they won’t delete me again! I said that some of the pics were real nice, but most of them had bad lighting etc. and that she had (1)some obviously bad implants and (2)that she had some really big lower lips if you know what I mean! Beefy!! They removed my post even though it had no swear words or nasty descriptions other than the above. Come on VH1… censorship!!

  96. topaz10 says:

    i love this show. taya/laurie’s false eyelasses at the final elimination were terrible.

  97. sarah says:

    omg u got picked some one help i just passed away bret made the biggest mistake in his life he should have picked mindy she is way hotter.

  98. Lola says:

    Thank goodness Taya won. She really is perfect- for Bret. Mindy knew it, that’s why she flipped out. Taya does what she has to and provides for her son. She is use to the road and was the only girl that was there for all of the cast. Just because she is in the adult industry doesn’t mean she is a bad person or a _+~%+*@)_&*@~@@!+ What is Bret going to do with a tuxedo sales clerk? He would have to pay all of Mindy’s bills and hope that she would be nice to his daughters. I think she would be jealous of his kids and freak out over everything. Taya has to play to the crowd, just like Bret. It is part of the job.
    If I were Taya, I would seriously consider running for the hills. How humiliating to watch Bret make out with all of the girls on the reunion show! Guess that’s better than Bret screwing Mindy (twice) then picking Taya! At least Taya didn’t make that mistake. Mindy was the one that tried to use sex to win him over. Who was the real tramp?

  99. gings says:

    I really wanted Mindy to win, I think Taya is fake, I hope Mindy finds a great guy and and looks at Brett at the reunion show, and laughs at him , and says I am so glad you did not pick me. Taya will be gone in a couple of months any way,

  100. kitten says:

    Taya is not classy if anything she’s a hoe. I think Bret should do a little research on his girl. I found this web page where taya is doing this talk show and she starts to take her clothes off and then bent over and let one of the men touch her pu$$y. I love Bret but i think he should just stop with all the seaching for love. If he didn’t find someone who complete him by now then give it up. The last girl you pick was perfect and it last for 10 months so what happen?

  101. Karma In Cali says:

    Okay so I totally can’t belive Brett picked Taya. She’s hella ugly and was only on the show to promote pentouse. She made that very obvious. Mindy was so genuine and real and would have been the perfect wifey for Brett. So therfore I wont feel bad when Taya dumps him and takes every dime he’s got. “Golddigger” is Taya’s real name. Oh and did I mention the fact that her face is super ugly. I personally thought Jesse was his perfect match I was obviously wrong, but still Taya “PUKE”….. Sorry brett but you kinda lost me as a fan with this one!!!

  102. Karma In Cali says:

    Okay Im glad I have so many other people that agree Taya’s a hoe….. Miny Rocks they should make a show for her…..

  103. Barbara says:



  104. nancy p says:

    im glad he picked taya,,i am goin to see bret michaels at the house of blues here in myrtle beach at barefoot landing on june 10th we shall see if taya or the other girls are present,,,,

  105. Contessa56 says:

    I was VERY DISAPPOINTED that Brett picked Taya over Mindy!!!! Taya just dosn’t seem his kind. I believed Brett picked Taya only for the fact she is a Penthouse pin-up to help boost his aging career? That relatinship won’t last long Taya being around younger men within her work industry. She will find someone else before Brett even gives her the ring. I’M SO DISAPPOINTED!!!

  106. Contessa56 says:

    I have to write about Mindy in a new comment section since she is a much higher quality than the one Brett picked. I know Mindy will find the perfect guy for her becasue I feel she is TOO GOOOD FOR BRETT!!! Brett you lost me as a fan. You picked TRASH OVER CLASS!!!!

  107. Tiffi from tha H says:

    Don’t worry on the reuion they will break up. Then it will be time for part 4.

  108. kgirven says:

    I have to agree with many of the comments below. You made a big mistake Bret. Mindy was real, but you celebrity types cannot deal with real can you? So no wonder you picked Taya. It will never work. Love cannot be achieved with a fake person. At least not real love!!


  109. MindyTheWhiner says:

    So glad that Bret picked Taya over Mindy. There needed to be a violin playing every time Mindy would speak because she was always whining and in one of her “moods” and feeling sorry for herself. Taya was the winner and deserved to win! Congratulations because Taya was the girl who had the most class! Mindy needs to check into a mental health clinic for her emotional problems. She always whined when she didn’t get her way and was very annoying.

    Congratulations to Taya the Winner! :-)

  110. Kim says:

    Ok…but are they together or what? These questions are kinda stupid if you ask me. Nobody cares about how she felt about the girls or the Penthouse!! Cut the b/s questions already…geezzzz!!!

  111. TEAM MINDY says:

    TAYA, you are fake. Gross. Nasty. I don’t think there is one word that can come close to explaining how ridiculous you are, and the more you talk, the worse it gets. The entire world has seen your ugly naked body. Classy? I think not. Bret could have found someone like you in any town on a street corner. Don’t blame the editing of the show. You suck! Between your “feature dancing” (no matter what you call it, you take your clothes off for money), nakedness on Howard Stern, kissing an intern on Opie & Anthony… You are pure TRASH!

  112. MindySucksBalls says:

    Mindy (Wendy Whiner) can never make up her mind. Seriously, this chick is 34 years old and doesn’t like kids? She whined when she had to “help” take care of kids early in the show. Then she expects Bret at the reunion to “take her back”?? What a needy headcase! She doesn’t even realize how high maintenance she is!

    Taya is the one who had it altogether. She was respectful of Bret, didn’t whine to him, and is a mother herself like Bret is a father.

    It’s pretty obvious why Bret picked Taya over Mindy. Bret knew he couldn’t have a conversation with that Wendy Whiner ever with her always crying and complaining.

    Mindy Sucks Balls!

  113. Jean says:

    Well, looks like you may not get the ring afterall. Mindy opened her heart finally and the look on his face and the kiss he gave her showed himself that he picked the wrong person.

    You made the big screw up by saying at the moment on the beach that you would have married hime then, but then on the show, you said you weren’t sure, etc,etc.

    The look on his face showed a bit of concern. I do believe Mindy may be getting a phone call for them to hook up and she may eventually get that ring she picked.

    Too bad for you Miss Perfect, Mindy was the better choice. She loves him and has the time for him. Better luck next time.

  114. ShutUpAlready says:

    Hey Jean, get a fricking grip. It’s a “reality show.” Bret said he would never go looking for “love” on a “reality show” and that it is just entertainment. Mindy is a freakin nightmare. Bret knows she is a headcase who is high maintenance. He would never let himself get involved with a fruitcake like that. She doesn’t even like kids for christ’s sake! Guess what? Bret has two kids! Is Moody Mindy going to suddenly “love children” because of Bret’s two kids? HELL NO. She is a BASKET CASE. She went on a “reality show.” If she wants to “fall in love”, then she should register on a dating site like EHarmony. MINDY is the fruitcake who is “IN LOVE WITH THE IDEA OF BEING IN LOVE WITH A ROCK STAR.”

    Everyone knows she is a fruitcake! Bret will kick her to the curb and hire special security to keep her from stalking him! Haha! :-)

  115. Shedawns says:

    Are we done yet????? Jeez I can’t believe i watched another RoL! I said I never watch another and here I am at the end of #3 and still disgusted on the way Bret micheals chooses his women. I see him with theses young girls and think to myself,” Wow!!!! He’s old enough to be their Dad.” And even more disgusted that nobody cares. Can we choose another Dude to be on ROL and a little close to their age group!!!!! I’m sure there is someone out there!!!!

  116. HUNH? says:


    You may not like taya, but saying she has a ugly #!!(^)`@~&^%*!$ body? who are you kidding, her body is flawless

  117. Erica says:

    so i love the fact that bret picked Taya. She was my fav since the begining! She is beatiful and a strong woman. Penthouse had nothing to do w the show because she was already pet of the yr. My grl Taya was already successful and honestly didnt need bret to make her any more famous… Thanx God he sent mindy home ..she was ugly. Mindy stab taya in the back, she is a fake person and if mindy could not be faithful to taya than how could bret ever trust her??? please. btw MINDY GET OVER HIM N STOP CRYING HE DUMPD U! HA!
    AND…Bret, why did u keep beverly there so long???? she was ugly and werid and ugh puke! plus she kiss ur homie…f tat! love to Taya ur the bomb grl! xox bret this has been ur best pic yet…

  118. K-chan says:

    Taya was so mean on the reunion. Like, seriously? What the hell was she saying to Mindy? What a (%#%`@%__%~`@&@`+ Closure? Mhm. Sure. Flavor Flav picked a girl like Taya – Deelishis – who now sings and has a jean line. She was business minded and they didn’t work out. I think the same will happen for these two. Taya may be pretty, but she’s a cold-hearted snake.

    Get ready for Rock of Love of love 4. Taya will not last with Bret for sure.

    On a side note, anyone notice how much Ricky valued Mindy on the reunion show? IDK, but I think he was liking her. Mindy was also feeling Bret and he looked truly regretful, though. Hm. Interesting.

  119. Alexandria says:

    Ugh! I swear what a trashy girl. She just has an excuse for everything! Always having to have a perfect answer for all the questions. She’s so fake it’s not even funny. I mean, the crazy chick who stole the used socks would have been better than her, and that’s saying A LOT!

  120. roxanne says:

    I think Brett made the best choice and that is taya, Mindy is a back stabbing sneak who would try to get what she wants , watch out Brett she seems like a stalker or worse fatal attraction, I think most woman don’t like Taya is because they are jealous , Taya you are better person than all of them. You add class to the show and more realism than anyone else did.

  121. nancy p says:

    saw the reunion last night,, im still glad he picked taya,, mindy i think took a page out of the bachelor playbook with the melissa rycroft and molly melaney story,, mindy i think all the wanted was to get out of working at old navy, she seemed to me kinda needy,,,,bret would have definitely got bored with her,, men do not want wishy washy yes ,, women,, they want someone to fight back and i think taya can do that,, she will keep him on his toes for sure,, again im seeing bret on june 10th at the house of blues,, at barefoot landing,, will let you know what happens,, next,,,

  122. nancy p says:

    i have vip tickets upstairs,,, and close seating,, im goin to look and see whose there,,, and spy gglz,,,,,bret michaels at the house of blues ,north myrtle beach @ barefoot landing june 10th,, i will be the blonde sitting upstairs,,,,,,,

  123. nancy p says:

    one more thing,,,, mindy called taya a %#@~!^#&_+@#*@~## for posing nude,, she gave it up twice on the show to bret once in texas on their solo date at the concert and on the finale show,, she is such a hypcocrite,, also she was on another reality show using another name,,,,

  124. Amy says:

    Yeah I mean Mindy is kind of whiny but hey she blew it buy not expressing her feelings and uttering ” I love you” Taya (regardless if she was there for Penthouse or not) at least did. Sure who knows what really was the deal w/ Taya but hey she said it Mindy must be kicking herself now because she knew she was better than Taya but if she spoke up and expressed herself she would have ended up with him

    My sister last night had an intersting facebook quote that most musicans know how to write great awesome chart-topping ballads about love/relationships but yet they can’t never fix there own. If anyone was reading the interview from Bret himself he even says that he’s fixed everyone else’s relationships but his. Hmm?? maybe it’s called Bret maybe it’s time to focus on ur kids and trying to actually have a relationship with someone for once ya know. I don’t care at this point if it’s Mindy or Taya or whomever else but he needs to fix himself before he fixes others. Many people are like this they care selfishgly about others but yet they neglect themselves (I’ve done this too) but it’s obviously catching up to him I don’t want to see him do Rock of Love say like 5 0r 6 That would look terrible
    Honestly he’s got alot to think about now

  125. ViewerChic says:

    Hey I thought Taya was awesome. I think that she’s too good for Bret, who just treats women like objects. I personally think that Taya should also pursue a singing career because she can really sing.

    Go TAYA! Don’t let the haters get you down.

  126. KRS says:

    Taya, You don’t love Brett. You need go on with your life with your son. Brett is not wanting to settle down. Obviously he would have by now. You are just a toy to him. Another etch on his pole of using women. Take your son and run out of Bretts grips so you dont have a reason to cry.

  127. KRS says:

    Taya, You look like a clean well mannered mature lady. Look at how Brett came on the reunion show…..Dirty not shaved scruffy and in need of clothes. Maybe full of STD’s. He is not your type. You deserve better than a washed up 80′s rocker with no self respect and old enough to be your father. Look at the Big Picture. He is gross.

  128. KRS says:

    Taya, You look like a smart clean well mannered mature lady. Look at how Brett came on the reunion show…..Dirty not shaved scruffy and in need of clothes. Maybe full of STD’s. He is not your type. You deserve better than a washed up 80′s rocker with no self respect and old enough to be your father. Look at the Big Picture. He is gross. As in old man looking for young stuff.

  129. Jessica says:

    I am happy that Bret picked Taya and I wish them the best of luck. Mindy was a rollercoaster. Who is she to say that Taya is not real. Just look at how Mindy answers all the questions. She sounds like a robot.

    Who freakin cares anyways. All these idiots stating that Taya is this and that. That is for Bret to decide. The show is just for our intertainment. No one can sit there and say who Bret should date or that he made a mistake.

    Also, there is a reason why Mindy is at her age and has never had a ring on her finger, etc. She has is too emotional. She is not comfortable in her own skin. She first has to love herself before she can love anyone. Also, it was a little pathetic that so called “fans” make her feel good about herself. It should not take a person to make you feel good about yourself. It seems she always has bad days. Good thing he didn’t go down that path because she would have played too many mind games. She needs therapy.

    For the idiot on the reunion show. He said that Bret made the right decision with Jes and Ambre. That is funny because why aren’t they still together. Why don’t people see the big picture?

    The sad thing about all of this is that Bret and Taya might not work out because the media is going to draw them apart.

  130. Jessica says:

    *entertainment. woops..:)

  131. Lisa says:

    First of all congratulations! Finally Brett has someone with class! Let’s hope he deserves you. I was saddened when he did not stand up for you while you were being bombarded with nastiness all the while he’s sitting right next to you. ANYWAY, I can’t tell you how much respect I have for you after watching both the show and the reunion show. I think you handle yourself with grace and dignity, and Mindy needs to take note. I can not believe that she @%%_$(*`_@)^*@! umed throwing herself at Brett would possibly win him over.(She needs professional help.) I think Brett got the best girl of all 3 seasons and is a fool if he doesn’t “put a ring on it”. Good luck to you Taya, you deserve it.

  132. kimford1 says:

    I think he should have picked mindy over taya but whatever i dont have to leave with that choice..anywho i think its soo funny that on the reunion show he is like like do we both have to sit over here…lol i found that funny why wouldnt you want to sit next to your new rol? anywho bring on season 4

  133. kimford1 says:

    that was supposed to be live with not leave with

  134. ruth says:

    Did anyone else hear the clip where taya said that she “didn’t expect to fall in love coming on this show” if the the statement is true, don’t you think that maybe she was going on the show just to promote penthouse? try you tubing her.. she is all about promoting promoting promoting. and she was on howard stern, slutty as crap, lap dances everywhere. I want to know what Taya thinks the difference is between a stripper and an exotic dancer is, because i think they are the same thing. Mindy looked more in love at the end of the show then Taya did. Taya looked like she just won a bunch of money. And Mindy wasn’t crazy, she was just in love and trying everything she could to make sure that she was his. Its called love.

  135. Brooke says:

    Are you guys listening to yourselves right now? It’s a show.

  136. Bailee says:

    I think that you and bret will not be together for long im not saying i hate you but i thing he should pf picked mindy sorry but that what i think

  137. michelle says:

    Mindy was nuts I can’t believe anyone would think she should have one. Taya was so sweet all the time and Mindy just stabbed her in the back, what kind of friend does that? She walks like a man too and Mindy looked really pathetic on the reunion show just like she did on the show. Taya is so much prettier and she seems to have everything together and Bret definately made the best choice!

  138. Tweetypie says:

    Poor Bret, You are not pretty, you look old and fake as hell, UGHHHHHHHHHHHH

  139. TINA says:


  140. 3573098 says:

    What a lovely day for a 3573098! SCK was here