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  1. dania says:

    penthouse pet AND rockers soon to be ex-girlfriend….such an impressive resume

  2. Todd says:

    Mindy was a much better choice. Still being conned by strippers ‘eh Bret. I’m a friggin’ accountant and even I could see through that sh**.

  3. Jenny says:

    Good luck with Taya, I think you’ll need it! Mindy was FAR more beautiful and real than Taya-YUCK!

  4. wasteoftime says:

    Imagine that! He picked the penthouse pet of the year/stripper instead of the down to earth sweetheart! Proves what he’s REALLY looking for! Mindy, you’re awesome! You deserve better! Good luck to ya! Pretty soon you’ll be watching another version of Rock of Love/Lust because he’ll never be happy with what he has!

  5. Random says:

    Mindy was obviously the better choice but Bret can’t seem to get over his love of super hot skanky party girls who not only strip but have something to do with porn or a dancer life style. He went through 3 seasons of this and in one of them he should of gotten it right, i guess the third time isn’t the charm. Sure mindy took much longer to confess to him her love but that was because whenever she was near him she was nervous and obviously in love. Bret needs to stop this &!)^*_~`&!+#(@!$ and either live with being single for the rest of his life or deal with random roadies on his tours. He is never going to find his “rock of love” and he should of just stayed away from anyone having to do with porn or stripping or dancing of any kind, he’s never going to learn his lesson which is his downfall.

  6. Methadras says:

    Brett Michaels is an over-privileged $~!~^`!~~~@@%#++ bag. The man chose the wrong woman and is clearly not interested in nothing more than stripper/centerfold/party-girls. It’s his show and he can choose anyone he wants, but stop insulting these girls that you have on your show by leading them on at the end of the show that even though you thought they had good qualities, you had a boner instead for the girl you chose from the the beginning of the show. Moron.

  7. Alex says:

    I’m a huge fan of Posion and Bret. Never watched him on TV before this year though. My girlfriend (who I met at a Posion concert) is a huge fan of Rock of Love and she finally talked me in to watching. From the get go, my favorite was Mindy, simply because Bret and she had honest to God chemistry. Mindy should have been Brett’s choice, because they seemed to fit together like a rose and a thorn. Taya and Brett have zilch in the chemistry department. Either this had to be a pre-arranged hook-up for sponorship reasons, or Bret is enamored with the idea of having a Penthouse Pet on his arm. It certainly isn’t because he loves her. Taya also doesn’t love him. Mindy had the look of a woman falling hard for a man, Taya never did. In fact, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even like him all that much and sees him more as a stepping stone career wise than a future husband. Bret should have picked Mindy, because then he’d have a real shot at finding his “rock of love.” Sorry, Bret. But I think your rock is a mud-ball that will crumble into dust.

  8. Ah. Bret Bret says:

    The picture above of Taya and Bret kissing looks so fake! I really still don’t see pet of the year. She has saggy boobs and her eyes look sunken into her head. Mindy was naturally beautiful. Taya was absolutely frightening without makeup. I’d hate to wake up next to that every morning. Although I thought Mindy was the one that should win, I think she can do way better. Bret is really not that hot. So I think he and Taya will do fine together. At least they may get more publicity since they are both “famous”.

  9. Kathi says:

    I was so disappointed Brett chose Taya. Taya is such a phoney “B” and really not all that attractive. Damnnnnn , Maybe Brett should let the viewers pick his next women……
    Mindy was awesome !! She would have been the right one for you, for sure.

  10. emily says:

    If Brett picked Mindy (who was the obvious choice), he would have had to face the possibility of actually falling in love. Mindy was just too good and too real for him. He picked fake Taya so none of us would be disappointed when he… A) Did not propose and, B) Makes Rock of Love IV! Taya can’t date Brett… her “career” needs her!

  11. ROCK OF BORED says:

    He obviously didn’t pick Mindy because he knew she’d leave him once the show was a wrap…no girl in their right mind would seriously consider dating much less getting married to a has been, make up wearing, proud of his ‘expensive hair extention’ buying, good for nothing LITERALLY, NOTHING, loser!

  12. andysgirl1984 says:

    Brett picking Taya shouldn’t have been a big surprise to any of us. We should’ve just chalked it up to a lost cause the minute Taya announced that she posed in Penthouse! Come on, all he’s looking is eye candy! I don’t think Brett Michaels ever has any intention of dealing with a lifetime committment. He’s just getting older now and is running scared!! Well, he might as well accept the fact that he’s now in his forties and, even though he’s in the music industry, age will win out and all of these girls in their early and late twenties will eventually find him repulsive!! In a sense he’s beginning to look like a dirty old man!!

  13. LuvBears says:

    Lol! To think I even watch this stupid $)`%#)(*)*#$+*`$ OMG! Lol….Should have picked Daisy along time ago but hes a hoe dog! Honestly he wont live forever w/ diabetes and alcohol and possibly mono and aides to boot…..

  14. AMY says:

    THAT FINALE WAS GARBAGE!! Taya sucks and shes fake as hell. Everyone hates Taya. Mindy is so much better for him….. Good job choosing, Brett, you freakin idiot. Have fun with your fake girlfriend.

  15. mean jean says:

    i cant believe that dumb %`@$@++&@+#&~^) picked that dumb %`@$@++&@+#&~^) of course he would not pick a person like mindy because she is too real for him.i liked poison and i liked all the band members. when touring in springfield mass. i met them skateboarding downtown. well, rikki rocket was skate boarding. they were just like normal people. but bret baby give it up. you make an %`@$@++&@+#&~^) out of yourself. i lost all interst in you the minute you picked taya. yuck!!!!!!!

  16. LISS says:

    he wanted a girl to love so he chose taya a stripper over mindy how funny there will be another one but i wont watch mindy was the one he let go the better one

  17. random says:

    Picking Taya to be the Rock of Love is like picking the coolest girl on the STD floor of the hospital to be your girlfriend. A skank is a skank no matter what society you are in.

  18. TIMA says:


  19. Tess says:

    Taya actually wore a different shirt on the Bubba the Love Sponge website. Its a promoation for their gear. Thank God, was tired of seeign that Penthouse Pet tshirt. Yeap, I agree. What a resume.. Rockers ex-girlfriend. He didnt want to propose did he? Who wants to bet that there is another Rock of Love because this one sucked.

  20. melissa says:

    i think that bret has everything bakcwards he and everyone else on these reality shows u know that big girls need loveing to but u never see one on any of these shows cuze ppl like bret have to keep up with apperence with the whole skinny woman t hing but its been my dream just to meet bret and i know dreams never come true bret is hot but not dateable for me hes to conceded but i dove him i a away of his music he sterio types ppl he need skinny women to be with well u know us big girls have hope and dreams too but ppl like bret and all these othere reality shows shatter that all the time ty

  21. Lou says:

    What a waste of time watching this “installment” of Bret’s “quest for love”. Taya will never see that ring because he will hang on to that 1% unsureness in hopes of yet another “installment”. Mindy should count her blessings that she didn’t get caught up in his web. Wonder what he’ll call the next show? Rock of Love – Again.

  22. Haley says:

    I have watched all 3 of these and this time I can say I was very put out by his choice. He really isn’t looking for love b/c love doesnt always come in the pethouse pet package. Mindy would have been the real thing and he threw it away. That just proves he really wasn’t looking for real love. I hope Mindy is smart enough to not be friends with this big loser.

  23. Lynne says:

    I watched season 1 & 3. I saw a “Western Pennsylvania” boy who doesn’t know what romance is but who also doesn’t know what love looks like. It is truly a shame that in three seasons of embarrassing behavior a man who has not matured and is still seeking love. The reason Mindy had “funks” was because she was actually in love with you – you first class jack#$@! She could see the real Taya – ironically you listed to other women when they told you dirt on someone and yet you wouldn’t entertain or listen to Mindy’s comments. A girl in love IS bothered by sharing a man with other women and she gets upset (in a funk) because she actually cares about you. Boing – sorry I couldn’t have hit you on the head with that during the show. How you could not see through Taya and her Penthouse t$ts is beyond me? Gee let’s see – you did get twelve weeks of undivided attention, sex, and worship that you had to contrive on a third installment of “Keep my floundering rock of love career bus rolling”. You actually got what you deserved. Ms. Taya (who in the finale said she felt “a combination of menopause and premenstrual stress” at going back to your room “with dinner”. Yeah that’s something to snag. That 29 year old chick identifies with menopause – ah huh. Did I mention that since its April I am actually the Easter Bunny? Now, Mindy – God Bless you for all that you endured because you are a class act and a real, feeling and caring, devoted, and loving soul. You put yourself out there and truly risked your heart. There is a deserving true gentleman in your future. It’s not your fault that the finale left you surrounded by not one by two fakes “searching for love”. I am sure that if Taya had a heart she – no cancel that. She wouldn’t have risked it. Sorry Bret – liked ya but now this “Western Pennsylvania” woman (i.e. I am over 40 and realize I am not a “girl”) knows you blew it or you were never looking for real love. Um – RATINGS!!! May you and the siliconed, pole dancing, self-promoting, “29 year old” have a happy six month anniversary – unless the contracts and money roll in for her. Cause then her tour bus is leaving and you’ll be under it babe. Maybe you could tour with her and wear a “Poison” wife-beater shirt. I actually feel bad for you but I know you will land on someone else. Ciao PA boy! You really could have had something unique and special with Mindy – deep down I think you knew she deserved someone better. Still you sure did jerk her a long way. And one more thing – never have two women pick out an engagement ring and never hold one out like a carrot and then not give it to the girl. That’s just demeaning to the woman and makes you look desperate. Lastly, I understand you are a Dad with daughters – how absolutely ironic. I can only hope for their sake they don’t meet men like you and have to rely on using their bodies to “win” someones love. Now – see ya babe. The bus is leaving soon.

  24. Ericsr95 says:

    let me be honest this rock of love show sucks i didn’t get to see the endding but i can tell you that he will be back on rock of love 4 he dont want to settel down he a rock star he’s bord???

  25. disappointed says:

    It seems every chapter of Bret trying to revive his failing career and trying to get a new girlfriend brings out the worst and trashiest women. Taya will now be able to add “Rock Star Girlfriend” or should I say EX-Girlfriend to her resume. Bret has released music that failed to do anything positive for his career other than pay for those “finest hair extensions”. This is such a joke and I am sure he will do another season because Taya is way to into herself to be an afterthought for Bret. They deserve each other for the short term thing it will be. Good Luck on season 4 Bret, but I will not be watching!

  26. karen says:

    Bret I am a photo journalist trying to get access to your NEW MEXICO show to do photographs for a story I”ve pitched.
    Your office told me ONLY today that I can do press from the floor level no access…this is like telling Jeff Beck to bring his amp and play from the dam bus.
    Shooting from the floor level via your peeps won’t do you justice. Can you guys please get me time on Sat…that would be the point of the tour right PR? More positive articles and free press, can you get me cleared please for backstage/tour bus pics. I’ve been asking for over a month and got my first and less than impressive response for floor snaps up your nose…attractive….NOT. Driving 500 miles for typical snaps is not worth my time. SOS….someone call him and get me on board. karen … archive site to music on bio page.

  27. Cheri says:

    I watch alot of Vh1 shows from Rock of Love Bus to Tough Love,As far as Rock of Love Bus or anything that deals with Brett Michaels I will no longer. Watching all of the shows that Vh1 has put on for him,It shows that He has no respect for Women,I feel if he really meant to find true love he would have pick Mindy But he chose instead of the girl next door as he put it on his show,He decided to pick someone that has posed nude for everyone to see I feel Brett Michaels should be ashame of himself. Also Brett Michaels I hope that he does read this you being parent also being a roll model you should show better class then what you do on TV,If i was your child i would be Embarassed to let people know you are my father.Mr Michaels instead of letting all see what a party person you are I feel with your status you should show the younger generation on How they shouldnt live like that I will no longer waste my time watching anything that you do also i refuse to buy your music or let my kids hear it Unless you show that you can be better person then I will think about it…Hope for you that you show the world you can change

  28. ShaSha says:

    If there is a Rock Of Love 4, I won’t be watching it and believe me there will be a #4. Taya (not her real name) looks like a washed up hooker. Mindy was the best in the bunch for Bret, she was true about her feeling but never could express them because women get flustered around the guy that they are in love with, Mindy was the most down to earth and should have been the one chosen but if you recall Bret would always say to Taya when he seen her “My Love Hottness” and when he kissed her he would say “mmmmm nice” and I believe that all he seen was “The PentHouse Pet” well he got what he ask for and it won’t last. When the publicity runs out and he get’s tired of Taya whinning all the time, he’ll go for Rock Of Love #4 and see how many women he can get in his bed, men like him make me sick, “puke puke”

  29. angie says:

    Ok I love brett, and I love this show, and his choice wasn’t right! I thought he was looking for something different then what he has picked before besides Amber I loved her, it just didn’t work out. Taya, and her penthouse, come one, I was totally voting for Mindy I loved her, she seem so down to earth, and I can’t believe Brett, feel for the wrong! I look for Rock of love 3 soon!!! Come Brett your a hot guy!! Just making the wrong choices!!

  30. ziggy26 says:

    OMG! I can’t stand Taya, you made a bad choice Bret. I have never seen such an arrogant woman. Watch the clips yourself Bret, how many times does she say Penthouse pet, eeeechh! Oh and don’t forget the shirt. You know how it goes, how could everybody else be wrong about Taya and only Taya thinks she right? Rock on counrty girl Mindy you’ll find the love you deserve.

  31. bebe says:

    I am sick of reading about what a good little girl mindy is… she had sex with bret at least twice. I mean did people not see that?

    she backstabbed. she whined and she complained. she was known as a whiner by the other girls early on… farrah says something about it in the roadie challenge.

    I liked taya. she was nice. she acted pretty normal, I thought. bret, like a lot of rock guys, doesn’t get all offended over a girl being a dancer or nude model. it’s not the end of the world. those girls can be nice people, too.

    but I heard bret moved back in with his baby mama.

  32. Jules says:

    I liked Mindy, and honestly think he made the right choice.
    He picked someone in his league. Taya is of that world…old school rock-n-roll groupies. I could see her on the arm of some old dude from Motley Crue or Tesla easily…she can’t pull an A-lister, but she can pull a D…waaaaay past their prime.

    Mindy was too far out of his league. She would have been bored with his idiocy in short order.
    She’s genuine, attractive inside and out, and would be short-changing herself with Bret. She needs a decent gentleman (with a brain).
    Bret is comfortable with skanky women…old habits die hard. I wouldn’t want his nasty azz touching Mindy or any other decent woman (skanks only)!

  33. Dave says:

    Of course he picked the skanky stripper girl noone liked…he doesn’t want a real relationship…to get good ratings requires that fans be outraged, then we’ll hear of a nasty break up, and everyone will gloat. Then season 4 will come out.
    Bret’s not stupid…this show and everything @+_^&^&_+%!_$)~ ociated with it is a CASH COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think it’s not scripted? Think again.
    He’s making more money off his TV gigs than he ever made off his music, GUARANTEED!

  34. Debbie says:

    OMG BRETT!!!
    What were you thinking?? Taya is going to break your heart! Mindy was the girl for you. Hmm maybe mindy was right about you when she said what she did after you dumped her! I have never wrote a comment on a show before in my life and I just had to let you know how bad I felt when you chose that…..person! I will not be rude! If she breaks your heart well just remeber we told you so.
    Good Luck to Mindy! We love ya!

  35. tiffany says:

    i grew up listening to poison with my mom and my sister, my sister and i watched every season to see if bret would find love, he failed in every season after watching this last season i threw everything of poison away i cant beleive a guy like him would use a girl like mindy my boyfriend thought that all seasons where a waste of time now i agree there better not be a fourth season so bret hope it works out even though eveyone knows she is just there for publicity, but hey enjoy cause a girl that perfect doesnt exist but hey your the biggest idiot in the world and i am pretty sure with that stunt u lost alot of fans cause know everyone knows that u are all about getting laid i am glad that u are not with a girl that truely loves u cause u dont deserve it

  36. K says:

    OH It was Beverly! Ya she might want an autograph for her kids, but really he should have pick her over any of them. She was kind. She has two kids, she didn’twant to ^(&(%#$%*&!_@`*%+ around on TV. Really. Why do you want to strip, get drunk, hump other girls, &%+*@&!`$$_`!_*%$ about, Whine, and do crap like this on tv when they know fully well that their kid might be watching! Really wake up. The normal ones he sends home, those are the ones he should keep, not sluts and stirppers.

  37. Sara G. says:

    Mindy poured her heart out to you at the reunion. You should have told her you made a huge mistake-you should have picked Mindy. Bret she is a good one-trust me! Mindy is the kind of girl that keeps wanting more and more affection-your a perfect match. Your such a loving, romantic but yet daring person and Mindy needs a man just like that. You would make such cute kids! Think about it Bret-Mindy is true. TRUST ME!!!!

  38. Crystal says:

    Mindy was such the BETTER choice. Taya is such a fake piece of Sh!!. Bret will just end of doing the show all over agian. I just don’t understand why someone didn’t beat the He!! out of Taya on the bus. Mindy keep your head held high you are nuch BETTER that all of this. :)

  39. Kelly says:

    I cant stand this dumb chick. Bret made a HUGE mistake yet again. Mindy was the ONLY one who was half was decent and she and Bret are perfect for each other. Bret only wanted a tramp that says ” Im a Penthouse Pet” WHO gives a rats azz. CALL MINDY BRET and get a real lovely gal.

  40. samira says:

    I think Bret is the dumbest person in the world! I cannot believe he picked that fake “$!@(@&+#_@_`^@* over Mindy. Taya was only there for her stripper playboy @#%)%!@*)`+%$%&_ and he knows it. I mean come on notice that stupid shirt that she always wore. I bet she never even washed that @#%)%!@*)`+%$%&_ I guess Bret wasn’t looking for love he was looking for a good time with a playboy “$!@(@&+#_@_`^@* that is way to ugly to even be in penthouse..i hope Taya reads this and if she does i want her to know that your trashy and EVERYONE thinks that Bret is an idiot for picking you and Mindy (($_#++@&)*%_`($ Bret! He’s nasty and you will find a guy that will actually want you for you and won’t pick a fake )~%+*_`$(_~_%!^ ugly “$!@(@&+#_@_`^@* like Taya. Oh yeah and the whole perfect thing, you must be @#%)%!@*)`+%$%&_ ting me that “$!@(@&+#_@_`^@* is not perfect at all. Everytime i wastched the show i was like wow ew!


  41. SUSAN says:


  42. raypam23 says:


  43. denise says:

    I enjoyed all of the rock of love shows.I listened to his music from when my liked him way before these shows my mom is 75yrs old and I’m 55 so he has to wonderfull great to keep an fan all these years and 2 generations, now the 3rd my grand-daughter 9 loves you also.I sure hope you found love Mike, if you do this again can they get some nicer women//// Have you happened to catch the Charm School 3 ???? seen anyone you know HA-HA can’t stop watching ya! good-luck always 3 generations fans