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  1. dymndntheruff says:

    I know Myamee thinks she is a beauty queen, what woman doesn’t think that about herself. But real talk, she has a head like the predator. She needs to get a new weave with major bangs for that head. And I hope VH1 promised to give her a show of her own after this. Because home chick is working hard to keep some type of fame. I already seen her on one of those day time judge shows last year some time. She does whatever she can to get on camera and stay on camera. Her family must be so proud back in Miami or her P.I.M.P.

  2. angie a says:

    Dat nasty dirty disgusting chick called myamee isz a disloyal specially challenge girl isz wronge 4 wat she did 2 2o pack. he aint do shiiit 2 her nasty behind she jus dnt kno how lucky she isz not 2 b in ma area or she wuld have regretted da day she got rid of 2o pack. she wasz jus mad dat she culdnt eva not even n her dreamz get a man who look asz gud asz 20 pack!

  3. stephanie says:

    i love ray j but his mama is rite danger is crazy he need to b wit uniq i mean the gurl giving u qlues and )@#`)~#^`*!*@%`& but he dont c it at all. she had charges put on her for stalking a man she have though of killing ppl and she a controling freak the gurl think u love her every show i c is ” ray is in love with me ” she just dont wont to hurt the other gurls felling by telling me ” she is crazy talking she a nice person u cant be nice if u have though of killing ppl. is a thin line between love and hate with her get rid of her please do.

  4. Myamee has herpies says:

    this was a good episode… we all got to see the real Myamee!! kiss her %#($^%^+^!!)`%) for the day cuz she the queen for the day… but becareful not to get her std!!!

  5. shaggy1 says:

    hahaha it cracks me up wen gurls hate lmao!!! man!!! all 3 ladies are beautiful in ther own ways u feelz??? jus like im sure all yu lil haters are in sum way :P

  6. heather says:

    hey i love I love money!!! that show is off the chain!!!
    i watch it every sunday!!!! I still wish 20pack was still on there!! he is so hooooooottttt!!!!!
    i would so date him!!any ways this show is really awsome!!!!

  7. jroc says:

    Myamme is a joke!! She even uglier in person. She is sooo fake! She aint nuthin in the 305 and dont even get no kind of love, ya heard! She is a slut and will do anything for money and fame! Her bday was march 4 and her party was so fried people wasnt even paying her attention so she wanted to start stripping! Trust me she nuthing here in the 305 believe that pimpn! But anyway the show is hottt but all my peeps gone except sapharri! 305 DADE COUNTY get at cha BOI

  8. wandy says:

    all i have to say is somebody please send myamee home ……….she thinks she is all that…baby girl u aren’t all that sorry to tell u …..

  9. Tyron Jackson says:

    I wanna give a shoutout 2 my sexy girl Myammee, and if ya out dair hit me back! P.S: I had a dream I was kissin’ the woman and dat _#*#(%!@)!~~_+*# was hot!


  10. REDBONE says:

    MYAMEE,I LOVE THAT BABYDOLL HAIR is that a lacefront if not could you tell me where i can order it from? oh! by the way girl get use to these hatas im sure you already know to keep your cool cause i have tons of them

  11. PRETTY NYE.! says:


  12. boss says:

    myamme dont mind these hataz i hope you win keep doing ya ting n by the way you are beautiful

  13. BonishkaRai says:

    in a way, i think 20 pack did the right thing 4 himself. seriously, myammee would have given him so much hell like megan did rodeo. she really tries way too hard to be like megan, but she sucks. though i hate megan, i respect her as a player. so, let’s be real, myammee is a &%^!!^*(!%&+@&%^ in wannabe. SHE’S SO LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. RE: Shaggy1 says:

    LMFAO!! it cracks me up when people act like they never hate!! hehehe, hahaha!!! :)~ “FEELZ”!!

  15. angel says:

    i like danger because she is straight forward and is different from the other i dont care what u people wanna think about her but she and shawdanay was the best. i dont like unique she wonuldnt be true to ray. and ()#!#+*~*^*^~)#@ tail is a snatcher.she would peep on the girls when they are talking or she would ask them questions and then tell ray.that is not being nice.i preffer shawdanay and danger even though she smashed the homies

  16. soccerlover7 says:

    myamee is hot!!!!!!!!!

  17. stopHATING says:

    it is sad how all y’all are hating on myamee… you have to admit she is a pretty girl and is on the show to win money; not for y’all so-called “perfective” criticism. its funny how most of y’all are girls that are hating or just feminine boys. y’all are really insecure and need to go grab some confidence because for some odd reason y’all think that your opinions count. y’all really need to come back into reality.

  18. Jasmine J. says:

    I saw Danger on Mishon video called Excuse me mama cheak it out.