VH1 Tough Love‘s Steve Ward Is Looking For A Few Good Men



So get this: as a result of VH1 Tough Love‘s popularity, women have been signing up left and right for Master Matchmakers to be matched by the show’s star, Steve Ward, and his mother, JoAnn. The only problem is that the new sign-ons are so disproportionately female that Master Matchmakers needs more male clients to make up for the influx. And so, Steve has a special offer for dudes. Here’s what he told us:

“Master Matchmakers’ business is so overwhelmed with women that we will give you a month free in their service with no obligation to continue and no cost whatsoever, if we believe you’re an eligible man for representation.”

So there you go. It’s like ladies night at a bar except for men and not at a bar. Read more about it and sign up at the Master Matchmakers website.

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  1. Ashley says:

    I want a date with steve!

  2. Anastasia K. says:

    I can’t believe one of those girls have not cashed in on Steve! He’s hot, smart, and no BS! Oh, and I have not noticed a ring, either :-)

  3. samantha says:

    i noo steve is soo cutee
    i would date him to

  4. J. says:

    Hi Steve I think your lovely.


  5. BlueS says:

    You should try to do this show without actresses. Most, if not all of the cast are actresses, potential actresses/models, writer/tv personality or reality tv “stars” hopefuls. I was a little disappointed when this was brought to my attention. The funny thing is none of this is a secret… you can check out all of the girls profiles and it’s all there for anyone to lookup. I have to admit I did start to have a vested interest in the outcome of these girls…. now I could care less.

    However it is one of my guilty pleasures. I guess as far a you and VH1 are concerned, that is all that matters — as long as we watch – - right?

  6. Angela says:

    Hi Steve, I was wondering how I can become a cast member on the next Tough Love show. I believe you could help me. I am an attractive 35 year old woman whose never been married. I am a single mom of one, a fifteen year old daughter. I am a professional, a registered nurse. I have a lot of great qualities yet I am still single. I tend to date losers and I aslo am never satisfied. I give my self to freely at times too. I need help. Help me please. I am afraid I will be forever alone. I don’t want to be alone any longer.
    Sad and lonely in Montana, Angela

  7. lexi says:

    how do u sign up to be on this show
    i am interested but im only 20
    i wil b 21 in december

  8. alexis says:

    i love tough love
    question do you guys not see the chemistry between steve and taylor!!!!!!!
    i want them to get together you can tell thy like each other

  9. blusake says:

    I really thought this dude was Gay lol

  10. AKBabyGirl says:

    Steve isnt gonna answer this website. And he is very cute and i dont see the “chemistry” with him and taylor she seems way to free. Hes more up tight! And the show is good but he cant see through everyone. He can try but some girls are better at his game then he is!

  11. DIANA says:


  12. carlos cruz says:

    yea i think steve ward is gay hes got a terrible list and does not even think any of those hot girls in that house are hot! i beet they all wanna )^&&~_~$(*%@!%^@ him but hes gay and dont even live in the house so he dont have to worry about the girls attacking him cuz he wouldnt know what to do! i seen him a few years ago at a gay bar in hoollywood! hes gay and in a few years if not sooner he will be dating the hottest celebrity gay guy like lance bass or somting! bet i put 100000000 dolllars on it.. his lisp gives alot of his gayness away also with that perfect style he prolly made up on his own hes a def closeted freak trying to get his career on and then after that then bamn once hes on the Dlist he will try to make it to the Blist actors by going on Ellen and addmitting he knows alot about girls cuz he wants to be one! lol but he cant be so hes gay!! im putting my money on it!! i think hes got it all ive got nothing againts gays and hes a good looking one! good for u stevve u did it!!

  13. Cami says:

    I think that Steve is great and he tells it like it is, which is what women do need to see, the man’s point of view, but I have to say that from the men I have met from various dating sites lately, they are the ones who need some help too…I’ve had everything from guys with anger issues, negative attitudes, still not over their ex’s, and guys who want to hear that I’m in love with them after 3 dates! So, I don’t think its only the women who need help here…that’s all I’m saying. And not to worry, I kick those guys to the curb, but it does get discouraging…these are legitimate dating sites, but maybe I need Steve’s help to weed out the men from the boys…I just hope they are interested in helping women over 40 find love too…because its even tougher for us to find quality guys, so I’d love to be on the show myself! Help! Thanks!

  14. Lorrie says:

    Hey Steve,
    Do you have a lady in your life??????
    You are gorgeous!!!
    Let’s go out!! I’m sure we can find lots to talk about!!
    I’m a Southern Girl from S.C. Give it a shot!

  15. Priscila says:

    This is one of the best reality shows I have ever seen,
    It’s actually something worth watching. I find it very
    Interesting how he knows and understand how most woman think and act.
    I heard him today on Elvis Duran and morning show,
    His great; must be hard to know so much about people.
    Very nice Keep up the show it is one of my favorite shows, too bad I am almost married or I would sign up to be on the show, LOL

  16. program says:

    Without question Tough Love is one of the best VH1 reality shows made to this point. Best to the point of actually winning an award. Off the chain in unplanned reactions to planned situations. I went in not expecting much but have been pleasantly surprised to this point. Steve’s straight talking, no BS style has earned him big points across the board. The brilliance slash equalizer to the entire show is the fact that his mother is there as well. Her presence and level of expertise brings great balance and perspective to tough,sensitive situations that at times sound better coming from a woman. Great show.

  17. AZLady says:

    I have watched every episode and must give my utmost respect to Steve and his mother. They are truly trying to help the helpless & clueless females in the world. I believe that the background of the women in the present group is pretty diverse regardless of where their futures are headed. I am in agreement with Cami April 23. Im 59, don’t look it, and have left my past behind me. I have tried meeting men, however if they are my age, regardless of how I look, they want a 25 to 40 year old woman. The men that have shown interst in me, are ready to or are already retired. Most of these mean are 10 to 20 years older and look like my grandfather. Their main interst is to travel in a motor home and go fishing or golfing. I have a lot of energy and creativness still left and am not ready for the motor home life or the rocking chair. It would be nice to see them do a show with women my age also. I don’t even try anymore but still would like to meet someone to spend the rest of my life with.

  18. Claudia says:

    Hey Steve
    Don’t feel bad about Aerian can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.

  19. Karen says:

    Please pass this message on to Jacklyn: get a LIFE before becoming a WIFE. She is one of the most un-modern women I have ever witnessed on 21st century television. Seriously.

  20. Sarah says:

    Where did jacklyn get her yellow bathing suit she wore in the latest episode.. anybody know ???

  21. lilly says:

    This is a great show! Keep telling the truth Steve, we want to hear it!

  22. Lilly says:

    Tough reality for the girls this episode-I am so tuned IN!

  23. Lilly says:

    On another note: I too agree with the comment above about Arian- this girl is crazy/insane. I think part of her problem is HER MOTHER- mother backs Arian up with her nonsense behavior which is why Arian has gotten away on how she ‘acts’. Everything that comes out of her mouth is ‘sexual’ thus she’ll always be caught in that gross- loser- cycle. I really hope she seeks help- she needs it BADLY.
    Steve is doing a fantastic job! Best of luck.

  24. Emonti says:

    I think this is one of the best shows yet! I could not believe that the girl Arian was such a piece of work!!!!And her mother…wow no kidding the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! I was so glad that you,sTEVE, kicked her butt off the show, what a waste of time! She couldn’t even see what a train wreck she was! Hopefully she will look back at the show and see the clips where people commented on her and change! Jessica is NEXT! What a magnet for negativity! She is sooo fake that when Steve’s Mom told her she was next to go, man she changed her attitude real quick! What a LOSER!!

  25. program says:

    The OMG Lady(smile)

    How funny is Taylor when she consistently looks in the camera and says…O-M-G like I thought ..blah, blah, blah…smile
    Great show.

  26. Leah Thomas says:

    I love this show! I hate that next week is the season finale. I don’t want the show to end, I’m hooked. I hope Aerian gets the help she needs and he was right to send her home. You can see why she acts the way she does because her mother allows it and the mother is in denial and needs help too. I look forward to next season. Thanks, Steve for showing what some women do to contribute to not finding mr. right. I’ve learned somethings about myself from just watching the show that I need to change and will change. Seeing a good man’s perspective of what he thinks of women is brillant. I look forward to more future shows and I hope they have a season of just men, I think that would be interesting.

  27. john says:

    These girls are seriously _*@%)`(_!_+`+$%^ ed up!! Like most of the ones I meet their lives are a _*@%)`(_!_+`+$%^ ing mess. This is why I have decided to stick to escorts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. JessicaLynn says:

    How do you become a cast member on ToughLove?? My mom watches the show with me and desperately wants help for me

  29. Gmarqu2 says:

    How do I become a cast member, I want to find someone! Please help.

  30. Kristina says:

    My world would be wonderful if I could find and keep a man like Steve…. He is handsome, smart, sucessful, knows about a womans needs, caring, great listener, and I think would make a wonderful life partner!!!

  31. Scott says:

    Your show is great! I came across it last month accidently and was very surprised at how much I’ve learned from it. Even though I’m a guy whose looking for a girl, the show has really opened my eyes about a lot of things I’ve been doing ( and doing wrong). I have dated a lot, and learned quite a bit over the past couple of years. After many ups and downs felt that I needed to take a break for awhile to evaluate what I have been doing and figure out what my next steps would be. Tough Love came around at just the perfect time for me and has really helped to point me in the right direction ( I think). Thanks so much!

  32. daniel says:

    keep up the good work steve ,, your show is actually something that both girls and guys could learn alot from. finally a show about how real life is, i know that guys are not always the smartest and most respectful but its about time that girls find out that most of us treat you like you want to be treated… big props to you and your mother,, great team

  33. Alexandrea C. says:

    Steve needs to hook my single butt up..possibly w/ himself

  34. Melinda says:

    Yeah does anyone know where did Jacklyn got her yellow bathing suit she wore in the latest episode? It was after she let George out and got in the hot tub with Brock. Or is there any that you guys know that’s similar?


  35. J.Williams says:

    I absolutlely love this show. Steve amazing and right. this show is a great way for women of all ages to know what men are really thinking and how to handle situations. Arien has some issues. I have that same relationship with my mama and we talk about almost everything. but believe me she isn’t no fool. She always let me know whenever i talk out of line period. eventhough i’m an adult she is my best friend but always my mother first. she taught me to respect everyone and surperiors. not saying steve is her surperior but he is the teacher and does deserve her respect and that anybody. Arien mother will feel like a fool once she sees some of the scenes and see where steve is coming from and see that her daughter wasn’t telling her the whole story. thanks you steve for giving women the mens perspective.

  36. Katie says:

    I was wondering wear I could purchase the yellow bathing suit Jaclyn wore on the latest episode. Anyone have an idea or suggestion? Thank you:)

  37. lara says:

    Taylor- I must say is too funny. I admit at first I thought she was annoying, but now she is a hoot!OMG What a character!

  38. Lisa says:

    Well Steve i think you are doing a great job. As far as Arian and that other *~@^^~_$^~_#+#_(# Jessa that doesn’t seem to like sending them home is the best thing you could do. They need professional help because it seems that no matter what you do to them your the “BAD GUY” when all your trying to do is help them change their ways to become a better person. My heart goes out to you and your mother. Yall are the best. Good Luck!! Kisses….and Hugs

  39. cheryl says:

    i am SOOOO glad that Arian got sent home. she’s not interested in correcting her dangerous and self-destructive behaviour. she most definately needs professional counceling!
    most guys will take any opportunity to sleep with a girl that’s shoving the offer down their throats…but where’s the respect? she’ll never be brought home to meet mom either.
    her mom has her head totaly buried in the sand. not a bit of positive influence happening there. laughing at your daughter’s whorish behaviour is sad. the question is “what kind of disfunction is going on in THAT family?”
    very sad.

  40. Leroy84 says:

    Steve, I Really would of liked for You to send Jessa home as well as the ho. That would have made me the happiest VH1 watcher ever. Neither one of these girls deserved to be there. Thanx for listening.

  41. ifonlyuknew says:

    How do you expect Arian to act? Her mother goes out to bars with her husband and brings home BOYS younger than her daughter!!!! Are you serious does that sound like someone who would set a good example?????

  42. tara says:

    I think this is a good show. Its the only one on the air that doesn’t take advantage of their guests by encouraging bad self-destructive behaviour. It is also one of the few that really seeks to help better their guests and audience with valuable lessons. I think
    steve and his mom have a great regard for human respect and dignity.

  43. Jason says:

    Cannot wait for the season finale of the show this sunday. In fact, i just found this announcement that says Abiola & Natasha are going to watch the show live with fans at the 40/40 club in NYC. Plus they are also going to be raffled off for dates. I’m going to buy extra tickets lol. Thought this would be of interest to the Tough Love community!

  44. Angie M. says:

    I can’t believe Jody!!!!! Who the Hell is she to say what she said to Greg? I can’t believe that *@*+#@*_(@$(^&*~& Telling a nice,sweet guy to basically beat it,is wrong. First of all, she needed to get her %)^~(`+___%$@+_ out of the situation. Did anyone ask for her two cents? With her action, There should be no mystery as to why she is termed the “Lone Ranger”. %%&@(@()*_!+#!%) if she budded in on me like that, I’d never talk to that chick again. As far as Jacklynn’s concerned, that chick doesn’t deserve either Greg or Brock. Well %%&@(@()*_!+#!%) she can go on with Brock and then,get her heart ripped out after he leaves her. What comes around,goes around,chick.

  45. Gabbygirl says:

    I am soooo happy Arian is booted off. Wanted to make sure I spelt her name right this time to give her full credit. She encompasses everything that I hate. She is completely fake inside and out, she’s easy, she overt about being easy, she acts like a spoiled child and is delusional, crazy, and brings everyone else down with her. She doesn’t deserve a great guy or love at this point in her life. First she needs to grow up and stop trying to feed her enormous impulse drive. Her looks are a example of what she is like inside. Trying to cover a bunch of ugliness with delusions, fakeness and fluff. i could not believe how many times she threw temper tantrums and tried to get attention. Her and her mother deserve each other and alcohol.

  46. suzyQ says:

    My best goes out to Arian in her seeking help. I would had loved to seen her find love in the show, but she didnt listen to steve. I’m so mad how Arian and her mom disrespected Steve and she still didnt get why she got kicked out, whats her problem. She went on the show to fix her dating problems and all she did was just argue with steve when he would try to give her advice, I mean is called “tough love!” and whats up with her mom talking how her kids want a husband like their father. Since the beginning of the show Arian talked how she would always seek her father’s approval and didnt get along with her dad, guess she doesnt know her daughther as much as she says she does.

  47. TLC4ALL says:

    I think Arian is always seeking her mothers approval. Her mother is stoned face without emotion except for that smiling every once in awhile. Arian looks at her mother constantly as if she is trying to figure out her mother and her mother seems to enjoy the fact that her daughter is just like her. It seems very unhealthy. IT kind of makes you wonder if the mother loves her daughter for being Arian or if she is loving her daughter because she reminds her of herself. OR her mother is just scared to upset her daughter just because she acts like an unstable mess. You see how she acted with the group, very unpredicatable. I hope both her mother and Arian apologises and seeks help. They made themeselves look bad. Steve came out on top. What was Arian thinking!!!

  48. Brandiiii says:

    Ya all need to give Arian a little break tough times lead to tough ways sometimes.I am not saying she doesnt need help but she is dealing with her inscurities the best ways she knows how! I think that everyone of them remind me a little of me cuz I know how hard it can be! Please stop being drama queens dont bash the woman think of what shes gone throuh!

  49. Joe Mama says:

    If these girls represent what is out their for today’s young men then I feel sorry for them, Sluts, pyschos and spoiled brats. All steve did was bend his rules for this bunch of losers, the one girl who’s parents take care of her wants to be seen as an independent women, she’s not Steve and you should have told her that instead you babied her. Jody is a wack job, you ask a person some questions about there past and they FLIP THE #@$%&^ OUT and Steve says their their it’s the man’s fault. Arian=Psycho Ho. The girl that Steve put on the Lie Detector, I thought she was going to pass out, how many skeletons are in her closet I mean she was panicking about what Steve was going to ask her.The bottom line LADIES if you want a great guy you need to be a great girl, responsible and accountable.

  50. jocelyn says:

    the only reality show i like. seems to still place value on dignity and respect for individuals. does not promote “bad behavior” as the norm.
    hope the ratings keep it on the air.

  51. Jeff says:

    I want to tell Steve Ward of “Tough Love” that he said something I adamatly disagree with. He said the the “partial truth” is a lie. IT IS NOT THE SAME THING. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

  52. wendy larocque says:

    I am soooo glad you got rid of Arian. This girl has no clue! I think she needs a lot more than boot camp. I hope she reeds all the blogs. I think Her mother has a lot to do with it as I saw on the last episode her mother laughed at her daughters behavior that was completely out of control. BYE BYE ARIAN!!!!!!!

  53. Laurel Roper says:

    I am a single girl of 26 and I am a hot girl from southern souther socal!!! The sad thing is I am a sports freak I love baseball and I keep asking why do men find that non-attractive? I am ready to find love but the sad thing is I keep finding my self with as the bro-chic! Help please I am the ultimate bro-chic and I don’t want to be that way!!!

  54. demarco denero says:

    why would anyone want to be on your show and use your unprofessional service? the way you and your mom speak to the girls and he some of the guys you try to set them up with are a terrible match. get a new job steve.

  55. Wanda says:

    I love this show. My friends and I wish it came on more often. I’m taking notes for my single friends!

  56. EMonti says:

    Right on Lilly, Karen and all you other ladies that agree with me about Arian and the show!!! Its nice to know that there are still some decent, SANE, classy ladies that can see a “DUMP TRUCK” (Arian) and call it when we see it!!!! I’ve never seen someone so pretty look SO UGLY! Jessica, (the one on the show…that is )’s BUTT better keep in line, go with the program and follow Steve’s advice, cause we’re watchin’ HER (!++@!)+*~^$`$$ hee hee hee…

  57. EMonti says:

    MY APPLAUSE GOES TO JOANNE, (STEVE’S MOM) FOR HER CONFRONTING ARIAN’S MOTHER AND TELLLING HER LIKE IT IS! AS A MOTHER MY SELF, I CAN SEE THAT SHE RAISED HER SON RIGHT! I am the very same way! You have to teach your kids RESPECT no matter how old they are! She definately loves her son and it shows! NO wonder why Steve is so SEXY inside and out!!! HE IS A REAL MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! PROPS TO MAMA! clap,,,clap,,,clap,,clap =)

  58. Lisa says:

    I want to be part of the show!..Let me know how to sign up!

  59. chastity roach says:

    i need my mother to be on tough love she says she gets bored with men or they are not up to her standards and its like she wants a man but she cant develope relationships

  60. Elizabeth says:


    The picture on this website is so zoolander and not you at all. I barely have any time to watch TV, but I always try to catch your show, anytime that VH1 is replaying it. It gives me a good feeling, which I cannot describe; I guess it’s hopeful. You read people and react to people so well, that I truly am impressed (minus the zoolander picture). Either way, I hope your show continues to stay credible and does not turn into another money-hungry reality show (of course, all reality shows are money hungry, but they all usually start out with a true center and then turn into plastic people, i hope your show stays true). Good luck, to you and your mom. She raised you well! Your honesty is endearing.


    By the way, I realize this comment is nothing about men that you need for the show (although I have a lot of guy friends who might possibly be interested, I’ll check), and I also realize that this message will most likely not reach you but thought I would try.

    Again, good luck and goodbye.

  61. Blanca says:

    I think that Brock is a good man. He is also very good looking.

  62. jenny says:

    Why would he get a second show? If he is this MASTER MATCHMAKER why was he 0 for 10 in all the matches? He failed to have ONE successful match

  63. claire says:

    Hi i am a israeli morrocan girl 27 year old good looking. i was in a relationship 5 year’s with a guy that does’nt know what he want’s im not only good looking but to honest and loyal. i would like to meet a great guy sooo if you have room on the show contect me thank you….BTW im not easy or cheezyyy like arian or rude yikesss that girl was ewwww gross

  64. nadina says:

    i would have picked broc he is hot and nice!!!

  65. LINA says:

    I enjoyed watchind the show, Steve. You were tough with the girls, but tha is how they learned and discover things about themselves that they did not even know. I have learned dating tips that will help me on a date. Thanks,

    Steve Ward

  66. LINA says:

    I enjoyed watchind the show, Steve. You were tough with the girls, but tha is how they learned and discovered things about themselves that they did not even know. I have learned dating tips that will help me on a date. Thanks,

    Steve Ward

  67. LINDA says:


  68. Sarah says:

    Where do I sign up for season 2?!

  69. Barbrasue1 says:

    You are so queer, Your mother is a hoe yu said on Ricky Lake Show. Steve get a life and leave your mom’s breast.What’s you real name again. you free loaderers.
    You should look up your real father. now that’s a story.
    Your Mom’s a bed hopper. You are both siv people

  70. Emily says:

    How do I sign up a friend for the show? She needs a serious dose of TOUGH LOVE.

  71. Jason Angulo says:

    Hello, me and wife are fans of your show and watch all the time. We want to sign up my mother-in-law, my wifes mother. How do i go about ity, is there a certain link tyhat has a sign-up form.

  72. Jennifer says:

    Steve how come u have no girlfriend i lookd u up and says u single so i was wndering is u small )`%$@+)~$+@!&$$$ is tat why u always a ~__%!&&%@@!*$$(!_ or maybe u )@`%!#^(@_!^&_** ur mom

  73. Qamariah Ruffin says:

    Hello steve My mom is a single 40 year old woman who has 4 children and has high standars she rights now list on how she want her [perfect guy] and im tred of her crying and complaing how shes goinq to be lonely for the restt of her lifee ! i need YOU to helpp herr please,me and my sister and brotherrs give her advicee and she wont take it ! shes been hurt so manyy times she takes her attitude out on all the guys she meets ! and i knwo that pushes them away like the f**** happen to her..I reallyy need her to be on the show..serioullyyy ! because she wont listen too us her standards are too high ! even me at 13 i think its a bitt muchh ! Soo i hopee you can helpp=/

  74. queneka stevenson says:

    Hi I just wanted to say to all those men that think cheating is ok that their wrong you should care for each others feelings my boyfriend cheated and I asked him why he said “because he wanted to but he’s sorry”. that’s a bunch of bull I feel when you are in a relationship you give and receive from each other that’s all now I’m a single woman with a lot of love to give.

  75. queneka stevenson says:

    Hi I just wanted to say to all those men that think cheating is ok that their wrong you should care for each others feelings my boyfriend cheated and I asked him why he said “because he wanted to but he’s sorry”. that’s a bunch of bull I feel when you are in a relationship you give and receive from each other that’s all now I’m a single woman with a lot of love to give.I feel I should get my own show a young hot woman looking for a older hot man.

  76. Dannialle says:

    Dear Steve Ward my story is sad and I’m not going to get in to all the drama but I’m getting a divorsefrom a 9 1/2 year coman law marrage and would really love to hear some of your advise I’m 24 and had the worse relationships anyone you’ve heard of has had my whole life and blam my self alot now really need some profeional advise before I end up jumping into another bull $^)*!&~_`_@_(`$* relationship I’m really debaiting on becoming a nun if $^)*!&~_`_@_(`$* dont get better.If at anyway possible I would like to be on your show.I think my stories would help alot of younger girls like me.



  78. Cynthia says:

    If Taylor doesnt want to be nice to her date i will take him he is fine

  79. Clark says:

    Hey my gf told me to sign up on here, is this good or bad, i guess show me how to sign up. thanks.

  80. Mistery Angel says:

    Hello Steve–Please answer the following as objective as possible….
    I would like to know what negative experience have you had with women that you feel the need to objectify them, and forced them to undergo a series of humilations to fit men’s notion of a perfect woman?
    I understand that you might have a legitimate reason behind this show; however, i think you should reconsider some aspects about what women’s role in society. Believe me i see girls everyday going through to the same problems these women are going through. Maybe is not so much chnaging who they are that shoudl focus on, but rather teach–not help them–how to communicate more effectivley and convey their true feelings.
    Moreover, love is not a game of rules like you show in your show. Love is not about being in control not even over one-self. Finding that someone special can happen anywhere, and it does not have to be perfect; it does not have to be planned. Their problem is not that they cannot find love, the problem is that they go for the first thing that appears to be love. It is that instant gratification that you should focus on teaching in your show and believe you would get tripple the ratings.
    There are women and men in this country that are constantly in search of that answer, yet they cannot find it. That’s the reason we have so many depressed, sad, and angry people in this world.
    Media, specially digital media is the most effective way to reach those people and perhaps make show them something different something that woudl make them think and analyze, instead of throwing themselves to whatever other mundane source of pleasure they have (food, drugs, alcohol, promiscuous sex, etc).
    I count on you to make a difference. Sincerely
    Mistery Angel
    P.S.: You seemed very well educated and honest. I hope fame does not get to your head.

  81. KAREN says:


  82. Kelly K says:

    my friend Melissa needs this show! she has been through so much with awful men! when are season 3 sign ups???

  83. amanda says:

    where do i sign up to be on tough love because right now i really need it bad.

  84. Karen says:

    How do I sign up for this show? It would be a pleasure to learn the tips you give these girls. Please let me know!!

  85. Jennifer Trimm says:

    How do you become a cast member of the show?

  86. SAMUEL says:


  87. Tasha says:

    i want to hit Steve in the face so hard he bleeds.
    ladies certainly don’t need to spend more time “learning” how to be a trophy wife. give yourselves some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
    (coming from a 21 year old lady in a healthy committed relationship with a progressive man she hopes to marry)

  88. Janice Swanner says:

    funny how my teenage boys think im the ultimalte MILF but for me im just a normal mom lol
    I want my noys to understand and respect my sexualitly but i also want them to understand what ive sacrifriced

  89. Heather says:

    What do girls get? you gotta make it fair for the females too. The reason there are more girls is because girls have more problems….thats why its a show with girls…your not teaching the guys they date to be the way they are. guys can handle themselves a little better admit it girls. But dont get me wrong a woman can handle herself. And if the shows with “geeky” men that cant get girls, we’ve seen that a million times. And thats a whole different story. But theres alot of women out there that cant find love because the boys have moved on…my point..boys move on…girls dont. But i have a pretty `_^(#+!~`@(!~_&!$ in story. where do i sign up?

  90. jillian welch says:

    i no this is for guys sign up but i really need help with love i dont no how to talk to a guy and i always say the wrong things ….. i had a boyfriend for 2 years and he broke up with me because he thought i didnt love him and ever since that i never thought i could find a guy a again a have someone make me feel pretty and greet about my self ….. and i love tough love and i beleave this show can change me …..

  91. Tori Parker says:

    My name is Tori Parker Me and my former boyfriend have been dateing for about a year and a half and we have been up and down alot lately i dont know what it is..but we need help badly and we would relly like to join this show to help us if it can

  92. dustina wines says:

    ….how can i get me and my boyfriend ryan involved in tough love couples cause we need some help with our realtionship cause its been three years and we are having some issues and jus need to know how to get involved so please let me know

  93. I like when you talk about this type of stuff in your blog. Perhaps could you continue this?