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How the mighty have fallen. Even with a broken hand, 20 Pack was considered the house’s biggest physical threat, so it’s dually impressive that he lasted as long as he did. Below, he talks about playing clean in a dirty game, his “intimate” relationship with Cali, negotiating with his enemy, Tailor Made and the ever-present gay rumors.

How was your time on the show?

It was amazing. I had a blast. I think I was one of the only ones that had a good time everyday.

You said on the first episode that you were there to play the game, not win the money.

I was a last-minute decision, I believe. I was only on four episodes of I Love New York. I looked at this as a chance to revamp my character, let America see what kind of person I am, and just as a vacation. Even when I was eliminated, I was laughing. I think that’s why they didn’t show my exit interview.

Do you think you accomplished your goal of letting America see what kind of person you are?

I think they edited me to be the competitor, but I was messing with everybody. I hid It’s stuff, I decorated his room. I think they wanted to keep me more as eye-candy and a competitor.

Do you see yourself as eye-candy? Do you look in the mirror and say, “I’m hot”?

I never thought that way. I was such a loser in high school. I think I developed myself into that, learning how to dress and making sure my hair is straight. I don’t personally think so, but to have the fans think that is so flattering. It’s awesome.

What did you think of Craig calling you a “super-cutie?” Was he into you?

No, we had kind of a different relationship. When I broke my hand, he came to the hospital. He was in the car with us. We really couldn’t talk to Craig normally since he was a mediator. But I got to talk to him on that ride, and then when I was Paymaster, I had a really good conversation with him. I didn’t go on reality TV wanting to become an actor. I wanted to become a host. So I admire Craig, and any information that he had, I wanted to take in. Just watching him I learned 1,001 things.

The Entertainer at one point interviewed that you were making eyes at him. How do you feel about your sexuality being called to question so often?

I guess this is a continuation of when you asked about this after I Love New York. I wrote a blog about it, and it’s like, no matter what I say, nobody’s gonna believe me. It’s kind of like when Clay Aiken was getting questioned.

Clay Aiken turned out to be gay.

Yeah, but no matter what he said, nobody believed him. I know me. I appreciate dressing nice, and with the eyeliner and the nails, I can pull it off, so why not? Part of my whole clothing line is to have a rock-star mentality. I read something online that said, “20 Pack’s so far in the closet that he found his Christmas presents already.” I could not stop laughing. I found that hysterical.

You are pretty.

That’s not my fault. That’s genetics.

What was it like to be pursued by Angelique as much as you were?

On the way to the show, I saw her at the airport in Mexico City. She’s walking through the airport in a pink bikini, carrying a pink pillow and a pink makeup case. She sits right down next to me and it started then and there. I was dodging her everyday. And the thing was that me and Cali started spending time together after the second day. Frenchie kept getting pissed off, and then Cali was getting mad that Frenchie was trying to hook up with me. It was a mess.

I was curious about your relationship with Cali. It seemed like something was there, but she sort of evaded my question about it.

Yeah, I read that. I’m not gonna say we slept together, but yes, we pushed our beds together. I thought it was a little more intimate than she perceived. I’m not gonna give away the details. In that house, I didn’t have too much to choose from. The one chick that I really wanted to sleep with left the first night.


Yeah. She was the most attractive woman in the house.

What about Myammee?

I’m picky. I work hard to make sure I look good and I expect the same thing in return. I go after hot women. It’s not like I had Brittanya in the house or Jes from Rock of Love Season 1 in the house. Myammee has bad eczma on her back. When her weave isn’t in, her hair is short. Without makeup, she isn’t attractive. And there isn’t one firm thing on her body. Everything droops.

Do you hate her for eliminating you?

I appreciate the fans supporting and hating her, but she made a decision. It’s a game and I lost.

It seemed like you broke your hand while showing off after the boxing challenge.

Negative. T-Weed’s a big boy. He’s about 6’2″, 230. I’m 5’8″, 150 lbs. Inside those gloves, there was no padding, but you could make a fist. I hit his hip, and I felt it snap right then and there. After knocking him out of the ring, I punched the pole, not knowing there was metal behind it. I had three fractures: one in my ring bone, two in my pinky bone. My hand wasn’t the most brutal injury. I ended up tearing my left pec in the Web of Lies. My left pectoral won’t get hard. It’s like Jello. They say it won’t be better for eight months. That’s actually what affected me in the screaming challenge. I made it seem like I was throwing the challenge, but. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take a deep breath. There was no way I was going to win that.

Do you feel foolish for having trusted the other alliance?

I spoke to Tailor Made for the first time after watching that. I admired what he said about trying to keep me. That was honorable of him. I never expected that in a million years.

Did it weigh on your soul to have to negotiate with someone that you’d been referring to as a “snake” up to that point?

What pissed me off is that originally, he and Prancer were part of our alliance. At one point, he was reading a book, and he had his alliance written down in the back of it. I just happened to find that. I was prepared for what he was doing. I wasn’t prepared for Prancer swapping sides. That’s when the whole f***ing fiasco started.

When you won a captain spot in the first episode, it seemed like you immediately relinquished control to Frank. Why?

They made it look like that. I walked into that show wanting to play it as honestly and loyally, without backstabbing, as I could. When I got first pick, I chose Frank and we met up and I said, “What do you want to do?” We picked the next person together. Everything started off democratically. If you look at the challenges we won, I was leading the team. If I wouldn’t have won the boxing challenge, we would have been in the box. I scored the tying goal in soccer. In X Marks the Spot, I led us through the forest and it was my idea to use the ropes to get the chest out of the ground. I was leading that team.

It’s interesting that you set out to play clean in a dirty game.

I wanted to be the good guy, the hero. There are so many villains out there and there aren’t enough good, quality people. I wanted to see if I could do it.

What do you think of Saaphyri referring to your alliance as “the dumb alliance?”

We were. We made some stupid decisions. But at the same time, if my alliance would have shut their mouth a lot, Tailor Made wouldn’t have found out a lot of the things we were doing. My alliance was so cocky that they talked loudly. They would call Tailor Made a snake to his face. That made him feel alienated. I told them that they all needed to shut the f*** up.

Buckwild seems to have a price on your head. What do you think of her continuing resentment for you?

She sealed her own fate. She was so out of control that she almost got me in trouble at one point. When Tailor Made choked her, I was ready to kill him. I hate seeing a man lay a hand on a woman. If that cast hadn’t have been on my hand, I would have clocked him. But that was a weapon. Other than that, I played as honestly and loyally for as long as I could. But it gets to a point where you have to do what you have to do. That’s why I can’t be mad at Myammee. If you lose, you lose.

Keep up with 20 Pack via his profile and his MySpace.

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