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How the mighty have fallen. Even with a broken hand, 20 Pack was considered the house’s biggest physical threat, so it’s dually impressive that he lasted as long as he did. Below, he talks about playing clean in a dirty game, his “intimate” relationship with Cali, negotiating with his enemy, Tailor Made and the ever-present gay rumors.

How was your time on the show?

It was amazing. I had a blast. I think I was one of the only ones that had a good time everyday.

You said on the first episode that you were there to play the game, not win the money.

I was a last-minute decision, I believe. I was only on four episodes of I Love New York. I looked at this as a chance to revamp my character, let America see what kind of person I am, and just as a vacation. Even when I was eliminated, I was laughing. I think that’s why they didn’t show my exit interview.

Do you think you accomplished your goal of letting America see what kind of person you are?

I think they edited me to be the competitor, but I was messing with everybody. I hid It’s stuff, I decorated his room. I think they wanted to keep me more as eye-candy and a competitor.

Do you see yourself as eye-candy? Do you look in the mirror and say, “I’m hot”?

I never thought that way. I was such a loser in high school. I think I developed myself into that, learning how to dress and making sure my hair is straight. I don’t personally think so, but to have the fans think that is so flattering. It’s awesome.

What did you think of Craig calling you a “super-cutie?” Was he into you?

No, we had kind of a different relationship. When I broke my hand, he came to the hospital. He was in the car with us. We really couldn’t talk to Craig normally since he was a mediator. But I got to talk to him on that ride, and then when I was Paymaster, I had a really good conversation with him. I didn’t go on reality TV wanting to become an actor. I wanted to become a host. So I admire Craig, and any information that he had, I wanted to take in. Just watching him I learned 1,001 things.

The Entertainer at one point interviewed that you were making eyes at him. How do you feel about your sexuality being called to question so often?

I guess this is a continuation of when you asked about this after I Love New York. I wrote a blog about it, and it’s like, no matter what I say, nobody’s gonna believe me. It’s kind of like when Clay Aiken was getting questioned.

Clay Aiken turned out to be gay.

Yeah, but no matter what he said, nobody believed him. I know me. I appreciate dressing nice, and with the eyeliner and the nails, I can pull it off, so why not? Part of my whole clothing line is to have a rock-star mentality. I read something online that said, “20 Pack’s so far in the closet that he found his Christmas presents already.” I could not stop laughing. I found that hysterical.

You are pretty.

That’s not my fault. That’s genetics.

What was it like to be pursued by Angelique as much as you were?

On the way to the show, I saw her at the airport in Mexico City. She’s walking through the airport in a pink bikini, carrying a pink pillow and a pink makeup case. She sits right down next to me and it started then and there. I was dodging her everyday. And the thing was that me and Cali started spending time together after the second day. Frenchie kept getting pissed off, and then Cali was getting mad that Frenchie was trying to hook up with me. It was a mess.

I was curious about your relationship with Cali. It seemed like something was there, but she sort of evaded my question about it.

Yeah, I read that. I’m not gonna say we slept together, but yes, we pushed our beds together. I thought it was a little more intimate than she perceived. I’m not gonna give away the details. In that house, I didn’t have too much to choose from. The one chick that I really wanted to sleep with left the first night.


Yeah. She was the most attractive woman in the house.

What about Myammee?

I’m picky. I work hard to make sure I look good and I expect the same thing in return. I go after hot women. It’s not like I had Brittanya in the house or Jes from Rock of Love Season 1 in the house. Myammee has bad eczma on her back. When her weave isn’t in, her hair is short. Without makeup, she isn’t attractive. And there isn’t one firm thing on her body. Everything droops.

Do you hate her for eliminating you?

I appreciate the fans supporting and hating her, but she made a decision. It’s a game and I lost.

It seemed like you broke your hand while showing off after the boxing challenge.

Negative. T-Weed’s a big boy. He’s about 6’2″, 230. I’m 5’8″, 150 lbs. Inside those gloves, there was no padding, but you could make a fist. I hit his hip, and I felt it snap right then and there. After knocking him out of the ring, I punched the pole, not knowing there was metal behind it. I had three fractures: one in my ring bone, two in my pinky bone. My hand wasn’t the most brutal injury. I ended up tearing my left pec in the Web of Lies. My left pectoral won’t get hard. It’s like Jello. They say it won’t be better for eight months. That’s actually what affected me in the screaming challenge. I made it seem like I was throwing the challenge, but. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take a deep breath. There was no way I was going to win that.

Do you feel foolish for having trusted the other alliance?

I spoke to Tailor Made for the first time after watching that. I admired what he said about trying to keep me. That was honorable of him. I never expected that in a million years.

Did it weigh on your soul to have to negotiate with someone that you’d been referring to as a “snake” up to that point?

What pissed me off is that originally, he and Prancer were part of our alliance. At one point, he was reading a book, and he had his alliance written down in the back of it. I just happened to find that. I was prepared for what he was doing. I wasn’t prepared for Prancer swapping sides. That’s when the whole f***ing fiasco started.

When you won a captain spot in the first episode, it seemed like you immediately relinquished control to Frank. Why?

They made it look like that. I walked into that show wanting to play it as honestly and loyally, without backstabbing, as I could. When I got first pick, I chose Frank and we met up and I said, “What do you want to do?” We picked the next person together. Everything started off democratically. If you look at the challenges we won, I was leading the team. If I wouldn’t have won the boxing challenge, we would have been in the box. I scored the tying goal in soccer. In X Marks the Spot, I led us through the forest and it was my idea to use the ropes to get the chest out of the ground. I was leading that team.

It’s interesting that you set out to play clean in a dirty game.

I wanted to be the good guy, the hero. There are so many villains out there and there aren’t enough good, quality people. I wanted to see if I could do it.

What do you think of Saaphyri referring to your alliance as “the dumb alliance?”

We were. We made some stupid decisions. But at the same time, if my alliance would have shut their mouth a lot, Tailor Made wouldn’t have found out a lot of the things we were doing. My alliance was so cocky that they talked loudly. They would call Tailor Made a snake to his face. That made him feel alienated. I told them that they all needed to shut the f*** up.

Buckwild seems to have a price on your head. What do you think of her continuing resentment for you?

She sealed her own fate. She was so out of control that she almost got me in trouble at one point. When Tailor Made choked her, I was ready to kill him. I hate seeing a man lay a hand on a woman. If that cast hadn’t have been on my hand, I would have clocked him. But that was a weapon. Other than that, I played as honestly and loyally for as long as I could. But it gets to a point where you have to do what you have to do. That’s why I can’t be mad at Myammee. If you lose, you lose.

Keep up with 20 Pack via his profile and his MySpace.

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  1. erinll says:

    i love myameee and she his hot i saw her without makeup and she still fine

  2. 1LUV20PACK` says:

    20 Pack, you are awesome. Hope to see on something else soon.

  3. Chi Chi says:

    I respect him and what he has said made a lot of sense.

  4. blondeberg says:

    I loved 20 he was my favorite hands down and personally now that hes gone I dont care to watch the show. Hope to see him around soon!!!! ;)

  5. PopCorn says:

    I love 20! He is so sincere and awesome!

  6. jil says:

    he went hard on myamme he is still bitter about being eliminated myamme sucks anyways turning on tailor made

  7. xoxo says:

    this dude aint gay
    i wish everybody would shut the hell up
    hating on this dude

  8. anna says:

    Oh 20 is os hottttttttttt and very nice !

  9. pimpboy77 says:


  10. lotterymoney says:

    I love 20 he’s so cool….And im wit xoxo stop callin my boo gay lol…Yall just mad cuz he prettier then yo chick lol

  11. ANA says:


  12. wow says:

    i love 20 pack!!!! he’s straight-talker who tries to be as fair as possible. Way to go dude!

  13. AL says:


  14. wow says:

    i love 20 pack!!! He’s a straight-talker who tries to be as fair as possible. Way to go dude!

  15. nia linda says:

    Hes hot, but im glad he didnt win

  16. MONEYBLACK007 says:


  17. kaylee says:

    ~~omg you talking bout myamee but cali body was sloppy in them tan shorts she had on u could of done better then that but you picky yea ok but u still hot :)

  18. Johnny Z. says:

    20 pack was truely the best on this show

    He deserves to be on ILM3 as 1 of the 2 returning cast members

  19. asyoumay know says:

    u got what u deserv e

  20. dany says:

    Right on 20 pack, you are an awesome and gorgeous man

  21. melissa says:

    i think 20 pack is one o the hottest realest people on tv. i almost dont even want to watch the rest of “i love money” cause hes not on anymore. i would rally ove to see him on some mores hows.


  22. Elaine says:

    I can respect what he said. By far, the most best and most intelligent interview to date.
    The whole clay thing was weird.

    thanks for keeping it real about Buckwild and Tailor Made. I little too harsh on Mayamee but its all good.

    20, good luck in all your future endevors

  23. Matt says:

    I agree with 20!! Tamara is the HOTTEST on the show!

  24. jewsus says:

    omg. I hate 20 pack. I’m soooo glad he’s finally off the show.
    He’s just knockin Myammee cuz she’s a natural beauty.
    And he is NOT cute… he has a face like a chihuahua. The only one who loves him is himself.

  25. Emma says:

    I’m so sad he left because he was the only hot guy on the show. :(

  26. GYsgtMystic says:

    u a trip right,,, doubt u read all through these your self… do u have some one u help u…
    anyways…always fun to watch …not trying to be on your jock…or trying to sleep with you…lol just a fan i guess that would like to a friend…out of your spot light…lol
    so am i wasting time sending u a message ..prob so lmao
    n e ways….your fun to watch i have a lot of respect 4 u…
    and so do a lot of people from muh unit and police dept.
    because i know i could neva be in spot light like u or eva want it…I rather keep everyone safe … be gysgt that i am…and pray i make it back every tour to iraq, afghan, or etc … keep praying barack brings us home… things ive seen i will neva talk about to anyone…
    having a hard night… but ne ways thanks fo just being you..and doing ,what you got to ,too make it…
    proud of u…and if never hear from u no skin off my back …
    lol…not to sound….just be lucky u got people like us that put our lifes on line everyday to keep home safe,,,lol…not talking #+#^)*)%*)&%$`^% people just never look at what we have to deal with … but its life i choose be a USMC …and a cop….and i do under water welding yeah work 3 jobs dont pay much….but i love my jobs… ways runnin the mouth lol take care papi mucho luv..keep it moving we cant wait c wha u got next..


  27. shame says:

    20 pack is too sexy… i hate he left cuz he’s definitely eye candy, now we got to look at It goofy self and tailor made with his shiny forhead LOL

  28. kin says:

    20 pack is GAY come out fool

  29. Tiffany says:

    I just think you are the cutest thing…

  30. Susie says:

    hellow there you are one of the most honest people on realty t.v. you have a face of inisents,i’m one of your bigest fans who probly cant spell very well,but admires how you handles yourself very well on or off air. im not here to tell you that your hot,sexy or even that i want to marry you NO,but what i am going to say is I wish you well in what ever path you choose and life, please be thankfull for what you have.Take it from me life is worth living if you live it well i wish you the best of luck and god bless you and your family.

  31. Faith says:

    Aww, 20! Come on down to NC baby, we’ll take care of you here!

  32. Katiebell says:

    20 pack you are one of the finest dudes I have ever laid eyes on. you are down to earth, intelligent and so damn sexy. wow. hit me up…I am a girl that can show you a sexy, fun and chill %$@&%“^`#^+~!) time

  33. jswang says:

    Myammee was the hottest girl on that show. Cali is alright but she’s not tone either. He’s not to picky about his women.

  34. Mecia says:

    If I’m NOT gay and I’m trying to put the fire out on gay rumors I am not going to compare myself to Clay Aiken-someone who denied being gay over and over and it turned out that he was really gay. If you’re gay-it’s ok. As far as hating on Myammee, her body is way better than Cali’s so I’m going to have to place those comments against her in the “bitter box”.

  35. DENNIS says:

    20 is JEALOUS cuz he cant BE MYAMMEE…he knows she looks good and im sure he didnt want to sleep with her, he just wanted to SWAP bodies with her!!! GO MYAMMEE!

  36. nicky says:

    hope i c 20 on i love $ 3

  37. Gloria says:

    Everything 20 said seems right! Myamee is not pretty, Brytt from ROL is hot! you did your thing boy! move on to the next show, you were a fan fave

  38. chris says:

    not trying to hate or nothing but 20 you aren’t fooling anyone about saying you’re straight… c’mon, man, seriously.

  39. Marcia says:

    20 pack babe they had to let you go because you were the absolute BIGGEST competition…take it as a compliment. Myamee knows she can beat Saaphari because at the end it is all physical if it ends up being similar to the first I Love Money. I was truly rooting for you…the only other true one in the house was Frank…yall were the only ones that were LOYAL. Saaphari was always a backstabber….quite frankly you had too much of a heart to even be in her circle. I will definitely miss the “eye candy” on the show, wish we had more guys like you in You deserved to warrior you…I wish you the best. You are gorgeous and have a kind ROCK! May God Bless YOU!!!

    p.s. you did look like the bionic man on the bed hopping challenge…keep working out!! :)

  40. Camille says:

    20 pack is very handsome. I believe he is probably right about moons-over-my-hammy. She does look droopy and saggy. and she’s obviously not naturally beautiful. I find it funny that he finds tamara pretty. I can understand Britannya and jes, but tamara? hmm. Whatever.

  41. topaz10 says:

    not a bad guy at all.

  42. jobi says:

    20pack u r the best .

  43. scifiwritir says:

    I like 20 but he’s definitely picky and shallow when he comes to women. Very superficial. Myammee isn’t a fave of mine but honestly, eczema and short hair! This is the same guy who said New York had ranch breath back on ILNY. Definitely shallow.

  44. Jennifer says:

    I love his lips (his whole look rocks) and I’m dying to know if he’s gay or not…oh well he is super hot!

  45. Jenny says:

    It’s messed up that Tailor-Made was allowed to stay in the house after he put his hands on Becky? Isn’t that against the rules and the law!?

  46. GodblessJRT says:

    I did like his comment about Mayamee. Eczema is a skin disorder that you are born with.IT is out of your control to a degree. You can keep it under control with ointment from a dermatologist, but from time to time you may still get break outs. I have it and was made fun of as a child for having it, so I took that comment to heart. My interest in him has dropped a notch.

  47. LC says:

    If Taylor Made put his hands on ButtUglyWild. That ugly ho deserved it. And for all ya haters…Myammee is the BOMB!

  48. GodBlessJRT says:

    Sorry, I meant to say “I did not like..”

  49. Rue says:

    20pack what the only one worth anything in that show. I worked the hardest and didn’t really play the games as the other. I deserved the money just for principal alone. This man gets all my respect and trust me I don’t give it to anyone that doesn’t deserve it. Peace 20pack. Stay Real and True to Yourself.

  50. looovvveeyyoouu!! says:

    20 Pack I loovvee yyouu!!!! I totally understood why u eliminated Buckwild and dont worry bout her being mad at u shes just being a stubborn baby and wanted things her way. U were one of my favorites on the show and I’m bummed you didnt make it to the finals i was hoping you would :( I still have love for you though!! <3<3<3 you and Cali are cute together :)

  51. belinda says:

    the show is not going 2 de (^#*&_&%))^))#*# without 20 pack not even no sence in watching it anymore

  52. Terrell says:

    Hey….. love you on da show… well wat r you going to do know…. ok… buddy… get back at me…….
    i sent a request on myspace…..

  53. bradly says:

    20 ur a pretty kool dude nd a gud romodel 2 mii cuz as a 14 year old boy u taught me u dnt hav to sell out nd become a snake lke the snake himself to be on a show lke i luv money… thanx for teaching mii dat lesson nd hope you add me on myspace

  54. Dragonia says:

    Finally, someone who believes Myammee isn’t that hot. Everything on her jiggles. When she was doing her little dance during the challenge, there was horrible cellulite on her thighs. HD TV is not kind to you, Myammee.

  55. learn2swim says:

    We don’t need any more proof this guy is gay right? Compares himself to Clay Aiken… hooks up with Frenchie… possibly hooks up with Cali hoping T. Weed is right and that she’s a man… thinks Myammmee isn’t hot… wears eye liners etc…

    Other than that your just an idiot who made an idiot alliance with loud idiotic people who cost you… nice job “pack 2″

  56. says:

    who thought myamee was hot is n idiot.i dont no y she doesnt wear cloths.20 i luv u,gay r no gay

  57. torii says:

    that sucks that u got eliminated(i prob spelled that word wrong hahahahaha) it was a sucky show anyway when u were on it but it probably sucks less now hahaha just kiding ur soooo cute

  58. 20PackisGAY! says:

    ok…first of all… 20 you’re gay! when u compare ur situation to Clay Aiken that’s ur subtle way of letting us know that ur playin for a different team! Secondly, u said that u go after HOT women and ur picky well let’s check ur track record… You went after New York who looks like a TRANNY! You said u thought Tamara was hott and she looks like a cracked out mouse! You were “close” to Cali who has a guppy-face and whose body needs more toning that Mayammee (but u wanna hate on Mayammee!)i finally get it… UR A FRUITCAKE! rrriiiggghhhtttt… time to come out 20 pack!! Seems to me like you still mad that Myammee sent ur *@^%*#%`@~##(^( home!
    BTW that eczema comment was really uneccesary and that `)@_)_(!_%*!@^*& u said about her not being pretty without makeup… I BET UR *@^%*#%`@~##(^( AINT PRETTY WITHOUT MAKEUP EITHER!!!!!!

  59. Tay says:

    First of all 20 u are gay. And second u need to quit hatin on my girl mymamme because thats one of the finest chick on tha show.You just wish yo gay `%+@+~!~(%$+!@! could be like her.

  60. JesusChristIsGay says:

    all I have to say is this… takes a real man to come out and say he’s gay and just accept it. Also, he is so bitter about something Myammee did, there is nothing to hate about her except her thing with her weave..

  61. Damn Luv Songz says:

    Man is he sexy, he was the main reason i watched tht show! =[[ now who am i guna watch it for! Damn myamee
    Luv ya 20, u sexy hunk! lolz xD

  62. Jetta says:

    20 Pack, gay or not I still think you are cool! You and Cali make for a cute couple! ;)

  63. Christian Cota says:

    When heat went home, i let it slide. when frank went home, i let it slide. When Cali went home, i let it slide. When becky went home, i thought i would nevr want 2 watch the show again. but u were my other fav, 20. but now since the @(!`)^+*)#^$#)++& myamme sent u home, i dont even feel like watchin ilovemoney anymore, but im gonna. but i hate the underdogs so f’ing much for ruining my alliance.

  64. Frankie Z. says:

    20 Pack you are so stupid! Maybe if you would have talked on your power outing instead of sleeping you would still have been on the show… Myamme did the right thing. You were so ~__~&~%&)#~`%`)+ y about being safe and thats why you got eliminated. I laugh at you for being so stupid….

  65. kylie says:

    hey,20 pack you should have stayed you are competitve and really really cute.

  66. lindsey says:

    hey,20 pack you should have been elminateed and you are so so hot

  67. tovita says:

    holy $`(!`&*&#$_#*~+$ i love you 20 pack.
    and i look 10 times better than Angelique
    and im not a stripper either.
    haha MWAHSZ*

  68. monica says:

    if he’s so picky then why was he on I love Newyork? I see nothing attractive about her. I also see nothing attractive about the crazy girl who got eliminated first.

  69. KiKi says:

    That would be SOOOO funny if T-Weed WAS right, and Cali really is a man, that’s why 20 was into her/him. :) LOL
    That was really out of order to try to insult Myammee talking about how she has eczema, has short hair without her weave, and is ugly without make-up. First of all you were on I Love New York.. and you SERIOUSLY can’t think she looks better than Myammee. Secondly, who said women with short hair aren’t beautiful too? Hello, Halle Berry.
    Next time, you should just say “I prefer women that look more masculine like Cali, or that dried out head #!~^^*+@)+&#!&&)@ that was too crazy to stay past the first night”. I did like you on the show, but your catty comments solidify my belief that you are in fact gay.

  70. 20's babe says:

    20 your so hot.You know what you should do is have your own show babe.Your so cute and sexy and Cali rocks to.Please get with her.

    Mwuah Adios babe :)

  71. Rosey says:

    oh yea.. get ur mac on wif cali!
    lolsz.. but i do honestly think dat u were the most loyal nd trustworthy in the house.. but u cnt be a sore loser 4 losin.. dats a kool quality in a person
    ~Razzy =)

  72. msberraye says:

    hehe he said every thing on myamee drops lol

  73. Eric says:

    hey 20 pack i like your ear ring so tell me something about you or you gay

  74. Eve says:

    sending 20 pack home, i don’t watch this game anymore because i felt like this is not a fair. the though people gone and the weaks stay. 20 pack is the one deserve that money. this game is ridiculous!!!!!

  75. Eve says:

    sending 20 pack home, i didn’t watch that show no more. the strongs people gone and the weaks stay. 20 pack is the one deserve that money. this is not fair, it is ridiculous

  76. Fragile Pack says:

    This freakin’ wimp couldn’t do a challenge without getting hand…oww…my pec..I cant breathe..wahhh!!!! Definately straight…BTW

  77. follower says:

    If u hadnt have been such a follower maybe they would’ve been inclined to keep yo soft as*.. It was really funny to see u go.. I wish the fat a*s saphyrri had gone first though.. JUst a question why’d u follow Frank out of all people.. He really made u look very b1tchesh.. Just to let u kno from a viewers stand point

  78. Rosanna says:

    Would you consider dating a hot Italian cougar????

  79. Rosanna says:

    I hope they give you a show because you gave this cougar something to dream about!!!!!!!!

  80. SydneyJaneLorik says:

    Hey 20 pack are you and Frency really good friends?

  81. sarah says:

    I think your a strong person. I think that you should of won the money because even though it was a game you really kept true to who you are.Out of all the guys that were there i think you had the most class. I have never seen a guy turn down a girl,so when you turned down frenchi even though i know why you did,it was definately a shocker. I hope you get your own show no matter what type of show it is. Good luck with what ever you do. Stay you!

    Just another fan.

  82. 20 Pack says:

    Yes acually Sydney we go out now !

  83. Marcy says:

    i love you 20

  84. machoking says:

    20 is fruity plain and simple. …the way that he went out on myammee shows him to be the whinny lil wuss that he is….the next show he should be on is rupauls drag show

  85. asiaakathebaddest says:

    i think putting off 20 pack before It was stupid and i hate that myammee +`!(#(~#(^@(+_!+) _%~!)~_$^% is the one that put him off but his biggest mistake was putting off buck wild damn you would still have some of your alliance hope you doing good !!!!

  86. BiancaLorenzana says:

    I was laughing very hard just readin what you had to say bout Myammee’s messed up body. You really should say it to her face at the reunion though. At least she’ll come to realize that she is not that pretty. But she is a lot uglier on the inside. I hate her attitude. She is very comceited and too full of herself. So tell her to her face that she is not as pretty as she thinks she is. Her body looks all beat-up, anyway. Please say it at the reunion show. It would be very entertaining to watch.

  87. BonishkaRai says:

    i’m w/ BiancaLorenzana. seriously, at the reunion, tell that _()()%$+&(@+$@~~ in `@~@!%(_)$&@@#&%) ass myammee that she’s so _()()%$+&(@+$@~~ in ugly inside and out. i really would like to see a dude tell her she’s ugly as hell. i’ll love u 4 it if u did. i really can’t stand her,I HATE THAT _()()%$+&(@+$@~~ IN `@~@!%(_)$&@@#&%)

  88. Brooke Cambridge says:

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa u are still so cute(hot) i love u so much still I bought a wedding ring lov lov lov lov lov lov lov u so much -brooke (#1 fan and your wife)lov ya

  89. mamitsunami says:

    Im still not convinced that 20 not gay.Not becuz of the eyeliner and prettiness but becuz he just 2 picky!!Frenchie ugly in all but she has a nice body and how many men do u no who wuld turn down sum free sex!!Its good 2 set standards but i just dont beleive him i thimk he was n2 the entertainer.

  90. Mrs.20pack says:

    20pack is soooooooo sexy too bad he is takin by me since were married we do alot together mosley shots of tequila

  91. jessica says:

    when 20 pack went home i was so mad that i couldent stop riping pictures of mayyamee

  92. mshindo says:

    If 20 Pack could count to 3 he might still be in the game. There were only three members of his alliance left. If he’d won the challenge one of Taylor Made’s alliance would have been in the box and they could have been picked off one by one…guess he really didn’t want it.

  93. GORGEOUS says:


  94. gorgeous says:

    me personally thnk tht myammee is NOT cute and tht she really needs to put some DAMN clothes on i mean seriously all she doin is copyin off the 1st seaon whn megan always wore bikinis but at least it was a bathin suit and not @((!+%$@!&`()!~` u war under clothes

  95. Az says:

    20 you are hot!! You can be my boy toy.

  96. Carl Sims says:


  97. vicki says:

    I dont think your a bad guy just hated who you decided to hook up with (alliance). You talk about Tailor Made but I think he played the game fair not like some of the losers that threw challenges

  98. imari says:

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  99. nice post. Are you ok if I copy this for my site?

  100. 2487840 says:

    What a lovely day for a 2487840! SCK was here