Rock Of Love Bus Reunion: Watch A Preview


At the end of the Rock of Love Bus reunion taping last week, Bret declared it the “most emotional reunion ever.” The above clip is part of the reason why: in it, Mindy declares her love for Bret and her remorse over not telling him this while the season was filming. “I left my heart on the tour bus,” might be the best quote to come out of a highly quotable season. Really, the best response to that would be, “What the French?”

Remember: the Rock of Love Bus reunion airs Sunday at 9/8c on VH1.

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  1. DELLIE says:

    WOW!! i really feel it for Mindy bcuz she really fell for him even though he’s just an old perv lookin for some *(+~#%+(__($+)) He made the WRONG decision picking Taya and i swear if i see a ROL4 im going to puke!!!!!!!

  2. Bruce says:

    Mindy is sooooooooo wackkkk, i dont like her, if i had to pick one of the girls from this whole season i didn’t like it would have to be her. season 2 = Daisy, season 1 = ?? idk

    i was rooting for taya


  3. maria says:

    what a drama queen!!

  4. Pearlhanna says:

    Dellie you are entitled to your opinion. Why don’t people turn off what they don’t like? Bret, be happy and don’t let me read any classified ad on a dating site. I sense you have it all Bret… all but the love of your life. You’re not old Bret, you’re more like a middle aged balsamic vinegar.


  5. Michelle says:

    No, I really could feel Mindy falling. Bret was talking about 2 souls meeting on the beach. He carried her on her dream date dancing and then the engagement ring thing. He knew Mindy had never had one. She says at one point.. she had to feel secure in her heart to let go of it and I think she really thought Bret would chose her. I don’t think she is a drama queen. I think she needs to tell him how he feels. Bret has always said he wants someone to fall in love with him and not Bret the rock star. I think she needs to tell him, because if he doesn’t care for her maybe she can move on.

  6. program says:

    The problem is more Bret than it is anything else. Bret simply is not ready. Bret may think that he is ready for a long term committment. But, I believe that he is not. Having said that, the day may be close – only because he is a father. Even right now as we speak, 6 months to Bret with any girl is a long time. That’s just the way I see it. At times I actually feel sorry for some of the young ladies that go the distance to the top 2 or 3 of the show. Money and lifestyle mixed with the right words make almost any girl think, pretend or even talk themselves into being in love.

  7. Kim says:

    I was so upset when Bret did not pick Mindy. He had always chosen the girl I thought was the best for him every Rock of Love show except for this one. I feel she showed more love and honesty than any other contestant ever!!. I thought she was a very pretty, sweet and down to earth girl. I though she would be perfect for Bret. Taya makes me sick!!! I could not stand her FAKE Personality. Bret dump Taya and call Mindy!!

  8. Kit Kat says:

    He should have picked Mindy, he knows it, Taya knows it. In an interview Mindy said that she thought he was going to pick her because she never saw even a spark between Taya in Bret and she was right. And that Taya’s penthouse picture was nasty looking!

  9. Brandi says:

    I was a little upset at who Bret chose as well..I tend to want to think that Bret’s obsession with Taya is the fact that she is a Penthouse Pet. Mindy was sweet and down to earth and would have been a very good choice. I hope Mindy finds her someone who will love her and not do what Bret did to her. That was not cool.

  10. Avranches says:

    She should told him before. Too late… too late…

  11. Lonisha says:

    he should have chosen Mindy…don’t do another show…dump fake Taya call Mindy…she’s the one for you….

  12. donna says:


  13. chrissy says:

    Well I think Bret made the wrong choice! From day one I thought he would be with Taya becaus of the Penthouse Thing!

    Mindy is so down to earth and has such a great and lovely heart.

  14. bebe says:

    so many mindy fans use the phrase “down to earth” to describe her. what? mindy’s head is in the clouds! that doesn’t mean she’s bad though.

    mindy told the other girls she’d never been engaged, but did she ever tell bret? I don’t know why he even did the engagement ring thing. he didn’t give taya hers and if he’d picked mindy, she wouldn’t have gotten hers either.

    she probably really loves him, or thinks she does. that’s sad. bret may surprise me, but generally he’s not going to know what to do other than sleep with her.

    on her date she kept saying “I can’t believe i’m on a date with a rock star!” so, I think she is dazzled by bret’s job. she may love “the real him,” too… but what she said on the beach was different. (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  15. KDOG says:

    Rumor has it that Bret is going to DUMP the Stripper Whobag Taya and get back with Mindy. I saw Taya not long ago and she is ALL by herself and she looked HORRIBLE. She was sad, she had NO friends around her and her so called ” feature dancing crap ” was in reality a STRIPPER . SHE TOOK her cloths off like ALL strippers do. TAYA dumbazz you are a FN stripper GET OVER IT.

  16. Em says:

    Ugh…Taya is still disgusting at the reunion. She’s pretty self-important for someone who flashes her baby maker for a living.

  17. sue says:

    You can’t force fate!! That’s bad karma. I have yet to see Bret get the “eye popping, fluster when he talks about any of the girls on any of the shows!” But goodluck! When you play with love it is just another game.

  18. erika says:

    So Mindy is “down to earth” and “sweet”. First at all she is 34 years old, so she should have know what she was getting herself into, when she signed in to appear in a reality show.(After all her twin was in survivor) Second she was best friends with Taya, until her own insecurities got the best of her and she,beverly and that other chick started talking bs behind Taya’s back.
    So now a sweet and down to earth person does that? I don’t think so. I belive Mindy is very unsecure and I don’t see how someone in their right mind can relate to her or to think her behaviour is ok

  19. A says:

    The end of this season was such a disappointment. Not just because of Bret’s selection, but because he could not see the one person who genuinely cared for him, Mindy. It was obvious from their first intimiate moment, that Bret and Mindy shared a unique closeness. I believe that many Bret fans would agreed that Mindy loved Bret for himself, not the Bret phenomenon. My heart goes out to Mindy, and hopefully Bret will eventually see that she is what he has been looking for all along.

  20. Bree says:

    I see it coming……Bret will dump Taya for Mindy…..They will ride off in the sunset (and he will keep his fan base happy).

  21. Sharon Renee says:

    It sure is easy to judge someone. Its really sad and cruel to sit back and call someone a drama queene because she has feelings. I thought it was funny soemone bashed her and then used the word “UNsecure”..that isnt a word hun, its INsecure..and yes soemtimes a person in love and under scrutiny not to mention having to compete with a penthouse pet, may be less than secure..I wonder how all these people bashing her would do in the same situation. She can do better than Bret, Taya is trash and so is Bret.

  22. Geoff Briley says:

    It needs to have his own show for real. He is way funnier than anyone one vh1 besides flave. Lets call it, “Is IT LOve”

    Geoff Briley

  23. nessa says:

    i love taya and i think he made the RIGHT CHOICE. MINDY WAS SO INSECURE AND JEALOUS. why is everybody being so mean to taya. she was never mean to anybody and she is a true friend. mindy hated the fact that taya was way more gorgeous then her…. MINDY IS A HATER!!!!!!!!

  24. Rebecca says:

    I feel so sorry for Mindy, you can tell how much she is in love with him, I think he pick the wrong person, because I don’t think Taya will stay with him either.

  25. ShaSha says:

    I watched the Reunion of “Rock Of Love Bus” and it is so sicking. Taya acts like she don’t give a (#&#%(!%*^!!@@&_ one way or another and she’s had some major plastic surgery work done on her but what she really needed the most is to have those FAKE BOOBS re-done, they’re sagging. Is Bret blind or what? Mindy is the most real woman on there and he picked Taya. Taya is so FAKE just like the rest of her body. Huge mistake there Bret ole boy, you picked the wrong one and I hope it comes back to BITE YOUR `^*%*+&~)$~_#`# There will be a # 4 Rock Of Love but I won’t be watching, it’s a waste of time because all he wants to do is see how many of those women he can get in his bed. Bret, is a washed up, used up, old use-to-be Rock Star and he really does not sing all that good either, matter of fact he sucks!

  26. nikki (: says:

    wtf! okay all this &@~%!#!*_#&*^&)% is a waste of time. bret you picked the wrong one. mindy’s real. TAYA! what the *!$__!+++@~)@)(+ okay sometimes i feel sad for her and what not. but seriously what the *!$__!+++@~)@)(+ you are a stripper get over it man. you’re making it so obvious. MY FAVORITE= BEVERLY. (: i loved her, she’s real, has no &@~%!#!*_#&*^&)% in her, and she’s a rocker chick. BRET ARE YOU BLIND?! i mean at least pick damn mindy, ugh. seriously IF THERES A ROCK OF LOVE 4. IM GOING TO *!$__!+++@~)@)(+ ING START A HATE SITE. BRET, SERIOUSLY. GET A LIFE. AND TO THE FAKE %++()!@@@%@`+*& SLUTTY GIRLS… YOU ONLY WANT EXPOSURE! AND YOU WANT THE WORLD TO SEE UR STUPID %++()!@@@%@`+*& BOOBS. WE GET IT!

  27. crimson says:

    mindy is just so real, unslutty, nice, and just loveable. mindy is the best one! but, bret. you just wanna some slutty &`#!&)%@^&@)**%`@ s, don’t you? i was a BIG fan of you bret, but now after this specific show, i’m over the show, over you, and over ANYTHING that includes you and your “love”

  28. Lorraine says:

    I think Mindy was the better pick for Bret, you could see the chemistry betweeen them on the reunion show. Mindy was real through the whole show. You could also see it in Bret’s face that he picked the wrong girl. I think he only picked Taya because Penthouse paid for her to be the winner. I hope Bret ends up with Mindy not that he knows how she feels. Mindy you are a true winner.

  29. Sara G. says:

    Hey Bret! MINDY! MINDY! Run to Mindy and don’t look back. She loves you and that is so hard to find. I know you have feelings for her. I hope there is a update that you dump Taya and get with Mindy. Keep your fans happy!!!!!!Get with Mindy-trust me!

  30. Candie B says:

    Mindy, you talk about being honest and sincer…Once all the wolves were gone ( The Farrha’s, the Ashley’s(she-male w/blonde wig!) Natasha’s and Jamie’s were out
    of the picture (the real compotition set in), YOU wasted
    no time throwing the one friend who had your back the whole time, the only “real” freind” you had ON the bus…UNDER THE BUS! Brett,I’m POSITIVE watched all the tapes of your conversations while you girls were alone,
    ( come on guys! you’d have to be a total IDOIT to think he didn’t!) he seen the way you were treating Taya…Take the hint Mindy, say what you will about Taya,(Stripper, Penthouse pet,ect) She carried herself w/ more Grace and Class and that’s what she’s w/Brett…
    Your heatbroker over Brett??? You she feel even more sad that you lost such a good friend..You “think” it would have made a difference if you told him you were in love w/him…FAT CHANCE! Two words “Fair Play” or “Good Sport” He saw you constantly attacking Taya’s motives, you foolishly put in his head what YOUR motives were???You REALLY made your self look very unattractive to him…….

  31. Danielle says:

    I can’t believe Taya of all girls that were on that show. Go Mindy for that I am hurting kiss you gave Bret!!! He made the wrong decision in my eyes but he knows what is best for him. Mindy girl if I was a guy I would never give you up!!! No man in their right mind would! You can do better than him if he didn’t see in your eyes the way you feel about him. Actions speak louder than words. Bret won’t marry her because she is all about herself and her perfect little world!

  32. TexasGirl says:

    Mindy is a Taya stalker. Everytime the camera cuts to Taya, Mindy is looking at her. She is so jealous and envious of her – I see a Single White Female situation happening…really soon! Additionally, she didn’t have enough of a personality to stand on her own merits, so she had to speak negatively about Taya every chance she got. I guess she didn’t realize that she help Taya win by beginning every sentence with “Taya”.

  33. mommy123 says:

    Quite honestly I do not think either of the girls he kept until the end were a match both were annoying. I do not however, beleive that Taya was less emotionally invested in the whole thing…it is a “show”. I liked Mindy up until the last few shows and then she really got annoying–she whined ALOT and her voice got to a point like nails on a chalkboard to me. During the reunion show I found her even more annoying –she was always jealous and they never would have made it in a realtionship with him still touring. His best match ever was most likely Heather (like or not she seemed well suited for him).

  34. Lori says:

    I think Breat is a player…even though he picked now he is going to flurt and make out with other chicks on the road, or where ever…he always has and always will…before we know it..there will be another Rock of Love”something” that will come along…Taya is a player to, she is SO into herself…I think Bret needs to see all the clips on the show of Taya and get a “reality check!”

  35. Fed Up says:

    Bret is a pig! He will always be a player. He picked Taya because he had already seen the merchandise in Penthouse, and he had to have it. Now that he has it, and after he gets his fill of her, there will be another Bret Rock of Love Bus show!

  36. M- says:

    Taya is phony. Bret does not have feelings for her…anyone see Taya on Howard Stern?

  37. shelly says:

    What’s the deal with the ring on Bret’s ring finger on the Reunion show? More head games or will he have another rediculous bomb to drop soon or just a ploy to keep us all tuned in?

  38. Celeste says:

    I don’t know what Bret was thinking. I watched the end of the show last night and was quite taken with the lack of affection or attraction in Taya’s eyes. Her comments at the end seemed to echo that. It was quite clear in season two that Ambre had deep feelings for Bret. It is also painfully clear the Mindy had really fallen for him. I agree with a previous comment. Bret simply may be a commitment phob.

  39. AmAndA says:

    Taya needs to put lip-stick only on her lips and stop drawing on her rainbow lookin eyebrows.On the reunion…her lip-stick looked like a first grader trying to color in between the lines and it was not smeard from kissing Bret either .MAybe you need to get lip injections taya .Shes so fake..i love Mindy

  40. Tiger says:

    Poor Mindy. Ever the victim. Get over Bret, girl. He’s about so commitmentphobic as they come. How old is he? 46? And NEVER been married? Uhhh…like he hasn’t been with thousands of women. And he has never found anyone to marry–even the mother of his 2 girls? And you think in your fantasyworld that you will come along, he will fall so deeply in love with you that the two of you go off and marry? Get real. He is and always will be a player. It’s his nature. It’s his own history. And you better wake up fast and get yourself out of this hole you are in with your fantasy about Bret Michaels loving any woman enough. Get into reality. Get some therapy then. But give it up. Bret is not really looking for love.
    He swore undying love to Ambre. Then a couple months later he was on tv singing where the camera panned to some girl from Davenport, Iowa, over and over. And then he tells the audience that she is his new girlfriend, and their connection was almost “spiritual.” A couple months later, hello! Rock of Love Bus…and he claims to connect with Taya. Oh, puh-lease!
    I think Taya has his number. You don’t, and you better wake up, Mindy. Quite being so naive…and get off the victim role. It’s a turn-off.

  41. Tiger says:

    People: Taya is not a phoney and all those other negative remarks you make about her not looking googly-eyed at Bret. Taya is just sharp enough to know the score. Mindy isn’t and better wake up.
    Lessee, Mindy makes how much compared to Taya who is definitely making some big bank.
    Wake up, Mindy. You can’t change the spots on a leopard!

  42. jenni says:

    Ugh!!!! What a wrong choice Bret made. I feel for Mindy, she IS real, no matter what anyone says. Anyone who is in love or has ever loved knows that she really has real feelings for Bret. Taya….really! Don’t get me wrong she is beautiful, but her look on love is not! I give her and Bret a couple of months. Anyone notice the kiss him and Mindy had verses him and Taya’s. He clearly made the wrong choice.

  43. tima says:


  44. irishgirl78 says:

    Now that all is said and done I still think he made the wrong choice. How fake is Taya!! She said that she never said anything bad about Mindy, but on episode 12 she said, “Why don’t you just put a bag over your head and go like that!” That’s an insult if I’ve ever heard one. Breat drop the tramp and call the small town girl that is still head over heals in LOVE with you. I know how it feels to have regrets, don’t have this one!

  45. Jerry says:

    Im so upset with all these fake reality shows that Vh1 keeps showing to get ratings because all they see is $$$$$ Vh1 use to be good to watch but now its all a bunch of fake date shows that aren’t real .There just looking for viewers to tune into crap so they could get paid. Vh1 you are a music station but you play music in the we hours.

  46. cookie says:

    As far as Im concered BRET(THE OLD !*$`$*!$^*^`%*( ROCKER )should of pick MINDY one of the realest chicks on the show.The other b….. he choose will not stay with him nor will he stay with her.BRET needs to realize that his !*$`$*!$^*^`%*( is old and by wearing his bandanna trying to hide the fact that yes your going bald.


    loved natasha and ashley (L)